Money was scare, but laughs and love were abundant for Florida, her hard-working husband James, and their three kids living in the projects of South Side Chicago. From the outrageous antics of budding artist J.J., to the romantic dramas of sister Thelma and pint-sized Michael's activist causes, these parents had their hands full. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The End of the Rainbow 06x24
Good fortune shines on the Evans family and creates the happiest day of Florida's life.
Cousin Raymond 06x23
A visit from Florida's wealthy cousin brings expensive gifts for everyone until Florida discovers just where all the money is coming from.
The Art Contest 06x22
J.J. has some fast decisions to make when he mistakenly enters an important art contest with someone else's painting.
The Evans' Dilemma 06x21
The Evans family tries to discover the source of Keith's anger and depression.
A Matter of Mothers 06x20
Willona is forced into the stand of a lifetime when Penny's natural mother arrives.
The Physical 06x19
Florida's efforts to pass an important medical exam at work may be thwarted by a well-meaning gift from the children she cares most about.
J.J. and T.C. 06x18
J.J.'s far-reaching search for a date overlooks an eager candidate who takes some dangerous steps to ensure that she'll never be forgotten again.
Where Have All the Doctors Gone? 06x17
Florida's anxious search for a doctor turns to anger when the only one she finds is too busy to be interested in her problem.
Blood Will Tell 06x16
J.J. has something that Sweet Daddy wants and whether or not he gets it will be a matter of life or death.
Florida's Favorite Passenger (2) 06x15
Florida's interest in one of her passengers solves one problem, but creates another.

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