Gold Rush follows six men who, in the face of an economic meltdown, risk everything - their families, their dignity, and in some cases, their lives - to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska. Inspired by his father Jack, Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon, leads a group of greenhorn miners to forge a new frontier and save their families from dire straits. While leasing a gold claim in Alaska, Todd and his company of newbies face the grandeur of Alaska as well as its hardships, including an impending winter that will halt operations and the opportunity to strike gold. In an effort to keep the operation running, the team takes fate into their own hands with a make or break venture that will change their lives forever. Add to my shows

season 4

Heroes and Zeros 04x22
Parker's Take 04x21
Unearthed 04x20
Unearthed 04x19
This no-holds-barred show reveals how Fred coped with a dying wife, why a fateful choice cost Todd a huge amount of gold and how he coped with a murder in the jungle. A look forward reveals where the miners will be next season and who will return.
Grandpa's Last Wish 04x18
Parker and Payson join forces in their return to Big Nugget.
Go Big or Go Home 04x17
Parker eyes a big payday.
Day of Reckoning 04x16
Dustin returns from the mountains; Todd's claim owner arrives unannounced; and Parker tries out a new piece of equipment.
Man on Wire 04x15
Jack puts Dave in a jam; Parker's operation is disrupted; and Dustin makes a dangerous move.
Medevac 04x14
Todd is forced to arrange an emergency airlift for one of his men; Parker infuriates Tony.
Fantasy Land 04x13
Todd's mining plan is changed by his claim owner; Parker receives a radical suggestion.
The Resurrection 04x12
Todd faces eviction; Parker modifies his plant; and Dustin gets mining equipment to Cahoon Creek.
Death of a Dream 04x11
Parker hires a former Hoffman crew member; Todd becomes desperate.
Blowout 04x10
Dave is forced to dive deep into the pit when a tropical storm floods the Hoffman's operation.
Hope Creek 04x09
Dave butts heads with Todd over their mining plan; Parker gets a second chance.
Jungle Boogie 04x08
Dustin gets stranded in Alaska during an electrical storm; Todd tries his hand at diamond mining.
Paid in Full 04x07
Todd makes a surprising discovery; Parker tries to avoid having his dozer repossessed.
Mutiny 04x06
Todd returns to Guyana expecting good news; Parker faces a mutiny.
Garnets or Gold 04x05
Parker loses gold, prompting him to rebuild his wash plant.
Road from Hell 04x04
The Dakota Boys strike gold; Parker has success at Little Blue.
In Too Deep 04x03
A crew member enrages Parker; the Hoffmans transport vital mining equipment to their claim.
Learning Curve 04x02
Parker hits pay dirt; Todd discovers his claim has been mined out.
Queen of Diamonds 04x01
Parker receives bad news in the Season 4 premiere. Meanwhile, the Dakota boys search for a safe route over thin ice.

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