Growing Up Fisher follows Mel Fisher, the proud family patriarch who does not let his blindness affect him as a father, husband and breadwinner. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Growing Up Fairbanks 01x13
Mel and Joyce take the children on a family vacation just as their divorce is about to become official. Henry's crush tags along on the getaway, which prompts him to try to overcome his fear of horses.
Madi About You 01x12
Joyce's sister unexpectedly arrives, impacting the Fisher family and frustrating Mel. Meanwhile, Runyen convinces Henry that he's spending too much time with Jenny.
Secret Lives of Fishers 01x11
Family secrets are the theme when Mel tries to mend his back problems by stealthily taking baths at Joyce's abode. Also: Joyce hides that she wants a different career; Katie secretly works at a yogurt shop; and Henry covertly prepares to battle a bully.
First Time's the Charm 01x10
Katie has big plans with her boyfriend, putting Joyce in a difficult position. Meanwhile, Mel tries to have a first date with Allison and sets out to prepare dinner for her, but he doesn't know how to cook; Henry realizes he can get away with anything with both parents distracted.
Desk/Job 01x09
Mel suspects Henry is becoming a slacker, so he takes the youngster to work to show him professional success. Meanwhile, Joyce and Katie stand up for themselves, leading to red-faced encounters in a furniture store.
The Man With the Spider Tattoo 01x08
Mel seeks a plus-one for a big charity event. Meanwhile, Katie plans a secret party at her father's apartment, and Joyce intervenes when Runyen is no longer allowed to hang out with Henry.
Katie You Can Drive My Car 01x07
Katie gets her driver's license, only to discover she must shuttle Mel all over town. Meanwhile, Joyce struggles to fit in with her study-group classmates, so she uses Henry to connect with them.
Drug/Bust 01x06
Mel finds marijuana in his daughter's bag, only to discover someone else put it there. Meanwhile, Henry thinks he's going blind as his birthday approaches.
Work With Me 01x05
Joyce lands a job at Mel's law firm. Surprisingly, the ex-marrieds work well together, but a feud soon erupts between Joyce and Mel's secretary. Meanwhile, Katie coaches Henry in the rules of romance.
Trust Fall 01x04
Mel and Joyce clash but learn a lesson about trust while dealing with a parenting decision for the first time since separating. Seeking respite from the family dramas, Henry pressures pal Runyen to allow him to sleep over.

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