Following on from the International success of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore follows the real life dramas of a group of Newcastle's finest. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode 12 17x12
Episode 11 17x11
Episode 10 17x10
The Geordie's are back! Get ready for even more partying, pulling, necking on and getting mortal!
Episode 9 17x09
The gang wake up in the outback and immerse themselves in the local ways. A night at a strip joint brings tips for Abbie, and Sophie goes all out to get her man. A new Geordie arrives.
Episode 8 17x08
Holly is concerned for Chloe but Chloe just wants to teach Sam a lesson. Nathan's birthday calls for a trip to the outback, but what will the locals make of four men in drag?
Episode 7 17x07
Holly arrives with a blast from the past. Nathan brings his inner Peter Andre to the club while Sophie brings her flirting skills. Both end up hot and sweaty but for very different reasons.
Episode 6 17x06
Geordie House Parties are a thing of legend, but will it be the end of the party for Grant and Abbie? Sam sees red when Chloe gets up close with Alex, however, Nathan has the last laugh.
Episode 5 17x05
Making up is a step too far for someone and they pack their bags. Chloe puts on a show for Sam. Grant gets cosy in the girls' room and Sophie's search for a boy brings her closer to home.
Episode 4 17x04
Half the gang head off to Byron Bay leaving the rest wondering where they are! Chloe is going out of her mind without Sam whilst Abbie is trying to work out if Grant is the lad for her.
Episode 3 17x03

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