season 1

Air date Episode Title
24.02.2014 01x01 Pilot
05.03.2014 01x02 Blind Man's Bluff
12.03.2014 01x03 The Date From Hell-Nado
19.03.2014 01x04 Trust Fall
26.03.2014 01x05 Work With Me
02.04.2014 01x06 Drug/Bust
09.04.2014 01x07 Katie You Can Drive My Car
16.04.2014 01x08 The Man With the Spider Tattoo
23.04.2014 01x09 Desk/Job
30.04.2014 01x10 First Time's the Charm
07.05.2014 01x11 Secret Lives of Fishers
12.06.2014 01x12 Madi About You
12.06.2014 01x13 Growing Up Fairbanks

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