Following on from the International success of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore follows the real life dramas of a group of Newcastle's finest. Add to my shows

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Beau & Bethan Back On! 19x07

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Trouble In Paradise! 19x06
The Family Is Rocked! 19x05
Buckle Up! The Geordies Hit Belfast! 19x04
Beau & Bethan Get It On! 19x03
Nathan and Chloe aren't in a great place and the girls have pre-drinks without inviting him. Despite not looking to get into a relationship, Beau's naturally attracted to Bethan.
Nathan Needs A House Party 19x02
As Nathan hits rock bottom the family decide to throw a house party to lift his spirits. Sophie's missing her boyfriend whilst the newbies settle into the Geordie family.
All Change In The House 19x01
The Geordies are back! But this time, Anna and Scotty-T are shaking things up by throwing 4 Newbies in the mix. They do their best but the Oldies are always on hand to show them how to party!
Episode 10 18x10
Episode 9 18x09
Episode 8 18x08
Sophie is lost for words when Aussie Alex makes a surprise visit. The house is proper buzzing when Holly returns and takes them to Newcastle Pride for much needed fun, drinking and dancing!
Episode 7 18x07
Sophie apologises for hitting Sam and the Geordies have a hilarious day out at a water park. The crew go clubbing with Abbie's Nana - exactly what they need to bring the family together.

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