George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. He even tries making a few of his own. Add to my shows

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Barn, Retirement Minivan & Observatory 10x04

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Mini HGV Caravan & Railway Carriage 10x03
Circus Wagon, Tree Hotel & Camping Pod 10x02
The architect meets master craftsman Paul, who has muscular dystrophy and is saving a Victorian circus wagon. George also finds out about a grain store being re-imagined as a festival bar, discovers a small hotel disguised as a tree and a camping pod that looks like a giant conker.
Fire Engine, Shepherd's Hut & Telescope 10x01
Architect George Clarke delves into the world of ingenious small builds, meeting people creating places to live, work and play in the most unlikely of places. Here he meets a couple who turned an old fire engine into a bar to raise money for firefighters' charities and a 23-year-old who built a shepherd's hut from scratch, including the nuts and bolts. George also visits an extraordinary home in Chile and Will Hardie builds a telescope.
Chill-Out Den, Sphere, Hastings 09x08
In the final episode of the series, George heads to the south coast to meet a father and son duo who plan to convert an oil rig escape boat into a floating holiday home. But without fixed plans will they sink or swim? George also visits Cornwall, to see a one-of-a-kind rooftop chill-out den, the brainchild of madcap inventor Brad, who'd set his sights on creating the perfect sphere. In Spain, George rounds off his tour of revolutionary small space design with a trip to an ingenious studio apartment by the sea with rotating internal walls. And it's the big day for the team's expandable camper, as George and Will take her to the coast for a maiden voyage at the grand opening on Hastings Pier.
German Fire Engine, Fly-tipping Site & Cantilever House 09x07
George travels to Yorkshire, to meet twenty-somethings Jasmine and Rupert, who plan to convert an old German fire truck into a cabin on wheels to take around Europe, satisfying what they call 'a quarter-life crisis'. George also takes a trip to Warrington to meet inspirational businessman Phil, who's spent thousands out of his own pocket transforming an old fly-tipping site into a stunning nature reserve, and now wants to build a community classroom so local schools can enjoy the site. The penultimate leg of George's tour of innovative Spanish architecture takes him to the sun-baked South East, where a cutting edge cantilever house has to be seen to be believed. And it's all hands on deck at the big build, when the team faces the nail-biting challenge of bringing the reconditioned Ford Transit chassis and new expandable living pod together for the very first time. But will it all go according to plan?
Camping Trailer & Mobile Classroom 09x06
In this episode, George meets Mark - a vintage car nut from Coventry. With the help of his petrolhead daughters, Mark plans to build a super-cool camping trailer from an old Saab so they can travel to Le Mans in style. George is also back on home turf in the North East, where inspirational teacher Busola plans to create a cutting-edge mobile classroom out of a double-decker bus. George's Spanish design odyssey continues as he visits an incredible hundred-year-old farmhouse on the coast of Asturias, which has been given an extraordinary 21st-century facelift. And back at the big build, the team at Studio Hardie are hard at work designing a lightweight, flexible and multi-functional wall system for the campervan living pod, while Stu and George give the ancient Ford Transit chassis a slick, retro makeover.
Gin Bar, Cathedral & Narrowboat 09x05
George travels to North Yorkshire to meet couple Paul and Rachel, who hope to combine a mutual love of railways and gin by transforming an old goods wagon into a summerhouse and gin bar. In a small town near Madrid, George meets the man who has spent the last 50 years building a cathedral of epic proportions by hand. There's also a narrowboat conversion in Buckinghamshire, and work continues on George and Will's expandable caravan pod.
Coach and Plane 09x04
Architect George Clarke delves into the world of small builds, meeting people taking tiny, unpromising spaces and creating innovative and exciting places to live, work and play. In the fourth episode of this ninth season, George is amazed by a couple's plan to turn a coach into a mobile home, complete with a garage for their treasured Mini. He also meets a pilot who has created a garden den from a small plane. Elsewhere, George's observatory build takes him to one of the world's largest telescopes.
Kids' Den and Jet Engine 09x03
Architect George Clarke delves into the world of small builds, meeting people taking tiny, unpromising spaces and creating places to live, work and play, demonstrating how big dreams can be achieved in small and affordable places. In the third episode, George meets a couple crafting a magical den for their toddler with a helping hand from a grandparent, while an aircraft technician turns a jet engine's housing into a unique camper. Elsewhere in Chile, George discovers some lip-smacking designs in a winery.
Garage and Canal Barge 09x02
Architect George Clarke delves into the world of small builds, meeting people taking tiny, unpromising spaces and creating places to live, work and play. In the second episode, George meets a mother determined to turn a broken shed into a three-room haven for her family, and a young couple trying to create a luxury home on a houseboat. Elsewhere in Chile, George visits a stunning temple, before returning home to continue building work on his observatory.

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