season 1

Air date Episode Title
04.02.2019 01x01 Forest
30.03.2019 01x02 Friend
30.03.2019 01x03 City
30.03.2019 01x04 Father
30.03.2019 01x05 Town
30.03.2019 01x06 Mother
30.03.2019 01x07 Road
30.03.2019 01x08 Utrax

season 2

Air date Episode Title
04.07.2020 02x01 Safe
04.07.2020 02x02 The Trial
04.07.2020 02x03 To the Meadows
04.07.2020 02x04 Welcome Mia
04.07.2020 02x05 A Way to Grieve
04.07.2020 02x06 You're with Us Now
04.07.2020 02x07 Tacitus
04.07.2020 02x08 The List

season 3

Air date Episode Title
thursday 03x01 RĂ©sistance
thursday 03x02 Grape Vines and Orange Trees
thursday 03x03 Nadiya
thursday 03x04 Look Me In the Eye
thursday 03x05 Eyeliner
thursday 03x06 Do Not Sleep