Forget who gets to keep the ring - when a couple splits, the real question is, who gets to keep the friends? Alex and Dave's wedding was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, for them and their long-time friends - until Alex leaves groom-to-be Dave at the altar. The breakup, in the words of one pal, is a "huge game changer" that will complicate everyone's lives and make everyone question their own choices Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Brothas & Sisters 03x23
Jane is tasked with planning the perfect wedding for her older sister, Brooke.
Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce 03x22
When Penny's mom and Dave's dad decide to adopt a baby together, Dave and Penny react irrationally.
Un-sabotagable 03x21
Max asks Jane to help him get his act together so he can prove that his life is not pathetic; Alex tries to use all of her Groupons.
The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky 03x20
Penny's friends are shocked when she has an affair with the Car Czar; Max enters a pageant with Dave and Alex as his coaches.
The Storm Before the Calm 03x19
Penny writes a play as a way to deal with her breakup with Pete and wants Derrick and his theater group to stage it; Alex and Max get an offer from a marketing group.
She Got Game Night 03x18
The competition gets out of hand when Brad and Jane host a couples game night; Dave and Alex consult a psychic.
Bros Before Bros 03x17
Penny reaches out to her estranged father; Dave enlists Brad and Max to help sabotage a rival food truck, but Max falls for the enemy's son.
The Incident 03x16
Max gets gossip about Alex and Jane from their hairdresser; Dave and Penny try to figure out who stole the Steak Me Home Tonight truck.
The Straight Dope 03x15
Max pretends to be straight to date a Bulls season ticket holder; Alex becomes well-read and throws off the group dynamic.
In the Heat of the Noche 03x14
Brad enlists his friends to help save the failing kids' gym. Max and Penny start taking a powerful - and illegal - cough syrup to keep from texting their significant other.

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