General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

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#12627 50x99
Jason wants Spinelli to investigate Ewen because he believes that he is connected to Josslyn and Alexis becoming ill and almost dying. McBain wants Sonny to meet him at the restaurant. Starr learns from Trey that he has told Kristina that his father is in jail but has not revealed who he is. Joe learns from Jerry that nobody will survive what he is planning. Lulu and Dante look forward to their appointment. Sonny learns from McBain that an associate of Joe has managed to call in a favor and get him released. Jerry refuses to immunize Trey and thinks that he lshould eave town. Ewen tells Kate that he doesn't deserve her thanks and continues that he can no longer treat her. Alexis learns from Shawn that he and Rosie have broken up. Lulu learns that she isn't pregnant after all. Spinelli waits for Ewen to leave before snooping around his office. Sonny tells Kate that Joe has been released from jail. Trey receives a visit from his father.
#12626 50x98
Michael is pleased that Starr came and is grateful that she gave Josslyn the frog. Sam and Elizabeth learn from Jason that the call from the security company was fake and that somebody lured Alexis to Wyndemere last night. Carly attempts to contact Jax to informs him about what has happened to Josslyn. Molly learns that her mother is in the hospital and asks Shawn to take her there. Jerry informs Joe that he injected Alexis and Josslyn with a fever. Carly learns from Steve that nothing is working to lower Josslyn's temperature. Jason informs Elizabeth that Ewen could be mixed up in what is happening but she refuses to listen to him. Johnny goes to the chapel and informs Starr that he needs to tell her about what he's done. Trey tells his father that there is not going to be a wedding. Ewen tells Jerry that everybody is beginning to suspect that something is wrong. Shawn holds a prayer circle for Alexis and Josslyn and their condition then improves. Jerry informs Joe that he gave a vaccination to Alexis and Josslyn so that his real plan will stay protected.
#12625 50x97
As McBain and Jason look around Wyndemere, Ewen suddenly shows up. Steve lets Carly know that they'll know more after they get Josslyn's blood tests back. T.J. and Molly both believe that Shawn deserves to be with someone better then Rosie. Michael wants Starr to come and be with him while his sister is in the hospital. Trey receives the same call from Kristina and he offers to drive Starr to the hospital. Jerry fills Joe in on his plan. Jason and McBain ask Ewen who would want to lure him to Spoon Island and they know that Ewen was lying to them. Mac lets something slip to Shawn about Alexis. Alexis tells Sam that every time she comes close to remembering what happened it ends up slipping away again. Steve informs both Carly and Sam that what they found something and that they aren't sure how to treat it. Trey tells Kristina that he is going to be sued if he doesn't deliver a television series and a wedding. Ewen threatens Jerry as he tells him that he is going to reverse what he has done to the people he's hurt. McBain receives a call about Joe's release from jail. Kristina attempts to contact Molly but she misses the call. Starr has a present for Josslyn. Jason learns that someone injected something into Alexis and Josslyn.
#12624 50x96
Steve takes a look at the mark on Josslyn's arm. Starr and Michael hear Trey talking on the telephone about a wedding. He tells them that Sonny and Kate are getting married. Michael wants to know if Starr is okay with the idea. Epiphany confronts Patrick about the stolen drugs and putting the whole hospital in jeopardy. John shows up and finds Sam with Alexis. After he notices a red mark on her arm, he helps Sam get her to the hospital. Jerry goes to see Joe and informs him that he needs his assistance once again. Michael asks Kristina if it's true about Kate and Sonny getting married. Epiphany warns Patrick that she will be watching him from now on after telling him that she has decided not to say anything to Monica. Jason tells Elizabeth that he and Sam have decided to get a divorce. Starr wants to tell Michael about Trey's father being in jail. John and Jason decide to take a look around Wyndemere. Patrick assures his daughter that he is not going anywhere. Jerry informs Joe that the arrangements have been made and he'll be released soon from jail.
#12623 50x95
Lulu and Dante are both excited about the baby. Lulu doesn't want to tell anyone about the baby until she has seen a doctor. Lulu makes an appointment to see Kelly. Luke calls Anna from his hospital room as he is concerned about her. Steve apologizes to Luke for all the harm hos mother has caused. Lulu and Dante show up and Dante informs Steve that the Memphis police will be contacting him in the near future. Luke tells Dante and his daughter about Heather’s partner. They all wonder who the person working with Heather is. Todd informs Heather at Ferncliff that he can’t get her out. Hesther lets something slip about Steve and Todd works out what she meant. Todd tells Heather that he can save her son from being sent to prison but she has to promise to not call Sam. Sam thinks about kissing Jason. Alexis can not remember anything that happened at Wyndemere. Alexis wants to get to the office to make John’s case her top priority. Sam tells her mother that she and Jason are divorcing. Alexis later feels sick and passes out. Jason goes to see Carly and she tells him how Josslyn went missing last night. Josslyn does not remember anything about what happened. Carly is furious with Sam after Jason tells her that they are getting a divorce. Carly notices a mark on her daughter's arm. Carly and Jason take her to the hospital and ask Steve to look at it. Jerry suffers with a bloody coughing fit at Wyndemere. Ewen shows and demands to know what was in the vials that Jerry injected into Josslyn and Alexis. Jerry says that everything will become clear soon. Ewen breaks open the suitcase with the vials as Jerry leaves to make some tea. Jerry returns and Ewan soon learns that Jerry is one step ahead of him.
#12622 50x94
Jerry says sorry to an unconscious Alexis and continues that he didn't want any harm to come to her. Max and Milo get the restaurant ready for Sonny and Kate's arrival. Ewen says sorry as he takes Josslyn to Jerry. Ewen wants to know what he has done to Alexis. Jason and Sam attempt to make their parting as painless as possible. Sonny proposes to Kate in the restaurant. Johnny learns from Carly when she comes downstairs that Josslyn is missing. Dante discovers the pregnancy test and he believes that Maxie is one who is pregnant. Lulu tells him that she is the one who is going to have a baby. Jerry injects Josslyn with the same drug he gave Alexis. Ewen then takes her back home. Kate agrees to marry Kate after he tells her that they will deal with Connie together. Alexis wakes up as Jerry watches as she leaves. Jason and Sam reminisce about the pass they shared together before saying goodbye to one another.
#12621 50x93
Alexis tells Jerry that he is supposed to be dead. As Dante shows up, Ewen remembers his conversation with Jerry. Johnny tells Carly that he payed Joe a visit. Joe is furious when Trey tells him what happened with Sonny. Jason wonders what is going on. Sam tells Jason that John is only here because Alexis is representing him. Lulu tells Maxie that she and Dante have used birth control. Jerry explains to Alexis how he survived and Alexis wonders what she is doing at Wyndemere. Carly learns that Joe wants Johnny to help bring down Sonny. Trey fills Joe in on how things are going with Kristina. Johnny tells Carly that he refused to help Joe bring Sonny down. Maxie insists that Lulu takes a pregnancy test. Johnny informs Carly that he wont do anything to risk his relationship with her. Jerry tells Alexis that he came back for her. Sam insists to Jason that the kiss with John meant nothing. Lulu runs into Dante. Sonny continues to talk to Kristina about her relationship with Trey. Johnny's actions make Carly proud. Ewen talks to Kate about her condition now and informs her that she is free from Connie. John leaves Sam and Jason on their own so that he can try and sort things out with Natalie. After Dante leaves, Maxie continues to insist to Lulu that she should take a pregnancy test. Johnny tells Carly that she makes him a better person. Alexis tries to call the police and Jerry stops her from leaving. Jason and Sam talk about everything that has happened and Jason hopes that they can find their way back to each other. Jason asks Sam if she can forgive him. Sonny talking to John after he shows up at Kelly's and wants him to make sure that Joe stays in prison. Kristina calls Trey and Joe tells him to keep his eye on the prize. Carly and Johnny share a kiss as Ewen shows up outside her door and says that he wants her to forgive him as he has no choice in what he is about to do. Alexis wants to know what Jerry is going to do to her and he takes out a needle and tells her to relax.
#12620 50x92
Sam learns from John that Todd has dropped the charges against him. Maxie finds Lulu throwing up, and wonders if she could be pregnant. Jerry wants Ewen his be focused on the next stage of their plan. Patrick thinks that Elizabeth deserves to be happy with somebody like Ewen. Alexis tells her daughter that she needs to resolve what is going on between her and McBain. Jerry informs Ewen that Carly is his next assignment and continues that he doesn't have a choice and takes out a picture of Alexis. Jason accidentally hits Spinelli while taking out his frustrations on thinking about Sam with John. John tells Sam that he has learned that Natalie and Liam are back in Llanview. Before John can go see them, he is served with a restraining order. Alexis receives a call and makes her way Wyndemere where she comes face to face with Jerry.
#12619 50x91
Sonny has a boxing ring all set up when Trey is taken to one of his warehouses. Starr learns that her father sent Natalie a picture of John and Sam kissing. Olivia continues to hallucinate. Todd is pleased that all of the Buchanan family are shunning John. Starr warns her father that she will have nothing more to do with him unless he has the charges against John dropped. Kristina attempts to persuade her sister to go and support John at the police station. Alexis wants John to tell her what will happen between him and her daughter if things with Natalie don't work things out. Johnny turns down an interesting proposal from Joe. Trey promises Sonny that he will never lay a hand on Kristina. Todd ends up doing what his daughter wants and has the charges against John dropped. Lulu becomes ill.
#12618 50x90
Johnny attempts to get Trey to tell him the secret that Starr is keeping for him. Sam wants her mother to represent John following his arrest. Todd receives a call from Heather who wants his help to clear her name otherwise she will tell everybody his secret. Steve sits by Olivia's bedside and is over the moon after she opens her eyes. Ewen nearly admits the truth to Elizabeth about working with Jerry, before he receives a page from the hospital. Carly realizes that Todd has been in a fight and sees the picture of John kissing Sam. Heather takes the opportunity to ask John if he would like to know some interesting information about Todd but they are interrupted by Sam's arrival. Dante attempts to convince Todd to drop the charges against John. Starr demands to know why Johnny is doing all these things for her. Heather tells Sam that if she gets her mother to represent her then she will tell her something really important about her baby. Olivia is shocked when she looks in a mirror and sees Heather's reflection looking at her.
#12617 50x89
John confronts Todd with the photo he sent Natalie of him kissing Sam. Todd informs him that he wanted his niece to know the kind of man he really is. Todd refuses to reveal who took the picture. Todd tells Sam what sort of man John is. After John attacks Todd, he calls the police. Sonny asks Dante about Olivia and he assures him Ewan is on her case. Sonny shares his views about Trey with Dante. Trey talks to Starr about pulling the plug on the television show and wanting a relationship with Kristina. Starr wants to know what is really going on and he tells her that his dad is in jail for a crime he did not commit and wants needs his help. Trey makes her promise not to tell anyone and she promises him her secret is safe with her. Kristina talks to her mother about Trey. At Windemere, Jerry warns Ewen that he should stay away from Elizabeth because nobody can know they are working together. Ewen tells Jerry that their association is now over as he has done everything asked of him. Jerry informs him that they have only just got started. Ewen threatens to expose him about Robin, but Jerry just laughs at him. Jason learns from Elizabeth that when Ewen was treating Helena's daughter when he was living on Spoon Island. When Ewen shows up, Jason takes him to one side and warns him not to hurt Elizabeth. John apologizes to Sam and they share a moment holding hands. Dante shows up to arrest John.
#12616 50x88
Starr goes to see her father and tells him that she knows that he placed a hidden camera in Johnny's office. When John goes home, he discovers that Natalie and Liam are gone and sees the picture of him and Sam kissing. John learns that they have gone to the airport. Ewen's partner Jerry Jacks congratulates him on doing a good job. Lulu explains to Maxie the reasons why she hasn't had the chance to fill her in on what happened with Patrick. John attempts to contact Natalie and he discovers that Todd sent her the picture. Sam is fired by Todd after he informs her that he knows she broke into his safe. Sam wants to know the reason why he has an article about her baby's death in there. Ewen is asked by Jerry if Elizabeth features in his plans. Elizabeth informs Jason that she didn't start seeing Ewen because of him. Starr wants to know why Dante is pointing the finger at Johnny for Anthony's murder. John barges into Todd's office and warns him that he is going to pay for what he's done.
#12615 50x87
Sam informs Alexis that Trey is planning to remain in Port Charles even though he has canceled the television show. Sonny wants Jason to tighten security following Joe Jr.'s latest threat against his children. Ewen lies to Elizabeth by telling her that he's treating a celebrity patient. Kristina pulls away from Trey after she thinks about what happened with Kiefer. Sam tells her mother that believes that she and Jason won't be able to find they're way back to each other. Jason sees Elizabeth and Ewen at the Floating Rib. Sonny asks Jason if something is going on between him and Elizabeth. Trey calls Joe and says that Kristina doesn't deserve to be used like this but ends up agreeing to go ahead with the plan to get her to marry him.
#12614 50x86
Lulu wants to know what Ewen meant when he said he took Robin away from Patrick. Kristina learns from Trey that he's backing away from Mob Princess. Alexis learns that Mac has taken a job at the Floating Rib. T.J. sees that Shawn is distracted and wonders if Alexis has managed to get to him. Elizabeth tells her brother that Ewen is a good doctor and that Olivia couldn't be in better hands. Alexis takes Mac's advice and decides to invite Shawn out. Sonny pays Joe a visit and asks him if how he knew about Kate's pregnancy. Kristina thinks that Trey has no reason to remain in Port Charles now and she is surprised when he informs her that he is interested in her. Alexis goes to see Shawn and sees somebody go up to him and kiss him. As Ewen talks on the phone he is interrupted by Elizabeth.
#12613 50x85
Molly and TJ show up at the Metro Court for dinner but find it hard to get a table. Alexis and Shawn show up and end up joining them. Molly realizes that her mother is concerned that they are going to try and sneak off and get a room. Shawn and Alexis agree to have a drink somewhere different after Molly and TJ convince them that they can be trusted. Shawn and Alexis enjoy a drink at the Floating Rib and end up being late to pick up Molly and TJ. Trey ends up agreeing to help Joe bring down Sonny but does not want to involve Kristina. Kristina looks for Trey at the warehouse and runs into her father where they have a heart to heart. Carly shows up as Johnny is threatening Todd and wants to know what is going on. Johnny assures Carly that it was nothing and Todd manages to cover. Sam continues to try and get into Todd's safe as Jason shows up. Jason wants to know if her job is a cover while she investigates Todd. Sam admits the truth to Jason. Todd shows up before Sam can get into the safe and notices that it has been tampered with after she leaves.
#12612 50x84
Sonny attempts to reassure Kate that he is not going to have Joe taken out. Jason tells Carly that he doesn't think Michael dating Starr is a good idea. Johnny continues to try and force Todd's hand. Kristina discovers her sister about to break into the safe in Todd's office. Kristina wants to talk to her about Trey. Joe needs Trey's help. Sonny offers Kate financial support to start another magazine. Johnny informs Todd that he had Heather followed on the night of the storm. Michael tells Starr about his career aspirations. Sonny tells Kate that there is no reason for her to see Joe ever again. Jason realizes that Sam agreed to work for Todd because she is working a case. Joe wants Trey to marry Kristina to help in his plan to bring down Sonny.
#12611 50x83
Elizabeth learns from Patrick that he is here as a patient because he has been self medicating. Anna decides to investigate Heather's claim by going to Ferncliff. Johnny learns from Todd that he knows the truth about him being responsible for Cole and his granddaughter's death. Sam shares her theory with Spinelli that sh believes that whatever Heather is holding over Todd has something to do with her. Ewen tells Robin that it isn't possible for her return home to the people that she loves. Anna shows the nurse a picture of her daughter and asks her if she has seen her at the hospital. Luke informs Tracy that he was going to leave her so that he could be with Anna. Todd argues with Johnny and threatens to tell Carly the truth about what he has done. Ewen hears Anna's voice and attempts to get Robin hidden out of site. Anna insists on checking in every room. Ewen receives a call from Elizabeth and she tells him that she wants to give their relationship another chance. Anna informs Luke that she found a pamphlet on the floor at Ferncliff and she is going to Switzerland to take a look at the place featured in it. Johnny warns Todd that he'll tell Carly the truth about the baby switch involving Jason and Sam's child if he says anything to Carly.
#12610 50x82
Ewen informs Dante that he will know more about his mother's condition once she has woken up and the drugs are out of her system. Anna informs Heather that she wants to know more about her daughter. Johnny sees a vision of Anthony who tells him that it won't be long before everyone discovers the truth about what he did. Robin attempts to get the nurse to tell her who is the person that is holding her captive. Patrick ends up telling Lulu that he can't go through with rehab. Anthony attempts to persuade Johnny to leave Port Charles. Johnny finds the hidden camera after throwing a glass. Kate learns about what happened to her cousin. Heather offers to reunite the Scorpio family if Anna will agree to something. Todd learns that Johnny is the reason that Cole and Hope died and he is furious. Heather tells Anna that she saw a new patient being brought to Ferncliff and it was Robin. The nurse informs her superior that she gave Robin a full dose of ECT. The man she is talking to is revealed to be Ewen Keenan.
#12609 50x81
Anna thinks about what Heather said about her daughter still being alive. Steve tells his mother that he will make sure that she never sees the light of day again. The nurse goes into check on Robin and discovers that she is missing. Robin then knocks her out and attempts to escape. Patrick's addiction problems get worse after he sees Robin again. Kate wakes up and Sonny asks her to join him and Michael for brunch. Starr ends up having some choice words for her father knowing that he usual retaliates after he has been hurt. She warns him to stay away from McBain. Lulu tells her father that she should have realized that the letter wasn't genuine. Robin is caught and taken back to her room and she demands to know who is holding her captive. Michael goes to see his mother and lets her know that he heard Johnny talking with someone that he assumed was her. Lulu goes to check on Patrick and learns that he failed to check himself in. Luke almost admits that he sent Robert out of town, until Anna wonders what if Robin didn't really die. Todd sends a picture of John kissing Sam to Natalie as revenge for losing Blair. Michael talks to Sonny about his relationship with Starr. Lulu discovers Patrick talking to Robin when there is nobody there. Anna demands that Heather tells her the truth about what she knows about her daughter.
#12608 50x80
Blair is at her daughter’s place to tell her that she is returning to Llanview tonight. Starr learns that her father asked Blair to marry him and she wonders what Blair would of replied if she wasn't going to marry Tomas. Blair admits that she still loves Todd and she told him that but that she can not trust him. Luke jumps in front of Anna and takes the bullet that Heather fired. Anna tackles Heather and holds her till the police pick her up. Patrick tells Lulu that he has to go and she attempts to convince him that he needs to seek help. Dante fills Steve in on his mother's misdeeds at the hospital and that she has been holding Luke in a shack in the woods where she buried Anthony's body. He also shares his theory that Heather killed Maggie to protect him from what happened in Memphis. Luke is wheeled into the hospital and Steve asks Anna if it was Heather who shot him. Lulu shows up with Patrick and sees Dante. Lulu learns that her father has been shot. Anna tells her what happened. Dante approaches Patrick and tells him about Olivia. Luke flat lines and Steve refuses to give up on him. Dante tells Lulu what happened with his mother. Maxie waits for Patrick to come home. Heather is brought into the station and Delores tells her they don't like police killers. Heather uses the one call she is allowed to phone Todd and leaves him a message. Anna is shocked when she shows up at the police station and Heather tells her that Robin is still alive. Carly shows up as Todd is trashing his hotel room. Carly correctly guesses that things did not go well with Blair. Todd fills her in on what happened. After Carly leaves, Todd listens to the message from Heather.
#12607 50x79
Steve informs Epiphany that Olivia believes that Heather is associating with criminals. Patrick is able to get Lulu to agree not to tell Maxie that he is still popping pills. Olivia and Heather struggle to gain control of the needle. Johnny is surprised to see Connie who informs him that Kate still hasn't remembered the secrets of her life. Todd wants to know why Blair has agreed to marry Tomas. Dante shows up as Heather attacks his mother with the needle, but she manages to escape. Anna sees the shack on fire. As Luke calls out for help, he is knocked out by Heather. Connie is able to get Johnny to admit that he is guilty unaware that he is secretly being recorded. Lulu realizes that Patrick is completely hooked on the pills. Dante takes his mother to the hospital and Steve learns that his mother injected her with LSD. Dante is furious with Steve for not stopping his mother's out of control behavior. Starr and Michael hear Johnny talking to somebody. Anna manages to save Luke from the fire. Heather comes out and fires a shot at Anna.
#12606 50x78
Luke calls out that Anna is in real danger. Lulu wonders what stopped Dante from attending the Haunted Star grand opening. Anna is worried that Heather could have already killed Luke. Patrick is told by Robin that she needs him to save her before she disappears. Olivia wants to know why Heather is dressed as a maid in Anna's hotel room. Todd kisses Blair after telling her that he thinks they should give their relationship another chance. Carly and Johnny enjoy a night of romance together. Luke has an idea on how to free himself. Patrick sees Robin again and ends up kissing Lulu after thinking she is Robin. Lulu thinks that he is only seeing Robin because he is high on drugs. Anna works out that the code in the letter means that Luke is being held hostage. Blair is shocked by Todd's unexpected marriage proposal. Blair tells him that she and Tomas are getting married. Kate has a flashback and goes to see Johnny as Connie. Olivia attempts to get Heather to believe that the police aren't on to her. Heather stops Olivia from leaving and gets out the syringe filled with LSD. Luke knocks over a candle as he attempts to escape and a fire breaks out.
#12605 50x77
Anna informs Dante that it's possible that Heather managed to get Archie to forge her and Lulu's letters to make them think that Luke has left Port Charles. Todd offers to give Blair a lift to the Haunted Star to see their daughter perform. Maxie informs Lulu that she has finally managed to get Patrick out of the house and continues that he isn't taking the pills anymore. Olivia informs Steve that his mother met up with a known forger. Heather goes to the shack and shows Luke a bottle of LSD, and informs him that it's for Anna. Patrick is not happy when he discovers Trey's cameraman filming him. Todd informs Carly that Blair left Tomas back in Llanview and things are looking better for him. Lulu wants Johnny to get started as Dante is running a little late. Anna quizzes Archie about the letters. Steve refuses to listen to Olivia's suspicions about his mother and thinks that they need a break from each other. Todd learns that his daughter and Michael are now seeing each other. Archie admits that he wrote the letters. Dante ends up realizing that that Heather is responsible for Maggie's death. Olivia discovers Heather dressed as a maid in Anna's hotel suite. Blair wants to continue the conversation she was having with Todd earlier. Patrick thinks that he has seen Robin on the Haunted Star.
#12604 50x76
Dante has a dream in which he catches his wife and Johnny sleeping together. Todd is surprised to see Blair at the Metro Court after he told Carly to cancel her booking. Spinelli attempts to avoid a run in with Maxie. Maxie wonders if they will ever be able to be friends again in the future. Patrick and Emma go to see Anna. Lulu receives some roses. Dante informs her that he didn't send them and learns that Johnny sent them. Lulu and Anna both receive a letter from Luke. Maxie attempts to make Spinelli jealous. Blair informs Todd that Tomas won't be coming tonight. Carly's arrival prompts Blair to leave without her having the chance to finish what she had to say to Todd. Spinelli informs Olivia that Archie Boles was the person she saw leaving last night. Dante warns Johnny to not send his wife anymore gifts. Heather informs Luke that she is not going to release him until he has started to learn to love her. Anna is surprised after Spinelli informs her that Heather has been seen with a known forger.
#12603 50x75
Sonny wants Kate to tell him why she went to see Joe after everything he has put her through in the past. Carly shows up at Todd's hotel suite and sees the hockey mask and asks him what it's for. Todd tells her he got it for his son Jack. Olivia goes to see her son and they discuss Heather's release from custody because of a so called alibi showing up. Olivia continues that she doesn't buy it for one second. Johnny attempts to persuade Lulu to go home and spend some time with Dante. Steve warns him mother not to be rude to Olivia in front of him. Kate ends up feeling thrown by an unexpected memory of her with Johnny in the interrogation room. Heather sees Johnny with Lulu in his office on her laptop and hears them talk about Luke. Heather calls somebody to help her forge a letter from Luke. Joe works with Trey in an effort to destroy Sonny. Todd ends up losing it after Carly tells him that Blair will be coming to Port Charles for Starr's opening night. Kate goes to see Johnny and asks him if Connie came out while he came to see her. After Olivia shows up she asks Heather who the man is that just left.
#12602 50x74
Trey receives a call from Joe who makes him promise not to tell Sonny about him or discovering his medal. Dante talks to his mother about his argument with Lulu. Heather insists to Anna that she did leave Anthony's body in the woods. Todd puts some food on table for Luke after entering the shack. Kate and Joe come face to face for the first time since he raped her. Lulu talks to Johnny about her fight with Dante. A man shows up at the police station and claims that he was with Heather on the night of the storm. Luke attempts to convince Todd to let him go. Olivia is surprised when she finds out from Steve that Heather has been released. Sonny tries to find out from his daughter if there's something going on between her and Trey. Dante goes to the Haunted Star and witnesses his wife and Johnny in a compromising position. Joe explains to Trey that he is in jail for murder and that the real killer is Sonny. Todd receives a call from Heather who informs him that she has been released. Todd puts the gag back over Luke's mouth.
#12601 50x73
Michael informs Kristina that he is going out on a date with Starr tonight. Joe taunts John while whilst he is in jail. Tracy learns from Anna that they have discovered Anthony's dead body and that she thinks Heather has had something to do with his murder. Starr learns from Trey that his father is missing. Heather wants Todd to make sure that a tied up Luke is OK. Kate learns from Sonny that Jason found Joe and that McBain showed up before he could take him out. Luke suffers with hallucinations as he sees his daughter come into the shack. He then also sees both Anna and Tracy. Trey informs Kristina that he is going to go to Sonny's warehouse to film some footage. Trey comes across his father's medal. Michael is nervous about his date with Starr. Todd decides to wear a disguise to stop Luke from seeing his face.
#12600 50x72
Steve wants Alexis to represent Heather but she refuses. Epiphany asks Patrick about the missing drugs and she thinks she knows where they went. Alexis catches her daughter talking to T.J. on the telephone. Steve insists to Olivia that his mother didn't kill Anthony. After Maxie shows up at Crimson she sees that Todd has changed everything including the name. Dante learns from his wife that she is thinking about giving up her job at the police station. Heather wants Todd to get something from her purse and he discovers the paternity test results and realizes that she lied to him about Jason not being the father of Sam's baby. Shawn informs Alexis that T.J. has improved a great deal Alexis ends up relenting and gives her daughter and T.J. a set of rules she wants obeyed at all times. Todd decides to confront Heather with what he has found out. Patrick stands up for Ramon after he's accused by Epiphany of taking the drugs. He later admits to seeing Patrick taking the drugs. Olivia promises Steve that she is going be there for him through the complete ordeal with his mother.
#12599 50x71
As Anna takes Heather into the police station, Spinelli watches on. Sam confronts Jason about the kiss he shared with Elizabeth. Jason lets Sam know that he saw her kissing McBain. Sam attempts to convince Jason that the kiss meant nothing as they were both drunk. Todd witnesses Johnny throw a fit in his office and before he can find out the reason why Carly shows up to see him. Todd is forced to close the laptop to stop Carly from discovering that he is spying on her boyfriend. Maxie attempts to persuade Patrick to make an appointment to see Ewen. Steve receives a call from Anna who informs him that Heather was brought into the police station. Johnny informs Lulu that the police are pointing the finger at somebody else for Anthony's murder. Sam storms off and Elizabeth attempts to get Jason to go after her. Jason tells Elizabeth that his marriage died the day that Sam's baby passed away. Patrick is unable to stop thinking about the pills. Heather calls Todd and attempts to blackmail him into helping her. Spinelli calls Sam and informs her that Heather has been brought into the police station for questioning. Spinelli thinks that there is a clue in her purse, unaware that the DNA results are in there.
#12598 50x70
Todd is shown by Heather a picture of John and Sam sharing a kiss but he refuses to run the story in the newspaper and decides to stick it to McBain in a different way. Delores learns from Anna that she doesn't believe that Luke or Tracy killed Anthony because his body was buried while they were in custody. Kristina sees her sister take off her wedding ring and asks if she and Jason are going give it another chance. Sam admits to her sister that she kissed somebody else. Jason learns from Michael that he and Starr are starting to become more then just friends. Starr tells Johnny about her relationship with Michael. Johnny tells her how he saw Sam and John kissing. Steve asks his sister what she was doing kissing Jason when he is still a married man. Starr decides to confront her father about his attempt to buy out her recording contract and she warns him to stay out of her business. Anna wants Delores to try and rattle Johnny by telling him that she is about to make an arrest for Anthony's murder. Todd is impressed after Heather informs him that she planted a camera in Johnny's office. Anna shows up wanting Heather to come to the police station with her. Sam hears Steve tell Jason that he shouldn't have kissed his sister.
#12597 50x69
Luke continues to try and gain Anna's attention, but she ends up being called away before she enters the shack in the woods. Jason sees Sam and John kissing but leaves before they see him. Patrick is confronted by Maxie and Lulu about the pills that he has been taking and they realize that he doesn't have a prescription for them. Michael pulls away from the kiss with Starr and she tells him she was just starting to enjoy it. When Jason goes to the bridge, he sees Elizabeth there and after talking to her he attempts to kiss her. Jason say sorry and says that he shouldn't have done that. Todd manages to put a damper on Carly's romantic evening. Luke creates some more more noise which causes the chair to fall over that he is tied to. Starr thinks that she and Michael should try and give things between them a chance. Todd informs Carly that sooner or later Johnny will end up going back to his old ways. Anna and the police find Anthony's body buried in the woods. Patrick ends up handing over the pills. John and Sam agree that the kiss should never have happened and that he should return home to Natalie. Somebody watches the kiss that they shared on a laptop.
#12596 50x68
Jason learns from Sonny that didn't kill Joe because McBain showed up followed by the Atlantic City police. Patrick takes his daughter home after she is involved in an accident. Emma misses her mother. Starr manages to get the wrong idea after believing that Michael is hitting on her after he calls her hot. John is found by Sam in a bad way and he opens up to her saying he was face to face with his sister's killer earlier. Heather has a special 4th of July dinner for Luke. Jason learns that Joe said that McBain is responsible for his sister's death. Spinelli informs Anna that he is investigating Heather as well. Maxie informs Lulu that she kept one of the pills that Patrick has been taking. Luke lets Heather know that it will only be a matter of time before Anna starts looking for him. Anna and Spinelli talk about Heather. Lulu warns Maxie that Patrick's problems will get worse unless she does something. Jason talks to Sonny about the problems he and Sam have been having. Sam talks to John about Heather. Lulu and Maxie attempt to find out more about the pills that Patrick are taking. Lulu and Maxie pretend that they are shopping on line when Patrick shows up. Jason releases that he has to accept what he has done. Spinelli and Anna go out in the woods. Heather is not happy when she realizes that Luke has written a letter in code. Michael and Starr share a kiss at they watch the July 4th fireworks. Sam and John also end up sharing a kiss on the docks.
#12595 50x67
Anna shows up at the boathouse, much to Tracy's surprise as she was thinking Luke was going to show up. McBain's sudden arrival forces Sonny to cancel his plan to eliminate Joe. Alexis finds T.J. naked in the pool house with her daughter. Heather's arrival stops Todd from admitting the truth to Sam about the baby switch. John learns from Joe that he killed his sister Theresa and the reasons why. Anna quizzes Tracy about the day she and Luke discovered Anthony's body in the boathouse. Sam receives a visit from Robert, who asks her how she and Jason are doing. Alexis tells T.J. to get dressed while she talks to her daughter. Trey orders the cameraman to start filming. Todd manages to turn the tables on Heather after he threatens to tell everybody that she was with Anthony the night of the storm. Todd reads a fortune cookie that says the worm in the apple will eventually be found. Heather runs into Anna and acts nervously. Alexis is freaking out and Molly wants to be allowed to continue to see T.J. Sonny decides to shoot Joe but when the police from Atlantic City show up to take him away, John is forced to cover for Sonny.
#12594 50x66
When Kate returns to her office, she discovers that it has been taken over by Todd. Molly calls T.J. and they make plans to spend the 4th of July festivities together. Joe is strapped to a chair by Sonny who wants revenge on him for raping Kate all those years ago. Trey learns the reason from Starr why he has no clothes in the apartment. Kristina asks her sister if she still loves Jason. Joe informs Sonny that he doesn't remember raping Kate because what happened between them was consensual. Michael invites Starr to join him on a boat to watch the fireworks. Kristina and the camera crew catch Molly and T.J. sharing a kiss. Kate unleashes her fury on Trey after he suggests she give him an exposé on Sonny. Sam opens up to Todd about the child that she lost being her last chance. Todd informs her that there's something he has to tell her.
#12593 50x65
After Steve finds his mother she tells him that she has been followed by Spinelli and that Olivia is the person that hired him to do it. Kate opens up to Olivia about Joe Scully raping her in the past. Kristina wants to know if Trey would consider hanging out with her more in the future. Starr wants Michael to help her get even with Trey for leaving the apartment in a mess. Trey is surprised when Kristina kisses him but she ends up pulling away. John points a gun at somebody he refers to as Joe but before he can bring him in he is knocked unconscious. Olivia admits to Steve that she had Spinelli follow his mother. Michael and Starr come close to sharing a kiss. Joe informs John that he shouldn't have come to New Orleans and makes plans for him to leave. Starr ends up admitting her true feelings to Michael, but thinks they should remain just friends. Jason shows up and tells Joe not to touch the gun. He then leaves with Joe leaving John tied up.
#12592 50x64
Johnny learns about Kate's trial. Carly discovers that Todd is her latest tenant after purchasing Kate's magazine and she also learns that he hired Sam as his assistant. Kate tells Sonny that she remembered having a conversation with Johnny. Sam calls John. John learns that Jason will be sitting next to him on the plane as he is also heading to New Orleans. Trey can't believe that Starr isn't happy about the prospect of Kate being sent to prison. Sam finds out that Jason went to see Elizabeth at her house. The charges against Kate are dropped after Starr speaks to the judge. John lets Jason know that he wants to see Joe before he does. Todd attempts to offer Carly a warning about Johnny.
#12591 50x63
Michael shows up at the renovated Haunted Star and listens in as Starr performs. Heather is surprised after she learns from Sam that Todd hired her as his new assistant. Kristina takes the cameras to the courthouse under the belief that Sonny has committed another crime. Kate informs her that she is the one on trial. Spinelli informs Olivia that Heather caught him following her. He continues that Heather believes that she hired him in order to gain information so that she will be sent back to Ferncliff. Maxie quizzes Patrick about the bottle of pills she found. Patrick is furious when he finds out that Maxie wore the robe again. Heather warns Todd that Sam could use her job to spy on them. Kate remembers something while Sonny is talking to her. Trey brings up what Kate said when Johnny shows up and he wants to know what she said. Todd informs Heather that he will deal with Sam in his own way.
#12590 50x62
Tracy decides to apologize to Anna, and informs her that she discovered Anthony's dead body in the boathouse and that Luke is the person who killed him. Elizabeth informs Jason that her brother is concerned about her relationship with Ewen. Sam wants Spinelli to follow Heather whilst she talks to Todd. Maxie informs Lulu that Spinelli decided to end their friendship. After Sam asks Todd for a job on the newspaper, he asks her if she wants the job because she is investigating him. Spinelli follows Heather to the same spot where she was the night of the storm. Heather sees him and wants to know why he is following her. Patrick warns Ewen to make sure that Elizabeth keeps her distance from Jason. Maxie shares her concerns about Patrick with Lulu. Anna and Tracy end up realizing that Luke stood them both up last night. Todd ends up deciding to hire Sam. Ewen sees Jason and Elizabeth hugging. Maxie decides to confront Patrick about the pills.
#12589 50x61
Anna learns from Dante that he has some information that could lead to an arrest in the car crash case. Patrick ends up losing it after Maxie puts on Robin's robe. Maxie wonders if moving in was a mistake. Heather shows her son her new look before beginning her new job. Todd decides to make some changes to Kate's office. Sonny informs Jason that Kate was raped many years ago and he wants him to find out out where Joe Scully Jr. is now. Sonny is determined to see Joe pay for what he did to Kate. Kate informs Anna that she's ready to pay for what she has done. Sam believes that Heather has something on Todd and that is the reason why he agreed to give her a job. Steve asks his sister what is going on with her and Ewen. Heather insists that Todd give her Diane's gossip column on the newspaper. Sonny discovers a letter from Kate which says that she is turning herself in for causing the accident. Patrick pops a pill as Maxie helps him with Emma. Sam learns from Spinelli that Todd fired Diane and gave her job on the newspaper to Heather. Sonny shows up and Kate informs him that she needs to make restitution. Maxie discovers the bottle of pills. Sam and Spinelli hear a conversation between Todd and Heather.
#12588 50x60
Dante needs his father to come to the police station to talk about Kate. Johnny and Carly's romantic time together is interrupted when Michael shows up. Luke wakes up to find himself tied up and Heather next to him. Kate suffers with a horrific nightmare. Dante tells his wife that if Luke doesn't tell Anna about Anthony then he will. Johnny receives a call from a frantic Kate and she informs him that she needs to see him as she has remembered something. Lulu learns from Alice that her father stood Luke up. Tracy learns from Anna that she and Luke are sleeping together. Dante asks his father about what went down with Kate in the interrogation room and if she confessed to causing the accident. Carly learns from her son that Starr has come to terms with the fact that Sonny didn't cause the accident. Heather is furious after seeing that Luke has received a call from Anna.
#12587 50x59
Spinelli informs Sam that Heather has been seen going in to Todd's room at the Metro Court. Heather attempts to hide Luke after hearing Michael and Kristina's voices. Anna tells Lulu that they need to talk about her becoming involved with her father. Starr shows her father a picture Téa sent of the baby. Tracy wants Alice to keep some food warm because Luke is on his way. Kristina wants Michael to admit that he's beginning to feel something for Starr. Sam manages to break into Todd's hotel room to look for some answers, as Spinelli keeps a look out. Todd ends up coming back. Tracy goes looking for Luke and informs Anna that she got a message from him. Tracy sees that Anna has a meal arranged as well and wonders if it is for Luke. Sam asks Spinelli why would Todd have a newspaper article about her baby's death in his room.
#12586 50x58
Luke's phone is taken away by Heather who informs him that they have some important pressing matters to deal with. Anna wants the Zacchara case the teams number one priority which concerns Dante, Lulu and Delores. Elizabeth is surprised when Jason shows up on her doorstep. Spinelli finds Sam in the. Ewen attempts to help Kate remember her past as Connie. Heather informs Luke that she took care of everything. Kate tells both Ewen and Sonny that she can not remember anything about Connie causing the accident. Carly and Johnny's romantic evening together is ruined by Josslyn. Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam is unable to forgive him for the baby's death. Sam asks Spinelli if she work with him on investigating Heather. Delores ends up admitting to Anna that she gave Johnny information about Sonny's case. Anna wants her to continue to feeed Johnny information. Johnny suffers with hallucination and seeing Hope telling him she'll never grow up thanks to him. Ewen shows up to see Elizabeth and says sorry for being late and he then sees that Jason is there. Heather stops Luke from calling the police by breaking a bottle over his head.
#12585 50x57
Heather is not happy after seeing Anna and Luke together. Mac asks Patrick how his brother is adjusting to life in prison. Mac also admits to Patrick that he is beginning to feel something for Felicia once again. Kristina clashes with Starr for attempting to kill her father. Spinelli tells Maxie that he is done waiting around for her. Heather listens in as Luke and Lulu talk and learns something very interesting. Kate admits to Sonny that she was raped many years ago and that was the reason she left him standing there on the street. Patrick informs Maxie that she can't move into Matt's old place because it is not his anymore. Patrick tells her that she can stay with him and Emma for a while. Michael ends up accusing Trey of purposely looking for Starr to make her a part of the show. Anna makes plans for a romantic evening with Luke. Sonny wants to know if Kate has any memory of the night Connie shot out Anthony's tires. Luke calls Tracy and tells her that he needs to see her. When he turns around he sees Heather.
#12584 50x56
Heather attempts to blackmail Todd into giving her the job she wants and he ends up giving in. Todd also gives her an advance on her salary. Luke is confused as to why Anna does not want to sleep with him again. Anna shares her concerns about Tracy with him. Luke agrees to tell Tracy about them and they make dinner plans. They share a kiss as Heather shows up. As Starr records on the Haunted Star, she has not felt this good since the accident. After Starr leaves, Lulu shows up to see Johnny. He tells her Dante came by and she attempts to assure him that Dante just needs a little time to get used to them working together. Kristina talks to Michael about the baby and Trey wants to get the camera to film them talking. Michael refuses to be filmed and Trey leaves. Michael realizes that Kristina likes Trey. As they talk about Starr, Trey calls Kristina. Maxie gets her apartment ready for a potential new roommate to move in. Lulu attempts to convince her to let Spinelli move back in. After Lulu leaves both Starr and Trey show up wanting to rent the spare room. Maxie ends up telling them they both can have the place and leaves. As Trey and Starr argue, Kristina and Michael show up. Spinelli informs Olivia that Heather was seen with a man on the night of the storm and that she told the police officer that the man was her husband. Jason tells Sam that he is sorry about everything that has happened and that he regrets what he has done. She reads him the poem that Molly wrote. Jason wants Sam to let him help her get through it and wants her to come home with him. Sam can’t and runs off.
#12583 50x55
Anna wakes up in bed with Luke and asks him if what happened between them last night was a mistake. Olivia learns from Spinelli that he's still looking for clues as to where Heather was the other night. Carly shows up at Todd’s hotel door at the Metro Court. Carly learns that he is the new owner of Crimson. He bought the parent company and changed the name to Manning Enterprises. He is also the new owner of the Port Charles Herald which he has changed the name of to The Sun. Carly is impressed but also shocked that he is making such a serious commitment to a new life in Port Charles. Michael informs Jason that Sam is laying the baby to rest and thinks that he should be there. Tracy manages to bribe a hotel employee to let her into Luke's room but she finds Anna there instead. Spinelli talks to the policeman who pulled Heather over on the night of the storm. Sam shows up for the funeral of the baby with her mother and sisters. Spinelli, Michael and Carly hug Sam are arriving. Todd watches from afar and Carly is surprised to see him there. Luke hears Tracy talking to Anna about him. Heather hopes to get s job working for Todd as reporter. Sam sees Jason as he shows up at the cemetery after everyone has left.
#12582 50x54
As Anna and Luke are sharing a kiss they are interrupted when McBain shows up. Dante confronts Johnny about going into partnership with his wife. Ewen attempts to get Kate to open up about the baby. Sonny is furious when Kristina shows up with Trey and the camera crew at his house. John informs Anna that he got the answers he was looking for and that he is going back home to Llanview. Lulu and Luke realize that have both have something in common as they both have relationship woes. Kate starts to experience some feelings of guilt. Trey informs Sonny that if he doesn't agree to the filming then Kristina will cut all ties with him. Sonny ends up allowing to let the cameras into his living room. Lulu thinks her father would be making a mistake to become involved with Anna. Kate informs Ewen that she gave birth to a son, but did not feel anything after holding the baby and left him and then took off. Luke and Anna come to a conclusion regarding their friendship. Dante returns home and he and Lulu make up. Trey calls his supervisor to inform him that he is here in Port Charles.
#12581 50x53
Carly is completely against the idea of Johnny becoming partners with Lulu in the Haunted Star. Kate wonders what is she going to do now that she is"pregnant". Anna learns from Luke that Tracy kissed him at the Floating Rib yesterday. John ends up learning from Sonny all the sordid details of how he went to work for Joe Scully after being jilted by Kate and how he ended up meeting his sister Theresa. Dante learns from his wife that Johnny bought the Haunted Star and wants to turn it into a legitimate business. When Ewen uses hypnosis, Kate remembers that she was not pregnant with pregnant with Sonny's baby and that she was raped by Joe. Johnny hears Anthony voice and lashes out. Carly wonders who he's talking too. John asks Sonny what happened to the person that killed his sister. Luke and Anna end up unexpectedly sharing a kiss.
#12580 50x52
After Sam runs into John at the motel she informs him that she knows that Jason is the reason that he didn't come back for her and the baby. Kate informs Ewen that if she is in fact pregnant she has no clue who the the father of the baby is or if she or Connie is the mother. Carly learns from Todd the reasons why he didn't stay in Llanview. Michael goes to see Sonny knowing the reasons why he chose to protect Kate. Jason learns from Elizabeth what Sam said to her. Ewen thinks that Kate should have a pregnancy test performed to find out if she really is pregnant. Sam learns from John that he's leaving and going back home to Natalie and Liam before he opens up about Sonny killing his sister. Ewen begins to wonder if Kate is seeing things after she thinks that she is only seventeen years old. Carly learns from Johnny that he has purchased the Haunted Star. Todd informs his daughter that he is officially moving to Port Charles and that he is going to take over the local newspaper. John shows up to see Sonny and informs him that he's here to talk about his sister.
#12579 50x51
Starr is upset on the pier as Michael shows up whilst out running. She explains to him how seeing Tea’s baby made her miss Hope. Starr tells him tells he was right about Sonny protecting someone and that the person is Kate. Starr's phone rings after Michael leaves. Lulu talks to her father on the phone about Anthony’s disappearance. Luke insists that she doesn't say anything to Dante. Lulu is surprised when Johnny shows up at the Haunted Star and learns that he is a potential buyer for the place. She ends up agreeing to him being a partner in the place as long as everything is above board. Johnny talks to Starr on the phone and tells her that he has found a venue for her to sing at. Luke remains convinced that somebody is trying to set him and Tracy up for Anthony's murder. After they celebrate Anthony being out of their lives, Tracy kisses Luke. Tracy wants them to get back together but Luke insists that they cant whilst the heat is on them. Tracy kisses Luke again as Lulu shows up and sees them. Ewan goes to see Kate at Shaddybrook. Kate attempts to say sorry for attacking him but he knows it wasn't her but Connie. After Kate informs him that Connie caused the accident that killed Cole and Hope, Ewan thinks that Connie could be lying. Kate realizes that has missed her period and could be pregnant after Ewen tells her what day it is. Sam looks at the dragon as Elizabeth walks into her room. Elizabeth believes that she and Jason should talk so she doesn’t have to grieve alone. Sam tells her how she is feeling and that she is upset that Jason wasn't there when she really needed him. When Sam insists that she and Jason are threw, Elizabeth wants to now why she is still holding the dragon then. Carly shows up to see Jason at home and he tells her everything that has happened. Jason becomes upset and Carly insists that it is not his fault. Carly urges Jason not to give up on Sam. When Jason shows up at the hospital to see Sam, he learns that she has checked herself out.
#12578 50x50
Kristina is furious with the "Mob Princess" crew for filming her. After producer Trey shows up, he refuses to allow her back out. When Alexis shows up she attempts to throw him out but he has a contract that gives him the right to stay. Alexis attempts to offer her daughter some advise. Patrick tells Ewan that he is ready to be released. Ewan attempts to walk but stumbles. Elizabeth shows up and they share a kiss. Matt signs the confession and Alexis tells him to get his affairs sorted out. Patrick shows up to see his brother and Alexis returns to tell him his fate. Spinelli approaches Olivia at the Metro Court and informs her that he has a lead on Heather’s whereabouts on the night of the storm. Felicia and Mac are about to share a kiss at The Floating Rib when Maxie shows up to inform tell them Matt has turned himself in. Matt then shows up with Patrick and informs them that he signed the confession and the DA has given him five years, starting immediately. Matt says his goodbyes as Maxie attempts to convince Patrick to get Matt to change his mind. Matt tells Maxie that Alexis is going to handle the annulment and she is left feeling shocked. Heather looks at the DNA results and is pleased with herself. Jason tells Sam it was not fair of him to shut her out, and that is why he came to the motel. Jason admits that he was responsible for John being attacked. Sam becomes furious with Jason and wants him to leave. Jason pulls the dragon out of his pocket and places it on her tray before going. Heather shows up to see Sam. Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam lost the baby, and that he has lost Sam.
#12577 50x49
Mac is able to convince Anna to take the job as the new police commissioner before the mayor hires somebody else. Heather threatens Todd by informing him that she'll tell Téa the truth that it was her baby that died and not Sam's. Luke tells Tracy that they need to work out who really killed Anthony if they are ever going to be released. The police want Jason to go to the station with them. Anna is surprised to discover that her first assignment is Luke and Tracy's case. Todd insists that Téa leaves the hospital immediately. As they are about to leave they run into Heather who tells Tea that the baby almost didn't make until Todd ran into her. Sam learns from Kelly that her baby passed away because of a respiratory failure. Sam is certain that there has been some sort of mistake. Jason learns from Anna about her new job and that it could be difficult for him as she knows what he did to McBain last night. Felicia tells Mac that maybe they should never have shared a kiss because they have been down the same road before. Heather opens an envelope which reveals that Jason is the real baby's father and not Franco. Jason tells Sam that he has some important to tell her.
#12576 50x48
Alexis wakes up to find a film crew in her home and in her face. They are given total access by Kristina and she threatens to leave if Alexis objects. Alexis calls Jason after Molly tells her that he has sent a text message. Alexis has to break the news to her daughters that Sam's baby is dead. Matt takes off his wedding ring and leaves it on the pillow next to Maxie after waking up. When Maxie wakes up she sees the ring and reads a note that Matt has left. Heather goes to the police station and wants to see Luke. Dante wonders how she knows so much about what is going on. Matt shows up at the police station and wants to speak to Dante. After Heather leaves, Matt tells Dante that he is turning himself in for Lisa’s murder. Maxie shows up and attempts to convince him to change his mind. Matt is determined to go ahead and confess and informs Dante that he is ready to give a statement. At The Floating Rib, Olivia discovers Spinelli passed out and she attempts to wake him up. Olivia wants Spinelli to help her find out what Heather is hiding. When Heather shows up, she wonders what they are talking about. McBain learns from the hospital that Sam’s baby has passed away. Anna shows up and he tells her about Sam losing the baby. John tells Anna what happened. Todd has a dream in which he tells Tea the truth about her baby. Tea learns that the baby could have a serious blood disorder, common with people of Italian or Greek ancestry. Tea is left feeling confused because she is Puerto Rican. Todd convinces her to have the tests carried out back home in Llanview and he leaves to get a car. Sam has a daydream in which she is holding her son but when she opens her eyes he is gone. Jason attempts to convince her that things will get better and she still can't understand why John did not come back. Alexis, Kristina and Molly show up. Sam tells them what happened while Jason leaves the room. Jason listens in from outside. After Jason leaves, Todd listens in. Alexis runs into Todd after leaving the room. Sam leaves the room and sees Téa in the hallway with her baby after Molly and Kristina leave. Todd returns to Téa’s room and Heather shows up wanting to talk to him. Jason and John bump into one another.
#12575 50x47
Jason doesn't believe Sam after she continues to insist that the dead baby isn't their child. Todd tells his daughter about Kate’s involvement in Cole and Hope’s death and her alter ego, Connie. Todd tells her her about the deal he made with Sonny and attempts to convince her not to seek revenge against Kate. Connie and Kate fight in her room. Starr shows up dressed like a nurse and tells Kate that she knows she is the one who killed Cole and her daughter. Kate tells her that she not remember anything because she is suffering with a mental illness. Starr understands because of her cousin has suffered with a similar illness. She also thinks that one day Kate will remember what Connie did and will be forced to live with the fact. Matt and Maxie preapre to celebrate their wedding night. Matt has a flashback to the boat and remembers everything that happened the night Lisa was killed. He believed that he killed Lisa in self defense, but he now knows that is not the case. Maxie cries after she and Matt go to sleep. Felicia and Mac have a drink to celebrate Maxie’s release, although Mac continues to believe that Matt is good enough for her. They end up talking about the past that they shared and wonder if they could have a future together again. Spinelli shows up incredibly drunk. Téa holds her baby and doesn’t think he looks like her or Victor. Todd shows up and he and Tea end up running into Jason and Sam. Todd watches from the side as Epiphany takes the baby from an upset Sam. Todd wants Téa to transfer to Llanview, but Epiphany refuses. Tea ends up naming the baby Victor. Sam doesn’t understand how this has happened and wonders why John didn't return with the car. Sam wants to name the baby Jason, after his father.
#12574 50x46
Jason sees a light on the road and runs off. Heather holds Tea's dead baby and continues to talk to a passed out Sam. Heather puts the dead baby outside where Sam had left hers. When she hears Jason's voice she leaves. Jason discovers Sam, who wakes up wanting to know where her baby is. Sam remembers leaving the baby outside. Jason discovers the dead baby and whispers to the child that he is sorry. Jason ends up realizing that everybody was right because as soon as she held the baby, he loved him. Jason has to break the news to Sam about the baby but when she holds the baby she insists it is not her child. Sonny goes to see Kate at Shadybrooke and she is surprised to see him. Sonny tells her about the deal that he has made with Todd. After Sonny leaves, Connie emerges again and talks to Kate. Michael runs into Starr at the Metro Court where they talk about the accident. In Ewen's hospital room Elizabeth tells him what happened and she also tells him about Maggie's death. Elizabeth and Ewen decide to pick up where they left off. Todd takes Tea into the hospital and informs Steve how she had her baby on the side of the road. Tea talks about the woman in the woods who helped Todd save her baby. Tea thanks Todd for saving her baby's life. As Todd is about to tells Tea the truth he is interrupted by a phone call. After Starr shows up she demands that her father tell her what he knows about who caused Cole and Hope's death. Todd mentions Kate's name to her. Olivia wants to know where Heather has been when she returns home. Heather is not happy when Olivia mentions Franco's name.
#12573 50x45
Carly hopes that Jason has taken her advice and gone to sort things out with Sam. Johnny shows up to see Carly and she takes out the bracelet he gave her. Carly thinks that she can forgive Johnny but there has to be some ground rules which include no more lies. Johnny ends up lying to Carly again when he tells her that Anthony is missing and that Luke and Tracy have been arrested supected of killing him. Johnny and Carly end up sharing a kiss. Téa looks at a photo of Victor and hopes that the baby looks like him. She asks for him to protect the baby because she knows something is not right. As Tea goes looking for Todd, John is revealed to be in a ditch nearby. Jason shows up at the motel looking for Sam. He knocks on her on door and says that he loves her and he baby and begs for her to open the door. Sam is in McBain’s room across the hall, rocking the baby. As Jason enter her room, she leaves with the baby. Jason goes into John's room and sees her dragon figurine as he shows up. He informs Jason that he delivered Sam’s baby but when he went to get the car his thugs attacked him. Jason and John are unable to find Sam and realize she must have started walking. Jason encourages John to call a doctor and goes looking for his wife. Heather is unable to save the baby's life. Todd is devastated and doesn't know how he is going to tell Tea. Sam ends up coming upon the house and puts the baby in a planter box outside. After going inside, she passes out. Todd discovers her, then hears a baby crying. As he is about to take the baby to Sam, Tea shows up and thinks the baby he is carrying is hers. Heather pulls Todd aside and wonders why he is not happy as this is the miracle they needed. Todd ends up agreeing to Heather's plan. Heather tells an unconscious Sam that she has got everything that she deserves.
#12572 50x44
Jason tells some thugs the location of McBain’s hotel room and wants them to make sure he is alone before they sort him out and to make sure that Sam is left out of it. Carly shows up to see Json with a copy of the newspaper article and he ends up telling her the truth about everything. Carly offers Jason some advise and urges him to fight for Sam. Carly receives a call from Johnny after she leaves and agrees to meet him. Jason looks at a picture of Sam and tells her that he is coming for her. Sam is in labor in John's room and refuses to let him leave to get help. Sam wants Jason to be there with her. McBain thinks Jason would tell her that he was sorry and will promise to stand by the baby for the rest of his life. Sam gives birth to a baby boy and John gives her the baby to hold. When McBain leaves to go get his car he is ambushed by the thugs in the hallway. Sam notices how much the baby looks like Jason. The baby suffers with some breathing problems as she waits for John to return. Todd promises Tea that her baby will be perfect. Todd apologizes to her for what he has done in the past and wants to move forward. Téa gives birth but Todd isn't sure that the baby is breathing. Tea begs him to take the baby to the hospital. Todd runs off and she gets back into the car. Heather puts Anthony's body in a wheelbarrow after fantasizing about how grateful Luke will be that she got rid of his body. Todd walks up and sees the car and recognizes Anthony. Heather shows up and informs him that it is not what it looks like, but he doesn’t care. Lulu pressures her father for some answers. Luke ends up telling her everything after she agrees what he tells her will stay just between themselves. Luke refuses to let Lulu tell Dante. Johnny shows up at the police station and pressures Dante to make an arrest.
#12571 50x43
Heather listens to music as she drives along with with Anthony’s body in her car. The police are soon seen to be behind her car. She stops the car and makes Anthony look like he is smiling. Heather learns that the road ahead is closed and she has to turn around. Todd calls Téa, concerned about her and then sees her lying on the ground. Tea is left feeling confused and dazed after Todd wakes her up. Tea ends up going into labor as Todd drives her to the hospital to get her checked over. The car ends up loosing control of the road and Todd informs Tea that they are stuck in a pit with no phone service available. Tea's contractions get worse. Dante takes Luke and Tracy to the police station to question them about Anthony’s disappearance. Lulu is worried and wants to know where Anthony's body is. Delores tells her she received an anonymous call about shots being fired after explaining there is no body. Lulu thinks the whole thing thing is suspicious. Dante wants to know what Luke and Tracy were doing with the gun. Tracy explains that she hates guns and was just trying to get rid of it. Delores shows them Anthony's phone with Tracy's text message about meeting him at the boathouse. Sonny argues with Alexis on the telephone about the reality show. Sonny asks Jason about his arrest after he shows up and wonders why he turned to Elizabeth for help and not his wife. Jason shares his suspicions about McBain with Sonny. Sonny believes that it is Sam that McBain is really after and thinks that he trying to exploit their relationship issues. Sonny insists that he had nothing to do with McBain's sister's death. Sonny offers Jason some relationship advise before he leaves. Sam wants to know if McBain was behind Jason’s arrest, but he is more interested to know what she thinks. Sam thinks that he is innocent. Sam tells McBain about Jason wanting her to give up the baby for adoption. As she is about to leave, Sam has a contraction and her water ends up breaking.
#12570 50x42
The District Attorney attempts to force Maxie to testify against Matt, but she tells him that a wife does not have to testify against her husband. The DA ends up agreeing that since Maxie signed the agreement as a single woman, now that she is married she can’t be forced to testify. Mac warns Maxie that if she ever divorces Matt she can be then forced to testify against him. Spinelli attempts to make Maxie think about her past problems with Matt. Spinelli wants to be her husband instead of Matt. Spinelli is upset when Maxie leaves with Matt. Delores informs Dante about the blood stain that she found at the Quartermaine boathouse and is waiting for the results to come back from forensics. Dante want Delores to help him quiz Johnny about the car accident. Johnny is still being haunted by Anthony. Dante and Delores show up with a search warrant and Johnny insists to them had nothing to do with shooting Anthony’s tires and they should focus their attention on Tracy and Luke instead. Luke and Tracy attempt to find Anthony's body and Tracy begins to wonder if he was really dead. They both end up accusing each other once again of killing Anthony. As they attempt to work out who really killed Anthony the police show up to arrest them as they are holding the murder weapon. Kristina tells Molly, Sam, Sonny and Alexis that they are going to star in her new reality show which none of them are pleased about. After Alexis realizes that Jason had been arrested, she tells Sam. Jason accuses McBain of calling the police and wonders how it has helped Sam to feed the story to the newspaper. McBain warns Jason that it will be his fault alone of he ends up loosing Sam. Jason runs into his wife after he leaves. Jason tells Sam that she needs to talk to McBain before he leaves. John calls Natalie and leaves a message informing her he does not want to lose her.
#12569 50x41
Matt ends up telling Elizabeth and his brother the truth about Lisa’s murder. Jason learns that there has been an anonymous tip off about Franco's murder and that is why he has been arrested. Jason calls Alexis for help but gets her voice mail and hangs up. Jason then calls Elizabeth for help. After she bails him out he shows her the newspaper article and insists that McBain is behind it. Jason tells her about his chat with Monica and Elizabeth believes that Jason and Sam will get back together in time. Spinelli goes to see Maxie in jail and insists that he had to do what he did to save her. Anna goes to see McBain and tells him about her job offer. McBain ends up opening up to her about his half-sister, Theresa. Felicia is not happy about Mac's firing, but he wants them to focus on getting Maxie out of jail. Anna twells Mac that she has been offered his old job. Matt and Patrick show up at the courthouse and Matt tells them he had no idea that he has killed Lisa. After the charges against Maxie are dropped she is allowed to spend a short amount of time with Matt before she has to testify against him. Felicia thanks Spinelli for everything that he has done and tells him that her daughter will learn that she needs him in time. Maxie asks Matt if he trusts her and they run off together. When Maxie returns she tells everybody that she will not testify after all and reveals to everyone that she and Matt just got married. Kristina is furious with her parents. She reveals that she had been having the time of her life at Yale until she discovered that Sonny forced the school into taking her as a student. After her parents ask her where she been for the last few weeks, Kristina reveals that she met somebody and that that they are working on a new reality show about the Corinthos family called Mob Princess. Jason shows up at McBain's door and tells him he has done enough damage.
#12568 50x40
Todd goes to see his daughter and informs her that he has made sure she will be released after the hearing. Todd tells her that he and Sonny have reached an agreement. Michael assures Sonny he isn't backing out before entering the courtroom. Sonny wants Michael to tell the judge that he made a mistake. Sonny tels his son that Todd knows the truth about who really caused the accident. Starr ends up being released after Michael changed his story and she wonders why he agree to. She also wonders why Tea failed to show up. Sonny lets Michael know that he appreciates what he did before he leaves. Starr thanks Michael for helping her and he informs her that Todd knows knows who really caused the accident. McBain leaves a message for Anna before arguing with Natalie on the phone. Heather suggests that she and Monica get some fresh air. Heather thinks that Anthony is rude when he doesn't respond to something she says to him. Tracy informs Monica that she heard her and Jason talking about his twin brother. Luke thinks that they should go inside so that Anthony doesn't overhear leaving Heather feeling suspicious. Tracy and Monica talk about Franco and Jason after going inside. Heather wonders why Luke is so interested in Anthony and he replies that it is because he and Tracy are still good friends. Tracy ends up asking Heather to leave and she tells them that they have not seen the back of her. When Tracy and Luke go back outside they discover that Anthony is gone. A reporter has a copy of a newspaper article about Sam and Jason's ordeal which will be run tomorrow. Jason tells Sam to go and meet Molly. McBain shows up and Jason shows him the paper, thinking that he has sold them out. McBain remains determined to bring Sonny down. Molly lets it slip to her mother that Jason is not the father of Sam's baby. Alexis is shocked and demands that Molly tells her everything. After Sam shows up she tells her mother that Franco raped her and that Jason doesn't want to have anything to do with the baby. After Sam tells her about the newspaper article, Alexis attempts unsuccessfully to stop the story from being run. When they call Kristina to warn her about the story, a roommate tells them that she left school weeks ago. Sonny shows up and both he and Alexis are surprised when Kristina walks through the door. Jason ends up being arrested for Franco's murder.
#12567 50x39
Sonny and Todd battle it out to try and outwit each other. Todd pressures Sonny into agreeing the deal he offered him. Delores shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and informs Monica that they have received a call about gunshots. Monica gives them permission to check the grounds. When Jason shows up, Monica learns from him that the baby Sam is carrying isn't his. Jason ends up telling Monica everything and that Franco was his twin brother. Monica offers Jason some advise before he leaves. Heather shows up and Monica wonders what she wants. After Tracy finds Anthony's dead body in the boathouse, she stumbles and finds the gun. Luke shows up and after seeing her with the gun, he wants to know what she has done. Tracy accuses Luke of killing Anthony and while they argue they hear the police approaching. Tracy and Luke move Anthony's body. Delores and the other police officer enter the empty boathouse and Delores sees blood. As the police come closer, Luke and Tracy pretend that Anthony is alive. When Heather comes outside she wonders what is going on. Olivia goes to see Kate at Shadybrook and lets her know that Ewen's condition has improved. Kate fills Olivia in on everything that has happened recently. Carly goes to see Johnny and wants to know why he has been trying to get Sonny to forgive Kate. Carly tells Johnny that she might forgive him but only when she is ready. After Carly leaves, Johnny is haunted by Anthony again. Heather talks to Sam about the baby after seeing her at Shawn's. After Jason shows up he informs Sam that he has told Monica everything and Sam assures him she will make sure they will have a relationship with the baby if they want to. Sam asks Jason if he wants to join her at her Lamaze class.
#12566 50x38
Tracy attempts to find Anthony at the boathouse, but only discovers a tarpaulin there with some shoes sticking out. After she removes the tarpaulin, it ends up being just some buoys underneath. Carly runs into Sonny and informs him that she knows about the deal Todd offered him. Carly also tries to find out how Sonny feels about Kate. Sonny ends up telling her than Johnny paid him a visit and told him that Kate was innocent and that he would do anything to win her back. Sonny thinks about taking the deal that Todd has offered him. Spinelli wants to know what Matt is going to do to help Maxie and make sure that she is released. Felicia goes to see her daughter at the jail and lets her know that if she doesn't take the deal that has been offered to her there may not be another one coming. Maxie ends up being attacked by a couple of her fellow inmates after her mother leaves. When Matt shows up to see her he wants her to sign the contract and she informs him that she just has. Dante decides to question Johnny about the night of the accident. Mac ends up being fired by the mayor because of the amount of unresolved cases he still has. Luke discovers Anna crying about Robin. As Anna takes a shower, Tracy shows up to see Luke and she wants to know what his plans are for Anthony. When Anna walks into the room, she hears Luke asking Tracy to get Anthony to the boathouse. Felicia shows up to see Anna before she can find out from Luke what is going on and she wants to know what is up between her and Luke. Anna insists that they are nothing more than friends. Anna ends up getting offered the police commissioner's job. Johnny thinks about shooting Anthony and begins to cry. He then sees visions of Anthony who starts to taunting him. Dante shows up to see Johnny and he refuses to let Dante in without a warrant. Johnny gets an idea after he sees Anthony has a text message from Tracy asking him to meet her. When Tracy returns to the boathouse and pulls off the tarpaulin again, Anthony's body is there this time.
#12565 50x37
Emma wonders if Elizabeth is going to become her new mother and Patrick assures that she is just a friend. Sam and Molly are surprised to see Jason and Elizabeth hugging. Sam informs them that they are at the hospital for her Lamaze class. After Jason takes Sam to one side, he informs her that it is too hard to live with Franco's baby and wants her to think about having the baby adopted. Téa goes to see McBain at his motel room and informs him that the judge has refused Starr bail. Tea talks to John about his connection to Sam. Todd and Carly bump into one another and she warns him that if attempts anything he will have to go through her and that she is not somebody who likes to be messed around. Todd ends up telling her about the offer he made to Sonny. Starr is surprised to see Michael after he shows up. After they talk, Michael is left feeling conflicted. Kate wants Sonny to tell her what Connie said as Alexis continues to listen in from behind the glass. Sonny ends up telling Kate everything that Connie told him and that he now believes in her again. Anthony drops to the floor after the shot is fired. After Johnny tells Anthony that he is going to get rid of him, he continues with how he got Connie to take the rap for the accident. Johnny then shoots Anthony several times after saying that he knows too much now.
#12564 50x36
Dante is surprised when he finds Lulu in Kate's office. Lulu is trying to get the magazine to press because there is nobody else available to do it. They talk about Kate's assault on Ewan and Dante informs her that he found the gun that shot out Anthony's tires in Kate's office. Molly is home alone with TJ when Sam shows up. She is there to pick up her mother for her Lamaze class and Molly wonders why Jason isn't going with her. After TJ leaves, Molly tells her sister that Alexis is having to work late tonight. Molly learns that Sam and Jason have broken up. Molly wants to know why and Sam informs her that Jason is not the father of her unborn child. Sam tells her about everything that happened in Hawaii. Molly ends up offering to be Sam's coach. Carly thinks about the bracelet that Johnny gave her. Carly tells Shawn that she caught Johnny cheating and that they are finished. Shawn wonders why she still has the bracelet and Carly ends up throwing it away. After Shawn leaves, Carly ends up retrieving the bracelet again. Elizabeth talks to Jason at the hospital and asks him if there is anyway he and Sam can sort out their problems. Jason tells her that he went to see Sam on her birthday but they did not discuss the baby. Jason wants to have his old life back with Sam but is not sure if they can. Elizabeth hugs Jason as Sam and Molly show up. Connie tells Sonny she shot Anthony’s tires causing the accident and tried to make him look guilty of committing the crime. Connie screams before Kate manages to regain control. Sonny informs her that Connie told him everything that happened. Johnny tells Anthony that he is the one who attempted to kill him but Anthony believes that he is lying. Johnny attempts to goad Anthony into shooting him but Anthony demands to be told the complete story. Johnny tells him that he shot the tires on his car that caused the accident and then tried to frame Sonny. Anthony and Johnny end up fighting over the gun and a shot ends up being fired.
#12563 50x35
Matt thinks about Maxie's confession as Elizabeth asks him if he is okay. He informs her that Maxie was protecting somebody and could be released from custody soon. Patrick walks up after having performed Ewan's surgery as Elizabeth asks his brother who Maxie is protecting. Patrick tells them that the surgery went well. Ewan wants to see Elizabeth. Patrick lets his brother know that he feels hopeful about the future for the first time since Robin's death. Spinelli talks to Maxie in her cell and informs her that the DA would not agree to her release unless he knows who the person who really killed Lisa is. He continues that he told them it is Matt and Maxie is furious. Maxie informs Spinelli that she told Matt the truth and made him promise not to confess to killing Lisa. Luke and Tracy chat about getting rid of Anthony and after listening in he leaves. Luke promises Tracy that he will make sure that Anthony gets out of her life but she has to promise him that she won’t attempt to kill him. After telling her that she will always have a piece of his heart, they share a kiss. Anthony shows up at Johnny's apartment and wants to hide out there because Tracy is attempting to kill him. Johnny refuses to allow him to move back in. After arguing with Johnny, Anthony points a gun at him. Tea and Todd argue about his outburst earlier. He informs her that Kate's alter ego, Connie, shot out Anthony's tires which caused the accident. Todd informs her about his plan to get Sonny to convince Michael to withdraw his statement and that Sonny doesn't seem to care about Kate anymore. Todd remains convinced that Sonny will eventually agree to the deal. Sonny refuses to leave the jail until he has witnessed the psychiatrist session with Kate. He waits with Alexis for the doctor and watches Kate from behind the glass shouting at Connie. Sonny is shocked by what he sees and Alexis goes to find the doctor. Sonny hears Kate telling Connie that he will never forgive her and he becomes upset. Sonny goes to comfort Kate but is confronted by Connie. Connie tells Sonny how much she hates him and that she made him turn his back on Kate. Sonny wants to know what Connie did to sabotage Kate as Alexis watches them from behind the glass. Connie ends up telling Sonny that it wasn’t Johnny who went after Anthony, it was her.
#12562 50x34
Todd tells Sonny that they can save Starr and Kate at the same time. He continues that if Michael will take back his statement and Starr goes free, he will make sure that Kate avoids two murder charges. Sonny tells Todd that the plan means nothing to him as Kate is out of his life for good. Tea tells Starr to plead not guilty, but she insists that nothing is going to change the fact she attempted to kill Sonny. The police take Kate back to her cell and Tea tells Starr not to talk to her. Starr wants to know what Kate was going to say to her before Tea arrived. Kate ends up telling Starr again how sorry she is for her loss but doesn't mention Connie. Sonny shows up and and tells Alexis that he needs to speak to her. Kate ends up realizing that Sonny hired Alexis and he insists to her that it does not change anything between them. Sonny tells Alexis what Todd told him and Alexis replies that the only person who knows for sure what happened is Connie. Sonny wants to hear it from Connie's mouth himself. Kate waits for the psychiatrist to show up as Connie breaks through and tells her she isn't going anywhere. Kate tells Connie that she does not need her to protect her and wants to know if she caused the accident. Starr and Tea are in the courtroom and Starr wishes her mother was there as her father walks into the room. When Starr is asked how she intends to plea, Todd stands up and says not guilty. Starr ends up pleading not guilty and bail ends up being denied. The judge wants to know if there was an eye witness after Spinelli says that Matt killed Lisa. Spinelli informs them that Maxie saw everything. Felicia knows just how far her daughter is willing to go to protect the people she loves. Spinelli tells them that Matt was drunk and does not remember killing Lisa. The judge agrees to consider releasing Maxie if she verifies Spinelli's testimony. Maxie continues to tell Matt in her cell that he killed Lisa and that he was too drunk to remember doing it. Matt refuses to allow her to stay in jail and insists that he has to come forward and confess. Matt is called away to the hospital as Spinelli shows up. Tracy daydreams about killing Anthony in the boathouse as he shows up. She tells him that they should take a trip out on the lake. After they leave she grabs an oar but Luke shows up and knocks her down. Tracy tells Luke that she is tired of waiting and is taking matters into her own hands. When Anthony returns he hears his wife and Luke plotting.
#12561 50x33
After Alexis shows up at the courthouse, Sonny wants to talk to her about Kate. She informs Sonny that Connie is real and that Kate is really scared of her. Sonny learns that Alexis has arranged for a psychiatrist to hypnotize her to get Connie to come out for questioning. Felicia and Mac go over the evidence with Spinelli in the courtroom as the DA shows up. He wants to know where the evidence came from and Spinelli informs him it is casino video footage. The DA thinks that the image could have be doctored and insists that it can not be used to help Maxie until the man in it can be identified. Spinelli begs for Maxie's release and admits he knows the man's identity and says it is Matt Hunter. Matt and Maxie talk in a holding cell. She asks him for a nail file and he informs her that she will be released in a few days because Spinelli found the killer from video footage at the Haunted Star. Matt tells her he thinks it is his brother but Maxie tells him it wasn't Patrick. Matt is shocked and confused after Maxie admits to him that she knows the killer is him. Tea goes to see Starr in her cell and informs her that her father is still in town and that he seemed really close with Carly. Starr tells Tea about her history with Michael and Tea informs her that he is willing to testify against her. Starr refuses to allow Tea to try and destroy Michael's credibility. Michael and Carly talk about Starr as Todd walks up and introduces himself to Michael. Todd ends up threatening Michael. Todd encourages him to take back his statement as his daughter has lost so much recently. Michael refuses to back down. Todd leaves and Carly believes that he has a good point. Elizabeth and Epiphany worry about Patrick as he shows up. Patrick says sorry to Elizabeth for the way he behaved last night, but she is just happy he is there. Patrick tells Epiphany that he came back to work because of her. Sonny opens a drawer in his office and sees a picture of him and Kate. Milo shows up and tells him that there is somebody here to see him who is revealed as being Todd. Todd wants Sonny to drop the charges against his daughter but Sonny tells him it is not going to happen. Todd tells him that his daughter has been suffering and not thinking straight recently. Todd tells Sonny that if Michael refuses to take his statement back he will tell the police who is really responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires, Connie.
#12560 50x32
Jason looks at the glass phoenix and thinks of Sam. Spinelli shows up and gives him a still from the footage of Lisa's murder. Spinelli is relieved when Jason fails to recognize the murderer. Spinelli informs him that it is Matt and tells him the reason why Maxie took the blame. Spinelli hopes that he can use the video footage to get Maxie released without having to reveal that Matt is the real killer. Sam looks at the dragon at the hospital and thinks about Jason. Kelly shows up and Sam tells her that her mother is going to be her labor partner and that Jason is not sure that he will be able to love the baby. Kelly notices that baby's iron level is very low and they need to test the baby for a disease after he is born. Alexis is running late and Molly comes down in her robe. Alexis wants to give her a lift to school but Molly tells her that she can make it there on her own. After Alexis leaves, TJ shows up. As they kiss, Michael shows up. Michael tells Molly that she is not supposed to be anywhere near TJ but she believes that it is not fair. Michael ends up agreeing to keep her secret but warns her Alexis will be furious if she finds out. After Shawn and Alexis bump into each other they discuss TJ and how he is going to school and staying out of trouble following the party. Michael explains to Sonny why he decided to turn Starr into the police. After Alexis shows up, Sonny wants to know if she will be able to get Kate off. Alexis explains to him that it is more complicated than that. After Alexis leaves, Johnny approaches Sonny and tells him that he doesn't want Sonny to blame Kate for what happened and continues that she did not sleep with him of her own free will. Todd is not allowed to see his daughter at the police station and believes that she is in danger because she is locked up with Kate. Johnny shows up at the Metro Court with another present for Carly and she is surprised to see a bracelet she always wanted as a child. Johny attempts to convince her to give their relationship another chance and grabs her. After Todd shows up he warns Johnny to take his hands off Carly. Todd doesn't want Johnny anywhere near Carly or his daughter. Carly throws the bracelet away after Johnny leaves. After Todd leaves, Carly has a change of heart and takes the bracelet out of the rubbish. Michael shows up and informs his mother that he was the person who turned Starr into the police. Todd hears as Michael is telling his mother. Kate is convinced that she caused the accident that killed Starr's family. Kate is about to tell Starr about Connie as Alexis shows up and tells her not to say another word. Kate tells Alexis that she has decided to let Connie come out.
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