The Graveyard Carz crew - Mark, Daren, Josh and Royal - take wrecked muscle cars and restore them to assembly-line condition. Led by Mark "The Warmachine" Worman, the crew works some serious magic to get these Mopar racing classics across the finish line every week. As a leading Chrysler muscle car specialist and body shop owner, Worman doesn't settle for anything less than perfect restorations. Neither does his team as there is too much beauty in a quality Detroit automobile to let them go to rust. Even if it is a Herculean effort, these cars will rise again. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Shaking The Magic 8-ball 09x13
Mark pulls the curtain back on the next four Mopar's.
Mark, Dougie, Allysa, Oh My! 09x12
The team begins to restore a Challenger T/A. Will paints a 1968 GTX.
A Challenger Reflected 09x11
The Ghouls finish the 1970 Challenger RT/SE.
Look to the West for B5 Blue 09x10
Dave is ready to wrap up the 1970 Challenger RT/SE but is waiting for parts. Meanwhile, Mark's A100 build continues, and after a long and tedious bodywork and paint phase, Will is ready to deliver Dave the 1969 B5 Blue Plymouth GTX.
Frankenstein's Work 09x09
It's crunch time at Graveyard Carz. Mark continues to work on his A100 build for SEMA, Will struggles to keep momentum up in the paint department, and Dave continues to assemble an extremely rare and valuable Coronet Convertible.
Exorcize A Demon 09x08
A 1971 Dodge Demon is restored.
Dissecting A Daytona 09x07
The ghouls focus their efforts on a 1970 Dodge Daytona.
Performance With A Touch Of Luxury 09x06
The Ghouls say goodbye to the 1970 Superbird by taking it for one last drive.
What's Next? 09x05
Goldberg returns and brings two projects with him.
Surveying The Will To Work 09x04

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