General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 44

#11268 44x255
Lorenzo clashes with Sonny and Jason issues a threat to Skye. Robin and Nikolas try to convince Alexis that they have real feelings towards one another as Mr. Craig manages to stay one step ahead of them. When Alexis collapses in the grounds at Wyndermere, a scared Kristina runs into Mr. Craig. Lulu is confronted by Scott. Jax tricks Carly.
#11267 44x254
Sonny hopes that Coop will prove a useful ally once he is part of the police force. Sonny plots so that Ric will no longer be a problem to him. Carly isn't happy when she discovers the truth about Jax and Alexis. Jax explains that what he did was to try and make her her jealous. Robin gives into Mr. Craig's demands leaving Patrick unaware and heartbroken. Maxie tries to help Logan get closer to Lulu whilst Spinelli turns to Jason for advise in his pursuit of Lulu.
#11266 44x253
Sam is adamant that Jason must be kept out of camera shot when Amelia's TV crew arrive at the penthouse. Mr. Craig demands that Nikolas and Robin must pretend to have fallen in love. Lulu decides to go on a different date with the three men in her life. Logan reluctantly agrees to Maxie's plan to make it look like Lulu is the person blackmailing Scott.
#11265 44x252
Patrick is certain that Robin is keeping something from him when she tells him she's moving in with Nikolas. Mr. Craig manages to keep Robin in check by making threats against Patrick. The passion between Sonny and Carly is cooled by Jason's arrival. Sam finally agrees to host Everyday Heroes as Amelia continues to look into her past. Jason tries to justify his actions to Spinelli. Lulu and Maxie's fight is stopped by Logan and Coop.
#11264 44x251
Jax tries to make Carly jealous and Alexis has some words of advise for him. Things heat up between Sonny and Carly. Mr. Craig forces Robin to go along with his plans. Coop is issued with an ultimatum by Sonny. Maxie isn't happy when she sees Coop with Lulu.
#11263 44x250
Spinelli stops Lulu from spilling the beans at the wedding before Lucky and Elizabeth are declared husband and wife. Lulu explains to Jason why she decided to keep her mouth shut after all. Sonny learns the truth about Coop and has plans for him. Nikolas discovers Robin tending to Mr. Craig's wound at Wyndermere.
#11262 44x249
Elizabeth and Lucky make final preparations for the wedding. Lulu is unsure whether she can keep the truth from her brother. Tracy convinces Luke to attend his son's wedding. As the wedding gets under way Lulu steps forward ready to reveal the truth.
#11261 44x248
Elizabeth and Lucky look forward to the wedding. Scott goes to see Laura where he admits that he really killed Rick. Lorenzo plots to bring Sonny down as Skye is unaware of his plans. Spinelli agrees to help Sam.
#11260 44x247
Nikolas pushes his family and friends away to keep them safe. After Carly seduces Jax she tells him that he is even with Sonny and that they are through. Jax tells a heartbroken Carly that it's her decision and she leaves. After realizing just how much her brother will be hurt if the truth ever comes out Lulu is determined to keep Jason and Elizabeth's secret. Sam and Jason make an important decision about the future. Monica and Edward are determined to get proof that Luke and Tracy altered Alan's will.
#11259 44x246
Carly can't help feeling jealous when she sees Jax with Amelia. Jason forces Carly to make a decision between the two men in her life. When Jax invites Amelia back for a drink he finds Carly semi dressed waiting for him. Sam finds herself having to lie to Jason. When Jason returns home he finds Lulu there with Sam.
#11258 44x245
After finding out where Sonny has taken Carly Jax sees them about to kiss. Jason tries to convince Lulu to keep his and Elizabeth's secret. Nikolas is injected by poison by Mr. Craig for which an antidote must be taken once a day. Mr. Craig tells Nikolas what he wants in return for the antidote. Scott wants Lucky to be honest with Lulu and her parents past. Sam finds it impossible to shake off the past.
#11257 44x244
Both Jason and Elizabeth wish that things could be different. When Jason returns home he finds Lulu waiting to see him. Jax isn't pleased when he learns that Carly intends to have dinner with Sonny to get the marble she wants. Luke issues a warning to Logan and Maxie when he sees them together. Maxie comes close to discovering Elizabeth's secret.
#11256 44x243
Carly is determined to press ahead with the divorce. The past continues to trouble Sam. Spinelli discovers the truth about Elizabeth's baby and Lulu forces him to tell her what he has learned. Coop listens in as Maxie tells Logan her plans. Luke wants to know what has been upsetting his daughter.
#11255 44x242
Sonny manages to make Carly do business with him. Scott decides not to press charges against Luke. Maxie learns from Logan what he heard. Ric finds life difficult as a full time father. Luke fears Tracy is losing her mind when he hears her talking to Alan's ghost.
#11254 44x241
Alexis can't believe that Ric has been granted full custody of Molly. Jax refuses to give into Jason's demands. Carly asks Jason to support what ever decision she makes. Lulu is impressed when her father talks about his relationship with Laura. Logan listens in as Lulu tells Dillon that nobody must ever find out that Scott really killed Rick. Luke is arrested after clashing with Scott.
#11253 44x240
Alexis is shocked by the judges decision at Molly's custody hearing. Sonny refuses to let Carly get away from him once again as Jason warns Jax to stay away from her. Lulu realizes that to clear her mother's name it will end up destroying her father. Tracy is haunted by Alan's ghost. Sam has a memory she would rather forget from her past.
#11252 44x239
Max believes that neither Sonny or Jax are good enough for Carly. Carly remains resolute that her future is with Jax. Luke and Tracy alter Alan's will. Sonny offers Lulu some advise concerning Alan's letter.
#11251 44x238
Luke wants to get hold of Alan's will to make sure that Tracy hasn't been left out. Jason is surprised when he learns that Carly slept with Sonny. Monica learns that Russell intends to challenge her for her job. Both Dillon and Spinelli declare their intentions towards Lulu and both offer to help her prove that Scott killed Rick.
#11250 44x237
Alan's family and friends attend his memorial service. Monica turns to Jason for support. Lulu is shocked when she reads Alan's letter about Rick's death.
#11249 44x236
Lucky thanks Jason for saving Elizabeth and the baby's lives and informs him there will be no investigation into Mr. Craig's death. Jason sacrifices his chance to be a father for Elizabeth's happiness. Jax and Sonny both prepare to win Carly's love. Patrick learns that his HIV test came back negative. Robin talks to Lainey about her fears that Patrick will return to his old lifestyle. Dillon discovers who Alan thought killed Rick.
#11248 44x235
Jax and Sonny continue to be at war over Carly. Carly offers Jason some advise to help him get over Alan's death. Jason tells Elizabeth how hard it is not being able to be a part of her unborn baby's life. Sam attempts to make amends with Mateo and her own past. Robin is released from the hospital and Patrick gets his latest HIV test results. Dillon and Lulu continue to investigate Rick's death.
#11247 44x234
Jason regrets not allowing his father to have a bigger part in his life. Elizabeth hopes that she and Lucky can make the future work. Sam begins to rebuild her relationship with Alexis.
#11246 44x233
Elizabeth tells Jason about her decision to remarry Lucky and asks him never to to tell Lucky that he is really the father of her unborn child. Jason agrees to Elizabeth's request but privately he finds it hard to imagine somebody else raising his child. Jax helps Michael deal with Alan's death. Jax tries to help Alexis keep custody of Molly. Lulu believes that Scott knows more about Rick's death then he is letting on.
#11245 44x232
Alan's family are devastated by his death. Luke isn't happy when he finds out Scott has been visiting Laura and wonders why he has chosen to return to town. Jax is shocked when Carly fills in him on everything that has been happening and he is surprised to learn that she married Sonny.
#11244 44x231
Jason manages to get the upper hand against Mr. Craig. Alan's family rally around when they learn that his condition wont improve. Jason shows up too late to pay his final respects to his father. Carly insists to Sonny that she still wants to be with Jax and that the night they spent together doesn't change anything. Carly is surprised to see Jax standing at the door. After talking with Luke, Elizabeth makes a decision about her future with Lucky.
#11243 44x230
Jason follows Mr. Craig back into the hotel. With Sam's actions making the headlines a mysterious person is interested in her. Sonny isn't pleased when Carly insists that her future is still with Jax. Alan's family let him know how much he means to them. Lulu believes that Scott knows more about Rick Webber's murder than he is letting on.
#11242 44x229
Jason decides not to tell Sam after all when she tells him that she has learned she will never be able to carry a baby full term. Mr.Craig manages to escape. Elizabeth cant bring herself to admit the truth to Lucky. Jason vows to get even with Mr. Craig. Dillon and Georgie both realize that they have no future together.
#11241 44x228
Sonny is relieved when he learns that Jason and Elizabeth have been found alive. Sonny and Carly grow closer. After learning the truth from Elizabeth, Jason decides that he has to be honest with Sam. Not knowing that Elizabeth has been found, Lucky attacks Mr. Craig. Maxie finds the mercenary who looked after her hiding in her bedroom.
#11240 44x227
Carly and Sonny manage to make it out of the hotel with the briefcase. Skye gives Ric the wrong code to open the briefcase and then Sonny accuses him of destroying what is inside on purpose. Jason is fearful that he and Elizabeth wont make it out. Luke is relieved when he finds Lulu.
#11239 44x226
Jason and Elizabeth find themselves trapped in a lift together after the explosion. Sam tells Alexis and Nikolas how Jason saved her life. Nikolas is relieved when Emily is brought out of the hotel. Sonny shoots Mr. Craig in the chest and Carly manages to get her hands on the briefcase. Mr. Craig is still alive as it's revealed that he is wearing body armor. Luke is frantic to find his daughter.
#11238 44x225
Mateo clashes with one of Mr. Craig's men. On Jason's say so Sam makes a bid to escape. After Spinelli successfully opens the vault Mr. Craig gets his hands on the briefcase. Sam tells the police all she knows. The detonator on the explosives is set off as Jason tackles Mr. Craig. After Nikolas carries Robin out he discovers that Emily isn't with him as the lobby of the hotel explodes.
#11237 44x224
Everyones lives continue to be in danger. Jason wants Sam to escape at the first possible opportunity so that she can inform the police what is going on inside. Jason tells Spinelli to start a computer program that will open the vault early. Alan's family urge him to hold on.
#11236 44x223
Luke gives Mr. Craig a fake code to disarm the briefcase to try and stall him from hurting Lulu. Sonny tries to convince Mr. Craig to get out whilst he can still escape. Spinelli has to think fast when he is caught with Lulu. Sonny expresses how he really feels to Carly. Monica tells the rest of the family that Alan's life hangs in the balance.
#11235 44x222
Luke and Lucky try to help Alan and later at the hospital Monica is forced to operate on him. Carly stops Emily from blowing Jason's cover. Mr. Craig threatens to kill Lulu unless Luke agrees to give him the code he wants. Edward blames Lorenzo and Skye for putting his family in danger.
#11234 44x221
Jason and Spinelli manage to over power one of Mr. Craig's men and Jason puts on his clothes. Emily decides to allow her father to be freed in front of Elizabeth. Patrick clashes with both Mayor Floyd and Dr. Ford. Dillon feels responsible for putting both Alan and Lulu in danger. As Alan leaves the hotel he collapses outside as guns are fired.
#11233 44x220
Carly and Sonny decide to use some of Mr. Craig's weaknesses against him. As Jason and Spinelli make their way through the hotel Mr. Craig decides it is time to have Sonny eliminated. Luke and Lucky mange to get inside the hotel. Emily face a difficult choice when she has to decide whether her father or Elizabeth should be released.
#11232 44x219
Carly remains resolute that her future is with Jax. Sonny and Carly manage to get the upper hand on one of Mr. Craig's men. Jason and Spinelli manage to get into the hotel. Tracy gets Luke released from jail. Patrick realizes just how much Robin means to him. Sam tries to get the upper hand against Mr. Craig.
#11231 44x218
Elizabeth puts herself in danger by helping Carly and Emily save Robin's life. Carly breaks down when she finds out that Sonny has been beaten up. Skye is worried that Lorenzo will be blamed for what is happening at the Metro Court.
#11230 44x217
Patrick isn't given permission to enter the hotel but Mr. Craig does allow him to tell Carly how to operate on Robin using things at the hotel. Sam is put in danger. Dr. Russell Ford starts work at the hospital and clashes with Epiphany. When Alan and Lulu end up locked in a room together he tries to convince her that he didn't kill Rick Webber.
#11229 44x216
Sonny realizes just how much danger everybody is in. Luke wants Lucky to work with him to help free the hostages. Jason forms a plan of his own and asks Spinelli to help him. After Lorenzo regains consciousness after his surgery he seems to have another problem. Lucky is forced to arrest his father when he wont give up on his plan. Sam manages to pull of Mr. Craig's mask to reveal his true identity.
#11228 44x215
Maxie discovers just how much danger she is in. As Robin's condition deteriorates Mr. Craig allows Alan to help her. Sonny offers to make sure Mr. Craig escapes safely if he agrees to release Robin. Jason tries to think of a way to get everybody out before the vault reopens. Lorenzo's surgery encounters problems.
#11227 44x214
Everybody at the hotel becomes the hostages of Mr. Craig. After Sam manages to hit the panic button Maxie ends up being locked inside the hotel vault with one of Mr. Craig's men. Jason, Lucky, Rodriguez and Mac find out about what is going on. Spinelli manages to hack into the hotel's computer and informs Jason that Lorenzo's briefcase in the vault. Luke finds out that Scott has been to see Laura. Lorenzo tells Skye that the briefcase in the vault has a timed detonator that requires a code to be entered at regular times or it will explode but before Lorenzo can give her the code he suffers a seizure.
#11226 44x213
Ric refuses to give up his custody battle with Alexis for Molly. Sonny decides to go and see Carly despite her warnings to stay away. Sam and Elizabeth have words. Lorenzo suffers with a headache. Emily and Nikolas visit Laura as Scott secretly watches on. Luke is reunited with his family and nearly runs into Scott at Shaddybrook. Lulu confronts Alan. Both Robin and Patrick reassess their relationship. Mr. Craig and his men rush into the Metro Court and announce that they are robbing the place.
#11225 44x212
Carly moves into the Metro Court and bans Sonny from coming anywhere near the hotel. Lucky asks his brother for some advise. Scott Baldwin returns to town and books a room at the Metro Court. Lulu and Spinelli continue to try and discover the truth about Rick's death.
#11224 44x211
After telling Patrick that she no longer intends to live with him Robin storms off and checks into the Metro Court hotel. Carly is furious with Sonny for lying to her and she wants Jason to take her to the Dominican Republic so that she can get an instant divorce. Sam is shocked by the news that she will never get pregnant again. Bobbie invites family and friends to a charity event at the Metro Court. Mr. Craig makes plans to steal the shipment from the vault at the hotel.
#11223 44x210
The Metro Court is hit by an explosion and time reverts to 16 hours previous. Carly threatens to move out if Sonny ever tries any romantic moves on her again. Carly discovers that the charges against Sonny have been dropped. Nikolas, Emily and Spencer are reunited with family and friends. Patrick talks to Pete about his relationship with Robin.
#11222 44x209
Carly reluctantly agrees to move into Sonny's house for the sake of the children's safety. Helena threatens Spencer safety unless Nikolas lets her proceed with her plans. Elizabeth tries to decide whether to tell both Jason and Lucky the truth about who the real father of her baby is. Lorenzo learns that the shipment is about to arrive and is given a briefcase which he has put in the Metro Court hotel's vault.
#11221 44x208
Carly insists that she will divorce Sonny once his problems are over. When Elizabeth agrees to have dinner with him, Lucky is sure that she will come back to him. Elizabeth opens up Jason. Lorenzo warns Ric not to interfere in what is going on. Nikolas learns that Helena has taken Spencer to Russia.
#11220 44x207
Alexis is determined not to let Ric win. Lulu believes that both Monica and Alan know more than they are letting on. Jason asks Spinelli to try and help him find out more about the mysterious shipment. An unseen person calls Shadybrook to see how Laura is doing. Maxie flirts with Rodriguez to provoke a reaction from Lucky. Patrick and Robin both make separate plans to go on trips with friends.
#11219 44x206
Kristina becomes upset as she sees her mother arrested for drug possession. Ric's plans shock Alexis. Lorenzo tells Jason that he doesn't know who is moving the mysterious shipment. Lorenzo makes plans to have shipment stored in the vault at the Metro Court.
#11218 44x205
Lorenzo tells Sonny that he must allow his shipment safe passageway in the docks otherwise they will both be in trouble. Sam gets a job working at the Metro Court. Lucky is tempted to take some more pills. Alexis is arrested when she is caught with drugs on her.
#11217 44x204
Alexis is determined to keep Ric away from Molly. Alexis is seen smoking marijuana by Ric. Jason offers Sonny some advise regarding his marriage to Carly. Monica warns Lulu and Dillon to stop their investigation into Rick's death.
#11216 44x203
Elizabeth talks to Jason about her future. Lucky is sure that Elizabeth will come back to him. Sam asks Spinelli for help with erasing her past. Dillon causes a diversion so that Lulu can look through Rick's old diary again.
#11215 44x202
Carly reluctantly marries Sonny. Maxie admits the truth to Lucky and he tells her that he wants nothing more to do with her. Tracy unnerves Sam by mentioning a name from her past which makes Sam quit her new job. Skye is relieved when Lorenzo wakes up. Emily and Nikolas head off to Greece.
#11214 44x201
Sonny decides not to tell Carly that she no longer needs to testify against him in order to make the wedding go ahead. Emily comes face to face with Colleen. Elizabeth confronts Maxie with the truth. Nikolas is convinced that Spencer is still alive and that his grandmother has him.
#11213 44x200
Carly reconsiders her decision not to marry Sonny. Nikolas and Emily close in on Colleen. Elizabeth finds the proof that Maxie was never pregnant as Lucky is forced to accept the fact that his and Elizabeth's relationship seems to be over. Tracy finds something to use against Sam. Nikolas learns that Colleen's car has been involved in an accident and nobody could of survived. Spencer is seen leaving on a plane with Helena.
#11212 44x199
Jason takes Carly's side against Sonny. Spinelli tells Carly about the flash drive he made for Lorenzo. After talking to Skye, Carly learns that Ric could be a possible suspect as to wanting Lorenzo dead. After attempting to blackmail Ric, Carly is arrested. The mystery man introduces himself to Skye as a business associate of Lorenzo's. One of Colleen's friends is revealed as helping Helena. Tracy hires somebody to delve into Sam's past as she starts her new job working for Edward.
#11211 44x198
Carly refuses to listen to Sonny and accuses him of trying to stop her from marrying Jax. Carly is furious when he tries emotional blackmail by telling her that the children think that they are getting married. When she sees that Lorenzo's IV has been messed around with Elizabeth alerts Robin and Patrick. Elizabeth continues to be suspicious of Maxie. Jason isn't happy that Sam is going to work for the Quartermaines. Georgie enjoys being around Pete.
#11210 44x197
An unseen person injects something into Lorenzo's IV. Carly refuses to marry Sonny. Elizabeth refuses Sam's request to stay away from Jason. Sam decides to leave her job at the hospital and looks forward to becoming pregnant with Jason's baby. When Emily and Nikolas find Colleen's apartment they find out that she has already left. Lulu and Dillon continue in their quest to find Rick's real killer as Monica tries to stop them.
#11209 44x196
Nikolas and Emily come close to finding Colleen and Spencer but she manages to cause a diversion and get away. After Sonny shoots Lorenzo in the head, Carly tells Ric that he was acting in self defense. Sonny's lawyer advises him that he has to stop Carly from testifying in court and the only way he could do that is if they were married. Elizabeth deices not to tell Jason that he is the father of her baby after Lucky shows up at Jason's penthouse. Sam feels jealous when she finds Elizabeth's scarf at the penthouse and realizes that she has been there. Skye makes the difficult decision to let Patrick operate on Lorenzo.
#11208 44x195
Alexis isn't happy when she sees Spinelli talking to Kristina. Carly offers some advise to Sam. Sonny and Jason prepare themselves for Lorenzo's next move against them. Carly is caught in the cross fire between Sonny and Lorenzo.
#11207 44x194
Monica hears Spinelli telling Lulu and Dillon abut what he found on the hospital computer. Georgie enjoys dinner with Pete at his house. Dillon and Lulu go t the attic to try and reenact what might have happened the night Rick died. Sonny asks Spinelli to mess up the records on Lorenzo's computer.
#11206 44x193
Elizabeth learns that she and the baby are going to be fine. Elizabeth's suspicions about Maxie continue to grow. Det Rodriguez warns Sonny that Lorenzo will want to get even with him. Colleen is certain that Nikolas will never find her and Spencer. Spinelli manages to get some information Lulu and Dillon need on Alan from the hospital computer.
#11205 44x192
An unconscious Elizabeth dreams whilst lying in the snow and is found by Jason. Later Jason tells Sam that he is ready to try for a baby. Carly continues to insist to Sonny that her future is with Jax. Emily and Nikolas head to Denver.
#11204 44x191
Elizabeth wonders whether she should tell Jason the truth about the baby and later suffers a horrible accident. Jason discusses with Sonny the possibility of having a baby with Sam. Jason makes it back home just before midnight to spend the new year with Sam. Sonny goes to see Carly after Michael calls him. Maxie manages to manipulate Lucky into spending time alone with her.
#11203 44x190
Sam remains unnerved by Mateo's presence in town. Jason learns from Kelly that Sam would be able to have a baby without any problems. Alexis continues to smoke marijuana to help relieve her pain. Lucky tells Nikolas that he has discovered that Colleen flew to Denver.
#11202 44x189
After watching video footage Nikolas knows for sure that Colleen has Spencer. Jason worries that Mateo is out to avenge his brother's death. Sam gets a job at the hospital. Spinelli believes that Alan killed Rick Webber. Elizabeth begins to doubt that Maxie was ever pregnant.
#11201 44x188
Nikolas is devastated when he cant find Spencer. Helena comes out of the shadows and tells him how Colleen locked her up in the parapet room and that she now has Spencer. Colleen takes Spencer to Denver and plans to raise him as her own son. Sonny is shocked by just how much Father Ruiz looks like Manny and learns that he is his twin brother. Carly insists to Sonny that she and Jax will be married when he returns.
#11200 44x187
Sonny, Helena and Colleen all attend the Christmas pageant at the church. Nikolas' worst fears are realized. A ghost from the past haunts Sonny. Ric is threatened by Lorenzo.
#11199 44x186
Maxie makes everybody believe that she has had a miscarriage. Jason tells Elizabeth that he believes that Ric set Lucky up. Carly offers to postpone the wedding so that Jax can go help his brother. Alexis smokes some marijuana to help relieve her pain.
#11198 44x185
Ric manages to surprise everybody. Jason and Sam find Spinelli a difficult house guest. Maxie pretends to fall down the stairs after arguing with Lucky. Carly prepares for her wedding to Jax.
#11197 44x184
Lucky tries to convince Elizabeth that somebody is trying to set him up. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she wants him out of her life. Spinelli comes to stay with Jason and Sam. Colleen gets ready to put her plan into action. Jax and Carly put their problems behind them and look forward to the future.
#11196 44x183
Jason wants to wait a while before trying for a baby with Sam. Elizabeth discovers the pills that were put in Lucky's desk at the police station. Alexis is furious when Ric tries to blackmail her. Carly and Jax continue to disagree.
#11195 44x182
After Jason tells her that the charges against him have been dropped, Sam is hopeful that the ones against her will be too. Jason and Sam enjoy sometime alone and look forward to the future. Somebody plants some pills in Lucky's desk at the police station. Jax threatens to cancel the wedding after he learns that Carly went to the island to try and convince Sonny to return home.
#11194 44x181
After Carly gives him the chance to say how he really feels, Sonny is too proud to admit to her that he still loves her. Sonny decides to leave town until after Jax and Carly's wedding. Jason and Spinelli are released after the charges against them are dropped. Spinelli tries to help Lulu prove that her mother didn't kill anybody.
#11193 44x180
Jason and Spinelli give themselves up to Det. Rodriguez and Lucky. Spinelli is able to prove that Ric's evidence against Sonny and Jason is made up. Sonny arranges a romantic surprise for Carly. Pete asks Georgie to help him with a book he is writing.
#11192 44x179
Spinelli is convinced to return to Port Charles with Lulu and Jason. Jason manages to out maneuver Lorenzo's men on the journey home. Carly insists to Sonny that her future is with Jax. Lorenzo realizes that Ric plans to double cross him after he catches Lucky spying on him. Ric is determined to win Elizabeth back.
#11191 44x178
Jason and Lulu track Spinelli down to his grandmother's house. Alexis pleads with Sonny and Ric to end their feud. After witnessing Michael bonding with Jax, Sonny tells Carly that h will never allow Jax to be a father to his children. Colleen changes the color of her hair so that she wont be recognized. After hitting Coleman, Patrick fractures his hand. Robin decides to move in with him to look after him.
#11190 44x177
Ric tries to make Alexis believe that Sonny is out to kill him. Jason and Lulu gain a better understanding of each other. Patrick is offered some advise by his father about his relationship with Robin. Colleen makes plans to kidnap Spencer and to get rid of Helena. Jax asks Nikolas for a favor.
#11189 44x176
Lulu becomes emotional after talking to Jason about how it felt to be pregnant and then have an abortion. Elizabeth tells Emily the reasons why she is unsure that she can ever get back together with Lucky. Colleen tells Nikolas that she intends to leave straight away.
#11188 44x175
Sonny is certain that Carly will never marry Jax. Colleen isn't happy when she sees Emily and Nikolas growing even closer. Dillion believes that Pete is after Georgie.
#11187 44x174
Skye is shocked when Lorenzo admits that he planned on killing Lulu. Sonny makes Lulu go with Jason to look for Spinelli. Lorenzo is surprised by an offer by Skye. Nikolas fires Colleen and it is revealed that she is holding Helena captive. Maxie is wearing a pillow to make herself look pregnant.
#11186 44x173
Carly helps Jason spend some time with Sam before he leaves to try and track down Spinelli in Tennessee. Ric shows up at the Metro Court and with a search warrant to look for Jason. Emily is shown by Nikolas what he believes to be proof of Colleen's innocence over the deaths of her former employees. Colleen listens in as Nikolas tells Emily his decision to fire her.
#11185 44x172
Sonny and his men show up to help Jason and Lulu. Lulu gives Jason a lead on where Spinelli might have gone. Nikolas and Emily make love.
#11184 44x171
Jason tries to rescue Lulu and Spinelli. Lorenzo's men try to get rid of them before Jason can get to them. Sam is granted bail by Ric as he hopes it will lead him to Jason. Sam disguises herself as Elizabeth so that she can see Jason.
#11183 44x170
Jason learns that Lorenzo has Lulu and Spinelli in his clutches. Sam tells Lucky not to trust Ric. Robin and Sonny both remember Stone. Patrick tries to make Robin feel better.
#11182 44x169
Jason is forced to hide when Lucky shows up at Elizabeth's studio. Spinelli and Lulu are taken by Lorenzo's men after she runs into him. Lorenzo breaks his word to Skye. Sam agrees to let her mother represent her. Carly asks Jax to become her husband on Christmas Eve.
#11181 44x168
Lucky gets his job back and Ric tells him to bring Jason in dead or alive. Alexis convinces Ric to allow Sam to try and help Kristina. Jax is determined not to allow Sonny to come between him and Carly. Tracy tries to be there for Luke.
#11180 44x167
Laura decides to return to Shadybrook as her condition worsens and privately shares a shocking secret with Lulu. Luke and Laura share a sad goodbye. Elizabeth invites Lucky to spend Thanksgiving with her. After receiving a call from Jason, the Quartermaines celebrate a happy Thanksgiving.
#11179 44x166
Laura's family give her an early Christmas before she returns to her old state. An upset Tracy breaks down in her father's arms. After the kiss with Carly, Sonny is sure that she will come back to him. Lorenzo pledges that things will be different with his daughter than they were with Diego.
#11178 44x165
Elizabeth manages to save Jason's life by removing the bullet and lets Sonny know where he is. Sam is accused of Diego's murder as Carly vows to help her. After Sonny lets Carly know that Jason is still alive she kisses him. Laura's children find it hard to accept that she will soon revert to her old condition.
#11177 44x164
Jason, Sam and Spinelli try to escape. Kristina is in the wrong place causing danger. Sam is forced to take action to save her life and ends up killing Diego. Worried about Jason, Sonny confronts Ric as Elizabeth finds a wounded Jason. As Jason is unconscious Elizabeth admits to him that it is his baby that she is carrying. Luke is forced to admit to Laura the truth about her condition and she is forced with some difficult decisions.
#11176 44x163
Laura and Luke manage to have a fantastic day despite a few hiccups a long the way. Robin realizes that Laura's memory is starting to go again already. Carly and Jax refuse to allow Sonny to ruin their relationship. Sam sees a side to Jason that she hasn't seen before. Lorenzo and Ric learn Jason, Sam and Spinelli's location and are waiting for them as they leave.
#11175 44x162
Laura hopes that Lucky and Elizabeth will get back together. Jason and Sam manage to convince Spinelli to work with them against Ric and Lorenzo. Sonny works with Mac to help Jason and Sam give themselves up. Jax's plans to elope with Carly are stopped by Sonny.
#11174 44x161
Tracy wants Luke to be honest with the children that Laura's recovery might only be short term. Lucky makes it clear to Maxie that Elizabeth and the baby will always come first. Jax wants to elope with Carly. Jason and Sam kidnap Spinelli after learning that he was the person who helped Lorenzo. Diego hears his father telling Ric that Spinelli will have to be taken care of.
#11173 44x160
Laura looks forward to the future with Luke. Carly agrees to postpone her wedding to Jax so that Laura and Luke can be remarried on their 25th anniversary. Elizabeth helps Sam and Jason. Stan uses Lorenzo's computer to try and find out who the person is who helped Ric and Lorenzo frame Sam.
#11172 44x159
Luke is forced to tell Laura what happened in the attic. Elizabeth unknowingly plays into Ric's hands when she helps Sam leave the hospital. Lorenzo's truce with Sonny is broken. Sonny tries to find the evidence to clear Sam's name. Helena finds out about Luke's plan to remarry Laura.
#11171 44x158
Jason learns that Sam is at the hospital after being shot. Ric sets a trap for Jason by making Sam's condition sound much worse than it is. Carly is determined to help Jason. Laura and Luke set a date to be remarried. Laura starts to remember Rick's death.
#11170 44x157
When Sam goes to her baby's grave on the anniversary of his death Ric is waiting with undercover cops and she tries to escape. Patrick and Robin continue to grow closer. Pete's interest in Lulu worries Dillon. Sam is shot.
#11169 44x156
With Skye's help, Jason and Sam are able to escape. Tracy agrees to say nothing of her marriage to Luke to Laura so that he can remarry her. After Patrick tells Robin that he loves her she shares her concerns with her room mates. Later, Robin tells Patrick that she also loves him.
#11168 44x155
Laura's family and friends work together to keep the truth from her. Laura remembers something. Sam manages to stop Jason from killing Ric and they go to Lorenzo's to find proof that she is being set up. When Emily remembers his birthday, Nikolas is pleased.
#11167 44x154
Sam and Jason ask Det. Rodriguez for help but things turn bad when Ric finds them with him. Luke and Laura try to reconnect. Sonny is determined that Carly will never marry Jax. Emily and Nikolas move closer to getting back together.
#11166 44x153
Jason manages to rescue Sam and they evade capture. Jason manages to convince Sam that he wants a future with her and not Elizabeth. Ric agrees to Sonny's offer. Elizabeth tries to stop Ric from showing Lucky the pictures of her and Jason together. Laura leaves Shadybrook and runs into Tracy and Bobbie at the hospital. As Luke looks for Laura, Nikolas stops Tracy from telling her that she is married to Luke. Laura sees Luke and Tracy together.
#11165 44x152
Ric tries to make Sam doubt Jason by showing her pictures of him with Elizabeth. When Rodriguez doesn't stop her from escaping, Sam ends up on the roof and Jason tries to come to her rescue. Sonny tries to reach a deal with Ric that if he doesn't go after Sam he will make sure that he gains full custody of Molly. A surprise birthday party is thrown for Elizabeth. Lucky asks his brother for help in trying to buy a house for Elizabeth. Jax and Carly set a date to get married.
#11164 44x151
Jason surprises Sam with some romance. Ric puts his plan using Sam into motion and as she is about to kiss Jason, Rodriguez arrives to arrest her. Carly and Jax take the child trick or treating. Dillon and Georgie run into Lulu and Maxie at a Halloween party.
#11163 44x150
Ric tells Lorenzo about his plan to use Sam to destroy Sonny and Jason. Elizabeth hears Jason telling Alexis how much he wants to be with Sam. Jax manages to convince Alexis to allow Kristina and Molly to stay with Carly and Sonny for a while. Laura is shocked that she has missed four years of the lives of her children growing up. Laura senses that something is not quite right.
#11162 44x149
Laura's recovery shocks Luke but he discovers that she thinks it is four years earlier and has no memories of the things that led to her having a complete breakdown. Lulu's growth confuses Laura. Sonny, Jason and Sam work together to stop Ric from taking Molly away from Alexis. Carly agrees to go along with Sonny's plan.
#11161 44x148
The children say goodbye to Laura again when her condition doesn't improve. As Luke is about to leave he notices a change. Elizabeth gets rid of the paternity test results. Ric wants to replace Alexis as District Attorney in his vendetta against Sonny and Jason.
#11160 44x147
Sam finds out that her mother knows the truth about her night with Ric. Carly informs Jason that he isn't the father of Elizabeth's unborn child. Maxie wants Lucky to raise their baby together and later Elizabeth tells him that she plans on a being a single parent. Laura is given the experimental drug by Robin as Luke informs the children that it could help her. Sam finds Jason and Elizabeth talking. Skye agrees to let Lorenzo see her and their new baby.
#11159 44x146
Ric and Alexis argue. As Emily finds an ally in Helena, Nikolas believes Colleen's lies. Skye's attitude to Lorenzo changes and they return to Port Charles with the baby. Sonny assumes that Lucky is the father of her unborn child as Elizabeth reads the test results. Later Elizabeth goes to see Lucky and agrees to let him be a part of the child's life.
#11158 44x145
Ric isn't happy when Alexis forces him to drop the charges against Jason and she reveals to him that she knows he slept with Sam. After having tied Lorenzo up Luke is forced to release him to help deliver the baby. Helena threatens to kill Colleen after finding her in bed with a drugged Nikolas. Colleen manages to turn the tables on Helena and listens in as Emily tells Nikolas what she has discovered about Colleen's past.
#11157 44x144
Ric is certain that his plan to destroy Jason will work as Sonny tells Elizabeth that Jason had to leave town. Sonny issues a threat to Ric. As Mac confronts Lucky, Elizabeth receives the results of the paternity test. Emily discovering some disturbing facts about Colleen. Skye is about to have the baby as Robert and Luke are about to try and rescue her.
#11156 44x143
After Ric provokes Jason into beating him up, Sonny convinces Jason that it would be best if he left the country for a while. Nikolas is concerned about Alexis when she refuses to sever all ties to Ric. Lucky is determined to be a father to Elizabeth's unborn child.
#11155 44x142
Sam and Jason are determined to stay together. Elizabeth informs Jason that Ric knows that they slept together and that he could be the father of her unborn child. After Lucky completes rehab, Ric tells him that he can have his job back. Dillon tries to convince Georgie that she is the only women for him. Maxie manages to manipulate Lucky and Lulu sees them together. Carly and Ric tells Alexis about their decision to get married. Patrick and Robin are reunited.
#11154 44x141
Ric goes to see Lucky as Rodriguez informs Elizabeth that Ric knows that Jason could possibly be the father of her unborn child. Jason is determined to make his relationship with Sam work. When Carly overhears Sonny telling Jason to make sure that Carly and Jax's marriage never happens she confronts him. Peter opens up to Lulu.
#11153 44x140
After discovering that Carly's home is being watched, Sonny confronts Ric. Ric finds out about Jason possibly being the father of Elizabeth's unborn child. After talking things through with Sonny, Sam realizes that she wants to be with Jason no matter what. Carly agrees to become Jax's wife.
#11152 44x139
Sam is furious with Elizabeth. Elizabeth gets ready to to take the paternity test. Jax has an important question to ask Carly. Luke learns where Lorenzo has taken Skye from Diego. Colleen's plan to get closer to Nikolas hits a problem.
#11151 44x138
Sam realizes that her relationship with Jason could end if the baby Elizabeth is carrying does end up being his. As Jason talks to Sonny, Sam confronts Elizabeth. Carly tells Sonny that she has realized that she is finally over him. After Lorenzo forces Skye to go with him, Luke is determined to rescue her.
#11150 44x137
Alexis starts her treatment. Sam goes to see Jason and tells him that she realizes that she can't stay away from him. After Jason tells her how much he loves her, Sam realizes that Elizabeth could be carrying his baby. Elizabeth believes that Maxie is trying to trap Lucky. Georgie doesn't like the man Dillon is becoming. Lorenzo tracks Skye down.
#11149 44x136
Elizabeth hears about Maxie's pregnancy. Lucky receives divorce papers from Elizabeth. After arguing with Elizabeth about Maxie, Lucky refuses to sign the divorce papers. Alexis and Ric grow closer again as she talks to him about her fears. Colleen continues to plot to get closer to Nikolas.
#11148 44x135
Ric learns that Elizabeth is pregnant. Maxie decides to tell Elizabeth about her pregnancy. Elizabeth is angry when she learns that Lucky walked out of rehab and refuses to talk to him or Maxie. Robin's father tells her that he is going to give Lorenzo false leads about Skye's whereabouts.
#11147 44x134
Carly tries to convince Jason not to lose Sam. Lucky leaves rehab as he is desperate to speak to Elizabeth. Jason shocks Elizabeth by telling her what he wants to do if the child she is carrying is his. Patrick decides to go to France to find the help that Laura needs. Colleen continues to try and get closer to Nikolas.
#11146 44x133
Lorenzo warns Ric not to double cross him. Elizabeth admits to Jason that he could be the father of her unborn child. Jason is confronted by Carly after she hears the news. Colleen continues to plot. Lorenzo continues to try and find Skye.
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