Major Motoko Kusanagi is a beautiful but deadly cyborg that is squad leader of Section 9-the Japanese government's clandestine unit assigned to battle terrorism and cyber warfare. Surrounded by an expertly trained team, Motoko faces her ultimate challenge- the Laughing Man- a terrorist who orchestrated a kidnapping and extortion plot many years ago and has suddenly reappeared. In order to discover the identity of this enigmatic criminal, Motoko and Section 9 are drawn into a deadly labyrinth and they ll have to use all their expertise to survive. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Endless Gig 02x26
The Tachikomas seize the AI satellite as the nuclear missile is about to be launched.
This Side of Justice 02x25
Kuze becomes trapped with the Major while trying to take down a jamming plane.
Nuclear Power 02x24
The Major and part of Section 9 go to Dejima to hand over a nuclear device in an effort to ease tensions.
Martial Law 02x23
Martial law is declared in Dejima when the government suspects refugees will seek independence.
Reversal Process 02x22
Section 9 must defuse a nuclear bomb planted in the city and trace it's origins.
Embarrassment 02x21
Section 9 is severely damaged when Kuze escapes.
Fabricate Fog 02x20
Kuze's location and true intentions are made known to section 9.
Chain Reaction 02x19
The Major tries to find Kuze by accessing a cyberbrain hub at a refugee camp, where tensions are escalating quickly.
Trans Parent 02x18
Batou and the Major track terrorists while on assignment in Berlin.
Red Data 02x17
The Major goes to Taiwan while investigating Kuze and ends up getting involved with a local gang preying on refugees.

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