Grimm is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales. After Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he's descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as "Grimms", he increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a Grimm. Add to my shows

season 6

The End 06x13
Nick faces off against Zerstörer in final battle, and the devil-wesen gives him an unthinkable choice: hand over the stick or let his friends die. However, Nick receives help from two unexpected allies.
Zerstörer Shrugged 06x12
When Diana opens the portal to bring Nick and Eve back, Zerstörer comes to the real world as well just as he planned. The team realize the significance of the Stick while Zerstörer attacks the precinct house.
Where the Wild Things Were 06x11
Nick uses the Stick to pass through the mirror, but discovers that he and Eve are trapped on the other side. Meanwhile, the others bring Renard in and Dasha warns them that they are facing the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.
Blood Magic 06x10
Nick and Hank investigate two seemingly unrelated crimes: a mystery killer of people on the street, and an orderly who claims that an elderly patient turned into a monster and attacked him shortly before she turned up dead.
Tree People 06x09
Nick and the others investigate a series of disappearances in the forest all tied to crimes against nature. Meanwhile, Diana tells the group where the creature that attacked Eve came from, and Renard gets disturbing news from his contact in Russia.
The Son Also Rises 06x08
When a scientist is killed in her laboratory, Hank and Wu investigate and discover that a strange incident ties together the dead woman with three of her colleagues. Meanwhile, the black-skulled creature attacks Eve, and Nick stands guard over her as she recovers in the hospital.
Blind Love 06x07
Adalind leaves Diana with Renard while she and the others go to a hotel to celebrate Monroe's birthday. While Diana has a playdate with a new friend, Nick and the others get caught up in a twisted revenge scheme.
Breakfast in Bed 06x06
After a hotel guest kills a man on the street, Nick and Hank investigate and discover a series of bizarre murders and suicides at the same hotel. Meanwhile, Eve and Rosalee try to work out the meaning of the symbols,and Renard gets a warning about a visitor.
The Seven Year Itch 06x05
A cicada-like Wesen emerges from its seven-year hibernation with an insatiable hunger... and a need to find a victim that will sustain it through its next hibernation. Meanwhile, Adalind finds Eve in the tunnels, and Monroe and Rosalee confirm Diana's predictions about Rosalee's pregnancy.
El Cuegle 06x04
Back at work, Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a baby abduction tied to an ancient Wesen legend of El Cuegle, which steals and eats babies. Meanwhile, Adalind takes Diana to stay with Renard, while Eve examines the stick.
Oh Captain, My Captain 06x03
In a desperate ploy to undermine Renard, Nick has Eve cast a spell to transform him into the captain. Meanwhile, Diana reveals further powers, and Renard obtains a new ally that he can't afford to lose.
Trust Me Knot 06x02
Nick manages to escape the police but is forced to make a deal with Renard. Meanwhile, the others try to decipher the cloth while Monroe babysits Diana.
Fugitive 06x01
With pressure coming down from Black Claw, Renard claims that Nick killed Conrad and gives his officers a shoot-to-kill order on the Grimm. Meanwhile, Eve discovers that she can't woge, and Monroe and Rosalee consider their baby's future.

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