In the remote woods of Sumpter, Oregon lies one of the richest gold mines in the United States that was abandoned 80 years ago when a series of tragedies gave it an infamous reputation for being haunted. Now, a new owner has decided to take on the notorious legend and reopen the mine, assembling a colorful team of miners alongside a pair of experienced paranormal investigators, in hopes of finding a fortune. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Final Barrier 02x12
Patrick and Kristen along with Stan and Eddie investigate a stone bulkhead which they discover has 3 lots of triangles and believe it to be a Masonic symbol. The miners are faced with a decision when Patrick and Kristen reveal the evidence taken during an investigation which includes what they believe to be a growling noise, they believe what is behind the bulkhead shouldn't be released, and that it may be unsafe for the miners. The miners vote on the issue in the cook shack and decide that the gold is more important and return to the bulkhead to begin work. They are soon joined by Patrick and Kristen, and watch on as Buckett works on the bulkhead, however they hear what appears to be a structural sound and evacuate the mine as it collapses. While outside the miners watch on as the mine collapses and the portal is sealed. The miners reluctantly decide to pack up and leave as the season is coming to an end, but before they do they decide to, along with Patrick and Kristen lay a monument in honor of the miners who may be at the site.
Shadows in the Drift 02x11
Passageway to the Unknown 02x10
Kristen and Stan decide to travel to the Octave Mine in Arizona and hear about the history of the mine and local legends from the mines owner. They then decide to investigate the mine and experience what they believe to be paranormal activity, and discover markings on the mine wall of what they believe to be a demon and cross markings. With the investigation now over, they leave the mine and Stan believes the mine to be promising prospect. Meanwhile, at the Crescent Mine Patrick and the miners decide to investigate the newly discovered bulkhead with RIPA, and learn about the Quartz vibrations in the mine. They discover an area of interest and decide to blast the area but inadvertently create a new opening in the side of the mountain.
Town-wide Terror 02x09
Supercharging the Supernatural 02x08
Massacre at Hell's Canyon 02x07
Mystery Train 02x06
Ghosts of the Geiser Grand 02x05
Wandering Spirits 02x04
Phantom Intruder 02x03

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