Raising kids is tough, especially when you're Grounded for Life! Sean and Claudia Finnerty, a fun-loving Staten Island couple got pregnant and married by age 18. Now in their 30s, they aren't bad parents, but they're still just kids themselves. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Hello, Goodbye 05x13
The newest Finnerty is about to arrive, causing Sean and Claudia to rush to the hospital, leaving Lily at her graduation.
Crazy 05x12
Claudia makes preparations for the new baby. Sean wants to sell the bar to Crazy Amy after he finds out she is getting rich from selling the nude photos she took of Eddie.
The Letter(s) 05x11
Brad wants to surprise Lily for their anniversary, Sean defies the Homeowner's Association and someone has a dark secret.
Tom Sawyer 05x10
Lily lands an interview at Yale, Eddie coaches Jimmy for a school play and Sean takes a job as a limo driver.
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? 05x09
Eddie gets another stand-up gig, Brad pledges Jimmy to the Science Club and Sean looks for creative ways to make Claudia feel sexy again.
Mystery Dance 05x08
Claudia gets fired and starts working from home. Sean decides to interview for a manager's job at a chain bar — without telling Eddie.
I'm Looking Through You 05x07
Lily finds out she'll be sharing a room with the new baby during her breaks from college. Sean tries to arrange a gig at the high school for his old friend Dave, a.k.a. J.J. Bodybuddy.
Psycho Therapy 05x06
Sean wants to know the sex of the baby, but Claudia doesn't. Eddie sees a psychologist. Lily runs for Student Council President — against Brad.
You Better You Bet 05x05
Sean buys a big TV with his gambling winnings and Lily signs up for a mentorship program.
Day Tripper 05x04
Brad's new flame Taya is about to become the first girl on the football team. Claudia's insistence on being able to do everything she used to do while being pregnant causes Jimmy's entire class to get sick. Eddie moves into the basement — without telling anyone about it.

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