Go behind the scenes as executive producer Christo Doyle gets the Gold Rush miners to give us the dirt on life at the mine. Add to my shows

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Breaking News 06x13
Rick reveals major progress about his mining season and gold room ace Karla gives an exclusive look at her quarantine. Boat captains from Bering Sea Gold and All on The Line discuss their season. Brennan and Mitch give an update on Parker's operation.
Where Are They Now? 06x12
The mine bosses and a couple of mystery guests join The Dirt and reveal new details and insights on the 10 seasons of Gold Rush.
Parker on the Move 06x11
Parker shocks with a major update about his mining plans and the Trail Crew joins with new insights from their journey. Rick and Kruse explain their success ice racing and Mitch and family check in. Bering Sea Gold captains discuss the new season.
Home Edition 06x10
Christo virtually catches up with Parker, Tony, Rick, Dave Turin and other miners during the quarantine. They reveal how they're doing in this unprecedented time and what it means for their upcoming mining season.
The Gold Whisperer 06x09
The Parkers Trail crew reveal untold stories about their grueling road trip in Australia. Then, Team Turin discuss Dozer Dave's big end-of-season decision and gurus Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra drop gold knowledge.
Fence Gate 06x08
Dozer Dave and Team Turin reveal the full story behind the catastrophic decision that could end their season early. Then, the Parker's Trail crew explain what went down that led to their rescue by Aussie legend and helicopter pilot known as Magoo.
Big Aussie Gold 06x07
The Parker's Trail crew rave about all the big gold in Australia and reveal behind the scenes stories about all the colorful characters they met. Then, Dave Turin gets real about a rough season, and we uncover the biggest prankster on the Team Turin.
Gold Rush Finale Night 06x06
The mine bosses and their top brass all discuss the epic Gold Rush finale. The miners don't hold back about their highs and lows of a difficult mining season. Then, the award for the Biggest Screwup is handed out and we reveal plans for next season.
The Lieutenants 06x05
With the mine bosses not around, the top brass from all three mine sites do not hold back about how their seasons have gone so far. Gene Cheeseman returns and is candid about his falling out with Parker and the difficult season he's had with Rick.
The Beets Go On 06x04
The one-of-a-kind Beets family explain why their season has been a struggle and the kids rip Tony for his questionable operating skills. Dozer Dave Turin and foreman Jason Sanchez reveal the truth behind the disastrous start to their all-new season.

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