General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 56

Ep. #14261 56x236
Ep. #14260 56x235
Ep. #14259 56x234
Ep. #14258 56x233
Joss takes the blame; Sonny's good deeds pays off; Sasha warns Valentin.
Ep. #14257 56x232
Ava goes head over heels for Ryan; Jason is determined; Liz has enormous issues to overcome.
Ep. #14256 56x231
Kevin has everything mapped out; Jason is too late; Julian pus Alexis through the wringer.
Ep. #14255 56x230
Ava is stunned; Jason is desperate to find Carly; Lulu reconciles her memories.
Ep. #14254 56x229
Jason seeks out Julian; Curtis has heartbreaking news; Kevin asks for help.
Ep. #14253 56x228
Jason is troubled; Laura is hopeful; Liz waits.
Ep. #14252 56x227
Ava looks to Julian for advice; Lucy has questions; Kevin looks for a way out; Curtis retrieves an important voicemail; Anna becomes suspicious.
Ep. #14251 56x226
Liz scrambles; Mac and Felicia have a theory; Anna confronts Peter; Jason shares what he knows; Nina keeps Curtis company.
Ep. #14250 56x225
Ryan is furious; Liz is concerned for Drew; Maxie helps Lulu; Scott runs into Ava; Cameron is angry and confused.
Ep. #14249 56x224
Lulu prepares to face Franco; Drew is sent a secret message; Ava wants to share her news; Jason avoids getting busted; Alexis has a therapy session.
Ep. #14248 56x223
Ep. #14247 56x222
Carly butts heads with Ava; Ryan threatens Kevin; Terry helps Elizabeth.
Ep. #14246 56x221
Cameron is outraged; Franco wants to share his side; Ryan surprises Ava.
Ep. #14245 56x220
Ryan makes a move; Lulu gets a call; Julian questions Ava's allegiances.
Ep. #14244 56x219
Sam is intrigued; Margaux overshares; Carly gets the proof she needs.
Ep. #14243 56x218
Franco is reluctant; Charlotte guilts Spencer about the election tampering; Nina makes an announcement.
Ep. #14242 56x217
Laura's curiosity is piqued; Jordan offers Franco an out; Carly and Sonny re-examine their future; Valentin and Nina celebrate Valentine's Day; Sasha worries about Griffin.
Ep. #14241 56x216
Sam spends Valentine's Day with another man; Jason and Spinelli get an interesting tip; Ned and Olivia celebrate; Franco apologizes; Finn has other plans.
Ep. #14240 56x215
Kristina struggles with a bout of jealousy; Finn and Robert work together; Michael hears from Belle; Chase and Willow get closer; Brad is left uncomfortable.
Ep. #14239 56x214
Laura pays Franco a visit; Cameron gets into trouble; Peter and Maxie bump into Nina; Obrecht preys upon Valentin's discomfort; Sonny tells Spencer to do the right thing.
Ep. #14238 56x213
Carly berates Sam; Drew meets with Shiloh; Ava arrives in the nick of time; Griffin gets a surprise visit; Alexis feels awkward.
Ep. #14237 56x212
Spinelli shares his findings with Jason; Alexis is caught off guard; Elizabeth leans on Scott; Ava is sympathetic; Ryan sets his sights on a new victim.
Ep. #14236 56x211
Franco is put in precarious position; Ava is stunned Sonny shares his concerns with Alexis; Drew gets good news; Kim leans on Julian.
Ep. #14235 56x210
Ryan makes Franco his pawn; Charlotte has an outing with her sister; Nina has a dramatic change of heart; Maxie questions Peter's hesitation; Finn and Robert work together.
Ep. #14234 56x209
Franco takes Aiden ice-skating; Lucas is sympathetic; Sasha surprises Nina; Jason brings Carly up to speed; Obrecht is curious about Maxie's influence over Peter.
Ep. #14233 56x208
Franco looks to Kevin for advice; Sam meets up with Shiloh; Kristina is energized; Sonny makes his intentions clear; Anna gets a surprise visit.
Ep. #14232 56x207
Sonny gets a surprise visit; Curtis stands guard; Franco is livid.
Ep. #14231 56x206
Julian wants to clear the air; Drew is flustered; Alexis joins Kristina.
Ep. #14230 56x205
Kevin is infuriated; Drew and Kim comfort each other; Julian warns Brad to keep away from Willow.
Ep. #14229 56x204
Julian snaps at Alexis; Laura is desperate; Ava questions her future.
Ep. #14228 56x203
Sam has unfinished business; Laura asks for privacy; Ryan is determined to finish what he started.
Ep. #14227 56x202
Sonny pays his respects; Ava stays by Ryan's side; Anna learns the truth; Maxie waits for Peter; Franco and Liz have a heart to heart.
Ep. #14226 56x201
Sonny waits anxiously; Carly is heartbroken; Franco and Aiden bake cookies; Mike's condition worsens; Marcus shares his side of the story.
Ep. #14225 56x200
Jason risks his life; Laura comforts Charlotte; Jordan calls Peter to the station; Maxie gets good news; Nina reunites with Valentin.
Ep. #14224 56x199
Sam and Alexis catch up; Kim places a call to Drew; Shiloh puts on the charm; Brad takes Wiley to visit Julian; Willow sees Michael with Wiley.
Ep. #14223 56x198
Lucy corners Ava; Ryan takes a moment to gloat; Kim shares her struggles with Liz; Willow lets down her guard; Michael treats Lucas to lunch.
Ep. #14222 56x197
Ryan sets up a meeting with Carly; Sonny visits Morgan's grave; Lulu is disappointed with Peter's decision; Lucy thwarts Valentin's plan; Maxie is torn.
Ep. #14221 56x196
Sam is taken aback; Jason warns Drew about Shiloh; Alexis calls a meeting with Laura, Monica and Scott; Anna gets an update on her condition; Willow calls a parent-teacher meeting with Lulu and Nina.
Ep. #14220 56x195
Carly feels guarded; Mike's condition worsens; Laura makes an announcement; Mac asks Peter to keep an eye on Maxie; Curtis has a heart-to-heart with Stella.
Ep. #14219 56x194
Josslyn is grateful to Cameron; Alexis runs into Oscar; Monica worries about Drew; Finn is anxious; Julian questions Willow's Motives.
Ep. #14218 56x193
Sonny feels torn; Jason makes a promise; Ryan adds another name to his list; Sam agrees to support Kristina; Nina receives a veiled threat.
Ep. #14217 56x192
Franco startles Ava; Peter helps Anna; Griffin runs into Sonny at the chapel; Kim and Drew think about their future; Valentin makes a romantic gesture.
Ep. #14216 56x191
Lulu tells Peter about her chat with Margaux; Anna gets a second chance; Elizabeth gets good news; Finn reconnects with Alexis; Olivia puts her doubts aside.
Ep. #14215 56x190
Sonny checks on Lulu; Jordan tells Margaux everything she knows; Ned is compassionate; Drew and Sam find a way to help one another; Alexis states her case.
Ep. #14214 56x189
Sam feels left out; Franco is anxious; Alexis clears the air; Kim returns to Oscar's hospital room; Cameron hopes for the best.
Ep. #14213 56x188
Sam worries about Kristina; Josslyn supports Oscar; Kim meets with Terry; Drew calls Julian out on his actions; Ryan checks on Laura.
Ep. #14212 56x187
Jordan looks to Curtis for help; Lulu hosts an event at Charlie's; Laura is touched by Kevin's support.
Ep. #14211 56x186
Sam is unnerved; Sonny strives to distract Mike; Drew confides in Curtis.
Ep. #14210 56x185
Kristina starts to make a change; Ava is affected by Lulu's visit; Drew encourages Kim to hang out with Julian.
Ep. #14209 56x184
Michael attends a charity gala; Willow goes on a date with Chase; Kim reminisces about the past; Kristina makes a decision; Olivia makes a discovery.
Ep. #14208 56x183
Kevin gets an unwanted visit; Laura looks to Felicia for help; Griffin struggles with his feelings; Jason warns Sonny not to get too close to Margaux; Kim is touched by Drew's support.
Ep. #14207 56x182
Ryan continues to torment Kevin; Lulu shares her findings with Laura; Julian celebrates a belated Christmas; Kevin buys a little time; Ava lashes out.
Ep. #14206 56x181
Aiden is disappointed; Oscar makes a point to help others; Anna feels indebted to Maxie.
Ep. #14205 56x180
Sonny and Carly are at odds; Sam gets a troubling message; Chase tries to get closer to Willow.
Ep. #14204 56x179
Carly vents to Jason; Liz is furious; Nina is shocked.
Ep. #14203 56x178
Cameron gets in over his head. Daisy offers her support.
Ep. #14202 56x177
Carly is worried; Margaux gets a lead; Lulu pumps Chase for information.
Ep. #14201 56x176
Stella gains a little insight; Laura confides in Lulu; Nina makes a decision; Julian doesn't want to be intrusive; Cameron doubts his decision.
Ep. #14200 56x175
Kim gives Oscar his space; Cameron pays Julian a visit; Sonny and Oscar have a heart-to-heart; Carly is troubled; Sam's interest is piqued.
Ep. #14199 56x174
Carly confronts Kevin; Ava receives a surprise visit; Nina is encouraged to give Valentin another chance; Griffin feels lost; Chase and Finn bond.
Ep. #14198 56x173
Laura brings Sonny up to speed; Nina is disappointed; Anna looks to the future; Chase is misunderstood; Willow is caught off guard.
Ep. #14197 56x172
Ava is having a hard time; Julian tries to smooth things over; Carly pays a visit to Morgan's grave; Drew is in disbelief; Sonny defends his father.
Ep. #14196 56x171
Anna bets on Obrecht's motherly instincts; Jason gets interesting news; Alexis is skeptical.
Ep. #14195 56x170
Jordan grows obsessed over a case; Sam has something important for Alexis; Chase looks for answers surrounding Mary Pat's murder.
Ep. #14194 56x169
Julian lashes out; Franco begins his day in art therapy; Lulu runs into Willow.
Ep. #14193 56x168
Ava is put on the spot; Chase finds a clue; Sonny runs into Margaux.
Ep. #14192 56x167
Griffin pleads his case; Jordan gets a lead; Sam is pleasantly surprised.
Ep. #14191 56x166
Ryan dotes on Ava; Curtis is the bearer of bad news; Drew and Kim meet with Oscar; Liz offers her help.
Ep. #14190 56x165
Griffin gets bad news; Sonny and Carly consider their option; Anna visits Britt.
Ep. #14189 56x164
Nina and Charlotte attend the ballet; Josslyn catches on; Laura is uneasy.
Ep. #14188 56x163
Nina has her hands full; Laura confides in Lulu; Maxie and Peter share a moment.
Ep. #14187 56x162
Ned is uncomfortable about Julian being at Thanksgiving; Kim is disappointed; Monica takes precautions.
Ep. #14186 56x161
Nina tears into Ava; Laura has terrible timing; Oscar is conflicted.
Ep. #14185 56x160
Laura takes it all in; Stella grows introspective; Jordan is surprised.
Ep. #14184 56x159
Ava manipulates Franco; Monica spends the day with Oscar; Drew alienaes Kim.
Ep. #14183 56x158
Sonny makes a plea to Margaux; Sam meets Michael at the Metro Court restaurant; Sasha defends herself against Kiki's accusations; Liz tries to help her son; Nina becomes defensive.
Ep. #14182 56x157
Anna offers words of encouragement; Sonny pays Margaux a visit; Curtis is touched by Drew's act of kindness; Ryan gets close to Jordan; Elizabeth is heartbroken.
Ep. #14181 56x156
Elizabeth's patience is tested; Franco looks to Scotty for help; Laura meets Sasha; Peter accepts an invitation Michael and Stella have a heart-to-heart.
Ep. #14180 56x155
Carly can't find her husband; Jason has an update; Jordan and Curtis discuss their wedding details; Monica shares her experience; Julian grows suspicious of Alexis.
Ep. #14179 56x154
Sonny wonders what might have been; Julian seems to have the upper hand; Alexis offers her insight; Carly is outraged; Anna begins to lose her patience.
Ep. #14178 56x153
Sonny proves a point; Ava is intrigued; Terry confides in Elizabeth.
Ep. #14177 56x152
Elizabeth questions Cameron's motivation; Nelle engages in old tricks; Julian consoles Kim.
Ep. #14176 56x151
Carly interrupts Laura; Brad tells Britt a secret; Michael is reluctant.
Ep. #14175 56x150
Jordan receives bad news; Charlotte is on to Spencer; Lucas gains a new perspective.
Ep. #14174 56x149
Carly leans on Jason; Margaux begins an investigation; Curtis volunteers his help; Spencer does his part; Ava feels anxious.
Ep. #14173 56x148
Carly struggles with the damage done to her at Ferncliff; Scotty wants to help; Ava defends her decision; Chase makes a gruesome discovery; Valentin is concerned.
Ep. #14172 56x147
Cameron makes a discovery; Jordan and Curtis discuss wedding planning; Michael and Chase bond over Nelle; Ava confronts Carly; Laura kicks off her fundraising competition.
Ep. #14171 56x146
Mac and Felicia step up to help Laura; Ryan sets his sights on Ava; Franco puts a Halloween party together for the kids; Nina meets Valentin for dinner; Jason gets a sweet surprise.
Ep. #14170 56x145
Sonny has a plan; Laura and Carly make a pact; Anna looks for help; Michael drowns in denial; Mary Pat gets in over her head.
Ep. #14169 56x144
Kevin has a glimmer of hope; Michael meets Sonny for a drink; Curtis gets disappointing news; Stella stands her ground; Finn has concerns about Anna's plans.
Ep. #14168 56x143
Sam heads out of town; Carly is surprised; Laura is insistent; Ryan is caught off guard; Kiki and Liz bond.
Ep. #14167 56x142
Sonny stops by Charlie's; Julian steps in to help Kim; Finn is pleasantly surprised; Nina is rejected; Kristina shows Oscar the ropes.
Ep. #14166 56x141
Oscar confronts Cameron; Julian appreciates Olivia's efforts; Kim pays Sam a visit; Drew confides in Curtis; Laura confides in Carly.
Ep. #14165 56x140
Drew confides in Elizabeth; Jason helps Kristina; Sam offers advice; Nina is grateful; Ava is hurt.
Ep. #14164 56x139
Carly opens up to Stella; Alexis tries to help Kristina; Josslyn puts her plan in motion; Kristina is crushed; Oscar gets the support he needs.
Ep. #14163 56x138
Sonny gives Jason an update; Drew makes his decision; Jordan has news for Curtis; TJ calls Stella out; Peter catches a break.
Ep. #14162 56x137
Kim leans on Bobbie; Alexis starts her day with Julian; Cameron can't help himself; Curtis and Jordan make a decision; Elizabeth and Franco address their issues.
Ep. #14161 56x136
Drew considers his choices; Sonny puts everything into perspective; Maxie offers words of encouragement; Nina is taken aback; Peter gets a second chance.
Ep. #14160 56x135
Jason seeks Monica's help; Ava finds a new drinking buddy; Kiki gets an idea; Nina has a theory; Maxie feigns surprise.
Ep. #14159 56x134
Carly gets a surprise; Sonny's conversation with Jason is cut short; Drew thinks things over; Elizabeth visits Sam; Lulu's marriage is strained.
Ep. #14158 56x133
Nina regrets her actions; Sam has a late lunch date with Alexis; Jordan shares her regrets; Michael is nervous; Aiden struggles at school.
Ep. #14157 56x132
Margaux stands firm in her decision; Felicia makes an announcement; Griffin looks forward to his future; Maxie feels a bit deflated; Scotty and Ava catch up.
Ep. #14156 56x131
Jason agrees with Carly; Mike shares his concerns; Oscar begins his day with Liz; Julian offers his advice; Finn is taken aback.
Ep. #14155 56x130
Margaux has an ace up her sleeve; Kim looks to date drastic measures; Oscar looks to make a change; Jason wants to take this time; Drew gets the call he needs.
Ep. #14154 56x129
Jordan has bad news for Margaux; Sam makes a bold move; Kiki chastises Ava; Valentin is put on notice; Lulu comforts Nina.
Ep. #14153 56x128
Sam is forced to admit her reservations; Kim confronts Oscar; Cameron refuses to lie for Oscar; Liz gets a visit at the hospital; Griffin's intentions are pure.
Ep. #14152 56x127
Carly puts Ava in her place; Kristina steps up to help; Maxie is skeptical; Nina just wants to do the right thing; Griffin gets the reassurance he needs.
Ep. #14151 56x126
Cameron is stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable situation; Monica offers her support; Maxie senses something if off with Nina; Curtis gets the information he needs; Lulu gets a pleasant surprise.
Ep. #14150 56x125
Nina is shaken; Oscar keeps Drew at arm's length; Julian agrees to back off; Jason reassures Sonny; Chase and Lulu's friendship grows.
Ep. #14149 56x124
Sonny is rattled; Jordan has disappointing news; Mike looks to Carly for help; Lucy is won't take no for an answer; Curtis learns the truth.
Ep. #14148 56x123
Jason makes a confession; Anna is grateful to Chase; Griffin is forced out; Peter is disinterested; Maxie confronts Lulu.
Ep. #14147 56x122
Sam defends Alexis; Julian's frustration grows; Kim and Drew pull an overnighter; Jason offers a shoulder to lean on; Oscar looks for a litter perspective.
Ep. #14146 56x121
Michael apologizes to Carly; Jordan and Stella meet for a drink; Julian warns Brad; Nina spends the day with Charlotte; Valentin is pleased with Curtis' progress.
Ep. #14145 56x120
Sonny brings Jason up to speed; Margaux has a theory; Carly is inquisitive; Kim is upset with Drew; Cameron confronts Liz.
Ep. #14144 56x119
Sam counsels Jason; Sonny feigns ignorance; Drew puts Kim on the spot.
Ep. #14143 56x118
Ava loses her temper; Julian acknowledges his part in past actions; Mike surprises Sonny.
Ep. #14142 56x117
Carly is desperate to help Michael; Lucas gets an update; Nina presses Maxie for answers.
Ep. #14141 56x116
Nina and Anna come full circle; Lucy gets a surprise invitation; Maxie is confused.
Ep. #14140 56x115
Robin puts things into perspective; Franco has an interesting encounter; Cameron lies to Liz.
Ep. #14139 56x114
Carly calls out Sonny; Jordan and Margaux's brainstorming continues; Kim tears into Drew.
Ep. #14138 56x113
Margaux and Jordan work together; Kristina opens up to Sam; Maxie is confused.
Ep. #14137 56x112
Mike is shaken; Chase reveals his discovery; Sonny is confronted.
Ep. #14136 56x111
Julian calls Alexis; Sonny seeks answers; Drew and Sam spend time together.
Ep. #14135 56x110
Maxie cautions Nina; Curtis updates Valentin; Brad has mixed feelings.
Ep. #14134 56x109
Nina gets a crazy idea; Curtis is galvanized; Jason remains diplomatic; Josslyn and Oscar make a pact; Sonny presses Mike.
Ep. #14133 56x108
Julian pushes for answers; Nina gets everything in order; Valentin is put on notice; Jordan surprises Curtis; Ava hopes for the best but prepares for the worst.
Ep. #14132 56x107
Kim shares a devastating secret; Drew is flummoxed; Cameron is crestfallen; Sam is supportive; Chase has good news.
Ep. #14131 56x106
Alexis is outraged; Julian looks to Drew for help; Kim feels helpless; Joss remains hopeful; Cameron takes advantage of a situation.
Ep. #14130 56x105
Oscar pays a visit to Sonny; Kim shares an update on Nelle; Julian attempts to put Brad at ease; Nina is under distress; Felicia receives distressing news.
Ep. #14129 56x104
Sonny considers his next steps; Griffin gains a little insight; Ava feels backed into a corner; Sam offers words of encouragement; Jordan gets an idea.
Ep. #14128 56x103
Jason warns Drew about his new friendship; Sonny confides in Felix; Mike suffers a false alarm.
Ep. #14127 56x102
Jason's concern for Carly intensifies; Kevin seems distracted; Finn thinks fast on his feet.
Ep. #14126 56x101
Valentin looks to Curtis for help; Kim is compassionate; Alexis takes a meeting with Diane.
Ep. #14125 56x100
Sam reflects on her loss; Sonny consoles Carly; Julian begins his own investigation.
Ep. #14124 56x99
Sam supports Lucas; Brad looks to Julian for advice; Drew questions Margaux.
Ep. #14123 56x98
Bobbie voices her concerns; Sonny takes Julian aside; Alexis gets terrible news; Nina loses her temper; Drew questions a series of coincidences.
Ep. #14122 56x97
Joss apologizes to Sonny; Stella offers her condolences; Michael's emotions get the best of him; Jordan feels betrayed; Elizabeth shares her concerns.
Ep. #14121 56x96
Sonny gets an unexpected visit; Alexis is cautious; Sam is asked to do a favor; Griffin is stunned; Franco is furious.
Ep. #14120 56x95
Griffin is reluctant; Scott apologizes; Jason has a theory; Elizabeth is horrified.
Ep. #14119 56x94
Kiki is on edge; Alexis states the facts; Franco apologizes; Elizabeth understands; Valentin is shocked.
Ep. #14118 56x93
Franco makes a dramatic move; Elizabeth is conflicted; Ava forces Scotty's hand; Kevin apologizes; Oscar looks to Drew for advice.
Ep. #14117 56x92
Franco makes matters worse; Sonny's day is bittersweet; Jordan takes the initiative; Curtis is surprised.
Ep. #14116 56x91
Finn refuses to help; Kiki prepares for her trial; Julian is grateful; Scotty confides in Franco; Drew overhears an important conversation.
Ep. #14115 56x90
Jason meets with Margaux; Sonny's interest is piqued; Nelle taunts those around her; Scotty does his best to reason with Dr. Bensch; Griffin is moved by Ava's concern for Kiki.
Ep. #14114 56x89
Jason voices his concerns; Ava is inspired by Julian's actions; Drew makes a grand gesture; Margaux makes an innocent play; Jordan looks for answers.
Ep. #14113 56x88
Josslyn is furious; Jordan looks for answers; Brad is preoccupied; Finn is backed into a corner; Stella comes clean.
Ep. #14112 56x87
Joss fears the worst; Sam and Curtis pay a visit to Ferncliff; Chase is grateful; Griffin expresses his doubts; Ava makes a call.
Ep. #14111 56x86
Carly has doubts; Sonny feels guilty; Jason calls Sam; Elizabeth tries to help; Chase blames himself.
Ep. #14110 56x85
Jordan heads to the police department; Michael is disappointed; Lucas is confused; Finnis all in; Margaux stumbles upon an interesting piece of information.
Ep. #14109 56x84
Sonny feels helpless; Jordan assesses the situation; Kim urges Julian to live in the moment; Liz begins to worry; Jason arrives in the nick of time.
Ep. #14108 56x83
Sonny tries to understand how things got so out of hand; Michael hears more than enough; Jason forces his hand; Maxie and Nina have a heart to heart; Finn defends Anna's actions.
Ep. #14107 56x82
Carly can't make heads or tails of the situation; Sonny confronts Kevin; Ava congratulates Michael; Alexis has good news; Julian catches a break.
Ep. #14106 56x81
Sonny is cautious; Josslyn confides in Nelle; Alexis calls a meeting; Sam asks about Carly; Oscar feels dismissed.
Ep. #14105 56x80
Nelle looks to Chase; Drew runs into Margaux; Nina wonders about a sudden stroke of luck; Valentin falls short; Kiki suffers a setback.
Ep. #14104 56x79
Nina heeds Alexis' advice; Finn has cause to worry; Drew receives a gift; Kim helps Julian; Josslyn grows annoyed.
Ep. #14103 56x78
Obrecht encounters an obstacle; Valentin is desperate; Diane is the bearer of bad news; Jason is anxious; Nelle looks to Chase for help.
Ep. #14102 56x77
Sonny gets in over his head; Carly faces the consequences of her actions; Nina dodges accusations; Liz is proud of Kiki; Griffin pushes back.
Ep. #14101 56x76
Curtis offers Liz an explanation; Valentin buys some time; Julian pays Sonny a surprise visit; Kim pleads with Julian; Chase reassures Nelle.
Ep. #14100 56x75
Maxie senses something is wrong; Valentin puts two and two together; Obrecht is overcome with emotion; Nina makes a promise; Liz presses Franco to do the right thing.
Ep. #14099 56x74
Michael is torn; Jordan is sympathetic; Sonny expresses his frustrations; Ava deflects; Josslyn comes clean.
Ep. #14098 56x73
Carly demands to see Kevin; something about Oscar seems familiar to Ava; Chase makes a plea.
Ep. #14097 56x72
Valentin questions Nina's story; Sonny prepares Mike; Jordan seeks guidance from Stella.
Ep. #14096 56x71
Nina chastises Valentin; Obrecht is distracted; Nelle experiences a setback.
Ep. #14095 56x70
Michael apologizes; Nelle is shaken; Carly confides in Kevin.
Ep. #14094 56x69
Nina's timing is impeccable; Peter makes a promise; Franco is curious.
Ep. #14093 56x68
Jason assures Sonny; Nelle's appointment is delayed; Michael offers a solution; Kiki is relieved; Maxie gets a surprise visit; Peter gets a glimmer of hope.
Ep. #14092 56x67
Julian looks to expand; Sonny gets word from an old friend; Franco has a heart to heart with Scott; Sam makes a clean break; Kim has a talk with Oscar.
Ep. #14091 56x66
Nelle turns on the charm; Sonny reassures Carly; Franco's fears are assuaged; Julian opens up to Kim; Josslyn looks to make amends.
Ep. #14090 56x65
Michael surprises Nelle; Sonny gets positive news; Chase comes clean; Peter cautions Obrecht; Maxie feels conflicted.
Ep. #14089 56x64
Sam helps Jason; Lucy worries about Kevin; Jason and Spinelli catch a break; Nina is understandably upset; Maxie gets good news.
Ep. #14088 56x63
Chase makes a promise; Jordan learns the truth; Scott gets an offer he can't refuse; Lulu gets a second change; Drew pays Liz a visit.
Ep. #14087 56x62
Sonny is interrupted; Carly's curiosity is piqued; Ava considers the alternative; Alexis feels grateful; Kiki refuses to back down.
Ep. #14086 56x61
Carly is surprised; Josslyn tells a white lie; Michael gets a stern warning; Chase gives in; Drew goes all out for Oscar.
Ep. #14085 56x60
Jason is unnerved; Nina is livid; Valentin continues his efforts; Sam thinks fast on her feet; Maxie looks to Jordan for advice.
Ep. #14084 56x59
Sonny is confused; Sam and Curtis hit a dead end; Valentin's romantic gesture backfires; Alexis unloads on Julian; Carly fears nothing will ever be the same again.
Ep. #14083 56x58
Sonny is relieved; Anna refuses to place blame; Nina demands answers; Kiki is disappointed; Julian hears Alexis out.
Ep. #14082 56x57
Dante lays into Chase; Michael confronts Chase; Josslyn leans on Nelle; Kiki worries all will be for naught; Oscar is disappointed.
Ep. #14081 56x56
Carly plays nice; Nelle reflects on her past; Franco catches up with Kevin; Liz wants to keep things simple; Sam admires Alexis.
Ep. #14080 56x55
Sonny and Mike are interrupted; Obrecht covers her tracks; Peter continues to plead his case; Nina runs into Drew; Amy offers her insight.
Ep. #14079 56x54
Mike opens up to Sonny; Kevin is reassuring; Nina is compassionate; Oscar is touched by Drew's confession; Finn is comforting.
Ep. #14078 56x53
Valentin refuses his fate; Carly doesn't trust her instincts; Kiki is startled; Alexis meets with Kevin; Elizabeth is shocked.
Ep. #14077 56x52
Jason looks for a way in; Nina is rattled; Kiki faces her demons; Alexis questions Valentin; Franco is full of surprises.
Ep. #14076 56x51
Nelle is shocked; Kim prepares for a big night; Jason and Sam meet for coffee; Nina cuts her visit short; Julian has a lot to prove.
Ep. #14075 56x50
Michael stays close to Nelle; Anna lets her guard down; Nina is unnerved; Peter sees an out; Chase is compassionate.
Ep. #14074 56x49
Carly's trial continues; Michael tries to get dirt on Nelle; Alexis confronts Monica about the investigation into Dr. Bensch.
Ep. #14073 56x48
Ava relays what she saw; Josslyn is on the defense; Griffin is interrupted; Lulu makes a promise; Franco takes matters into his own hands.
Ep. #14072 56x47
Finn is supportive; Anna comes clean; Sonny cautions Carly; Julian apologizes; Alexis is stunned.
Ep. #14071 56x46
Sam asks for help; Valentin keeps his word; Jason has doubts; Kim hears a different side of the story; Lulu struggles against a difference of opinion.
Ep. #14070 56x45
Maxie is moved to tears; Finn's timing is impeccable; Drew makes arrangements; Oscar steps up; Mike gets the attention he needs.
Ep. #14069 56x44
Carly sees the bright side; Jason offers encouragement; Maxie feels foolish.
Ep. #14068 56x43
Obrecht places blame; Ava discourages Griffin; Valentin defends himself.
Ep. #14067 56x42
Peter has leverage; Jason is noncommittal; Alexis wants to identify the root of the problem.
Ep. #14066 56x41
Carly snaps; Andre is reluctant; Franco is unsupportive.
Ep. #14065 56x40
Sonny is tormented; Nina pays Lulu a visit; Valentin tries his best; Anna is distraught; Peter has an ace up his sleeve.
Ep. #14064 56x39
Carly is upset; Nelle gets the support she craves; Alexis quickly regrets her actions; Griffin gets more than he bargained for; Oscar makes a pact with Josslyn.
Ep. #14063 56x38
Valentin crosses Lulu; Dante has had enough; Drew pays his respects; Maxie is disheartened; Kiki acts impulsively.
Ep. #14062 56x37
Peter feels deceived; Finn seeks answers; Sam tries to help; Nina isn't interested; Kiki finds comfort in an old friend.
Ep. #14061 56x36
Valentin walks a fine line; Lucy is apologetic; Anna grows anxious; Peter stays by Maxie's side; Kiki is misundersood.
Ep. #14060 56x35
Finn is apologetic; Ava tries to entice Griffin; Josslyn connects with Oscar.
Ep. #14059 56x34
Dante gets one over on Chase; Curtis' nerves get the best of him; Stella is horrified.
Ep. #14058 56x33
Olivia is in a bind; Sonny is deeply troubled; Stella looks on the bright side.
Ep. #14057 56x32
Things look bad for Carly; Kim has good news to share; Ava reclaims a small piece of control.
Ep. #14056 56x31
Nelle has a bizarre stroke of luck; Michael and Dante have a night out; Sonny is perplexed.
Ep. #14055 56x30
Joss pleads with her mother; Nelle keeps up the charade; Sonny fills Jason in; Anna makes her move; Nina is grateful to Curtis for all his help.
Ep. #14054 56x29
Carly is thrown off guard; Nelle sets Ava up; Finn opens up; Lucy tracks Dante down; Sonny worries about past misdeeds.
Ep. #14053 56x28
Carly tries to fix things with Josslyn; Nelle makes her her intentions clear to Ava; Lucas is wary; Drew and Oscar bond; Julian pays Kim a visit.
Ep. #14052 56x27
Jason runs into Drew; Valentin crosses Peter; Lulu looks to Anna for advice; Alexis threatens Ned; Franco gets a break
Ep. #14051 56x26
Ava couldn't be happier; Carly steps up; Franco is anxious; Jason makes up for lost time; Ned has his doubts.
Ep. #14050 56x25
Carly receives an invitation; Lulu is less than honest with Dante; Maxie looks on the bright side; Valentin plays peacemaker.
Ep. #14049 56x24
Anna surprises Jason; Maxie seeks out Peter; Nina urges Curtis to continue his search; Drew offers words of encouragement; Franco faces his demons.
Ep. #14048 56x23
Chase respects Finn's wishes; Sonny skirts the issue; Anna is put on notice; Griffin is horrified; Dr. Bensch is dismissive.
Ep. #14047 56x22
Lucy offer a welcome interruption; Griffin confronts Ava; Bobbie is concerned; Curtis looks to TJ for support; Alexis and Finn have a heart to heart.
Ep. #14046 56x21
Anna is all worked up; Jason looks for an ally in Lulu; Curtis stumbles upon an interesting piece of information; Nina is not convinced; Peter is unfazed.
Ep. #14045 56x20
Anna comes clean; Sam questions Curtis; Franco struggles between two evils; Sonny, Dante and Diane consider their options; Nelle offers Ava her advice.
Ep. #14044 56x19
Anna pays Alexis a visit; Sam comes through for an old friend; Lulu has an awkward run-in with Maxie; Nina and Curtis plan their next steps; Valentin gets an unexpected visit.
Ep. #14043 56x18
Drew is skeptical; Finn worries about Alexis' well-being Julian runs into Lucas; Oscar makes plans with Drew; Jordan questions Curtis' intentions.
Ep. #14042 56x17
Nelle uses the situation to her advantage; Ava meets with Scott; Diane doesn't have the best news; Carly sits down with Kevin to discuss recent events; Curtis surprises Jordan.
Ep. #14041 56x16
Ava is her own worst enemy; Jordan is backed into a corner; Anna makes a confession; Jason knows better; Nina plays hostess.
Ep. #14040 56x15
Griffin comforts Ava. Carly is at her wit's ends. Sonny receives a welcome phone call. Lulu updates Peter. Jason sees the truth.
Ep. #14039 56x14
Chase catches Sonny off-guard. Kim encourages Julian to support his family. Elizabeth sympathizes with Franco's possible triggers.
Ep. #14038 56x13
Anna strikes out but pushes on; Maxie ambushes Nina; Elizabeth offers words of encouragement.
Ep. #14037 56x12
Dante remains supportive; Lulu gets an idea for a story; Spinelli gets himself in a bit of a bind.
Ep. #14036 56x11
Carly gets confronted; Nelle messes with Ava's head; Jason moves with caution.
Ep. #14035 56x10
Griffin comforts Ava; Carly is at her wit's end; Sonny receives a welcome phone call.
Ep. #14034 56x09
Chase catches Sonny off guard; Kim encourages Julian to support his family; Griffin is unsuccessful.
Ep. #14033 56x08
Anna strikes out but pushes forward; Maxie ambushes Nina; Elizabeth offers words of encouragement.
Ep. #14032 56x07
Dante remains supportive; Lulu gets an idea for a story; Spinelli gets himself in a bit of a bind.
Ep. #14031 56x06
Carly gets confronted; Nelle messes with Carly's head; Jason moves with caution.
Ep. #14030 56x05
Carly confronts Jason; Kevin prefers to err on the side of caution; Drew is shaken.
Ep. #14029 56x04
Franco is terribly shaken; Elizabeth and Jake inadvertently put themselves in harm's way; Drew shows a softer side.
Ep. #14028 56x03
Peter wants answers; Anna gets help; Michael works to preserve his family's legacy.
Ep. #14027 56x02
Peter manipulates a situation to his advantage; Griffin is conflicted; Jason worries about Elizabeth.
Ep. #14026 56x01
Maxie feels smothered; Lulu gets the encouragement she needs; Spinelli prepares to leave.

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