Gilmore Girls is a drama centering around the relationship between a thirtysomething single mother and her teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Add to my shows

season 6

Partings 06x22
Goodbye. The town troubadour departs Stars Hollow for his Neil Young gig (creating a stampede of would-be troubadours to town). Logan graduates and leaves for London. And the Lorelai-Luke love affair may be ciao, adios, game over.
Driving Miss Gilmore 06x21
Lorelai chauffeurs Emily, who's recovering from eye surgery. Paris and Doyle take care of Logan, home from the hospital. And Sookie and Jackson try to play it cool as they dispose of bags and bags of pot someone grew on their property.
Super Cool Party People 06x20
Major disaster: Logan, unconscious and badly hurt after a Life-and-Death-Brigade stunt goes wrong. Minor disaster: April's birthday celebration, hosted by wholehearted but fun-challenged Luke.
I Get a Sidekick Out of You 06x19
Lane and Zach's wedding day is a glorious mix of Buddhist and Christian, red silk and white satin, ceremonial awe and awesome partying. Lorelai suddenly realizes that Rory may be next...and she may be never.
The Real Paul Anka 06x18
In the city of Brotherly Love for April's field trip, Luke visits Jess at his electric publishing house. Someone else drops in: Rory, who's growing weary of Logan's drinking and pranks.
I'm OK, You're OK 06x17
Zach knows he and Lane make a great team. What he didn't know is that he and Ms. Kim make a great team, too. And Lorelai and Rory are fine - just fine - with the men in their lives. Really, they're fine.
Bridesmaids Revisited 06x16
One couple joined, one couple separated. When Rory helps Honor prepare for her wedding, she learns that Logan wasn't spending their time apart in celibate longing. Zach wows the diner patrons with a proclamation.
A Vineyard Valentine 06x15
Hearts and glowers. A Valentine's Day weekend at Martha's Vineyard brings out the petty in Luke, the magnanimous in Logan, and the domineering in Mitchum Huntzberger.
You've Been Gilmored 06x14
When the Yale Daily News staff finally ousts Paris as editor, Rory steps in to let her old schoolmate down gently. Paris meets her Waterloo with dignity - until she discovers the name of the new editor.
Friday Night's Alright for Fighting 06x13
With the news staff in revolt, Rory races to meet the paper's deadline. Logan pitches in, saving the day...and his relationship with Rory. For more rioting and insurrection, join the Gilmores for Friday night dinner.
Just Like Gwen and Gavin 06x12
Getting an education: Taylor Doose learns the Winter Carnival can be a success without him. Paris learns the Yale Daily News staff loathes and fears her. And Lorelai learns Luke has a daughter.
The Perfect Dress 06x11
The perfect dress: elegant, blush-silk tulle, in Lorelai's size and on sale - ideal for a wedding. The perfect mess: Lane, short-tempered, belligerent and miserable since she broke up with Zach and moved back home.
He's Slippin' 'Em Bread...Dig? 06x10
Thanksgiving arrives and, after months of emotional turmoil, all is well on Planet Gilmore. Except for one teeny issue, Luke doesn't know how to tell Lorelai about his daughter. Lane's band plays a showcase.
The Prodigal Daughter Returns 06x09
Like meat and potatoes, like salt and tomatoes, the Gilmore girls belong together: Rory comes home. And a super-smart middle schooler shows up at Luke's Diner with a startling idea for a science-fair project.
Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out 06x08
Who can finally get Rory thinking that she made a big mistake dropping out of Yale? If you guess Jess, you're right. Her old flame returns with exciting news about his life...and some blunt advice about hers.
Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number 06x07
Since Rory was a tyke, the Gilmore girls have planned her 21st birthday: in Atlantic City, sipping martinis, playing 21. But with the estrangement, Emily plans the birthday party - and it's soooo not Atlantic City.
Welcome to the Doll House 06x06
What's in a name? To boost tourism, Taylor suggests reviving Stars Hollow's original street names. Lorelai thinks that's a charming idea - until she learns what the new Dragonfly Inn address will be.
We've Got Magic to Do 06x05
Rory's World War II-themed DAR bash is pipperoo (even when suddenly impoverished Paris joins the proletariat as a server). But the bash goes smash when Richard confronts Mitchum Huntzberger.
Always a Godmother, Never a God 06x04
Lorelai and Rory don their summer dresses and show up at the baptismal font to be godmothers to Sookie's children - a clever ploy on Sookie's part to get the Gilmore girls back together.
The UnGraduate 06x03
Sookie creates a S'mores wedding cake, so what more does Lorelai need to set a date? Logan comes home, Lane and the band come home and Paul Anka eats three pounds of chocolate while under Luke's care.
Fight Face 06x02
Rory gets community service, complete with vest, trash spear and big orange bag. Lorelai gets a dog. She also gets major renovations to her home when wanna-be contractor T.J. helps out...with a sledgehammer.
New and Improved Lorelai 06x01
What's the very best thing for a broken heart? An engagement! With the Gilmore girls not talking (who would have thought!), Luke provides despondent Lorelai with a much needed happiness boost.

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