Following on from the International success of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore follows the real life dramas of a group of Newcastle's finest. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode 8 21x08
Episode 7 21x07
See Ya, Nat! 21x06
Big Mistake! 21x05
Hello New Lad! 21x04
Episode 3 21x03
Chloe's feelings start to drift from Ant but he thinks there's a chance when she lets him stay in her bed. The squad go on a forest Fright Night walk.
Episode 2 21x02
The squad are in a good place, tearing up the Toon and having fun welcoming the newbies. But, it all kicks off when Chloe ignores Nathan's advice about getting too close to Ant.
Episode 1 21x01
The Geordies are buzzing to be back in the house and most of them are single. Two newbies are shown how to tear up the Toon. Nathan & Beau get too close for Bethan's liking.
Serious Send Off! 20x10
It's the last full day in the house and the squad prepare for a big one! Nat cooks the family a farewell dinner and Chloe joins everyone for their final night on the Toon.
Beau's Birthday! 20x09
With Chloe and Sam out of the house, the squad throw a house party. James and Beau surprise Nathan by inviting his online dating interest, Tommy from Amsterdam, over to Newcastle.

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