General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 46

#11775 46x251
Lulu lets Maxie know that she knows that she and Johnny where lying. Sam is given the money she needs to start the detective agency with Spinelli by Jason. Rebecca kisses Nikolas and then says sorry. Carly gets Patrick to take a look at Michael and lets Jason know that she saw Michael move his hand. Lulu issues a warning to Maxie. Luke is forced to act fast when Ethan tries to steal Alexis' wallet. Nikolas thinks that Rebecca should stay at Wyndermere but she insists on returning home. Carly insists to Jax that Michael did move his hand when Patrick thinks that it was just a muscle spasm. Alexis talks to Luke about what is happening between Lucky and Nikolas regarding Rebecca. Spinelli tries to get the truth out of Johnny about where he and Maxie really where. Carly refuses to believe that Michael did not move his hand on his own. After watching the DVD again Jax gets rid of it. Lulu hears Maxie talking on the phone promising not to let Lulu find out what happened. Rebecca receives a mysterious call and says she is not sure if she can on with things any longer.
#11774 46x250
Claudia manages to stop Sonny from finding Ric in her room and she then calls her brother for help. Maxie helps Johnny get Ric out of the house and to the hospital. Johnny and Maxie are caught out when they lie to Spinelli and Lulu. Ric vows to get even with Claudia. Sonny wants to find out if Ian Devlin had a partner he was working with. Carly thinks that saw her son's hand move when she pays him a visit with Jax. Rebecca is offered Nikolas' full support when she finds out that she a biopsy.
#11773 46x249
Jax ends up admitting to Carly that his brother is still alive after she catches him watching the DVD but he does not tell her what else he knows. Jax goes to see Michael. Claudia attempts to kill Ric by poisoning him but Ric informs her that if anything happens to him Sonny will receive a copy of the DVD. Ric passes out in Claudia's bed as Sonny returns home. Nikolas tries to comfort Rebecca after she receives some news following her ultrasound.
#11772 46x248
Nikolas offers to wait for Rebecca whilst she has her mammogram and when Lucky shows up he accuses his brother of following her. Olivia tries to find out if Jax watched the DVD. Robin hears Patrick talking about her. Luke puts his plan into motion with Ethan. Claudia informs Ric to tell Sonny what he knows. When Olivia catches Jax watching the DVD she thinks that he should destroy it. Clauida gets some sleeping pills after Ric leaves. When Patrick goes home he tells his wife that she has his full support but she is unhappy that he has been talking about her. Olivia thinks it is a bad idea that Jax tells Carly what he has found out.
#11771 46x247
Nikolas and Lucky argue about Rebecca who shows up and hears them. When Elizabeth arrives she lets them know that Rebecca is there. Jason is determined to find out how Ric has managed to get himself involved in the organization. Robin attempts to make amends with her husband and informs him that she is going to talk to Lainey about her problems. Luke sees Ethan steal Edward's wallet when he goes to the casino looking for his daughter. Robin finds it hard to talk to Lainey and walks out. Tracy gets Ethan to give her father his wallet back and then decides he could be useful to her. Tracy secretly listens in as Luke talks to Ethan. Ric offers to help Agent Rayner bring Jason and Sonny down. Rebecca insists to Nikolas that Lucky is just her friend. Robin opens up to Jason about what she has been going through. Sam and Spinelli learn from Winnifred that she has been fired. Spinelli thinks that he and Sam should employ her at their detective agency. Ric tries to blackmail Claudia. Nikolas finds out that Rebecca has a mammogram appointment.
#11770 46x246
After seeing his wife kiss Brad, Patrick leaves without letting Robin know that he is there. Ric tries to cut a deal with Claudia. Winnifred comes to Sam's rescue. Agent Rayner lets Diane know that both Jason and Spinelli are going to be charged. Lulu walks out on Johnny after arguing with him about going to the mob meeting. As Spinelli tells Johnny that he knows that he came close to sleeping with Maxie the FBI show up to arrest him. Claudia tells Ric exactly what she thinks of him. Jax manages to stop Carly from watching the DVD. When Patrick returns to Port Charles he tells Elizabeth what he saw. Jax watches more of the DVD. Claudia is forced to do what Ric wants to stop him from telling Sonny that she was involved in Michael's shooting. Elizabeth offers Patrick her support. Diane demands that Agent Rayner shows her what he has on Spinelli. With Winnifred's help Sam is able to get rid of all the evidence that the FBI have against Spinelli. When Robin returns to Port Charles she admits she has a problem and that she needs help.
#11769 46x245
Jax is shocked as he watches the DVD. Patrick talks to Elizabeth about what is happening with Robin. As Spinelli and Winnifred attempt to hack into Agent Rayner's computer, Sam shows up. When Carly enters the room Jax turns the DVD off to stop her from seeing it. Agent Rayner listens in at the mob meeting gets underway. Jason makes sure the wire he is wearing gets broken by picking a fight with Ric. Lulu isn't happy when Johnny goes to the meeting. Robin starts to open up to Brad about the problems that she is having. Patrick heads off to Rochester to bring his wife home. Jason receives a call from Agent Rayner telling him that he wants to see him immediately. Sonny lets everyone know at the meeting that he is back in charge. Carly finds the DVD that Jax has hidden. Jason learns from Agent Rayner that he is under arrest and that Spinelli will be arrested soon too. As Sam attempts to get her hands on the evidence that the FBI have against Spinelli she is caught. Patrick is shocked to see his wife sharing a kiss with Brad.
#11768 46x244
Jax is shocked when he watches the DVD that his brother sent him. Jason is forced to agree to do what Agent Rayner wants. Ric lets Claudia know that he knows the truth about her involvement in Michael's shooting. Mac tells Patrick where Robin is after he and Maxie make Mac see that something is wrong with Robin. Robin attempts to kiss Brad.
#11767 46x243
Robin feels flattered that Brad asked her out on a date. Carly and Jax's wedding gets under way. Alexis fills Jason in on what happened when she went to see Agent Rayner. Robin decides to return to Port Charles after she holds the bar owner's baby. Jason is furious with Spinelli for leaving the apartment. Maxie blames Winnifred for Spinelli leaving the apartment and almost getting caught. Alexis learns from Sonny that he is throwing a party to try and make peace with all the terrorities in the city. Mac thinks that it is Patrick's fault that his niece left town. Jax and Carly head off to spend the night as husband and wife. Maxie shares her concerns about Robin with Mac. Robin agrees to go dancing with Brad. Agent Rayner tells Jason he wants him to wear a wire at Sonny's party. Jax is given the envelope by Olivia.
#11766 46x242
Patrick is concerned about his wife. Mac calls Patrick to let him know that Robin is fine and he wonders why she didn't call him. Jax makes sure that everything is going to plan for his and Carly's marriage renewal. When Alexis discovers that Winnifred is in Agent Rayner's office she tries to help her make sure that she is not seen. When she also sees Spinelli outside the office she tries to distract Agent Rayner. Maxie is forced to lie to Lulu when she brings up the lipstick that she saw on Johnny's collar. Spinelli tries to help Winnifred. Coleman tries to introduce Patrick to Jeff Burton when he goes to Jake's but he does not recognize who he is straight away and then he then later feels foolish. Carly finds herself lost for words when she finds out what Jax has planned for the wedding. Robin is asked on a date whist she is in the bar but turns down the offer. As Olivia looks through Jax's post she discovers one of the incriminating DVD's.
#11765 46x241
Agent Rayner attempts to make Jason tell him where Spinelli is. Spinelli hides out in Lulu and Maxie's apartment and Maxie wants him to stay hidden. Agent Rayner tries to make a deal with Jason which would see Spinelli go free. Nikolas continues to feel jealous about the friendship between Rebecca and Lucky. Winnifred finds out from Spinelli that Lulu knows about what is going on and he insists that she can be trusted. Maxie and Johnny find themselves stuck in a car together after it gets a flat tire. Alexis is not happy when she discovers that Agent Rayner has issued a threat against her daughter. Things heat up between Johnny and Maxie in the car. Winnifred is nearly caught as she attempts to hack in to Agent Rayner's computer. When Lulu notices some lipstick on Johnny's shirt collar she wants to know how it got there. Nikolas clashes with Lucky about Rebecca.
#11764 46x240
Robin goes to a bar where she uses a false name and says she is single. Sam wants Jason to allow Spinelli to return to Port Charles and keep him hidden from the FBI. Winnifred shows up with some news. Elizabeth tries to call Robin to let her know that Patrick is going to be caught up in surgery for a while but she ignores the call. Sam wants Winnifred to look at the evidence against Spinelli now that her access has been upped. The person who stole the DVD watches it and discovers the truth about Michael's shooting. Jason talks to Sam about how he feels that he failed Michael. Sonny wants Jason to return to Port Charles and declare that he is back in charge of the organization. Robin books into a hotel not far away from the bar she was in. Spinelli refuses to be seperated from Maxie again. It is revealed that Ric is the person with the DVD.
#11763 46x239
Nikolas insists to Rebecca that is just coincidental that he is at the hospital at the same time as her and that he has not been following her. Maxie is relieved that Spinelli is OK and she blames Winnifed for what happened. Jason does not want Winnifed telling the FBI about Spinelli. The closeness between his brother and Rebecca makes Nikolas feel jealous. Robin decides not tell Patrick about leaving their daughter at Kelly's. Maxie is told by Jason that Spinelli can not return back home. Maxie blames Jason for the trouble Spinelli is in. Agent Rayner is not convinced by what Winnifed tells him. Sam wants to to try and get rid of all the evidence that the FBI have on Spinelli. Maxie admits to Spinelli just how much she loves him. Robin heads out in her car.
#11762 46x238
Robin works at Mercy hospital as Emma remains alone in her buggy. Sonny learns about Michael's condition being unchanged. Rebecca is forced to break up a fight betwen Lucky and Ethan. Maxie and Winnifred clash when they show up at the auction with Sam and Jason trying to rescue Spinelli. Lulu tells her father and Tracy about Johnny's plans for the future. When Nikolas mentions Emma to Robin she remembers leaving her in the buggy alone and races off to get her. Jason manages to rescue Spinelli. Jax wants to marry Carly again. Nikolas witnesses a close moment between his brother and Rebecca. Sonny calls Robin and asks her to secretly become involved in Michael's case again.
#11761 46x237
Luke and Ethan place bets on a horse race and the stakes are upped by Ethan. Carly learns from Patrick that her son's condition remains unchanged following the treatment. Cassandra issues a warning to Spinelli. Maxie is determined to track Cassnadra down so that she can be reunited with Spinelli. When Elizabeth comes to see her Robin tries to find out if Patrick sent her. Winnifred finds out that Cassandra is wanted for questioning in several art thefts. Elizabeth tries to convince Robin just how much Patrick loves her. Spinelli uses Jason and Sonny's names in an effort to intimidate Cassandra but it just makes her see he could end up even more uselful to her. Spinelli is able to get a clue to Winnifred about where he is being held. When Carly talks to Michael movement in his brain pattern occurs which she does not notice. Robin forgets about Emma when she receives a call from the hospital and leaves her alone.
#11760 46x236
Sonny informs Kate about the procedure that could help Michael and asks her not tell anyone else about it. Kate believes that Sonny deserves to know the truth about what happened to his son. Maxie asks Lulu to keep an eye on Robin for her whilst she is out of town. Cassandra wants Spinelli to help her steal a painting and she warns if if he does not help her he will end up dead. Elizabeth talks to Rebecca about why she came to town. Carly and Jax talk about the procedure that could help Michael and Jax is certain that Michael will be perfect for it. Elizabeth thinks that Lucky should ask Rebecca out. Kate ends up walking out without telling Sonny what she knows. Johnny manages to impress Lulu. Robin is taken off of Michael's case and Carly attempts to explain to Sonny the reasons why. Maxie clashes with Winnifred when she arrives in Los Angeles. Spinelli manages to pass a challenge set by Cassandra. Kate tells Claudia why she did not tell Sonny what she knows. The DVD in Sonny's house is stolen by a mysterious person.
#11759 46x235
Robin stops Lulu from telling Patrick exactly what she said to Ethan. Maxie wants Jason to find Spinelli. Rebecca discovers that Nikolas heard the advise Luke offered her. Winnifred attempts to warn Spinelli away from helping the mysterious woman. Sonny tells his wife that he is sure that Ian Devlin was not working alone and that somebody is still out there who is partially responsible for what happened to his son. Patrick tries to find out from his wife why she is so unhappy. Despite Winnifred's warnings Spinelli agrees to help the mysterious woman. Carly talks to Jason about the treatment that could help Michael. Sam lets Maxie know where Spinelli was heading. Kate attempts to blackmail Claudia. Maxie attempts to track Spinelli down. Carly wants Patrick to help Michael. Spinelli finds himself in trouble. When Sonny returns home he finds his wife and Kate arguing about Michael.
#11758 46x234
Rebecca walks away after she hears Nikolas telling Luke that he has had her checked out and there is no connection between her and Emily. Sam learns from Jason that Spinelli has disappeared. Spinelli considers his next move as he and Winnifred take a rest. Sonny wants Robin to consult on his son's case but Patrick thinks his wife will not have enough time. Luke defends Ethan against Lulu's accusations. Claudia is almost caught by Carly visiting Michael. Spinelli decides to help the owener of the diner he has stopped at when he finds out that his business is in trouble. A mystery woman watches Spinelli. Rebecca goes to see Luke to talk about Nikolas. Nikolas hears Luke telling Rebecca it would be better for Nikolas in the long run if she kept her distance. Maxie finds the farewell note that Spinelli wrote. Sam discovers that Spinelli has headed for Los Angeles. Jason decides against going after Spinelli. Patrick hears Lulu talking to Robin about what happened at the Haunted Star with Ethan.
#11757 46x233
Tracy believes that Rebecca has an alterior motive for coming to town and Nikolas ends up defending her. Patrick talks to Matt about the problems he is having with Robin. Robin talks to Ethan about her parents. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she does not need him to defend her. Carly goes to see Sonny and informs him about an experimental procedure that could help Michael. Claudia goes to see Michael. When Rebecca goes back to see the Quartermianes again Monica apologizes to her for the way Tracy treated her. Robin leaves her wallet behind when she leaves the Haunted Star which Lulu finds. Lulu is convinced that Ethan is up to no good and she tells him that she does not trust him. Patrick listens in as Robin talks to Sonny. Rebecca feels bad about the way she has treated Nikolas.
#11756 46x232
Lulu meets Ethan and learns from her father that he now works for him. Nikolas tells Nadine that he is not ready for a relationship with her. Elizabeth asks Patrick when she can go home. Lulu issues a warning to Ethan. Winnifred secretly watches Spinelli as he attempts to get a fake passport. Lucky takes the children to see Elizabeth at the hospital. Spinelli tries to say goodbye to Maxie without telling her he is leaving. Matt tries to comfort an upset Nadine. Rebecca refuses to agree to move into the Quartermine mansion. Spinelli writes a letter for Jason saying goodbye. Nikolas warns the Quartermaine family that they are overwhelming Rebecca. Robin goes to the Haunted Star for a drink and lies to Ethan when she tells him she has no children. As Spinelli leaves Port Charles he is surprised to find Winnifred in a seat near him.
#11755 46x231
When Patrick tries to spend some time alone with Robin and the baby she says has some errands that she needs to run. Jason informs Sam that the FBI are still on his back. Sonny and Claudia make love. Rebecca sess Nikolas semi dressed. Claudia tries to convince Sonny that anything her father says can not be trusted. Claudia tells her brother that she wont be leaving Port Charles. Jason considers getting Spinelli out of the country and giving him a whole new identity. Spinelli has a business idea that he shares with Sam. Sonny looks after Emma when Patrick is needed at the hospital. Jason tells Spinelli that they are not in the clear yet. Sonny explains to Robin why he is still with Claudia. Alexis tells Nikolas that she has checked Rebecca out and can find no connection between her and Emily. Spinelli hears Jason telling Sam that he could still end up in prison.
#11754 46x230
Sonny learns from Anthony what he has done to Claudia. Jason informs Agent Rayner that Anthony is close to being caught. Agent Rayner has Spinelli arrested again and Maxie refuses to leave after she learns about his arrest. As Anthony tries to leave Jason shows up and points a gun at him. Sonny calls Jason asking for his help in defusing the bomb on Claudia. Agent Rayner tells Johnny he can help Spinelli by finding his father. Lucky pays a visit to Elizabeth to talk about the kiss they shared. Jason knocks Anthony out so that he wont escape and so that he can help Sonny with the bomb. Sonny is able to rescue Claudia and stop the bomb from going off. Jason lets Agent Rayner know that he has Anthony. Nikolas continues to try and get closer to Rebecca. When Anthony is taken to the police station he demands to speak to his son. Agent Rayner demands that Jason dishes the dirt on Sonny.
#11753 46x229
Jason tells Sonny that Anthony has to be kept alive at whatever cost. Carly informs Jax that she and Sonny forgave each for the past at Christmas. Spinelli becomes agitated as he waits for Maxie to return from the assignment at the club with Johnny. Claudia is taunted by her father about how she feels towards Sonny. Jax wants to do something special for Morgan. Sonny receives a call from Claudia telling him where to bring the money her father wants. Johnny agrees to work for Kate again. Jason has a tracking devise put inside the bag with the money. Anthony tells his daughter how disappointed he is with the way she has turned out. After Ethan manages to impress Tracy she thinks Luke should employ him at the casino. Sonny shows up with the money. Clauida is on the roof with a bomb attached to her.
#11752 46x228
Lucky and Rebecca are interupted by Nikolas who offers Rebecca a job at the clinic. Rebecca turns down the job offer. Claudia is taken by her father to Kate's house. Ethan tries to come up with an escape plan. Jason fills Sam in on Anthony's disappearance. Claudia is held hostage by her father. Sam manages to find out that Anthony was planning on returning to Port Charles. Jason places a call to Sonny and informs him that he is returning home and not to do anything until he gets there. Jax wants to take Carly and Morgan on a trip to see his mother. Mike offers Rebecca a job but when Edward shows up he is not happy with the idea. Anthony makes Claudia call Sonny and he demands a large sum of money. Tracy offers to pay Ethan's bail so that he will be released but decides not to pay Luke's as well. Edward tells Nikolas that he is certain that Rebecca and Emily are connected and he is determined to find out how. Rebecca tries to find out from Sam if Lucky is available.
#11751 46x227
Mike is shocked when he meets Rebecca. Sonny wants Spinelli to freeze Anthony's bank accounts but he refuses to agree to do it until Jason gives him the nod. Claudia is able to get Spinelli to agree to freezing her father's accounts by telling him it will help Jason catch him. Anthony is not happy when he is unable to withdraw any money from his accounts. Sam manages to get hold of Anthony's whereabouts. Rebecca gets on well with Lucky. When Jason discovers that Anthony has moved on he thinks he must of been tipped off by somebody. Claudia is surprised by her father who holds gun to her head. A furious Anthony tells his daughter she was the only person who knew about his bank accounts.
#11750 46x226
Maxie dreams what life might of been like for her family and friends in Port Charles if she had never had her heart transplant. When Maxie awakens from her dream she tells Spinelli that she is releived to be alive as she realizes just how much everyone needs her.
#11749 46x225
When Rebecca finds out more about Nikolas' lifestyle she is not impressed. Sonny tells Jason that if he helps him find Anthony and turns him in he can no longer run the organization. Robin wants the babysitter to look after the baby so that she can go out with Patrick but he is not keen on the idea. Claudia argues with Kate as Ric listens in. Jason tries to find out if Sonny wants control of the business back as Sonny receives a call about Anthony. Nikolas tells Rebecca about the past he shared with Emily. Jason turns to Sam for help. When Rebecca sees just how much she looks like Emily she is surprised and leaves as she thinks that Nikolas is after something. Patrick reluctantly agrees to let Robin hire a nanny to look after Emma so that she can return to work full time. Anthony is revealed to be alive on a tropical island. Jason arrives with Sam on the island determined to track him down. Ric sees the incriminating DVD at Sonny's place but is unable to get it into his possession. Spinelli tells Maxie that he loves her but she has fallen asleep. Maxie has a strange dream.
#11748 46x224
Winnifred fills Jason in on what will happen to Spinelli if Anthony does not show up. Sam and Lucky agree that they have no future together. Kate warns Sonny about Claudia. Nikolas tells Alexis about Rebecca. When Sonny defends his wife Kate becomes upset. As Carly and Jax continue to reconnect they are interupted by Max. Diane tries to avoid Max. Nadine listens in as Nikolas tells Alexis how nobody will ever compare to Emily. Jason fills Diane in on his deal with the FBI. Sonny offer to help Jason discover what has happened to Anthony. Rebecca insists to Nikolas that she does not know anything about Emily.
#11747 46x223
Claudia attempts to get her hands on the DVD. Maxie makes breakfast in bed for Spinelli. Edward wants to discuss the hospital's future with Jax. Agent Rayner warns Sam that unless Anthony shows up alive Spinelli could end up facing a lengthy prison term. Alexis does not want Agent Rayner speaking to Sam again unless she is present. Kate looks around Sonny's house. Claudia works out where the DVD is. Spinelli receives a warning from Winnifred. Things heat up between Carly and Jax.
#11746 46x222
Jason wants Sam to leave the hospital if he does not return within several minutes. Lucky refuses to allow Maxie to go back into the hospital. Nikolas manages to track Rebecca down who tells him to leave her alone and back off. Sonny learns from Olivia that Kate needs to see him. Jason manages to rescue Spinelli and when it is discovered that he is not breathing Sam performs CPR on him. Sonny tells Kate that them not getting married was the right decision. Claudia fills in her brother on what she told Sonny. Spinelli wants to find his laptop before leaving the hospital as it has vital information on it. Kate is frustrated at not having the DVD. Maxie is relieved when she is reunited with Spinelli.
#11745 46x221
Spinelli is unconscious on the floor as Jason and Sam yell out his name. Nikolas wonders what has happened to Rebecca since she was released. Mac is not happy with Maxie for risking her life. Claudia and Sonny learn from Ric that Anthony is missing and that Trevor has died. Rebecca goes to see Elizabeth. Nikolas talks to Robin about Rebecca. Nikolas learns from Elizabeth about Rebecca coming to see her. Johnny thinks that he and his sister should leave town but Claudia thinks they should remain in Port Charles. Maxie and Winnifred clash over Spinelli. Ric tells his brother that Claudia can not be trusted. Before Jason and Sam can rescue Spinelli the hospital is rocked by another explosion.
#11744 46x220
Luke tries to convince the guard to contact Lucky. Jason wants Sam to help him locate Spinelli. One of Maxie's shoes is found by Johnny. Carly is relieved that Jax is OK and as they reconnect they are interrupted by Alexis who asks them if they have seen Sam. Johnny manages to find Maxie. Sam is worried about Jason when she finds out that his arm is bleeding badly. Lulu learns that Johnny is in the hospital looking for Spinelli. Claudia is taunted by Kate about what she saw on the DVD. Lulu sees Maxie hug Johnny after they get out of the hospital. Jason and Sam manage to locate where Spinelli is.
#11743 46x219
Jason learns from Patrick that Spinelli could be in some sort of trouble. Nikolas ends up getting hurt whilst trying to help Rebecca. Sam tries to convince Trevor to give the poisonous sphere to her so that nobody else will get hurt. Maxie tries to find Spinelli. As Sonny and Carly try to escape from the hospital they share a close moment. Jason helps Rebecca free Nikolas from under the debris. Tracy wonders where Luke is. Nikolas and Rebecca head for the hospital roof. When Trevor tries to push Sam off the roof they both end up falling over the side. Matt is worried about his brother. Sam manages to cling on to the edge and get the poisonous sphere. Nadine is worried that Nikolas might not care for her the same way she does for him. Jason manages to save Sam and the poisonous sphere from falling.
#11742 46x218
Luke and Ethan are stuck in jail. Patrick takes control of the evacuation taking place on the hospital roof. Maxie looks after Emma as she waits for Robin to arrive. Rebecca insists to Nikolas that its just coincidental that she looks like Emily. Jason tries to locate Anthony. The evacuation from the roof continues and Ric tries to find out from Patrick if his father has left yet. Sam wants Spinelli to head to the roof and leave. Trevor clashes with Claudia. Luke attempts to get the guard to free him. Ric runs into his father and tells him that he does not care if he ever sees him again. Jason runs into Claudia who asks him if he is going to help her. Luke and Ethan's plan to get out jail don't go as planned. Spinelli gets himself into more trouble. Trevor threatens to drop the poisonous sphere off the hospital roof. Rebecca is promised by Nikolas that he will make sure she gets out of the hospital safely.
#11741 46x217
Jax's helicopter catches on fire. Believing she has seen Emily, Monica passes out. Nikolas and Jason try to make a clear route for everyone to be able to make it on to the roof. Kate doesn't get the chance to tell Sonny what she saw on the DVD and when she sees it on the floor she tells her cousin to retrieve it. Jax wants Mac to give him another helicopter to use as he is certain he will make it next time. When Luke talks about Robert, Ethan becomes interested. Monica insists to Nikolas that there is no way that Rebecca could be related to Emily as she would of known about it. When Jax is determined to go up in another helicopter Alexis gives him the nod. Luke and Ethan find themselves in a spot of bother. Carly puts her life in danger when she tries to escape. Olivia manages to retrieve the DVD but decides against giving it to Kate much to Claudia's relief. Jason discovers that Anthony has escaped. Johnny has to go get Robin when Mercy hospital refuse to treat Emma without one of her parents present. Sonny tries to convince Carly to come with him as more debris falls in the hospital.
#11740 46x216
Jason learns from Sonny that Trevor has the missing sphere of poison. Jason tries to find where Trevor is now. As Kate and Olivia are discussing finding the missing DVD, Claudia listens in. A close moment is shared between Tracy and Lulu. Nikolas tries to help get Edward and Monica out of the hospital. Spinelli informs Winnifred that he has forgiven her for what she did to him. Patrick learns from Mac that is too dangerous to send helicopters in to help with the evacuation. When Claudia sees the missing DVD she tries to get it back in her possession. Jason finds Rebecca and rescues her before anymore debris hits her. Jax wants to fly a helicopter himself to attempt a rescue but Mac insists it is far too dangerous. Jason is amazed by the resemblance between Rebecca and Emily. Monica and Edward are shocked when they see Rebecca with Sam. Jax attempts to land a helicopter on the roof as Spinelli and Carly watch on and it looks like it could crash.
#11739 46x215
A fire spreads throughout the hospital following the explosion. Robin, Maxie and Johnny learn what has been going on. Sonny gives in to Jason's demand that he does not kill Anthony. Luke tries to find out from Ethan why he came to town. Jax is determined to enter the hospital. Kate wants her cousin to retrieve the DVD before it is destroyed. The fire heads to the area that Spinelli and Lulu are in. Elizabeth thinks she has seen Emily. Jason ties Anthony down to a hospital bed. Sonny learns that Trevor has one of the spheres of poison. Jax and Robin manage to gain entry into the hospital. When Sonny points a gun at Trevor he threatens to drop the sphere of poison. Patrick learns that Robin is in the hospital after she calls him. Rebecca passes out after something hits her on the head. After Sonny fires his gun at Trevor there is an explosion.
#11738 46x214
Nikolas gets another glimpse of Rebecca as he talks to Patrick. The baby is heard crying nearby as Maxie tries to find out from Robin where she is. Luke learns more about Ethan. Carly learns the truth from Claudia. Jason informs Sam that to protect Spinelli he needs Anthony alive and not dead. Sonny goes after Anthony. Jax issues a threat to Agent Rayner. Trevor offers Anthony his help. Winnifred informs Spinelli that she will be forced to arrest him if he does not go. Trevor tells Sonny where Anthony is hiding out. Jason shows up and asks Sonny not to kill Anthony. Luke tries to find out more about Ethan. Trevor informs Claudia that he has the missing poison sphere. Nikolas finally comes face to face with Rebecca. An explosion rocks the operating room.
#11737 46x213
When Patrick checks on Tracy he discovers her having trouble breathing he tells Carly to call for assistance. Sonny tries to find out from Claudia how long she has known the truth about what her father did. Robin and Emma get lost in a snow storm. Sam learns from Jason that he didn't actually want her to pull the trigger. A nurse at the hospital shows Rebecca some documents. Maxie and Johnny are both glad that they stopped things going to far between them. Epiphany tends to Jason's gun shot wound. Agent Rayner learns from Patrick that somebody else has died. Carly fills Edward in on his daughter's condition. Sonny tries to locate Anthony. Patrick needs Agent Rayner to find out what is in the poison so that treatment can start properly. Maxie and Johnny find Robin's empty van and wonder where she is. Spinelli attempts to stop the FBI from taking the remaining poison. Edward sits by his daughter's side and urges her to wake up and is relieved when she does. Jason tries to stop Sonny from killing Anthony but ends up getting knocked out. Anthony manages to escape. Johnny and Maxie manage to find Robin but when they ask where the baby is she replies that she does not know.
#11736 46x212
Carly stops Lulu from leaving the hospital who is worried about Johnny and his whereabouts. Elizabeth is happy that Lucky stayed by her bedside. Robin's car breaks down on the way to the hospital. Maxie and Johnny stop before things go to far and Maxie says she is only doing it as she is not good enough for Spinelli. As Lucky and Elizabeth remember the past that they shared Sam looks on. Monica wakes up as Tracy and Edward are arguing and Edward fills her in on what happened. Jason is taken hostage when a man tries to escape from the hospital. When Jason tells Sam to shoot the man she accidentally hits Jason instead.
#11735 46x211
Anthony is stopped from killing Claudia when Sonny shows up wanting to sit by her bedside. Patrick tries to save Leyla's life but Epiphany thinks it is too late. As Nikolas talks with Nadine he sees Rebecca again. Maxie tries to find out from Johnny what he isn't telling Lulu. Kate wants Olivia to get her bag from the boardroom as the DVD is in it. When Sam informs Spinelli that some of the poison is missing he turns to Winnifred for help. When Robin discovers that Emma is not well she decides to take her to the hospital. Patrick has to break the news to Leyla's fiancee that she has died. Anthony makes an attempt on his daughter's life. Trevor shows up and sees Anthony walking and by Claudia's bed. Claudia wakes up and presses the emergency button by her bed. Lulu tries to convince Nikolas that he cant have seen Emily again. Kate learns from her cousin that her bag is going to be destroyed. Things heat up between Maxie and Johnny. Claudia tells Sonny that her father can walk and that he is too blame for happened at his and Kate's wedding.
#11734 46x210
Johnny and Maxie shelter from the snow storm. Before Claudia can tell Sonny that her father was responsible for what happened at his and Kate's wedding she passes out. Anthony tells Ric that if Claudia ever tells Sonny the truth he will be too blame and will die. One of the spheres of poison is stolen. When Jax shows up at the hospital he is informed he can not enter the building because it is under quarantine. Lucky learns what is going on from Mac. Jax offers Mac any help he needs. Luke plays cards with Ethan. Elizabeth learns about her condition from Epiphany. Anthony tries to find out what hospital room his daughter is in. Sam is jealous when she sees Lucky sitting by Elizabeth's bed. Spinelli discovers that Maxie's car was involved in an accident. Leyla goes into cardiac arrest after waking up and speaking to Patrick. Anthony tells a sleeping Claudia that he has to shut her up.
#11733 46x209
Claudia thinks that Kate is faking passing out as Sonny attends to her. Jason is told by Agent Rayner that hospital boardroom needs to be cornered off immediately. Luke stops somebody from stealing at the casino. Nikolas insists to his sister that the person he saw looked just like Emily. Agent Rayner wants Spinelli to hack into the computer at the hospital and close all the air ducts. Jason fills Carly in on what is going on. Mac pays a visit to see Robin and the baby. Sam learns from Agent Rayner how dangerous the poison is. The thief tries to impress Luke by showing his talents as a bartender. The contaminated room is entered by Patrick as he tries to cover the air vent. Jason explains to the people inside the boardroom why he can not open the door. Sonny and Ric try and get Kate the help that she needs. Nikolas and Lulu hear about what is going on at the hospital. Patrick tries to remove the other spheres which are in Bragg's body. Things deteriorate at the hospital. When Trevor passes out, Ric shouts out that help is needed now. Nikolas tries to rescue Nadine. Agent Rayner wants the hospital quarantined off straight away.
#11732 46x208
Patrick watches on through the glass as the team remain collapsed on the floor in the operating theater. When Elizabeth tries to get up she just falls down again. Agent Rayner learns the name of the person he is looking for from Jason. Agent Raynor explains to Jason that if Earl Bragg is operated on the poison will escape and others will die. Carly is not happy when Kate shows up at Michael's benefit and she tells Olivia to get rid of her. Rebecca disappears before Nikolas can catch up to her. Robin becomes very upset when she can not stop the baby from crying. Sonny learns from Claudia that her father is hiding something. Claudia sees Kate at the benefit and wonders what she is doing there. Anthony is not happy with Ric for telling his daughter about his ability to walk. Johnny takes Maxie to abandoned garage after finding her in her crashed car. Kate tells Olivia that it is very important that she speaks to Sonny and that it has nothing to do with Dante. Jason watches as Elizabeth is brought out of the operating theater. When Nikolas thinks he has seen Emily again it turns out to be somebody else. Monica is brought out in a very bad way. Lulu is shocked when Nikolas tells her that he thinks he has seen Emily. Jason informs Agent Rayner that Andy Archer has died. A shocking discovery is made by Spinelli. As Kate approaches Sonny to talk to him she passes out.
#11731 46x207
Carly receives a visit from Lulu who wants advise about what to do about Johnny. Kate informs Sonny that she will not be going to the benefit but will be making a donation. Claudia listens in as Sonny and Kate discuss what he would do if he ever found out who was responsible for Michael's shooting. Elizabeth tries to help Sam with a sprained wrist at the hospital. When a man is brought to the hospital suffering with a pain in his chest Matt offers to take care of him. Matt thinks Patrick should go home and see Robin. Jason informs Agent Raynor that he has located the missing truck. Agent Rayner wants more but Jason tells him that is all he could do with the information he was given. Kate is shocked when she watches the DVD she took and learns about Claudia's involvement in with what happened to Michael. Spinelli comes up with a way to help Jason. Nikolas remembers the past he spent with Emily. The man with the pain in his chest needs surgery. Kate wants Lulu to go to the benefit with her as she needs to talk to Sonny. Spinelli comes up with a name that could help Jason and learns that he was involved in an accident and is at the hospital. Patrick wants the surgery stopped after he checks the man's x-rays and sees some sort of poison. As Nikolas makes a call he sees Rebecca. Patrick tries unsuccessfully to get everyone to leave the operating theater as the poison is released and the team inside pass out on the floor.
#11730 46x206
Lucky spends some time alone with Sam but ends up calling her Elizabeth. Lulu ends up arguing with Johnny after she tells him she knows he lied about having a job at the hospital. Robin is fed up with Patrick having a go at her. Kate asks Olivia about Jerry and tells her that she saw Claudia watching a DVD with him on it giving her some sort of instructions. Jason does not want Spinelli interfering in what he is currently doing. Sam tells Lucky that she thinks that they should call it quits but he thinks that their relationship could grow stronger. Olivia thinks that Kate should talk to Sonny. Sonny informs Claudia that he wanted to use DVD footage of Michael at the benefit. Rebecca sees Lucky as she talks on her phone. When Maxie sees Spinelli with Winifred she drives off in her car. Sam fills Jason in on what is going on. Whilst driving in the snow Maxie looses control of her car. Kate finds Jerry's DVD after sneaking into Sonny's house. Jason receives some information from Spinelli. As Kate tries to leave she is caught by Sonny.
#11729 46x205
Kate learns from Sonny that Karpov was not responsible for shooting her at the wedding and that it could be one of the Zacchara family who is responsible. Anthony insists to Claudia that he did not shoot Kate and that if it had been him he would kill her so that his secret would remain a secret. Agent Raynor calls Jason to find out how he is getting along with his mission. Lucky tries to find out from Jason why Sam has been coming to see him. Monica is happy that Nikolas remembered Emily's birthday. Carly thinks that Robin should have a session with Lainey and tells Patrick so. Spinelli is not happy with the way Jason has been treating him. Nikolas admits to Monica that he is finding it hard to forget Emily. When Lulu messes up Kate is far from happy. Robin continues to deny that there is anything wrong with her. Sonny clashes with Anthony. Spinelli listens in as Jason and Agent Raynor talk. Anthony and Sonny's discussion is interrupted by Claudia's arrival.
#11728 46x204
Spinelli is told by Agent Rayner that he should be happy he is free and not stuck in prison. Carly tells Robin to tend to Emma as she does not mind waiting. Nikolas nearly comes face to face with Rebecca. Robin feels bad when Carly stops Emma from crying when she cant. Claudia decides not to tell Sonny about her father being able to walk and that he was the one who shot Kate at the wedding. Nikolas goes to see Monica to pay his respects on Emily's birthday. After seeing her father talking to Kate, Claudia asks him a few probing questions. Sonny tells Kate that he thinks it is possible that Claudia was the one who shot her at their wedding. Carly shares her worries about Robin with Patrick.
#11727 46x203
Nikolas remembers Emily's birthday with Robin. Sonny nearly catches Claudia in bed with Ric. Jason offers Sam some advise where Anthony is concerned. Spinelli is worried when he finds out that Sam is planning on helping him. Jason nearly sees Rebecca when she heads off to get some coffee. Jason shares his fears about Carly and the benefit with Patrick. Claudia is surprised when Ric informs her that her father has been faking his paralyze. He also informs her that her father fired the shot at Sonny and Kate's wedding. Sonny is not happy that Carly has not invited Robin to the benefit. Spinelli is caught by Jason trying to hack his way into the FBI database. Carly pays a visit to Robin to invite her to the benefit. Spinelli tries to find out from Agent Raynor why he was freed.
#11726 46x202
Claudia lies and tells Sonny that she is looking for an earring when he catches her looking for the next DVD. Sam tries to convince Anthony that she could be an asset. Lucky asks Elizabeth if she would like to hang out with him. Carly is determined that Micheal's benefit will be a success. Lucky hopes that Elizabeth will attend a concert with him. Johnny thanks Sonny for helping him. Claudia makes plans to seduce Ric. Matt tries unsuccessfully to impress Rebecca when he meets her for the first time. Epiphany learns from Leyla that she is engaged. Carly finds the DVD that Claudia was looking for whens she goes through some of Sonny's CDs and is unaware what is on the disc.
#11725 46x201
Johnny manages to get some work helping out as a cleaner as Jake's. When Spinelli sees him working there, Johnny asks him not to tell Lulu. Lulu goes to see Carly and tells her that Johnny lied to her about getting a job at the hospital. Kate tries to find out from Jax what his brother's connection with Claudia was. Maxie and Matt find it impossible to get along when they both show up to see Patrick and Robin. Ric issues a warning to Jason. Maxie sees Johnny working at Jake's and he admits to her that he lied to Lulu about his job. Olivia manages to impress Jax. Sam is determined to get into Anthony's inner circle and he wonders what exactly she can do for him. Maxie nearly admits the truth to Lulu about Johnny's new job.
#11724 46x200
Jason admits to Sonny he has spoken to the FBI so that Spinelli would be released. Maxie lets Matt know that she would never date him. Robin lets Patrick know that she is suffering with postpartum depression. Nikolas remembers Emily on her birthday. Ric wonders what Claudia is up to when he catches her going through Sonny's office. Jason and Sonny attempt to be honest with one another. Nikolas tells Alexis how he hopes he can have a future with Nadine. Anthony is not happy when he catches his daughter and Ric kissing.
#11723 46x199
Elizabeth offers her help to Robin with her new house. Spinelli tries to find out that sort of deal Jason has done to stop him from going to jail. Sonny tries to find out if Jason has agreed to help the FBI after Spinelli shares his theories with him. Matt tries to find out if Maxie is really serious about Spinelli. Patrick goes out in a snow storm and Epiphany is worried about him when she needs him at the hospital. Robin goes to see Jason and he wonders if she is OK.
#11722 46x198
Claudia is not happy when Kate shows up unannounced as she is looking for the next DVD. Alexis finds out from Carly that Jax stayed over. Robin likes a new house that she Patrick view. Lulu is short on her share of the rent for the apartment and refuses Johnny's help. Jason apologizes to Spinelli for the trouble he got him in to. Sam is determined to get a license so that she can practice as a Private Investigator. Jason finds it hard working as a FBI agent. Claudia finds the next DVD as Spinelli breaks into Sonny's house and scares her. Lulu borrows the money she needs from Carly. Johnny learns that he does not have enough qualifications to work at the hospital as an orderly. Lulu finds out that Johnny has been turned down for the job at the hospital and wonders why he is lying to her when he says he got it. Jason is told what he is needed to do by Agent Raynor.
#11721 46x197
Anthony is not happy that they have lost the shipment and he tells Sonny that he wants Jason eliminated straight away. After winning their case Nadine and Nikolas return to Port Charles. Patrick is not happy when he returns home and hears the baby crying and discovers that Robin is not trying to soothe her. Jason learns that the only way to get the charges dropped for Spinelli is if he agrees to work undercover as an FBI agent. Spinelli is freed just as he is about to be taken to the state prison. Jason wants Carly to set up a meeting with Sonny for him. Carly refuses to help Jason and when she sees Jax she tells him she chose trying to save their relationship over helping Jason. Maxis tells Spinelli that she was jealous of his friendship with Winnifred. Diane tries to find out what deal Agent Raynor made with Jason. Spinelli wonders what the real reason is as to why he was released from custody. Jason issues a warning to Sonny.
#11720 46x196
Mac tells Maxie that there is nothing that he can do to help Spinelli. Maxie works out that Winnifred was working for the FBI and Spinelli is shocked when he realizes the truth. As Sam helps Elizabeth an explosion happens at the harbor. Jason informs Sonny and Claudia that he made sure nobody was on board the ship before he had it blown up. Nikolas clashes with the senator in Washington. Spinelli is informed by Agent Raynor about what could happen to him. Lucky learns from Elizabeth that Sam has gone to find out more about the explosion. Jason learns about Spinelli's arrest. Tracy is not happy when she finds that some money is missing from her bank account. Carly and Jax are both surprised when they learn that the other is trying to stall the divorce. Nadine wants to say something to the senator. When the senator tells Nadine that the Equinox company will not be allowed to use the patent she is pleased. Agent Raynor tells Jason that unless he agrees to his demands Spinelli could be locked up.
#11719 46x195
Both Alexis and Diane talks to Carly and Jax about their divorce. Luke tries to offer Sonny some advise. Nikolas and Nadine head off to Washington. Claudia goes to see her brother and tells him about the DVD's that Jerry has hidden. Claudia tells Lulu that the only way Johnny will get out of prison is to return to the family. Spinelli believes that Maxie slept with him for all the wrong reasons. Nadine talks to the senator in Washington. Sonny tells Luke that he will help Johnny and the charges against him are dropped. Both Carly and Jax decide separately to make the divorce hard for each other. Spinelli is arrested by the FBI.
#11718 46x194
Ric wants Luke to tell his daughter to stay away from Johnny. Sonny and Carly try to come to terms about what happened to Michael. Sam decides not interrupt Elizabeth and Lucky. Nadine learns from Alexis that she and Nikolas have to go to Washington and speak to several senators. Elizabeth tries to find out from Lucky about the state of his and Sam's relationship. Sam thinks that Maxie is over reacting about Winnifred and Maxie decides to talk to Jason so that he can find out more about her. Spinelli lets Winnifred know that even though he enjoys spending time with her nothing more can ever happen between them. When Jax flirts with her, Olivia is far from impressed. Diane and Alexis decide to work together to get Jax and Carly back together. Maxie tells Spinelli how much he means to her and they end up having sex. It is revealed that Winnifred is working for Agent Rayner.
#11717 46x193
Max is worried when he finds out that Sonny is expecting a shipment in one of Jason's territories. Luke and Lulu try to find out more from Johnny at the police station how he has been set up by his father. When Maxie sees Spinelli with Winnifred she wonders if she was the one who hacked into his computer and shares her suspicions with him. Diane tells Sonny that she has decided not to work for him anymore. Carly is surprised when she finds out that Jax has employed Olivia for a job at the Metro Court. Winnifred issues a warning and a threat to Maxie. When Elizabeth helps Lucky with his tax returns they reminisce about the good times that they once shared. Max turns to Carly for help dealing with Sonny. Johnny tells Ric that he wont be returning to the family. Luke tricks Ric into meeting him. Spinelli doesn't believe Maxie when she tells him that Winnifred threatened her. Sam sees Lucky and Elizabeth enjoying each others company. Sonny puts Carly's loyalties to the test.
#11716 46x192
Ric urges Johnny to make things up with his father. Maxie shares her concerns about Winnifred with Sam. Winnifred tries to find out more about the game from Spinelii after running into him. Jax is given his divorce papers by Alexis. Nadine learns that she is being investigated by the IRS and she thinks that it has something to do with the patent that her aunt left her. Patrick is worried about Robin when he notices a change in her mood. Spinelli is not happy when Maxie has a go at Winnifred. Nadine and Nikolas turn to Alexis for help. Lucky wonders what is going on when he catches Sam leaving a message for Jason. Lulu tells her father that Johnny has been set up by his father and that he will only help him if he agrees to being part of the family again. Luke promises to help his daughter. Maxie attempts to make Spinelli see that Winnifred can not be trusted.
#11715 46x191
Lulu thinks that her brother has had Johnny arrested so that he can keep her way from him. Claudia is able to stop Sonny from finding the DVD. Winifred's actions make Maxie suspicious of her. Nikolas tries to find out more about the patent that Nadine was left. Jax and Carly talk about how they both saw the new year in. When Emma is stung Patrick wants her to be checked out at the hospital. Claudia watches the next DVD left by Jerry and receives another clue. Claudia is able to convince Ric to tell her what her father is up to. Carly is far from convinced when Jax thinks he can deal with being divorced from her. After Sonny tells Patrick that he is willing to pay anything to make Michael better Patrick replies that Sonny will have to deal with what has happened to his son. Patrick admits to Sonny that if his daughter was ill he would do anything to help her. Spinelli tries to find out if Maxie feels threatened by Winifred's presence. Robin is relieved when she finds that Emma is going to be OK.
#11714 46x190
Sam is left a card under her door from Agent Rayner and she lets Jason know. Spinelli finds out about his computer being hacked in to. Lulu helps Johnny prepare for a job interview. Sonny catches Claudia looking for the next DVD and he wonders what she is up to. Nikolas tells Nadine that he has found out more about the patent that her aunt left her in the will. Lucky tells Sam that he spent New Year's Eve with Elizabeth and the children. Jax comes up with an idea for the magazine which he shares with Kate. Sonny arrives and sees them together. Kate isn't happy to see Sonny. Maxie discovers a girl spying on Spinelli on the pier. Sonny is determined to find out what Claudia is up to.
#11713 46x189
Spinelli tries to help Maxie fix her computer when she cant retrieve same data from it. The Haunted Star is closed early by Luke so that he can spend some time with Tracy. Nikolas and Nadine enjoy some time alone at Wyndermere. Tracy refuses to forgive Luke. Maxie learns that all the data is lost permanently from her computer. Both Carly and Jax cant deny the attraction between them when they run into one another at the Metro Court. Nikolas asks Nadine to stay the night. Lulu and Johnny look forward to the future. As midnight approaches Maxie is glad that she is with Spinelli. Tracy tells Luke that they will play a roulette game to determine their future and she is relieved when the game decides they will be together.
#11712 46x188
When Carly becomes stressed out Jax works out that the reason is because today is Michael's birthday. Sonny refuses Jason's request that he walks away from the Zacchara family. Robin is walked sown the isle by her father. When Sonny acts like it is business as usual, Jason thinks that Sonny has forgotten that today was Michael's birthday. Robin and Patrick are finally married. Sonny really remembers that it is his son's birthday and continues to live with the guilt about what happened to him. Robin and Patrick enjoy their wedding reception. Spinelli isn't happy when Matt asks Maxie to dance with him at the reception. Jax tries to find out more from Sam about his brother's death and if there was any way he could of survived. Both Sonny and Carly visit Michael at the institute and manage to make peace with one another.
#11711 46x187
When Spinelii learns from Jason that the mob war with the Russians is over he thinks that Jason and Sonny can finally make peace. Mac remembers the time that he first found out that his niece had HIV. Lucky goes to see how Sam is doing and she calls him Jason. Jason is worried that Sonny is in to deep with the Zacchara family. Claudia tries to work out the next clue that Jerry has left her and when Jason shows up he wonders what she is up to. Patrick promises Robert that he will always take care of his daughter. Robin remembers Stone on her wedding day and Sonny wishes her and Patrick good luck for the future. Jason urges Sonny to pull away from the Zacchara family. Sam and Lucky come to a decision about their future.
#11710 46x186
Spinelli teams up with Father Christmas to make Christmas a happy time for the residents of Port Charles. Patrick finds Robin's grandmothers necklace that Robin thought had been lost. Monica is able to see Alan's ghost and talk to him after Spinelli gives her a special pair of glasses. Spinelli helps to make Christmas special for Luke, Nikolas Lucky and Lulu. Max and Diane get to spend some time alone after Spinelli gets them together. Both Spinelli and Maxie wake up the next morning thinking that what happened was a dream until they both see a picture of them with Father Christmas.
#11709 46x185
Jason manages to find out from Sasha where Sam is before she dies. Robert thinks that Mac should walk Robin down the isle and not him. Sam wonders how her life might have turned out if she had ended up with Jason. Claudia manages to work out the first clue that she is given by Jerry and finds the next DVD as Ric shows up. Jason and Spinelli try to find out where the place that Sasha mentioned before she died. Luke finds Sasha's body on the pier. Carly lets Sonny know just how much Morgan misses having his father in his life. Kate asks Jax to send Christmas with her. Spinelli is able to find the location where Sam is. Mac tries to convince Robert to walk his daughter down the isle. Jason rescues Sam.
#11708 46x184
Anna returns to Port Charles after a visit to England and is happy to see Robert in town. Claudia learns from Jerry on the DVD that he has made several other DVDs all with clues which lead to the final DVD which has the details about the shooting on it. Sasha wants Jason to meet her on the pier if he wants to know where Sam is. Claudia turns the DVD off when Sonny shows up and he remains adamant that he does not want to celebrate Christmas this year. As Carly remembers spending good times with the children she places a call to Sonny and asks him to come see her. Robert tries to find out if his daughter is still committed to marrying Patrick. Sasha tells Jason she will only tell him where Sam is if he agrees to what she wants. Sam sees a vision of her mother telling her not to give up. Sasha tells Jason she wants money so that she can leave town and get away from the Russian organization but before she can tell him where Sam is she is shot by a Russian sniper. Carly calls Sonny over to spend some time with Morgan.
#11707 46x183
Luke is forced to admit to Tracy that he faked his heart attack and had the machines rigged. Lucky is worried about Sam and goes to see Jason to find out if he has heard from her. Sam is still trapped in the pit. Johnny refuses his sister's help. Claudia receives a DVD from Jerry saying that he has made a DVD explaining the role she played in Michael's shooting. Monica refuses to agree to Tracy's request to report Luke to the authorities for what he has done. Nadine likes what her aunt has left her which is a patent to a plow she invented.
#11706 46x182
Patrick and Robin manage to spend some quality time together as the baby sleeps. Luke goes to the hospital and wants to be admitted as he thinks then Tracy will take him back. Sonny doesn't want Claudia decorating the house for Christmas as it reminds him of Michael and Morgan. Tracy tries to find out if anyone has been admitted to the hospital. Lulu learns from Johnny that he has a job. Lulu goes to the hospital to see Luke where he informs her that he is faking his heart attack so that he can win Tracy back. Claudia is shocked when she finds her brother selling Christmas trees. A worried Tracy goes to see Luke after learning that he has been admitted to the hospital. Nadine and Nikolas watch a DVD of Raylene talking about her will. Luke is shocked when Monica tells him the results of his tests. Alexis issues a warning to Sonny. Sonny isn't happy when he finds out that Claudia purchased a tree against his wishes. Nadine is shocked when she finds out that her aunt left Bo and Vance vast amounts of money and she is given an envelope. Lulu and Maxie discover what Johnny's new job is. Monica tells Luke that he needs surgery straight away.
#11705 46x181
Diane asks Jason to tell her what happened with Agent Rayner. Jax pays a visit to Luke on the Haunted Star when he learns it is to reopen. Jax informs Luke that he is divorcing Carly and that he has forgiven him for the time he tried to blackmail her. Sasha's men are told to snatch Sam. Jason goes to see Sonny but runs into Claudia who tells him that she is happy that they never got married in the end. Sonny insists to Luke that his marriage to Claudia is just a business arrangement and continues that since Johnny owns part of the casino he and Luke will be business partners again. Sonny tells Luke he has no intention of interfering in how the casino is run. Spinelli and Maxie talk about the night that they spend together and Maxie tells him that she cares too much about him to sleep with him again. When Luke acts like he is drunk Tracy thinks that he is pretending again. After Tracy leaves Luke falls to the floor with what looks like a heart attack. When Sam manages to escape she ends up falling into a pit. The distance between Sonny and Jason widens.
#11704 46x180
The files from Spinelli's computer continue to be copied and he remains unaware what is going on. Lucky goes to see Sam with a present for her but finds out that she isn't there. Sam continues to listen in on Sasha's conversation as her mother shows up to question her about what happened at the warehouse. Alexis issues a warning to Sasha. Lucky pays a visit with his father and talks to him about his relationship with Sam. Anthony wants to talk business with his new son in law. Agent Rayner tells Jason that he knows all about his past and he offers him immunity if he agrees to do something for him in return. Luke and Alexis enjoy a drink together as they remember the past. Claudia tells Sonny that she wont be sleeping with him until she knows that he really cares about her. As Sam tries to call Jason, Sasha's men approach her.
#11703 46x179
Maxie thinks that Spinelli is just being jealous when he tries to explain why he thinks Johnny shouldn't stay at the apartment. Nikolas tries to help Nadine deal with her aunt's death. Lucky doesn't want Sam going after the Russians again. Jason buys the house that Elizabeth is renting for her as she is finally made to realize that they have no future together. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she and Jason are over. Sonny finds out from Kate about her sleeping with Jax. Jason tells Carly about what happened with Elizabeth. An old friend of Nadine's shows up. Sam puts herself in more danger. Jason thinks that Spinelli should move out for his own safety as his computer is hacked into. Sam hears Sasha ordering a hit to take Jason out.
#11702 46x178
Now that Olivia is recovering Claudia hopes that she will leave. Elizabeth learns that all her problems aren't over. Luke returns home after a heavy drinking session. Lulu and Maxie argue about who should have best bedroom in the apartment. Mac offers Robin some advise when he sees her upset in the park. When Spinally shows up see the apartment, Maxie and Lulu ask him who he thinks should have the best bedroom. Both Sam and Jason give statements to Agent Rayner about what happened. Tracy discovers that Luke was only pretending to be drunk. Agent Rayner realizes that Sam and Jason where just doing whatever was necessary to rescue Jacob. Alan's ghost offers Tracy some advise. Lulu ends up getting the better bedroom but Spinelli isn't happy when he learns that Johnny will be staying as well. Agent Rayner wants to question Elizabeth.
#11701 46x177
After Patrick goes to work, Robin finds it hard to stop the baby from crying. When Luke returns home he finds out that Tracy hasn't returned from the Dominican Republic yet. Jason isn't happy when he finds out that Spinelli allowed Maxie to stay and he tells her that she has to leave. Nikolas learns how to milk a cow when he helps Nadine on the farm. Jax tells Johnny and Lulu that he wants his apartment back. Sam and Alexis decide to try and put the past behind them and move forward. When Maxie is able to stop Emma from crying, Robin begins to think that the baby does not like her. Tracy finally returns home and Luke asks her if she went through with the divorce. Aunt Raylene asks Nadine and Nikolas if they have set a date to get married yet. Jason leans from Diane that the FBI want to talk to him. Lulu and Maxie both find themselves interested in the same apartment. When Nadine informs her that she and Nikolas aren't getting married, Raylene is pleased that she was honest with her. Lulu and Maxie decide to rent the apartment together. Raylene passes away. Luke hears Tracy tell her father that she didn't get the divorce.
#11700 46x176
Maxie refuses to stop seeing Spinelli and decides to move out of Mac's house. Elizabeth is overjoyed when she is reunited with her son and Jason tells her she needs to thank Sam and not him. Carly asks Jax why he is still wearing his wedding ring if he wants to divorce her. Claudia isn't happy that Sonny has allowed Olivia to stay in the house. Olivia explains to Sonny whey she came to him for help and not Kate. Mac tries unsuccessfully to get Maxie to change her mind about moving out. Jason realizes that he cant keep putting his son's life in danger.
#11699 46x175
Elizabeth talks to Lucky about how she is feeling. Sonny isn't happy when he sees Claudia and Ric kissing and he warns him to stay away from his wife. Jason is terrified when he sees the building on fire but is relieved when he sees Sam carry his son out. Kate isn't happy when she finally manges to get out of the lift and sees Carly wearing the same dress as her at the party. Kate isn't happy that Olivia finds it funny that she and Carly have the same dress on. Olivia listens in to a conversation that Sasha is having on the pier and ends up getting herself into trouble. Jax confronts Carly about wearing the same dress as Kate and about her being trapped in the lift. Elizabeth is relieved when she finds out that her son has been rescued and is on his way home. When Kate blames Maxie and Lulu for Carly wearing the same dress as her she decides to sack them. Jax refuses to allow Kate to carry through with her threat. Patrick tries to help Olivia after she has been stabbed and she asks him to take her to Sonny's place instead of the hospital. Maxie stands up to Mac after he tells Spinelli to leave after witnessing them hugging.
#11698 46x174
Claudia talks to Sonny about how she knows how hard it is to have a loved one who has been hurt as her brother listens in. Lulu isn‘t happy with Jax when he tells her that he doesn‘t like her talking to Carly. Patrick tries to cheer Elizabeth and Cameron up. Sam and Jason try and get into the Russian‘s new place to look for Jacob. Johnny insists to his father that he is through with the family. When Sam gets herself caught she says she was employed by Karpov and when Sasha shows up she demands to know what she is up to. Claudia is given a warning by Ric concerning Sonny. Jax meets Olivia at the party. Carly makes sure that Kate gets stuck in the hotel‘s lift for a while. Jason is shot as he attempts to get into the back of the building but when the sniper checks him out Jason kills him and it is revealed he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Elizabeth asks Patrick to watch Cameron as there is something she needs to do. Sam manages to find Jacob and ends up in a tussle with Sasha. Elizabeth goes to her studio and starts to destroy all her paintings as Lucky shows up. Jason manages to enter the building and he opens fire. One of the Russians pushes a detonator and the building blows up.
#11697 46x173
Nikolas meets Nadine's Aunt Raylene who insists on talking to him alone. After talking to her Nikolas tells Nadine that he wants to proceed with the wedding. Sonny refuses to sleep with Claudia. Sonny lets Sasha know that he is running Anthony's empire now. Johnny tells his sister that he is worried that Sonny will find out the truth about their involvement in Michael's shooting. Kate plans a Crimson cocktail party at the Metro Court so that she and Jax will look like a couple so that she can annoy Carly. Robin returns to work and is frustrated by the way Patrick is able to sooth the baby better than she can. Lainey offers Robin some advise. Luke continues to try and convince Tracy he wants her and not Laura.
#11696 46x172
Jason and Sam try and escape from the cave which they are trapped in. Nadine's cousin Bo shows up to meet Nikolas. Robin finds it harder than she though to be a mother. Luke shows up in the Dominican Republic to see Tracy and she finds herself forced to stay there because of a storm. Sasha is questioned about Jacob's disappearance. Sasha finds herself being threatened by Elizabeth. Nikolas learns from Nadine about her sick aunt. Maxie and Spinelli try and help Robin look after the baby. Jason asks Spinelli to try and find out if the Russians have bought any properties locally. Luke tries to convince Tracy that it is her that he wants to be with. Jason and Sam secretly look at a location that Spinelli has come up with.
#11695 46x171
Carly realizes that the main reason that Trevor is still in town is Kate. Edward and Monica are worried about the way Tracy has been behaving and decide to get her and Luke back together living under the same roof. Edwards tells Luke that he is determined to do what ever is necessary to get him and his daughter back together but when Tracy sees him she tells him to get out. Nikolas isn't sure that it is it a good idea if he becomes involved in Carly's plan to get even with Kate for sleeping with Jax. Sonny informs Claudia that their marriage is nothing more than a business arrangement and they are both free to do whatever in their personal lives. Luke tries to convince Tracy to let him move back in. Luke is shocked when Tracy tells him that she is going to the Dominican Republic to divorce him. Kate is determined to make Sonny pay for what he has put her through. Nikolas receives a telephone call from Nadine saying she wont be home for a little while.
#11694 46x170
Jason and Sam try and catch up with the men who have his son. Cary confronts Jax and Kate and asks him if they are even now. As Elizabeth tries to reassure Cameron that everything is going to fine somebody knocks on the door of the cabin. Elizabeth is relieved to see Lucky and informs him that Jacob has been taken and that Sam and Jason are trying to get him back. Sonny and Claudia are married. Carly turns to Trevor in her plan to get even with Kate. Johnny is arrested after being caught with Lulu in a car in a heated moment. Sonny tells Anthony how things are going to be from now on. When the policeman realizes who Johnny is he releases him. Claudia moves in with Sonny. Jason and Sam become trapped in a cave after finding something belonging to his son.
#11693 46x169
Robin and Patrick remember back to the time that they first met. They then try and imagine what would of happened in their lives if they had never met. Robin and Patrick decide on a date to become husband and wife.
#11692 46x168
Shots continue to be fired at the cabin with Sam, Elizabeth and the children inside. Carly tells Olivia how Michael being shot affected Sonny. Spinelli tells Alexis that he has an alibi for Jason for the time of the shooting. When one of the Russians manage to get into the cabin he is shot by Sam. Sonny informs Kate of his plans to marry Claudia tonight. Johnny tells his father that he wants nothing more to do with family if Sonny marries Claudia. Anthony wants his daughter to talk Johnny around. After Kate finds the seating plans for her and Sonny's wedding Jax burns it in the fire and they end up sharing a kiss. Spinelli tells Jason that he will be freed very soon. Elizabeth saves Sam from one of the Russians by shooting him. Carly sees Jax and Kate kissing when she shows up at Kate's place to speak to her. Johnny informs Lulu about his decision to walk away from his family. Carly pulls a gun out after managing to sneak her way into Kate's place. When Jason shows up at the cabin he learns from Elizabeth that the Russians have taken their son.
#11691 46x167
Jason is questioned by Mac about the shootout at the warehouse. Elizabeth learns from Sam that there are people outside. Olivia learns about Sonny agreeing to marry Claudia. Jax remains determined to carry out his plans for Spoon Island. Diane hopes that she can convince Alexis not to be too hard on Jason. Olivia tells her cousin about Sonny and Claudia. Olivia and Carly get drunk together. Alexis is determined to make Jason pay for everything that he has done. When Kate kisses him Jax doesn't resist. A bullet fired which just misses Sam.
#11690 46x166
Nikolas isn't happy when Jax informs him that he intends to build a new resort on Spoon Island. Tracy is visited by her brother's ghost again. When Tracy tells the family that Luke will be moving out he replies that he isn't going anywhere. Sonny informs Anthony that he sees marrying his daughter just as another business transaction and that he still doesn't trust him. Elizabeth and Sam's car breaks down after they leave town and they are unaware that they are being followed. Luke tries to convince Tracy that it is her he wants to be with and not Laura. Carly attempts to get Jax to agree to a compromise regarding the new resort but he refuses to listen. Ric asks Jason to try and stop Sonny from marrying Claudia.Claudia wants Sonny to ask her to marry him properly. Elizabeth, Sam and the children find themselves in danger. Jason is arrested accused of starting the fire at the warehouse and of murder.
#11689 46x165
Tracy is upset when she hears Luke telling his daughter that if Laura had asked him to go France with her he would of. When Jason sees Sam in the warehouse he makes sure she gets out in one piece. When Johnny shows up he rescues Spinelli from danger and takes his gun and opens fire telling everyone to drop their guns. Olivia manages to show up in time to stop her cousin from telling Sonny the truth about Dante. Maxie and Lulu are happy that Johnny stopped Spinelli from killing anybody. Luke learns that Anthony doesn't want his casino reopening for business. Jason tells Sam after taking her to Elizabeth's place that it would be best if she and Elizabeth leave town for a while. Lucky calls Jason demanding to know what went down at the warehouse. When Kate runs into Anthony she asks him about wanting Sonny to marry his daughter. Tracy tells Luke that she wants a divorce. Sonny decides to go ahead and marry Claudia so that he can run Anthony's business.
#11688 46x164
Olivia isn't happy when she discovers Sonny talking to her son on the telephone. Jason isn't happy when he discovers Spinelli with his gun. Luke wants Johnny to help him get his casino running again. Kate urges her cousin to be honest with Sonny that Dante is his son. Sam is about to convince Sasha that she was loyal to Andre Karpov and Sasha tells her that she might have a job for her to do. Spinelli steals a gun from Sonny's house and is thrown out by Max when he catches him there. Lucky isn't happy when Sam tells him that she is going undercover by working for Sasha. Spinelli visits Maxie. Jason goes with Cody to the warehouse and they fire shots at everyone there.
#11687 46x163
Spinelli takes Maxie to the hospital. Things heat up between Lulu and Johnny. Kate isn't happy with her cousin for flirting with Sonny. After Claudia tells Ric that she and Sonny will soon be married he thinks that she is waiting for him to talk her out of going through with the marriage. The doctors learn from Spinelli about Maxie's former medical problems. Olivia is worried that Jason has overheard her talking about the fact that Sonny is the father of her son. Spinelli tells Maxie how much he loves her and is happy when she shows signs of recovering. Carly wonders what Jax is up to after she sees him looking smug. Nikolas is shocked when Jax tells him that he know owns Spoon Island. Mac blames Spinelli for what has happened to his step daughter. Sam tells Jason that she would like to help him discover who was responsible for the attack at Kellys and for burning down the coffee house. Spinelli takes Jason's gun from the penthouse.
#11686 46x162
Sonny attempts to rescue Olivia. Sasha talks to her boss and tells him that the woman who called the police wont be a problem for much longer. Sasha's men get ready to deal with Maxie. Patrick is worried about how he will cope with Robin and the baby as they prepare to leave the hospital. Jax is shocked when Carly tells him that she isn't going to give him a quick and easy divorce. Sonny manages to get Olivia out of the burning building before it is too late. Nadine offers to marry Nikolas so that he wont have to be deported. Johnny tells his sister not to interfere in his relationship with Lulu who then threatens to tell everyone the truth about Logan's murder. Patrick carefully drives Robin and the baby home. Jason surprises Sonny when he tells him the has no plans to fight back against what has happened. Kate informs Cary that she has finished things with Sonny and tells her that he is now all hers. Kate learns about what happened to her cousin. Maxie is found in the park unconscious by Spinelli after she is attacked.
#11685 46x161
Maxie tells Spinelli what she witnesses but remains unaware she was seen in the area. Olivia finds herself in real danger after she waits to see Jason at his office and the place is set on fire by the Russians. Maxie is followed by the man who saw her. Anthony thinks that everything that is happening could end up with him being in a stronger position. Robin is allowed to return home. Jason sees that the coffee shop is on fire.
#11684 46x160
Sam fills Elizabeth in on what happened and on how Jason saved her. Sasha tells Sonny that him and his family are going to be taken out. Nikolas is shocked when Lucky tells him about Jacob being Jason's son and not his. Carly ties to explain to Jax why she had to give Sonny an alibi but he is caught up in his own grief about loosing his brother. Nadine is shocked when Nikolas tells her he could be deported to Greece. Kate learns from Jax about the alibi that Carly gave to the police for Sonny. Kate tells Sonny that things are over between them. Kelly's is done over by the mob which Maxie sees. Jason cancels a date with Elizabeth because he doesn't want to put her in danger.
#11683 46x159
Carly ends up giving Sonny an alibi when she is questioned by Mac. Jason is certain that Jerry is dead and he tells Sam not to tell Lucky anything that has happened. Laura warns Tracy that she will win Luke back . Mac thinks that Carly is lying. Laura tells all the family that she wants to see them. Laura informs the family that she is going to France. Carly tells Sonny that this is the last time she will ever lie for him. Carly learns about the boat that Jerry was on exploding. Luke goes with Laura to the airport. Carly tries to comfort an upset Jax and later he receives a call with nobody on the other end. Scott is seen on the same plane that Laura boarded.
#11682 46x158
Lesley is over joyed to be reunited with her daughter. Jerry informs Sam that her time is nearly up. Jax informs Carly that maybe he is starting to think she is telling the truth about what happened between her and Sonny. Sonny doesn't want Olivia telling the police anything that she saw. Jax doesn't want Carly giving Sonny an alibi. Lulu is happy when she is reunited with Johnny. Jerry knocks Spinelli out when he asks him where Sam is. Sonny tells Sasha that he had nothing to do with Karpov's murder. Laura's doctor wants her to go to France so that some tests can be run on her. Laura thinks Nadine is perfect for her son. When Spinelli recovers he informs Jason that he managed to place a tracking devise on Jerry before he was attacked. Laura gets a call and learns that the doctor who came to see her wasn't a real doctor. Jason attempts to rescue Sam and ends up in a fight with Jerry. Laura thinks that Tracy sent the fake doctor to see her. Jerry becomes trapped as Jason and Sam attempt to escape. The bomb on the boat explodes.
#11681 46x157
After seeing Sonny spitting on Karpov's dead body, Olivia places a call to the police without saying who she is. Carly is told by Jax to sign the divorce papers after he lets her know he saw her with Sonny. Sam manages to send out a distress signal. Laura is happy to be reunited with Lucky and Nikolas. When the coast guard shows up Jerry realizes that Sam send out a signal and he makes sure they don't see her on the boat. Sonny wants Carly to give him an alibi for the time that Karpov was killed. Laura comes face to face with Tracy. Sonny is arrested.
#11680 46x156
Luke and Laura discuss the past that they have shared and he tries to avoid her questions about his relationship with Tracy. Claudia gloats to Kate how she will soon by Sonny's wife. Olivia meets with Karpov on the docks determined to find out if he shot her cousin. Sonny makes his way to the docks to kill Karpov. Lulu tells Tracy that she is convinced her parents will get back together. Jax decides to get a quick divorce from Carly after seeing her with Sonny. Sam learns what Jerry has planned. Sonny gets Olivia to leave and as she hides around a corner she sees him kill Karpov.
#11679 46x155
Laura makes Luke sleep outside when they take refuge at a cabin. When Sam wakes up she finds herself handcuffed to a bed in a room with Jerry. Carly is happy when Sonny's condition improves slightly but she doesn't think he should leave yet. Patrick sits by Robin's bed urging her to get better. Luke fakes illness so that Laura will let him in. Carly learns from Sonny that he is no longer sure that Karpov shot Kate but he is still determined to take him out. Nikolas and Lucky get a lead on Luke and Laura's whereabouts. Jason works out that Jerry has Sam.
#11678 46x154
Robin's family watch on as the doctors try and save her life. Jason unsuccessfully tries to get through to Sam on the phone again. Nikolas is shocked when he finds out he could be deported. Sam is forced by Jerry to get rid of Jason when he shows up at her door. Robin's condition stabilizes but Anna and Mac learn that she isn't out of the woods yet. Tracy learns from Scott about the car crash. Lulu is shocked when she learns about the accident. Matt listens in as Patrick talks to his daughter telling her that he doesn't know if he can cope without Robin. Jason works out that something is wrong and when he returns to Sam's place he finds a clue that she left for him. Jax sees Carly tending to Sonny through the window.
#11677 46x153
Luke tries to free Laura and Scott from the car after it's accident. Patrick and Robin are happy when they hear their daughter cry for the first time. Sonny is forced to hide when Jax shows up. Jason wants to find out if the detonator used in the explosion is the same as that used at the Metro Court explosion. Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu get themselves into trouble. The car goes off a cliff with Luke and Laura still inside of it. Jax asks Carly to join him for drinks at the hotel tomorrow evening. When Luke comes too he sees that Laura is unconscious. Robin is worried that she could have infected her daughter with HIV virus. Robin learns that her daughter doesn't have the virus and then loses consciousness. Jerry puts his hand over Sam's mouth as she talks on the telephone with Jason. Laura isn't happy that Luke didn't tell her that he married Tracy and she hits him.
#11676 46x152
Luke commandeers a taxi after Scott takes off in a car with Laura. Tracy tells Laura's children what has been happening. As Sam and Jason recover from the explosion she tells him that she has been set up. Patrick is at Robin's side as she continues to go into labor. Carly rescues Sonny. Sonny doesn't want Carly calling the police. Scott hangs up when Luke calls wanting to talk to Laura. Sam tells Jason about what has been going on. Jerry pays Jason a visit. Scott is determined to get away from Luke. Kelly manages to improve Robin and the baby's condition.
#11675 46x151
Robin is rushed to the hospital and learns that she may need a C-section. Laura tells Scott that she still loves Scott and is shocked when he tells her that Luke has been married to Tracy for three years. Tracy decides to return home. Luke and Laura come face to face. Jason and Sam are involved in an explosion. Anthony remains adamant that he wont let Sonny run his business until he is married to his daughter. Sonny is snatched by Karpov's men. Sonny is stabbed by Karpov and thrown into the water with weights attached to his legs.
#11674 46x150
After making it back to Port Charles, Luke and Tracy learn that Laura is missing from Shadybrook. Patrick and Matt try and make Anthony's condition stable. Robin is certain that Patrick will make it to the church. Luke learns that Laura left with Scott and works out he took her to California. Patrick manages to make it to the church in the nick of time. Luke and Tracy try and find Laura and Scott in California. As Robin and Patrick are at the alter Robin's waters break.
#11673 46x149
Claudia doesn't attend to Anthony and tells her brother to let him die. Mac tells Jason that he doesn't want him near his niece's wedding. Robin is happy to see Jason though and wants him to stay. When Johnny takes his father to the hospital Patrick is needed to operate on him. Spinelli has to tell Robin that Patrick can't be found anywhere.
#11672 46x148
Anna helps her daughter get ready for her wedding. Ric learns from Claudia about how she nearly married Jason. Spinelli helps Maxie get the church ready for the wedding. Jason tells Sonny about his non wedding with Claudia. Claudia visits Kate and fills her on what has been going on since she was shot. Olivia throws Claudia out when she shows up. Olivia fills Sonny in on Claudia's visit to Kate. Anthony collapses whilst he is arguing with his daughter.
#11671 46x147
Lulu is placed in a padded room in a straight jacket and pretends to pass out so that she can escape. Nadine enjoys a romantic evening with Nikolas. Luke and Tracy manage to get out of Mexico. When the doctor returns to the padded room he finds out that Lulu is gone. As Sam pleads with Lucky not to end their relationship, Lulu shows up and tells him that Scott has their mother. Scott explains to Laura that it was an accident when he killed her father and that her had no choice but to let her take the blame.Lulu begs her brother to believe her and help her. As Nadine and Nikolas grow closer Lucky and Lulu show up and inform their brother about what has happened to Laura. Laura learns from Scott that he intends to recreate their honeymoon.
#11670 46x146
Scott tels Laura that unless she leaves Shadybrook with him he will arrest Lulu. Laura agrees to his demands but when Lulu tells the doctors that her mother is wake they try and put her in a straight jacket. Sonny wants to meets Olivia's son and wonders why Kate has never mentioned him before. The Justice of the Peace refuses to marry Claudia and Jason when he works out that they don't love one another. Claudia asks Jason how he is going to protect Sonny now. Jerry goes to see Sam at the jail and offers to work with her to bring Karpov down. Nadine goes to see Nikolas and he asks her if she wants a relationship with him.
#11669 46x145
Lulu pays a visit to her mother's room and tells her that she hopes to be out of Shadybrook soon. Carly let Nikolas know that Jax is up to something. Claudia tells Jason it would be a good idea if they got married instead of her and Sonny. Jason tells Claudia if that is what she wants they should do it now. Lulu is told that it is Trevor who has been leaving the notes. Spinelli and Maxie see Trevor talking with Johnny. Lulu finds another note. Spinelli discovers that Trevor's writing doesn't match with that written on the notes. Lulu takes the note into her mother's room and discovers that Scott wrote it. Scott believes that Lulu killed his son. Sonny discovers that Olivia has a son after he answers her telephone. As Scott verbally attacks Lulu, Laura gets up.
#11668 46x144
Leyla tries to offer Nadine some advise. Luke is got out of a jail by a woman but she leaves Tracy there. Ric is shocked when Claudia tells him of her father's plans. Lulu is pleased when Johnny comes to see her. Jason fills Carly in on what Sonny is up to and explains to her why he can't give him back control of the organization. Robin's friends surprise her with a bridal shower. Spinelli promises to help Lulu find out who has been sending the notes to her. Spinelli and Maxie see Trevor go into Lulu's room. Carly and Nikolas see Jax talking to a woman. Jax tells the woman he wants to buy Spoon Island.
#11667 46x143
Sam attempts to convince her mother that she has been set up by Jerry. Alexis isn't sure whether to believe Sam or Jerry. Claudia tells Johnny about their father wanting Sonny to marry her. Sonny tells Kate that if they are going to be together than she has to accept him returning to his old lifestyle. Spinalli and Maxie are stopped by Scott from helping Lulu escape.
#11666 46x142
Spinelli and Maxie put into action their plan to get Lulu out of Shadybrook. Sonny tells Anthony that the first thing he intends to do is make sure that Karpov is taken out. Sam realizes that she has been set up by Jerry and she tells her mother that she has being to gather information on him. Anthony tells Sonny the one condition he has for him running his organization is that he has to marry his daughter. Jason visits Kate and shares his concerns about Sonny with her. Luke and Tracy both find themselves in trouble. Mac finds prescription medication at Sam's place as Jerry tells Karpov that he has planted the stuff. Sonny shocks Claudia when he tells her about her father's idea.
#11665 46x141
Tracy discovers that Scott is making it impossible for Luke to be able to return home. Robin and Patrick make plans for the future. Spinelli and Maxie attempt to help Lulu escape from Shadybrook. When Jason continues to refuse to give Sonny back control of the business, Sonny tells him that he decided to become partners with Anthony. Jax sees Carly with a shirtless Nikolas and he gets the wrong idea about what is going on. Nadine has a flashback involving Jerry but cant remember exactly what happened. Sam continues to play games with Jerry and just as she shares a kiss with him her mother shows up.
#11664 46x140
Lulu asks Maxie how Johnny is when Maxie visits her. Tracy tracks Luke down in Mexico and fills him in on everything that has happened to his daughter. Elizabeth urges Nadine to be honest with Nikolas about how she really feels about him. Jason shares his theory with Spinelli that Karpov has been framed for Kate's shooting. Maxie urges Johnny to pay a visit to Lulu. As Lulu is talking to Lainey during one of her sessions, Johnny secretly listens in. Nadine and Nikolas make up and when things heat up between them they are caught by Carly. Lulu finds another note.
#11663 46x139
Carly is determined to find out the secret that Olivia and Kate are hiding. Karpov wants to know why Sam was listening in on his conversation with Jerry. Alexis wonders where her daughter is. Claudia pretends that Max is in charge when she meets his father. Tracy thinks she has found out where Luke is. Carly tries to get to know Olivia better over a drink. Tracy blackmails her father into getting the outstanding charges against her husband dropped. Maximus goes to see Sonny. Sam makes dinner plans with Jerry. Alexis decides to get a warrant so that she can search Sam's place.
#11662 46x138
Olivia tells her cousin that she doesn't want to see how son's life entwined in danger. Sasha shows up and tells Sonny that a sniper can take him out before he shots Andre. Max shows up with his father and brother and tells Sonny to leave and Sonny issues a threat to Karpov. Karpov refuses to listen to Sasha when she suggests he would be better off leaving Port Charles. Karpov places a telephone call to Sam telling her that he wants to meet her to discuss a job. Olivia finds herself standing up to Anthony. Max tells Sonny that everything will return to normal once his father returns to Italy. Sam hears Jerry and Karpov talking.
#11661 46x137
Patrick asks Coleman for some advise about what to do about Kate told him. Carly goes to see Kate on her request and Kate asks her to talk to Sonny. Maxie is excited about being involved in Robin and Patrick's wedding who decide to get married at the end of the month. Max continues to lie to his father. Carly talks to Sonny and asks him not to go after the person who shot Kate. Pictures are taken of Sam after she meets Karpov at the pier following a phone call. Sonny confronts Karpov with a gun.
#11660 46x136
Carly pretends to be Max's girlfriend after she meets his father. Maxie and Spinelli are forced to hide when some strange people show up at Kate's office. After they leave Spinelli finds a note which says next time Kate will die. Sonny clashes with Claudia. Patrick wonders whether he should tell Sonny what Kate told him. Sam tells Lucky that her trip with him was the best holiday she has ever had. Sonny isn't happy when Olivia mentions Karpov's name when Alexis shows up to speak to him about the shooting. Maxie and Spinelli decide to talk to Jason about what happened and in the process nearly blow Max's cover. When Claudia and Olivia meet for the first time there is an instant disliking between them. After Max's father reads the note that Spinelli found he is sure that Karpov's men didn't leave it there.
#11659 46x135
Jason is forced play along and pretends that Max is in charge. Nadine is injected with a strange substance after being caught by Jerry and she collapses. Mac takes Patrick to the police station and calls Robin. After Robin shows up Mac looks them in a room together and tells them to sort things out. Mac's plan works when Patrick asks Robin to marry him and she says yes. Sonny tells Kate that he has to return to his old lifestyle to get even with the person who shot her. Nadine wakes up at the clinic and can't remember what happened. Carly shows up to see Jason and wants to know what is going on.
#11658 46x134
Max talks to Jason about what he told his father. Robin talks to Mac about Patrick turning down her marriage proposal. Diane learns that Milo and Max's father is planning a visit. Elizabeth asks Jason to come see her and they talk about the problems trying to be together causes them. When Max's father arrives Max shows him around his imaginary territory. Nadine gets caught by Jerry when she snoops around his hotel room. Mac arrests Patrick. Jason meets Max's father.
#11657 46x133
Nadine is taken to the hospital by Nikolas and she then tells him to leave. Nikolas is offered some advise from Elizabeth. Sonny turns down Anthony's offer. Cody tells Jason that he has accepted Sonny's job offer so that he can find out what is going on. Ric clashes with Johnny and ends up hitting him. Olivia asks Kate not to reveal to Sonny that Dante is his son. Jason is determined to keep control of the business. Max tells Milo that he lied to their father about what he does in Port Charles. Sonny feels let down by Jason.
#11656 46x132
When Spinelli attempts to explain to Nikolas what was really going on Nadine kicks him. Jax refuses to give up his share in the Metro Court. Ric and Claudia continue to grow closer. Johnny isn't happy that his father still wont let him in completely. Jason refuses to relinquish control of the business back to Sonny. Nikolas talks to Elizabeth about what he saw. Jason is told by Sonny that he no longer means anything to him. After Nadine says sorry to Nikolas at the pier she trips over. Jason learns from Cody that he has been asked by Sonny to work for him again. Ric and Claudia are caught together by Johnny. Sonny is surprised when Anthony offers him his resources and wonders what is going on.
#11655 46x131
Patrick turns down Robin's marriage proposal thinking that she has asked him for all the wrong reasons. When Nadine sees Carly fixing Nikolas' collar she jumps to the wrong conclusion about what is going on. Nadine kisses Spinelli in front of Nikolas to make him jealous. Carly asks Jax to sell her his share of the Metro Court. Sonny wants to take back control of the organization. Kate opens her eyes again and this time manages to tell Patrick that Sonny has a son that he does not know about.
#11654 46x130
Nadine is embarrassed after Alfred catches her in bed with Nikolas and she just leaves. After Johnny is arrested for crashing his boat he gloats to Scott that he got away with killing his son. Sonny learns from Patrick that Kate woke up and tried to say something. Scott is stopped from beating up Johnny by Ric and Claudia. Sonny urges Kate not to give up. Nadine tells Leyla about what happened with Nikolas. Patrick is shocked when Robin proposes to him. Ric and Claudia grow closer. Sonny remains determined to get even with the person who shot Kate.
#11653 46x129
Ric doesn't think Anthony's idea of Claudia trying to seduce Sonny is a good idea. Elizabeth still wants to go to Italy with Jason but he thinks it is a bad idea after what happened to Kate. Sonny is determined to get even with the person who shot Kate. Nadine thanks Nikolas for helping her. Jax is still determined to end his marriage to Carly. Sonny isn't pleased when Claudia shows up at the hospital to offer him her sympathy about what happened to Kate. Anthony has his son followed. Nadine kisses Nikolas. Johnny hits Vaughn after he discovers him following him. Kate regains consciousness briefly and manages to say something to Patrick. Nikolas and Nadine take their relationship to the next level.
#11652 46x128
Lulu is freaked out by a note left with her dinner which mentions her killing Logan but the note disappears before anyone else can see it. Johnny finds it hard to believe that there was ever actually a note. Sonny clashes with Karpov at the hospital. Olivia blames Sonny for what has happened to Kate. Jason places a call to Elizabeth telling her why he didn't show up to take her to Italy. Jax is worried about Carly's safety. Anthony admits to Ric that he shot Kate and that he intends to start a major mob war in town.
#11651 46x127
Sonny is shocked when he realizes that his wife to be has been shot. When Tracy shows up at Shadybrook to see Lulu she discovers that she isn't there. Lucky is worried about the boys safety after he learns that Elizabeth is becoming involved with Jason again. Jason wants Spinelli to try and trace the shell that was found. Johnny leaves the wedding with Lulu and takes her back to Shadybrook. Worried about Maxie's safety, Mac orders her to stay away from Spinelli. Karpov insists to Claudia that what happened at the wedding had nothing to do with him. Jason is told by Sonny to take Karpov out once and for all. Ric sees Anthony walking.
#11650 46x126
Nadine is tied up on one of Karpov's ships but manages to place a call to Nikolas who sets out to rescue her. Sonny receives visits from both Jason and Robin before his wedding. After Spinelli checks out Kate's past on Maxie's request they learn that her past isn't real. Kate clashes with Olivia before the wedding. Johnny manages to sneak into Lulu's room and tells her that he is taking her to the wedding. As the wedding gets underway a shot is fired.
#11649 46x125
Elizabeth agrees to go with Jason on a trip to Italy. Lucky tells Johnny about Lulu believing that Laura has been talking to her. Carly learns loads of things about Kate from Olivia. Nikolas things that Nadine shouldn't return to work yet. Lulu isn't happy with her brother when she learns that he told Johnny to stay away. Katie is surprised when she finds out that Olivia is in town. Jax wonders what Carly is up to. Nadine gets herself into trouble when she looks around the docks. Jax refuses to sell the hotel to Nikolas. Johnny receives a call from Lulu asking him to come see her. Jason is convinced that Carly is planning to do somethng at Kate and Sonny's wedding.
#11648 46x124
Olivia decides to attend Kate and Sonny's wedding and makes her way to Port Charles. Jax cant believe that Carly is going to attend Sonny's wedding. Nikolas isn't happy when his sister tells him that she has asked Johnny to come see her. Jason places a call to Elizabeth asking her to come and see him. Diane and Alexis disagree about what to wear for the wedding. Lainey tells Lulu that if she sees Johnny it could affect the speed of her recovery. Johnny is told by Lucky to stay away from his sister. Sonny and Kate have their wedding rehearsal. Carly sees Olivia checking in at the Metro Court and finds out that Sonny had booked the reservation.
#11647 46x123
Maxie gives Lulu a present. Jax wants a divorce but Carly is against the idea. Kate tries to find out from Sonny where he has been. Lulu talks to Maxie about seeing her mother. Olivia is warned that Sonny is no good and that she should stay away from him. Scott is determined to make Johnny pay for Logan's murder. Jason clashes with Anthony. Anthony tells Trevor to break up Johnny and Lulu. Carly manages to persuade Jason to accompany her to the wedding. Lulu goes to her mother's room where an unseen person hears her talking about the fact that she killed Logan. Lulu kisses her mother and as she leaves the room Laura responds slightly.
#11646 46x122
Sonny remembers the past with Olivia when they have a drink together. Jason informs Kate that he will only go to the wedding if Sonny asks him. Sam continues to charm Jerry and he wants to know how far she will go. As Lulu attempts to get Laura to respond, Nikolas tells her to stop. Matt informs Noah that he wants nothing from him or his half brother. Lulu attempts to convince her brothers that she didn't imagine Laura being awake. Sonny attempts to convince Olivia to attend his and Kate's wedding as Maxie asks Kate if any of her family will be at the wedding. Lulu learns from Lainey that her mother's condition hasn't changed at all recently and that the doctor who has supposed to have been treating her doesn't work at Shadybrook. Lulu remains adamant that Laura was awake.
#11645 46x121
Alexis attempts to find out from Sam what she is up to with Jerry. Patrick questions Noah about them sharing the same father and later clashes with Noah. Carly attempts to get Jason to admit that they would work well together. Kate shares some family memories with Sonny. Max asks Carly out on a date. Robin learns from Patrick that Matt is his brother. Sam asks Jerry to chose her over her mother. When Lulu brings Nikolas and Lucky to see Laura she does not respond. Jason tells Kate he wont be able to attend her and Sonny's wedding. Sonny goes to a bar in his old neighborhood and bumps into somebody he knows.
#11644 46x120
Carly is jealous after seeing Jax out with Leyla. Carly has a change of heart about Internet dating but is shocked when the computer matches her up with Jason. Diane is upset about breaking up with Max. Nikolas takes Nadine to Wyndermere to recover. Patrick isn't happy that Robin wants their unborn child to have surname and not his. It is revealed that Matt is Noah's son. Laura decides the time is right to tell Lucky and Nikolas about her recovery.
#11643 46x119
Lulu is relieved when Johnny shows up and tells her he has be found not guilty. Anthony wants to cause a stir in Port Charles. Jax attempts to make Carly see that they have no future together. Elizabeth visits Nadine to see how she is doing. Diane finishes things with Max when she believes that he has cheated on her. Lainey wants Lulu to start group therapy and thinks it would be best if Johnny didn't visit for a while. Carly isn't impressed with Spinelli and Maxie's idea that she tries on line dating.
#11642 46x118
Nikolas calls for help and manges to rescue both Nadine and Matt. Carly says sorry to Jason and Elizabeth for interrupting them. Epiphany talks to the judge about Mrs. Albright and she is dismissed from the jury. Kate relents and agrees to become Sonny's wife. Carly talks to Jason about what has happened. Jax wonders why Kate has decided to forgive Sonny. Sam continues to try and get closer to Jerry. Matt is taken to the ICU. Scott is furious when the jury decide that Johnny is not guilty.
#11641 46x117
Nadine passes out from the smoke as she remains trapped in the clinic with Matt. Trevor and Anthony are sure they will get the verdict that they want. Kate refuses to give into Sonny's attempts at getting them back together. Carly tries unsuccessfully to talk to Jax. Ric asks Claudia if she lied on the stand. Laura tells her daughter that she doesn't want Lucky and Nikolas to know about her recovery until she finds out if it is permanent. Sonny issues Kate with an ultimatum. Nikolas attempts to rescue Nadine and Matt after finding the clinic on fire. Elizabeth is adamant that she wont give up on Jason. One of the juror's is revealed as working for Anthony and she is caught on the telephone by Edward, Epiphany and Ron. Jason and Elizabeth are disturbed by Carly.
#11640 46x116
Sonny refuses to believe that his relationship with Kate is over and continues to try and win her back. Spinelli tells Maxie how much she means to him. Karpov threatens Jason. Elizabeth is determined to have a place in Jason's life. Claudia lies on the stand saying she was having a relationship with Logan and that Johnny killed Logan because Logan had tried to rape her. Lulu is shocked after learning what Claudia has done. Karpov warns Jerry that he had better take care of Matt soon. After Jerry sets the bomb off at the clinic it starts a fire. Nadine attempts to get Matt out of the fire but becomes trapped as well in the burning building.
#11639 46x115
Spinelli refuses to judge Maxie for her past misgivings. Lulu's testimony makes things worse for Johnny. Claudia is called to testify again. Sonny's attempts to win Kate over fail and she tries to give him back her engagement ring. Sam is determined to get closer to Jerry so that she can discover the truth. Jason continues to push Elizabeth away.
#11638 46x114
Maxie is worried about testifying. Spinelli is shocked when Maxie is forced to admit she had a deal with Logan on the stand. Anthony issues a threat to Scott. Lulu doesn't want to leave the country with Nikolas but Laura thinks she should consider the idea. Scott's men take Lulu to the court so that she can testify.
#11637 46x113
Jerry continues to try and stop Sam from finding out what he is up to. Sonny calls for help after Claudia tells him that she has no feeling in her legs. Lucky blames Johnny for his sister's state of mind. Lulu has another talk with her mother. Jax insists to Carly that they have no future together. When Sonny smells petrol he attempts to get Claudia out of her car. Jason works out that Maxie's feelings towards Spinelli are genuine. When Johnny asks Nikolas to take Lulu out of the country, Nikolas works out that his sister was the one who actually killed Logan. Spinelli listens in as Maxie talks about him to Jason. Sonny manages to get Claudia out of the car just before it explodes. Things heat up between Lucky and Sam. Maxie gets into Spinelli's bed. Karpov tells Jerry that he had better have made sure that the clinic won't be a problem anymore. Carly disappears with Morgan.
#11636 46x112
Carly tries to explain to Jax why she slept with Sonny and attempts to stop him from leaving. Jason offers Maxie some advise. After Matt and Leyla treat a patient, he is sure that she has been poisoned in some way. Sonny tries to convince Kate that what happened between him and Carly will never happen again. Nadine lets Nikolas know that she loves him. Jax asks Carly that if Sonny has fathered her child would she ever have told him the truth about what happened. Nikolas hits Scott after he says some bad things about Lulu. Maxie hears some disturbing news. Sonny is involved in a car crash with Claudia. Jerry plants a bomb in the clinic but he is seen by Sam but luckily for him she doesn't see what he has been up to.
#11635 46x111
Kate finds it hard to accept that Sonny cheated on her with Carly and she ends up telling Jax. Both Jax and Kate decide to confront their partners. Mac isn't happy when he learns that Maxie is moving in with Jason and Spinelli. After arguing with Sasha, Maxie might have started a new mob war. Robin finds the pressure that everyone is putting her under to much to cope with.
#11634 46x110
When Sonny returns home with Kate, Diane and Max think that they should tell her about what happened between Sonny and Carly. Scott is certain that his son was working as an undercover policeman. Tracy continues to be haunted by her brother's ghost. Diane and Max both try and talk to Sonny and Kate separately. Johnny is worried about what Carly will say when she takes the stand. Lucky tells his sister that Scott is sure that Logan was working an undercover policeman at the time of his murder. Jax isn't happy with Clarice for helping to set Carly up. Nikolas and Lucky don't think it would be a good idea if Lulu testified at the trial. Lulu tells her mother that she is certain that Scott is lying about Logan being a policeman. Claudia is called to testify at her brother's trial. Clarice tells Kate about Sonny sleeping with Carly.
#11633 46x109
Carly is surprised when Jax and Morgan make her breakfast. Johnny wants to see his sister. Maxie wants Jason's help so that she wont have to testify in Johnny's trial. Tracy is unable to locate Luke. Nadine makes a fool of herself after talking about her date with Nikolas. Clarice tries to find Kate after over hearing Max and Diane's conversation. Lulu tells her mother that the visions of Logan have stopped. Jax informs Carly that he has decided to move back in with her. Scott makes an announcement that shocks everyone. Tracy tells Lulu that she has been unable to locate Luke. The jurors for the trial are selected by Ric and Scott. Tracy sees Alan's ghost again after thinking it is funny that Edward has to serve as one of the jurors. Scott wants the death penalty for his son's killer after declaring that he has proof that Logan was working as a police officer.
#11632 46x108
Karpov is furious with Jax. Ric refuses to allow Claudia to lie on the stand. Lulu is comforted by her mother after seeing another vision of Logan. Things heat up between Elizabeth and Jason but he pulls back saying that he cant do this. Elizabeth tells Jason that she needs him. Matt opens up to Maxie about his past as Jerry listens in. Ric informs Claudia that he thinks a jury would not believe her. Jerry tells Karpov about what he heard Matt talking about. Laura tells her daughter that she is the only one with the power to make the visions goes away. Claudia works out what happened on the night Logan was murdered. As Max and Diane talk about the night that Sonny and Carly slept together they are over heard.
#11631 46x107
Laura urges her daughter to tell her exactly what happened on the night Logan was murdered. Sonny and Kate enjoy some time on his island. Spinelli tells Jason that he thinks that Sasha could of been involved in his his accident. Matt pleads his innocence to Patrick. Jax is furious when he learns that Karpov tried it on with his wife again. Lulu tells her mother that she didn't mean to kill Logan. Patrick asks Spinelli to help him with something. Elizabeth admits to Jason that she misses him. When Jerry listens in as Matt is telling Maxie that he is trying to find out who is responsible for the fake drugs, Matt puts himself in danger. Jax meets with Karpov and tells him he has to leave the country as his visa has expired.
#11630 46x106
Lulu receives another visit from Alice, Edward and Monica. Kate stops Sonny from seeing her wedding dress. Johnny isn't happy that Claudia has got Ric to help try and acquit him. Kate wants to visit Sonny's island with him. Edward isn't happy with the people looking after Lulu. Lainey tells Edward that if Lulu's father was in town it would help her. Kelly tells Robin that she should marry Patrick. Ric is sure that Johnny and Claudia aren't telling him everything. Lulu tells her mother that Scott killed Rick Webber and not her. Robin makes an announcement on the hospital's PA system that she doesn't intend to marry anyone.
#11629 46x105
Matt has some bad news for Maxie about Spinelli's condition. Rick returns to Port Charles and tells Rick that he wont allow Johnny to be transferred. Robin is insistent that wont marry Patrick. Diane thinks Sonny is making a mistake by inviting Jax and Carly to his wedding. Robin doesn't want her mother finding out that Robert is in town and that he is ill. Jax's revelations humiliate Kate. Mike is sure that his son will end up back with Carly. Anna talks to Mac and asks him to talk to Robin about her decision not to marry Patrick. Elizabeth tries to offer Robin some advise. Patrick talks to Robin about Matt. Sonny talks to Kate and tells her that he has decided that having Carly at the wedding would be a bad idea.
#11628 46x104
Alexis wants to charge Claudia for breaking into her office but Nikolas persuades her not to. Claudia manages to get hold of Ric's current address. Laura tells her daughter that she has been waking up regularly recently. Jax isn't happy when he learns that Karpov is staying at the hotel. Maxie is forced to allow Matt to operate on Spinelli. Sam fills Lucky in on what she saw. Laura tells her daughter that she is much stronger than she is. When Carly visits Lulu she wonders why she is so happy. Jerry warns his brother to keep Carly away from Karpov. Claudia goes to Ric's address in New York. Maxie issues a threat to Matt that if anything bad happens to Spinelli he will be sorry.
#11627 46x103
Johnny tries to convince Lulu that Logan cant hurt her and is just a figment of her imagination. Spinelli is involved in an accident whilst out on a stakeout with Maxie. Sam witness Karpov and Jerry talking. Maxie doesn't want Matt treating Spinelli. Scott is determined that Lulu will testify in court. Claudia decides that Ric would be the best person to help clear her brother's name. Claudia is caught snooping round Alexis' office. Spinelli learns that he has a damaged spleen. Lulu pays a visit to see her mother. Lulu is shocked when her mother opens her eyes and speaks.
#11626 46x102
Sonny goes to see Karpov and gives him back the present he sent to Kate and warns him to stay away from her. Johnny tells his sister it is his fault that Lulu is in a bad way. Patrick waits for Robin to answer his question. Lulu asks Jason to take her to see Johnny. Patrick is left embarrassed by Robin. Lucky discovers that his sister has left Shadybrook with Jason. When Patrick catches up with Robin she tells him that she cant marry him. Nadine and Nikolas get to spend some time alone.
#11625 46x101
Lulu is able to contact Johnny but Scott gets hold of the phone. When Karpov sends a gift for Kate to the house, Sonny explains to her that Karpov is a mobster. Lucky is forced to act hard to his sister. Johnny tells Alexis that he is worried how Lulu will cope on the stand if questioned by Scott. Karpov believes that Jerry isn't being loyal to him. Patrick asks Robin to marry him.
#11624 46x100
Jason turns Sasha down when she attempts to seduce him. Sonny stands up for Lulu after he catches Scott having a go at her. Nikolas tries to find out what Nadine wants from him. Sonny opens up to Kate. Claudia tells Lucky not to blame her brother for what has happened to Lulu. Sonny tells Johnny that he believes that Lulu will crack if she is forced to testify against him. Lucky urges Johnny to confess to killing Logan and Claudia warns him to stay away from her brother.
#11623 46x99
Lulu tells Nikolas that she is seeing visions of Logan where ever she goes. Jason tells Bernie about what happened at the warehouse. Claudia is determined to stop her brother from ruining his life. Lulu receives a visit at Shaddybrook from Edward, Monica and Alice. Robin is happy to have her mother around until at least the birth of her baby. Alexis is threatened by Anthony again. Alexis asks Johnny for help with dealing with Anthony. Jason instructs Cody to keep tabs on Karpov. Sasha comes to see Jason. Scott thinks that Lulu is just pretending to be crazy and he is determined that she will testify against Johnny.
#11622 46x98
Lulu is put in a straight jacket as the police over power Johnny. Sonny attempts to reassure Kate that he isn't returning to the business. Karpov tries unsuccessfully to impress Carly. Lulu tells Nikolas that everything that has happened is her fault. Even though Jax still loves Carly he finds it impossible to reunite with her. Lucky asks Elizabeth for help. Claudia is furious with Scott when she learns that her brother has been treated roughly. Elizabeth learns of Lucky and Sam's plan. Lainey attempts to help Lulu and offers her some advise. Jason watches Karpov at his warehouse and points a rifle at him. When Karpov's children show up, Jason puts the gun down.
#11621 46x97
Sonny confronts Anthony and tells him that if he goes near his daughter again he will be very sorry. Johnny attempts to convince Lulu that everything is going to be alright. Anthony manges to get one over Sonny. Lucky is worried that Sam is putting herself in to much danger. When they arrive at Shadybrook, Lulu tells Johnny that she cant go through with it. Lucky finds out that there is going to be a drug bust on the pier tonight. Sonny talks to Jason about the day that Michael was shot. Scott manages to corner Lulu and Johnny.
#11620 46x96
Elizabeth watches Jason feel Robin's unborn child kick. Maxie tells Spinelli that she hates Matt. Sonny asks Jason to come see him. Jax and Carly's attempts to reconcile are interrupted by Kate. Anthony attempts to get Claudia to tell him what she knows about Johnny and also tries to manipulate her into moving into the new family home. Sonny tells Jason that he isn't dealing with Karpov anymore and wants him taken care of. Patrick doesn't want Jason involved in his daughter's life. Lulu isn't happy when she learns what Johnny is planning.
#11619 46x95
A furious Alexis warns Anthony to stay away from her daughter. Carly is happy when Jax returns home. Johnny considers giving himself up so that Lulu can get the help that she needs. Jerry warns Kate that Sonny will always have enemies after him. Spinelli is taken to the hospital. Alexis goes to see Diane and tells her about Anthony being with her daughter. As Carly and Jax talk about the state of their relationship, Carly suffers a fall. Jason and Elizabeth both try and deny how they are feeling. Lulu sees another vision of Logan. Jax believes that Carly is faking her accident so that he will be forced to stay and look after her.
#11618 46x94
Patrick is convinced the child that he and Robin is having will be a boy. Jason is given some information by Cody. Nikolas learns from Claudia that Lulu has been seeing visions of Logan. Maxie is pressed by Alexis to tell her everything she knows about Logan's murder. Anthony wants his daughter to visit the new house he has bought. Trevor issues an ultimatum to Alexis. Spinelli goes with Jason to stakeout Karpov's warehouse but accidentally sets the car horn off after passing out. Patrick and Robin find out whether the baby will be a boy or girl. Alexis isn't happy when she sees Anthony talking to Kristina.
#11617 46x93
Lulu is worried that she will end up like her mother in the sanitarium. Sonny refuses to allow Karpov to renegotiate their deal. Elizabeth lets Nikolas know that it is obvious Nadine has feelings towards him. Karpov warns Sonny that it would be a mistake to back out on the deal they have. Jerry fires a gin at Claudia, Jason and Carly. When Nadine sees Nikolas hugging Elizabeth she leaves. Johnny calls his sister without telling Lulu. Kate listens in on a conversation which Diane and Sonny are having. Spinelli confirms to Jason that Karpov arranged the ambush on him.
#11616 46x92
An angry Sonny tells Sasha that Karpov has broken the rules of their deal. Nadine is saved by Claudia who takes her back to the clinic. Lulu is surprised when Johnny remembers that it is her birthday. Karpov orders Jerry to take care of Jason. Jason and Carly find themselves in real danger.
#11615 46x91
Jason learns from Spinelli that most of the women who have been involved with Karpov have ended up dead. Lulu continues to have visions of Logan. Nadine listens into a conversation that Matt is having. Sal asks Johnny to keep an eye on Lourdes for him whilst he keeps a low profile. Jason learns that Carly has been seen out with Karpov. Karpov misses his meeting with Sonny. Jason warns Karpov to stay away from Carly. Matt catches Nadine following him. When Sonny takes a look at one of the shipments he discovers it full of drugs.
#11614 46x90
Sonny tries to find if Claudia told Jason about his business deal with Karpov and she tells him that it was not her. When the police show up knocking on the door Johnny and Lulu are scared. Ric asks Jason if he can ask Spinelli to help track down Lulu and Johnny. It turns out that the police are after Sal. Scott issues a threat to the Quartermaine family. Carly arranges to meet with Karov. Jerry attempts to find out what Sam is up to.
#11613 46x89
Nadine is caught by Maxie. Jason talks to Carly about Karpov. Lulu goes to see her mother at the sanitarium and fills her in on everything that has been happening. Nikolas tries to convince Scott that Laura would never forgive him if he did anything to hurt Lulu. Scott goes to see Laura. When Matt finds out that Nadine was in his room he confronts her. Nikolas isn't happy when he learns what Nadine has been up to.
#11612 46x88
Jason clashes with Sonny. Nikolas is worried that Nadine could end up getting herself hurt. Nadine takes Leyla with her to Mac's house so that they can do some snooping about Matt. Robin is worried that her mother is falling for Noah just because he is the double of Eli. Carly issues a warning to Kate. Sam tells Nikolas that she thinks Jerry could be involved with the counterfeit drugs. When Johnny returns home he finds Lulu gone.
#11611 46x87
Johnny and Lulu are worried now that they know that Lourdes knows who they really are. Kate sees Sonny with Karpov when she returns home. Lucky and Sam listen in as Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she is worried that Lucky might start taking drugs again because of all the stress he is under about Lulu. Sonny does not want Kate to find out what he is up to with Karpov. Sonny wants his father to be his best man when he marries Kate. Maxie asks Spinelli to help her look into Matt's past. Sam is followed. Lulu has a shocking vision. Jason tells Sonny that he has to speak to him.
#11610 46x86
Anna is furious with Eli. Eli receives a lecture from Patrick about being a bad father. Noah is proud of his son and thinks that he will be a great father. When Caludia questions Sonny he denies that he is involved in any business transactions with Karpov. Lucky is worried about his sister. Lourdes informs Johnny that she knows who he really is.
#11609 46x85
Nikolas isn't happy with the idea of either Sam or Nadine working undercover. Carly is determined to sort things out with Jax and goes to extreme measures to do so. As Lulu prepares diner she has a flashback about killing Logan. Anna is shocked when Eli's girlfriend and son show up. Nikolas listens as as Nadine talks to Matt about wanting to earn some extra money. Max's actions impress Diane.
#11608 46x84
Jason cant believe that Sonny would do business with Karpov after being told about it by Ric. Sal vows that those who killed his father will pay one day. Carly manages to find where Jax is staying but he resists her charms. Eli apologizes to Anna and she accepts it. Spinelli is told by Jason to get all the information he can about Karpov. Eli dedicates a song to Anna at the concert. Spinelli comes up with some information for Jason. Karpov tells Jerry that he doesn't want him operating in Port Charles anymore. Sam is offered a job by Karpov.
#11607 46x83
Lulu's brothers are worried that something bad could happen to her now that Scott has put up a reward for Johnny's capture. Lourdes keeps quiet about Johnny and Lulu. Jax resists Carly's charms. The tension between Sonny and Jason increases. Jax ends up sharing a kiss with Carly. Diane manages to get Jason released. Carly is shocked when Jax jumps out of the plane in a parachute. Anna tells Noah that she would rather be with him than Eli. Johnny learns that his family killed Lourdes uncle's father.
#11606 46x82
Carly informs Spinelli that if they want to clear Lulu's name somebody else will have to be blamed for killing Logan. Jax defends Maxie when Logan accuses her of helping Johnny. Maxie talks to Mac about his decision to rent Georgie's room to Matt. Sonny refuses to assist Claudia locate her brother. Scott offers a reward to help in Lulu and Johnny's capture. Carly sneaks on Jax's plane before he leaves town to go to a meeting. Lourdes discovers who Johnny and Lulu really are after seeing them on television and learns there is a reward for their capture.
#11605 46x81
Sonny meets with Karpov again and tells him that Johnny is going to end up getting himself killed whilst on the run. Sam hides Lucky so that Elizabeth wont see him when she shows up unexpectedly. When Scott returns home he learns about his son's murder. Sonny tries to explain to Max why he has made a deal with Karpov. Scott is determined to catch his son's killer. Carly wants Spinelli to help her frame somebody for murder.
#11604 46x80
Jason learns from Diane that he could face charges as well. Spinelli clashes with Matt after Maxie catches Matt in her house. When Robin shows up she tells everyone that Matt is now renting out Georgie's old room. Johnny discovers the person at the door is just a neighbor. Spinelli and Maxie try and think of a plan to get Matt out of the house.
#11603 46x79
Johnny takes Lulu to a place where they can hide out. Claudia works with Spinelli so that they can find out where Johnny could of gone. Anthony issues a threat to both Trevor and Ric. Jax walks out on a stunned Carly. Spinelli learns about the deal Maxie made with Claudia. Nikolas clashes with Anthony after he insults Laura. Somebody knocks on the door of the place Johnny and Lulu are hiding out and Johnny goes for his gun.
#11602 46x78
Jason's arrival stops Johnny from being shot at by Harper. Johnny escapes with Lulu and takes the mayor's car. Sonny lets Claudia know that he does not trust a word that she says. Carly agrees to stay out of Jax's business affairs until he gets a phone call. Nikolas tells Nadine that he thinks it is too dangerous for her to go out with Matt. Carly is upset when Jax doesn't believe her about a missed phone call. Diane learns from Jason that Lulu was the one who actually killed Logan. Jax tells Carly that he needs to spend some time apart from her. Cody is told by Jason to find out about more about Karpov's plans.
#11601 46x77
Sonny agrees to meet Andre Karpov who is a Russian mob boss. Claudia sees the meeting and Sonny is offered a business opportunity. Jax isn't happy when Carly wants him to do business with Claudia. Kate plots against Carly when Jax tells her about Carly's idea. Noah punches Eli when he insults Anna. Matt asks Nadine out o a date and she considers the idea so that she can try and find out some information about the fake drugs. When Johnny discovers that Lulu has a gun in her purse he takes it off her and threatens to shoot her when her brother shows up.
#11600 46x76
Jason learns from Max that he and Milo want to work for Sonny again and Jason agrees to let them go. Johnny is concerned about Lulu's state of mind. Eli learns that Anna is going to be a grandmother after finding out that Robin is pregnant. Johnny is furious when he learns from Spinelli that Maxie told him the truth about what happened. Sam works with Lucky to work out who is responsible for the fake medicine. Lulu is determined that Johnny wont take the blame for what she did. Nadine hears Matt talking about a drug shipment he is expecting and calls Nikolas to tell him what she heard . Matt hears Nadine making the telephone call. Lulu goes to the police station carrying a gun in her possession.
#11599 46x75
Sonny talks to Max about his relationship with Kate. Sonny later makes it clear to Kate that he does not want to come second to her career. After Sam sees a young girl who has been badly affected after being given fake drugs she is determined to help Nikolas and Nadine find out who has been giving them out. Lulu insists to her brother that Johnny is innocent. Maxie tells Johnny that she is scared that Lulu is going to crack under the pressure and Lulu isn't happy when she sees them together. Eli offers Spinelli some advise.
#11598 46x74
Johnny informs Lulu that they cant just leave town. Jax attempts to convince Carly that he has no interest in Kate and that he wouldn't cheat on her. Jason helps Lulu. Johnny takes the blame for what happened to Logan. Anna and Eli are reunited after he returns to Port Charles. Johnny is arrested. Anthony is determined to keep his son out of jail. Spinelli informs Jason that Lulu really killed Logan. Jason tells Lulu that he knows what really happened and promises to help her.
#11597 46x73
Anthony threatens Maxie and demands that she tells him how Logan really died.Anthony asks Maxie why nobody called the police. Jax isn't happy with Carly. After being confronted by Spinelli, Maxie tells him what happened. Mike tries to find out more abut what is going on with his son and Jason. Lulu asks Johnny to leave town with her.
#11596 46x72
Carly gives Jason an alibi for the time of Logan's murder. Carly tells Jason that she has come up with a way to get even with Kate. Robin decides to let Patrick see the baby after all. Anna learns that Eli Love is returning to Port Charles. Anthony tries to get Maxie to really tell him what happened the night Logan was murdered. Sonny stops Carly and Kate from arguing. Claudia points a gun at Jason when she sees him beside her car.
#11595 46x71
Claudia attempts to help her brother cover up Logan's murder. Patrick tells Anna that he wants to stop the court case. Matt tells the police that he saw Logan arguing with Maxie. Jason claims to Diane that he was Robin at the time of Logan's murder. Lulu is stopped from confessing the truth by Maxie. Anthony is determined to keep his son out of jail. Jason is questioned by the police. Maxie tries to stop Spinelli from discovering the truth. Anthony attempts to get Claudia to tell him what she knows and then tells her to tell the police that Jason killed Logan.
#11594 46x70
Elizabeth and Robin talk and Elizabeth urges her to give Patrick a chance. Kate is able to convince Sonny that nothing has happened between herself and Jax. Carly is furious when Jax admits to her that he did kiss Kate. Later Jax and Carly make up. Claudia helps Johnny dispose of Logan's body and the dump it at Nikolas' clinic. Maxie makes sure that Lulu has an alibi.
#11593 46x69
Logan dies before Lulu can get him any help. Patrick learns his father is back in town and that he has been in rehab. Claudia is unable to seduce Sonny. Johnny and Maxie show up and are shocked to find out that Logan is dead. Spinelli shows Carly a picture of Jax with Kate. Noah learns that he is going to be a grandfather. Johnny asks Lulu what happened. Maxie is worried that Scott wont believe Lulu. Noah tries to convince Patrick to drop the court case against Robin. Carly wants some answers from Jax. When Claudia returns home Johny lies to her and says that he killed Logan.
#11592 46x68
Logan tries to explain what was happening with Maxie to Lulu. Jason overhears Carly telling Spinelli that she intends to bring Kate down. Lulu is scared when Logan breaks through the door with an axe. Logan attempts to convince Lulu to give their relationship another try. Johnny finds Maxie and she tells him Logan attacked her. Lulu fights with Logan and plunges the axe in to his chest.
#11591 46x67
Maxie issues another warning to Matt about Logan. Nikolas threatens to bring Johnny down. Anthony blames Claudia for Johnny's problems. Jax offers Spinelli a job. Logan refuses to give up on his and Lulu's relationship. Nikolas is determined to find out who is behind the counterfeit medicine. Maxie is trapped in Kate's office by Logan. Carly finds out that Jax and Kate shared a kiss. Lulu sees Logan with Maxie.
#11590 46x66
Maxie wants to look after Spinelli now that he has been released. Matt finds out that he will be working at the clinic with Leyla and Nadine. Carly tells Sonny that he will loose Kate if he tries to ruin her relationship with Jax. Nikolas is told that the clinic isn't up to standard. Johnny learns from his sister that Nikolas knows the truth about Michael's shooting. Sonny tells Bernie to make sure that a shipment that is expected doesn't show up. Logan makes Matt an interesting offer and Maxie warns him to stay away from Logan. Sonny isn't happy when Jason turns down his offer of help.
#11589 46x65
Jax's concerns are played down by Carly. Sonny tries to get the truth out of Jason. Elizabeth offers Patrick and Robin some advise. Johnny attempts to call Jerry's bluff. Alexis agrees to represent Robin in the court case against Patrick but tells her their is no guarantee that she will win. Spinelli is released from the hospital. Johnny tries to find out from his sister if anyone else knows their secret.
#11588 46x64
Jerry attempts to blackmail Anthony into doing what he wants. Patrick is determined to be in the baby's life. Carly wants Jason to pretend to be the father of her baby if she is pregnant. Nikolas tries to convince Alexis to stay away from Jerry. Anna decides to help Patrick much to her daughter's surprise. Sonny asks Jason if he has been sleeping with Carly.
#11587 46x63
Claudia tries to find out from Jason what Spinelli's current condition is. Sonny tells Carly that he knows about her pregnancy and asks her if he is the father of her unborn child. Maxie is furious when Matt accidentally breaks her cell phone. Lulu goes against Tracy's demands. Robin decides to return to work. Sonny attempts to put doubts in Jax's mind about Carly.
#11586 46x62
Matt Hunter starts work at the hospital and he runs into Maxie. Anthony promises his son that he will get the charges against him dropped. Carly talks to Diane about the possibility of her being pregnant and also tells her that Jax or Sonny could be the child's father. Nikolas' new clinic opens but Nadine ends up having to deal with all the patients.
#11585 46x61
Kate tells Lulu and Maxis that she has agreed to become Sonny's wife. Scott tells Alexis that he wants Johnny charged for hitting his son. Patrick learns from Robin why she wants to bring up the baby alone. Sonny explains to Kate why he doesn't want a big wedding. Anthony asks his daughter if she killed Jason. Maxie goes to see Spinelli and tells him that she needs him to get better. Carly isn't happy with Jax for letting Kate know that she could be pregnant. Sonny is surprised when Kate tells him that Carly could be pregnant.
#11584 46x60
When Jason wakes up Claudia's plan is foiled. Carly worries that Sonny could be the father of her unborn child if she is pregnant again. Logan tries to convince Lulu once again to stay away from Johnny. Spinelli becomes unwell and starts to see things that aren't really there. When Logan gets into trouble he is helped by Scott. Spinelli is taken to the hospital.
#11583 46x59
Jason wants Damion to find away to get the quarantine removed and he also wants Claudia to stay away from him. Alexis shocks the whole police department by letting them know she is sleeping with Jerry. Patrick wants Robin to give them the chance to be a proper family with the baby. Sonny asks Kate to become his wife and she agrees. Anthony tells his daughter to kill Jason whilst he isn't in a fit state to fight back. Claudia listens in as Spinelli tells Jason that money has been taken out of Ian's bank account. Maxie continues to make a play for Johnny. Kate wants Sonny to sign a prenuptial agreement before they get married. Claudia attempts to kill Jason.
#11582 46x58
After fighting both Jax and Jerry are arrested. Robin asks Maxie for help. Patrick learns from Mac that he can be held in custody for up to 24 hours. As Lulu and Johnny kiss they are interrupted by Tracy. Carly clashes with Kate at the police station. Alexis gets the charges against Jax and Jerry dropped. Patrick wants Robin to move in with him. Claudia tries to help Jason.
#11581 46x57
Epiphany isn't happy when she finds Patrick with Robin. Spinelli discovers that there could be side effexcts to the desease he, Jason and Claudia have been exposed to. Nikolas is determined to get the clinic open. Even though Jax takes Carly's side in her arguement with Kate, the photo shoot continues at the hotel. Epiphany quits her job looking after Robin and Mac isn't happy. Sam and Lucky return to Port Charles. Alexis tells Jax that she is seeing his brother. Tracy isn't happy when she sees Lulu kissing Johnny. Jason's condition gets worse.
#11580 46x56
Trevor is convinced that Sonny will want back control of the business one day. Carly clashes with Kate at the Metro Court. Alexis finds it impossible to resist Jerry despite Nikolas and Diane's warnings. Epiphany stops Patrick from spending time with Robin. Lucky and Sam start to grow closer again.
#11579 46x55
Sam tries to get her and Lucky out of jail. Alexis makes a fool of herself. Sam manages to get herself and Lucky out of the jail. Lucky and Sam continue to try and find Luke. Jason, Spinelli and Claudia find themselves quarantined together in the penthouse.
#11578 46x54
Carly is asked by Alexis again to help her keep Kristina away from Sonny. Johnny makes sure that Lulu hears his and Ric's conversation. Jason learns from Carly that she is considering letting Sonny see Morgan again. Mac wants Robin to stay with him but she would rather stay with Patrick. Spinelli finds Claudia's bracelet on the pier and gives it back to her. Jason is shocked to find Spinelli and Claudia together when he returns home.
#11577 46x53
Carly feels bad for Sonny for keeping Morgan away from him. Patrick admits to Elizabeth just how much he wants Robin and the baby. Jason gives Sonny the Father's Day present Michael got him before the accident. Sam and Lucky end up being arrested.
#11576 46x52
Anthony goes to see his children and asks them to move in with him when he finds a new house. Jax takes Spinelli to the Haunted Star with him. Lulu is warned by Claudia to stay away from her brother. After Robin passes out she is found by Patrick. Sam and Lucky go to Mexico where they recieve another coded clue from Luke. Leyla stops by to see the new clinic. Jax gives Spinelli a new image. Nadia tries to find out from Nikolas what is going on between him and Claudia. Somebody from Sam's past calls her Cindy.
#11575 46x51
Sonny assures Kate he is done with the business for good. When Jason catches Max with Diane he insists that they stay apart. After she gets a strange e-mail from Luke, Sam shows it to Lucky. Jason stops Spinelli from getting into a rematch fight. Spinelli tells Jax that he wishes he was more like him.
#11574 46x50
Kate tries to find out from Jax how his marriage to Carly is now going. Maxie wonders if she should agree to take part in Claudia's plan. Leyla and Spinelli enjoy themselves at the wedding reception until a bigot refers to Leyla as an Iranian terrorist. Maxie flirts with Johnny. Spinelli is arrested after punching Lloyd.
#11573 46x49
Jason finally agrees to help Sonny and after asks him why he just doesn't take charge of the organization again. Nadine agrees to help Nikolas with his idea for a new clinic. Spinelli goes to a wedding with Leyla. Johnny tells his sister and Lulu that they both need to start tolerating one another. Lucky talks to Jason about the night Michael was shot. Jason tells Mike that his problem has be dealt with. Carly is told by Mac that there is no proof Ian was working with anybody and that the case is being closed. Maxie is offered money by Claudia to seduce her brother and to make sure that Lulu sees it.
#11572 46x48
Sonny finds his father badly beaten up on the pier. Jason tries to make Lulu see that she is getting in to deep with Johnny. Sam tells Elizabeth that she is done with Lucky as is he still loves her. Sonny is unhappy when Jason refuses to do his bidding. Leyla runs into an upset Spinelli.
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