General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 47

#12026 47x251
Carly tells Kristina that she believes Sonny would never hit a woman. Olivia tells her son that she believes he hasn't inherited any of his father's volatile traits. When Robin meets with Olivia she attempts to convince her not to buy Sonny when she takes the stand at his trial. Patrick isn't happy when he finds out what Robin has done. Luke tries to convince Dante to help Lucky investigate what really happened to Kristina as he thinks Sonny will believe him he tells him the truth. As Dante is questioning Kristina, Kiefer shows up. Maya Ward arrives in town ready to move in with Edward and the rest of with the Quartermaine family. Ethan and Maya get off to a bad start when their cars are involved in a crash. Maya later runs into Lucky. Luke agrees to Tracy's idea that they take Ethan out of town for a while. After receiving Luke receives a mysterious call he tells his wife she will be going alone on the trip with Ethan. Skye shows up at Luke is telling her. Even though both her brother and Patrick are against the idea, Elizabeth leaves Shaddybrook. Helena shows up at Elizabeth's just as she is given the results of the paternity test Nikolas had done at the independent lab.
#12025 47x250
Kristina leaves the courtroom in tears after seeing her father clashing with Johnny. When Sonny later shows up to see her, Kristina ends up taking her frustration out on him. Dante tells Carly that she needs to keep Morgan away from the police. Johnny is glad that Sonny lost in the court room and fills Dante in on what happened. The jurors are sequested by the judge in Sonny's trial. Sam is upset when she realizes that Jason doesn't believe Kristina but she still believes that her sister isn't lying. Luke once again attempts to convince Ethan not to leave Port Charles. Elizabeth insists on leaving Shadybrooke despite her brother and Nikolas thinking she isn't ready yet.
#12024 47x249
Claire turns to Jax for some advise after seeing Sonny's tirade against Ethan. Claire hopes she can make Sonny react the same way in the court room. Claire questions Johnny about the way Sonny treated his sister whilst they were married. Sonny causes a scene and Claire is happy that her plan has worked. When Ronnie runs in to Morgan he tries to get out of him where Michael is. Dante isn't happy when he sees Ronnie talking to Morgan. Sam's arrival stops her sister from admitting the truth to Luke. A furious Alexis tells Luke not to talk to her daughter again. When Sam sees Ethan flirting with a girl at Kelly's, Jason has to stop her from attacking him again. Whilst having an out of body experience Georgie forces her sister to choose where she wants to live or die.
#12023 47x248
Sonny is furious when he learns that Kristina isn't going to press charges against Ethan. Claire sees Sonny tirade against Ethan. Luke is concerned by the fact that he is the only one who believes in his son's innocence. Luke goes to see Kristina and hopes she will tell him the truth about what happened. Jason meets a new employee named Conan. Claire is warned by Johnny that Dante will end up protecting his father. Dante bumps into Morgan at Kelly's and still feels connected to him. Maxie has a vision of her late sister Georgie as her health continues to fail.
#12022 47x247
Luke and Sonny clash again over Ethan and Kristina and Luke makes Sonny furious when he implies that Kristina could be lying about Ethan attacking her. Sam has a change of heart and ends up supporting her sister's decision not wanting to see Ethan prosecuted. Kiefer isn't happy when he finds out that Kristina isn't going to press charges against Ethan. Carly pays Michael a visit on the island and fills him in on the situation with Kristina. Michael becomes more determined than ever to return to port Charles when he is certain that Kiefer is the person who attacked Kristina. Claire wants to put Johnny on the side and asks Dante about his views on this. Johnny has an angry out burst when Claire pays him a visit.
#12021 47x246
Carly tells Jason that she thinks that Kiefer is the one who actually attacked Kristina. Luke warns Sonny to stay away from his son after insisting that he is innocent. Kristina tries to convince her father not to go after Ethan. Jason learns from Sonny that he isn't going to go after Ethan for his daughter's sake. When Lulu admits she's unsure of his innocence, Ethan is surprised. Ethan learns from Lulu about Luke raping Laura in the past. Jax is accused by Carly of using Michael to try and destroy Sonny. Carly is surprised when Jax doesn't let Claire know where Michael is hiding out. Robin and Patrick make up after arguing about Sonny again.
#12020 47x245
Alexis is furious when she finds Carly questioning her daughter. Carly tells Jason that she is now convinced that Kristina is lying about what really happened. Luke believes in his son's innocence and tries to convince him not to leave Port Charles. After Jason tells Lucky that he is convinced that Ethan didn't attack Kristina he decides to question her. Luke goes to see Sonny wanting to talk to him about Ethan. Johnny takes his frustrations out on Ethan. Whilst being questioned by Claire, Dante finds himself being forced to implicate Michael as a possible witness to Claudia's murder. Dante is furious and later confronts Claire. Patrick arranges a romantic surprise for his wife in the park but Lisa shows up before Robin does.
#12019 47x244
Ethan tries to convince Kristina to tell the truth about what really happened. Lucky is forced to arrest Ethan after Sam calls the police. Carly and Jason talk about the possibility that Kristina really is lying about what happened. Carly goes to see Kristina who look like she is about to tell her the truth before Alexis returns home. Diane continues to give her opening statement at the trial. Dante is summoned to the courthouse to give his testimony as he and Lulu are about to take their relationship to the next level. As Maxie's condition gets worse her loved ones are worried.
#12018 47x243
Dante is helped by Lulu move into his new loft. Their fun is interrupted when Maxie sends a text message. Ethan tries to convince Jason that he didn't attack Kristina and Sam tells him to leave. Kiefer shows up to see Kristina with a present and Alexis is grateful for his support towards her daughter. Carly finds Sonny upset with the fact that he was unable to protect Kristina from what happened to her. Claire wants to know why Sonny is late. Alice, Coleman and Lisa show up for their jury service. Alexis warns Ethan there is a restraining order against him going anywhere near her daughter and if he does he will be arrested. Coleman tries unsuccessfully to get himself excused as being a juror at Sonny's trial. Carly tells Jason about how she found Sonny. Lulu shares her concerns about Maxie with Dante. Robin tries to convince Maxie that she needs to wear her oxygen mask. The opening statements are made in Sonny's trial. Ethan ends up going to see Kristina and confronts her about why she lied about him attacking her. Jason tells Carly he thinks that Kristina might be lying and that Ethan might not be the one who attacked her.
#12017 47x242
Sonny isn't happy that Jason questioned his daughter about the attack. Lulu is able to talk Ethan out of running away. Kristina asks her father not to kill Ethan but he makes her no promises. Alexis learns from Mac that the only DNA found on her daughter was that belonging to Ethan. When Dante shows up on the island, Max and Milo try to keep Michael hidden from him. Alexis doesn't want Sonny going after Ethan as their daughter will just end up getting more hurt. Nikolas can tell that Elizabeth is disppointed by the paternity test results. Nikolas informs her that he is going to have a second test performed incase his grandmother meddled with the results. Sam isn't happy that Jason doubts Kristina's version of what happened but he insists that things just don't add up. Alice is summonsed for jury service and informs the Quartermaines she wont be around for a while. Coleman also learns that he has been summoned for jury service. Claire is determined to see Sonny brought to justice. Nikolas finds Helena settled in at Wyndermere and informs her that he is the father of Elizabeth's unborn child. He also thinks the baby should be raised as a Cassadine. Ethan is confronted by Sam who attacks him. Helena is determined to use the baby to destroy the Spencer family.
#12016 47x241
Ethan is released from jail after Tracy posts his bail. Ethan tries to convince Tracy he is innocent. Alexis asks Jason not to kill Ethan. When Spinelli sees Johnny in Maxie's room with her he decides not to enter. Kiefer pays Kristina a visit and she tells him she doesn't think she can ever forgive him for what he did to her. Jason tells Sam there is nothing she could of done to protect her sister. Kiefer is questioned by Lucky after he sees him out with his parents. Carly isn't happy when Claire shows up to see Jax. Lulu warns Ethan that is he runs away that he will just end up looking guiltier than he already does. When Lucky shows up at the hospital he learns that his brother is the father of Elizabeth's unborn child and not him. Alfred is told by Helena to set up a nursery next to her room at Wyndermere. Mac and Alexis get the DNA results back from the sample taken under Kristina's finger nails. Jason is able to find out that Ethan couldn't have attacked Kristina at the time she claimed.
#12015 47x240
When Lucky discovers that Sonny has left the hospital he thinks he is going after Ethan. When Helena discovers that Lucky is the father of Elizabeth's unborn child she wants the results altered. Kristina continues to insist that Ethan was the person who hit her. Ethan is saved from Sonny's wrath by Dante. Ethan learns from Lucky that he has to take him to the police station for questioning. After Sonny orders him to eliminate Ethan, Jason wants to know how they are going to explain it to Luke. Tracy is looking forward to Ethan being prosecuted for the attack as she tries to get hold of Luke. Jason tries to get Sonny to think again about having Ethan eliminated. The lab tech does as he is told and informs Nikolas the results of the paternity test wont be ready until tomorrow. Ethan tells Johnny what he is accused of doing and insists that he is innocent. Alexis is shocked by what Sam tells her. Johnny tries to convince Jason of Ethan's innocence.
#12014 47x239
Dante tries to get it out of Sonny where Michael is hiding out. Helena is confronted by Steven as to why the results of the paternity test are so important to her. Ethan is confronted by Sam about the bruises on her sister's arm. As Kristina is lying unconscious on the floor all battered and bruised, Kiefer breaks down and says that she forced him to do what he did to her. After Maxie's coughing gets worse, Lulu takes her to the hospital. Sam tells Ethan never to go anywhere near her sister again. Elizabeth is told by Lucky that they can have no future together as a couple. Luke shares his fears that something bad is going to happen to Ethan with Tracy. Ethan finds Kristina badly beaten and takes her to the hospital. Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth. Robin shares her concerns about Maxie with Patrick. Patrick is asked by Epiphany to look at an assault victim who has been brought into the hospital who turns out to be Kristina. Maxie learns from Monica that she is suffering with pneumonia and it's putting strain on her heart. Alexis and Sonny both learn that their daughter has been taken to the hospital. Helena is given the results of the paternity test by the lab technician. Kristina says that Ethan is the one who hit her.
#12013 47x238
Luke sees his son getting angry with Kristina. Lulu is determined that nothing will interfere in her and Dante's budding romance at his new loft. Carly and Jason are warned by Claire that if Michael fails to appear in court he will be charged with contempt. Michael runs into Bernie who Jason has sen to the island as he attempts to escape. Kate tells Lulu that she is needed in the office otherwise both her and Maxie will loose their jobs. Ethan tries to make it clear to Kristina that he has no interest in her and tells her that she has to leave as she is under age. Kristina tells Sam that Ethan is responsible after she sees a mark on her arm. Claire thinks that Dante is the right person to find out where Michael is. Kate gives Maxie a hard time and tells her if she is not back in the office soon than she will loose her job. Maxie has a set back as Kate is having a go at her. Kristina is confronted by Kiefer for blowing him out. A furious Sam tells Ethan to stay away from from Kristina. Kiefer hits Kristina.
#12012 47x237
Lisa informs Patrick that she has moved on with her life. Kristina wants her sister to hack into Ethan's e-mail account and put a message there from Jessica canceling their date. Dante tries to find out from Carly where Michael is. Mac shows up to see Maxie after Robin calls him. Sonny wishes he could be honest with Dante and tell him the truth about what happened. Kristina cancels her date with Kiefer and then makes Molly promise not to tell their mother where she is going. Spinelli blames himself for everything that has happened to Maxie. Both Claire and Carly are surprised when Dante says that he thinks Michael should not be called to testify at Sonny's trial. Claire wants to know exactly which side Dante is on. Michael arranges a surprise for Max and Milo. Dante is thankful when Lulu whisks him away from Claire's grilling. Spinelli admits the truth to Maxie about the case they were working on being made up by him. After Lulu shows Dante a loft that is up for rent he wants to lease it. Carly and Sonny are given a subpoena for Michael to testify by Claire. Kiefer shows up furious that Kristina has canceled their date. Michael tries to escape whilst Max and Milo are distracted. Ethan isn't happy when he finds out that Kristina was responsible for the cancellation of his date with Jennifer.
#12011 47x236
Michael causes problems for Jason and Sam. When Patrick sees Lisa he remembers seeing her semi dressed. Ethan gives Kristina something she wasn't expecting after she asks him for help. Luke tries to make it clear to Kristina that his son isn't interested in her. Claire clashes with both Alexis and Diane. Spinelli is worried about Maxie's safety as they remain trapped. Robin and Patrick end up in an argument. Ethan attempts to let Kristina down without hurting her. When Michael sees Jason and Sam in a romantic moment he thinks that this is his chance to get away from them. Spinelli and Maxie are found by Johnny. Molly talks to Diane about her mother not knowing the truth about Michael being Claudia's real killer. Michael is stopped from escaping by Jason. Kiefer takes Kristina out to find an outfit for his meeting. Maxie is taken to the hospital. Tracy tries to convince Lulu that she can find somebody better than Dante. As Michael tries to get away again he runs into Max and Milo.
#12010 47x235
Sam and Jason are able to stop Dante from seeing Michael. Robin informs Patrick that she doesn't feel like going to Jake's this evening. Jax agrees with Sonny and thinks that Michael should go to the island. Kristina wonders why Ethan keeps showing up in the same places as her when he said he was going to keep his distance. Kristina tries unsuccessfully to flirt with him. Dante surprises Lulu with a visit and things heat up between them. Kiefer informs Kristina that he has made some plans for them as he wants to impress the people from Harvard. Jason is able to convince Carly to agree to Michael going ti the island with him and Sam. Dante's romantic evening with Lulu is interrupted by Ronnie. Patrick is caught by Robin talking to Lisa semi dressed. Carly says goodbye to her son. Sonny tries to find out more about Dante's childhood from Olivia. Spinelli and Maxie find themselves getting into trouble. Dante shows up with Ronnie to speak to Michael and realizes that he has left the country. Carly tells Lulu that she thinks there is a chance that Dante could connect with his father one day.
#12009 47x234
Jason lets Johnny know that he is only still alive because he kept his mouth shut about Michael being Claudia's real killer. Luke attempts to convince Ethan to return to Australia until everything with Johnny has died down. Elizabeth lets Nikolas know that she and her baby don't need his money. Olivia discovers that Carly is arranging a party for Sonny. Spinelli attempts to use his detective skills to impress Maxie. Dante is told by Sonny not to interfere as it doesn't concern him. Sonny's explanation of how he killed Claudia doesn't sit right with Dante. Carly isn't happy when she learns about Sonny's plan. Tracy offers to divorce Luke and marry Ethan so that he can remain in the country. Sonny wants Jason to go with Michael to the island and stay there with him until his trial is over. Lainey holds a counseling session with Elizabeth, Nikolas and Lucky. Dante asks Johnny questions about Michael and Johnny warns him to leave Michael alone. Luke refuses to give up Tracy for anyone not even his son. Lucky hopes that he ends up not being the father of Elizabeth's unborn child. Dante asks Jason questions about Sonny and he and Sam ponder what to tell him.
#12008 47x233
Jason thinks that Franco just wants to let him know that he is still out there somewhere. Johnny is confronted by Lucky about the mask he found and his injuries. Dante lets Sonny know that he is going to be happy when he is finally behind bars. Dante is pressurized by Claire to find out exactly how Claudia was murdered. Alexis and Diane have to share an office as renovations are carried out. Michael tells his mother that it is not fair that Sonny could be sent to jail for a crime he committed. Luke promises Sonny that he will keep his son in check and he asks him how his hearing went. Claire finds out about Michael having confessed to murdering Claudia. Nikolas is asked by Alexis what he will do if the baby ends up being his brother's. Carly tries to reassure her son. Helena continues to scheme. Spinelli informs Jason that he has an idea how to deal with Johnny. Steven thinks that his sister should let the baby's father help her. Lucky tries to find out if Ethan has a green card to be able to stay in America. Dante wants to talk to Michael about what happened to Claudia. Luke refuses to allow Lucky to arrest Ethan. Jason fires a paint ball gun in Johnny's garage. When Sonny asks Dante to leave he realizes that Sonny is covering for Michael.
#12007 47x232
Johnny manages to get away after being involved in a shoot out with Lucky. Alexis thinks that Nikolas should reconsider his idea of setting up a trust fund for the baby because it'll be leverage for Helena. Carly looks forward to another romantic evening with Jax but is upset when it looks like he has forgotten about last night. After leaves Carly asks Joey if she's been talking about him. Maxie plans to spend some romantic time with Spinelli at Jake's but when Johnny shows up there she notices that he is hurt. Carly and Jax argue again about Sonny. Ronnie announces that the Port Charles Police Department has set up a task force and he, Dante and Lucky are going to be working together to rid the city of the mob. Carly notices that Jax isn't sorry at all for what he tried to do to Sonny. Jason learns from Lucky that Johnny was responsible for the fire at Bernie's office. Helena wants the paternity test results first so that she can decide what Lucky and Nikolas will be told. Ethan learns that Johnny was unsuccessful in his attempt to rob from Bernie. Elizabeth decides she wants to bring up the baby on her own. Elizabeth learns from Alexis about Nikolas' plan to set up a trust fund for the baby. Carly shows Jason a picture of Franco that was found in some proofs and she thinks that he is still after him.
#12006 47x231
Sonny talks to Robin and informs her that he will have to live with the fact that he ended up shooting his own son. Dante apologies to Lulu for falling asleep just before they were about to make love. Elizabeth wants to see Kelly on her own without either Lucky or Nikolas present. Ethan learns Johnny's latest plan which is to his plans to set fire to Bernie's office and steal the money in the vault. Johnny offers Ethan half the money to help him. Dante and Lulu are interrupted by Olivia's arrival. Kiefer wants to take Kristina to a club. Luke wants to know that his son will do if the baby that Elizabeth is carrying ends up being his. Sonny wants to speak to his daughter and asks Kiefer to leave but she insists that he stay. Helena is seen speaking to a doctor and she tells him to do exactly as she says. Elizabeth talks to Robin. Patrick goes to see Sonny and ends up admitting to him he has known for a while that Dante was his son. Kristina thinks that Ethan is distancing himself from her because of what Sam said to him. Lucky hears about a break in and sets off to investigate it. A trust fund is set up by Nikolas for the baby. Elizabeth gets ready for the paternity test on her unborn child.
#12005 47x230
Johnny is warned by Jason about the risks from stealing from Sonny. He also warns Ethan about not knowing what he is getting himself into. Claire is told by Dante that she needs to take him off the witness list if she doesn't trust him. Lulu would like the truth to be told so that the trial will have the correct verdict. Molly wants to know why her sister is ignoring Kiefer's messages. Patrick insists to his wife that he was just messing around with Lisa. Carly argues with Jax in her determination to keep Sonny out of jail. Luke listens in as Ethan agrees to work for Johnny. Lulu quizzes Dante about his former girlfriends. Carly has the restaurant at the hotel cleared and ends up making love to Jax. Jax finds himself facing a dilemma when Carly tells him everything he could loose. Kiefer tries to find out from Kristina why she is ignoring him. Lisa watches on enviously as Patrick tries to convince Robin that he is happy with his life with her and their daughter. Lucky wants Elizabeth to wait to have a paternity test performed on her unborn child but Nikolas wants it to go ahead as planned. Jason warns Luke to keep Ethan away from Johnny before it is too late. Sonny talks to Michael and remains determined to take the rap for him. Helena sneaks into Elizabeth's room as she is sleeping and tells her to sleep well because tomorrow she will know if the baby she is carrying is the next Cassadine heir.
#12004 47x229
Sonny's arraignment comes to a sudden halt and some accusations are thrown at Jax for trying to make sure that Sonny is sent to prison. Nikolas takes the children to see Elizabeth. Jason is asked by Lucky if he is planning to help Sonny escape if he does not get bail. Patrick and Lisa remember some of the good times they spent together. Ethan and Johnny manage to get themselves out of a dangerous situation. Carly is happy when the judge decides that Sonny can stay out of prison until the trial. Jason tells Bernie that something is missing from the latest shipment. Claire wants to speak to Dante in private. Sonny is certain that he will be cleared at the trial. Ethan gives his father a box of cigars. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he has come to the conclusion that they have no future together. Ethan and Johnny are quizzed by Jason about the box of missing cigars from Sonny's shipment. Robin discovers Patrick having a good time with Lisa when she goes looking for him.
#12003 47x228
Alexis officially becomes part of Sonny's defense team. Jason, Sam and Spinelli come up with a plan to get Sonny out of the country if his bail is revoked. Dante is questioned by Claire on the witness stand. The judge is ready to make his decision. Johnny tries to get Ethan to work with him against Sonny. Lisa is happy when she sees Patrick and Robin arguing about Sonny. Steven offers Robin his support.
#12002 47x227
Jason is asked by Michael if he would let Sonny serve time in prison for a crime he had committed. Sam wants to know from Ethan why he is encouraging her sister's crush on him. Steven lets Patrick know that for a little while he thought he was jealous that he had arranged a date with Lisa. Olivia is asked by Johnny to join him for dinner. Mac subpoenas Dante to testify at Sonny's hearing. Jax is determined to see Sonny go down. Max is told by Jason to make sure that Michael goes nowhere near the courthouse. Kristina isn't happy that her sister spoke to Ethan about her. Alexis works out Jax had Claire appointed to prosecute Sonny's case. Johnny wonders id Dante will testify against Sonny. Patrick isn't happy when he sees Robin talking to Dante. Sonny doesn't want to end up serving time in prison and wants Jason to help him flee the country tonight. Michael is asked by Kristina if he seriously going to admit that he is the one who killed Claudia. Steven isn't happy that Patrick has signed Dante's release papers. Patrick tells his wife he signed the papers to stop her from talking to Dante again.
#12001 47x226
Jax is able to pull some strings so that Federal Prosecutor Claire Walsh will be working on Sonny's case. Alexis wants to help defense Sonny but Diane refuses unless she agrees to join her law firm as well. Sonny wants Jason to make sure that Michael stays way from the court room. Sonny pleads not guilty on Diane's advise and Claire wants him refused bail. Jason is not sure on the best way to deal with Johnny. Johnny refuses to cut the ties with his mob activities and tells Olivia that it is her choice if she still wants to continue seeing him. Lisa is able to impress Epiphany. Patrick isn't happy when he hears Steven asking Lisa out on a date.
#12000 47x225
Dante admits to Maxie that he does love Lulu when she questions him about his intentions towards her. When Johnny gives Olivia an expensive necklace she wonders how he has been able to pay for it. Luke shares his concerns with Lulu about her seeing Dante. When Kristina refuses to speak to Kiefer when he calls, Alexis wonders what is up. Jason wants Spinelli to finds out who hijacked the shipment Sonny was expecting. Jason goes to see Johnny and confronts him about the missing shipment. Spinelli tells Maxie how his life became complete after falling in love with her. Dante receives a visit from Lulu who wants to know if he has always been honest with her. Lulu isn't happy when she finds out that Maxie has already been asking him the same questions. Jason informs Lucky that Johnny stole Sonny's shipment and not Ethan. Luke is concerned that Ethan will end up getting involved with the mob. Olivia lets Johnny know she doesn't want to get involved in a mob war. Johnny goes to see his father who likes the change in him.
#11999 47x224
Johnny manages to get away after Ethan causes a slight diversion. Maxie discovers that Lucky caused her to swerve her car off the road. Jason informs Dante that Sonny will never never give up on him now that he knows he is his son. Nikolas learns from Elizabeth that Lucky has forgiven her for sleeping with him. Johnny thanks Ethan for causing the diversion which saved his life. Lucky is given some advise from Maxie concerning Elizabeth. Luke is warned by Tracy that his daughter will be in danger if she continues to be involved with Dante. Sonny learns from Jason about his confrontation on the hospital roof with Dante and insists that he wasn't up there to eliminate him. Nikolas asks Elizabeth who the father of her unborn child is. Maxie thinks that Lucky might not be ready yet to forgive Elizabeth for sleeping with his brother. Ethan is asked by his father to tell him what really happened with Johnny. Elizabeth doesn't want Nikolas pressurizing her. Things heat up between Johnny and Olivia after he shows up at her door. Ethan tells his father how he ended up saving Johnny's life. Dante lets Sonny know he has no place in his life.
#11998 47x223
Lucky promises Elizabeth that everything is going to be fine after telling Helena to leave. Diane and Jason learn that Sonny intends on pleading not guilty by self defense. Johnny is determined to get the Zacchara territory back. Dante is told by his mother not to agree to Carly's request. Lulu learns from Ethan about Elizabeth's pregnancy. Elizabeth wants to know if Lucky forgives her for sleeping with Nikolas. Jason informs Carly that Dante changing the evidence is never going to happen and that she will have to admit that she lied in her original statement. Luke receives a visit from Helena. When Lulu goes to see Dante she discovers him missing from his room. Sonny clashes with Olivia after telling her things could of ended up differently if she hadn't lied to him. Nikolas learns from Elizabeth that his grand mother payed her a visit. Lucky is forced to swerve as his car nearly crashes into Maxie's.
#11997 47x222
Morgan informs Jason that once Dante starts working for Sonny and is no longer a policeman everything will be OK. Nikolas asks Alexis to draw up some papers so that he can get custody of the baby Elizabeth is expecting. Elizabeth is pushed over the edge by Helena. Sonny tells Olivia he would like to get to know Dante as soon as possible as he could be in prison soon. Lucky tells his father that he cant just stop caring about the children and that he cant abandon Elizabeth now. Sonny tells his son that its not as simple as he thinks by having Dante working for him. Patrick pays Elizabeth a visit. Nikolas informs his brother that he is going to ask Elizabeth to marry him when she gets better. Jason thinks about Jake learning that he is his real father one day. Diane talks to Sonny about his case. Carly goes to see Dante as she tries to help Sonny. Jason thinks that Sonny is making a big mistake. Luke warns Nikolas that if his grand mother goes anywhere near his family there is going to be serious trouble. When Lucky finds Helena with Elizabeth he points a gun at her.
#11996 47x221
Elizabeth is reluctant about checking into Shadybrook. Luke learns from Tracy about Elizabeth's pregnancy. Agent Rayner is determined to make sure that Dante testifies against Sonny. Robin and Patrick argue about what went wrong on Valentine's Day and Lisa hears their argument when it continues at work. Diane informs Sonny there is a chance he could end up serving time in prison. Olivia is furious when she hears Agent Rayner threatening her son. Lucky is determined to support Elizabeth. Robin learns what is going on with Elizabeth. Sonny asks Luke how he was able to connect with Ethan after finding out that he was his son. Elizabeth ends up agreeing to go to Shadybrook for the sake of her children. Dante receives a visit from Michael who wants him to help make sure Sonny isn't sent to jail. Elizabeth is taken to Shadybrook by her brother and thinks that Nikolas is probably the father of her unborn child. Morgan also asks Dante is he can help prevent Sonny from being sent to prison. Helena goes to see Elizabeth.
#11995 47x220
Both Lucky and Nikolas are surprised when they find out that Elizabeth is three months pregnant. Sam and Jason enjoy what Kristina and Molly has arranged for them. Alexis is surprised by Mac when he shows up with a Valentine's gift. Dante attempts to convince his mother that Sonny is playing her to try and get her back in his life. When Kristina and Molly see their mother kissing Mac they are happy. Steven finds out that his sister is pregnant. Elizabeth disappears from her hospital room. Lulu refuses to help Sonny try and get closer to Dante. Olivia wants her son to listen to what she has to say. Elizabeth is found on the hospital roof by Lucky and he manages to convince her to come away from the edge. Morgan is upset that his family life is being torn apart. Jax attempts to beat Carly at her own game. Both Lucky and Nikolas agree that Elizabeth should be committed for her own good. Sonny learns from Dante that he is still intent on bringing him down.
#11994 47x219
Elizabeth is rescued by Lucky. Dante wants Mac to promise him that him joining the Port Charles Police Department has nothing to do with him being Sonny's son. Jason doesn't want Sam talking to Mac at all until Diane arrives. Dante lets Lulu know that he is still a policeman when she comes to see him and he is impressed by the way she looks. Jax tells Carly how he felt seeing her with Sonny. Diane isn't happy with Jason for calling her away from Max. Jason promises to make it up to her if she helps Sam. Dante wants Lulu to focus on right now and not think about the problems they have. As Lucky brings Elizabeth into the hospital, Nikolas sees them. Maxie manages to impress Spinelli. Carly refuses to allow Jax to take their daughter out of her home. Sonny attempts to set the record straight with Olivia. Lulu and Dante share a kiss which sets his heart racing and sets the monitor off. Jason and Sam are surprised when they return to the penthouse. Elizabeth tells Lucky what she can remember when she wakes up. Kelly surprises Elizabeth when she tells her she is pregnant.
#11993 47x218
Dante wishes he could do something special for Lulu on Valentine's Day but he is now unemployed. Elizabeth remembers happier times with Lucky after entering a church. Mac thinks Michael is lying after hearing his confession. Sonny is determined to protect Michael and wants Diane to say he killed Claudia in self defense. Helena doesn't think Spencer is a suitable heir to Cassadine empire. When Sam shows up Mac tells her that Michael could be charged for lying. Lulu wants Jax to help Dante get his job back on the police force but he isn't convinced it is a good idea. Jason talks to Michael and tells him that Sonny would rather see him free and go to prison himself. Lucky talks to Ethan about the time he found Elizabeth in the park after she had been attacked and raped. Carly tries to make Sonny rethink his decision to confessing to having killed Claudia. Dante is offered a job by Mac. Jax sees Carly together with Sonny in his arms. Lucky finds Elizabeth unconscious.
#11992 47x217
As Jason comforts Elizabeth in his arms, Lucky sees them and tells her that she didn't waste much time. Helena tells her grandson that she is proud of the way he has turned out. Anthony informs his son when the time is right he will put him in charge. Sonny attempts to open up to Dante about his past. Anthony warns his son that Sonny cant be underestimated. Lisa witnesses a close moment between Patrick and Robin. Elizabeth receives a visit from Helena. Jason tells Sam what happened when Lucky saw him comforting Elizabeth. Ethan asks Helena to leave when he shows up to see Elizabeth. Carly tells Sonny he needs to focus on not being sent to prison. Lulu brings Dante some of his clothes from home. Dante is told by Agent Rayner that he could loose his job if he doesn't change his statement. Epiphany is sent to the the supply closet so that she will catch Patrick and Robin there. Jason learns from Morgan and Molly that Michael is going to confess everything to the police. Michael tells Mac that Sonny didn't kill Claudia and that he did.
#11991 47x216
Nikolas receives a visit from Luke. Maxie asks Spinelli to move in with her. Elizabeth goes to the Haunted Star looking for Luke and sees a flyer for a Valentine's Day event. Jason warns Johnny if he makes a move against Sonny he will have no choice but to eliminate him. Spinelli informs Maxie that he forgives her for what happened with Franco and that he wants her to forgive herself as well. Elizabeth explains the reasons to Ethan why she hate Valentine's Day now. Patrick tells Lisa how his and Robin's schedules are making it hard for them to spend time together. Luke wants Nikolas to stay away from him and informs him he will do the same in return.Johnny learns from Olivia that Dante is still refusing to speak with her. Jason is asked by Kristina for some money. Elizabeth clashes with Sam when she runs into her at Kelly's. Ethan learns from Nikolas how Elizabeth was raped on Valentine's Day. Ethan steps in after he sees Kiefer grab Kristina's arm after she tells him to get lost. Johnny visits his father in prison and wants to become head of the Zacchara family. Jason comforts an upset Elizabeth. Nikolas receives a visit from his grandmother.
#11990 47x215
Elizabeth wants Luke to talk Lucky into giving their relationship another chance. Lucky ends up opening up to Ethan. Sonny insists to Carly that he can forge a relationship with Dante. Maxie insists to Lulu that Dante would never want to try and get to know Sonny after what he has done to him. Morgan opens up to Jax about how he is feeling. Dante refuses Ronnie's request to tell him what really happened. Lucky wants Elizabeth to leave him alone and give him some space. Olivia is accused by Ronnie of choosing Sonny over Dante. Johnny tells Olivia that he knows what she is going through and that he isn't leaving her. Sonny informs Jason that he doesn't want anything else done to his son. Sonny is warned by Jason that Dante could still destroy his life.
#11989 47x214
Dante tells Sonny that he lied to the police to protect his children and not him and that he wants nothing more to do with him. Michael is told by Jax that he would have done what he did if it meant he was protecting his family. Jason learns from Carly that Jax has known the truth about Dante for ages. Lucky is asked by Elizabeth if there is any chance that they can work things out. Lulu wants Sonny to leave and not go near Dante again. There is a confrontation between Olivia and Johnny. Carly wants Sam to watch the baby whilst she goes to see Sonny. Lucky gets drunk again. Jax learns from Morgan that Carly has gone to see Sonny. Lulu learns from Maxie that Kate needs her help. Johnny clashes with Lucky for allowing Sonny to slip through his fingers. Sonny informs Carly that he has no intention of giving up on Dante. Jason goes to see Dante and tells Maxie to leave. Dante wants to know if Jason is going to finish off the job Sonny started.
#11988 47x213
Sonny tries to explain to Jason that now he knows Dante is his son he can't just walk away. Jax is told by Carly that he hopes he thinks what he has done is worth loosing her and his daughter over. Elizabeth clashes with a patient at the hospital. Dante lies and says that him being shot was an accident. Nikolas thinks Elizabeth should take some time off until she gets her head sorted. Lucky asks Dante if protecting Sonny is more important to him than being a policeman. Lucky tells Mac what Dante told him. Morgan goes to see Dante and tries to find out from him if he was just pretending to be his friend. Kristina fills Kiefer in on what happened. When Morgan comes home he is told by his mother that they are leaving. Nikolas tries to convince his brother to talk to Elizabeth. Jason is surprised when Carly shows up and tells him she is moving in. Michael has a go at Jax.
#11987 47x212
Jason wants Carly to convince Sonny to skip town after he gets bail. Olivia thinks Jax should be honest with Carly before she finds the truth out from somebody else. Michael tries to convince Kristina that he is telling the truth. Lulu tells Dante that Sonny really is his father. Mac tries to offer Lucky some advise. Dante is unhappy with his mother for lying to him. Jason is questioned by Ronnie about some evidence that has disappeared from the police station. Jax tells his wife that he has known the truth about Dante for ages and he helped in having Sonny arrested. Olivia has to give a statement at the police station. Dante is questioned by Lucky about the shooting.
#11986 47x211
Jax is told by Michael that he wants to confess to the police that he killed Claudia. Lulu tells her father about Dante really being Olivia and Sonny's son. Carly pays Olivia a visit. Sam dresses up as a hooker to try and get the evidence against Sonny. Kristina is shocked that her father has shot a policeman and that he has turned out to be his own son. Robin wishes that Patrick had told her the truth sooner as things might have turned out differently then. When Agent Rayner releases Sam, Jason is relieved. Luke fills Tracy on on the truth. Ethan is worried about Lulu. Morgan, Kristina and Molly learn the truth from Michael that he actually killed Claudia and not Sonny. Lulu learns that Dante thinks it was just a dream that Sonny said he was his father.
#11985 47x210
Olivia isn't happy that Sonny let Dante know he is his father. Johnny offers Olivia his support. Jason, Carly and Sam learn from Lulu about Dante's shooting and how he was working as undercover policeman. Jason tells Carly that he didn't tells her the truth about 'Dominic' because he wanted to have proof first. Michael is upset that Jax didn't manage to get the investigation against Sonny stopped. Sonny's house is invaded by the FBI. Lulu is furious with Sonny who tells her he had no idea that Dante was his son. Carly is told by Morgan that he hates Sonny for having shot Dante. Sonny refuses Jason's request to leave the country as he doesn't want to leave his son. Olivia is asked by Lulu if what Sonny has said is true. Steven promises to do whatever he can for Dante. Lulu talks to Nikolas about her feelings for Dante. Sonny is arrested by Ronnie for his wife's murder. Dante has a dream involving Sonny.
#11984 47x209
Sonny is shocked to learn that he has shot his own son. Olivia asks Sonny to call for help. Lulu is told by Johnny that Dante probably had second thoughts about arresting Sonny whilst the christening is taking place. Molly and Morgan try to get Jason to ask Sam to marry him. Lucky finds life difficult without Elizabeth. Sonny goes in the ambulance with his son after it leaves to him to the hospital. Lulu tries to call Dante but there is no answer. Sam tells her sister that she has no plans on getting married anytime soon. Olivia tells her son not to die. Carly thanks everyone for coming to the wedding. Epiphany hears Sonny tell Steven that he is Dominic's father. Robin receives a call from Sonny asking her to come to the hospital with Patrick but not to tell anyone. Robin isn't happy when she finds out that Patrick already knew the truth about Dominic's paternity. Carly opens a box with a DVD in it and it contains one last message for Jason from Franco. Dante wakes up and wonders if he heard right that Sonny is his father.
#11983 47x208
Jane arrives in town for grand daughter's christening. Dante is told by Ronnie that he is stalling for time so that Sonny can get away. Sonny learns from Jason that everything is in place for 'Dominic' to be eliminated. After Jax tells his mother the truth about Dante and what he has been up to, she is worried that Carly will never forgive him when she learns the truth. Lulu isn't happy when she sees her father talking to Elizabeth. 'Dominic' receives a call from Sonny asking him to meet with him. Nikolas is advised by Robin to stay away from Elizabeth. Both Lulu and Carly wonder why Dante and Sonny haven't showed up yet. Sonny aims a gun at Dante as he takes out his badge. Dante is shot by Sonny and Olivia shows up. Olivia tells Sonny that he just shot his own son.
#11982 47x207
Elizabeth finds it hard to focus when she returns to work and thinks she is hearing people say what they think about her. Luke offers to take the blame for whatever his son is planning. Carly urges Lulu to do whatever it takes to be with 'Dominic'. Nikolas stops Elizabeth from making a fool of herself at work. Sonny tries to find out if Jason has found any proof that Michael was telling the truth. Ethan feels left out. Sonny tells Jason there is something about 'Dominic' that has worried him from the first time he met him. Sonny and Jason get the proof they need from Spinelli. Michael is told by Jax that he needs to patient and not to say anything to his mother. Tracy tells Luke how Ethan is feeling. Sonny's arrest warrant arrives. Jason is told by Sonny that 'Dominic' has to be eliminated. Jax learns from Agent Rayner that Sonny's arrest warrant is in place. Olivia and Lulu are both in the same church praying that Dante will be kept safe.
#11981 47x206
Jason wants Spinelli to find out if Michael is telling the truth about 'Dominic'. Lulu wants to know why Dante wants her to leave if he loves her. Steven informs everyone that his sister won't be at work for a while. Michael wants to know if Jax is really trying to stop the investigation or not. Kiefer asks Kristina if she thinks they have anything in common. Johnny agrees to go the christening after talking to Carly. Jax asks Olivia how he thinks his wife is going to feel after she learns the truth about Dante and how he helped to bring Sonny down. Kristina calls Sam and tells her she needs to see her. When Sam shows up she finds out her sister just wants her to help her select some new clothes. Olivia tells Carly that she hopes their friendship can survive everything that has happened. Steven asks Robin about the argument between Lulu and his sister. Spinelli finds something out about 'Dominic'. Max and Milo are asked by Jason if they seen anything strange going on recently.
#11980 47x205
Mike is taken to the hospital by Ethan after he finds him badly beaten. Dante tells his mother that the warrant for Sonny's arrest will be issued soon. Sonny thinks that Michael is making up what he has said about 'Dominic' as he would of found out himself before now. Nikolas is asked by Lulu if he instigated the affair with Elizabeth. Olivia tries to find out who is in charge of the case against Sonny. Dante tells Jax it will be best for everyone if nobody knows he was involved in helping to bring Sonny down. As Carly and Jason talk about Jacob, Sam listens in. Sonny receives a call from Robin telling him about his father's attack. Lulu clashes with Elizabeth and embarrasses her in front of everyone. Michael interrupts Kristina and Kiefer and tells her about 'Dominic' really being a policeman. Olivia doesn't want Agent Raynor having Sonny arrested and tells him that Dante is actually Sonny's son. Ethan tries to comfort Elizabeth. Michael tells Jax what he has found out. Agent Raynor issues the warrant for Sonny to be arrested. Sonny asks Jason to look into 'Dominic's' past. Jax agrees to help Michael but wants something in return. Dante learns that Sonny will be arrested on Friday.
#11979 47x204
Michael continues to listen in as Dante talks to Johnny about bringing Sonny down. Sonny is worried that Maxie wont be able to cope when Mac questions her about what she saw. As Mac is questioning Maxie, Diane shows up to represent her. Elizabeth finds out from Lucky that he saw her and Nikolas together at Wyndermere. Luke in convinced Lucky will never forgive Elizabeth for sleeping with his brother. Lucky demands to know when the affair started. Dante tells his mother that Sonny will be arrested. Jason wants Spinelli to go the police station to support Maxie. Carly shows up as Lucky looses it. Carly tells Jason about Elizabeth's affair and thinks he can get custody of his son. Lucky tells his father about the confrontation and that he feels nothing towards Elizabeth. Michael tells Sonny what he heard. Lulu is furious with Nikolas when she learns that he has been sleeping with Elizabeth.
#11978 47x203
Michael is told by Sonny he was never going to hand the organization over to him as he wants him to live a normal life. Jason quizzes Maxie on what she saw on the night Claudia was murdered. Lulu wants Elizabeth to talk to Lucky about his drinking. Luke learns from his son that he saw Elizabeth and Nikolas making love. Jason wants Maxie to tell the police everything she just told him but to omit that Michael was there. Lucky tells his father that Nikolas and Elizbeth have no idea that he saw them together. Carly learns from Sonny that Michael wanted to eliminate ‘Dominic‘. Lule tells Dante that she is afraid about what is going to happen to her brother. Maxie agrees to lie to the police so that Michael will stay protected. Luke is scared his son is going down the same path as him. Michael tells Jason about Sonny planning to hand the organization over to ‘Dominic‘ in the long run. Tracy learns from Luke about Lucky drinking and Elizabeth cheating on him with Nikolas. Mac shows up to talk to Maxie to ask her about what she saw. Michael listens in as Johnny and ‘Dominic‘ are talking and he finds out about him really being a policeman.
#11977 47x202
Jason learns from Lucky that Maxie saw Sonny on the night of his wife's murder and that he isn't going to be working on the case anymore. Tracy wonders if Luke is back in town and wants an explanation from Ethan after shes the empty bottles. Michael tells his brother that 'Dominic' is just pretending to like him so he will look good in Sonny's eyes. Sonny informs 'Dominic' that when he is ready to step down he wants him to take over the organization. Lulu learns from Ethan that he thinks Lucky has been drinking. Jason tries to find out what is bothering Lucky. Monica, Edward and Tracy are invited to the christening. Lucky admits to his sister that he has been drinking. Jason informs Sam that Maxie saw Sonny on the night of the murder. Michael isn't happy when he finds out that Sonny wants ' Dominic' to take over. Dante asks Ronnie to say that Franco admitted to him that he killed Claudia. Nikolas and Elizabeth learn from Lulu about Lucky drinking. When Maxie shows up with Spinelli, Jason asks her not tell anyone about what she saw on the night of Claudia's death. Luke finds his son drinking who tells him he has ended up just like him.
#11976 47x201
Diane learns the truth from Jason about Michael being the person who killed Claudia. Carly wants to make plans for the baby's christening. Dante runs into Lulu and picks up her stuff as she drops it. Tracy learns from Monica that she has received a letter from Rebecca and she is doing fine. Carly and Jax both think of possible god parents for their daughter and Jax leaves the final decision to his wife. Jason thinks that he failed Michael on the night he murdered Claudia. After Maya Ward sends Edward a letter, Tracy and Monica think she could be just after his money and are against Edward's idea of her moving in. Lulu is asked be a godmother to the baby. Johnny learns from Jason about Sonny's idea to try and frame Franco for Claudia's murder. Dante feels bad about bringing Sonny down. Kristina asks her sister for advise about her relationship with Kiefer. Jason is asked to be a godfather to the baby and when he sees the picture that Franco drew he wonders if there is a clue in it to what he is planning to do next. As Dante admits that he is in love with Lulu to Johnny, Lulu does the says the same thing to Maxie.
#11975 47x200
A vengeful Lucky is able to convince his brother not to leave Port Charles. Jason believes that some of Sonny's hair must of been on the clothes that Claudia was wearing the day of her murder and he wants Spinelli to make sure that the finger of blame isn't pointed at him. Sonny learns from Jason that the strand of hair that was found matched his. Lulu learns from Johnny that he knows who Dante really is and that he is looking forward to seeing him bring Sonny down. Kristina meets with Kiefer who surprises her with a gift. Elizabeth learns from Lucky that he has persuaded his brother not to leave Port Charles. Sonny thinks that Jason should take a break after everything he went through with Franco as he thinks his judgment is impaired. Dante decides to distance himself from Lulu for her own good after Johnny tells them that Lulu will be involved in the fallout when people find out that Lulu knew Dante was out to get Sonny and didn't say anything. Lucky goes to the Haunted Star where he helps himself to a drink. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he will still leave Port Charles if she wants him to but she replies it is OK for him to stay. Olivia and Johnny are seen on the pier by Sonny.
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