General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 49

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Lulu and Dante talk about the complicated lifestyles of their fathers. Michael shows and informs Dante that Sonny left the hospital. Dante and Michael leave to go look for Sonny. Lulu calls her brother to inform him about what has happened to Robin. Starr wakes up in the car following the car crash and sees Cole passed out. Starr manages to get out of the car and calls for assistance as Anthony lies unconscious in his car on the other side of the road. When Cole wakes up he attempts to open the car door. When Cole is unable to get out, Starr runs over to Anthony wanting him to help after he gets out of his car. Anthony informs her that Sonny Corinthos is to blame for what has happened as he shot out the tyres on his car. Anthony allows Starr to use his phone before leaving. Dante and Michael show up and Starr tells Michael about her boyfriend and daughter being still trapped in the car. As Michael attempts to rescue Cole the car being to topple over the edge. Cassandra is told by Helena to kill Ethan and after she refuses, Helena threatens her daughter. Casaandra ends up pointing the gun at her mother instead who laughs informing her that there are blanks in the gun. Helena informs her she has failed her test and instructs one of her men to shoot Cassandra. Cassandra ends up dying as Ethan runs over to her. Luke is disgusted that Helena has killed her own daughter. Ethan is tied up. Helena points a gun at Ethan as Luke watches on. Mac shows up to see Maxie but only finds Spinelli there. Spinelli is shocked when Mac tells him about Robin's death. Matt and Maxie wake up together and talk about the future. Matt wants Maxie to retract the statement she made about Elizabeth and to tell Spinelli to move out. Sam thanks Patrick for agreeing to help Jason and asks him to tell him about what has happened to Robin yet. When Jason wakes up he sees Robin standing over him but it ends up being a dream after Monica wakes him up. Jason ends up calling Robin and leaves a message thanking her for all she's done for him. Sam thanks Patrick for not telling Jason the truth as he is taken into surgery.
#12503 49x229
Ewen goes up to Kate on the pier and offers his help as a doctor. Kate looks at her dress after introducing herself to him and she freaks out as she wonders why she has the dress on. Kate explains to Ewen that the blood on her dress is from a former wound. Kate admits to Ewen that she can not remember what happened to tonight and she has been suffering with the same problem recently. Anna attempts to reason with Patrick about Jason and reminds him that Robin would never have of forgiven him if anything bad happened to Jason. Michael runs into Sam near Jason's hospital room and she explains to him that Jason has no idea about what has happened to Robin yet. Patrick shows up after Michael and leaves and tells her that he has changed his mind about helping Jason. Helena comes out of the Wyndemere tunnel holding a knife. She attempts to convince Cassandra to tell Ethan what they are really doing at Wyndemere. Cassandra ends up being forced to admit that she is really a Cassadine and that she is Helena's daughter. She continues that she was held captive for years and only knows what Helena has told her. She says that her mother told her to make him fall in love with her. Cassandra attempts to convince Ethan that she ended up falling in love with him for real after he becomes angry. Luke is then brought out of the tunnel by two of Helena's men. Helena declares that it is time for Luke to die. Dante fills Lulu in on everything that has happened after returning home. Sonny pulls a gun on Anthony who urges him to kill him. Tracy is able to talk Sonny into putting the gun down and tells him to leave. Anthony tells his wife that he is going to the airport but refuses to tell her why. Starr, Cole and Hope are driving from the airport on their way back from Los Angeles and Starr wonders what Port Charles is like. Cole hopes that nobody recognizes him and says that they're only returning home because of what's happening with her father. Anthony's car is involved in an accident with Cole and Starr's.
#12502 49x228
Anna breaks the sad news to Mac about what has happened to Robin and he breaks down. He wants to see Robin's body because he refuses to believe she's gone. Anna explains that Robin's body was badly burned. After Mac leaves, Anna breaks down. Dante tells Michael what happened to Sonny. Kate attempts to convince Sonny to let his anger towards Anthony go. Sonny doesn't want to have to choose. Kate refuses to go through this again and walks out. Mac breaks the news to Sonny, Michael and Dante about what has happened to Robin. Mac has a go at Sonny for all the pain he's caused Robin over the years, beginning with Stone. Sonny ends up breaking down when he is alone with Michael. Sonny is determined to make sure that nothing bad ever happens to any of his children. Sonny wants Michael to tell Jason that he is in his thoughts after he leaves to go check on him. Sam asks Patrick if he's holding Jason's medication. Patrick informs Sam that Robin died working on it, so there's no way he'll let Jason have it. Sam attempts to convince Patrick not to let her unborn child grow up without his father being around. Patrick refuses to give Jason the medication. Anna shows up and Sam offers her condolences before leaves. Johnny leaves Shawn and Carly alone and Shawn tells Carly that he doesn't want her with Johnny because he wants her with him. Carly is left lost for words. Tracy and Anthony tell Edward that someone attempted to kill Sonny at the benefit after they return home. Anthony leaves the room to take a call from Johnny, as Edward and Tracy discuss whether or not Anthony was the one who tried to kill Sonny. Anthony is warned by Johnny that Sonny knows he shot Dante at the warehouse. Sonny shows up looking for Anthony. Johnny flirts with Carly as they talk about her turning down Shawn after he leaves. Ethan and Cassandra are interrupted by Ewen at Wyndemere. Ewen wonders if Cassandra has remembered her former life and is pretending that she hasn't. Ethan defends her and Cassandra fires Ewen. Ewen offers Ethan some advise before leaving and Cassandra tells him that she is starting to fall in love with him. When the wall to the tunnel opens, Ethan is surprised by who he sees.
#12501 49x227
Dante takes Sonny to the hospital. Dante refuses to leave Sonny on his own because he knows that he will only go after Anthony if he does. Dante lets Sonny know that there will be no problem between them as long as he agrees not to go after Anthony. Olivia manages to snap Kate out of her trance at the garage. Dante calls his mother and informs her that Sonny is being treated at the hospital. Olivia refuses to let Kate drive after she hears the news. After Kate shows up at the hospital, she warns Sonny that they will be over if he goes after Anthony. Dante tells his mother about what happened at Johnny's place. When Maxie goes home she finds a subdued Spinelli sitting on the floor. Spinelli shares his fears with Maxie. Maxie is determined to try and sort things out with Matt. Jason learns from Sam about the gas explosion in the lab. When Jason asks her about Robin, Sam tells him that she managed to get out in time as he suffers with a pain in his head. Sam refuses to let Jason leave to go see Robin. Sam leaves the room and runs into Monica and tells her that she couldn't tell Jason the truth about Robin as it will kill him. Alexis gives her daughter a lectures about needing to be watched at the lake house. Michael leaves for the hospital after learning that Sonny was shot. Shawn and Alexis lecture Molly and TJ ends up explaining that the party was his idea. Patrick breaks the news to Anna that Robin died in the explosion. He continues that Robin was burned beyond recognition after Anna wants to see her body. Anna thinks that Patrick needs to be with Emma whilst she calls Mac and Robert to tell them what has happened. Patrick looks at Jason's medicine, as Sam approaches him. Mac shows up at the hospital and sees Anna. Carly warns Johnny about sending Sonny to kill Anthony, because despite his hate for his grandfather, she knows he still loves him. Shawn shows up at Johnny's place and sees Carly dressed in a robe there.
#12500 49x226
Sam and Jason feel the hospital shake and Sam begs Jason not to leave after he attempts to get out of bed. Anna and Spinelli hear the explosion as they talk about Robin working on a cure for Jason. Sam shows up and asks Anna what has happened but she has no idea. Patrick desperately attempts to pry open the doors following the explosion. Patrick is held back when the rescue team show up as he attempts to get to his wife. As Patrick is being told that the fire was too hot for anyone to survive, Sam shows up. Patrick is given Robin's ring which was found and he enters the lab and breaks down when he sees a body in a body bag. Patrick goes to see Anna who asks him what is going on. Michael takes Molly to the couch and believes that she has alcohol poisoning. When Molly wakes up, she holds onto Michael, who advises her on the dangers of alcohol and mixing with older boys. After having a go at TJ, Michael calls Alexis. When Molly finds out who Michael is on the phone to she grabs the phone and hangs up. Steve takes Kate back to the restaurant as Mac questions Dante about the shooting. Dante informs Mac that he believes the hit was personal. Mac learns about the explosion at the hospital. Anthony returns to the Metro Court and Tracy wants to know where he's been. When Kate acts oddly, Anthony thinks she could of shot Sonny. Tracy doesn’t think she has motive, but Johnny does. Alexis and Mac show up at the lake house to find it in a mess. Alexis is furious when she realizes that her daughter has been drinking. Johnny and Carly return to the penthouse where they talk about what happened at the party. When Carly goes upstairs to take a shower, Sonny shows up and tells Johnny his mistake tonight will cost him dearly. Carly tries to talk Sonny down when he pulls a gun on Johnny. Dante shows up and is able to convince Sonny to put the gun down. Dante thanks Sonny for saving his life after they leave.
#12499 49x225
Spinelli goes to see Jason at the hospital without any news on the DVD that Franco left. Spinelli learns from Jason that he could be dying and he asks Spinelli to take care of Sam and his baby if anything does happen to him. Spinelli believes that Robin will find a way to save him. When Robin returns to the lab, she finds it filled with fumes and she drags a passed out Patrick out. Patrick tells his wife that he knocked something over in the lab after he recovers. Robin is concerned that it was Jason's cure and runs in the room. The door to the room then automatically locks, due to the toxic fumes, trapping Robin inside. Patrick attempts to free his wife. Robin puts Jason's medication in a two-way box that Patrick can get his hands on. Robin cries as she tells Patrick to take the box and tell Emma that she loves her. Patrick refuses to leave but Robin urges him to go because the outer doors are about to lock as well. As Patrick leaves to get help, the lab explodes. Sonny sees a gun aimed at Dante and pushes his son out of the way as a shot is fired. Dante tends to a wound on Sonny's arm after he is shot. Kate returns to the party while a concerned Alexis tells Diane that she can't get a hold of Molly. Olivia wants to know why Steve is with Maggie and Maggie says that they are having an affair. Dante shows up and shouts out that Sonny has been shot. Kate gets upset and thinks Johnny shot him. Kate follows Dante, Mac and Steve to the parking garage, but Sonny has disappeared. Carly calls Johnny and leaves him a message and he returns to his car where a furious Carly is waiting. She wants to know where he was. Johnny wants Carly to come home with him. A freaked out Molly calls Michael but her phone cuts off, as a boy comes up to her to say how great the party is. Molly ends up getting drunk without knowing it. After realizing Molly is drunk, TJ defends her honor. Michael shows up as TJ attempts to get everybody to leave the house. Michael discovers Molly passed out.
#12498 49x224
Jason and Sam talk at the hospital where Jason tells his wife that she should be resting but she refuses to leave. Maxie tells Robin about she did to Elizabeth. Elizabeth thinks that Matt needs to slow down with his drinking after seeing him at the benefit. Carly doesn't want Johnny causing any trouble. Jason thinks that Sam will be a great mother. Johnny raises his glass to Sonny. Steven shows up with Maggie after her date got delayed by work at the hospital. Tracy and Sonny clash. Anna shows up at the hospital with Emma looking for Robin and Patrick to go out to dinner. Anna tells Emma that she reminds her of Robin when she was little. Robin attempts to offer Maxie some advise. Sam believes that Robin will save Jason's life and wants him to believe that. Sam suffers with a stomach cramp as she attempts to go to look for Patrick to find out if her and Jason can go home. Elizabeth leaves a message for Ewen wondering where he is. Tracy thinks that Anthony and Johnny should leave the benefit. Carly wonders just how much Johnny has had to drink. Sam tells Jason that she is fine. Johnny and Sonny argue and Sonny ends up revealing Johnny's secret and Claudia was his mother and not his sister. Maxie isn't happy when she shows up and sees Matt with Elizabeth and confronts them. Jason asks Monica if any videos were recorded when he was born. Anthony threatens Sonny. Dante is furious with Sonny for reigniting the mob war. Robin talks to her mother and Emma at the hospital hub. Patrick ends up passing out after entering the lab Robin was working in. Elizabeth warns Maxie that she will make her life hell until she gets her job back. Carly looks for Johnny outside after he leaves the benefit. Dante and Sonny argue in the parking area and Dante tells him that he wants to see him behind bars and that he is dead to him. A gloved hand is seen pointing a gun. Sam and Jason enjoy a cuddle together. Robin plays with her daughter as Patrick is seen crawling on the floor in the lab.
#12497 49x223
Matt shares his frustrations about Maxie with Patrick at the hospital but Patrick is too busy to listen to him. Carly demands Robin does whatever it takes to save Jason's life. Patrick assures Carly that his wife is the only chance Jason has after he shows up. After Carly leaves, Robin becomes worried that she won't be able to save Jason. Robin is distracted after Matt shows up to do some of his own research. When he starts venting about Maxie, Robin reminds him that Jason's life is on the line and suggests that he goes to the benefit. After Matt leaves, Maxie shows up to see Robin. Jason and Sam continue to watch the DVD that Franco left for them. Jason sees the baby's hospital wristband, which says Baby Boy Moore and realizes that it is him. He wonders where Franco got the footage from and why he would want to send it to him. When Spinelli shows up to see Jason he learns that Sam is going to have a baby. Jason gives Spinelli the DVD that Franco sent them and asks him verify that it's authentic. After Sam leaves the room, Jason tells Spinelli what Franco said to him just before he died. After Sam returns, Jason suffers more complications. Dante and Ronnie take a look around the alley where the D'Onofrio was murdered. Delores attempts to make it look like she's not meeting Johnny, as they talk at Kelly's. TJ steals some beer. Molly attempts to improve her mother's confidence as she gets ready for the benefit. Molly checks her MyFace page after he mother leaves. TJ shows up and lots of other teens also show up for the party he posted about online. Sonny and Kate show up for the benefit. Sonny gives Max some instructions after he arrives. Dante shows up and accuses his father of throwing the party to provide an alibi for himself. Olivia stops them from arguing and defends Sonny to Dante. Sonny learns from Carly that Jason could die. Carly runs into Shawn after arguing with Kate and Sonny. Johnny shows up at the benefit drunk.
#12496 49x222
Sam locates the DVD Franco left and remembers Jason warning her not to watch it on her own. Sam ends up putting the DVD into the laptop. Patrick is proud of his wife and is certain that she will find a way to help Jason. Carly discovers Jason attempting to leave his hospital room. Carly argues with him and Jason becomes dizzy. Jason ends up telling Carly that Sam is pregnant and asks her not to fight with Sam. Sam shows up with laptop. Carly and Sam attempt to be civil with each other but are asked to leave after Robin shows up. After Robin tells Jason that he will require surgery, he agrees to it. Olivia reminds Steve about the benefit tonight and they agree to meet later, as Maggie watches them. A lab tech called Tom ends up agreeing to be Maggie's date for the benefit. Steve later tells Maggie that he has received a call and that the authorities are reopening the case into their patient's death. Carly wants to know from Robin how she is going to save Jason's life. After Sam goes back into Jason's room, she promises she didn't watch the DVD. After seeing a baby on the DVD , Sam wonders what it means. Anthony is confronted by Johnny who warns him to stay out of his business and life. Anthony is worried that Johnny is making a mistake by getting involved with Carly. Maxie ends up admitting to Matt that she's not sorry for turning Elizabeth in to Monica. Maxie believes that if Lucky ever returns, Elizabeth will drop him. Ethan takes Cassandra tea at Wyndemere. After Ewen shows up, Ethan claims Cassandra has something to tell him but she doesn't want to talk about it.
#12495 49x221
Dante has some special Valentine's Day gifts for Lulu and they end up making out. They then talk about whether Dante should go to the benefit and discuss the stripper case. Kate talks to Sonny at the Metro Court about the benefit and Carly shows up. After arguing with Kate, Carly tells Sonny about Michael's decision to go to college. Carly argues with Kate again before leaving. Sonny tells Kate that he tried to call her earlier but she never answered her phone. Emma helps her dad get things ready for Robin's Valentine's Day surprise. Robin follows a trail of chocolates to the front door and when she opens the door she is surprised to see her mother. Patrick reveals to his wife that he told Anna about what she had been going through recently. When Robin gets a call about Jason's test results she and Patrick leave to go the hospital as Anna looks after Emma. Jason and Sam wake up in Jason's hospital room. Jason ends up telling his wife that he can remember finding a package from Franco on the terrace before he passed out. Robin enters the room and tells Jason they need to monitor him at the hospital so she can find a way to help him. Jason ends up reluctantly agreeing to stay. Sam leaves to go get the DVD that Franco left for them after Jason makes her promise not to watch it on her own. When Robin sees Carly at the hospital, she fills her in about Jason's condition. Elizabeth packs her belongings after being suspended by Monica. Matt listens in as she talks to her brother about what has happened. Matt wonders how Monica found out about the drugs she stole for Lucky but Elizabeth has no idea. Elizabeth is upset as she leaves the hospital. Maxie is found outside Kelly's by Spinelli and she tells him that Matt has dumped her. Spinelli asks her to go the benefit with him and after he leaves Matt shows up. Matt accuses Maxie of telling Monica about Elizabeth stealing the drugs for Lucky. Molly attempts to help TJ with his reading inside Kelly's. TJ ends up posting on Molly's web page that there is going to be a party at her house after he learns Alexis will be out at the benefit.
#12494 49x220
Kate is surprised to discover Sonny waiting for her in her office. She is furious with him for not trusting her and for the threats he has made against Jax. Sonny tells Kate that she is more important to him than his vendetta against Jax. Kate ends up admitting to Sonny that she is starting to fall in love with him again. After Sonny leaves, Kate gets a call that freaks her out. Ewen and Elizabeth make plans to go to the pulmonary research benefit together. When Matt shows up, Ewen leaves him and Elizabeth on their own. Matt wants Elizabeth to go to the benefit with him and isn't pleased when he finds out that she is going with Ewen. Matt tells Elizabeth that he and Maxie have broken up for good. Shawn talks to Michael about Carly and then Shawn finds out that Michael is supposed to be meeting with an academic counselor, but he failed to show up. Michael is surprised when Shawn reveals that he is supposed to be the person he is meeting. Carly stops things from going too far with Johnny at the penthouse. Carly ends up hiding after Michael shows up to see Johnny to talk to him about Abby and enrolling at PCU. After Carly leaves, she listens to a message on her phone from Shawn asking her to go to the benefit with him. Maxie ends up telling Monica about Elizabeth stealing drugs from the hospital in the past to give to Lucky. When Elizabeth returns to work, Monica tells her that she needs to talk to her. Sam is scared after she finds Jason passed out on the floor. After he wakes up, Sam insists that he goes to the hospital with her. Patrick tells Mac that he has arranged a surprise for Robin tomorrow and he wants him and Maxie to come to the house. After Sam takes Jason to the hospital, Patrick checks him out and tells him his condition is inoperable.
#12493 49x219
Sam looks at all the missed calls she's received from her mother who wants to know how she's feeling and if she can tell her sisters about the baby. Sam ends up wondering how Carly is going to react when she finds out about the baby. Jason believes that Carly will be pleased for them. After Alexis calls again, Sam decides she should pay her a visit. After Sam leaves, Monica shows up at the penthouse. Monica quizzes Jason about how he is feeling and he insists he's fine. Jason ends up admitting to Monica that Sam is pregnant after she sees a magazine. Jason wants both her and Edward to be part of the baby's life but makes it clear that the child will be a Morgan and not the new Quartermaine heir. After Monica leaves, Jason finds a strange gift on the balcony and then passes out. Molly discovers her mother checking her email on her laptop and she informs her about the party she was invited to for the hospital wing. After Sam shows up, she informs Molly about the baby she is expecting. Molly later logs onto MySpace and accepts an invitation to like a page. When Sam returns home she finds Jason passed out on the penthouse floor. Matt and Maxie continue to be at odds over Elizabeth. Maxie tells him that they are through and he corrects her saying he doesn’t want to break up, he just can't fight with her anymore. Maxie continues to bad mouth Elizabeth. Matt ends up stating that it's over and walks away. Ewen offers Elizabeth some parenting advise after he sees her having a hard time with Cameron at Kelly's. Ewen ends up asking her out on a date. Dante receives a message from Sonny at the police station about the party. Dante thinks that Sonny is still trying to buy his way into life and vents to Delores about it.. Dante quizzes Delores about Eddie and his reaction to her being attacked. Carly shows up with pizza as Johnny continues to drink. Delores ends up calling Johnny and leaves him a message saying that she is interested in the offer he made her. As they enjoy a dance together, Johnny's phone rings and he ignores the call. Carly thinks he should answer it and decides to leave. Johnny stops her from leaving and kisses her.
#12492 49x218
Sam reminds Jason that they need to return back home as she has an appointment at the hospital after she asks him what would of happened if the baby had turned out to be Franco's. Sam believes that Franco has robbed them of so much and Jason reminds her that he is out of their lives for good. Carly shows up at Sonny's office to talk about the upcoming benefit. As she's about to tell him about Kate now owning Jax's share of the hotel, Kate shows up. Sonny is furious that Kate didn't tell him the truth before and she replies that she knows he would have gone after Jax had he known where he was. Kate doesn't want Sonny using her as an excuse to restart his vendetta against Jax. Anthony discovers Johnny taking a drink on the pier and Johnny wants nothing to do with him and threatens to turn him into the police for shooting Dante. When Anthony mentions Claudia's name, Johnny threatens to throw him into the water. Anthony leaves after Carly shows up. Spinelli meets Maxie at Kelly's dressed for snowboarding as part of the plan to make Matt jealous. Maxie knows her plan isn't working and goes on about Elizabeth needing to find a man of her own. Maxie comes up with the idea of pushing Ewen and Elizabeth together. After Maxie leaves and Anthony shows up, Spinelli informs him that he will be protecting Maxie from now on. Ewen runs into Elizabeth at the hospital and Matt hears them talking about the art exhibition they went to. After Ewen leaves, Elizabeth thinks that Matt is jealous of her spending time with him. Maxie shows up at the hospital and suggests to Ewen that he explores more about the connection he has with Elizabeth. Maxie and Matt run into each other and end up arguing about Elizabeth again and Matt tells her that he can not do this anymore. After Elizabeth runs into Ewen again she asks him if he would like another evening out with her. Patrick takes Robin and Emma to the site of the house they're building. Robin is excited about building a future with Patrick and her daughter there.
#12491 49x217
Shawn takes TJ to the lake house so that he can study with Molly. Diane meets Shawn after she shows up. Diane gives Alexis a book on the menopause after Shawn leaves. Alexis tries to find out what happened between Diane and Mac after she took him home. Alexis warns her friend not to hurt Mac. Molly ends up giving him a tape recording of "The Catcher in the Rye" so that he can do his homework. TJ shows Molly different images that she could have on the computer. Carly is not happy to discover that Jax has signed over his half of the Metro Court to Kate. Olivia finds out what has happened after seeing the two woman arguing. Olivia ends up realizing that Kate hasn't told Sonny about having seen Jax and warns her that he will feel betrayed. Shawn thinks that Carly should sign her divorce papers after she tells him what Jax has done. Robin quizzes Maggie about the past that she and Steve shared. Robin talks to Mac about her good news. After Ethan shows up at Wyndemere, he flirts with Cassandra. After the hears a noise in the tunnels, Ethan wants to go investigate. Cassandra starts to panic and stops him by telling him that she has remembered something. Jason and Sam enjoy some time alone together at the cabin where they talk about the future.
#12490 49x216
Matt and Maxie end up arguing about Elizabeth at Crimson. Matt attempts to convince Maxie that Elizabeth is just a friend. Matt agrees to share a special Valentine's Day date with Maxie and suggests they start celebrating now. Carly takes TJ into Kelly's and informs Shawn that he has been scamming people for money at the Metro Court. TJ ends up quizzing Shawn about what is going on between him and Carly. Michael informs his mother that he's not going to work for Johnny after all. Michael ends up forgiving his mother for not telling him the truth about Jax still being alive. TJ talks to Michael and informs him that he wants a job. Michael advises him not to become involved with the mob. Elizabeth and Ewen go to the Metro Court following the art exhibit where they end up talking about Cassandra. Matt and Maxie end up showing up at the Metro Court as well. Maxie isn't happy when Matt becomes distracted. Sonny informs Kate that his men have managed to find out where Jax is. Kate tells Sonny there is something he needs to know but he gets called away before she can tell him. Carly clashes with Kate after showing up. Spinelli warns Johnny that Anthony is taking advantage of Maxie. Johnny thinks that Spinelli wants Maxie back. Robin informs Patrick that her drug protocol is working. Robin thinks that she's been given a second chance and promises to make Patrick and Emma her first priority. Dante takes Lulu into the evidence room and wonders if filing is going to fulfill her. Johnny runs into Delores and ends up telling her that he could be the only friend she has. Delores takes Johnny away worried that he might be seen by Ronnie. Johnny mentions her sister and reminds her that he has ways to find things out that her police friends can't.
#12489 49x215
Ewen looks for Cassandra on the Haunted Star. Ethan lets him know that he left her at Wyndemere and she's fine. They end up talking about her fixation on the letters I and C and Ethan suggests that the C could stand for Cassadine. Spinelli kisses Maxie in an effort to help her make Matt jealous, but he knows Matt has not even seen them. After Maxie tells Matt that she and Spinelli went to the movies last last he lets her know that he had dinner with Elizabeth. Maxie ends up admitting to him that she has been trying to make him jealous. Spinelli lets Elizabeth know that he's investigating Cassandra. and they end up discussing the man who saved Elizabeth after she fell of the boat. Matt and Maxie decide to be completely honest with each other as Matt gets paged away. Elizabeth ends up asking Ewen to attend the opening of an art gallery with her and he accepts the invitation. Helena reminds Cassandra she gave her every advantage as Wyndemere and she replies that she made her an assassin. Cassandra wonders if Helena is really planning on going through with her idea reminding her that Lucky was the target but he's now gone. They end up talking about Luke and Laura. Helena wants Cassandra to play Ethan for all he's worth and to lure him into the trap. Cassandra ends up crying after Helena leaves. Kelly informs Jason and Sam that the baby looks healthy. Kelly then tells them that Jason is the father of the child and asks them if they want to know the sex of the baby. Jason leaves it up to Sam, who doesn't want to know. Both Jason and Sam are happy after Kelly leaves. Sonny surprises Kate after she manages to sneak back into the hotel room. She tells him that she couldn't sleep and went down to the bar for a night cap. Later Kate looks at a napkin with Mark's name on it and a number to call him. Kate thinks that they should return to Port Charles but Sonny thinks it would be nice to stay and have some fun. After Sonny leaves the room, Kate looks again at the note on the bar napkin.
#12488 49x214
Sam tells Jason that waiting until tomorrow for the paternity results will feel like forever. Sam ends up getting a call from Kelly, who shows up with the results. Diane ends up giving Alexis a pep talk about going through menopause and attempts to convince her to go to the bar and talk to Mac. Coleman believes that Mac is the perfect man for Alexis. After Coleman announces last orders at the bat he suggests that he, Alexis, Diane and Mac have a rematch of strip pool. Diane forces Alexis to stay after she decides it is time to go home. After a drunken Mac ends up dressed in nothing but his underwear. Diane realizes that he needs help getting home. After Diane takes Mac home, Coleman tells Alexis that she blew her chance. Delores is grabbed outside Jake's and the man runs away after throwing Delores to the ground when a car drives by. Dante and Lulu find her after having left the bar and she tells them it was the stripper attacker. Steve is confronted by Steve and demands that he tells her what's going on with him and Maggie. Maggie attempts to reassure her that Steve isn't interested in her anymore. Olivia sees Dante and Lulu bringing Delores into the hospital. Maggie tells Steve that it is better if Olivia doesn't know the truth about the past that they shared. Kate ends up admitting to Sonny that the man she has been meeting is a psychiatrist. Kate and Sonny share a kiss and after Sonny falls asleep she slips out. Ethan takes Cassandra to the Haunted Star where he fills her in on the history of the place and how he met Luke after he tried to rob the place. Ethan ends up admitting to her that he is starting to fall in love with her. Cassandra agrees to stay at the Haunted Star and wait for him to return after Ethan is called away. When he returns, Ethan finds her gone.
#12487 49x213
Robin informs Patrick that she wants to put their new house plans on hold until they find out her latest test results. Mac shows up and isn't happy with Robin for not telling him about her health scare. Steve and Olivia show up at the hospital having spent the day spent at a water park. Maggie wants Steve's assistance with her patient. When Steve tells Maggie that he wants to be honest with Olivia about the past they shared, she thinks it is a bad idea. When Carly goes to see Johnny at the garage, she finds him sitting on the floor drunk. Olivia shows up and sees them sharing a kiss. After Carly leaves, Olivia tells him that he is making a big mistake by becoming involved with Carly. After Olivia returns to the hospital, she sees a close moment between Steve and Maggie and demands to know the truth about what is going on between them. Ewen shows up at Kelly's and asks Shawn if he's seen Cassandra. Carly catches up with Shawn after going to Kelly's. Dante and Lulu have a drink at Jake's and Delores shows up. She tells them that her husband Eddie will be joining them soon. Diane and Alexis also enter the bar. Ewen later shows up asking about Cassandra. Dante sees him and talks to him about his profile of the suspect in the stripper case. Delores gets a call from her husband and angrily talks to him in Spanish. Dante and Lulu learn that Eddie now won't be coming. Somebody hides as Delores walks to the alley after she leaves Jake's. Sonny calls Kate after she enters her hotel room and she lies about being in Palm Beach. Sonny enters the room wants to know why she lied to him. Kate makes excuses, but Sonny becomes angry. Kate ends up telling him she came to Chicago to meet a man.
#12486 49x212
Sonny decides to make a donation to the pulmonary wing of the hospital in Dante and Lulu's names as a wedding gift. Dante thinks that he should just get them a pasta maker instead like a normal dad would. Dante ends up reminding Sonny that he can't be linked to any of his dodgy dealings and if he really wants to do something for him then to give up his mob lifestyle. When Kate shows up, Dante leaves. After learning that Kate is leaving town again, Sonny decides to have her followed. Matt discovers Elizabeth going through Jason's file at the hospital. Matt isn't impressed with Ewen continuing to treat Elizabeth. Spinelli and Maxie put the plan to make Matt jealous into action. Elizabeth ends up agreeing to go to an art exhibition with Ewen. Molly attempts to talk to TJ about his problems with reading. When Shawn hears them talking, Molly ends up covering. Ewen talks to Dante again about the stripper case. Matt shows up at Crimson and Spinelli leaves after he and Maxie make it look like they're having a good time. Maxie wants Matt to sign a release for their photo shoot and then says sorry for her what he saw. When Maxie asks Matt to meet her later he tells her that he is too busy as he has some research to do. Matt's patient postpones their meeting over the telephone. Matt informs Elizabeth that he is eager to meet the patient because he wants to see if his research can help. Matt asks Elizabeth to join him for dinner. Jason tells Sam about his brain swelling. Jason promises Sam that he will still love her no matter what the paternity results reveal. Kelly calls Sam to let her know the results will be back tomorrow. Michael goes to see Edward and Tracy at ELQ. Michael ends up agreeing to think about returning to work for the company. Alexis shows up at the police station and talks with Mac, who is still concerned about Maxie's love life. Mac isn't happy when he finds out that Alexis is working for Sonny again.
#12485 49x211
Johnny shows up at the police station wanting some answers about the stripper case. Johnny hears Delores talking to her husband on the telephone about him losing another construction job as he is leaving the police station. Johnny ends up offering her his help. Ewen shows up and offers his profile of the stripper attacker with Dante, Delores and Ronnie. Dante quizzes Delores about her sister. Dante wants Delores and her husband to come out with him and Lulu so that they can get to know each other better. Sonny is confronted by Carly at the restaurant about making their children a target by going after Johnny. Alexis shows up and hears them arguing. Dante ends up making Dante a tempting offer after he shows up. After Carly shows up at Kelly's and and Shawn talk about TJ and Shawn wonders if he is capable of giving him the support system that he really needs. Molly starts to think there is a chance that TJ can't read. Spinelli is confronted by Mac about his decision to move in with Maxie. Tracy makes a call to increase her stay at the Metro Court, but learns Anthony's credit card has been declined. Tracy learns from Johnny that he has cut Anthony off financially. He also informs Tracy about who his real parents are and that he is staking his claim to the money Gino left following his death. Ethan and Cassandra enjoy a glass of wine with lunch at Wyndemere. Luke interrupts them when he shows up and fills Cassandra in on all those who have lost their lives on the island. Luke thinks that his son needs to find out more about his mystery woman. Luke ends up being knocked out after he enters the tunnels at Wyndemere.
#12484 49x210
Kate ends up making up an excuse to Sonny about not being in San Francisco when she said she was going to be. Sonny tells her that it is important that he knows where she is as the Zaccharas are a real danger. Kate and Sonny end up talking about their plans for the restuarant. Carly wonders why Johnny kissed her. Johnny wonders why she wants to help him. Carly is shocked after Johnny shows her his birth certificate. Carly thinks that it shouldn't change who he is. Carly promises Johnny that she is here for him as long as he needs her. Sam's stomache cramp stops and as Spinelli talks to Maxie on the phone she slips out. Maxie isn't happy when she sees Matt and Liz talking at the hospital. Elizabeth sees Sam show up at the hospital and going to talk to Kelly. Robin lets Jason know that his brain is swelling, which could become serious. Robin informs him that surgery could be a last resort if the medication doesn't work. When Jason sees Sam at the hospital, she tells him about the cramps she suffered with. Elizabeth listens in as they are talking. An upset Maxie talks to Spinelli about Matt and Elizabeth and Spinelli suggests that she uses him to make Matt jealous. Lulu is not happy with her father for not coming to see her since he returned to Port Charles. Lulu talks to him about her drink problems. Luke tells him that she needs his help and honesty.
#12483 49x209
Maxie shows up at the loft feeling worried about Lulu. They end up chatting about Lulu's lack of direction and Spinelli moving in with Maxie. Maxie then talks to Lulu about her drinking problems. Luke is confronted by Carly about the information that he found on Johnny, which has left him feeling devastated. Carly ends up admitting to Luke that she likes Johnny more than she thought she did. Lulu shows up to see her father after Carly leaves. An upset Johnny is sitting on the pier as Kate walks by and she asks Johnny what he is up to. Johnny tells her that if she wants to know then she should go speak to Sonny. Johnny warns Kate before she leaves that he will get even with Sonny. Jason shows up at Sonny's office and learns he bought a property the Zaccharas were after. Sonny fills Jason in on what he told Johnny. Kate shows up to see Sonny and Jason leaves. Carly sees Johnny on the pier and she notices that he looks even worse than he did yesterday. Sonny's new pier explodes as they are talking and Johnny asks if she likes his handiwork. After Johnny goes home, he starts to burn his birth certificate. Carly shows up at his door and tells him that she is here if he needs her. Sonny learns about what has happened to the pier and then talks to Kate about her trip. Sonny ends up realizing that Kate never went to San Fransisco. Patrick is concerned about Robin when she returns to work at the hospital. Matt and Elizabeth welcome Robin back. Robin ends up saying sorry to Elizabeth for putting her in a difficult position. Spinelli meets with Sam in their office. Spinelli believes that Sam and Jason would be great parents and they then talk about Spinelli's new living arrangements with Maxie. Sam suffers with a stomache cramp as they are chatting.
#12482 49x208
Jason lurks in the background as Dante quizzes Michael in the alley about the dead man. After Michael insists that he just found the body, Dante tells him to leave so that he doesn’t end up back in prison. Michael leaves with Jason. Delores says that there's still no proof this is their man they are after in the stripper case and Dante thinks that she could be right. Jason follows Michael home, where they are involved in a confrontation about the dead body. Michael insists that he didn't kill the man. Michael decides to try and become the man Abby wanted him to be. Anthony shows up to see Sonny and they are involved in some tense words about Sonny revealing Johnny's true parentage. Anthony vows to get even with Sonny. Johnny ends up loosing control. Tracy attempts to think of a way to tell her father about her marriage to Anthony. Tracy learns that he already knows about her and Anthony getting married and he is surprised when he finds out that Tracy intends to move Anthony into the house. Elizabeth shows up at the Haunted Star and finds Ethan there and they end up talking about Lucky. Sam reluctantly ends up admitting to her mother that she is pregnant. Alexi senses that Sam still isn't telling her everything.
#12481 49x207
Cassandra wants Ethan to take her away from Wyndemere for a while. Ewen isn't happy when he shows up and finds out that she isn't there. Jason wants Sam to take better care of herself. Anthony is shown by Johnny his birth certificate about Gino Solieto being his father and he demands to be be told the truth about everything. Alexis shares with Shawn her concern that T.J. could be a bad influence on her daughter. Michael hopes that Dante has another suspect in mind for the attacks. Dante promises him they'll find the person responsible. Lulu quizzes Tracy about the wedding. When Alexis meets Cassandra she ends up feeling that something is a little off. Olivia talks to Dante about her concerns about Lulu's drinking habits. Sam warns Jason that Michael has a gun. T.J. decides to change Molly's myface account. Anthony informs Johnny that it was Claudia's idea to go away. Ewen tells Ethan he thinks Cassandra has knowledge of using firearms. Alexis works out that Sam isn't telling her something and she asks her if she is pregnant. Jason discovers Michael standing over Donofrio's dead body.
#12480 49x206
Tracy and Anthony argue in a hotel room at the Metro Court as Luke shows up with breakfast for them. They end up learning that he is staying in the room next door. Anthony wants to move into the Quartermaine mansion with Tracy. Luke and Tracy reminisce and talk about regret after Anthony leaves to collect his things from Johnny’s place. After Johnny gets proof that his birth certificate is real he returns back home. Carly shows up to see Johnny and he asks her to leave. Carly is worried about him and offers to her services if he ever needs anyone to talk to. After Carly leaves, Anthony shows up and after he calls Johnny son, Johnny replies to never call him that again. Kate sees Lulu looking for possible new career ideas on the Internet. Lulu turns down the offer of having her old job back. Olivia is concerned when she sees Lulu drinking so early in the morning. Lulu says she's tasting a new wine that Carly had told her about. Lulu turns down the chance to work at the hotel. Sonny wants Kate to join him for dinner but she tells him she will be out of town for a few days. Sonny offers to go with her but she replies she will be too busy to be able to spend any time with him. Michael shows up at Sam's office to hire her before he does something he'll live to regret. Sam isn’t happy when she learns that Michael has a gun. Matt goes Maxie at her apartment and Spinelli ends up walking out in a robe eating some cereal. Matt is not happy when he finds out that Spinelli has moved in. Maxie thinks that she has seen the man with the fedora again and Spinelli ends up running outside and Matt reluctantly follows. The fedora guy ends up taking them back into the apartment and informs Maxie that he's guarding her on Anthony's orders. Spinelli and Matt wonder why Maxie would need somebody to look out for her. Jason goes to see Robin and she fills him in on her trip and telling Patrick the truth about everything. Robin wants to know how Jason is doing.
#12479 49x205
Patrick tells his wife that he knows she's the patient she's been talking about. Robin ends up admitting that she was really in Seattle and that she is now on a third protocol with a doctor who has managed to get great results with his patients in Africa. Robin explains to Patrick the reasons why she lied to him. Robin agrees to Patrick's request that there be no more secrets between them. They also talk about her asking Elizabeth to take her place and talking to Jason before coming to him. Patrick promises her that he will be there every step of the way with her. Sam and Jason talk to Kelly about getting a paternity test performed on her unborn child. Kelly warns them that having it performed could cause a miscarriage. Sam decides to still have the test performed. Elizabeth is curious after learning that Sam has had a test performed. Kate talks to Jax at the airport bar. Jax tells Kate that he has a business proposition for her which Kate ends up agreeing to. After Jax leaves, Kate gets a call from the person she's supposed to meet, who informs her that he wont be coming now which makes her angry. Sonny informs Johnny that Anthony isn't his father and shows him his birth certificate. Johnny is shocked to learn that Gino Soleito is his real father. He is also shocked to find out from Sonny that Claudia was his mother. A furious Johnny pulls a gun on Sonny. Olivia isn't happy when he finds Steve with Maggie. Tracy is pleased to see Luke but she is shocked after she learns he's not there to stop the wedding. Anthony tells the minister to get things under way but Tracy says she can't do it because she wants tradition. Maxie steps in to help and suggests Luke be the best man at the wedding. Anthony and Tracy end up getting married.
#12478 49x204
Luke shows up at Sonny's office with information that he knows he will want but he wants to be rewarded for it. Sonny is left lost for words after he sees the information that Luke has. Sonny promises Luke that he will deposit a huge amount of money in an offshore account. Johnny pulls back from Carly. Johnny informs a confused Carly that he is trying to do the right thing and let her off the hook. Johnny tells her that she is free to leave after he assures her he won’t use her son. Carly and Johnny end up talking about Michael and Claudia. After Carly leaves, Sonny shows up to see Johnny and tells him that he feels sorry for him. As Tracy is having a drink on the boat, Anthony shows up. Maxie enters the room to help Tracy get ready to marry Anthony. Tracy attempts to get her hands on Maxie’s phone so that she can call for help. Anthony returns and warns both of them there will be serious trouble if either of them attempts to leave the boat. Luke shows up as Anthony and Tracy are about to be married. Elizabeth runs into Patrick at the hospital who her that he's sad and angry about Robin. Robin calls Patrick and tells her that she is on his way home and needs to tell him something important. Patrick is worried about what Robin is going to tell him as Elizabeth helps him with Emma at home. Elizabeth offers him some advice before leaving. Patrick and Robin hug after she returns home. Jax asks surprised Michael why6 he has a gun. Jax offers Michael his condolences about Abby. Michael tries to find out from Jax why he pretended to be dead. Jax explains to Michael why he and Carly can’t get back together and why he can’t remain in Port Charles. Jax wants Michael to look after Carly, Morgan and Josslyn after he leaves town again. Jax asks him not to tell anyone that he has seen him. Kate pays Olivia a visit with some designer dresses for her. Olivia tells her that she doesn’t need her charity. Kate tells her that she and Sonny are putting the past behind them and tells her about the restaurant. Kate makes plans to meet somebody at the airport and when she shows up there she is shocked to see Jax.
#12477 49x203
Sonny shows up at the penthouse wanting Jason to take Johnny out. Jason wants time to find out Johnny is even involved in the. Sonny wants action to be taken now but Jason warns him if Johnny isn't involved and they go after him, it will be like the situation that happened with Jax all over again. Michael goes to see Johnny and informs him that Sonny thinks he was the one who shot him. Michael doesn't believe he was involved though and still want to come work with him. Michael's gun is seen by Johnny. Johnny thinks that he might be able to help Michael with the stripper case and they make plans to meet up later. Dante surprises Lulu with flowers. After they make love and Dante leaves, Lulu opens a bottle of wine. Shawn finds out that TJ stole a car after going to the police station. Alexis shows up represent him as Mac tells Shawn what happened. Alexis isn’t happy with TJ’s attitude. Mac wants Alexis to go out to dinner with him. Dante tells Mac about Ewen being used as a profiler. Carly calls Luke in an effort to find out if he has managed to get anything on Johnny yet. Jax watches from outside Kelly’s as Mercedes shows up with his daughter. Johnny shows up after Carly finishes her call with Luke. Johnny tells her about seeing Michael earlier and that he has to meet him later. Carly tells him she is going to come through on their deal tonight so he won’t have time to meet her son. After Johnny leaves, Shawn and TJ show up. TJ attempts to flirt with a stripper friend of Shawn’s. When Michael shows up he shows Abby's friend a photograph of the suspect the police freed. The girl confirms to Michael that he used to go to the club a lot. Michael runs into Jax after going into the alley. Luke gets some information from Skye about Johnny. Carly shows up at Johnny's where she ends up kissing him after she is unable to get hold of Luke. Luke ends up calling at things heat up between Carly and Johnny. When Carly doesn’t answer his call, Luke says to himself that she has missed her chance and that he knows somebody else who would love the information that he has. Anthony surprises Tracy with her wedding dress and tells her that their wedding is today. Ethan and Cassandra have a good time at Wyndemere together. When she hears Ewen coming she stops the fun they are having. Before she leaves, she tells Ethan to tell Ewen that she hasn’t seen her. Ewen informs Ethan that he is moving into Wyndemere and that he doesn’t want him seeing Cassandra anymore. Cassandra, who has been listening in, makes her presence known and is furious with Ewen. Cassandra wants to stay at Wyndemere with both Ethan and Ewen.
#12476 49x202
Alexis and Molly meet with Shawn at Kelly's as he wants Alexis' advice. Carly walks in as they are talking. TJ ends up joining them, which sees Shawn having to make some introductions. Shawn isn't sure how to deal with the pain TJ is suffering with. Carly believes that Shawn helping him is a good thing and offers her help if he needs it. Shawn agrees to run Kelly's for Carly whilst her mother is out of town. Ewen shows up wanting to discuss with Alexis about renting Wyndemere. After he tells her about his patient with unusual needs who is drawn to Wyndemere, she agrees to allow him to rent the place. Molly attempts to make TJ see that Shawn is a good person. After Olivia and Steve spend the night at her place, Olivia thinks that he should start leaving some of his stuff there. Maxie shows Matt the pictures from their photo shoot. Elizabeth ends up interrupting them with the journal Matt's research has been published in. Matt refuses to believe that Maxie really has a stalker and continues to refuse to move in with her. Olivia isn't happy when she thinks that Maggie is using a young patient to try and get closer to Steve. Spinelli gets information about the fire at Franco's studio and tells Jason that a body was found believed to be Franco's. He also tells Jason that the fire is blamed on mishandling of turpentine. Ethan shows up to see Spinelli who informs him that he knows that he is here to talk about Cassandra. Ethan needs to know who she really is. Maxie shows up and asks Spinelli to become her new flatmate. Sam wakes up after suffering with a nightmare about Franco. Jason returns and Sam says they have to come to a decision about what to do about the baby. Jason tells her that they need to stop thinking about Franco after Sam says she isn't sure she could carry his baby as it could easily be his. Jason tells her that he loves her her and he'll be with her no matter what she decides to do. Sam wants to take a test to determine paternity on the baby which Jason thinks is a good idea. Sonny ends up following a stressed out Kate to the Metro Court, where they continue to talk about the dangers of his lifestyle. Kate ends up telling Sonny that she can't do this anymore and that she isn't sure they're compatible. She continues that she loves being with him, but she also has her work and reputation to think about.
#12475 49x201
Matt sees Elizabeth and wonders why his brother pulled out of the surgery he was scheduled to perform. Elizabeth lies and says that he wasn't feeling very well. Matt quizzes Elizabeth about what is going on between her and Ewen. Elizabeth tells him that there is nothing going on at all. Matt tells her about his decision not to move in with Maxie. When Ewen shows up he takes Elizabeth away for a session. Lulu takes Dante some breakfast at work and shares with him her concerns about Tracy who she hasn't heard from recently. Delores informs Dante about a psychiatrist she wants to bring in as a profiler after Lulu leaves. After Ewen shows up at the police station, he offers his take on the stripper case. Shawn sees a boy in Kelly's, which is closed and ends up realizing that it's TJ, the son of the man he accidentally killed whilst serving in the army. Shawn asks him why he he is here and he replies that Shawn owes him as he killed his dad. Shawn ends up agreeing to allow TJ to stay until his mother comes to get him. Lulu thinks she has found a new calling after taking Wilson out for a walk. Lulu shares her idea with Dante, who notices that she's breaking out in hives. Lulu realizes that she is allergic to dogs. After Ewen returns to the hospital, he thinks that Elizabeth seems a lot calmer. Matt shares his views with Elizabeth about Ewen. As she is telling Matt that she has something she wants to show him, Maxie shows up. Tracy is furious with Anthony for kidnapping her and he tells her that they are getting married. Tracy ends up informing him that she hates him. Anthony believes that is perfect because they can get all the cards on the table. Kate shows up to get her car from Johnny's garage where Carly shows up as well. After Kate leaves, Johnny informs Carly that he knows she's attempting to avoid sleeping with him. Carl leaves and calls Luke telling him she needs the information as soon as possible. Back in the garage, Johnny handles his gun. Sonny calls Michael to come to his office and shows him the bullet that was fired at him. Kate shows up and hears them talking about the shooting. Sonny explains to her that he didn't want her to find out what happened in case it scared her off him. Kate tells him that she wont be going anywhere. Michael goes to the alley and hides his gun in some rubbish but returns to get it back again.
#12474 49x200
Patrick continues to talk to Elizabeth and wonders why Robin couldn't tell him the truth. Jason asks Sam if she is sure that she is pregnant and she replies yes. Sonny is shown sitting on the floor bleeding after being shot. Patrick tries to find out more from Elizabeth and asks her if Robin will be coming back home. Ewan thinks that Cassandra is becoming attached to Ethan and warns her again to stay away from him. Ethan is at the Haunted Star. Lulu shows up and acts like she is distracted by something. Ethan ends up teasing her about getting married with not having any of her family at the ceremony. Sonny manages to crawl behind the desk. Luke talks to Alexis at the Metro Court. Matt and Maxie prepare for the Woman Behind The Man photo shoot. Sonny attempts to use his cell phone to call Jason but gets his voice mail instead. The door opens and Sonny grabs his gun stands up and sees Shawn. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Robin wanted to spare him the pain of seeing her suffer. Patrick asks Elizabeth if his wife asked her to take her place in his life. Ethan congratulates Lulu on her wedding after she fills him in on the details. Helena continues to lurk in the shadows as Ethan and Cassandra talk. Jason wonders how Sam is feeling about being pregnant. Sam replies that we did the procedure and it worked. After they share a hug, Jason tells her he loves and Sam replies that she loves him too. Sam continues that she has dreamed of this day but never thought it would be like this. Jason says that Franco being gone and him being married to her is the best feeling ever. Elizabeth tells Patrick that she could never take Robin's place in his life. Patrick wishes that Elizabeth had told him what was going on earlier and decides to call Robin and tell her to come home. Maxie wants Matt to move in with her. Alexis and Luke talk about Tracy's upcoming wedding with Anthony. Shawn helps Sonny to make it to a chair. Shawn wonders who shot him. Alexis attempts to convince Luke to talk to Tracy before it is too late. Anthony calls Maxie as she and Matt are talking. Matt tells her that he doesn't want to move in for all the wrong reasons. Maxie thinks that she has sees somebody at the window. Matt tells Maxie to lock the door after he leaves and that he will call her later. Jason and Sam continue to talk about the baby and Sam says she doesn't want one this way. Jason says that they need to deal with it. Sam thinks that they can survive this and Jason says even if it turns out to be Franco's. Elizabeth tries to make Patrick see that Robin was just trying to spare him and he insists that he is going to call her. Sam can't bear the thought of Franco fathering the baby.Jason promises to support her whatever she decides to do. Jason isn't sure that he could raise Franco's child and tells Sam they will just have to hope it is their baby. Shawn removes the bullet from the wall. Sonny thinks that if Johnny of his father were involved then they would of made sure he was dead now. Jax is seen talking on the phone saying that he didn't accomplish what he wanted to and that he will have to stay a little longer in Port Charles now.
#12473 49x199
Jax chats to his mother on the telephone and informs her that he has to stay out of sight. He promises her that he will be careful. Sonny attempts to try and stop Michael from going after the suspect in the stripper case. Michael promises his father that if he doesn't deal with things then he will take matters into his own hands. Kate shows up and they talk about it and Sonny refuses to take somebody out without any real proof. After Michael leaves, Kate and Sonny talk about him. Jax listens in as they talk. Sonny wants the new restaurant to be something they've worked on together. After Kate leaves, Sonny gets a call and somebody shoots at him after he picks up the phone. Jason holds Franco at gunpoint who cryptically tells him why he allowed him to find him. Jason ends up shooting Franco. Franco tells Jason that he will never know why he came into his life if he dies. Jason ends up shooting Franco again and after Jason leaves the building can be seen burning. Sam is concerned about Jason going after Franco. Michael shows up and he wants to employ Sam to go after the suspect the police released. After Michael tells Sam he wants him dead, Sam warns him not to do anything impulsive. Michael leaves and Jason returns home and Sam is relieved to see him. Michael buys a gun on the streets. Patrick is concerned that Robin hasn't called yet from Africa and is relieved when she finally does call. Robin is seen walking into a Seattle hospital after finishing the call. Elizabeth breaks down and ends up admitting to Patrick that his wife is sick. Luke makes a call in an effort to try and track down Helena. Cassandra pulls away from the kiss with Ethan and continues to talk about not having any real identity. Helena continues to lurk in the background as the Ethan and Cassandra talk about love. Ethan and Cassandra end up sharing another kiss before they make love. Ethan receives a text message from his father who informs him that he needs to see him. Cassandra refuses to go to the meeting with him. Ewen shows up after Ethan leaves and thinks that Cassandra seeing anyone would be a mistake. Cassandra accuses him of becoming obsessive but he thinks her staying away from Ethan will be best for both of them in the long run. Luke wants Ethan's help in digging up Zacchara family secrets and thinks they need Skye's help as well. Ethan doesn't want t leave town to charm Skye and tells his father about Cassandra. Sam tells Jason that she is pregnant.
#12472 49x198
After seeing Steve and Maggie sharing a kiss, Olivia leaves. Steve pulls away from Maggie telling her he never brought her to Port Charles for that and that he is with Olivia. They begin to talk about the past and Maggie says she couldn't face what they did, but she now realizes that under certain circumstances, people do strange things. Maggie doesn't want Steve having her transferred to another hospital. Dante and Delores end up deciding there isn't enough evidence to hold their suspect and are forced to let him go. Michael shows up and finds out that the man has been let go. Ronnie and Michael team up against Delores and Dante, who attempt to defend their decision to let him go. Sonny calls Jason and urges him to stop his obsession with Franco go or it will destroy him. Olivia discovers that Sonny is thinking of opening the restaurant to the public and learns that the name of the place will share that of a place he used to hang out with Connie. Johnny shows up to see Sonny as they are talking. Sonny warns Johnny to stay away from his son after Olivia leaves. Michael shows up as they are talking. Michael vents to Sonny after Johnny leaves about the police letting the suspect go. Olivia returns to the hospital and kisses Steve in front of Maggie. After Steve is called away, Olivia warns Maggie to stay away from Steve and lets her know she saw them kissing. Jason informs his wife that he can't let go of his obsession about Franco because he blames himself for what happened to her. Alexis calls her daughter and asks her to come see her and Molly at Kelly's. Spinelli shows up and reluctantly informs Jason that Franco is at the gallery. Jason confronts Franco and asks him why he allowed him find him. Franco wonders what he would do to know the answer. After Alexis notices that Sam is distracted she thinks she should go talk to Jason about what is on her mind. Helena listens in as Cassandra talks to Ethan about the different strange houses she's recently lived in. Cassandra informs Ethan that she trusts him. She also thinks that he should keep his distance from her as she doesn't stay anywhere for very long.
#12471 49x197
Cassandra listens in as Ethan and Ewen talk about her at Wyndemere. After Ewen leaves, Ethan calls out Cassandra's name. After she reveals herself to him, he tells her that he wants to know all the secrets that she is hiding. When she decides to leave, he attempts to convince her not to. After Cassandra kisses him, Ethan admits just how intrigued he is by her. He attempts to find out if she's hiding from Helena. Olivia shows up at the police station with some food for her son as he and Delores work on the stripper case. Olivia ends up talking to Dante about Steve and Maggie. Olivia is worried that she could end up making a fool of herself after Dante suggests she tells Steve how she feels about him. Johnny demands that Steve gives him a referral at the hospital who is worried about what he wants it for. After meeting with Maggie, Steve tells her it was a mistake to bring her to the hospital and he thinks she should leave. Steve thinks that they need to put what happened in the past behind them but Maggie kisses him as Olivia shows up and sees them. Lulu confronts Tracy about her engagement to Anthony. Lulu thinks she is making a mistake giving up on her father. Maxie and Anthony work on the wedding plans. Maxie leaves when Tracy shows up and informs Anthony that here won't be a wedding. Tracy begins sneezing and says she's ill and doesn't want to start their marriage this way. Anthony ends up agreeing to postpone the wedding until she is better. Tracy ends up having a hood thrown over her head after she leaves. Carly meets with Luke at Kelly's where she informs him that she has managed to get herself into a spot of bother. She fills him in on what has been going on and asks him to find some dirt so she doesn’t have to sleep with Johnny. Johnny shows up just as Luke is promising to deal the situation if she gives him everything he wants at the Metro Court. As Luke is leaving he runs into Maxie who asks him if he knows about Tracy and Anthony's wedding as he has the newspaper with the announcement inside it. When Maxie sees Lulu she lets her know that Luke is back in town. Diane shows up to see Spinelli at his office where she talks about her column. Spinelli tells Diane how he is attempting to make Maxie jealous with Cassandra in an effort to try and win her back.
#12470 49x196
Carly shows up to see Sonny to discuss Michael. Kate ends up joining them in only Sonny's shirt and is soon arguing with Carly. Kate ends up going back upstairs and Carly and Sonny end up arguing about Michael. Sonny later shares his concerns about Michael with Kate. Sonny and Kate end up falling out and Kate says what happened between them tonight was just good sex. Before she leaves Kate warns Sonny that Carly will tell everyone about them being together and wants to know if he is ready for them to be public knowledge. Sonny leaves Michael a message and then sees a glove on a chair, as somebody outside watches in. Michael hears Ronnie telling Dante that he needs to throw him a proper bachelor party after he goes into the police station. Michael is not happy that they have not been able to discover who has been attacking the strippers. Michael is determined to find out who is responsible. Lulu finds Maxie outside their apartment and Maxie is worried that somebody is following her. Lulu talks to Maxie about potential new flatmates. Anthony calls Maxie, who doesn't let on to Lulu who is on the other end of the line. Ronnie manages to get a lead on the stripper case. Johnny reads the newspaper which has the announcement of his father's wedding to Tracy in it. Johnny thinks his father needs to be certain that Luke is no longer in the picture. Carly calls Johnny and informs him that the window of opportunity is starting to close. After Johnny leaves, Michael shows up looking for him and Anthony asks him to come in. Carly lets herself into Kelly's, as Jax lurks outside. Shawn comes down wanting to know what she is doing here in the middle of the night. Johnny later shows up and he and Carly go over the terms of their agreement once again. Shawn returns and witnesses them sharing a kiss and interrupts them. After Johnny leaves, Shawn tries to find out from Carly what she is up to. After Shawn leaves, Carly makes a call asking somebody for help. Sam talks to Jason about his health. Patrick and Robin show up to talk to Jason about his symptoms. As Patrick returns with Jason's test results Sam leaves to answer a call. Robin says that the test results are inconclusive. Robin attempts to convince Jason to agree to let Patrick run more tests. Robin says goodbye to Patrick before leaving to go to 'Africa'. Sam informs Jason that she has something important to tell him but he wants to wait to hear what it is until they get back home. Jason calls Spinelli telling him to find Franco. Sam is told by a new mother that having a baby is the most incredible feeling ever.
#12469 49x195
Ethan and Spinelli learn from Ewen that the Woman in White is his patient and that not even she knows who she is. Ewen calls her Cassandra and he explains that she has a mind for detail. Cassandra informs them that she's not afraid and tells Ewen she wants to stay at Wyndemere. Cassandra ends up screaming and runs away as the trio turn around. Carly is determined to make sure that Michael does not become involved in Johnny's organization. After they negotiate, Carly and Johnny share a kiss and he tells her it's her last chance to back out, but she refuses. Robin begs Elizabeth to be there for Patrick and Emma after she leaves. Elizabeth agrees to do it if Robin is honest with Patrick before she leaves. Robin and Elizabeth learn that Jason is at the hospital for tests and Robin wants Patrick to focus on Jason, so now is not the best time to be honest with him. Jason refuses to have anymore tests run on himself. Patrick attempts to convince Jason that he needs to have them run for Sam's sake. Patrick brings up to Jason about Robin going to Africa. Patrick demands to know what is going on when Jason acts oddly. Jason thinks that Patrick should talk to Robin. Sam shows up at the hospital and finds Monica. They discuss about Jason passing out. Patrick shows up and updates Sam on Jason. After Patrick leaves, Sam gets out the pregnancy test. Patrick finds his wife in the hospital locker room and quizzes her about what is really going on. Monica talks to Jason about starting a family with Sam. Kate questions Sonny about Jax. Sonny tells her that he wants to talk to Jax so they can finally put the past behind them. Kate makes a mysterious call after Sonny goes to check on how dinner is doing. Sonny tells Kate after he returns that he doesn't want to rush things between them and they end up sharing a kiss. Sonny follows Kate when she goes upstairs.
#12468 49x194
Sam receives a call from Michael and she informs him that she is here for him should he need anyone to talk to. Jason tells Sam that Spinelli can find Franco. Sam takes the pregnancy test after Jason goes out. Jason goes to the place where the accident happened and sees that Michael is there. Michael ends up accusing everybody of treating him like a child and declares that he is going to work for Johnny. Jason is shocked that Michael has decided to go against Sonny. Patrick finds his wife at Kelly's as she looks at the will she has written. Both Ethan and Spinelli are waiting for somebody to show up. The Woman in White shows up and leaves before either of them can see her. Spinelli goes to see Maxie who tells him about Lulu leaving. Spinelli says that he wants to be her new flatmate. Maxie thinks that it is a bad idea. Anthony shows up after Spinelli leaves and blackmails Maxie into planning his wedding reception. Ewen exits the shower in nothing but a towel as Elizabeth and Monica are talking in the locker area. Monica ends up offering him a more permanent position at the hospital. Maxie shows up at the hospital looking for Matt. Robin wants Matt to move in with her. Jason shows up looking for Robin and passes out. Monica shows Tracy a newspaper with the announcement of her engagement to Anthony in it. Tracy is left feeling shocked. Robin informs Elizabeth that her viral load is not right and if she is unable to get it under control and continues that she needs to go away for a while. Elizabeth thinks that she should be honest with Patrick. Tracy runs into Floyd at Kelly's and is furious that he printed her engagement to Anthony. Ethan goes into the tunnels at Wyndemere. The Woman in White leaves the tunnel and looks at Laura's painting. She is found by Ethan as Spinelli enters from the other side of the tunnel. After Ewen leaves the tunnel he tells them that the woman is one of his patients.
#12467 49x193
Jax lurks in the shadows as Alexis meets with Sonny at the Metro Court. Alexis wants Sonny to promise her that he won't go looking for Jax. Alexis warns Sonny that she will tell their daughter the truth about Yale if he does go after Jax. Mac shows up and declares that the case against Jax is closed since he is still alive. Alexis ends up breaking down. Sam receives a call from her sister, who wants to show her what she discovered at Wyndemere. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam it's time for him to move out after he shows up at the penthouse. As Sam goes to see her sister, Jason asks Spinelli where he is planning on living. Spinelli tells Jason about how he managed to get Sonny his money back. Dante helps Lulu pack up her belongings from her old apartment. Maxie shows up and is upset that she had to find out about the wedding from Kate. Maxie is upset that Lulu will be moving out. After Lulu leaves, Maxie calls Matt and informs him that she has a surprise for him. Ewen meets with Shawn and Wilson at Kelly's. After Molly shows up she learns that Wilson will be part of a dog therapy program. Molly looks after Wilson so that Shawn can talk outside with Carly. Carly informs him that everyone knows that Jax is still alive. As Shawn and Carly are talking, Jax lurks around the corner. After Carly leaves with Josslyn, Shawn returns to Kelly's and takes Wilson for a walk. Ewen picks up some photos that Molly dropped and talks to her about her family heritage. After Sam arrives, she sees the Cassadine photo album that Molly found, but she doesn’t recognize any of the people in it. Ewen watches on as Molly shows her sister the button that she found. Sam returns home as Spinelli is saying his goodbyes. Michael asks Johnny for a job because he wants to get the person who is hurting the strippers. Michael isn't happy when his mother shows up and he asks her to leave. After Johnny leaves, Carly is waiting for him and asks him what she has to do to keep him away from Michael. Patrick shares his theory with Robin that she killed Lisa. A surprised Robin thought that he had killed her. They are both relieved to realize that somebody else is responsible.
#12466 49x192
When Patrick returns home he sees a suitcase that Robin has packed. Olivia and Kate talk about what happened last night. Sonny finds Michael at Abby's apartment as Jax lurks nearby. Sam asks Jason if he wants to talk about what happened last night. Robin tells Patrick that she is going to an AIDS conference. Patrick tells his wife about the accident that Jason and Michael were involved in and mentions that Jason is worried about her. Patrick wants to know if there is something she wants to tell him. Sam and Jason discuss the accident and Michael. Michael tells Sonny that he can't get the image of Abby's dead body out of his mind. Sonny tells Michael he will call Max and Milo to pick up Abby's stuff but Michael replies that he needs something to keep busy with. Sonny tells Michael he will find out the identity of the person who has been attacking Abby's friends. Jason has some flashbacks after looking at Jake's yellow motorcycle. Sam kicks the pregnancy test under the bed to stop Jason from seeing it. Olivia warns her cousin that if she intends to have a future with Sonny then Carly will always be part of their lives as she and Sonny share children together. Olivia reminds Kate about what happened the last time she and Sonny were a couple. Jax listens in through the door as Michael and Sonny talk. Kate is concerned after Olivia tells her about the dizzy spells she has been suffering with. Kate wonders why Maggie came to town. Johnny shows up to see Steven and tells him that he knows things about him and Maggie and Steven wonders what he wants. Sonny doesn't want Michael becoming involved in the business. When Sam and Jason show up, Michael tells them that only Sam is welcome to stay. Michael is furious with Jason for not saying anything when he knew Jax was still alive. Robin tells Patrick that Jason is just being over protective. Patrick continues to believe that she isn't telling him something. Patrick thinks that his wife could be worried about her own current HIV status. Michael continues to give Jason attitude. Johnny wonders how Olivia would react if she found out what he knows. Johnny tells Steven that he has to do what he says. Patrick hugs Robin after telling her that nothing will come between them. Patrick offers to drive Robin but she wants him to say home with Emma. Maggie tries to find out from Steven what Johnny wanted after he leaves. Sonny continues to refuse to allow Michael to become part of the business and after Sonny leaves he is followed by Jax. Maggie and Steven talk about that night on the roof. Maggie hugs Steven as Olivia shows up. Sonny and Kate talk about Michael. Sonny tells Kate he will cook her dinner tomorrow if she promises not to bail out on him. Jason and Jason talk about Michael. Johnny shows up to see Michael as it is revealed that called him to come see him.
#12465 49x191
Elizabeth bumps into Ewen at the hospital and he attempts to help her after she tells him how badly her new year has began. After Matt shows up Elizabeth attempts to use the therapy that Ewen used on her on him. Anthony's marriage proposal is turned down by Tracy. Tracy calls for help in the trapped lift and Anthony tells her that if she does marry him he will make sure she is kept out of prison. Tracy accuses him of trying to blackmail her. Anthony tells Tracy he will out an announcement about their engagement in the newspaper tomorrow. The elevator begins to work again. Following the accident Jason wakes up on the side of the road and then goes to see how Michael is. Dante shows up as Michael recovers and he accuses Jason of knowing the truth about Jax. Alexis shouts at Carly at the party about Jax. Carly attempts to defend her actions. As Carly argues with Kate and Sonny again, Lulu interrupts with with news of the accident Michael was involved in. Sam thinks about the video message that Franco left telling Jason they are going to be a daddy. Jason calls Sam and tells her that she needs to come to the hospital. Carly and Sonny find Michael and Dante at the hospital. Michael is off with them and checks himself out. Jason shows up and explains to Carly and Sonny what happened. Patrick wants to make sure that Jason is OK and reminds him that he still needs follow up tests from his recent operation. Kate and Carly continue to argue at the hospital. Sonny tells Carly that Michael wants nothing more to do with her and neither does he. Michael makes a mysterious phone call and sets up a meeting. Jason and Sam return home after he is released from the hospital. Jason promises Sam that he will stop chasing Franco until he has a real lead on where he is. Dante goes back to the Metro Court where he and Lulu discuss Michael's anger issues following Abby's death. They both end up making some new year resolutions. The Woman in White discovers the message that Ethan left on the coffee cup outside Kelly's. Before Maxie can introduce herself to the woman, she vanishes. After Maxie leaves, Spinelli sees the woman again and manages to take a picture of her on his telephone. Ethan sees the Woman in White who kisses him and she begins to walk away. Ethan stops her and kisses her again before she runs off.
#12464 49x190
Tracy sees Ethan outside Kelly's and asks him where Luke is, but he replies that he doesn’t know. After Tracy shows him the diamond that she thinks Luke sent her, she tells Ethan that she is finished with his father. Michael ends up agreeing to go to Carly's New Year's Eve party. Jax is shown with an airline ticket with the destination of Port Charles on it. Michael finds out from Dante about his marriage to Lulu. Spinelli shows up at Crimson just as Sonny and Kate are leaving to go to Carly's party and he gives Sonny some of his missing money. Maxie thinks that Spinelli's computer skills have come back but he tells her that he has managed to channel his skills into other areas. Spinelli tells Maxie he wants her help in getting ready to impress a woman. After Spinelli leaves, Maxie calls Matt and lets him know she will be late meeting him as something has come up. After she follows Spinelli to Kelly's, Maxie demands that he tell her who the woman he is meeting is. The Woman in White shows up as Ethan leaves. Spinelli ends up seeing the Woman in White and Maxie wants to know if she is the woman he is trying to impress. Sam calls Jason, who is on his motorbike, after she has nightmare about what happened on their honeymoon. Sam wants him to come home but Jason tells her he needs to begin the New Year by getting rid of Franco once and for all. Jason ends up agreeing to come home after Sam pleads with him to. Sam realizes that she is late for her period. Tracy shows up at the Metro Court where she sees Anthony, who lets her know that he sent her the invitation to attend the party there. Tracy decides to leave and Anthony follows her. Olivia shows Lulu's ring to Sonny and Kate and Sonny welcomes her to the family. Both Michael and Dante show up at the party. Michael makes an announcement that Jax is still alive and that his mother has known all along. Carly ends up telling Sonny and Alexis that she isn't sure that Jax is still alive but she couldn't let Sonny know if there was a chance he is because he would of gone after him. Michael ends up leaving the party and is followed by Dante. Kate shouts at Carly. After Anthony follows Tracy into an elevator, it becomes stuck. Anthony asks Tracy to marry him after showing her the ring he has created that will fit her new diamond.
#12463 49x189
Tracy shows Lulu her diamond after arriving at the loft. Lulu accidentally drops it in some sauce. After retrieving it Tracy thinks the diamond is from Luke. Tracy is surprised after Lulu tells her about her marriage. Lulu thinks that things between Tracy and her father aren't finished but Tracy insists they are. Ethan is approached by the Woman in White as he sleeps at Wyndemere. After waking up and realizing she has been there, Ethan leaves her a note telling her to wake him next time. Alexis and Molly show up at Wyndemere. Molly sneaks off as Ethan tells Alexis about what is going on. When Molly comes back she has some books and Ethan thinks they all should go but Alexis and Molly end up staying behind. Molly looks at some old pictures but doesn't show her mother. She does show her a button she discovered on the shore though and romantically wonders who it belongs to. After going to Kelly's, Ethan thinks he has seen the Woman in White outside but when he goes to investigate there is nobody there. Michael quizzes his mother about the possibility of Jax still being alive. Carly manages to change the topic by asking Michael about his New Year's Eve plans. Michael becomes emotional after talking about Abby. Shawn shows up after Michael leaves and Michael listens in at the door as Carly tells Shawn about Michael asking if Jax could still be alive. Dante and Sonny argue in his office about their difficult relationship and Sonny's wrong doings. Sonny gets Dante a glass of water after he has difficulties breathing. Sonny asks Dante to attend the New Year's Eve party at the Metro Court. Dante ends up agreeing to go so that he can support Michael. Sonny decides to do something worthwhile with the cheque that Dante still refuses to accept. Maggie learns from Elizabeth about Lucky's departure and she tells her she is over waiting around for him. Elizabeth quizzes Maggie about her past relationship with Steve. Maggie asks Elizabeth if she has discovered who saved her yet. Shawn talks with Ewen about Wilson. Ewen believes that the dog could become something Shawn could trust and depend on. After Elizabeth runs into Ewen she has a flashback involving the person who saved her.
#12462 49x188
Shawn insists to Carly that he doesn't have the time to look after a dog but Carly replies that all of his demeanor changed with Wilson. Carly ends up deciding that he should move out because Franco isn't a threat anymore. After Carly leaves, Shawn talks to Wilson and suggests that they go see Ewen about finding him a home because he needs to pull away before he gets too involved. Jason and Robin continue to talk about her having to tell Patrick the truth about what is going on. Franco calls Jason and Robin notices him clench his fist. Robin is certain it is neurological and attempts to convince him to get checked out at the hospital. After Michael shows up at the penthouse, Robin tells him how sorry she is to hear about what happened to Abby. After Robin leaves, Michael reveals that he has just returned from New Zealand and that he knows about what happened to Sam in Hawaii. Michael tells Jason that his need for revenge is the reason that Sam can't talk to him about what happened at the moment. Michael tries to get Jason not to allow things between him and Sam to deteriorate. After Michael goes to see his mother he tells her he thought he saw Jax in New Zealand at the airport. Patrick and Epiphany hear Maggie talking on the phone at the hospital. After Jason shows up at the hospital to get himself checked out he receives a call from Franco. Before he leaves though he reminds Robin about their deal. Anthony and Johnny talk outside Kelly's about the ambush at Sonny's restaurant. Sonny shows up and quizzes them about if they were trying to kill him or Jason. Anthony insists they had nothing to do with what happened. After Sonny tells them about Abby's death, Anthony insists to his son that he had nothing to do with it but they could use it to their advantage to try and get Michael on side. Anthony wants to know if Johnny has managed to get new policeman on side yet. After Johnny goes inside Kelly's he meets with Delores. Delores ends up leaving after Johnny asks too many questions. Johnny ends up making a telephone call to find dirt on Delores. Olivia attempts to assist Lulu save her dinner for Dante she made. Lulu decides to go along with what ever decision Dante wants to make regarding Sonny. Dante ends up going to Sonny's office and gives him back the cheque.
#12461 49x187
Dante and Lulu return home following their marriage where some surprise gifts are waiting there from Olivia. Sonny has left them a congratulations letter and a cheque for $100,000. After Olivia shows up, she and Lulu cook a meal together. When Kate shows up at Crimson, she discovers Sonny there waiting for her and he says sorry to her for having to rush off. Sonny lets Kate know that he wants her to be part of his future and tells her about Abby’s death. After Sonny leaves, Kate makes a phone call and asks the person on the other end of the line for help in not making another mistake. Carly surprises Shawn with a dog called Wilma. Shawn soon realizes though that "Wilma" is a boy and Carly decides to name him Wilson instead. Sam goes to eat at a restaurant and sees a doll on the seat next to her. She’s relieved after Patrick shows up looking for it as it belongs to Emma. Patrick tells Sam about buying the doll for Emma and they also talk about how their respective Christmas went. Patrick tells Sam that Jason really needs to come into the hospital for a check up. Robin goes to see Jason who is surprised that she still hasn't told Patrick that she is leaving. Robin attempts to convince Jason to have his surgical check-up. Jason tells Robin he will have a check up if she is honest with Patrick. Delores is caught by Dante in the evidence room. Sonny shows up to see Dante and congratulates him on his marriage and tells him about Abby’s death. Sonny asks Dante to find out who Michael was trying to protect Abby from so that he can't hurt anybody else.
#12460 49x186
Ewen shows up Elizabeth's place as Cameron is blaming her for Lucky's sudden departure. Robin lies to Patrick. Olivia is over the moon that her son is getting married on Christmas Eve, but he wants to keep the ceremony small. Robin is shown the deeds to some land that Patrick purchased. Robin becomes upset and starts to cry. Monica is worried by the fact that Jason has still not arranged a check up yet. Sam and Jason share a tender moment. Tracy decides to play Santa Claus in an effort to make sure that the Quartermaine house is a happy place during the holidays. Ewen thinks that Cameron is just lashing out and that Elizabeth should just give him some time to adjust. Lucky shows up at St. Margaret's church hoping to find something that he can believe in. Patrick videos Robin with Emma. After Dante and Lulu are married, Olivia calls the rest of the family to come in the church. Tracy is surprised after she finds out that Alice didn't get the presents for Edward and Monica. Lucky hears the gate open sat the church and turns around and asks what they're doing here. Cameron says sorry to Elizabeth for the way he acted.
#12459 49x185
Robin learns from Monica that the board wants to reinstate her as Chief of Staff at the hospital. Robin turns down the offer and tells Monica that she wants to spend more time with her family. Robin thinks that Monica should become take the position herself. Robin talks to Monica about what is going on with Jason. Sonny says sorry to Jason for not being there for him recently. Jason ends up telling Sonny about what has happened to Abby. After Carly enters Abby's place, she finds her son going through her belongings. Carly attempts to console him after he tells her about Abby's death. Michael tells his mother that he wants to spread her ashes in New Zealand as it's the one place she always wanted to visit. When Sonny shows up, Carly leaves and Sonny offers Michael some advise. After Michael asks Sonny if he can become more involved in the business as a distraction, Sonny refuses. Shawn shows up at the penthouse to see Jason but finds Sam there instead. They end up talking about Franco and the ambush at the restaurant. Sam finds the DVD in pieces and after Jason returns home she asks him if he watched it. Sam tells Jason that she is not pregnant. Michael calls Sam and tells her that he needs to see her. After Carly returns home, she discovers that Shawn has decorated a tree for her. Lulu agrees to marry Dante the day after tomorrow after convincing him that Olivia would never forgive them if she wasn't at their wedding. Spinelli goes to see Maxie at Crimson and offers to spend Christmas day with her after she tells him about the issues she has been having with Matt. Matt calls Maxie and they end up making up. Maxie thinks that they should spend Christmas with Patrick and Robin and Spinelli is left feeling crushed.
#12458 49x184
Lucky informs Cameron that he needs to go back to Ireland once again. Lucy explains the reason to Cameron why he has to go after he asks him not to leave. After Ethan shows up he works out that Lucky is planning on leaving Port Charles again and Lucky gives him a message to give to Luke. He also warns Ethan to be careful at Wyndemere. Ethan tells him about the Woman in White and Lucky is concerned that Helena could be involved. Elizabeth clashes with Maxie at the hospital and warns her not to interfere in her life. Ewen sees them arguing and Matt breaks them up and defends Elizabeth. Elizabeth sees Ewen and finds out that he's treating some patients at the hospital. Cameron calls Elizabeth and tells her about Lucky's plans to leave Port Charles. Matt does want to ruin Christmas for him and Maxie. After Elizabeth returns home she finds out from Ethan that Lucky has already left for the airport. Elizabeth is upset that Lucky didn't wait to say goodbye. Elizabeth goes back to the hospital and tells Matt she could use him help. Maxie doesn't want Matt to let her use him like she has Lucky. Sonny thinks that Jason needs to put a stop to his obsession with Franco. Jason tells Sonny about the anger issues he has been suffering with recently. Sonny attempts to get Jason to open up to him. Dante and Lulu enjoy some time together in New York and take a look around Ground Zero. After talking about what happened in 2001, Dante thinks they shouldn't waste time waiting to get married and that they should become man and wife straight away.
#12457 49x183
Carly attempts to help a dazed Shawn after Bernie is taken to the hospital. Shawn warns her that she needs to stay away from him when he is acting like that. Ronnie shows up to find out exactly what happened. Shawn refuses to say anything at first but cracks after being pressured by Ronnie. Carly tells Ronnie that he can talk to Shawn later because he needs medical attention. Jason offers Michael his condolences after entering the room. Michael doesn't want Jason telling Carly about what has happened. Jason informs Sam that he has checked things out and it looks like Abby's death was an accident and that Franco had nothing to do with it. Jason asks his wife how she is feeling. Maxie wants Matt to accompany her to a Christmas party at the hospital. When Matt sees Ewen at the hospital he learns that he is really a doctor and that Elizabeth left Shaddybrook with Lucky. Shawn learns from Max that Bernie is going to be fine. Carly listens in as they talk about the fact that the ambush was meant for Jason. Jason receives a call from Carly informing him that he needs to come back to Port Charles and that she hasn't been able to contact Sonny. Shawn takes to a dog that runs past as he and Carly are talking. Carly learns from Ewen about the service dog program that is run at the hospital and he takes the dog to see some patients. Sam insists on staying with Michael in Chicago after he suggests she returns to Port Charles with Jason. Jason runs into Ronnie at the restaurant after returning to Port Charles. After Ronnie leaves, Jason tells Max that he knows who is responsible for what happened. Lucky agrees to stay over after he takes Elizabeth home. When Lucky pops out, Maxie shows up and accuses Elizabeth of manipulating Lucky. Lucky returns and hears what Maxie is saying and asks her to leave. Elizabeth ends up admitting that she took advantage of the situation after Lucky quizzes her about Maxie's claims. Elizabeth wants Lucky to forgive her. Lucky insists that they have no future together and tells her that he has to leave. After Lucky returns home he receives a note saying that he hopes he finds what he is looking for. Things heat up between Sonny and Kate at the hotel after they return there. Kate is upset after Sonny receives a call from Max and he tells him that he will return to Port Charles.
#12456 49x182
After Shawn stops by at Jason's penthouse, he fills him in on what has happened to Abby. Shawn says that he'll handle their meeting tonight so that Jason can fly to Chicago. Shawn leaves after Carly shows up. Carly is worried about Jason after she can see that something isn't right with him. Shawn and Bernie meet at the restaurant and they talk about the meeting. Two masked men fire shots at them after they enter the office and they manage to escape out the back door after Shawn shoots back at them. Bernie has been shot but is still alive. Shawn suffers with a flashback after calling for help. Carly shows up and learns what happened. Michael attempts to get Sam to open up about what happened in Hawaii. As Michael encourages Sam to talk to Jason about what happened, he shows up at the door. Lucky interrupts Matt and Elizabeth at Shadybrook. Lucky wants Elizabeth to come home for Christmas and spend it with him and the children. Matt thinks that it is a really bad idea. Ewen tells Elizabeth it would be a mistake if she left now. After Lucky returns to pick Elizabeth up, she returns to Ewen's room and finds it turned into an office. Ewen shows up and informs her that he is actually a doctor and gives her his card because he does outpatient work as well. Robin tells Patrick she has to leave town. After he wonders if it has to do with the patient she was so worried about, she says it is. Sonny is surprised by Kate with a tree and decorations at his old Bensonhurst home. After she gives him trumpet as a present, they remember the past again. They end up sharing a kiss under the mistletoe. Kate thinks that they should turn the brownstone into a place for abused mothers and children to seek refuge. Sonny agrees that would be a great idea. After going outside, they enjoy a snowball fight.
#12455 49x181
Maxie helps Lucky decorate Elizabeth's house. Maxie hopes that Lucky and Elizabeth will get back together because she has been making moves on Matt. Elizabeth goes to see Ewen again tells him that Matt warned her about him. Dante lets Lulu know that he still has the ring and when Delores interrupts them he wonders why Lulu is asking if he still has it. Sam thinks that Michael needs to let everything out after he says that he needs to stay strong. When Spinelli returns to the penthouse he finds Jason there and the place in a mess. Spinelli thinks the place has been burgled but Jason admits that he did it. Jason opens up to Spinelli. Delores takes the evidence room key as Dante and Lulu talk about the ring and she admits that she came here to tell him she was wrong. As Delores goes to the evidence room, Johnny shows up. Lucky tells Maxie that she doesn't need to worry about Elizabeth pursuing Matt. Elizabeth tells Ewen that she feels like she has met him before. Matt shows up to see Elizabeth again and gives the picture of her children she left at the hospital. Matt ends up telling Elizabeth that he killed somebody. Elizabeth thinks he is talking about Lisa but he tells her that case is now closed. Matt opens up to her that he performed his new procedure on somebody but it failed to work. Matt admits that she is the only person he has told. As Maxie is leaving, Ethan shows up and learns from Lucky that Elizabeth is in Shaddybrook. After Michael insists that he is just like his father, Sam tells him that he isn't. Spinelli thinks that Franco has triggered Jason's anger issues. Michael is surprised by how cold Abby's mother acts when he calls her to tell her about her daughter's death. Johnny tells Delores he wants the sweater he gave them for evidence back as it's his lucky sweater with the ladies. Johnny learns that the case is now closed. Lulu asks Dante to marry her after telling him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. As Elizabeth and Matt talk about his research, Ewen lurks outside the room and listens in. Dante tells Lulu that he loves her and wants to raise a family with her but he can't put the ring on her finger. Sam calls Jason and fills him in on what has happened. Jason tells her that he will fly right out there. Monica shows up to see Jason and tells him that she is worried about him as he missed his check up. When she sees the penthouse in such a mess, she wonders what happened. Michael is furious with the way Abby's mother reacted on the phone. Ewen uncovers the painting he has been working on as Elizabeth and Matt continue to talk. Lucky shows up to see Elizabeth. Ethan leaves a box with an apple and note inside for the Lady in White at Wyndemere. Sam ends up telling Michael about Franco did to her in Hawaii. After Lulu tells Dante that she will wear his ring forever, he agrees to marry her.
#12454 49x180
Sonny sits with Kate on the steps outside his old house. Carly sees the DVD laying on the floor. Michael and Sam enter a morgue in a hospital in Chicago. Alexis shows up and tells a zoned out Jason that he is being released from custody. Lulu talks to Maxie at Crimson about Dante. A note is found by Officer's Briggs dead body saying that she killed Lisa. Alexis wants Jason to tell her that he heard what she said that he is free to go. Michael cries after the body in the morgue is revealed to be Abby. Kate and Sonny talk about the past. Mac states that there was a napkin found in Briggs apartment with grease from the wrench on it and that she and the captain had been having an affair. Lisa killed the man and Briggs then killed her. Patrick wonders what Robin was going to tell him earlier and she ends up telling about going to see Jason and shares her concerns about him. Alexis wonders what Jason isn't tell her when he becomes furious and talks about Franco. Mac tells Delores that the case is now closed. Maxie thinks that Lulu should go see Dante and make up with him. Anthony calls Maxie and tells her that he needs to see her. Robin thinks that Jason is suffering with problems from the surgery that Patrick performed on him. Alexis demands that Jason tells her what is really going on as Floyd shows up. Jason learns from Carly that Michael and Sam have left town and that she found a DVD on the floor. Michael blames himself for what has happened to Abby. Maxie meets Anthony in the alley and he informs her he has dealt with the problem and that everyone is off the hook for killing Lisa. Jason learns that Sam and Michael flew to Chicago and that Carly hasn't watched the DVD she found. Jason leaves Robin a message to let her know that he is here for her. Delores tells Dante that something doesn't feel right about the murder case. Lulu comes close to taking a drink but manages to resist. Sonny asks Kate to spend Christmas with him. Sam tries to make Michael see that he isn't responsible for what has happened to Abby. Jason gets ready to watch the DVD. Kate makes a mysterious phone call. Sam hugs Michael as he lets out his emotions. Jason watches the DVD. Lulu shows up and wonders if Dante still has her engagement ring.
#12453 49x179
Matt asks Lucky at the hospital what he did to Elizabeth. Ewen asks Elizabeth to come in as she is about to leave. Patrick wonders why his wife was crying. Robin and Jason talk about her illness and Stone. Jason thinks that Robin needs to stay and not give up hope. Jason thinks that Patrick has a right to know and if it was Sam he would want to be right there with her. Michael continues to be worried about what has happened to Abby as he and Sam fly to Chicago. Lucky begins to wonder if Matt has feelings for Elizabeth after he yells at him. Matt wants Lucky to stop using Elizabeth as an emotional punchbag. Elizabeth and Ewen talk. Robin asks Jason would he want Sam to see him die if he was the one who was dying. Patrick is worried when he tries to call Robin and she doesn't answer. Jason and Robin think back to the past. Carly learns from Shawn about Jason being arrested. Elizabeth opens up to Ewen. Michael talks to Sam about Jason attacking Floyd and wonders if his recent violent outbursts could of been caused by his surgery. Jason ends up agreeing not to tell Patrick about Robin's condition. Carly shows up to see Jason and finds him with Robin. Both Carly and Robin think that Jason should have a check up with Patrick following his surgery. Before Robin leaves, Jason tells her that she is the one who should be talking to Patrick. Carly wonders what is going on. Maggie talks to Lucky about the first time she lost a patient and how it made her feel. Matt goes to see Elizabeth at Shaddybrook and finds her in Ewen's room. Matt wonders what she is doing there. Carly is worried after Jason admits to her that he has been suffering with headaches. Sam attempts to reassure Michael that everything will be fine. Lucky sees a woman who drops a red beret. Matt tells Elizabeth the reason he believes she checked herself into Shaddybrook. After Matt leaves Elizabeth watches Ewen again. After Robin returns to the hospital, Patrick tries to find out why she was crying. As Patrick wonders if she has something important to tell him, he gets called away on an emergency call. Carly shows up at the penthouse looking for Sam and Michael and the DVD that Sam dropped can be seen on the floor. Jason has a flashback.
Ep #1.12443 49x178
Ep #1.12442 49x177
#12450 49x176
After Matt shows up both his brother and Mac quiz him about where's he's been. Spinelli informs Maxie that he was unable to find Matt. Ronnie shows up and tells them that they need to come with him. Sam goes to see Jason at the police station and tells him she found a clue left by Franco but she doesn't mention the DVD. Olivia quizzes her son about Delores. Dante tells his mother that she has to come with him. Mac tells Matt, Robin and Patrick that they have to go somewhere with him. Delores shows up and tells Anthony and Johnny that they need to come with her. Lisa's murder suspects are all taken back to the boat that Lisa was murdered on. Alexis clashes with Floyd when she attempts to get Jason freed. Michael goes to see Jason and doesn't mention the DVD when Jason asks him about what he and Sam found. Floyd ends up antagonizing Jason by questioning Michael's parole status and they end up fighting. As Alexis attempts to secure his release, Michael says he knows something else going on with Jason and continues that he believes that he knows what it is. Sam returns to the penthouse and watches the DVD. First mate Briggs is reintroduced to everyone on the boat. Robin has a flashback and sees Patrick's hand pick up a wrench. Spinelli goes through different murder scenarios in his mind as Mac questions everyone else in the room. Mac talks about the various evidence they have found. Mac believes that everyone has been left feeling rattled after they are allowed to leave. After Johnny and his father go to a restaurant, Johnny thinks that Anthony managed to draw unwanted attention to himself on the boat. Johnny thinks that his father is hiding something. Briggs is followed. Dante is surprised after he ambushes his mother when she returns to the boat with a torch.
Ep #1.12441 49x175
Ep#1.12440 49x174
#12447 49x173
Shawn moves into Carly's house and wants to set a few ground rules. Sam is discovered by Jason in the alley looking at the graffiti tag that Franco left. Michael finds out about Shawn moving into his mother's house after he shows up. After Sonny goes into the Brownstone, he relives some painful memories from growing up. Elizabeth thinks that Lucky ran off to Ireland because he still loves her. Sam thinks that Franco will win if they keep obsessing about him and she wants to go to Jake's and enjoy a normal night. Jason can't and ends up taking off. Diane shows up with Garrett Floyd at Jake's and Coleman learns that Floyd is no longer the mayor and is now a media mogul. He's is also using his middle name of Prescott so that he can distance himself from the past. Michael isn't happy with his mother's new living arrangements. Carly is worried when Michael informs them he is going after the guy who is targeting the strippers at the club. Prescott listens in as Sam talks with the girls about the recent attacks that have happened at Vaughn's. Carly ends up telling Shawn about Michael's ordeal with Carter while he was in prison. Lucky attempts to make Elizabeth see that they have no future together and offers to look after the boys until she is better. Michael looses it after showing up at Jake's. Jason is shown by Coleman a new graffiti tag on the wall outside Jake's. After Elizabeth becomes riled, Lucky leaves to get her doctor and when he returns to her room he finds her gone with a note left on her pillow.
Ep#1.12439 49x172
Ep #1.12438 49x171
Ep #1.12438 49x170
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#12426 49x152
Emma sleeps on the sofa as Patrick and Robin get ready to celebrate her birthday. After Patrick takes her upstairs, Robin is disappointed Emma fell asleep before her party. Olivia assures Lulu that she is fine and Lulu wonders if she could be pregnant. Carly shows up at Kelly's and finds Luke there and they end up talking about him walking out of rehab and what's going on with his children. Luke thinks that Carly is Kelly's hoping to see Shawn there. Robin and Patrick talk about the boy who came to the door dressed in the same costume Lisa had on in Robin's nightmare. Kristina wants to speak to Sonny alone and they talk about Yale and Kristina says sorry to him for her recent behavior. Olivia attempts to convince Lulu that she is not pregnant. Carly and Luke end up talking about about Sonny and Jax. Luke works out that Jax isn't really dead and that Carly helped him leave Port Charles. Carly refuses to confirm his suspicions. Carly receives a call from Shawn. Sonny promises Kristina that he will always be there for her. Abby, Michael and Dante enter the room and discuss his shooting. Abby attempts to change the subject by bringing up her friend who got beaten up. Kate leaves after showing up and Sonny attempts to convince her to stay. Kate doesn't think she belongs in there, but Sonny believes otherwise. Robin and Patrick create video messages for Emma to let her know how they feel about her. Carly shows up at Jake's and sees Shawn there with a woman. Lulu stops Dante from announcing their engagement at the party.
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#12399 49x125
Ethan goes to see Lucky and finds him looking for some pills he has dropped. Anthony attempts to to make his son see that the person he shot won't be missed at all. Sonny discovers Kate in the church where they were due to get married in and asks her if it troubles her being there. Lulu continues to wait for Dante to return home. She wishes that she had said yes when he asked her to marry him. Lucky insists that he's facing his demons. After Michael discovers Dante on the floor of the warehouse, Carly and Abby walk in and are shocked. Carly tells Abby to call the police even though Michael doesn't think they should be involved. Michael looks for clues as to who shot Dante and calls Max for help. The mysterious person continues to walk around in Wyndermere. As Kate and Sonny are talking, Alexis shows up and begins to argue with Sonny about Kristina. She urges Kate not to give Kristina a job. Kate thinks that Kristina is too nice to enter the fashion world and leaves after Alexis says something cutting to her. Johnny informs his father that the person he shot was Dante. Max sends Shawn to the warehouse and after he learns what happened from Michael, he gets him to leave as the police show up and begin asking questions. Carly and Abby both say that Michael wasn't there. Maxie learns from Spinelli about his computer amnesia problems. Sonny ends up agreeing to a propostion that Alexis comes up with. After Sonny finds out that Dante was shot he heads straight to the hospital. The mysterious person at Wyndermere cuts the picture of Laura across the throat and goes into a secret passage way. Lulu receives a call from Olivia who informs her that she has bad news concerning Dante.
#12398 49x124
Franco secretly spies on Jason and Sam as they enjoy their wedding reception. After reading a couple of fortune cookies, Maxie is left feeling surprised. Epiphany isn't happy with Olivia for using a hospital orderly to send a gift to Steven anonymously. Lulu waits for Dante to come home and becomes worried. Anthony leaves Dante to die following the shooting. Johnny hears about the shooting at the warehouse. Sonny corners Kate at the reception and she complains about what a disaster the wedding is. They talk about the past in Bensonhurst and Kate says that they need to move on from the past. After Sonny gives Kate a fortune cookie, they end up flirting and arguing. Lisa's condition starts to improve slowly. When Lulu calls the station, she learns from Ronnie that Dante isn't working tonight. Alexis ends up toasting Jason and Sam. Abby and Michael open their fortune cookies. Abby's ends up being blank whilst Michael's says love lies bleeding which worries Abby. Kristina decides to ask Kate for a job and when her mother tries to interfere, Kristina declares that she's making her own decisions now. Steve follows the clues that Olivia has left and meets her on the hospital roof. Dante tries to make a telephone call for help but ends up passing out. Franco continues to watch the wedding reception from his studio and dances with Sam's wedding dress. He becomes inspired and spray paints a series of letter and numbers on the wall. Everyone throws rice over Jason and Sam when they leave the wedding reception. Michael discovers Dante at the warehouse.
#12397 49x123
When Maxie enters the church to make sure that everything is fine she isn't happy with what she sees. Anthony wonders why the drug that was given to Lisa isn't working yet. Dante sits in his loft and looks at the ring he was going to give Lulu. Patrick tells Robin the only reason he agreed to go to the wedding is because it means a lot to her. Johnny informs his associate that Sonny's warehouse is the last place the police think of looking. Alexis doesn't want her daughters doing anymore matchmaking between her and Mac. Jason tells Sam prepare to tell everyone that they have already got married. Michael learns from his mother that Morgan is enjoying his new school. Kristina surprises her mother after she manages to stand up from her wheelchair. Franco looks at a mannequin that he has dressed with Sam's wedding dress. Kate opens a wardrobe with something inside she has been trying to keep secret. Lulu is helped by Ethan get to Dante's loft she that she can say yes to his marriage proposal. Jason and Sam tell everyone about eloping last night. Lucky fights temptation after discovering a pill on the floor. Franco dances with the wedding dress. Lisa starts to recover as she opens her eyes. Dante hears a noise as he looks around the warehouse and ends up being shot by Anthony.
#12396 49x122
Someone makes their way into the empty Wyndemere. Sam informs Jason that she does want to marry him but she's overwhelmed by all the wedding preparations. She thinks everything is getting out of control. Franco secretly spies on Maxie and Spinelli. Lulu is left speechless following Dante's marriage proposal and informs him that she can't give him an answer yet and but will do in her own way when she is ready. Johnny wants to know from his father what exactly is going on with him and Tracy. Patrick informs his wife that they will not be going to Sam and Jason's wedding but Robin manages to change his mind. Lulu turns to Maxie for some advise as she tells her about Dante's marriage proposal. Lucky talks to Dante and asks him if he really wants to become part of the family. The mysterious person at Wyndermere looks at a painting of Laura. Jason and Sam take off on his motorcycle and end up in a Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Port Charles. The restaurant ends up being closed but after the grandson of the owner shows an interest in Jason's bike, they end up getting them something to eat. The owner hears Jason and Sam's story. The man informs them that he can marry them as he is an ordained minister, but they need to have their license which Jason happens to have on him. Anthony instructs the doctor to do what he's told and inject the drug into Lisa. Sam and Jason get married in the garden behind the restaurant. Johnny calls somebody to come over to his place to plant something in Sonny's warehouse. Johnny will then give the police an anonymous tip off. Anthony returns to hear his son making his plans for Sonny, which will happen tomorrow night. Spinelli finds that he has lost his old cyber skills. Franco puts cameras in place for the big day tomorrow.
#12395 49x121
Lulu wants Ethan to help her disappear for a little while. As Carly packs up Jax's belongings from his office, Shawn sees her. Edward offers Jason Lila's wedding ring to give to Sam at the wedding. Dante turns to his mother for help with Lulu as he tells her he was going to propose to her. Franco makes plans to return to Port Charles. Maxie discovers that the wrong names have been engraved on the new wedding rings. Carly refuses to listen to Sonny's efforts to say sorry to her. Monica ends up coming up with a solution and gives Sam the ring that Alan wore whilst they were married. Dante goes over with his mother exactly what he is going to say to Lulu. Sam begins to get cold feet about the wedding. Franco gets his men ready for the upcoming nuptials between Jason and Sam. Sam receives something old and borrowed from Molly. Ethan learns from Kristina that she's beginning to have some feeling in her legs. Lulu is surprised after Dante asks her to become his wife. Sonny ends up going to see Kate at Crimson after his efforts to apologize to everyone. Jason learns from Sam that she is having doubts about going ahead with the wedding.
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#12381 49x107
Alexis finds Carly waiting for her when she gets home who thinks that she should keep Kristina away from Sonny. Lulu is furious with Dante for not telling her the truth about what has been going on with her brother. After Kristina sees Michael sitting at Sonny's desk, she refuses to talk to him whilst he is sitting there. Alexis tells Carly that Kristina is old enough to make her own decisions. Robin tells Patrick that he has other patients he needs to check on when he attempts to go see how Jason is doing. Robin tells Milo not to let anyone enter Jason's room. Matt informs Elizabeth that Siobhan's autopsy will be performed today. Lulu is not happy that Lucky lied to her. Kristina and Michael end up arguing over Sonny's involvement with the mafia. Daryl hears Milo telling somebody to calm Sonny down and to get somebody come to relieve him of guarding Jason. Daryl calls Anthony and lets him know that Jason will be unattended for a little while. Alexis wants to know why Carly is so suddenly anti Sonny. Lucky learns from Elizabeth that Siobhan didn't die of natural causes. Lulu doesn't want Dante being at home when she takes her stuff out of the loft. Carly is given the divorce papers from Alexis that Jax had drawn up after blaming her for what has happened to him. Kristina feels dizzy again after her argument with Michael. Anthony makes his way into Jason's hospital room.
#12380 49x106
Dante informs his mother that Jax is still listed as being missing and that Lulu still hasn't given him an answer on to whether she wants to move in with him. Lucky talks to Aiden and tells him that Siobhan wont be telling him anymore Irish stories and also apologizes to him for not having parents who live under the same roof. Sonny learns from Sam that a fragment has been removed from Jason's brain but he still has not opened his eyes yet. Skye sees a present in her hotel suite and thinks that Anthony sent it but is surprised to learn it is from Johnny. Tracy thinks that Lulu should focus on her own future happiness instead of worrying about her father. Dante ends up admitting to his mother that he is keeping something from Lulu about Lucky and she urges him to tell her. Johnny plays Skye a tape of her and his father's conversation in the alley. Alexis runs into Sonny after checking up on her daughter. Alexis tells Sonny that he needs to get himself under control before he makes things worse. Alexis warns Sonny that if Jax isn't found she will blame him and rejects his attempts to console her. Lulu and Olivia share a close moment as Lulu tells her that she doesn't want to move in with Dante until she knows that her brother is going to be OK. Dante informs Lucky that he wasn't honest with Lulu about him and the drugs. Sam is worried about Kristina feeling light headed. Johnny ends up being tied to the bed after he attempts to pull Skye into an embrace. Kristina is furious with her father for what he did to Jax and after leaving suffers another dizzy spell. Tracy discovers Skye in Edward's office replacing the money that she stole. Lulu listens in on Dante and Lucky's conversation as Dante asks her brother if he still has drugs in his system.
#12379 49x105
Monica continues with her daydream about Jason where she confronts him about his drug addiction. As Jason's blood pressure drops, Patrick works hard to save his life. In Elizabeth's daydream, Jason accuses her of attempting to get pregnant on purpose after he doesn't want children. In Carly's daydream, she and Jason are told by Michael that everything that has happened to Sonny is their fault and that he wants nothing more to do with them. He then ends up loosing his life. Monica's daydream ends with Jason being involved in a car crash and left in a coma. Only Sam's daydream ends happily when she finally gets everything she has every dreamed of. Patrick discovers that the fragment is much further in Jason's brain then he first thought. Carly calls Michael and lets him know that she is on her way back to the hospital and that she needs to talk to him. Matt calls Elizabeth as she is painting and asks her to come to the hospital. Jason has a series of memories from the course of his life. After seeing Michael, Carly wants him to know that she loves him very much. Monica asks Alan to bring Jason back safely as she can't loose him. Matt lets Elizabeth know that he has made the missing drugs look like a clerical error. Elizabeth wonders why he would risk his job for her. After Patrick comes out of surgery he explains to everybody that it was a very difficult procedure. Sam asks Patrick if Jason is OK.
#12378 49x104
Patrick doesn't think it is a good idea when Robin suggests that Matt assists him with Jason's surgery. Matt tries to keep Elizabeth calm after she worries the truth will come out that she took the drugs. When Michael backs Sonny, Carly is not pleased as she thinks he is being manipulated. Carly assures her son that she will not be forgiving Sonny like she has in the past. Patrick learns from Sam that Jason has agreed to have the surgery performed. Matt thinks that he should assist his brother with Jason's surgery. Monica believes that Jason has made the correct decision to go ahead and have the surgery performed. Matt ends up agreeing to stay away from the operating room. Jason learns from Carly that Michael wants to take over while he is recovering from the surgery. Sam is not happy with Carly for telling him just before he is about to have the surgery performed. Elizabeth informs Matt that the decision that was made does not mean that he is not a good surgeon. After Patrick warns Edward that Jason could wake up from the surgery a changed man, Monica wonders if it's possible that Jason could become part of the family again. Carly, Sam and Elizabeth all daydream about what life would be like if Jason was involved with them in the future. Monica has a daydream in which Jason is appointed the new chief of staff at the hospital and is congratulated by his father. Alan and Monica end up being shocked after they witness Jason taking cocaine. As Patrick attempts to remove the foreign particle in Jason's brain, he starts to bleed.
#12377 49x103
Patrick informs Sam that they are doing everything they can to discover the cause of Jason's seizures. Mac comforts Alexis after she reads a newspaper headline about Jax's plane crash. Matt learns from Elizabeth about Siobhan's death. Jason learns from Max that Spinelli is still staking out the bakery as he requested. When Lucky goes home he replays the message that he left for Siobhan and after getting angry he knocks over a bottle of pills. Ethan thinks that his brother he shouldn't be on his own at the moment. Elizabeth informs Matt that Siobhan was OK before she left to get Lucky. Matt calls Lucky and tells him that he needs to see him. Steven informs everyone that there are some drugs missing and he wants to know who had access to them. Sam is furious after she finds Jason conducting business with Max in his hospital room. Mac is certain that Sonny was involved in Jax's plane coming down. Elizabeth admits to Matt that she took the drugs to help Lucky. Matt comes up with a plan. As she goes over the test results, Robin makes a discovery. She tells Monica that a piece of the dashboard from A.J.'s car has been discovered in Jason's brain. Diane and Max finish their relationship after she reveals to him she will be out of town for quite a while on a book tour. Alexis thanks Mac for his support. Lucky is shown by Matt the pillow that Siobhan wrote on and he becomes determined to work out what the message meant. Spinelli discovers something vital about the bags of flour at the bakery. Sam and Jason discuss the pros and cons of having the surgery and Sam asks him if he has come to a decision.
#12376 49x102
Maxie wants to know how Spinelli knew about her heart transplant. Skye shows up and asks Tracy if she's trying to cover her tracks. Abby continues to try and convince Sonny to let Michael go. Sonny wants to know if Abby thinks Michael is not capable of making his own decisions. Dante is told by a diver that there is no way they will find Jax's body now. Anthony asks his son why he is having him followed. Maxie learns from Spinelli that he remembers that he let Georgie down and could've done more to find the killer before he killed her. Abby shares her concerns with Michael that she is scared that one day he will end up like Sonny. Tracy asks Asher to search for damaging financials in ELQ's portfolio. Maxie is told by Spinelli that he does not want to lose anyone he cares about ever again and warns her to stay away from him. After arguing with Michael, Abby runs into Johnny who asks her how she is enjoying her new life. Dante learns that something was discovered in the water. Asher updates Anthony on what is going on. Tracy asks Asher if he has managed to find anything yet. Carly isn't happy when Michael defends Sonny's actions to her. Skye gives Anthony proof that Tracy used Gino Soleito's dirty money to purchases companies and intrigate them into ELQ. Skye warns Anthony to stay away from Edward or she will expose his dirty little secrets as Johnny shows up. Dante shows up at the hospital as Carly and Michael are arguing and fills them in on what he discovered. He informs them that it is clear that Jax hot-wired the plane to try and repair it. Both Michael and Sonny think that the crash was caused by Jax and end up walking away. Spinelli leaves a cupcake on Georgie's gravestone.
#12375 49x101
Elizabeth freezes as Steven shows up and Lucky tells him that Siobhan isn't breathing. Spinelli learns from Maxie that she comes to her sister's grave when ever she feels like she has to get away. Skye take some money from the safe Edward's office. Michael and Abby show up and she informs them about the accident that Jason and Carly were involved in. Maxie asks Spinelli if he can remember anything about her sister. Shawn shows up as Jax is thinking of revealing himself to Carly. Shawn thinks that Carly should not to give up hope because there's a chance that Jax could still be alive. Jax learns that Carly is stopping Sonny from having anything to so with her children. Maxie becomes upset and shouts at Spinelli after he doesn't remember Georgie. Spinelli ends up remembering that Maxie has had a heart transplant. Elizabeth blames herself for for what has happened to Siobhan because if she hadn't given her the wrong medicines in the first place none of this would of happened. Lucky ends up blaming himself. Sonny ends up being able to get Michael to see his point of view about what he had to do to keep Josslyn safe. Abby is disgusted the way Sonny has managed to put a spin on things. Abby confronts Sonny after Michael goes to see his mother and attempts to convince him to leave Michael alone before he ruins his life as well. Jax is given by Skye the money that she stole from the safe and a change of clothes. Jax tells Skye that he knows Josslyn will be OK now and warns her to be vary of Anthony. Elizabeth is upset by what her brother says to her. Whilst crying at Siobhan's bedside, Lucky ends up popping a pill and fails to see the message that Siobhan has left. Jax takes his things and says farewell to Port Charles.
#12374 49x100
Maxie drags Lucky to an alley where Spinelli is about to attacked by a baker and it seems that Lucky recognizes him from somewhere. After Maxie asks Lucky for help with Spinelli's memory loss problems he tells her needs to rush off to see Siobhan. Elizabeth learns from Robin about Jax's plane crash and what happened at her house. Anthony makes sure that Siobhan cant reach her call button so they won't be interrupted. Skye tries to find out from Jax what happened to him and he replies that it's because of Sonny. Skye learns from Jax that Sonny tampered with his plane causing it to crash after take off. Sonny attempts to explain his actions to Robin when he shows up at the hospital to see Jason. Robin remains furious with him. When Carly shows up she refuses to allow Sonny to see Jason. Anthony tries to find out from Siobhan if she has told anyone what she overheard him talking about that day in the alley. Jax doesn't want Skye telling anyone that he is still alive. Anthony ends up covering Siobhan's face with a chemical soaked cloth and informs her that her death is gentle compared to what he has in mind for Lucky. Shawn offers to take Carly away so that she can calm down a bit. Robin warns Sonny that he needs to change his ways before he looses everyone that is dear to him. Anthony hides when Elizabeth goes to check on Siobhan and she thinks that she is sleeping. After Anthony leaves a weak Siobhan attempts to write a message on her pillow. Sonny goes to the chapel to pray. Skye manages to prevent Anthony from discovering that Jax is still alive when he shows up for their meeting. When Lucky goes into to see his wife he finds out that she's not breathing and he shouts to Elizabeth to get a doctor. When he sees Carly coming, Jax hides. Maxie takes Spinelli to Georgie's grave hoping it'll bring back some of his old memories.
#12373 49x99
JT is confronted on the pier by Lucky about giving him drugs. Anthony shows up at the hospital wanting to get his hands on some files but he runs into Epiphany. Elizabeth learns from Matt that Siobhan has asked to see her. Patrick learns from his wife that Jason's seizure had nothing to do with the procedure he carried out. Anthony runs into Skye at the hospital and wants the rest of the information he needs and she asks in return where is her money. They arrange to meet in an hours time. Jason informs Sam that he can't take another day being stuck in the hospital. Epiphany refuses tell Skye anything about Jason's condition. JT is told by Lucky that he is craving more of what he gave him. JT thinks that he is being played by Lucky and gets him to take one of the pills to prove to him that he isn't playing him. Lulu receives a special birthday present from Dante. Anthony listens in as Siobhan and Elizabeth talk and Siobhan asks Elizabeth to get Lucky for her. Robin and Patrick inform Jason that the biopsy didn't cause him to have the seizure and that there is a foreign substance in the front of his brain that needs to be removed. Jason suffers with another seizure. Matt sees Lucky on the pier with JT and pretends to be Lucky's other dealer to give him creditability. Dante tells Lulu that the key means he wants her to move in with him. Sam reassures Jason that Patrick and Robin are doing everything that they can to help him. Jason hopes that they as he really wants to marry her as soon as possible. Skye finds an unconscious Jax whilst she is waiting for Anthony to show up. Anthony goes to see Siobhan in her room and startles her. After JT goes, Matt ends up chastising Lucky and tells him that he doesn't want him getting Elizabeth into more trouble and he also tells him that Siobhan is awake.
#12372 49x98
Carly wants Sonny to be honest with her about what he did to Jax. When Siobhan wakes up, she sees Darryl in her room. Matt is given some pills by Elizabeth for him to look at and she thinks that this is proof that someone is stealing drugs. Skye quizzes Tracy about her past with Gino who died on their wedding day. When Ethan shows up and sees Darryl in Siobhan's room, he wants to know why he is in there. Matt tests the stuff Elizabeth that gave him. Skye wants to know from Tracy how Edward would feel if he knew E.L.Q was saved with dirty money. Tracy wants to know what it is going to take to keep Skye quiet. Carly learns from Dante that divers are looking in the water at the harbor for the plane wreckage. Elizabeth shares with Lucky about what she has found out about pain medication not being as strong. Carly tells Sonny that Brenda did the right thing by leaving him as he life is unsafe for children and that she is through with him. Siobhan informs Matt that she remember anything that happened but she would like to talk to Elizabeth. Skye lets Anthony know that she was more than happy to help him with getting the information he wanted. Anthony is furious when Daryl tells him that Siobhan is still alive.
#12371 49x97
As Patrick is updating Sam on Jason's condition, Matt shows up and tells his brother that it's possible that Jason suffered a seizure because he operated an unnecessary biopsy on him. Carly thanks Shawn for watching out for her but she believes that Jax won't come back. Sonny learns from Dante that Jax's plane ended up nose diving into the harbor. Lucky continues to sit by Siobhan's bed in the hospital. Shawn thinks that Carly should check on Jason to see how he's doing and offers to look after Josslyn. Sam wants to know from Matt if he has proof that his brother messed up. Steven has to break up a fight between Patrick and Matt. Anthony meets with Skye and he tells her that she will get the money he owes her when she has finishes the job. Robin forces Patrick and Matt to talk about the best possible procedure for Jason. Matt thinks that Jason could have come in contact with some worms in the contraband that he helped Sonny smuggle into the country and that could have caused his seizure instead of the biopsy that his brother performed. Sam isn't happy to see Carly and tells her to go home. Sonny sees a vision of Jax who tells him that Brenda was on the plane when it went down. Dante learns from Shawn that his father was on Jax's plane and pointed a gun at him. Carly thanks Robin for her help in getting Jax to give Josslyn to Shawn. Robin blames her for Jason's accident and tells her about what happened between Sonny and Jax in her living room. Lulu attempts to lecture Lucky and thinks that he should take a break from the drug investigation until Siobhan's condition improves. Lucky ends up throwing his sister out. Skye wants Tracy to tell her about her connection with Gino Solieto. Lucky is urged by Steven to keep talking to Siobhan. When Lucky leaves her hospital room, Siobhan's eyes flutter and open. Diane manages to get Sonny released on bail. Carly hears Dante telling Sonny that it's his fault if Jax is dead. Carly ends up slapping Sonny.
#12370 49x96
Coleman, Diane and Alexis are quizzed by Mac as to what would he walked in on if he had entered Jake's a few minutes later than he did. Darly sneaks in Siobhan's hospital room is about to smother her but Ethan shows up and tells him that he shouldn't be in her room. Abby informs Michael that she heard some people chatting in the bathroom and that people thought she was a hooker that Sonny had paid to give him some attention. Jax finds out that his plane was tampered with works out that Sonny is behind it. Sonny is taken to the station and he ends up letting it slip that Jax won't be leaving town. Dante tries to find out what Sonny has done. Lucky is helped by Elizabeth come down from the high caused by the drugs. Lucky learns from Elizabeth that she was involved in an accident and that Siobhan was thrown from the car but she is alright. Diane thinks that Mac needs to loosen up a bit. Lulu is pleased to see her brother and tells him that she has been worried about him. Mac is called away as he is offering to take Alexis out and heads to the airport. Elizaberth watches Lucky as he sits with Siobhan at the hospital. Lulu and Ethan talk about Elizabeth and end up agreeing that she could be enabling Lucky to make herself feel needed. Michael lets Abby know that he made sure that nobody will act the way they did tonight again or else they wil be fired. Abby and Michael agree the time is right to leave the island return to work at ELQ.
#12369 49x95
Carly is surprised when Dante put an A.P.B. out on Sonny and Jax to stop anyone from ending up being hurt. Sonny learns from Robin that Jax handed Josslyn over to Shawn and that everything is fine now. Sonny insists that everything isn't fine. Maxie isn't happy when Spinelli offers Lulu fashion tips. Maxie attempts to get through to Spinelli by reminding him of their non-marriage, but he ends up reminding her that if he was really into her, he would have gone through with it. Sam learns from Patrick that he has done everything that he can for Jason. Jax and Sonny argue and Sonny insists that he's the reason that Brenda left him and he ends up pointing a gun at Jax. Sam is pleased after Jason opens his eyes as she talks to him. Jason is told by Patrick that he isn't going anywhere because he just had a brain injury. Sonny ends up firing a shot and Robin gets hit as the bullet grazes her arm. Maxie wants Lulu's help into pulling Spinelli back to reality. Sam warns Jason that if he goes after Jax he will loose her. When Patrick returns home he finds out from Emma that Robin just got shot and he tells Sonny to get out. Robin stops Patrick from calling the police. Maxie's plan to bring back the old Spinelli doesn't work and she begins to think that he will probably never remember anything about the past. Jax sees Shawn and Carly with Josslyn in the living room after he stops by the house. Jax ends up leaving without being seen. Sonny wants Max to arrange a terrible accident for Jax. Sonny is arrested by Dante. Jason calls Carly and she informs him that Josslyn is alright. Jason then suffers a seizure.
#12368 49x94
Elizabeth attempts to help Lucky return to reality by injecting him with something to rid his body of the drugs. When Johnny comes home he discovers that his father has bought him a piano. Robin wants to know why Jax has Josslyn. Sonny learns from Sam that Patrick is operating on Jason and that he has found something. When Lucky wakes up he wonders how Elizabeth managed to find him. Johnny decides to have his father followed so that he can find out what he is up to. Matt goes to see how Siobhan is doing and ends up talking to his brother about his relationship with Maxie. Olivia tries to reassure Carly that her daughter will be returned. Sam says sorry to Monica for not telling her about her and Jason's engagement. Matt talks with Robin on a webcam and Sonny realizes that Jax is at the house. Shawn shows up at Robin's house and tells Jax that he is going to take Josslyn back to her mother. Anthony wants to know from JT how it it is going making Lucky an addict once again and he continues that Lucky's wife is a problem. Sonny shows up at Robin's place and sees Jax.
#12367 49x93
Patrick informs Monica that he has to move forward with Jason's surgery straight away. Monica is able to reasuure Sam that it is for the best. Sonny discovers Shawn on Jax's plane looking for him. As Carly leaves a desperate message for Jax, Dante listens in. Jax ends up realizing that he can not take his daughter away. Matt and Patrick talk about the different surgery options for Jason with Robin on skype. Diane and Alexis learn that they have to remove an article of clothing every time they loose a round of the game. Carly is asked by Dante if she has managed to locate Sonny beacuse he doesn't want to lose his father because of his crazy need to get even with Jax. Patrick isn't happy with his brother for contradicting him in front of Jason's family. Dante thinks that Sonny is after Jax so he can get revenge on him for causing Brenda to walk out of his life. Sam wants Jason to fight and come back to her so that they can press ahead with their wedding plans. Shawn tries to get Carly to think of who Jax might turn to help for in Port Charles. Mac is surprised by what he sees when he shows up at Jake's. Jax turns up at Robin's door with his daughter. After Dante attempts to arrest his father, he knocks him out.
#12366 49x92
When Lucky wakes up he continues to suffer with hallucinations involving Elizabeth. Diane and Alexis end up going to Jake's to get out of the storm brewing over Port Charles. Olivia tells Edward and Skye about Jason's accident. Sonny informs Edward that he's not leaving until he knows where Jax and Josslyn are. Sam learns more from Patrick about Jason's head trauma. Sam goes into Jason's hospital room and talks to him as he lays there unconscious. Sonny wrecks the place before leaving. Kristina and Molly are scared during the storm. Sonny discovers Jax's car and is furious after he sees nobody is in it. Patrick learns from his brother that Siobhan's condition is stable for now.. Monica wants to know from Skye why she has returned to Port Charles after she shows up at the hospital with Edward. Dante hears Matt telling Patrick that Lucky should be here for Siobhan in her hour of need. An upset Monica tells Edward that she can't loose Jason. Carly learns from Olivia that Josslyn wasn't at the house when she showed up there. Dante listens in as Carly says Sonny could kill Jax if he manages to find him. Carly doesn't the police involved. Alexis, Diane and Coleman play a drinking game during the storm. Dante follows Carly when she leaves to look for Sonny. Edward sits with Jason and Sam tells him about her and Jason's engagement. Elizabeth finds Lucky passed out on the floor of the abandoned church. Patrick needs Monica to sign the forms so that Jason can be operated on. Sam thinks she should have a say in the matter as she is Jason's fiancée. Sonny boards Jax's plane armed with a gun as he looks for him.
#12365 49x91
Sam fills Monica in on why Jason was in the car with Carly. Olivia thinks that Carly is hallucinating and Carly insists that that Skye told her that Jax was back in Port Charles. Sonny shows up at Carly's house and sees Josslyn's stuffed animal on the floor. Sonny then hears a pounding noise. Carly is told by Epiphany that she is not going anywhere until a doctor has checked her over. Jax ends up having to abandon his car after it breaks down in pouring rain and is forced to find shelter. Matt needs to know more about Siobhan's recent injury. Steven ends up asking his sister if she pushed Siobhan down the flight of stairs. Shawn becomes unstable at he attempts to find Jax and Josslyn. Sonny is furious after discovering that Jax has taken Josslyn. Olivia goes after Sonny after he leaves to try and find Jax. Shawn ends up finding Jax's abandoned car. Sam confronts Carly. Michael and Abby argue on the island after Michael wants to take her gambling. Sonny shows up at the fundraiser armed with a gun wanting to know where Jax is. Edward learns about the accident involving Jason. Monica, Carly and Sam learn from Patrick that Jason's still unconscious and things don't look good.
#12364 49x90
Elizabeth opens her eyes following the crash and sees that Siobhan isn't there. After she gets out of the car she realizes that it collided with Jason's car. Monica thinks that Robin being chief of staff is putting a strain on her marriage. Jax wants Shawn to get out of the way so that he can leave with his daughter. Lulu asks Maxie if she has seen her brother and and she is worried that he has turned to drugs again. Elizabeth sees Carly who was thrown from the car she was in with Jason and after seeing she is OK she continues to look for Siobhan. Spinelli asks Lulu out on date after feeling drawn towards her. After thinking about what Monica said to her, Robin takes Patrick away so that they can spend some romantic time alone together. Shawn tells Jax not to make more difficult than they already are. Dante learns from Elizabeth that Jason, Carly and Siobhan have been badly hurt and need to get to the hospital. Thunder looms over heard as Jax sneers at Shawn that people like him always turn to violence. Shawn suffers with a flashback featuring a young boy screaming and freezes and Jax uses this opportunity to get away with his daughter. When Shawn recovers he goes after Jax. Carly wants Dante to call Olivia and to get her to come to the hospital and later informs her that Jax is back in town. Lulu is surprised that Spinelli remembered her birthday. Monica calls Sam to tell her about the accident after learning that Jason was involved.
#12363 49x89
As Jax makes arrangements to leave Port Charles on his plane, Skye overhears. Siobhan wants to know why Elizabeth has Lucky's belongings. Sam wants Jason's help making their wedding arrangements. Lucky ends up finding some solace in the abandoned church. Edward thinks the fundraiser is a good reason to find out what Skye's really up to. Shawn shares his concerns about Carly and the possibility of Jax showing up with Jason. Olivia attempts to help improve Sonny's mood. Carly learns from Skye at the gala that Jax is back in town. Jax prepares to abduct Josslyn. Elizabeth and Siobhan's argument ends with Siobhan falling down a flight of stairs. Lucky suffers with more hallucinations which feature Elizabeth entering the church wearing a wedding gown. He tells her that he still loves her and tries to convince her to tell him that they can still make it work. Carly pays Jason a visit to tell him that Jax is back in town and after Josslyn. Carly doesn't want Jason telling Sonny. Shawn stops Jax from leaving. Elizabeth manages to get Siobhan into her car and as she checks on her the car is involved in an accident with an oncoming vehicle.
#12362 49x88
Patrick tells Robin that she needs a break and he takes her to a spa where he urges her to enjoy herself. Patrick leaves and Robin receives a call from the hospital and learns that the board has called for an emergency meeting. After returning to work, Robin gives her spa gift card to Epiphany. Elizabeth is told by Dante that they cant help Lucky if they have no clue where he now is. Siobhan suffers with a headache and goes out and leaves the door open. Johnny walks into a trap set by Sonny. As Matt and Maxie are discussing their relationship they see Spinelli staking out the Metro Court restaurant. Elizabeth doesn't want Dante reporting Lucky's disappearance straight away. Lulu tells Ethan that she had no luck in finding their father after he welcomes her home. Sonny informs Johnny that his father is running a drug operation in Port Charles and that he needs to be dealt with. Olivia warns Maxie that the police will be called unless she deals with Spinelli straight away. As Anthony talks to JT, Siobhan sees them and listens in. Siobhan ends up being seen by Anthony as JT leaves. Jax makes plans to snatch his daughter. Lulu learns from Ethan that Lucky is working on a a case that involves missing drugs from the hospital and she is worried that he will end up becoming a user again. Spinelli's return interrupts Matt from telling Maxie something important. Patrick is shocked to see Epiphany at the spa. Elizabeth discovers Lucky's phone close to the warehouse and Dante insists that they need to call this in. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn't blame her for Brenda leaving but he does blame Jax. Skye ends up running into Jax as he talks on his phone. Lucky ends up in the abandoned church where he and Elizabeth exchanged their vows. Elizabeth is confronted by Siobhan who demands to know where Lucky is.
#12361 49x87
Tracy informs Edward that Michael is not in the office. Both Tracy and Edward are surprised after Skye shows up. Skye says that she returned to Port Charles for a charity benefit. Shawn shows up at Carly's place with some muffins to say sorry for scaring her the other night. Shawn insists on watching over Carly in case Jax returns to town. Jason finds Sonny moping around at home but he refuses to talk about Brenda. Epiphany isn't impressed by some changes that Robin wants to make. Michael wants to stay on the island a bit longer whilst Abby is looking forward to returning to work. After Tracy leaves, Edward asks Skye what is the real reason why she has suddenly returned but she refuses to tell him. Maxie shows up at the hospital looking for Matt and she runs into Robin and suggests that she takes a break. Jason thinks that Sonny needs to talk about the situation with Brenda so he can put it to bed. Matt warns his brother that Robin needs to slow down or she will end up killing herself. Patrick is worried that Robin is losing herself in her new position at the hospital and using it as an excuse not to work on their marriage. Matt thinks that Patrick should do something to get Robin's attention. Abby tells Michael that she doesn't want to loose her job and he tells her that he has taken care of everything. After a disappointed Michael agrees to return back home with her, Abby ends up agreeing to stay one more day on the island with him. Carly learns that Shawn used to teach in the past. Sonny is told by Jason that Brenda didn't leave him for Jax she just left him altogether. Tracy catches Skye snooping around who is amused when some flowers from Anthony show up for Tracy. Sonny opens Brenda's letter but doesn't read it. Patrick ends up kidnapping his wife and takes her away from the hospital. Jax looks at a picture of him and his daughter.
#12360 49x86
Dante learns from Ronnie about the drug cartel in Port Charles after returning to town with Lulu. Sonny ends up wrecking his bedroom after returning home and seeing some of Brenda's belongings. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he was injected with some drugs and doesn't want Siobhan of the kids seeing him like this. Lulu tells Tracy that she is done looking for her father and they share a hug. Michael and Abby travel to the island to look for Sonny and learn that he just left. Anthony attempts to choke JT with a rubber tourniquet after he wants more money. When Johnny shows up he sends JT away. When Lucky becomes hysterical, Elizabeth doesn't know what to do. Johnny learns from Tracy after she shows up that his father has been trying to buy E.L.Q stock using a fake name. Dante finds Elizabeth and Lucky in the alley and Elizabeth leaves to get some meds to help combat whatever is in Lucky's system. Sonny is given the letter that Brenda left with Robin after she shows up to try and explain the reasons why Brenda had to leave. Michael and Abby end up enjoying a romantic date on the island. When Elizabeth returns she discovers that Dante has been knocked out and Lucky no longer there. Anthony places a call to Skye and tells her it's time that she returned to Port Charles after asking her if she liked the bracelet he sent her. Robin ends up discovering that Sonny has not been taking his bi-polar medication recently. Lucky is revealed to be on the pier and it looks like he might jump off.
#12359 49x85
Lucky tries to find out from J.T. what he injected into him in the alley. Matt flirts with Elizabeth and tells her that Maxie failed to come home last night. Maxie becomes upset that Spinelli is still acting as his alter ego as they remain trapped in the sewer. Ethan shows up to talk to Lucky and sees Siobhan and notices that her nose is bleeding. Siobhan thinks it has been caused because of the heat and humidity. Maxie informs Spinelli that the last time they were down here they were trying to find Georgie's killer. Carly shows up at the mob restaurant and half heartily congratulates Sam and Jason on their engagement. Lucky begins to hallucinate and sees both Ethan and Maxie. Spinelli and Maxie are finally freed after the gate rises. Sam warns Carly that from now on there will have be some boundaries. Carly wants to know what is going to happen if she can't accept them. Lucky has a hallucination featuring Jake and Jason. Ethan tells Siobhan that he is worried about Lucky. Carly is followed once again after she leaves the restaurant. After Ethan leaves, Siobhan hears Lucky's apologetic message on her voice mail on her phone. Lucky sees Siobhan in a hallucination who tells him that she was never his wife because he still loves Elizabeth and she is the most dangerous drug of them all. Maxie sees Sam's missing engagement ring and Spinelli says she needs to retrieve it quickly. Carly ends up coming face to face with the person that has been following her. Maxie gives Jason the engagement ring and wants a favor in return. After Elizabeth discovers Lucky in the alleyway she tries to find out what happened. Elizabeth promises Lucky that everything is going to be OK.
#12358 49x84
Elizabeth witnesses an orderly trying to sneak out of the medicines closet but ends up making a mistake. Anthony wants to know from J.T. what was Lucky's reaction was like after he held the bottle. When Siobhan catches Lucky going through her bag she wants to know why. Patrick learns from Carly that Sonny took off after Jax and that she has no idea where he is now. Elizabeth is warned by Epiphany that her job is to watch the desk and answer the phone and nothing more. J.T. is told by Anthony that he is going to have eliminate Lucky if he proves to be a problem. As Patrick and Carly are having with breakfast with their daughters they are interrupted by Robin. Sonny end up being in a familiar neighborhood. Tracy ends up stuck with Anthony in a room at the spa. When Carly leaves Kelly's she is followed. J.T. questions Lucky as why he didn't like the product when he hasn't actually tried it. Carly learns from Elizabeth about Sam and Jason's engagement. Siobhan suffers a setback. Lucky ends up being ambushed by J.T. who informs his men to hold him whilst he injects something into Lucky's arm.
#12357 49x83
As Michael sits behind Sonny's desk at the mob restaurant, Abby shows up and notices just how much at home he looks. Nikolas tells his sister to go home and be with Dante and accuses her of wanting to be a hero more than finding her father. Maxie and Spinelli look through the sewers for Sam's lost engagement ring. Maxie tells him how wonderful he used to be before the accident. Anthony goes to see Tracy at Jake's. Alexis congratulates her daughter on her engagement but after seeing her ring she says she needs to talk with Jason alone. Helena meets with Luke who has showed up with the diamonds and when he at first refuses to give them to her she tells him to behave or she won't tell him that he has a visitor. Spinelli learns from Maxie about how he fell in love with her whilst they were taking part in a stakeout. Lulu informs Dante when he shows up that it's time to go back to Port Charles without her father because he can't be saved. Michael says sorry to Abby after he snaps at her when she tries to get him to dance with her. After Nikolas informs Helena that he's not going to be like Stavros, she makes a mysterious telephone call saying she has good news that the Spencer family is at their most vulnerable. After Maxie and Spinelli get trapped together she believes that this could help him remember his old life. Luke watches from the shadows as Lulu leaves with Dante.
#12356 49x82
Elizabeth ends up close to the edge of the hospital roof after Siobhan accuses of her of trying to steal Lucky away from her. Nikolas informs Lulu that he had no idea she was here and he is here to see his grandmother. As he looks at a bottle of pills, Lucky fight the temptation to take one. Carly talks to Shawn about winning the custody battle and how she never wanted it to end the way it did. Carly tries to get Shawn to open up about his time serving in Afghanistan. Siobhan is fed up with Elizabeth playing the damsel in distress and Elizabeth replies by saying that Siobhan is just the latest in a long line of women that Lucky has felt compelled to rescue. Jax talks to Brenda on the telephone as he unpacks his belongings and informs her that he can't stop thinking about Josslyn and how Carly is putting her in danger. After finishing the call, Jax looks at a picture that has Carly, Josslyn and himself in it. Nikolas informs his grandmother that he wants nothing more to do with her fight against the Spencer family. Monica talks to Elizabeth about Jake. After Siobhan returns home and tells Lucky that she is concerned about him he tells her to stop treating him like an addict. Lulu thinks that Nikolas should have another paternity test performed on Aiden but Nikolas doesn't want his brother having to lose yet another son. Steven goes to Olivia's place to fix her AC for her which has broken down and she quizzes him about why he left the previous hospital that he worked at. Things end up turning passionate between the two of them. Jax packs his bags after deciding to return to Port Charles. A ripped piece of the photo with Carly in it is lying on the floor.
#12355 49x81
As Robin and Patrick are about to get intimate, Epiphany walks in on them. Monica shows up to see Jason and wonders why he never told her about Jake being his son. Helena informs Lulu that her mother is to blame for the death of two of her sons and she believes it is time she rectified the situation. Siobhan sees an upset Elizabeth drop some files in the hospital corridor and follows her into a supply closet where she accuses her of being selfish. Jason and Sam talk about their engagement. Robin and Patrick finally end up having some fun after Patrick creates a picnic for them consisting solely of hospital cafeteria food. Patrick wants his wife to close her eyes and guess the different foods and if she looses she then has to put him back on OR rotation. After explaining the reasons why she took him off the rotation, Robin ends up agreeing to play the game. Robin ends up winning as the cafeteria women tipped her off. Helena shows Lulu the dagger that her mother used to stab Stavros. Kristina shows up at Johnny's penthouse and wants him to fire Ethan. When Ethan shows up Kristina is forced to hide as he informs Johnny that if he is involved in the drug ring then he wants out. Ethan is furious when Kristina reveals herself. Lucky isn't happy that Siobhan talked to Ethan. Kristina suffers with some dizzy spells as Ethan takes her home. Jason attempts to comfort Elizabeth after she has a breakdown and she ends up realizing that he and Sam have just got engaged. Lulu ends up running into Nikolas instead of her father. Lucky runs into one of his old drug contacts. Elizabeth and Siobhan both end up on the hospital roof where Siobhan tells her foe that nobody would believe it was an accident if one of them fell.
#12354 49x80
Lucky informs his wife that he asked for Elizabeth's help with a case and had no idea she had returned to work at the hospital. On the Island Lulu continues to listen in as Helena tells Dante to take his shirt off and then flirts with him. Lulu ends up realizing that something is wrong after Helena asks Dante why he is so desperate to work for her. Robin tells Patrick she is too busy when he asks her to join him for a picnic. Steven attempts to persuade his sister to leave the hospital because if she makes another mistake it could end her career for good. Elizabeth doesn't think she can come to any harm just manning the desk and admits she is helping Lucky with an investigation. Robin ends up realizing what Patrick and Matt are up to. Lulu goes to the house as Helena admits to Dante she knows who he really is. Lulu warns Helena to stay away from her boyfriend. Siobhan is concerned that the investigation could see Lucky being tempted back into old habits. Steven shares his concerns with Olivia. Lulu demands that Helena tells her where her father is. Helena ends up admitting to Lulu that she is supposed to meet Luke at the docks for a shipment of diamonds. After agreeing to let Lulu go in her place she tells her that Luke will reject her but it's her choice. Spinelli informs Maxie that he has had a break through on the case he is working on as he saw Johnny coming out of the bakery with a strange package. Siobhan talks to Ethan about her concerns. Patrick ends up managing to get Robin to take a break so he can spend some time with her. After Siobhan clashes with Elizabeth at the hospital, Elizabeth has a memory of reading Aidan's paternity test as she hears the car which hit Jake outside. Maxie warns Johnny with the information that Spinelli has told her and he insists he was just buying cakes. Maxie hides when Spinelli shows up and Anthony decides to have some fun with Spinelli and informs him that he is onto them. Johnny attempts to assure Spinelli nothing illegal is happening at the bakery. After Dante leaves, Helena thinks that Lulu is either very brave or stupid to stay on her own.
#12353 49x79
It is revealed that Lulu and Dante have flown to the Cassadine Island. Lulu thinks that Dante should try and get a job working for Helena so that he can try and get information about Luke. Lulu thinks it's a good plan as Helena has never met Dante. Patrick is assured by his wife that he will be back on the surgical rotation very soon as she tries to be fair to everyone but him. Lucky is able to convince Mac to give him an assignment into looking into some missing drugs from the hospital. Robin sees Elizabeth and offers her the chance to work on the nurses' desk. Abby is surprised by Anthony who has some flowers. Anthony informs Michael that he is here to make an investment in E.L.Q. Tracy asks him to leave after telling him she isn't interested. Lucky wants Elizabeth's help. Asher informs Anthony people are going to start suspecting him of leaking company information after Anthony mentions the Drakon Securities deal that Tracy is working on. Matt asks his brother to try and get Robin to ease up whilst she is in charge at work. Siobhan is not happy when she sees Elizabeth back working at the hospital like nothing has happened. Tracy thinks that Michael is the leak within the company. Lulu listens in on a cell phone as Helena quizzes Dante. Steve thinks that has his sister has returned to work too soon and shares his concerns with Robin. Siobhan asks Lucky if he will leave her if she decides to re-file the malpractice suit against the hospital.
#12352 49x78
Jason and Maxie attempt to find the missing engagement ring. Jax shows up to say goodbye to his daughter as he informs Michael that he is leaving Port Charles for a while. Alexis ends up giving her daughter her blessing for her and Jason to get married. Kristina is happy at the thought of Sam and Jason getting married. Sonny tells his wife that Carly was just saying goodbye to him as Carly urges her not to give up on him. Jax and Morgan end up sharing an emotional goodbye as Jax apologizes for what happened. Both Sonny and Brenda end up realizing that they have no future together after Sonny admits that he loves the power that his mob lifestyle gives him too much. Jason admits to Sam that Maxie helped him get the rooftop ready after she is impressed by his efforts. Brenda writes a letter which she wants Robin to give to Sonny when the time is right. Jason finally asks Sam to become his wife. Carly learns that Jax is leaving Port Charles and that he doesn't know when he will be returning after she returns home. Jax offers Brenda a seat on his plane back to her life in Rome. Brenda asks Jax to spend some time with her in Rome. Carly goes back to see Sonny again and informs him about Jax's decision to leave town. Sonny tells Carly that his marriage to Brenda is over. Jason ends up putting a chrome nut on Sam's finger as a substitute engagement ring after telling her what happened to the ring he bought. Sonny furious after finding out that his wife is on Jax's plane and he orders his plane is got ready to leave.
#12351 49x77
Jax doesn't want to hear what Carly has to say after she tells him she is here to try and make up for what happened to him and they end up arguing. Elizabeth is told by Siobhan to drop the act that she's putting on after Lucky goes to check on Cameron. Sonny learns from Brenda that she still loves him but she knows he is not sorry for framing Jax and she can't have that kind of influence around her son. Jason refuses to give Sam any hints about what he has got planned. Alexis warns Jax that everyone can hear him and Carly arguing. After Carly leaves, Jax tells Alexis that he will buty both Carly and Sonny. Elizabeth asks Siobhan to leave after she hits a raw nerve when she mentions Jake. Maxie warns Jason that he needs a ring if he is going to propose to Sam after he calls her for help in making sure everything is perfect. Brenda doesn't think that Sonny can follow through after he promises her that he can keep both and her son safe. Brenda tells Sonny that if he really loves her then he will let her go. Brenda cries after Sonny leaves. Maxie helps Jason get ready so that everything will be perfect when he asks Sam to become his wife. Carly shows up at Brenda's hotel room and pretends that she wants Sonny back in an effort to make Brenda go after him. Lucky talks to Elizabeth and attempts to diffuse the situation. Brenda ends up going to see Sonny but sees a close moment bewten him and Carly. After Maxie tries on the engagement ring that Jason has got for Sam she ends up losing it after it falls off her finger and goes over the balcony.
#12350 49x76
After Siobhan discovers Lucky making her her dinner he explains that he made it because he is having family night with Elizabeth and the children. Lucky attempts to convince his wife that he doesn't want to get back together with Elizabeth. Siobhan ends up accusing Elizabeth of playing the damsel in distress to Lucky's knight in shining honor. After Sam shows Jason a newspaper report about Jax's arrest, he reminds her that Jax can be as ruthless as Sonny. Jason is worried though that Sonny has gone to far though and could loose Brenda over it. Sonny learns from Carly that Jax's arrest has made the news. Brenda pays Jax a visit who is upset at the fact that he will now probably loose the custody battle. Cameron learns from his mother that she is planning a family dinner tonight. Jax wants Brenda to talk to the judge and tell him that she believes that Sonny set him up. Jason is quizzed by Molly as if to whether Sonny really did set Jax up. After the judge awards Carly sole custody of Josslyn, she declares that she didn't want it to come to this. Caryl tells Jax that she still believes that shared custody is the best thing for Josslyn. Siobhan shows up at Elizabeth's place for the family dinner and Lucky is surprised to learn that Elizabeth invited her. Sam wonders what Jason is planning after he asks her to join him on the rooftop for a romantic picnic. Brenda notices that Sonny isn't sorry at all for what he has done to Jax and she realizes that he did it all for Carly.
#12349 49x75
Morgan is worried when his mother doesn't reply to the email that he has sent. Molly still believes that their plan to get Carly and Jax will get back together will work. Brenda informs Sonny that she is leaving when he returns home. Lulu is warned by Javier that nobody will come to her rescue after demanding sex with her. When Lulu learns from Javier that he has Dante she attempts to escape but her pulls a knife on her. Carly reads her emails and tells Jason that Morgan and Molly are trying to "parent trap" her and Jax into getting back together. Jason stops Carly from replying as it could make the kids carry on running. Olivia shares her suspicions with Steve. Dante is able to get one of Javier's thugs to agree to a deal to help him. Michael is asked by Jax to get Carly pay his bail and that will prove to him that she had nothing to do with this. Dante manages to rescue Lulu from Javier's clutches and beats him up. Lulu doesn't want Dante killing Javier as he knows where her father is. Michael tells his mother about Jax's arrest. Ethan learns from Kristina that she believes she knows where Morgan and her sister took Josslyn after Carly and Jason turn to her for help. Javier ends up admitting that Luke is involved in something big and he mentions Helena's name. Sonny is told by his wife that she isn't going to running into Jax's arms but just walking out of his life. Dante and Lulu look around the house for clues after Javier is taken away by the local police. Kristina and Ethan return home with the children and Carly makes them promise never to do anything like this again. Jax is released on bail after he learns the ruling in the custody battle will be made tomorrow. Kristina remains determined to go to Vegas with Ethan and she asks Michael to cover for her. After accusing Carly of helping Sonny, Jax tells her he will make sure that she never sees their daughter again.
#12348 49x74
Lulu wants Javier to reveal Luke's whereabouts after she tells him she lied about who she really was as she didn't want her father to know she was here. Javier tells Lulu that unless she sleeps with him he will tell her nothing. After Lulu refuses to sleep with him, Javier instructs her to be in his office at five o'clock or he will tell Luke to stay away. Dante looks around the bordello in an effort to learn the truth about Lupe's death. A girl called Roxy warns Dante that anyone who crosses Javier ends up dead. After Dante learns from Lulu what Javier wants he attempts to convince her to leave with him again. Lulu tells Dante she has a plan and need his help. Dante reluctantly ends up sneaking back into the bordello to hide and to help Lulu after she gets the information she needs out of Javier. Dante ends up being caught by some of Javier's goons. Lulu shows up not knowing what has happened and Javier ends up kissing her. Jason learns from Sonny that he has dealt with Jax and warns him that Brenda could be furious when she finds out. Carly tries not to panic after she realizes that Morgan and Josslyn are both missing and she ends up calling Jason for help. Kristina fools Sonny into giving her money so that she can go to Vegas with Ethan. Ethan tells Johnny that he can't work for him anymore. Jax attempts to convince Ronnie that he didn't do anything to Grace, but Ronnie says they evidence states otherwise. When Brenda shows up he insists that he has been set up and she later confronts Sonny. Sonny tells his wife that Jax has got exactly what he deserves. Molly, Morgan and Josslyn hide out in an abandoned pizza shack. Morgan hopes that the plan will see Jax and his mother getting back together.
#12347 49x73
Dante attempts to convince Lulu that it would be best if she returned home to Port Charles with him right now but she refuses to leave without her father. Molly hears Carly telling Alexis she could lose her daughter. Jax learns from Brenda that Sonny hasn't spoken to her since she testified in the court room. Sonny tells Grace that she has to stop Jax from gaining primary custody of Josslyn otherwise he will expose that she took a bribe from him. Alexis ends up agreeing to speak to Jax on Carly's behalf. Lupe is confronted by Javier as to why she didn't tell him that she had discovered that Dante was really a policeman and as to why she has been covering for Lulu. Olivia refuses to help Sonny make sure that Carly gains custody of Josslyn. Jax refuses to agree to Alexis' request that he gives up the battle and agree to a joint custody of his daughter with Carly. After Molly informs Morgan that Jax is going to take Josslyn away they both end up agreeing that it can never happen. When Lulu shows up for work the place is closed and Javier tells her that Lupe slipped in the shower and has died. Brenda wants to know why Sonny has been ignoring her. Sonny attempts to assure Brenda that he is not cross with her and stayed in his downtown apartment for business reasons. Both Lulu and Dante are suspicious about Lupe's death. Ethan continues to try and put Kristina off him after she asks to spend more time with him by asking her to go gambling in Vegas with him. Grace drugs Jax's drink and then rips her own clothes. She then begins to scream warning him to stay away from her as he lunges forward. Grace then locks herself in the bathroom and calls the police. When Carly returns home she discovers that Morgan has disappeared. When Lulu returns to her motel room, she discovers Javier waiting there for her. Lulu learns that Javier has seen her passport and he wants to know why she didn't tell him that Luke is her father.
#12346 49x72
Maxie is scared that Anthony will end up killing Spinelli. Lupe sees Dante's police badge as he throws somebody out of the bordello and she tries to find out what he is really doing there. Anthony manages to gain control of the situation and gains control of the gun and warns Spinelli not to come any closer. Tracy is furious that her father is giving Michael the credit for all of Asher's hard work. Kristina informs Ethan that she knows that is really going on between him and Abby and has seen through their plan. Anthony is stopped by Jason from eliminating Spinelli after Maxie shows up and tells him what is going on as he is about to ask Sam to become his wife. Lupe informs Lulu that she saw Dante's police badge and Lulu tries to convince her not to tell anyone. Maxie talks to Sam about what might have happened if she and Spinelli had followed through with their marriage after Sam tells her she thinks Jason was about to propose. Tracy attempts to convince Michael to leave the company whilst he is still ahead. Kristina warns Ethan that it is only a matter of time before they end up together. Jason gives Spinelli a fake assignment and he tells Maxie about it. Asher is warned by Anthony that he's not happy that he hasn't done the job that he was paid to do after is it revealed that he is working for him and supposed to be sabotaging ELQ. Monica is shocked after Tracy informs her that Jake was really Jason's son. Jason informs Maxie that he intends to ask Sam to become his wife but he wants to do it properly. Javier listens in outside Lulu's motel room as she and Dante are talking.
#12345 49x71
Spinelli informs Sam that they have much bigger fish to fry with Anthony. Dante listens in as Javier pays a visit to Lulu. Lucky informs his wife that he ran into Elizabeth at the hospital. Maxie thinks that if Jason asks Sam to become his wife it could help turn Spinelli back into the person she knows and loves. Asher is furious after Edward asks Michael to join him on an important conference call. Anthony has an interesting offer for Tracy. Sam hopes that Maxie has a way of turning Spinelli back to his old self. Lucky brings his wife home from the hospital and she would like to spend some time with him at the beach. Asher continues to be envious of Michael after he offers Edward some business tips. Tracy lets Anthony know that she wants nothing to do with him. Siobhan wonders if Lucky has ever considered having some grief counseling to help him deal with Jake's death. Jason asking Sam to marry him causes no reaction from Spinelli. Javier is impressed after Dante stops a customer from assaulting Lulu. Spinelli points a gun at Anthony on the pier.
#12344 49x70
Lucky attempts to make his wife see that Elizabeth wouldn't have deliberately tried to kill her and he also tries to convince her to drop the lawsuit against the hospital as Elizabeth listens in. When Judge Cole requests to see the police report about the shooting, Brenda informs him that there isn't one and tries to play the whole thing down. Brenda tries to convince the judge that Carly doesn't spend enough time around Sonny for Josslyn's life to be in any danger. Patrick attempts to adjust to working at the hospital with his wife as the interim chief of staff at the hospital. Steven warns his sister that she should keep her distance from the hospital and to leave and go home. Jason tries to find out if Brenda said what she did in court was just to get back at Carly. When the judge asks Sonny if any of his children were ever shot, Carly interrupts him and asks the judge not to make Sonny relive Michael's shooting. After Lucky assures Siobhan that he loves her and that even though he shares two sons with Elizabeth he would never get back together with her, she ends up agreeing to drop the lawsuit. Carly believes that Jax paid Grace off and Sonny says that Jax will get what's coming to him. Elizabeth ends up admitting to Robin that she is still in love with Lucky. Grace is confronted by Sonny and after she admits the truth about being paid off by Jax, Sonny tells her she will do whatever he tells her. Lucky goes to see Elizabeth and informs her that Siobhan has decided to drop the lawsuit. He continues that he really loves Siobhan and reminds her that they really are over. Jax finds Brenda waiting for him in his office. Brenda admits she is trying to avoid Sonny because she is afraid of what the fallout from the custody hearing will end up being. Jax hopes that he can find a way to help her get Alec away from Sonny's world after thanking her for her testimony.
#12343 49x69
Elizabeth thinks that Siobhan should sue just her instead of the hospital as she is solely to blame for what happened. Siobhan wants Elizabeth to admit that she wants Lucky. As Brenda attempts to sneak out of the house to testify at the custody hearing, Sonny stops her. Brenda ends up admitting that she isn't sure what she is going to say and Sonny is certain that she will do the right thing. As Carly is talking with Grace outside the courtroom Jax shows. Jax offers to stop the proceedings if Carly gives him full custody and in return he will give her limited access to their daughter. Cameron learns the truth from Lucky about him being Aiden's father. Sonny is surprised when Kristina shows up offering him her support at the court room but he sends her away as he doesn't want her involved. Steven informs Patrick and Robin that he has been suspended indefinitely as chief of staff and that he has decided to name Robin as his replacement. When Lucky returns home Elizabeth asks him how the camping trip went. Elizabeth tells him about Siobhan believing that she tried to kill her and that she has filed a malpractice suit. Sonny thinks that his wife is being manipulated by Jax. Jax and Carly meet up with the judge and Grace ends up stating that she believes that Jax should be granted sole custody of Josslyn. Lucky attempts unsuccessfully to get his wife to agree to drop the lawsuit as Elizabeth listens in. Brenda ends up telling the judge that she has witnessed mob violence since marrying Sonny when being questioned.
#12342 49x68
Anthony informs his son that the only way to hurt Sonny is to hit him where it will affect him the most which is through his family. Jason is told by Sam that she doesn't need a piece of paper to know the way he feels about her. Alexis shows up to talk to Brenda about the custody case. Brenda ends up telling Alexis that if she says Sonny's lifestyle is dangerous it could mean the end of her marriage. Alexis ends up becoming torn if she should continue to support Jax. A mysterious telephone call is made by Anthony and he says to make sure that everything is prepared for tonight. Sonny shows up and ends up threatening Jax in front of Grace. Ethan warns Kristina that her infatuation with him has to come to an end as his life could be in danger if he dates her. Jason and Sam talk about marriage. Jax thinks Sonny's outburst will guarantee him custody of his daughter. As Brenda gets into a car with her son it is shot at and she is scared. Sam isn't happy with Maxie for putting marriage ideas into Jason's head. Maxie tells her that she needs to be honest with Jason and tell him if she does want to get married to him. Alexis goes to see Carly who wants Alexis to stop Jax from taking her daughter away from her. Alexis later tells Jax that she can no longer represent him. Jason and Sonny work out that the person who fired at the car Brenda was getting into was trying to send him a message. Brenda is furious when Sonny says that she and Alec weren't in any real danger as it was real bullets that were fired. Carly goes to see Jason and learns about what happened to Brenda and she says there is now no way to prove that Sonny's lifestyle isn't dangerous. Sonny doesn't want his wife mentioning what happened at the custody battle hearing.
#12341 49x67
Elizabeth informs Siobhan that it was a mistake made by her that almost ended up killing her. Shawn learns from Jax that it is not a mistake that he has been subpoenaed to testify in the custody battle. Everyone is told by Steven to just be honest about what happened when quizzed by the hospital board. Jason is shocked after he finds out the lengths that Jax had gone to get Morgan to testify. Carly vents to Jason about how much Jax has changed. Patrick learns from his wife that she has been covering for Elizabeth for quite a few months now. After Abby and Ethan run into one another at Kelly's they reiterate their plan to fake a romance so that Kristina will get the message that Ethan isn't interested in her. Ethan flirts with Abby and holds her hand when Kristina shows up. Johnny receives a visit from Ethan who warns him to keep his father away from Kristina. Kristina informs Michael that she was right about Abby all along and that she is just after his money. Alexis talks to Jax about the concerns that she has. Elizabeth learns from her brother that the hospital board have suspended her from her position at the hospital for three months. Siobhan shows up and learns that Elizabeth hasn't been fired from her job. Carly meets with Shawn and says sorry for Jax's behavior and she hates it that he has been put in this difficult position. Ethan lets Anthony know that if he does go near Kristina again he will follow through with his threats. After Ethan leaves, Anthony reveals to his son that he intends to target Sonny's family, especially Brenda. Kristina has a go at Abby for the way she has treated her brother. Siobhan lets everyone know that she has decided to sue for malpractice. Carly goes to see Jax and shouts at him before seeing that there is a woman in the room. Carly quickly becomes polite and apologetic after learning that she is their court appointed mediator but she soon ends up loosing it again. Carly swears to do whatever it takes to make sure that Jax doesn't get custody of their daughter as the mediator listens in shocked.
#12340 49x66
Spinelli ends up bursting into the room and warns Sonny to get his hands off of Maxie. As Edward quizzes Michael about how he feels his first day of work went, Carly shows up. Michael is not happy with her for checking up on him. Carly thinks that Michael is bored with the job and attempts to convince him to find another job. After Edward ends up insinuating that he would hate to lose Abby from the company because of Michael's departure, Michael pretends to be interested in the company. Kristina is approached by Anthony who asks her about all the pain she's caused his family. Spinelli calls Sonny a low life as he tells Maxie to get him out of his house. Lulu wants to go upstairs with Dante after telling Javier that she could do with the money. Anthony is warned by Ethan never to approach Kristina again after he shows up and rescues her. Steven informs Olivia that he is to too blame for Elizabeth's mistake that could of seen Siobhan loosing her life as he assigned her to work in the operating theater. Edward issues a warning to Carly. Ethan goes to see Michael to talk to him about the crush that Kristina has on him. Sonny wants Alexis to stop being Jax's attorney because all he is trying to do is to hurt him and Carly. Dante attempts to convince Lulu to make a promise to leave with him if Luke doesn't return tonight. After refusing to quit, Alexis tries to convince Sonny that her intention is to get Jax and Carly to settle out of court. Spinelli kisses Maxie on the docks and she reminds him that she is with Matt now even though she enjoys the kiss. Spinelli clashes with Anthony after he shows up and Anthony threatens to kill him. Abby thinks that she should pretend to be having an affair with Ethan to help fool Kristina. When Luke calls Javier, Lupe listens in and tells Lulu about the call. Sonny and Brenda's romantic evening ends up being ruined by Carly after she shows up and informs Sonny that Jax is calling Morgan and Michael to testify in the custody battle. Brenda becomes upset after Sonny is forced to finish their evening together early.
#12339 49x65
Maxie attempts to convince Jason to send Spinelli on a fake assignment until he recovers and becomes his old self again. Maxie blames herself for what has happened to Spinelli. Jason is surprised when Maxie suggests that he asks Sam to marry him. Spinelli ignores Sonny's request to transfer the money and pours himself a drink which Sonny ends up knocking out of his hand. A frustrated Sonny ends up calling Jason to come get Spinelli. After picking Spinelli up he takes him back to the apartment where Sam is waiting. After Spinelli leaves, Jason talks to Sam about the conversation he had with Maxie. Maxie pays Sonny a visit and requests that he is not too hard on Spinelli. Sonny wants Maxie to help get the old Spinelli back so he can tell him where his money is. Spinelli sees Maxie with Sonny through the window and thinks they are sharing a kiss. Matt talks to Elizabeth at the hospital and tells her that she administered the wrong medication to Siobhan. After denying it Elizabeth later ends up realizing that he is right. Lucky takes Aiden away from Helena who tries to plant doubts about Elizabeth in his mind. After Elizabeth returns home she admits to Lucky that she is responsible for what happened to Siobhan. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he forgives her and gives her a hug. Dante is able to find Lulu in her motel room where she is dressed in her waitress outfit. Dante isn't happy with the idea of her working at the brothel. Dante ends up following her and talks to Javier and tells him that he wants to spend more time with Lupe. Dante ends up offering Javier money to spend the evening with Lulu after she takes their drinks order.
#12338 49x64
Jason discovers Spinelli's at his office and still not back to his old self. Patrick and Robin discuss all the different possible scenarios on what could have happened during Siobhan's surgery. Nikolas ends up reluctantly giving Aiden to Lucky and Elizabeth. Sonny is fed up with Brenda always defending Jax and she says she feels the same way about how he is always defending Carly. Nikolas informs his brother that just because he has handed over Aiden it still doesn't mean that he is not the boy's father. Spinelli's actions cause Maxie even more concerns. Sonny shares his frustrations with Jason and tells him that Jax has gone too far this time. Patrick learns that Elizabeth put the medicines into Siobhan's I.V. after informing his brother that he is in the clear. As Nikolas and Spencer heads towards the plane, Helena walks by just after they leave. Sonny wants Spinelli to tell him exactly where his money is. When Lucky pays Elizabeth a visit he finds Helena there playing with Aiden.
#12337 49x63
Carly shares her concerns with Sonny that Edward will tell Michael how Carly and Sonny kept him from the Quartermaine's. Sonny is not happy when he learns that Jax offered jobs to both Michael and Abby. Brenda learns from Jax that Alexis has put her name on the witness list for the upcoming custody battle. Nikolas receives another visit from Lucky who wants to talk about Aiden again. Robin, Patrick and Steven learn the truth about Aiden's true paternity from Elizabeth. Nikolas continues to insist that Elizabeth is lying about Lucky being Aiden's real father. Brenda informs Jax that she doe not want to come between him and Carly and cause more problems. Robin and Patrick are requested by Steven to discover the truth about what happened to Siobhan during the surgery. Michael's dress sense manages to impress Edward. Micheal feels uneasy when Edward informs him that he has been fast-track to junior executive and that Abby will be his and another junior executives assistant. Lucky tells Elizabeth after he works out that Nikolas is planning on leaving town with Aiden. Carly is furious with Jax for involving Morgan in their problems. Asher puts the moves on Abby as Michael hears him talking to her about Michael's abilities. Steven starts to wonder if his sister could be responsible for what happened to Siobhan. After paying a visit to Emily's grave, Nikolas isn't sure what to do. Sonny is furious when he finds out that his wife has been subpoenaed to testify in Carly and Jax's custody battle. After returning from Wyndermere, Lucy and Elizabeth find Nikolas waiting to talk to them and he tells them he has changed his mind about leaving town with Aiden as it wouldn't be fair on the boy.
#12336 49x62
Carly turns down Jax's job offer for Michael after telling him that she still doesn't trust him. Dante attempts to get information out of Lupe about Luke and Lulu but she clams up when he asks too many questions. Jason and Abby talk about the pro and cons of Michael working for Edward and he ends up telling her about how he broke up with Robin to protect Michael in the past. Javier offers Lulu a job as a cocktail waitress after telling her that Luke comes and goes and that she will have to work if she wants to wait for him to return again. Sam learns the truth from Elizabeth about Lucky really being Aiden's father. Carly shares her concerns with Jason that Edward will try and turn Michael against her and turn him into AJ. Jason thinks that they have to trust Michael to make his own decisions. Lupe warns Lulu that Javier wants her all for himself. Lulu sees Dante leave. Nikolas insists to Lucky that Elizabeth is lying about Aiden's paternity like she did with Jake.
#12335 49x61
Edward is pleased after Michael declares that he and Abby will work for ELQ. When Michael sees Jason he asks him if he thinks he is doing the right thing and Jason tells him all the pros and cons and that the final decision will have to be his own. Kristina enjoys the kiss with Ethan and wants to do it again as her mother and sister return home. As Jax is talking to Brenda about the court case, Carly enters the room and sees her holding Josslyn. Javier wants Lulu to tell him the truth about what she is really up to. Kristina tells Alexis that Ethan was just helping her choose a country to visit when she takes a year off from her studies. Carly accuses Jax of making sure that she would see him and Brenda together hoping she would loose her temper. After Carly leaves Brenda asks Jax if Cary was right. After Lupe lies to Javier on Lulu's behalf, she explains that she did it for Luke's safety. Carly is not happy when she finds out from Jason that Michael is going to be working at E.L.Q. over the summer. Carly tells Michael that it is a bad idea and when Jax shows up he agrees. Jax ends up suggesting that Michael and Abby work for him. After talking to Sonny, Dante heads to Florida and the brothel looking for Lulu where he runs into Lupe. Alexis tells her daughter that she knows what she is up to. When Alexis tries to ban her daughter from seeing Ethan again, Kristina argues that Michael is allowed to date Abby so why is there double standards when it comes to her. After Brenda returns home, she and Sonny end up arguing about Carly and Jax's custody battle. Sonny ends up saying sorry to Brenda for some of the things he has said and tells her that he never wants to loose her.
#12334 49x60
Edward ends up offering Abby a position at E.L.Q. on the condition that Michael accepts a position at the company as well. Sonny informs Jason that he thinks Michael should work at the warehouse so that he will remain close to them and not to the Quartermaine family. Lulu runs into Lupe in her quest to find her father. Kristina tells Ethan that she needs his help. Michael is told by Johnny that if he decides to continue to work for his father, it could end up ending badly. Tracy is quizzed by Dante as to whether she has heard from Lulu since she left town to look for her father. Edward explains the reason why he doesn't want Michael working for Sonny to Abby. Lupe issues a warning to Lulu. Jax wants Brenda to tell the judge that Sonny is a dangerous man. Dante turns to Sonny for help with Luke, because Lulu believes that her father can still be saved. Lulu runs into Javier the the person that Lupe warned her about. Michael learns from Abby about Edward's offer. Kristina wants Ethan to kiss her to see if there is a spark between them. Michael ends up coming to a decision about where his future lies.
#12333 49x59
When a worried Maxie goes to see Jason for help with Spinelli, she instead runs into Sam. Alexis realizes that her daughter is trying to get rid of her before Ethan shows up. After Jason goes to see Spinelli at the hospital, he notices the change in him. Sonny ends up realizing that if he does not give Michael the job he wants he will end up working for Anthony and Johnny. Ethan wants to borrow Edward's jet plane. Jason is shocked after Spinelli tells him that he doesn't know how to use a computer after he asks him to get some account numbers for him. Edward lets Ethan know that Maya has called him and filled him in on what is going on. Sonny wants his wife to tell Michael about her run in with Anthony. Jason wants Sam to try and think of a way to bring the old Spinelli back. Jason learns from Edward that he would like Michael to do a internship at E.L.Q. in an effort to bring him back closer to his real family. Michael learns from Abby that she is starting to reconsider Anthony's offer to work for Angela. Ethan learns from Kristina that she is in serious trouble for going off with him.
#12332 49x58
Maxie doesn't like the way that Spinelli is talking. Lulu sees how the fire has devastated the family house. Brenda and Alec are threatened by Anthony after he runs into them at Kelly's. Siobhan tells Lucky how she learned that Aiden was his son and how she believes that he is know going to want to think again about the promises he made to her. Ronnie wants to know if Dante is going to risk his police career to protect Lucky. Sonny warns Diane not to interfere in his personal life. Lucky tells his wife that he wants to stay married to her. Nikolas learns the truth about Lucky really being Aiden's father. Dante and Tracy find out about Lulu's plans to go ands find her father. Sonny and Max pay Anthony a visit after learning that he sent a message via Alec. Spinelli's sudden personality change leaves Diane feeling confused. Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth is lying so that Lucky will stay away from the drink.
#12331 49x57
Lucky is found by Elizabeth at the Haunted Star with a drink. She ends up admitting to him the truth about him really being Aidan's father. Elizabeth attempts to convince him that she is telling the truth after he fails to believe her. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he thinks he is becoming like his father. The syringe ends up being injected into Lisa's chest after Patrick tackles her as he rescues his wife. Steven later tells Robin and Patrick that Lisa has slipped into a coma. Spinelli is rushed into surgery and Maxie feels guilty. Sam fells guilty for not being there when Jason tells her about what has happened to Spinelli. They remember the first time they met him. Robin shows up and tells Sam that she isn't pregnant. Maxie, Sam and Jason are waiting for Spinelli after he pulls through the surgery. Spinelli wakes up to see Maxie by the side of his bed. Siobhan opens her eyes at the hospital after Lucky goes to see her and she jokes that she is looking forward to him being a better husband in the future.
#12330 49x56
Maxie, Robin, Steven and Patrick are warned by Lisa that if they go anywhere near Spinelli she will kill him. Lucky attempts to override the system to lift the lock down on the hospital. Dante comes up with a way to get in and Ronnie isn't happy when Dante wants Jason to enter with him. Jason ends up working out that Jake's birthday is the password for the system. Another mistake is made by Elizabeth. After Johnny discovers that Lisa has taken hostages in the hospital he asks Anthony if he is proud for helping her. Lucky learns from Matt that there is a chance that Siobhan will never wake up. Jason decides that it is time to do things his way. Lisa tells Patrick to sit down after he attempts to convince her to give herself up. As Dante and Jason burst in, Robin is taken hostage by Lisa. Dante stops Lisa from escaping. Matt is told by Maxie to do whatever he can to stop Spinelli from dying. Lucky pours himself a drink after going to the Haunted Star. Lisa puts a syringe to Robin's neck and warns Patrick to keep his distance.
#12329 49x55
Lucky and Dante manage to save Siobhan from the fire after rushing into the house. Robin decides to have an ultrasound performed on Sam to determine what's the cause of the cramping. Lisa continues to secretly watch both Robin and Patrick. Dante receives a call from Mac who wants to know why he left the scene before the fire trucks showed up. Sam doesn't want Jason worrying and informs him that a pregnancy test has been ordered to be performed on her. Siobhan requires surgery and Steve sends his sister into assist. A gun is pulled out on Robin, Patrick, Steven and Maxie by Lisa who orders them into the conference room. Lisa ends up putting them all on trial. Dante is quizzed by Mac about whether he saw Luke anywhere near the house before the fire started. Elizabeth makes a major mistake as she injects the wrong medication into Siobhan's I.V. The hospital is put into lock down as Lucky tells everyone about the hostage situation with Lisa. Spinelli is able to make his way into the conference room through the air ducts and he attempts to talk some reason into Lisa. After Maxie argues with Lisa, Spinelli ends up getting shot.
#12328 49x54
Elizabeth is asked by Patrick to join him in the operating room to assist in surgery but Robin doesn't think Elizabeth is ready yet. Lisa is brought her uniform by Anthony. Sam is told by Jason that she shouldn't be attempting to do anything stressful and offers to go on the stakeout with Spinelli in her place. Steve informs his sister that it was alright that she had a go at him and forgot she asked him to pack up Jake's belongings. Lulu informs Dante that her brother is considering burning down the family's house. Lisa prepares to put her latest plan into action. Maxie talks to Siobhan and tells her that she thinks that maybe now is the time that Lucky should be told that he is really Aiden's father. Nikolas shows up wanting to know where Lucky is. Sam suffers with some cramping in her abdomen area and Spinelli takes her to the hospital. Lucky pours petrol on the family home and sets fire to it. Dante shows up and takes Lucky away with. When Siobhan shows up she rushes inside concerned that Lucky might be in the house. Lucky hears some screams at the house.
#12327 49x53
Michael takes off after what has happened. After Abby tells Jason what happened, he manages to find Michael and talks to him about his temper. Sonny tells Mayor Floyd that if he doesn't give him Michael's diploma he will find out exactly how he gained his reputation. Sam apologizes for missing the graduation as she had to go to court. Kristina tells Sonny, Alexis and Sam what Bryce said to her. Molly thinks that Michael is a hero for defending her sister. Alexis thinks that Michael shouldn't have punched Bryce and that Sonny shouldn't have threatened Mayor Floyd. Diane pays Max a visit and runs into Brenda who gives her some attitude. Kristina pays Ethan a visit and asks him if her father has hassled him at all and she wants to know if he us pleased to see her. Jason ends up being surprised after Michael accepts a legitimate job offer from him. Dante and Abby talk about Michael. Sam ends up pointing out that both Kristina and Michael are now young adults and that they have to be allowed to make their own choices. She continues that if Michael wants to hit people and Kristina wants to take off to another country then they both have to deal with the respective consequences. Everyone is happy when Michael returns to the party and Kristina also returns with Ethan. Sonny wonders how his daughter manages to end up with Ethan when she was supposed to be looking for Michael. Carly tells her son she is proud of him and gives him his diploma. Sonny tells both of his children that they make him proud. Diane ends up telling Brenda that she will find her another family attorney to help with the adoption as she doesn't think it is good idea. Michael shows up at Abby's where Dante gives him his graduation present which is a letter saying his parole has been completed. Ethan ends up kissing Kristina on the cheek and wishes her a happy graduation. Abby ends up asking Michael to move in with her.
#12326 49x52
Milo and Max bring Ethan to see Sonny. Alexis listens in as Kristina tells Molly about her trip. Michael and Abby share a kiss on the docks. Lulu shows up at the Spencer house and wonders where her father is. Jax shows up at the graduation and says that Alexis invited him along. Abby and Michael discuss his graduation. Sonny is adamant that Ethan won't be seeing his daughter again. Lucky talks to Lulu about their father. Ethan tells Sonny that he is just a passing fancy for Kristina until she goes to college and then she will forget about him. A furious Morgan is upset with Jax for trying to take his sister away. Michael tells Abby that he wont be going to PCU. Lucky and Ethan talk about Luke at the Haunted Star. Ethan tells Lucky about his trips to Vegas and the Dominican Republic. Lulu and Dante talk on the docks and she tells him that her father won't be coming back to Port Charles. Lulu feels like he has resigned from being a father. Brenda tells Sonny that she wont be going to the graduation as Carly doesn't want her there. Michael and Kristina are dressed up for their graduation and Michael is able to trick her into admitting she filled out his application for PCU. Sonny and Brenda argue and Brenda thinks she should stay home to keep the peace. Sonny thinks that the children would want her there but Brenda is still adamant that she won't be going. Sonny is not happy and leaves. Dante wants Lulu to go to the graduation with him. Lulu says she doesn't want to go and Dante tells her that he wont go either then. Dante continues that he wishes he could fix things for her and tells her that he loves her. Lucky and Ethan continue to talk about Luke. Lulu shows up at the Haunted Star and Ethan thinks that maybe Luke will come back. Lucky thinks that they need to accept that he is never coming back and move on with their lives. Jax shows up at Sonny's place and is given some attitude by Max. Brenda asks Milo and Max to give her a moment alone with Jax and he tells her that he came by to tell Sonny that he was going to graduation. Jax tries to get Brenda to agree to go the graduation with him. Sonny shows up and makes excuses for Brenda not being at the graduation by saying she is unwell. Kristina tries to convince Michael to go to PCU. After Lucky, Lulu and Ethan return to the Spencer house, Lucky says he can see why Luke found the place so suffocating. Michael punches somebody at the graduation who hassles Kristina about Kiefer.
#12325 49x51
Kristina tells her parents she can do whatever she likes as she is an adult. Lucky and Luke continue to talk. Ethan explains that he is here to get a divorce and continues that he didn't invite Kristina along. Alexis wonders where they slept. Luke explains to his father that everyone need him in their lives and tries to convince him to return to Port Charles. Luke replies that nobody knows who he really is and that they have their own version of him in their minds. Luke refuses to return to Port Charles. Ethan insists that nothing has happened between him and Kristina and that he slept on the sofa. Lucky refuses to give up on his father. Luke tells his son that he never wanted to be a father and that the only good think about killing Jake is that it has liberated him beyond redemption. Luke continues that he wants to live his life under his terms and tells Lucky to leave. After Lucky leaves, Luke cries. Patrick talks to Coleman about Lisa. Anthony continues to offer Lisa his support and help. As Lucky flies home with his wife he tells her that his father said he is through with him and the rest of the family. Siobhan thinks that it is the drink and the guilt that he is feeling that is making Luke say what he did but Lucky believes he meant every word. A disguised Lisa watches Robin go into Jake's. Patrick tells his wife that she is the only woman he ever wants to be with again. Anthony runs into Brenda on the docks. Anthony tells her that he is an associate of her husband's. Anthony says it is terrible the way Sonny used his daughter and issues her a stern warning. Lucky talks about his life when he was on the run with his parents and how everything changed after they returned to Port Charles. Luke talks to Lupe and opens up to her.
#12324 49x50
Luke throws some money at a woman in a hotel. Lucky and Siobhan are in Florida looking or Luke. Kristina shows up with drinks at Ethan lays in bed. Sonny and Alexis fly to the Dominican Republic. Alexis refuses to allow Sonny to deal with Ethan. Ethan is suffering with a hangover and Kristina wants to know if he is going to waste the whole day by staying in bed. Lucky and Siobhan talk about Luke's upbringing. When Lulu shows up at Crimson to pick up her final paycheck, Maxie attempts to convince her to return to work and tells her that Luke won't be coming back to Port Charles. Dante quizzes Jason about the warehouse fires. Alexis warns Sonny that if he does anything bad to Ethan then Luke will no longer be his friend. Ethan tells Kristina that the judge can't sign the papers until later in the day. Jason and Dante end up arguing over the mob and Michael. Lulu goes to see Jason and asks him to stay away from her father when he returns to town. Lulu asks him if he wants to kill her father as payback for Jake's death. Ethan opens up to Kristina about his past after being pick pocketed. Lucky tells Siobhan that he wished he had listened to his sister when she said that the intervention was bad idea. Maxie gives Dante an all expenses paid trip for Lulu to go to France. Jason tells Lulu that he wont do anything to Luke as he wants to see him suffer. Ethan and Kristina get ready to see the judge so that Ethan can get his divorce. Brenda is with Robin and becomes scared after hearing a car back fire and thinking somebody fired a shot. Dante shows up at the Haunted Star to see Lulu and tells her about the trip to France. Lulu tells him that she would love to go but can not leave at the moment. Sonny and Alexis show up and say they are here to stop the proceedings and Ethan wants to know what is wrong with him getting a divorce. Robin talks to Brenda about her over reaction to what just happened. Lulu tells Dante that she needs to spend some time with her father before they take the trip. Lucky shows up at his father's door and the woman Luke gave the money to opens the door. Lucky tells his father that he was wrong.
#12323 49x49
Sonny wants Carly and Alexis' help in planning a family celebration for Michael and Kristina's graduations. Michael wants Anthony to leave who tells him that he found Abby a job. Johnny tells Lisa that he is through protecting her. Ethan is surprised when he finds Kristina on the plane with him as he flies to to Dominican Republic to get a quick divorce. Lisa tells Johnny she needs his help one last time to get her out of the country with a new identity. Johnny thinks she should get herself the help she needs and to turn herself in. Ethan tells Kristina that she shouldn't be here and is worried how Sonny will react when he finds out. Olivia helps Steven pack up Jake's things at Elizabeth's house and they end up sharing another kiss. Johny reluctantly ends up agreeing to help Lisa flee the country. Carly asks Sonny for help in her custody battle with Jax. Sonny tells Carly that he is proud of the man that Michael has now become. Abby tells Michael that she was wrong to issue the ultimatum to him and they end up sharing a kiss. Alexis learns from Molly about Kristina going to the Dominic Republic with Ethan. Elizabeth is furious when she returns home and find all of Jake's things boxed up. Anthony finds Lisa there when he returns home and isn't surprised that she showed up to see Johnny. After Abby gets out the letter from PCU, Micheal continues to wonder who sent in the application. Alexis is furious about where Kristina has gone. Alexis decides to text her mother and tells her that she is staying at a friend's house. Carly denies being repsonsible for the application to PCU when Michael tells her about it. She is pleased though that somebody did it but he replies by telling her that who says he is going to go. Anthony offers Lisa his support. Olivia goes back to Elizabeth's house and tells Elizabeth that maybe she forgot she asked steven box up all of Jake's belongings. Olivia reminds her about a conversation she had with her brother who offered to help her. Elizabeth remembers the conversation and thinks she is loosing her mind. Steven tells Robin about what happened with his sister. Johnny pays Patrik a visit and lies to him that Lisa contacted him and that she needs money and is in Canada. Anthony takes Lisa to one of his safe houses that Johnny doesn't know about. Lisa is pleased that she will be free to do what she needs to do. Alexis tells Sonny they need a plane as their daughter is flying to the Dominic Reopublic with Ethan to get married.
#12322 49x48
Elizabeth watches Patrick and Robin with Emma. Johnny and Anthony discuss business. Abby is with Sam and is looking for a job. Michael reads a letter. Nikolas offers to take Elizabeth for a coffee after seeing her watch Patrick and Robin. Abby talks to Sam about her break up with Michael and as Sam suggests she tries to get a job at the Metro Court, Michael shows up. Johnny tells his father that he doesn't want a war with Jason. Spinelli and Jason talk about Anthony and how Jason burnt down one of his warehouses. Elizabeth and Nikolas talk about how she is coping. Matt continues to help Maxie at Crimson. After Sam leaves, Michael and Abby tell each other that they have missed one another. Michael tells her about the acceptance letter he got for PCU and wonders if she applied for him as he didn't. Robin invites Elizabeth to come over for dinner. Patrick pays Johnny a visit to try and find out if he knows where Lisa is. Kristina wants her sister to talk to Alexis on her behalf so that she can see Ethan. Kristina tells her about Maya cheating on him but Sam thinks she is making a mistake getting involved with a married man. Michael goes to see Jason to try and find out if he applied to PCU for and him and he replies no. Jason tells Michael that he needs to know that Johnny is at war with him. Michael ends up arguing with Jason about what is best for him. Spinelli shows up to warn Maxie that her computer has a virus. Sam is pleased when shes Jason back in action at work. Anthony shows up at Abby's apartment to see her. Patrick tells Robin about his visit with Johnny. When Johnny returns home he finds Lisa there. Johnny refuses to help Lisa and she tells him to shoot her as it would be better than going back to the institution. Anthony offers Abby a job and when Michael shows up he wonders what Anthony is doing there.
#12321 49x47
Sam shows up at the office to remind Jason they had dinner plans but he had forgot. Lucky and Siobhan continue to talk about Luke. Lucky explains that he has to search for his father alone. Maya is sorry about what Ethan has witnessed. Jason tells Sam about Dante's request that he reaches out to Lucky and tells him that he doesn't blame Luke for what happened. Siobhan tries to convince Lucky to let her help him as they make a good team. Jason talks to Sam about leaving the mob. Maya admits to Ethan that she has been lying to him for a while and hasn't been able to find the word to tell him about Aaron. Matt ends up coming to Maxie's rescue. Ethan is upset at what has happened. Sam thinks that Michael would remain safer if Jason remained in the mob. After Siobhan asks Lucky if his father had a special place, Lucky then thinks he knows where he could of headed to. Maxie learns from Robin that Emma will be staying with Mac until Lisa is caught. Ethan and Maya say goodbye to their life together. Lulu says sorry to her brother for what she said and also for drinking alcohol in front of him. After returning back to Port Charles Ethan tells Kristina what happened and how he wishes he had told Maya ages ago about how he really felt about her. Lucky and Siobhan talks about Luke as they leave on a plane and he ends up being glad that she came along. Sam thinks that Jason should just be true to himself. Jason is called away on business and kisses Sam after thanking her for listening to him. Ethan tells Kristina that is is better that he and Maya have split up now as they are too different. Lulu tells Dante that she thinks her father will be glad that she saved the Haunted Star for him. Siobhan wants Lucky to promise her that no matter what happens not to allow his father to destroy him as well.
#12320 49x46
Jax informs his wife that Shawn punching him has strengthened his case in the custody battle. Ethan shares his concerns with Kristina that he is scared that he will never see his father again. Lucky thinks his sister is making a mistake buying the Haunted Star. Sonny tells his wife that it would be impossible for him to leave the mob. Carly tells Jax that their daughter needs both of them in her life. Lulu wants her brother to look for Luke whilst she gets the casino up and running again. Ethan decides to go to Philadelphia to be with Maya. Brenda tells Sonny that she will deal with his business life. Shawn opens up to Carly about what happened whilst he was serving in the military. Lulu shares her concerns with Dante. Jason has to make an important decision. Lucky tells his wife that he has messed up and that he has to go and find Luke. Ethan is shocked after he finds Maya in bed with another man.
#12319 49x45
Tracy continues to insist to Lulu that she is putting The Haunted Star up for sale and Lulu thinks her father will never return home now. Jax tells Carly that Shawn killed one of his own men whilst serving in the military. Sonny tells his wife she knew what what his life was like before she decided to marry him. Dante warns Jason to allow the police to deal with Anthony. Lulu insists to Tracy that Luke will come back when he sees that the casino is a success. Brenda tells Sonny that she wants Alec to have a good life. Jax insists that Carly reads the file and then leaves. Michael sees Kristina all dressed and she wants him to talk to Sonny on her behalf about allowing her to see Ethan. An upset Lulu doesn't want to see her family falling apart. Carly whines to Shawn about Jax and thanks him for all of his help. Carly explains to Shawn why he can't work for her anymore because his past could come out if he is questioned on the witness stand during the custody battle. Jax tells Jason that he has enough to gain custody of Josslyn and Jason replies that hr wont allow him to take her away from Carly. Jax tells Jason about Shawn's past. Sonny thinks for her own good Brenda shouldn't come to his office or warehouses again. Michael and Kristina show up and Brenda wants a family meeting to talk about how Sonny's lifestyle affected them as they were growing up. Tracy talks to Dante about her concerns regarding Lulu. Lulu pays Nikolas a visit. Jason wants Spinelli to check out Shawn's military past. When Carly shows up and they talk about what Jax has discovered about Shawn. Dante learns from Tracy that she is putting the Haunted Star up for sale and she explains the reasons why. Nikolas ends up agreeing to give Lulu the money to buy the Haunted Star. Nikolas warns her though that if she thinks it will bring her father and family back together she could be in for a big disappointment. Kristina and Michael talk about their up bringing and after they leave Brenda realizes that they really love Sonny. Shawn ends up confronting Jax. When Dante shows up at the Haunted Star to see Lulu she tells him about Nikolas giving her the money to buy the place. Jason shows up to see Sonny and when Brenda comes downstairs she tells them that she has an idea. Brenda suggests to Sonny that he retires and gives the business to Jason. Jax taunts Shawn and Carly shows up and sees Shawn punch him.
#12318 49x44
Brenda and Alec discover the dead woman's body that Anthony has had placed in Sonny's office. Sonny is shocked when he shows up and sees the body. Carly hears Patrick as he tells Shawn that he needs surgery to remove the shrapnel fragments. Jax wants Robin to testify on his behalf in his custody battle with Carly. Lulu talks to Maxie about her plans for The Haunted Star and about her father leaving rehab. After Elizabeth suffers with another vision of Jake she makes an error at the hospital. Robin tells Jax that if she were to testify she would to be honest and tell the judge that Carly is a good mother. Dante wants his father to explain where there is a dead woman in his office. Tracy quizzes Carly as to if she helped Luke to escape from rehab. Elizabeth is asked by Matt about the mistake she has made on one of his patients charts. Jax wants Olivia to spy on Carly for him. Patrick and Robin learn that Lisa has escaped as she was being moved to a new hospital. Tracy and Lulu talk at the Haunted Star and Lulu tells her that her father needs a reason to come back home. Tracy tells Lulu that her plans for the Haunted Star aren't viable as she is putting it up for sale. Maxie goes to see Dante and tells him that she is worried about Lulu. Sonny insists to Brenda that he has no idea who the dead woman is. Jax goes to see Carly and gives her some interesting information about Shawn.
#12317 49x43
Lulu wants to know why the doctor didn't call anyone after her father checked out of rehab. After Johnny tells his father that he is calling the police and having him sent back to prison, Anthony asks him how he is going to explain how the woman wound up dead in his apartment and was killed with his gun. Alexis learns from Sam that her next appointment has gone well. Johnny ends up deciding not to call the police and Anthony tells him that the body will be taken care of. After Michael reveals to Jason and Abby that Johnny has offered him a job they are surprised. Kristina wants Dante to persuade Sonny to allow her to see Ethan. Jason informs Michael that he will never turn his back on him no matter what trouble to gets himself into. Molly comes up with some potential baby names for Sam. Alexis is shocked when she sees the way Kristina is dressed. Dante learns from Lulu about Luke leaving rehab and she tells him that she is determined to find him. Abby issues Michael with an ultimatum after telling him that she doesn't want a life involved with the mob. A surprise is set up for Sonny by Anthony.
#12316 49x42
Robin learns from Patrick that the doctors at Shadybrook have contacted him informing him that Lisa wants to see him. Johnny wants to know if Michael wants to work for him. Jason quizzes Anthony. Sonny and Brenda spend some time on the pier and whilst there he sees his daughter wearing some inappropriate clothing. Michael ends up admitting that he wants to work for Johnny but he wants to make sure the truce between him and Sonny remains intact. Lisa assures Patrick that he has nothing to fear when he goes to see her. Sonny talks to Jason about how frustrated he is that Kristina is determined to get it on with Ethan. Lulu is determined to get The Haunted Star back on track before her father is released from rehab. Michael and Abby help one another. Lulu discovered that Luke disappeared from rehab shortly after he was dropped off there. After Anthony kills the woman he helped escape, he informs his son that everything is going according to plan.
#12315 49x41
Jax learns from Alexis that she never filed the paperwork for the custody battle and that she thinks the best thing is for him and Carly to try and decide what to do between them. Lulu is pleased that she isn't going to be working at Crimson anymore and that she wont have to deal with Kate. Anthony attempts to convince Abby to work for him. Elizabeth receives a call whilst working at the hospital that a boy with a head injury is being brought in who has been hit by a car. As the hot woman is talking to Johnny, Michael comes out of the shadows and tells her to drop her gun. Johnny tells Michael to call the police. Dante wants Lulu to take a holiday with him. The mother of the boy with the head injury talks to Elizabeth. Jax wants Jason to have no part in Carly's life but he refuses. Abby learns from Michael that the charges against her are going to be dropped now the hit woman has been arrested. After Elizabeth goes with the woman to the room where her son is, she ends up having another vision of Jake. Carly receives a visit from Dante who tells her that the charges against Abby are being dropped. He also tells her that he is worried about Lulu and he wants her to speak to her. Jax is furious with Alexis for not filing the paperwork and undermining him in front of Carly. Alexis thinks that he should compromise but he refuses. Jax wants her to start acting like his attorney and to tell him how to beat Carly in court. Carly goes to see Lulu at the Haunted Star and ends up admitting that Dante sent her. Carly is surprised when she finds out that Lulu is planning on running the casino. Johnny returns home and cuts his father free and learns that Abby paid a visit. Johnny warns his father that he could end up back in prison if the hit woman talks. An upset Elizabeth who doesn't understand why Jake died but the other boy brought in today survived is comforted by Robin. Michael goes to see Johnny to thank him for all of his help in getting the charges against Abby dropped. Michael tells him that he wants to repay him someway. Jason sees Anthony at the police station talking to the hit woman.
#12314 49x40
Carly thanks Jax for allowing her to take home their daughter last night. Michael wants Jason's help in getting him and Abby out of the country if need be. Tracy informs Lulu that many things happen for Luke in just a month in rehab. Johnny sees his father chatting to the hit woman that framed Abby. Jason learns from Sam that the procedure was a success and that she will be able to carry a baby to term. Abby learns from Michael that Jason will help them flee the country. Alexis learns from Jax that he intends to file for sole custody of his daughter so that when he picks her up he won't have to give her back again. Michael receives a call from Johnny who informs him that he's got a lead on the person that killed Brandon. Michael hears Anthony say something about not going to the Jetty Docks. After Abby discovers Anthony taped to a chair she asks him to give her a good reason why she should help him. Michael is instructed by Johnny to record his conversation with the hit woman on his phone.
#12313 49x39
Siobhan is asked by Maxie how she discovered that Aiden was Lucky's son. Kristina is told by her father that she can't see Ethan ever again. Brenda ends up standing up for Kristina. Luke thinks that his family believe he wont go through with going to rehab. Maxie gives Kristina a makeover. Sonny asks Ethan to come over and asks for him to do the right thing, and not make any moves on his daughter. Luke ends up hitting Lucky after he makes a reference to him being just like his abusive father. Ethan tells Kristina that he doesn't want to end up like his father. Tracy goes with Luke to Shadybrook and informs him that she will be there for him when he is released. Lucky shares his concerns with Siobhan that his father wont follow through in rehab. Luke hopes to pay off the counselor.
#12312 49x38
Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth should take the children and go see her sister in California but she ends up insisting on staying busy at work. Dante ends up clashing with Luke at the Haunted Star. There is a surprise for Brenda arranged by Sonny. Lucky informs his sister that there is nothing more they can do for their father until he gets the help he needs. Kristina learns from Ethan that Lisa attempted to kill Robin. After Luke lashes out at Lulu as she attempts to clean up his mess, he comes to a realization. Dante talks to Sonny about what Luke is currently going through. Kristina ends up turning to Brenda when she needs some fashion advise. Luke ends up summoning all the family to the casino. Sonny discovers that Kristina is interested in Ethan as he hears her talking to Brenda. Luke tells his family that he has decided to go into rehab and Lucky insists that he starts it tonight.
#12311 49x37
Patrick shows up with Mac to arrest Lisa who is still in the basement with Robin. Jason and Sonny continue to discuss Brenda. Michael picks the lock at Johnny's place and Anthony shows up with a gun. After Brenda leaves Carly and Jax continue to discuss what is best for Josslyn. Michael is confronted by Anthony. Michael wants to know who the hit woman is that he got to pose as Abby. Johnny shows up and tells his father to put the gun down. Lisa protests her innocence as Mac arrests her. Robin reveals that she has recorded everything that has happened. Lisa going on about her innocence. A series of flashbacks reveal that Patrick and Robin knew exactly what Lisa was up to. Johnny is furious with his father after he tells Michael to leave. Carly ends up warning Jax that unless he allows her to take Josslyn she will go talk to the judge. Lisa continues to deny she has done anything wrong. Brenda ends up thanking Sonny for bringing her son home safely. Michael tells Jason what happened and how he is certain that Anthony framed Abby. Michael isn't happy with Jason's efforts to find the person who framed Abby. Brenda asks Sonny how safe does he think his lifestyle is for her son. Jason warns Michael that he wont help Abby by throwing her life away and he doesn't want to have to attend his funeral. Johnny warns his father that he is stuck in the past. Lisa calls Johnny and tells him that she has been arrested. Patrick and Robin talk about what they have been through and end up sharing a kiss. Jason has a flashback involving Jake. Carly shows up to see Jason. Sonny tells Brenda that his enemies know that his family is untouchable but there is always a risk. Anthony makes a phone call and talks about Sonny to the person on the other end of the line. Anthony wants something to happen to Brenda to hit Sonny where it hurts the most. Sonny tells his wife that he hates fighting with her but enjoys making up. Brenda tells Sonny to hurry up and get things sorted and then come home so they can make up properly. Sonny receives a call from Bernie and they discuss business and agree that something has to happen tonight. When Carly asks Jason if she is a bad mother, he tells her not to doubt herself. Patrick and Robin spend time with their daughter. Johnny shows up to see Lisa at the police station. Lisa tells him what happened and how she wished she had listened to his advise. Lisa begs Johnny not to give up on her like he did his sister. Johnny ends up dropping her hand and walks out.
#12310 49x36
Alexis asks Jason what has changed in his life if Sam becomes pregnant with his baby. Lisa leaves the basement saying that Robin will be dead within the hour. Brenda is still upset with Sonny for taking Carly with her to find her son instead of confiding in her. Sam comes downstairs as Jason and Alexis are talking about the custody battle between Carly and Jax. Lisa locks Robin in the basement and then tells her that she has messed with the gas pipe. Robin shouts up that Patrick will know she is responsible and hate her forever. Lisa lets Robin know that she has left a trail which will make the police believe that Patrick killed her. Sam learns that her mother has been talking to Jason about them trying for a baby. Jax and Carly continue to argue about what is best for their daughter. Brenda shares her fears with Sonny as they talk about their relationship. Michael learns from Kristina about the pills that Lisa gave her. Carly talks to Shawn on the docks and tells him that she needs his help. Sonny goes to see Jason and asks him how is doing and also asks him how things are going with Abby's situation. They also talk about Michael and the custody battle battle between Carly and Jax. Brenda and Jax talk about his divorce and her problems with being a good mother to Alec. Brenda also tells Jax that being married to Sonny is much harder than she imaged. Alexis ends up returning to Jason's penthouse because she wasn't happy with the way she left things. Sam tells her mother that if she got pregnant it would give Jason some purpose in his life. Alexis wonders if Sam is just wanting to have a baby for Jason and not for herself. Lisa takes the bugs out of the house that she planted as Robin passes out in the basement. Jason tells Sonny that he wishes he had spent more time with Jake. Sonny talks to Jason about his relationship with Brenda. When Carly shows up, Brenda ends up thanking her for helping to get her son back. Lisa ends up going back down into the basement where Robin gets up and grabs her arm.
#12309 49x35
Patrick tells his wife that he thinks that Lisa is behind what is happening with his credit card. Kristina wants to know why Lisa has been feeding her drugs. Johnny isn't sure he believes that Ethan is telling him about Lisa. Luke confronts Jason about him being a good father to Jake and Luke ends up punching him. Robin thinks that Patrick has probably just forgotten to make a payment on his card. Lisa tells Kristina that she didn't expect her to abuse the pills that she gave her and that from now on she can deal with her stress problems on her own. Johnny defends Lisa's name. Carly is furious with Luke and tells him that he is spiraling out of control. When Lisa shows up at Johnny's place they talk about his father. Alexis and Jax talk about the custody battle. Luke continues to goad Jason. Lisa looses it whilst talking about Patrick. Alexis thinks that the best Jax can hope for is equal custody of his daughter with Carly. Jax thinks that his daughter is danger living with Carly because of her association with Jason and Sonny. Ethan warns Kristina to stay away from Lisa in future. Johnny goes to see Patrick and warns him that Lisa is unbalanced and that she is still obsessed with him as ever. Lisa lets her self into Robin and Patrick's place with a key. Alexis shows up at Jason's place to see her daughter and learns that she is sleeping. Alexis talks to Jason about Jake's death. Carly shows and tells Jax that she is taking their daughter home. Jax tells her that if she tries to take her he will get a court order for her emergency safety. Olivia runs into Johnny on the docks and they talk. Lisa is in the basement and hears Robin upstairs when she returns home. Luke doesn't think that Ethan should be hanging around with Kristina after everything that has happened. Alexis asks Jason if his lifestyle was too dangerous for him to be involved in Jake's life then isn't it also to dangerous for him and Sam to have a baby. Robin ends up going into the basement after hearing a noise as Lisa is loosening a gas pipe.
#12308 49x34
Patrick becomes more confused when he receives notification that he has gone over his limit on his credit card. Robin ends up admitting to him though that she made a big purchase. Michael wants to know from Jason if there is an progress in proving that Abby is innocent. Anthony ends up touching a raw nerve with Lucky after bringing up Jake's death and Lucky becomes really aggressive. Lisa orders some red roses using Patrick's credit card. Luke learns from Carly that Josslyn has been released from the hospital but Jax took her home with him. Johnny thinks that his father got his just deserts for provoking Lucky. When Olivia returns home she finds Steve there singing a song he wrote especially for her. Kristina is told by Ethan that the supplement she is taking is hydrocodone and very addictive. Lucky tells his father about his fight with Anthony. Jason is told by Michael that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Abby is protected. Ethan pays Johnny a visit looking for Lisa. Patrick learns that his credit card account has now been frozen. Kristina wants to know why Lisa lied to her. Luke confronts Carly and Jason on the pier after hearing them talking.
#12307 49x33
Siobhan informs Lucky that she has heard from immigration and that she will be allowed to stay in in the country but they have to attend an interview. When Cameron goes outside, Elizabeth calls for him to come back inside. Brenda demands that Sonny tells her why he took Carly with him to look for her son. Jax refuses to let Carly take their daughter home with her. Lisa shows up to see Kristina again when she babysits for Patrick and Robin. Robin and Patrick talk about how they both felt when the met one another for the first time. Brenda asks Sonny is he slept with Carly whilst he was away. Carly warns Jax that it wont be easy to keep their daughter away from her. After telling Brenda that he didn't sleep with Carly, Sonny fills her in on all the details on how he managed to get son back. Lucky and Siobhan discuss what they know about each other. Cameron calls Lucky to tell him that Elizabeth is sick. After telling Kristina that she needs to use the bathroom, Lisa goes into the basement and looks at the water heater. Lucky shows up at Elizabeth's place. Jax and Carly continue to argue over what is best for their daughter. Brenda goes to see Suzanne at the police station. Suzanne insists that she only lied as she was doing what was best for Alec and tells Brenda that if she was any sort of mother she would follow her example. Carly is at Sonny's house and offers to take Alec outside to feed the horses. Suzanne explains that she is scared about the environment that Alec will be brought up in with Sonny being around him constantly. Elizabeth explains to Lucky how she overacted and managed to scare Cameron after he went outside to play. When Robin and Patrick return, Lisa tells Kristina not to tell them she was here and she sneaks out the back door. After Alec goes for a nap, Carly and Sonny talk. Brenda goes to see Jax where she lets off some steam and fills him in about Alec really being her son. Lucky tells Elizabeth that she can turn to him for help or support anytime she needs it after they speak to Cameron. Brenda explains they way she is currently feeling to Jax. Sonny tells Carly he will help her anyway he can to deal with Jax.
#12306 49x32
Carly attempts to keep Alec about calm following the gun shot. Sam receives a visit from her mother who has some books from Molly. Brenda is told by Spinelli that Dante or Sonny haven't contacted him with any news. Sonny is able to get the upper hand on Suzanne when Dante causes a distraction. Michael is quizzed by Lulu about how things are in going in to trying to prove that Abby didn't kill Brandon. Dante is asked by Suzanne as to whether he would have sent Alec home to live with Sonny if he had been his son. Brenda learns the truth from Sonny that Lucian isn't her son and that he is bringing her real son back to Port Charles. Alexis attempts to convince Jason to do the right thing and allow Jax to take Josslyn home with him. Jason calls Spinelli and wants him to find something that he can use against Jax. Sam begins to wonder if she is really cut out to be a mother. Brenda meets Alec for the first time after Sonny returns home with him. Brenda is furious with Sonny for talking Carly instead with him of her and she isn't sure that she can forgive him. Carly shows up to see Jax and wants to see their daughter.
#12305 49x31
Jax refuses to call in favors to find out the location that Sonny's plane is going to. Alec is told by Suzanne that he will like living in Switzerland. Jason is told by Shawn he isn't going to stop Jax from taking his daughter home. Jason is discovered by Elizabeth reading to Josslyn. Jax and Brenda talk about the relationship between Sonny and Carly. Sam is concerned that motherhood might not be for her. Jason goes to see how Elizabeth is doing after she came close to tears whilst talking to Josslyn. Sonny, Carly and Dante discover a photograph of a child that isn't Lucian and they start to work out Suzanne's vendetta. Spinelli is confronted by Brenda who demands that he tells her where Sonny is. Steve attempts to offer his sister some advise. Jax is told by Jason that he can spend as much time with his daughter that he likes but she will be going home with Carly. Sonny ends up having a knife put to his throat by Suzanne who asks Dante if he wants to see his father die. After Carly takes Alec into the car they hear a gunshot being fired.
#12304 49x30
Jason takes Sam home from the hospital and she tells him that that the pain she is in is like when she lost the baby. Suzanne informs Betty that she's grateful for all of her help and will that she will leave and live her life with her grandson and Brenda will never find Lucian. Tracy asks Lulu if she has heard anything about the lawsuit that Luke is planning against her. Sonny and Dante are helped by Spinelli to find Suzanne. Sonny ends up threatening Spinelli not to tell Brenda anything yet. Carly warns Jax that she will play dirty if need be to make sure their daughter stays with her. Lulu learns from Dante that he will be out of town for a while because he has a lead on Lucian's whereabouts. Jason is told by Sam that they have to decide together to have a baby when the time is right. Suzanne tells her grandson Alec that they are going to have a good life together.
#12303 49x29
Lucky wants to celebrate his and Siobhan's marriage but she insists that there is something that he needs to know. Michael warns Anthony once again to stay away from Abby. Patrick cant find his credit card statement and it is revealed that Lisa has it. Luke and Carly talk at Kelly's. Lucky tells Siobhan about how happy Elizabeth is that they got married and she asks him would he of stayed with Elizabeth if Aiden had been his son. Anthony tells Michael that he can help Abby as he still has contacts he can call. Michael tells him that he can help by staying away. Thinking that Matt is going to ask her to marry him, Maxie shows him the ring she found in his pocket. Carly tells Luke that he can only have a room at the Metro Court if he goes to rehab. Lucky tells Siobhan that too much has happened between him and Elizabeth for them to ever get back together. Maxie ends up slapping Matt after discovering the ring isn't for her. Lisa looks at things to charge to Patrick's credit card. Siobhan and Lucky tell each other why they love one another and then share a kiss. Matt explains to Maxie that there isn't another girl in his life and that the ring belongs to Robin and his brother asked him to get it cleaned. Lisa listens in as Patrick talks to Robin about the missing statement. Lucky goes out as Siobhan wakes up and sees him leave. Matt and Maxie ends up playing a game of Twister. Johnny wonders where Anthony has been when he returns home. He ends up warning his father to stay away from Carly. Lucky talks to his father on the docks and still hopes that he will get the help he needs. Robin tells Patrick that she is disorganized as Lisa writes herself a love note from Patrick. Abby tells Michael about going to see Johnny and she thinks he genuinely wants to help. Johnny warns his father that if he goes after Michael or Carly then everything will be over for both of them. Anthony tells his son that all his enemies need to fall if he wants to win. Lucky and Luke continue to talk and Lucky prays that his father will get the help he needs.
#12302 49x28
Lisa listens in on Robin and Patrick talking again as they discuss couples therapy. Lisa receives a visit from Kristina who wonders why the supplement that she gave her doesn't look like the ones on the Internet. Anthony is threatened by Carly who warns him to stay away from her son. Lucky and Jason continue to talk about Jake and Lucky asks him not to go after his father if he goaded him to. Elizabeth returns into the room and is quizzed by Siobhan. Lisa tells Kristina that the capsules that she gave her are better quality than those available on the Internet. Elizabeth doesn't realize that Siobhan has read the paternity test results and thinks she is talking about something else. Carly forbids Michael from having anything more to do with Anthony and Johnny and they end up arguing. Johnny tells Abby he can arrange for her to disappear to Vegas with a new identity. Abby wonders what is in it for Johnny. Carly wants Shawn to eliminate Anthony for her. Abby tells Johnny that she won't run away. Lucky goes to see Elizabeth and after he tells her how much he loves Cameron she tells him that she has to tell him something. Elizabeth looks at the paternity test results envelope and informs Lucky that she knew he was married when she showed up at his apartment. She also admits that she went to the Justice of the Peace and saw how happy he was as he got married. Shawn tells Carly that she should leave Anthony to Sonny and Jason and stay out of it. Michael talks to Jason at the hospital about Anthony and Jason warns him to stay away from him. Michael tells him that he needs his help to help clear Abby's name. Maxie finds a box with a ring in it in Matt's pocket. Elizabeth and Lucky talk about Jake and Elizabeth tells him about Siobhan's visit. Abby runs into Anthony on the docks. Michael tells Jason that he will be careful and when Carly shows up she asks Jason to talks some sense into Michael. When Lucky returns home, Siobhan tells him there is something that he needs to know. Jason ends up telling Carly that he will deal with Anthony. When Michael finds Anthony talking to Abby he tells him to stay away from her.
#12301 49x27
Sam tries to find out from Jason how her surgery went. Lucky and Elizabeth continue to talk as Siobhan watches on. Sonny and Dante talks about Suzanne and Sonny makes a telephone call. Abby talks to Michael about her defense. Diane suggests that they should go for the battered woman syndrome but Abby would have to admit she killed Brandon. Michael refuses to agree but Abby thinks that they need to be realistic. Lucky and Elizabeth see Siobhan in the door way. Jason informs Sam that there were no complications. Sonny tells Dante that Suzanne took Lucian and will then be back to tie up some loose ends. Sonny tells his son that they need to be ready for her return and show her the proof that they know she has the boy. Brenda talks to Jax who tells her that she needs to eat. Brenda tells Jax that Sonny thinks Brenda took Lucian. Carly shows up to talk to Jax about Josslyn. Dante and Sonny continue to talk about Suzanne and how they don't still really know who Lucian really is. Carly ends up agreeing to come back later and Brenda asks Jax what would Suzanne's motives be for taking Lucian. Jax shares his theory with Brenda. Michael tries to convince Abby that she can not confess to a murder she didn't commit. Siobhan apologies to Lucky for listening in on his conversation with Elizabeth and continues that she does not object to him and Elizabeth comforting each other on the day that would of been Jake's birthday. Anthony talks to his son about Abby and Michael. Brenda prepares herself to make an appeal on television. As Elizabeth talks to Jake's picture, Siobhan shows up to say sorry for interrupting her time with Lucky. Lucky runs into Jason at the hospital and they talk about Jake. Abby goes to see Johnny and wants to know if he set her up. Anthony goes to see Michael and ends up asking him if there is anything he can do for him. Dante and Sonny watch Brenda making her appeal on television. After watching the appeal both Sonny and Dante agree Suzanne will never return to town now. After Michael attempts to leave, Anthony tells him that he can pull strings. When Carly sees Anthony with Michael he warns him to stay away from her son. Jason learns from Lucky that he and Siobhan got married. Siobhan accidentally finds the paternity test results and read them whilst Elizabeth is in the kitchen.
#12300 49x26
Ethan wants his father to quit after one drink. Dante learns from Sonny that unless they find Lucian, Brenda is going to loose it completely.As Siobhan and Lucky get ready to get married, Elizabeth watches from outside. Ethan is told by Luke that he's nothing like his own father who really was a drunk. Sonny learns from Brenda that Jax has offered to match the amount if they decided to pay a ransom to get Lucian back. Lucky and Siobhan are married. Whilst he waits for Sam to come out of surgery, Jason has a dream featuring Jake. Lucky and Siobhan are surprised by Nikolas when they find out that their apartment has been decorated. Jason is reminded by Elizabeth that today would of been Jake's birthday. Lulu walks in as Ethan and her father are talking and she wonders what is going on. Brenda ends up having a go at Sonny saying that only his children matter and she storms out. When Sam wakes up Jason tells her that Kelly said there was no complications during the surgery. Sonny learns from Dante that Suzanne boarded a plane to Phoenix with a child matching Lucian's description. Elizabeth returns a gift that Lucky had bought for Jake and as they hug Siobhan sees them as she stands in doorway.
#12299 49x25
Sam is nervous ahead of having the procedure as Jason brings her a cup of tea in bed. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she thought she saw Jake. Siobhan thinks getting married would be a mistake as Lucky is still grieving and Nikolas agrees with her. Luke is confronted by Tracy about him suing her to regain control of the Haunted Star. Elizabeth thinks that she is loosing her mind but Lulu believes that she is just going through the grieving process. Lucky tries to convince Siobhan to go ahead with the wedding as he doesn't want to loose her. As Jason and Sam are talking about the operation, Molly shows up with a cuddly bear that she has had since she was little to give to Sam for good luck. Nikolas comes up with the idea of Lucky and Siobhan going traveling instead of getting married. Tracy and Luke clash over the lawsuit and Tracy tells him that she loves him and insists that she is just trying to help him. Lulu goes to see Ethan at the Haunted Star and talks about their father and the intervention. Luke continues to refuse to get help. Lucky explains the reason to Nikolas why he can't leave Port Charles. Jason asks Sam if she is having any second thoughts after Molly leaves but she says she is ready. Siobhan ends up agreeing to marry Lucky. Jason runs into Elizabeth at the hospital after taking Sam there. Elizabeth tells Jason that she is pleased for him and Sam that there is a chance they could have a baby together. Lucky and Siobhan prepare to get married. Ethan isn't sure that cutting Luke off completely is a good idea. Alexis shows up and informs Lulu and Ethan about the lawsuit. Jason tells Sam that no matter what happens he will always love her. Elizabeth learns that Lucky is about to get married and leaves with the paternity results envelope. Siobhan and Lucky are at the Justice of the Peace with Nikolas. Luke shows up at the Haunted Star and talks to Ethan.
#12298 49x24
Dante believes that Lulu is at Kelly's hoping to run into her father there. Tracy insists to Luke that he will be cut off from everyone and everything until he has got the help he needs. Nikolas pays his brother a visit to see how he is doing. A child in the elevator reminds Elizabeth of Jake for a split second. Lucky is offered help from Nikolas in dealing with Siobhan's visa problems. Luke is stopped from pulling a fast one by Tracy. After Spinelli catches Diane in his office he informs her that he knows she is not here for Abby's case but to go through his personal files. Things heat up between Olivia and Steven after his shirt gets covered in paint. Lulu learns from her father that Tracy has locked him out of the Haunted Star. Lulu wants Dante to take her away and tells her father that unless he gets the help he needs she doesn't want to see him. Siobhan has a romatic surprise for Lucky. Luke talks to Alexis about what has been going on in his life and wants her help in regaining control of the Haunted Star. Nikolas shows up and informs Lucky and Siobhan that he has not be able to to find anyone who can help get her visa extended. Siobhan is resigned to the fact that she will have to return home but Lucky insists that they can still get married. Elizabeth talks to Lulu and tells her that Luke wasn't the only person who made a mistake the night Jake died. Elizabeth thinks she has seen Jake again.
#12297 49x23
Johnny interrupts Lisa in her office as she continues to listen in on Robin and Patrick. Suzanne thinks that Dante should stop harassing her and find her grandson. Jason wants to know why Abby has showed at Johnny's apartment. Suzanne learns from Dante that she is not going to be arrested at the moment. Brenda becomes more frantic after finding out that all of Sonny's children have been kidnapped at some point in the past. Jason wants to know id Abby is in cahoots with Johnny and Anthony and has been just using Michael. Johnny sees the impression that his father has made on Lisa. Following a confrontation with Jax, Carly ends up breaking down. Sonny learns from Dante that he thinks that Suzanne is involved in Lucian's disappearance. Michael is told by Jason that if he wants to continue to see Abby then it is his decision to make. As Anthony thanks the woman who has been impersonating Abby, Johnny walks in and wants to know what is going on. Shawn offer Carly some words of comfort. Brenda wants Jax and Sonny to find her son. Suzanne is revealed as being with Lucian at the airport. As things heat up between Robin and Patrick, Lisa listens in.
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