General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 55

Ep. #14025 55x255
Sonny surprises Mike with an evening at Luke's.
Ep. #14024 55x254
Anna and Jason are at odds; Ava counsels Griffin; Lulu worries about Maxie.
Ep. #14023 55x253
Sam has a moment with Jason; Drew reaches out to Oscar; Franco wonders where he stands.
Ep. #14022 55x252
Jason says too much; Curtis pays Sam a surprise visit; Jordan and Dante grow anxious;.
Ep. #14021 55x251
Drew makes a decision; Alexis warns Sam; Jason supports Carly.
Ep. #14020 55x250
Sam wrestles with her feelings; Nelle makes a bold move; Jason meets with Spinelli; Andre gets an earful from Sonny; Julian bumps into Alexis.
Ep. #14019 55x249
Franco is uncertain of his future; Nelle grows frustrated; Carly is pleasantly surprised; Alexis rises to Finn's defense; Andre encourages Anna to live her life.
Ep. #14018 55x248
Drew's instincts kick in; Jordan makes a startling discovery; Ava wonders if Nelle is taking things too far; Griffin accepts an offer from Ava; Michael feels let down.
Ep. #14017 55x247
Griffin offers his advice; Sam gets a break; Liz turns to Jordan for help; Curtis is surprised; Kiki is grateful.
Ep. #14016 55x246
Elizabeth looks for answers; Franco confesses; Jason meets with Anna; Griffin takes a risk; Ned feels compromised.
Ep. #14015 55x245
Griffin questions Peter; Anna vents to Andre; Peter gets good news.
Ep. #14014 55x244
Drew grows frustrated with Franco; Liz and Kim bond; Alexis offers Sam her perspective.
Ep. #14013 55x243
Drew forges an unlikely partnership; Nina is put off by Peter's interest in Maxie.
Ep. #14012 55x242
Franco risks losing everything; Nelle shows her maternal side; Michael is propositioned.
Ep. #14011 55x241
Franco pleads with Drew; Carly encourages Sonny; Peter pays a visit to Griffin.
Ep. #14010 55x240
Sam feels ready to take the next step; Liz is grateful to Jason; Sonny and Carly come to a decision that affects their family; Maxie is ready to learn the truth; Nina is hopeful.
Ep. #14009 55x239
Monica checks on Nelle; Carly thinks it's time for a heart-to-heart; Sonny makes a bold move; Peter extends his support to Maxie; Anna makes progress.
Ep. #14008 55x238
Jason is put in a precarious position; Dante becomes an unlikely ally to Franco; Ned takes himself very seriously; Alexis wants the best for Molly; Finn does all he can.
Ep. #14007 55x237
Griffin takes charge; Ava gets time with Avery; Carly has no time for Nelle's antics; Kim worries about Oscar; Dante arrives in time to help.
Ep. #14006 55x236
Sam looks to Jason for help; Harvey turns his back on Franco; Kiki supports Kevin; Drew gets a clever idea; Jordan reminds Curtis that al is not okay.
Ep. #14005 55x235
Franco confronts Harvey; Sam and Drew play chaperone; Jason runs into Sam; Carly confronts Nelle; Peter confides in Valentine; Jordan pays Curtis a visit.
Ep. #14004 55x234
Griffin is happy for Ava; Scott and Kevin put aside their differences; Franco has an epiphany; Jordan is put in a precarious position; Drew looks to Kim for answers.
Ep. #14003 55x233
Franco struggles against a nightmare; Sonny pleads with Ava; Kiki learns that not everything is as it seems; Drew and Sam celebrate Scout; Kim becomes intrigued with Julian.
Ep. #14002 55x232
Dante worries about Peter's intentions; Franco grows restless; Scott is supportive; Curtis and Drew work together; Anna has news for Felicia.
Ep. #14001 55x231
Sonny feels helpless; tensions run high at the police department; Ava gains confidence; Nelle bonds with Joss; Julian suffers a blow.
Ep. #14000 55x230
Sonny confides in Epiphany; Griffin calls for help; Franco meets with Kevin; Anna is awkward around Finn; Kiki gets the help she needs.
Ep. #13999 55x229
Jason looks to Peter for help; Peter knows more than he lets on; Ava's gallery is threatened; Nelle is ready to take the next step; Alexis meets with Brad.
Ep. #13998 55x228
Alexis ends up in a precarious position; Anna makes a promise; Sam looks out for a friend; Peter appeals to Lulu; Kim asks a favor.
Ep. #13997 55x227
Molly lashes out; Monica surprises Michael; Olivia stands by her man; Drew looks to Curtis for help; Kim steps in.
Ep. #13996 55x226
Jason is pitted against Drew; Anna pays Maxie a visit; Peter changes his mind; Alexis is caught off guard; Sonny confides in an old friend.
Ep. #13995 55x225
Carly encourages Jason to find out everything he can; Drew is put in an uncomfortable situation; Diane relays a particularly audacious announcement; Ava takes care of Kiki; Sonny puts his trust in Griffin.
Ep. #13994 55x224
Nelle thinks quickly on her feet; Michael gets an unsettling phone call; Anna pays a visit to Andre; Alexis is a ball of nerves; Ava lashes out at Griffin.
Ep. #13993 55x223
Sam lays into Jason; Sonny and Carly reminisce; Ava looks forward to her time with Griffin; Spinelli steps in to help Kiki; Curtis surprises Jordan.
Ep. #13992 55x222
Michael takes Jason's words to heart; Ava is concerned; Jake puts Jason on the spot; Franco is put on notice; Drew learns something new.
Ep. #13991 55x221
Anna and Felicia commiserate. Drew questions Franco. Finn seeks legal advice. Oscar tries to get one over on Kim.
Ep. #13990 55x220
Valentin stays by Nina's side. Franco has a moment with Obrecht. Peter's curiosity is piqued. Dante offers his support.
Ep. #13989 55x219
Anna is in denial; Drew pushes back; Sam asks for a favor; Carly vents her frustrations; Drew is troubled.
Ep. #13988 55x218
Peter bumps into Lulu; Alexis turns to Sam for help; Ned's words are impactful; Julian declines an offer; Jim Harvey continues to make waves.
Ep. #13987 55x217
Curtis and Jordan team up; Alexis and Finn bond; Julian is pestered; Anna continues her investigation; Robin reads between the lines.
Ep. #13986 55x216
Sam confesses; Ava is unable to help herself; Carly warns Jason not to give up; Michael is grateful; Franco confides in Kevin.
Ep. #13985 55x215
Drew's temper gets the best of him; Sonny confides in Jason; Ava makes Kiki feel uncomfortable.
Ep. #13984 55x214
Things don't go as planned for Jason; Anna receives disappointing news; Sonny gets a disturbing phone call.
Ep. #13983 55x213
Valentin reminds Nina about her actions; Peter is unable to offer assistance; Sam refuses to help.
Ep. #13982 55x212
Valentin's tender moment; Anna makes a surprise move; Jason is interrupted.
Ep. #13981 55x211
Anna has questions; Jason is determined; Jordan is deceived.
Ep. #13980 55x210
Sonny and Jason arrive in the nick of time; Carly appears useful; Finn get in deeper; Anna shares her news; Lulu gets an idea.
Ep. #13979 55x209
Anna gets an unexpected guest; Finn feels grateful; Amy makes a grand gesture; Nathan humbles Dante; Franco feels along.
Ep. #13978 55x208
Jason makes a declaration; Nathan takes a break; Kim shares good news; Lulu tries to talk her way out of a tricky situation; Felicia accosts Finn.
Ep. #13977 55x207
Lulu feels frustrated; Peter is cautious; Obrecht faces her fears; Anna creates a diversion; Dante feels relieved.
Ep. #13976 55x206
Anna pleads with Sonny; Jordan feels concerned; Laura updates Lulu; Bobbie runs into Nelle; Carly decides to take matters into her own hands.
Ep. #13975 55x205
Jason leans on an unlikely ally; Anna receives a surprise visit; Obrecht grows desperate; Alexis pleads with Laura; Kevin looks for a solution.
Ep. #13974 55x204
Maxie tries not to worry; Franco is caught off guard; Ned tries to convince Alexis to help him; Molly is displaced; Lulu enjoys a happy reunion.
Ep. #13973 55x203
Julian offers his support; Sonny receives a mysterious text message; Kiki is a bundle of nerves; Franco looks to repay a favor; Griffin offers words of encouragement.
Ep. #13972 55x202
Jason grows impatient; Michael seeks out Nelle for answers; Joss gets the support she needs; Drew must deal with an uncomfortable situation; Kiki runs into Griffin.
Ep. #13971 55x201
Jason gets one step closer to the truth; Maxie is desperate; Anna grows more frustrated; Felicia offers some friendly advice; Carly gets a rude awakening.
Ep. #13970 55x200
Jason follows through on a promise; Oscar looks to Drew for guidance; Carly agrees to compromise; Spinelli makes progress; Kim makes a friend.
Ep. #13969 55x199
Sam makes her intentions known; Nathan angers Dante; Maxie has a horrible nightmare; Lulu betrays a confidence; Sonny marks his territory.
Ep. #13968 55x198
Franco tries to reconcile his past; Laura shares her news with Kevin; Ned is optimistic; Valentin gets a surprise visit; Anna finds evidence to support her theory.
Ep. #13967 55x197
Sam pulls back; Alexis reacts; Carly pushes back; Molly calls her mom out; Michael accepts Nelle's decision.
Ep. #13966 55x196
Anna is shocked; Jordan offers a welcome relief; Maxie turns to Lulu; Oscar and Josslyn disagree.
Ep. #13965 55x195
Nathan jumps to conclusions; Carly faces the music; Nelle worries about her first day; Kiki wants answers from Griffin; Ava dismisses her insecurities.
Ep. #13964 55x194
Anna visits the ICU: Amy hopes for good news; Lulu's attempts fail; Jason calls on Spinelli; Maxie overshares with Obrecht.
Jan 03 2018 55x193
Jordan locates Anna; Franco becomes more confused; Michael and Ned meet; Julian pleads with Olivia; Molly asks Alexis for help.
Jan 02 2018 55x192
Anna is in a bind; Nina gets anxious; Sam is interrupted; Jason confronts Carly; Griffin calls Ava.
Ep. #13961 55x191
Sam runs into Jason; Jason voices his regrets; Drew's car breaks down.
Ep. #13960 55x190
Anna enjoys a minor victory; Carly is up to her old tricks; Lulu is excited about her future.
Ep. #13959 55x189
Ava worries she overstepped; Maxie corners Amy; Obrecht makes a confession.
Ep. #13958 55x188
Sonny shares his regrets; Sam seeks Kim's help; Anna urges Finn to learn self-defense.
Ep. #13957 55x187
Michael pours his heart out; Carly has a plan; Laura gets a surprise.
Ep. #13959 55x186
Laura hopes for the best; Jason pays his respects; Franco receives a mysterious notes.
Ep. #13958 55x185
Laura asks a favor of Lulu; Alexis infuriates Molly; Nelle gets a break.
Ep. #13957 55x184
Drew and Jason share a common goal; Drew gets the reassurance he needs; Griffin apologizes.
Ep. #13956 55x183
Jason puts it all out there; Carly feels terrible for her friend; Sam lashes out.
Ep. #13955 55x182
Alexis delivers a painful truth; Finn can't fight the inevitable; Scott is invited to have drinks.
Ep. #13954 55x181
Sam runs into Jason at the pier; Oscar is disappointed; Monica rolls out the welcome mat.
Ep. #13953 55x180
Nelle stands up for herself; Jason offers up a bit of advice; Sam confides in Monica.
Ep. #13952 55x179
Sonny fills Anna in; Cassandra propositions Finn; Charlotte is thrilled to see Nelle.
Ep. #13951 55x178
Sonny and Jason question Britt; Drew learns the truth about Oscar; Carly learns about Nelle's pregnancy.
Ep. #13950 55x177
Sonny has questions; Sam's reunion is bittersweet; Franco gets more than he bargained for.
Ep. #13949 55x176
Sam asks Jason for help; Nelle is exposed; Franco proposes to Elizabeth.
Ep. #13948 55x175
Sam pleads with Alexis for help; Carly has a run-in with Nelle; Olivia is sidelined.
Ep. #13947 55x174
Sam makes her intentions known; Amy is surprised to see Maxie; Lulu hatches a plan.
Ep. #13946 55x173
Sam fights for her future; Franco wrestles with his conscience; Liz defends her intentions.
Ep. #13945 55x172
An old friend helps Sonny; Jason is in disbelief; Alexis runs into Dr. Bensch.
Ep. #13944 55x171
Sonny confronts Obrecht.; Carly puts Jason on the defense; Franco has a change of heart.
Ep. #13943 55x170
Valentin is blindsided; Finn makes his intentions known to Anna; Nina calls out Sam.
Ep. #13942 55x169
Oscar sneaks out; Alexis is shocked; Jordan and Curtis work together.
Ep. #13941 55x168
Jason's insecurities get the best of him; Sam isn't exactly forthcoming; Kiki says the wrong thing.
Ep. #13940 55x167
Jason turns to Monica; Carly opens her home; Alexis attempts to make amends.
Ep. #13939 55x166
Patient 6 faces his past; Carly lays blame; Jason has terrible timing.
Ep. #13938 55x165
Nathan is under fire; Felicia shares too much; Cassandra tests the waters.
Ep. #13937 55x164
Curtis has an update; Ava gets under Franco's skin; Nina puts things into perspective.
Ep. #13936 55x163
Ava confronts Griffin; Nelle takes advantage of a situation; Nathan does his best to help.
Ep. #13935 55x162
Valentin is put on the spot; Scott defends his actions; Lulu has exciting news.
Ep. #13934 55x161
Carly tries to help; Anna discovers the truth; Nina is cautious.
Ep. #13933 55x160
Jordan has big news; Lulu pays Maxie a visit; Nelle overhears a private conversation.
Ep. #13932 55x159
Monica makes her intentions clear; Jordan has the answer; Alexis looks to Ava for help.
Ep. #13931 55x158
Cassandra invites Nina to lunch; Ava gets a stroke of luck; Sonny gets a surprise visit.
Ep. #13930 55x157
Dr. Klein gets a bit of luck; Nelle plays with fire; Nathan eases Amy's fears.
Ep. #13929 55x156
Alexis is stunned; Cassandra gets an idea; Maxie is dismissive.
Ep. #13928 55x155
Alexis looks for advice; Jason receives a text from Curtis; Finn is uncomfortable.
Ep. #13927 55x154
Franco makes a life-altering decision; Sonny hires Diane; Ava has nothing to hide.
Ep. #13926 55x153
Patient 6 takes advantage of a bad situation; Finn keeps up the ruse; Cassandra wants to know more about Anna.
Ep. #13925 55x152
Carly gets a surprise; Jason worries about Danny; Dante fills Michael in.
Ep. #13925 55x151
A patient longs to be near Sam's side; Dante grows suspicious; Andre is upset.
Ep. #13924 55x150
A patient longs to be near Sam's side; Dante grows suspicious; Andre is upset.
Ep. #13923 55x149
Jason seeks out Sonny; Franco gets an earful; Griffin and Ava seek refuge.
Ep. #13922 55x148
Sam's celebration is cut short; Carly demands answers; Cassandra outmaneuvers an opponent.
Ep. #13921 55x147
Monica hands down a family heirloom; Michael confronts Nelle; Maxie has a proposition.
Ep. #13920 55x146
Sonny trusts his instincts; Andre has cause to worry; Michael changes his mind.
Ep. #13919 55x145
Ava looks for proof; Franco's drawings take an unsetting turn; Nelle goads Carly.
Ep. #13918 55x144
Franco confides in Andre; Jake knows better; Scott riles Kiki up.
Ep. #13917 55x143
Nathan worries about his marriage; Sam manipulates Maxie; Michael grows paranoid.
Ep. #13916 55x142
Patient six takes in his surroundings; Franco fears he's his own worst enemy; Laura is left in suspense.
Ep. #13915 55x141
Ava agrees to help; Franco makes a plea; Josslyn hits a dead end.
Ep. #13914 55x140
Alexis worries about Kristina; Scott gets the wrong idea; Franco grows more frustrated.
Ep. #13913 55x139
Carly receives disturbing information; Franco is plagued with nightmares; Stella makes strides.
Ep. #13912 55x138
Sam receives a heartfelt gesture, while Michael receives disturbing news; Anna plots her next move.
Ep. #13911 55x137
An anonymous donation stuns Michael; Curtis uncovers some interesting information; Dillon gets the wrong idea.
Ep. #13910 55x136
Josslyn reflects on Morgan's death; Ava is unwelcome; Kevin's impulse decision.
Ep. #13909 55x135
Liz makes a change; Dr. Bensch is sympathetic; Maxie's life is derailed.
Ep. #13908 55x134
Sam thinks Curtis can do better than she can; Michael ponders whether he will regret his decision; Franco is honest with Liz.
Ep. #13907 55x133
An old foe of Nikolas' surfaces; Griffin feels remorseful; Carly makes an apology.
Ep. #13906 55x132
Griffin skirts the truth with Ava; Stella has good news for Curtis; Maxie and Amy bond.
Ep. #13905 55x131
Ava is in shock; Anna lets her guard down; Valentin gets a curious phone call from Cassandra.
Ep. #13904 55x130
Nina gets an extravagant gift from Valentin; Sam enjoys a moment of happiness with Jason; Cassandra calls Valentin to ask about Finn.
Ep. #13903 55x129
Ava sabotages herself by helping another patient. Griffin extends his kindness to an American stranger in Russia. Jason asks Franco to explain himself. Alexis is annoyed with Sam's attempt at matchmaking.
Ep. #13902 55x128
Jason remembers what Franco told him during his coma; Franco returns to his job as art therapist at GH; Griffin decides to go to Russia and search for Ava; Patient 6 attempts to escape from the clinic; Sam tries to set up Alexis with Dr. David Bensch.
Ep. #13901 55x127
Nelle is ambushed by Sharon Grant; Sam checks in with Monica; Jason explains to his friends that he has to devote himself to his family from now on; Franco opens up to André; Carly is upset that Nelle is isolating Michael from his family.
Ep. #13900 55x126
Carly has mixed feelings about Nelle; Bobbie extends an olive branch; Anna assures Finn that his charm will win Cassandra over; Nathan declares his identity.
Ep. #13899 55x125
Ava is propositioned; Griffin makes his intentions known to Sonny; Sonny asks Brick to find the clinic in Russia; Maxie concocts a plan to help Nathan.
Ep. #13898 55x124
Betsy asks Franco to keep Drew a secret; Griffin grows frustrated with Valentin in his search for Ava; Nelle finds Michael's gesture unnerving but agrees to be his tenant.
Ep. #13897 55x123
Nelle is ambushed; Sam checks in with Monica; Liz gets good news.
Ep. #13896 55x122
Carly has mixed feelings; Bobbie extends an olive branch; Anna has reservations.
Ep. #13895 55x121
Ava is propositioned; Griffin makes his intentions known; Sonny has a task for Brick.
Ep. #13894 55x120
Franco is asked to keep a secret; Griffin grows frustrated with Valentin; Nelle finds Michael's gesture unnerving.
Ep. #13893 55x119
Elizabeth remains committed to Franco; Sam leans on Alexis; Joss is put on the spot.
Ep. #13892 55x118
Ava gets positive news; TJ calls Jordan out; Sonny visits Sam.
Ep. #13891 55x117
Carly confronts Michael; Nelle receives unexpected advice; Kristina has second thoughts.
Ep. #13890 55x116
Ava's curiosity intensifies; Sonny is conflicted; Liz is accosted.
Ep. #13889 55x115
Griffin worries about Ava; Anna's determination grows; Curtis tries to explain himself.
Ep. #13888 55x114
Lulu is suspicious of Ava dealing with Valentin; Carly tries to help Sam as she keeps vigil over Jason; Sonny takes Griffin for a heart to heart, but the priest refuses to talk about religion.
Ep. #13887 55x113
Scott is of little to no help to Franco; Elizabeth counsels Griffin to go after Ava; Amy has bad news for Nathan; Maxie asks Nina for her job back.
Ep. #13886 55x112
Ava makes a rash decision; Bobbie's curiosity is piqued; Jordan is amused.
Ep. #13885 55x111
Sam doesn't feel like celebrating; Kristina takes Scout to the park; Dante shares his regrets.
Ep. #13884 55x110
Finn is met with disappointment; Valentin is in a position to help Nina; Kiki gets an invitation to go on rounds with Dr. Bensch; André helps Anna with her investigation.
Ep. #13883 55x109
Michael reassures Nelle; Alexis admits her true feelings; and Anna and Finn seek answers from Raymond.
Ep. #13882 55x108
Ava helps Griffin with a difficult task; Dante questions Sonny about Jason's shooting; and Nelle falls under suspicion for stealing a necklace.
Ep. #13881 55x107
Sam and Sonny try to help Jason; Maxie is confused about Nathan and Amy; and Valentin surprises Nina.
Ep. #13880 55x106
Sam opens up to Jason; Ned makes a bold move; Felicia learns a secret about Nelle's past; Maxie catches Nathan in a compromising position with Amy.
Ep. #13879 55x105
Michael reassures Nelle; Alexis admits her true feelings; Anna and Finn seek answers from Raymond.
Fri Aug 25 2017 55x104
Ava helps Griffin with a difficult task; Dante questions Sonny; Nelle falls under suspicion.
Ep. #13878 55x103
Griffin jumps to Ava's defense when a reporter attacks her; Ned makes a deal with Michael; the judge reaches a verdict in Julian's trial.
Ep. #13877 55x102
Anna seeks Finn's help to find Hayden; Scott clashes with Julian; Nina is moved by Charlotte's story.
Ep. #13876 55x101
Carly gets shocking news about Sam shooting Sonny; Elizabeth is intrigued by Franco's painting; Alexis confides in Ned about her attraction to unsuitable men.
Ep. #13875 55x100
Sam decides to tell Carly the truth about shooting Sonny; Alexis and Carly find common ground; Franco asks Ava for a favor.
Ep. #13874 55x99
Anna seeks Finn's help; Scott clashes with Julian; Charlotte's story moves Nina.
Ep. #13873 55x98
Carly gets shocking news; Liz is intrigued by Franco's painting; Ned puts pressure on Alexis.
Ep. #13872 55x97
Sam makes a decision; Alexis and Carly find common ground; Franco asks Ava for a favor.
Ep. #13871 55x96
Kiki offers advice; Liz encourages Griffin; Nina has a list of demands.
Ep. #13870 55x95
Obrecht's gloating backfires; Nathan catches Amy up on all things "Man Landers"; Felicia's curiosity is piqued.
Ep. #13869 55x94
Liz puts her life on hold; Obrecht's curiosity consumers her; Finn appreciates Curtis.
Ep. #13868 55x93
Dante questions Nelle; Joss has a date with Oscar; Griffin surprises Ava.
Ep. #13867 55x92
Kiki makes an impression on Dr. Bensch; Felicia feels like a teenager again when she and Mac are caught having sex in the park by Stella; Jared keeps pressuring Hayden to embezzle money from the hospital.
Ep. #13866 55x91
Finn feels he is not being told the whole story; Scott pushes his luck; Dante seeks a resolution.
Ep. #13865 55x90
Finn feels deceived; Scott has doubts; Ava is distraught.
Ep. #13864 55x89
Kiki makes an impression; Felicia feels like a teenager again; Valerie is happy for Dillon.
Ep. #13863 55x88
Monica gives Finn her blessing; Carly swallows her pride; Olivia run afoul.
Ep. #13862 55x87
Jason questions Griffin; Kiki steps up; Hayden looks to a kindred spirit for advice.
Ep. #13861 55x86
Dante helps Carly; Sam struggles with reality; a proposal could change Ava's fate.
Monday July 31 2017 55x85
Valentin deals with an intruder; Julian tries to make Ava feel better; Carly looks for Michael.
Fri Jul 28 2017 55x84
Griffin is cautiously optimistic; Oscar offers support; Nelle scrutinizes a gift.
Ep. #13860 55x83
Valentin deals with an intruder; Julian tries to make Ava feel better; Carly looks for Michael.
Ep. #13859 55x82
Griffin is cautiously optimistic; Oscar offers support; Nelle scrutinizes a gift.
Ep. #13858 55x81
Carly lashes out at Jordan; Avery is inconsolable; Ava hides her appearances.
Ep. #13857 55x80
Sonny loses hope; Nina goes on the defense; Nathan's strong warning.
Ep. #13856 55x79
Alexis rushes to General Hospital; Olivia Jerome's actions continue to haunt Port Charles; Garvey is pleased with himself.
Ep. #13855 55x78
Garvey covers his tracks; Griffin grows concerned about Scout's health; Liz is held captive.
Ep. #13854 55x77
Sam makes a beeline for Julian but finds Ava instead; Nathan calls Nina out; Sonny receives an ominous text message about Spencer.
Ep. #13853 55x76
Nina's faith is shaken, but she soon backs Valentin; Dante arrests him because he has no alibi; Joss feels responsible in Spencer's disappearance; Lucy shows Finn & Hayden a beautiful house which they decide to buy; Dr. Obrecht discovers Hayden's previous marriage online.
Ep. #13852 55x75
Dante blames Valentin for Spencer's disappearance; Finn & Hayden look to the future; Alexis is reluctant to testify for Julian; after being fired from the hospital, Liesl Obrecht decides to punish Finn by hurting Hayden.
Ep. #13851 55x74
Laura faces difficult truths about Charlotte; Spencer makes matters worse by breaking his glasses; Curtis learns what it means to make a true sacrifice when he gives up Jordan.
Ep. #13850 55x73
Jordan gives Anna her blessing to date André; Curtis feels guilty about his Aunt Stella's sacrifice; Griffin runs neurological tests on a fearful Sam.
Ep. #13849 55x72
Spencer has his Aunt Alexis file a civil lawsuit against Valentin; Kiki's good intentions backfire when Avery shrinks from her bandaged mom; Nathan goes rogue; Serena, Lucy, Scott, & Laura remember Lee Baldwin played by Peter Hansen.
Ep. #13848 55x71
Sonny meets Oscar and tells Josslyn that her father can come back; Felicia agrees to help Bobbie dig up secrets about Nelle; Nathan agrees to help Amy once again; Lucy informs Scott of his father's death.
Ep. #13847 55x70
Julian sets Sam off; Bobbie has a better idea to separate Michael from Nelle; Josslyn continues down the wrong path.
Ep. #13846 55x69
Anna blasts the WSB; Nathan is devastated; Finn keeps to himself.
Ep. #13845 55x68
Carly sees through the lies; Dante dances with Charlotte; Nina has a run-in at Wyndemere.
Ep. #13844 55x67
Carly warns Joss not to go out; Monica saves the day; Nina thinks there is more to the story.
Ep. #13843 55x66
A health crisis forces Jordan to make a sacrifice; Sam is afraid that Sonny is pulling Jason back into the mob; Olivia misreads a situation and ends up in jail.
Ep. #13842 55x65
Sam's health becomes an issue; Sonny shares his plans with Jason; Curtis & Jordan reconcile; Nina gets a call from Valentin; Anna goes looking for André to pick up where they left off.
Ep. #13841 55x64
Sam's health becomes a problem; Sonny opens up to Jason about his plans; Curtis and Jordan reconcile; Nina hears from Valentin; Andre seeks comfort from Anna.
Ep. #13840 55x63
Nina hesitates; Ned has a serious talk with Dillon; Anna updates Jordan.
Ep. #13839 55x62
Sonny imparts his wisdom; Ava stonewalls Dante; Nina resorts to blackmail.
Ep. #13838 55x61
Josslyn panics; Julian makes his case; Spencer wants what's his.
Ep. #13837 55x60
Monica keeps vigil; Sonny has a tough road ahead of him; Finn holds his tongue.
Ep. #13836 55x59
Carly remains skeptical; Josslyn lies to Bobbie; Kiki comforts Ava.
Ep. #13835 55x58
Jason has perfect timing; T.J. does damage control; Josslyn gets in over her head.
Ep. #13834 55x57
A friendly games leads to painful memories; Laura clears up any confusion; T.J.'s secret is revealed.
Ep. #13833 55x56
Sam gets news that seems promising; Nelle's luck takes a turn; Nathan draws the line.
Ep. #13832 55x55
Nina comes to Nelle's rescue; Josslyn rebels; Julian gets an offer.
Ep. #13831 55x54
Ned and Olivia make a decision; Michael has something to discuss with Nelle; Griffin pays Sonny a visit.
Ep. #13830 55x53
Jason learns the truth; Lulu and Dante are in over their heads; Kevin whisks Laura away.
Ep. #13829 55x52
Jason gets ahead of an enemy; Liz takes pains to keep Jake safe; Nathan gets a little perspective.
Ep. #13828 55x51
Sam is on the edge; Anna stop by Lulu's; Amy has a favor to ask.
Ep. #13827 55x50
Scotty worries about his fate; Sonny confides in Laura; Jordan asks a favor of T.J.
Ep. #13827 55x49
Griffin prepares Kiki for the worst; Hayden suggests that Dr. Obrecht is out to get Finn; Dante looks for answers from Lucy and Scott.
Ep. #13826 55x48
Carly enlists the help of an unlikely ally; Anna gets unsettling news; Kiki lashes out at Dillon.
Ep. #13825 55x47
Valentin's past catches up with him; Finn has another setback; Curtis gets a surprise visit.
Ep. #13824 55x46
Laura gets surprise visit; Julian makes a fateful decision; Jason and Sonny commiserate over a bottle of scotch.
Ep. #13823 55x45
Carly seeks out Jason; Sonny is confident things will work themselves out; Valentin introduces a new game.
Ep. #13822 55x44
Kiki looks for answers; Lulu is duped; Amy wrestles past demons.
Ep. #13821 55x43
Kiki doesn't know how to feel; Michael is hopeful; Finn looks to get back on track.
Ep. #13820 55x42
Sonny wonders if he should have done things differently; Nina is shaken; Curtis takes the high road.
Ep. #13819 55x41
Jake chooses sides; Anna questions Valentin's motives; Dante arrives in the nick of time.
Ep. #13818 55x40
Liz hesitates; Jason has a flashback; Ava is her own worst enemy.
Ep. #13817 55x39
Andre makes a major discovery; Carly zeroes in on her enemy; Curtis oversteps.
Ep. #13816 55x38
Sonny confides in Dante; Valentin rebuffs Anna; Charlotte finds herself in harm's way.
Ep. #13815 55x37
Scott begs Ava not to tempt fate; Nathan's evening takes a positive turn; Bobbie tells a white lie.
Ep. #13814 55x36
Ava has the best of intentions; Anna looks for answers; Nathan shares what he can.
Ep. #13813 55x35
Nathan comes to Anna's rescue; Lucy is won over; Finn slings accusations.
Ep. #13812 55x34
Robin senses something is amiss; Nelle feels alone; Hayden lays a trap.
Ep. #13811 55x33
Anna turns the tables; Nina confides in Andre; Bobbie wants what's best for Carly.
Ep. #13810 55x32
Michael makes a startling discovery; Anna gains an ally; Liz is hopeful.
Ep. #13809 55x31
Valentin rises to the challenge; Franco returns; Julian gets a break.
Ep. #13808 55x30
Carly demands an explanation; Jordan looks to Anna for advice; Griffin takes Hayden by surprise.
Ep. #13807 55x29
Sonny gets bad news; Nina looks to drown her sorrows; Curtis makes a discovery.
Ep. #13806 55x28
Nina challenges Valentin's motives; Franco takes drastic action; Liz confides in Kiki.
Ep. #13805 55x27
Jason comes to a realization; Nathan questions his future; Carly misplaces her trust.
Ep. #13804 55x26
Nelle is pleasantly surprised; Franco skips out on his date with Liz; Ava makes her wishes known.
Ep. #13803 55x25
Brad plants seeds of doubt; Ava puts two and two together; Sonny has a renewed sense of confidence.
Ep. #13802 55x24
Nathan steps up; Carly senses something is amiss; Amy enlists help with the Nurses Ball.
Ep. #13801 55x23
Lucy enlists Dante's help; Sonny entertains an enemy; Carly has a momentary lapse in judgment.
Ep. #13800 55x22
Carly throws herself into her work; Sonny drowns his troubles at the Haunted Star; Ava finds herself in the right place at the right time.
Ep. #13799 55x21
Jason puts his hands on a piece of the puzzle; Liz and Franco grow concerned; Tracy understands what she must do.
Ep. #13798 55x20
Tracy seeks advice from above; Nathan becomes impatient; Sonny turns the tables.
Ep. #13797 55x19
Ava is delighted; memories and guilt haunt Jason; Monica buys time for Ned.
Ep. #13796 55x18
Carly gives Michael a surprise; Ava struggles with her guilty conscience; Lucy is inclined to come clean.
Ep. #13795 55x17
Tracy is on pins and needles; Dante and Lulu celebrate; Hayden gets disappointing news.
Ep. #13794 55x16
Carly makes a life changing decision; Jason wonders what else he doesn't remember; Jax makes a convincing argument.
Ep. #13793 55x15
Liz and Jason show a united front; Sonny causes trouble for Jax; Ava and Scott pay a visit to the police department.
Ep. #13792 55x14
Finn questions Tracy's motives; Jason has good news for Sonny; Franco worries about Jake.
Ep. #13791 55x13
Nelle takes the high road; Hayden feels unsure about the future; Carly vows to punish Nelle.
Ep. #13790 55x12
Tracy disappoints the family; Alexis finds closure; Liz is distraught.
Ep. #13789 55x11
Tracy attempts to upstage Olivia; Sonny confronts Jax; Dante fears the worst.
Ep. #13788 55x10
Jax tries to make amends; Sonny's sorrow turns to anger; Dante moves forward with his investigation.
Ep. #13787 55x09
Andre admits to being heartbroken; Brad betrays Finn; Olivia grows concerned about Dante.
Ep. #13786 55x08
Valentin receives a gift from Anna which contains a spying device; Nina returns to Wyndemere; Laura tells Valentin off. Finn agrees to go into a local rehab.
Ep. #13785 55x07
Finn becomes desperate; Sonny fears the worst; Hayden moves on.
Jan 09 2017 55x06
Nelle confesses her sins to Sonny who then tells Michael; Franco is put on notice by Jason to stay away from his son; Sam shows Alexis a video of someone using Julian's credit card.
Jan 6 2017 55x05
Dante remains suspicious of Ava; Elizabeth reassures Franco about her love; Carly finds a new way to forgive Jax.
Jan 05 2018 55x04
Lulu suffers a setback when her visit with Charlotte is canceled; Sonny gets surprising news from Dante; Nelle realizes her father lied to her.
Jan 04 2018 55x03
Anna is remorseful for what happened to Valentin; Dante is intrigued by Scott's suspicious behavior; Sonny threatens Nelle who's not afraid.
Jan 3 2018 55x02
Tracy demands answers about her painting; Hayden decides she cannot help Finn battle his demons; Franco is upset at having to turn Jake away; Sam enlists Curtis' help in finding Julian.
Jan 2 2018 55x01

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