General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 45

#11524 45x256
Jerry is asked by Alexis about how he knows Ian. Sonny tells Claudia to stay clear of Kate. Johnny tells Sonny not to threaten his sister when he shows up. Jerry and Ian find out when the hit on Sonny will happen. Patrick manages to surprise Robin.
#11523 45x255
Jason refuses to help Claudia get rid of Trevor. Alexis tells Jerry that she fins him attractive. Sonny tells Jason that he is worried that he is becoming way too distracted by Elizabeth. Lulu gets a job working with Kate so that she can spy on her for Carly.
#11522 45x254
Alice issues Tracy with a warning. Claudia attempts to strike a deal with Sonny. Ric tells Marianna that he knows that he knows the truth and breaks up with her. Claudia goes to see Jason wanting him to help her get rid of Trevor. Ric tells Sonny he wants to help him bring his father down.
#11521 45x253
Claudia tries to find out more about Sonny from Luke. Jason asks Diane to help his mother. Carly tells Jax that she wants to try for another baby. When Tracy sees Luke with Claudia she thinks that he is with a hooker. Claudia goes to see Kate.
#11520 45x252
Jason learns about his mother's accident. Trevor tells Ric that he set it up so that he would meet Marianna in the first place. Robin is warned by Jason to stay away from Claudia. The children are upset when they learn that Carly lost the child she was carrying. Ric is forced to do as his father wants and Sonny believes that Ric has been working for Trevor.
#11519 45x251
Lucky informs Elizabeth that he has decided to give his relationship with Sam another go. Claudia informs Ian that Trevor wont be a problem for much longer. Marianna tells Ric that she is to blame for Randy's death. Monica tells Jason the reason why she drinks so much. Maxie asks Kate for a job. Jason tells Sam that his mother was driving the car that hit her and not Elizabeth. Trevor attempts to blackmail Ric in to selling him a waterfront property. Monica crashes her car and then passes out.
#11518 45x250
Carly and Jax attempt to deal with loosing the baby. Johnny refuses to give up the vendetta when Sonny offers him the chance of a truce. Elizabeth wants to confess to hitting Sam with her car so that she can stop her manipulating Lucky. Nikolas is pleased when the drugs Ian gave him seem to work but Emily is worried.
#11517 45x249
Jax and Sonny argue about what should happen to Michael. Lulu decides to finish things with Johnny when he refuses to give up his vendetta against Sonny. Later Lulu tells Logan that she wants to be with him. Elizabeth works out that Sam is manipulating Lucky to get back in to his good books.
#11516 45x248
Jax isn't happy when Carly decides to forgive Michael for shooting Kate and beleives that he should be punished. Carly suffers with stomache pains after a visit from Claudia. Sam clashes with Elizabeth. Scott tries to offer his son some advise.
#11515 45x247
Johnny defends his sister when Sonny upset her. CCarly is found in the rubble and taken to the hospital. Lulu cries when Logan opens his eyes.
#11514 45x246
Johnny rescues Michael but Carly remains trapped. Johnny and Sonny try to find Carly. When Sonny finds Trevor he points a gun at him.
#11513 45x245
Kate forgives Sonny after she learns he had a one night stand with Claudia. Carly meets with Michael after he contacts her and he confesses to her that he shot Kate. Claudia makes plans to get rid of Trevor and offers Sonny a deal if he agrees to release her brother. Trevor tries to take out Claudia but hits one of Diego's hidden explosives instead. Michael, Carly, Sonny, Claudia, Ric and Marianna all become trapped following the explosion. Sam looses her job and later hears Lucky telling Elizabeth that he will try and persuade Sam not to press charges if it turns out that Elizabeth was driving the car that hit her. Luke hears Scott admit to Lulu that he killed Rick Webber and let Laura take the blame.
#11512 45x244
Carly is desperate to find her son. Sonny learns that Kate has discharged herself from the hospital and later finds her asleep in his office. Maxie helps Spinelli after he gets in to trouble. Tracy blackmails Monica.Whilst trying to find the bombs that Diego hid, Spinelli accidentally sets them off. Michael calls Carly and lets her know that he is in town.
#11511 45x243
Nikolas flies into another rage before he can be operated on. Ian agrees to treat Nikolas with an untested drug. Robin continues to push Patrick away. Claudia demands that Sonny tells her where her brother is. Sonny is forced to realize that Michael might have shot Kate and run away.
#11510 45x242
Trevor lets Johnny suffer as Sonny threatens him. Ric thanks Marianna for making him see he can be a better person ans she makes friends with Elizabeth. Scott believes that Lulu hurt Logan on purpose to get revenge. Nikolas is worried that he will never see Emily again as the surgeons get ready to remove his tumor. Lucky decides not to tell Sam that Elizabeth might have been the person who ran her over.
#11509 45x241
Lucky hears Jason and Elizabeth talking about the fact that she could be the person who ran Sam over. Nikolas is terrified that he will never see Emily again when he is rushed to the hospital after collapsing. Trevor finds out where Johnny is being held by Sonny. Peg tries to comfort an upset Michael. Ian ends up being the mysterious person that Jerry has been talking to.
#11508 45x240
Alexis tries to convince Nikolas to have the surgery. Robin lays down some ground rules with Patrick about the child she is carrying. Lulu feels bad about what she did to Logan but remains desperate to find Johnny. Claudia goes to see her father for help. Jerry's actions make his brother wary. Sam doesn't think that her relationship with Lucky can go back to the way it was. Kate suffers with chest pains.
#11507 45x239
Carly clashes with Elizabeth. Emily tells Nikolas that he has to have the surgery he needs. Jerry meets with a mysterious person. Spinelli comforts an upset Maxie when she visits her sister's grave. Kate shares her frustrations with Jax.
#11506 45x238
Diego attempts to kill Maxie and Nikolas tries to come to her rescue. When Diego tries to escape he falls and accidentally hangs himself. Sonny is determined to find out if Johnny knows what has happened to Michael. Ian's behavior surprises Sam.
#11505 45x237
Sonny learns about Carly's pregnancy. Lucky attempts to save Sam's life. Peg insists that Michael calls his family. Mac learns about Diego being the killer. Nadine finds her life in danger and when Nikolas shows up he attempts to strangle Diego.
#11504 45x236
Jason attempts to save Sam and Elizabeth. If anything happens to her brother, Claudia vows to destroy Sonny. Diego gets away and the car goes over with Sam still inside.
#11503 45x235
Diego shoots at Lucky as he approaches the car. Claudia is dtermined to get even with Sonny. Kate and Sonny decide they wanrt a future together. Robin admits to Patrick that he is the father of the baby she is expecting.
#11502 45x234
As Michael hides out he runs in to an old lady called Peg. Carly is frantic about Michael's disappearance. Diego puts an unconscious Elizabeth in the car with Sam. When Elizabeth wakes up she tries to attack Diego causing him to crash the car.
#11501 45x233
Jason catches Claudia looking around Sonny's office. Diego ties explosives to Sam's body. Sam manages to untie herself. Sonny threatens Johnny. Elizabeth runs in to the killer when she goes to Sam's place. Nikolas remembers who the killer is.
#11500 45x232
Carly informs Jax that she believes Lorenzo is in town. Claudia makes Kate's condition worse when she introduces herself. Diego makes sure that Sam doesn't let Maxie know she is in trouble. Diego takes Sam to a warehouse full of explosives.
#11499 45x231
Diego explains to Sam how his father saved his life and how he now wants revenge for his father's death. Emily tells Nikolas that Logan isn't the killer. Sonny clashes with Claudia. Lulu tells Nikolas about what she did to Logan. Diego tries to kill Sam.
#11498 45x230
Sam is released and comes face to face with the killer who reveals himself as Diego Alcazar. Carly is worried about what has happened to Michael. Claudia clashes with Trevor. Ric asks Elizabeth for help.
#11497 45x229
Carly tells Jason about her pregnancy. Sonny is relieved when he learns that Kate's condition has stabilized. Sam isn't convinced that Logan is the killer. Lulu and Johnny make love. The killer makes plans to get rid of Sam once and for all.
#11496 45x228
Ric saves Marianna from a difficult situation. Claudia tries to end her father's life. Sonny hears that something has gone wrong in Kate's surgery. Claudia finds it impossible to go through with her plan to kill her father. Both Jax and Sonny are worried that Kate wont pull through.
#11495 45x227
Lulu finds it impossible to beleive what Logan has told her and knocks him out with a wrench. Michael hides out on a crago ship scared that it will be revealed that he shot Kate. Kate is rushed in to the ER.
#11494 45x226
Jax hears the gun shot and is relieved when he finds out that a passed out Carly hasn't been shot. Logan tries to convince Lulu that he isn't the killer. Michael realizes that he has shot Kate. When Claudia sees that Kate has been shot she does nothing to help her. Logan tells Logan it was his plan to make Johnny look like the killer. Sonny is shocked when he discovers that Kate has been shot.
#11493 45x225
Claudia learns that Ric and Sonny are related. Kate and Sonny both wonder if they have a future together. Michael accidently fires the gun with Kate and Carly around. Nikolas starts to remeber more about the night Emily died. Lulu looks around Logon's room when Spinelli and Maxie tell her that he could be the killer.
#11492 45x224
Claudia gives Jason a choice. Jax arranges a surprise for Carly. Nikolas admits to Sam that it could of been his car that hit her. Claudia watches Kate kiss Sonny and after she leaves she makes her own move on him.
#11491 45x223
Sonny refuses to give Luke a job. Sam tells Jason about what she can remember about the accident. Mike tells Sonny about Michael trying to buy bullets for the gun. Claudia tries to charm information out of Luke about Sonny. Morgan finds his brother's gun. Michael lies to Sonny about owing a gun.
#11490 45x222
Johnny talks to Patrick about his father's condition. Logan tells Lulu that he knows her father raped her mother. Jason tries to find out if Cary was responsible for Sam's accident. Morgan goes in to Michael's room and hides under the bed. Epiphany becomes upset as she holds Stan's ashes.
#11489 45x221
Spinelli tells Maxie that he thinks that Logan could be the text message killer. Sam is threatened by the killer. When somebody insults her brother Claudia is none to pleased. When Nikolas learns that Sam was hit by a car he wonders if he was responsible. Alexis stands up for Jerry in front of Diane.
#11488 45x220
Claudia and Sonny are shocked when they fond out exactly who the other one is. It is revealed that Marianna is secretly working for Trevor. Elizabeth tells Jason that its possible she hit Sam. Logan is furious when he sees Lulu and Johnny sharing a kiss. Michael is caught by Mike trying to purchase some bullets.
#11487 45x219
Tracy tells Luke that she wants a divorce. Jax is worried that Carly hit somebody in her car. Claudia wants Trevor to set a meeting for her. Claudia listens in as Trevor and Johnny talk about her. Sam explains to Lucky what happened to her. Sonny tells Michael to stay away from guns. Logan learns from Scott what happened between Luke and Laura years ago. Lulu bumps into Johnny.
#11486 45x218
Luke is surprised to find a semi dressed Logan in Lucky's house. Tracy beleives that Monica has been drunk driving after her car is found. Elizabeth is informed by Jason that there is blood on the bumper of her car. Claudia attempts to reach out to her brother. Jason learns about Sam's accident.
#11485 45x217
Jerry finds Sam on the roadside and takes her to the hospital. Carly tells Jax that she is expecting their child. Robin clashes with Ian. Elizabeth enjoys spending time with Jason but later suffers with a nightmare. Maxie and Spinelli search Coop's room as Jerry secretly watches them.
#11484 45x216
Sam is hit by a car as she tries to get away from the killer. Anthony wants to know why Trevor brought his daughter to town. Sonny discovers that Jax knows about Kate's past. Robin and Patrick learn that Nikolas is out driving after having left the hospital. Monica and Elizabeth are both upset after having been out driving. Carly is upset when she sees Jax with Kate and asks her to leave. Both Sam and the killer are seen lying passed out on the road.
#11483 45x215
Sonny sleeps with Claudia. Now that Lulu is no longer living in the Quartermaine house Logan wants her to come back and live with him. Lucky tells Sam that it is too late for them and he later refuses to believe her when she has she has been texted by the killer. Sam is attacked on the pier but manages to get away. Claudia ends up being Anthony Zacchara's daughter and she goes to see him. The killer continues to pursue Sam as Carly, Elizabeth and Monica all drive in the rain.
#11482 45x214
Luke doesn't get the welcome he was hoping for when he returns to town. As Carly says she should of killed Coop when she had the chance to, Michael listens in. Emily tries to help Nikolas remember what happened. Claudia learns that Sonny took care of her drinks. Sam tells Lucky that she wants to be with him but he is furious with her for allowing Jacob to have been kidnapped in the park. Luke manages to make Tracy angry. Kate shares her past wit Jax. Nadine continues to grow concerned about Nikolas.
#11481 45x213
Patrick is surprised when he learns from Robin about her pregnancy. Sam tells her mother that she wants a proper relationship with Lucky. Elizabeth tells Lucky that is was Sam's fault that Jacob was kidnapped in the park. Kate is offered some advise from both Diane and Alexis.
#11480 45x212
Monica throws all of Tracy's things out of the Quartermaine mansion. Coop is publicly named as the text message killer. Maxie is determined to prove that Coop was innocent. Lulu decides to split up with Logan as her feelings towards Johnny grow. Ian takes Leyla out for a drink. Tracy learns that her Quartermaine bank accounts have been frozen. Lucky wants Elizabeth to tell him what she is hiding about Sam after overhearing their conversation.
#11479 45x211
After Coop's lifeless body is cut down the missing police report is found in his pocket and the police believe he was the text message killer. Jason and Maxie are not convinced though. Elizabeth issues a threat to Sam. Tracy ends up in a confrontation with Monica about Luke's surgery.
#11478 45x210
The nurses like the look of the hospital's new doctor called Ian Devlin. Coop tries to convince Logan that he isn't the killer. Carly learns from Kate that Sonny asked her to marry him. Lucky asks Sam to look after the kids after he gets a lead on Johnny's whereabouts and Elizabeth isn't happy when she finds her holding Jacob. Kate runs in to Sonny. Maxie is shocked when she sees Coop hanging in his room.
#11477 45x209
When Lulu is mistaken about Logan she ends up in Johnny's arms. Coop wants Maxie to go on a trip with him. Elizabeth tries to offer Robin some advise. Ric refuses to sign over the pier to his father. Jason is worried about Michael when he catches him trying to steal Sonny's gun.
#11476 45x208
Sam manages to save Alexis from the attacker. Nikolas realizes that he has to have the surgery if is to survive. Lulu wants Johnny to take things slowly in his recovery. The DNA results go missing. Logan is questioned about the missing DNA file. It is revealed Coop has the missing file and he reads that DNA matches his own.
#11475 45x207
Lulu learns that her father has left town again. Carly wants to prove that Elizabeth isn't fit to look after her children. Lulu is worried about what has happened to Johnny. Jerry has a mysterious meeting in his hotel room. Mac is determined to find the person who killed Georgie. Lulu tries to revive Johnny after she finds him. Jason tells Carly that he doesn't want her going after Elizabeth. Alexis is attacked by the killer.
#11474 45x206
Lulu and Logan find themselves being held on a boat. Johnny makes plans for the boat to be blown up unaware that Lulu and Logan are on board. Jason manages to get Lulu and Logan off the boat but it explodes with Johnny supposedly still on board. Robin works out that Patrick is the father of her child. Nikolas is faced with a difficult decision after talking to Patrick. Kate runs off and doesn't give Sonny an answer to his marriage proposal.
#11473 45x205
Logan tries to help Spinelli as Lulu and Johnny also try and escape. Jerry receives a mysterious phone call about a shipment he is expecting. Nikolas wants Emily to promise to never leave his side. Lulu and Johnny end up sharing a kiss after he tries to cheer her up. Sonny and Kate go to the cinema and Sonny is shocked when he sees a couple just like them in there. Robin learns that she is pregnant. Logan is caught as Spinelli catches up with Lulu. Sonny manages to surprise Kate when she realizes that he is about to ask her to marry him.
#11472 45x204
Johnny thinks it was wrong to allow Spinelli to go in to the monastery alone. Kelly and Monica are forced by Joe to run tests on his wife. Carly tells Jax about Jason being Jacob's real father. After Jason fights with Joe he discovers the bomb isn't real. Joe is arrested by Mac. Johnny tries to rescue Lulu but ends up getting hurt. Lulu and Johnny end up trapped together.
#11471 45x203
Sam finds herself becoming Joe's hostage. Emily tells Nikolas that it would be better for him if she just vanished for ever. Logan and Johnny get a lead on Lulu's location from Spinelli. Cassius and Epiphany work on saving Jacob's life. Kate and Sonny are watched by a mysterious man. Nikolas runs in to Joe.
#11470 45x202
Ric tells Alexis that he has to get out of Port Charles for a while so he can get over his obsession with Sonny. Robin is hurt when Nikolas suffers another blackout. Scott wants Lucky to take Joe out.
#11469 45x201
After hearing that Anthony Zacchara's condition has changed Jason wants Spinelli to check out his medical records. Joe says that he will blow the whole hospital up unless his wife is treated. Elizabeth tries to save Jacob who is trapped inside with the fire. Logan tells Tracy about Lulu being missing. Sam tries to talk reason with Joe. Epiphany is determined to save Angie's child.
#11468 45x200
Skye tells Edward and Monica that she has decided to leave town. Jason isn't happy with Sam for telling Carly the truth about Jacob being his son. Cameron causes a fire after playing with matches. Skye helps Luke get out of the hospital. Joe returns to the hospital after he is told to leave with his pregnant wife for not having the right medical insurance. It is revealed he has a bomb strapped to his chest.
#11467 45x199
Trevor sets up a meeting with Johnny. Carly issues a threat to Elizabeth. Lulu tries to escape. Alexis finds herself opening up to Diane. Kelly tells Jax the only ways he and Carly will be able to have a child together. Nikolas is violent again after suffering another blackout. Logan tries to find out what has happened to Lulu and points a gun at Johnny. Jason secretly watches Elizabeth playing with their son.
#11466 45x198
Tracy isn't happy when she catches Luke trying to leave the hospital again. Jason admits the truth to Carly. Spinelli tells Nadine about his future plans. Skye tells Ric that she is considering leaving town for good. Alexis hears a secret from Diane. Jason is worried that Carly might tell everyone the truth about him being Jacob's father.
#11465 45x197
Carly isn't convinced that Sam has told her the truth. Skye isn't convinced that spending time with Ric is a good idea. Johnny visits his father. Carly goes to see Elizabeth. As Elizabeth confronts Sam, Carly goes to see Jason.
#11464 45x196
After Michael gets in to a fight at school Jax is able to explain to him why it is wrong. Sam tells Carly about Jacob really being Jason's son. Both Kate and Sonny are unhappy at being apart. Jerry has Lulu held against her will. Skye helps Ric when he has difficulties in looking after the children. Felecia and Mac find a clue which could help them find the killer.
#11463 45x195
Epiphany asks Jason for help. After Johnny attempts to take matters in to his own hands Trevor is forced to try and do some damage control. Maxie manages to upset her mother again. Sonny is forced to return home. Ric finds it tough looking after both Kristina and Molly.
#11462 45x194
Jerry listens in as Elizabeth makes a call to the police about what Epiphany heard on the phone and she then calls Jason. Luke becomes unconscious and dreams that he is on trial for the sins that he committed over the years. Jason and Spinelli tell Epiphany that they have managed to find out about her son. Kate manages to impress Sonny. Epiphany receives some devastating news.
#11461 45x193
Lucky tells Elizabeth that he saw the New Year in with Sam. Nikolas is pleased when he sees another vision of Emily. Carly believes that Sonny has finally worked out that Kate isn't the right woman for him. Jerry calls a hit on Stan. Epiphany is pleased when she gets a call from her son but then hears a crashing noise on the phone.
#11460 45x192
Sonny gets in to trouble on a day out with Kate. Jax is unable attend the party he and Carly are holding at the Metro Court because he is ill. Carly leaves early so she can see in the New Year with him. Elizabeth is upset when Jason isn't able to spend New Year's Eve with her. Nikolas spends more time with Emily's spirit.
#11459 45x191
Johnny gets ready for an important meeting and enjoys his new found power. The truth about what Jerry has been up to is revealed. Nikolas tells his family about a medical condition which he thinks could be genetic.
#11458 45x190
Kate resists the urge to return home with Sonny. Carly learns from Kelly how difficult it will be to get pregnant without the aid of fertility drugs. Jason's time alone with Elizabeth is interrupted by a call from an upset Spinelli who has read a note Georgie had written before her death. Jason makes a visit to his sister's grave.
#11457 45x189
Jason insists to Sonny that Trevor and not Johnny is the real danger to them. Trevor continues to manipulate Johnny. Kate rejects Trevor who then tells her she will never get her old job back. Kate is later surprised when Sonny shows up at her door. Jason makes more plans to spent time with Elizabeth. Carly shares her fears about Michael with Jason and later she clashes with Robin. Luke is told that he might have to change his lifestyle as he recovers from the surgery.
#11456 45x188
Sonny and Kate are both miserable whilst they are apart. Jason secretly watches Elizabeth spending Christmas Eve with the children. Luke\'s family wait whilst he undergoes surgery. Whilst having surgery Luke imagines what heaven looks like. Mac invites Felicia to stay for Christmas and Maxie ends up giving her a present from her sister.
#11455 45x187
Maxie argues with her mother in public. Carly is upset when she doesn't get the news she wanted. Alexis talks to Luke who learns his surgery will happen soon.
#11454 45x186
Carly isn't happy when she catches Michael listening in on her and Jax's conversation and is even more unhappy when Michael says he wants to be just like Sonny when he grows up. Kate writes a goodbye letter to Sonny. Lulu convinces her father to have the necessary extra surgery . Dillon learns about Georgie's murder from Lulu. Maxie isn't pleased to see her mother.
#11453 45x185
After talking to Carly, Kate decides to agree to allow Sonny to protect her anyway he can. Carly doesn't want Sonny starting another mob war. Trevor looks forward to the end of Sonny whilst Johnny decides it would be better for Lulu if he kept his distance. After making love, Jason and Elizabeth decide to continue meeting in secret. Lucky isn't happy with Sam's idea of using herself as bait to bring the killer out in to the open. Luke isn't happy when he learns that he will have to have another operation.
#11452 45x184
Jason is unable to get Sonny to change his mind about killing Johnny. Kate decides to be with Sonny despite all the dangers. Johnny ends up kissing Lulu. Elizabeth arranges a secret meeting with Jason. Sam is relieved when Lucky shows up after she receives a text from the killer.
#11451 45x183
Georgie ends up being the murderer's next victim. Sonny just manages to avoid being shot. Trevor tries to make it look like he was the intended victim. Lulu and Johnny learn that Sonny has ordered him to be be killed.
#11450 45x182
Spinelli is unable to find anything on Coop that proves he has a violent past. Sonny wants Johnny to think he is calling a truce when in reality he plans to get even. Maxie ignores her sister's warnings that Coop is not good for her. Spinelli is happy when Jason lets him know that Georgie is after him. Georgie receives a text message asking to meet her sister in the park. Jason takes a look around Coop's room and belongings. As Sonny talks to Trevor somebody aims a gun at him.
#11449 45x181
Johnny isn't happy with Trevor and hopes he can still make peace with Sonny. Trevor makes plans to use Lulu so that he can keep Johnny in line. Sonny wants Alexis to stay out of his personal business. When Lucky worries that Sam might be the next victim she suggests that he moves in with her. Maxie makes plans for an evening alone with Coop despite her sister's concerns.
#11448 45x180
Kate insists that Sonny respects her independence. Trevor tells Johnny why it is too late to call a truce with Sonny. After one of their shipments is attacked Sonny and Jason realize that they are now at war with the Zacchara family. Leo is forced to take over the operation from Monica. Luke is shown around his version of Hell by Skye. Georgie shares her suspicions with Spinelli.
#11447 45x179
Luke is taken away so that he can have his surgery. Monica has visions of Emily helping her do the surgery which makes her freeze up. Luke finds himself in his own version of hell. Johnny is attacked by Mac after he looses control whilst questioning him. Jason is able to get Johnny released who then sees Lulu being comforted by Logan at the hospital. Trevor issues a threat to Jason. Coop's actions make Georgie even more suspicious about him.
#11446 45x178
Georgie's sudden arrival saves her sister's life from the attacker. Kate admits her fears to Sonny. Luke learns that he needs the surgery right now. Jerry tells Alexis that he knows how she feels about him.
#11445 45x177
Sonny is worried that the killer is after all the women in his life. Alexis and Diane clash. Ric sees Jason and Lucky arguing about Jacob. Skye receives an offer from Trevor. Harper discovers that Coop has no alibi for where he was at the time of the murders after he questions Maxie. Maxie finds herself in danger.
#11444 45x176
Kate is adamant that she doesn't want Sonny's lifestyle ruining her life. Lulu continues to feel attrached to Johnny. Luke catches them together after sneaking out of the hospital. Tracy is later relieved when Luke agrees to have the surgery needed to save his life. Jerry insists to Alexis that nothing happened between himself and Leyla and he believes that she is jealous.
#11443 45x175
Jason learns some information about Emily's murder. Jason tries to offer Johnny some advise. The police want to question Johnny about the murders. Elizabeth clashes with Patrick after getting drunk. Alexis tells Jerry that she doesn't want to be with him and is later shocked when she shows up at his apartment and finds him with Leyla.
#11442 45x174
Lucky tells Jason that he will keep the secret that he is really Jacob's father as long as he stays away from Elizabeth. Johnny refuses to accept help from Sonny. Sam tries to manipulate Lucky. Leyla's actions shock her friends when they see her out at a bar.
#11441 45x173
Jason hears Elizabeth asking Lucky to keep pretending to be Jacob's father so that he will remain. Jason reluctantly agrees to stay out of Jacob's life. Johnny refuses to give up his father's business. Jax wants to take Carly and the boys away on vacation.
#11440 45x172
Nikolas tells Emily that she was murdered and that she must be a figment of his imagination. Johnny informs Trevor that he never wants to end up like his father. Patrick admits to Robin that he still loves her. Sonny is given an ultimatum by Trevor. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he still wants to be part of Jacob's life.
#11439 45x171
Nikolas is shocked when he sees a vision of Emily that he can touch and talk to. Elizabeth and Jason grow closer as they think about Emily. Kate isn't happy with the way Sonny tries to protect her. Georgie tries to be honest with Spinelli about the way she is feeling.
#11438 45x170
Jason secretly attends Emily's funeral but he is seen by Elizabeth. Luke agrees to have the surgery but disappears again. Johnny is determined to help find out who is behind the text messages. Sam offers Lucky her support. Georgie tells Dillon about her feelings towards another man.
#11437 45x169
Emily's funeral takes place and Jason honours his mother's wishes by not attending. Monica blames Sonny for everything that has happened. Carly tries to convince Jason to go to the funeral. Lulu asks her father to stop taking so may risks whilst he is unwell.
#11436 45x168
Lucky shows up and goes to see his father at the hospital where he learns about what happened to Emily. Sam tries to be there for Lucky. Lucky goes to see the children which makes Jason feel out of the loop when he sees how close the children are too Lucky. Zacchara learns that he is paralyzed and as he is about to be moved to a unit for the insane he manages to warn his son about Trevor. Nikolas suffers with a nightmare. Luke attempts to leave the hospital.
#11435 45x167
Nikolas sits alone at Wyndermere. Carly is determined to make Thanksgiving happy for the sake of the children. Coop and Spinelli are invited to spend Thanksgiving with Mac and the girls. Lulu and Logan spend a strange Thanksgiving together.
#11434 45x166
Sam and Elizabeth try to get through to Nikolas. Tracy learns that Luke will need a bypass operation. Alexis and Ric decided to put the past behind them. Patrick and Robin clear up all the problems between them before going their separate ways.
#11433 45x165
After clashing with Zacchara, Jason manages to gain control and shoots two bullets in to him. After Sonny saves Kate's life they talk about a future together. Nadine attempts to save Zacchara's life when Mac and the police show up. Sam is worried about Lucky. Carly's life is saved by Johnny. When another text is sent, Jason, Lulu and Carly come to the conclusion that there is still a killer on the loose.
#11432 45x164
Jason believes that Nikolas could of killed Emily. Whilst rescuing Kate, Sony is shot. Coop and Logan are asked by Spinelli to help take care of the gunmen. Jason puts his own life at risk to save Elizabeth. Luke and Tracy share how they really feel about one another before he has another heart attack.
#11431 45x163
Jason, Carly and Jax are shocked when they find Nikolas with Emily's lifeless body. Elizabeth is shocked when Jason tells her what has happened to Emily. Anthony and Jerry end up trading shots with one another and Jerry ends up collapsing in front of both Kate and Sonny. Later Kate finds herself in trouble.
#11430 45x162
Jason manges to gain control of the situation with Nikolas and ties him to a chair but he is later freed by Lucky and Sam. Worried about Nikolas, Emily decides to go see if he is OK. Carly is shocked after Jerry tells her he loves her and she is relieved when she learns Jax is alive. Johnny instructs Logan to make sure Lulu is safe as he decides to go after his father.
#11429 45x161
Leyla stands in front of the gun as Zacchara fires it. Robin and Patrick try to save Leyla's life. Nikolas clashes with Jason when he sees him with Emily. Carly refuses to believe that Jax has been killed in the boating accident. Johnny refuses to allow his father to hurt Lulu and is shocked when his father demands that he kills her.
#11428 45x160
Carly feels jealous when Sonny admits to her he has fallen in love with Kate. Nikolas escapes from the wine cellar Emily locked him in. Zacchara leaves Luke to die. Emily is able to save Luke's life. Zacchara leaves Leyla with an impossible decision to make.
#11427 45x159
After helping save Ric's life Sonny passes out and Kate is worried. Nikolas is able to get away after fighting with Zacchara. Sam insists to Jason that she would never get back together with him. Sam has had enough of keeping Elizabeth's secret and lets it slip. Lucky tries to help Maxie from a certain death.
#11426 45x158
As a storm goes on Zacchara forces Maxie to stand on a wall from the turret and she looses her footing as Lucky shows up. After Zacchara fires shots at him and Emily, Nikolas ends up in a fight with him. Jason and Sam save Carly from danger. Alexis needs hospital treatment after becoming ill.
#11425 45x157
Carly is able to defuse the situation with Zacchara and get away. Sonny and is. Sonny decides it would be best for everyone if he is the person to confront Zacchara. Logan is upset that Lulu continues to offer Johnny support. Trevor asks Sonny for help in saving Ric's life.
#11424 45x156
Sonny learns that Zacchara is loose at the party and blames Trevor. Trevor learns that his son could die. Sonny uses Zacchara's son to try and force his hand. Zacchara finds Carly as she hides from the people attacking Jax and the others. After gaining control Jax leaves alone to get help whilst Sam and Jerry return to the party.
#11423 45x155
Jason makes it to the party and Elizabeth is relieved when she runs into him. Trevor is shocked when he finds out Sonny is still alive. Logan and Johnny face off about Lulu. Nadine switches places with Lulu so that Lulu can get away and she ends up being grabbed by Zacchara. Patrick tries to save Ric's life. Jax, Jerry and Sam are attacked as they try to find away to get everyone off the island.
#11422 45x154
Kate is told by Sonny that Trevor is responsible for what happened to him in Puerto Rico. Anthony attempts to keep a low profile at the party. Coop asks Carly why she's pointing a gun at him. Alexis is shocked that Ric has been stabbed. Carly is not convinced by Coop's story.
#11421 45x153
After Nikolas argues with Emily he cant remember doing it. Carly sends a text message to the killer. Johnny lets Lulu she is in danger. Carly thinks Coop is the killer when he shows up at the place she agreed to meet the killer. Alexis makes a shocking discovery.
#11420 45x152
Nikolas wakes up after the ball to find a dead body beside him. Time then slips back 11 hours to the events leading up to the ball. Emily agrees to remarry Nikolas. Sam clashes with Elizabeth as the ball gets under way. Johnny is determined to protect Lulu from his vengeful father. Kate is worried when Sonny doesn't show up. Zacchara makes his way to the ball armed with a gun.
#11419 45x151
Zacchara becomes more unhinged. Johnny gets away from Trevor so that he can make sure Lulu is safe. Ric wants Skye to help him bring down both Sonny and Trevor and she agrees to accompany him to the ball. Jax tells Carly he will be going with her to the party after all. Leyla decides to accompany Patrick to the ball after initially having some doubts about going.
#11418 45x150
Carly is determined to expose the killer at the Cassadine ball. Ric catches Luke trying to steal a file on Logan from his office. Sam is asked by Lucky to accompany him to the ball.
#11417 45x149
Jax wonders who Carly is texting on her cell phone. Trevor checks that all his plans are in place. Jax doesn't want Carly going to the Cassadine party alone. Nikolas tells Emily about his latest blackout. Sonny's car blows up in Puerto Rico and Trevor is told that Sonny is dead.
#11416 45x148
Sonny tries to make Ric see what his father is really like. Trevor makes plans to take Sonny out. Johnny's father secretly watches him as he meets with Lulu. After talking to Jason, Spinelli has second thoughts about fathering Robin's baby and asks him to donate instead. Carly receives another strange text message. Skye receives a proposition from Luke.
#11415 45x147
Jason talks to Robin about the way she is trying to find a father to have a child with her. Spinelli is asked by Robin to be a donor. Lulu tells her father and Tracy that there is nothing they can do to stop her from seeing Logan. Carly clashes with Sam and she and Jax wonder what Sam is up to.
#11414 45x146
Sonny argues with Trevor. Jason warns Carly to stop trying to investigate Leticia's murder on her own. After one of his warehouses are bombed, Sonny believes Trevor could be responsible. Things heat up between Lucky and Sam. Jerry attempts to force Sam into doing what he wants. Johnny's father threatens to kill any woman who his son falls in love with. Lulu wants to start a fresh with Logan.
#11413 45x145
Robin asks Lucky to father her child but he turns her down. Logan apologizes to Carly after harassing her for information.
#11412 45x144
Jax talks to Carly about the possibility of starting their own family. Lulu is taken to a mysterious house. Johnny Sonny is determined to meet with Anthony Zacchara. Lucky isn't allowed to see the children for a while. Lulu tries to escape.
#11411 45x143
Sonny tries to find out more about Zacchara. Lulu finds herself in trouble. Robin is furious with Patrick for ruining her plans.
#11410 45x142
Logan talks with Sonny about Lulu's involvement with Johnny. Johnny's actions scare Lulu. Sonny is far from happy when he finds out that Carly is still trying to find out who Leticia's killer is. Alexis shocked when she finds out Nikolas stabbed Jerry. Patrick warns Carly that Robin intends to ask Jax to be a sperm donor so that she can have a child.
#11409 45x141
Nikolas is shocked when he realizes that he attacked Carly. Nikolas is determined to find out what is wrong with himself. Johnny refuses to stay away from town and grows closer to Lulu. Tracy and Luke wonder how they are going to keep Lulu away from Logan. Diane and Max get drunk together.
#11408 45x140
Jason tries to get some answers out of Johnny. Carly is shocked when Jax tells her that his brother said Nikolas was the person who stabbed him. Alexis tries to find out from Nikolas what has been going on. Carly is attacked by Nikolas.
#11407 45x139
Johnny threatens Jason when Jason tries to find out from him what he knows about Leticia's murder. Luke finds his daughter with Logan. Robin isn't happy when Patrick interferes in her business.
#11406 45x138
Robin talks to Kelly about how she would love to have a child of her own. Logan learns from Lulu that his father made her an interesting offer. Luke learns that the changes against him have been dropped. Jason worried that he and Carly are targets after she shows him the text message she received.
#11405 45x137
Jax tries to find out from his brother who might have wanted to stab him. When Lulu considers giving Logan another chance Spinelli is pretty shocked. Nikolas tells Emily that he is sure he didn't attack Jerry. Emily is shocked when she learns from Jerry that it was indeed Nikolas who stabbed him. Tracy is surprised when Luke returns home.
#11404 45x136
As Jax and Carly make love a secret camera watches them. Nikolas is questioned by Det. David Harper. When Jax finds out what has happened to his brother he doesn't want to go to the hospital. Leyla tries to offer Patrick some advise. Scott tries to convince Lulu to give Logan another chance.
#11403 45x135
Elizabeth tells Diane that the truth about Jacob's parentage can never come out. Sonny is not convinced that Johnny is Leticia's killer. Robin and Leyla clash. Kate wants Jax to back her new business idea and Sonny is upset she never asked him for help. After Jerry is taken to the hospital after being stabbed Nikolas is shown with blood on his hands.
#11402 45x134
Carly asks Spinelli for help in dealing with Trevor and he tells Sonny what she is up to. Alexis and Diane clash over Elizabeth and Lucky's divorce. Nikolas' problems continue. Robin finds it hard getting over her break up with Patrick. Spinelli finds himself thinking about Jolene.
#11401 45x133
Maxie tries to convince Coop to give their relationship another chance. Lulu tells Johnny to stay away from her. Ric warns Alexis to keep Molly away from Jerry. Trevor wants his son to stop looking in Leticia's murder and close the case.
#11400 45x132
Carly attempts to hold her own against Johnny before Jax shows up. As Lulu considers giving Logan a second chance, Johnny shows up and points a gun at him. Events make Kate realize that Sonny's world is too dangerous for her. Emily and Nikolas talk about what has been happening to him.
#11399 45x131
Tracy wants Lulu to return home as Logan continues to try and get back in her good books. Lainey offers Robin some advise about Patrick. Johnny is furious when he finds out Carly set him up. Sonny makes love to Kate.
#11398 45x130
Sonny finds himself turning to Jax for help to try and save Kate's career. Carly pretending to be Lulu again arranges to meet up with Johnny. Spinelli works out what Carly is up to. Emily asks Jax for help with Nikolas.
#11397 45x129
Carly tries to offer Lulu some advise. Scott tells Logan the best thing he can do at the moment is stay away from Lulu. Kate learns that she will have to work as an orderly at the hospital. Carly tries to find out more about Johnny. Carly texts Johnny pretending to be Lulu.
#11396 45x128
Lucky finds himself turning to Sam for support. Sonny is able to help Kate avoid being sent to prison. Carly doesn't want Jason getting together with Elizabeth. Nikolas asks Robin to help him fond out what is wrong with him.
#11395 45x127
Carly likes the plan that Jax has come up with to get rid of Zacchara. Nikolas continues to act out of character. Trevor is surprised when Kate stands up to him.
#11394 45x126
Lucky and Elizabeth decide that their future lays apart. Lulu is unable to forgive Logan. Nikolas tries to explain to Emily why he has been so angry recently. Skye decides that it's better she has Ric as her friend rather than her foe.
#11393 45x125
Trevor tries to offer Sonny some advise concerning Johnny Zacchara. Lulu decides to go stay with Spinelli and Jason. Nikolas' rage fits continue to grow bigger.
#11392 45x124
After Jason rescues her, Lulu ends up defending Johnny. Sonny receives a strange message. Jax, Carly and the children spend some time together on the island but they are secretly watched. Lulu refuses to talk to Logan.
#11391 45x123
Jason is determined to find and rescue Lulu. Trevor issues a warning to Kate. Sam tries to be there for Lucky who is upset about Lulu's disappearance. Coop defends Maxie from an angry Logan.
#11390 45x122
Lulu's friends blame Logan for her running away. Lulu finds herself in danger from Johnny.
#11389 45x121
Maxie lets Lulu know that she slept with Logan. Elizabeth remains determined to make her marriage work. Sonny believes that Trevor is the one who drugged Kate and confronts him. Lulu decides to leave town and whilst trying to hitch a lift she is picked up by Zacchara's son Johnny.
#11388 45x120
After Kate is involved in an accident Sonny is determined t find out who is responsible for it. Neither Lucky or Sam regret what happened between them. Emily tells Jason that he should fight for Elizabeth. Georgie is convinced Lulu and Logan wont be together for long.
#11387 45x119
Kate is tired of the argument between Trevor and Sonny and decides to col things off with Sonny. Kate's day grows worse. Robin turns to Jason for support. Logan and Lulu try to adjust to living together.
#11386 45x118
Sonny wants Jason to take Trevor out as Trevor tries to blackmail Kate into not seeing Sonny again. Lucky is upset when his plans to seduce Elizabeth don't work. Robin ends thinfgs with Parrick. Lulu shocks everyone by deciding to move in with Logan.
#11385 45x117
Jerry threatens Sam into doing what he wants. Tracy manages t get herself released from Shadybrook. Logan wants a DNA test carried out so that he can really prove that Scott is his father. Lucky feels frustrated by the lack of closeness between him and Elizabeth. Robin feels jealous when she sees Patrick with Leyla.
#11384 45x116
Ric want to use both Trevor and Zacchara to destroy Sonny once and for all. Lucky is upset when Elizabeth refuses to make love to him. Jerry issues a threat to Trevor. Georgie offers Spinelli some advise.
#11383 45x115
Both Trevor and Jerry are questioned after a murder victim is found. Sonny clashes with Jax after sending Carly and the children to the island for their own safety. Emily thinks Nikolas might be lying to her.
#11382 45x114
Jason and Sonny find themselves under pressure. Jax puts himself in danger to try and help his brother. Jason wants Carly to move into Sonny's for her own safety. Spinelli talks to Georgie about how he is feeling.
#11381 45x113
Alexis learns that Ric's dad is in town. Nikolas secretly plans a big surprise. Elizabeth is determined to make her marriage work.
#11380 45x112
Kate finds herself having to choose between Sonny and Trevor. Coop sees Maxie's true colors. Logan warns Maxie not to tell anybody that they slept together. Kate hears Trevor warning Sonny to stay way from her.
#11379 45x111
Sonny tries to find out where he stands with Kate. Robin learns more about Patrick's past. Elizabeth and Lucky vow to work on their relationship as so Carly and Jax on theirs.
#11378 45x110
Sonny is upset after witnessing a close moment between Kate and Trevor. Sam remains determined t get revenge and ruin Elizabeth's marriage. Logan wishes that he hadn't slept with Maxie.
#11377 45x109
Kate hears Ric telling Sonny and Kate and Trevor's past together. Logan stops things from going to far with Lulu when he sees Maxie secretly watching them. Logan sleeps with Maxie to try and disprove her theories. Emily is furious with Nikolas. Lulu asks Cary for some advise about her relationship with Logan.
#11376 45x108
Carly tells Jason what happened between Jax and Irina. Jax tries to make things up with Carly. Maxie secretly watches Logan and Lulu. Nikolas actions shock Emily when he tries to defend her whilst she is at work.
#11375 45x107
Jason issues Sam with a warning. Sonny fills Kate in on his and Trevor's history. Jax tries to explain to Carly why he slept with Irina.
#11374 45x106
Sonny confronts Trevor about what he is doing in Port Charles. Trevor tries to poison Kate's mind about Sonny. Elizabeth tells Emily that she is convinced Sam is trying to steal Lucky away from her to get revenge. Elizabeth witnesses Lucky meeting Amelia.
#11373 45x105
Kate's connection with Trevor surprises Sonny. Elizabeth and Lucky cant agree about Sam and Sam is pleased when she learns they have been argueing. Jason finds out Sam was behind Elizabeth's attack. Carly learns that Jax slept with Irina. Noah manages to be a hit at the concert.
#11372 45x104
Jason is determined to find out who threatened Elizabeth. Anna ends up saving the day after Noah's accident at the concert. Kate learns from Trevor that Ric is his son.
#11371 45x103
Kate tries to disassociate herself from Sonny. Elizabeth tells Emily that she has decided that she cant be friends with Jason anymore. Jason thinks Ric is behind the attack. Kate receives an unexpected visitor. Noah has an accident.
#11370 45x102
Jason remains firm that he and Elizabeth can never be together. Lulu and Logan take their relationship to the next level. Logan tells Maxie that their agreement is off. Irina knocks Jerry out. Carly manages to get to Jax but ends becoming a hostage with him.
#11369 45x101
Lulu nearly catches Logan and Maxie talking about her. Carly and Jerry find themselves in danger from Irina. Sam saves Elizabeth from danger but it is later revealed she set the whole thing up.
#11368 45x100
Lucky wants Jason to stay away from Elizabeth. Sam and Lucky continue to grow closer. Sonny and Diane offer Kate some advise.
#11367 45x99
Jason is found not guilty. Sam tells Jason that she will get even with Elizabeth for ruining her life. Carly is determined to find and rescue Jax. Coop is worried that Logan will end up hurting Lulu.
#11366 45x98
The jury get ready to declare their verdict. Sam continues to try and draw Lucky into her web. Jerry tries to cover when Carly realizes he has been lying to him. Tracy wants Scott and Logan to have tests done to prove that they are father and son.
#11365 45x97
Jax is forced to sleep with Irina when she threatens Carly and the children if he doesn't. Sonny manages to get Kate released into his care. Sonny is able to get Kate to open up to him. Carly offers Lulu some advise.
#11364 45x96
The judge allows Diane to try and prove that Lorenzo is still alive. Kate is arrested after being involved in an accident. Lulu refuses to believe that Logan is bad for her. Coop is furious after he catches Maxie and Logan together and she begs him to give their relationship another chance.
#11363 45x95
Diane says something that could alter the outcome of Jason's trial. Spinelli is upset when Lulu admits to him that she is thinking about taking her relationship with Logan to the next level. Sam attempts to get closer to Lucky. Kate's plan to leave town is stopped by Mac.
#11362 45x94
Carly and Jerry have to work fast to make everyone think Lorenzo is still alive. Ric continues to try and make Jason look bad. Lulu wants to take things slowly with Logan.
#11361 45x93
Jason's trial continues and Skye is questioned on the witness stand. Elizabeth is surprised to see Sam when she returns home. Lulu feels touched when Logan remembers her birthday.
#11360 45x92
Sam tries to make Lucky doubt Elizabeth. Jerry saves the day. Patrick and Robin attempt to keep their respective parents away from one another. Sonny rushes Kate to the hospital after she is bitten by a snake.
#11359 45x91
Jason warns Sam not to reveal the truth as Elizabeth continues to lie to Lucky. Carly and Jerry find themselves in danger. Lulu and Logan continue to grow closer.
#11358 45x90
Elizabeth lies in court and says Lucky is the father of Jacob. Lucky demands that Elizabeth tells him the truth about everything. Irina blackmails Jax into sleeping with her. Lulu enjoys her date with Logan and they end up kissing.
#11357 45x89
Elizabeth is forced to admit on the witness stand that she slept with Jason and is asked if he the father of her son. Lulu agrees to go another date with Logan.
#11356 45x88
Ric continues to try and make Jason look bad in front of the jury. Carly and Jerry make plans to go to Venezuela to try and help Jason. Sam finds an ali in Maxie. Spinelli is upset when Lulu admits to him that they will never be more than just friends.
#11355 45x87
Ric makes Jason look bad in front of the jury and tries to blackmail him into agreeing to a plea bargain. Jax is being held captive by an old friend of Jerry's. Coop issues a threat to Logan.
#11354 45x86
Both Ric and Diane attempt to make Jason look very different in front of the judge. Carly vows to get even with Sam and Sonny cools things off with Kate. Logan is furious with Coop when he learns he told Lulu to stay away from him. Noah finds it difficult resisting the temptation to have a drink.
#11353 45x85
Jason saves Amelia's life when an attempt is made on his life. Sam considers making Jason pay. Patrick and Robin work together to make sure that Anna doesn't become too involved with Noah. Jason's trial gets under way.
#11352 45x84
Sam is furious when Elizabeth talks to her about Jason. When Jason is brought back to Port Charles for the trial trouble breaks out. Noah like the attention he gets pretending to be Eli. Kate feels strange being around Sonny now that they have slept together.
#11351 45x83
Diane's arrival stops the fight between Sam and Carly. Jason tells Elizabeth to be honest when answering Ric's questions. Both Nickolas and Coop try to offer Lulu some advise. Coop wants Maxie to steer clear of Cody.
#11350 45x82
Carly ends up in a fight with Sam. Nikolas tries to find out more about how Elizabeth feels about Jason. Lulu's family do everything they can to try and keep her away from Logan. Maxie finds herself in a difficult spot.
#11349 45x81
After accidentally taking the aphrodisiac Kate ends up sleeping with Sonny. Anna stops Noah from giving into the temptation of having a drink and ends up kissing him. Jerry refuses to tell Carly where her husband is. Cody lets on that Logan is hiding a secret.
#11348 45x80
Sonny urges Jason to be open to everyone that Jacob is really his son but Jason refuses to change his mind about keeping quiet. With Anna's help Noah is able to pass himself off as Eli. Lucky tries to get some answers out of Sam.
#11347 45x79
Elizabeth insists to Lucky that her future is with him. Jason talks to Spinelli about the guilt he feels for hurting Sam. Coop runs into a man named Cody who has a grudge against Logan.
#11346 45x78
Sam finally gets to see Jason and admits that she saw Jacob being kidnapped. Sam blames Jason for not being there for her and tells him that they are through. Tracy and Scott tell Lulu that she is not to see Logan again. Lulu sneaks out and goes to see Logan where she kisses him. Alexis and Carly decide to try and find out who is helping Jerry.
#11345 45x77
Nikolas offers Sam his help in dealing with Amelia. Logan and Lulu grow closer. Tracy and Scott are shocked when they find Logan and Lulu together. Eli decides to have the surgery after talking to Anna.
#11344 45x76
Sonny gives Kate some advise and they reconnect with one another. Spinellie agrees to help Sam try and see Jason. Carly asks Jerry to help her get Jason freed from jail. Anna decides to help Noah become Eli so that the concert can ahead.
#11343 45x75
When Sam tells Jerry to stay away from her mother she gets unexpected results. Elizabeth is able to visit Jason. Lucky asks his wife about her feelings towards Jason. Kate feels uncomfortable when Sonny tells her Amelia knows about her past. Anna stops Eli Love's concert from ending in disaster.
#11342 45x74
Ric attempts to blackmail Sonny. Sonny isn't happy when he finds out Carly has been spending more time with Jerry. Sam is worried that her mother is becoming to fond of Jerry. Coop lets Logan escape after being forced to shoot at him. Georgie tries to offer Spinelli some advise. Rob and Patrick learn their punishment for breaking the rules.
#11341 45x73
When Sonny learns that Ric knows about his plans for a shipment that is coming in he decides to proceed with the plan anyway. Coop finds himself having to take measures to avoid a disaster. Ric notices a spark between Jerry and Alexis. Patrick and Robin break the rules.
#11340 45x72
Carly finds a way to visit Jason. Coop is given a new assignment from Ric. Lulu agrees to go on a date with Logan.
#11339 45x71
Carly clashes with Sam. Logan is blackmailed by Ric into doing his bidding. Sonny wants a favor from Coop in his attempt to help Jason. Lulu defends her father to Scott.
#11338 45x70
Sonny learns from Amelia that Sam saw Jacob being kidnapped. Ric decides to delve into Logan's past. Dillon decides to take the job. Noah's look a like Eli Love is forced to undergo surgery.
#11337 45x69
Carly stops Jerry from stealing money from Jax's bank accounts. Sonny isn't happy when he finds out Carly has been spending time with Jerry. Amelia likes seeing Sam upset over the fact that she cant visit Jason. Dillon considers the job offer after talking to his friends.
#11336 45x68
Carly allows Jerry to enjoy the 4th of July with her and the children. Dillon is offered a dream job but it will mean leaving Port Charles. Epiphany attempts to get son and Lainey together.
#11335 45x67
Elizabeth vows to make her marriage to Lucky work. For crossing the state border without permission Jason is sent to prison and not allowed visitors. Maxie learns from Logan that Scott is his father.
#11334 45x66
Amelia and Jason try to find out if Maureen actually has Jacob. Jason is relieved when he gets his son back. Elizabeth and Jacob are reunited. Jerry's version of events about what happened at the Metro Court differ greatly from what Carly remembers. People notice the similarities between Noah and a rock star called Eli Love.
#11333 45x65
Jason's suspicions that Sam took the baby continue to grow. Kate is determined to stay away from Sonny. Scott issues a warning to Logan. Jerry finds himself trapped with Carly. Sam remembers seeing Maureen take Jacob from the park after she has a drink.
#11332 45x64
Carly is shocked to find Jerry in her house with the children. Sam is upset that Jason could think she has something to do with Jacob's disappearance. Tracy attempts to blackmail Scott into releasing her. Lulu shares her theories about Scott with both Spinelli and Logan.
#11331 45x63
Amelia lets Sam know that she is in charge now. Jason discovers that he is being released on bale. When Carly returns home she is in for a surprise. Tracy refuses to do what Scott wants.
#11330 45x62
Sam admits to Jason that she knows the truth about him fathering Elizabeth's child and also admits her past to him. Sam is upset when Jason asks her if she took the baby. Sonny is convinced that Kate secretly likes him. Carly wants Jax to return to Port Charles with her but he refuses to give up on his brother. Amelia is secretly watched.
#11329 45x61
Sam discovers Amelia's real identity. Spinelli decides that he cant help Jason attempt to escape from jail. Carly is forced to rescue Jax when he gets himself into trouble. Sonny believes that Kate secretly wants to be with him.
#11328 45x60
Elizabeth and Lucky continue to live in hope that Jacob will be found. Amelia lies to Ric to protect Sam. Kate finds out that Sonny is sleeping with Amelia. Sam finds out that Amelia has been looking into her past.
#11327 45x59
Sonny considers exposing the truth about Elizabeth's baby to help Jason. Sam clashes with Elizabeth. Kate asks Sonny for help when she learns that a newspaper is going to run an article about her and Sonny. Jax manages to surprise Carly. Dillon is determined to get his mother released from the sanitarium.
#11326 45x58
Spinelli tells Jason about what he saw. Sam gets drunk and ends up saying more to Carly that she had wished. Jax plans a mysterious surprise for Carly. Tracy is taken to Shaddybrook after she falls into Edward's trap.
#11325 45x57
Jason learns from Elizabeth about Jacob's disappearance and he defends her when Lainey and Lucky think that she might be suffering from post natal depression and has done something with the baby herself. Sonny tells Spinelli to do whatever is necessary to find the baby. Spinelli begins to suspect that Sam could be involved in the baby's disappearance.
#11324 45x56
Elizabeth is frantic when Jacob goes missing in the park. Nikolas thinks that Jerry is behind Jacob's disappearance. Sam tells Det. Rodriguez that she knows nothing about Jacob's disappearance. Jax, Carly, Kate, and the kids join Sonny for a Father's day barbeque.
#11323 45x55
Sonny urges Jason to let everybody know that Jacob is his son but he decides to leave things as they are. Sam watches Elizabeth, Spinelli and Lulu out in the park with the children. Alexis and Emily both want Nikolas to give up with his plan to get even with Jerry.
#11322 45x54
Sam admits to Amelia that sometimes she wishes Jacob had never been born. Jax believes that he can still save his brother. Emily isn't happy when she learns that Nikolas is trying to find out where Jerry is. Nikolas vows to protect Emily whether she likes it or not. Logan tells Lulu why he doesn't like Scott.
#11321 45x53
Amelia continues to try and make Jason doubt Sam. Sam wants Jason to agree to try for a baby as soon as he is released from jail. Logan continues with the plan for him to seduce Lulu.
#11320 45x52
Amelia attempts to make Jason doubt Sam and lets him know that Sam knows the truth about his and Elizabeth's baby. Sonny's evening with Kate is interrupted by many people. Tracy sees another vision of Alan who warns her that Edward is up to something. Scott vows to get even with Tracy for her part in helping Luke.
#11319 45x51
Kate tries to justify herself to Sonny. Nikolas doesn't like the ideas Luke has planned for his mother. Scott is surprised when he finds Laura gone. Robin and Patrick both have completely different ideas about starting a family.
#11318 45x50
Amelia tells Sonny all about Sam's past who in turn tells Jason. Lucky wonders why Spinelli is taking an interest in his son. Kate finds an ally in Alexis over her dislike for Carly. Luke is determined to keep Scott away from Laura as all costs.
#11317 45x49
Spinelli refuses to tell Ric want he wants to hear. Lucky isn't happy when he discovers Elizabeth visiting Jason. Carly argues with Kate again and Carly isn't happy when she sees her and Jax talking. Logan puts Maxie's plan into action to try and seduce Lulu.
#11316 45x48
Georgie decides to offer Lulu some advise. Carly is determined to help get Jason released bu Jason doesn't want her help. Jax lets Carly know that he is unable to give up on Jerry. Ric wants to know what Spinelli knows about Jason and Lorenzo.
#11315 45x47
Kate notices how there is still a connection between Carly and Sonny. Jerry wonder just how loyal Carly is t his brother. Jane offers Jax some advise. Maxie feels jealous when she sees Coop talking to Lulu and sets Logan a challenge.
#11314 45x46
Sonny is taken to the station for questioning about Lorenzo's murder and Kate finds herself being taken with him where she clashes with Rick. Jason finds himself being arrested by Lucky as well. Jax issues a warning to his brother. Logan clashes with Spinelli.
#11313 45x45
Sam sets up a meeting with Kelly because she thinks that if she gets pregnant all her problems will be over. Ric informs Jax that unless he tells him what he knows about Jerry he will be charged too.
#11312 45x44
Jason refuses to agree to have a baby with Sam when she suggests using a surrogate mother. Luke attempts to tell his daughter about the night he raped Laura. Carly issues a warning to Jerry. Spinelli attempts to comfort an upset Lulu.
#11311 45x43
Sam is upset when Jason still doesn't admit the truth to her. Mac has evidence that implicates Jason in Lorenzo's death and Ric is secretly pleased. Jerry causes problems in Carly's relationship with his brother. Alexis believes that Jerry can turn his life around. Lulu hears her half brother's testimony in court. Luke tries to explain the truth to her daughter.
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