General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 43

#11013 43x257
Lorenzo and Sonny agree to an uneasy truce. Sonny enjoys an afternoon with Emily but violence seems to follow them wherever they go. When she sees Lorenzo attacking Manny, Skye isn't pleased. After Patrick goes ahead with his plan, Lucky accuses him of murder. Carly refuses to let Nikolas see baby John.
#11012 43x256
Jesse is hurt in the shoot out. Lucky feels that it's his fault that Jesse was shot. Sonny believes that Sonny is behind the hit on Diego. Fitch is got rid of by Manny so that he can't talk to the police. Sonny decides to take Emily away so that she will remain safe. Carly warns Sam to never to let Alexis know that she's her birth mother.
#11011 43x255
Carly tells both Jason and Sonny that she believes Sam will end up destroying Alexis and maybe even herself. Manny tells Fitch to kill Diego at the carnival. Georgie says sorry to Dillon for lying to him about how much time she has been spending with with Diego. Lorenzo offers to call a truce with Sonny. Emily admits the truth to Elizabeth about her relationship with Sonny. Sonny and Jason fall out when Sonny refuses to allow him to make a move against Lorenzo or Manny. Lucky and Jesse shoot at Fitch as he tries to shoot Diego at the carnival. Patrick tells his father that he placed his name on the donor list. As he slips into a coma Noah asks for his name to be removed but Patrick and Robin agree to leave it on there.
#11010 43x254
Sam nearly tells Alexis the truth. Carly sneaks into Jason's uninvited and sees Sam's file on Alexis. Lucky tells Elizabeth about his plan to bring down both Manny and Lorenzo. Elizabeth asks Jason to make sure that Lucky comes to no harm. Diego admits that someone is out to get him. Jason learns from Lorenzo that he's been working with Manny but he insists that's about to change and that he wants to make peace with Sonny. Luke is forced to allow Nikolas to become his new business partner.
#11009 43x253
Jason leaves after seeing Sonny and Emily kissing. When he discovers Ric arguing with Sam, Jason isn't happy. Jason tells Sam that he feels let down by Sonny. After making love Jax and Carly have no regrets. Patrick manages to convince his father that his life is worth fighting for. Skye and Lorenzo continue to grow closer. Nikolas comes to Luke's aid by losing a large bet which stops Tracy from taking control of the Haunted Star.
#11008 43x252
Sonny and Emily try to keep their distance at the party. After Sonny leaves the Haunted Star, Emily later shows up at his place. Jason witnesses Emily with Sonny. Sam isn't happy when Ric talks to her about Alexis. Jax and Carly act on their growing feelings for one another. Lucky and Elizabeth have a good night out.
#11007 43x251
Luke gets ready for the reopening of the Haunted Star. Tracy warns Luke that if the casino doesn't make a profit she will sell it. Emily and Sonny attend the opening separately. Diego makes sure that Georgie doesn't come to any harm. Georgie is confronted with Diego's letter by LuLu. Patrick's behavior upsets Robin.
#11006 43x250
Sam worries how Emily and Sonny's relationship will effect Jason. Lulu fails to get her father and Skye back together. Maxie warns her sister that Diego has feelings for her. Georgie starts to get rid of Diego's letters but gets distracted. As Georgie tells Diego that she can't see him any more they are in danger from Manny. Lulu discovers the letters Diego sent Georgie. Patrick is concerned when he can't find his father. When Lainey bumps into Frank she is unnerved.
#11005 43x249
Sonny tells Emily about Alexis being Sam's birth mother. Sam tells Jason that he should not interfere in Sonny and Emily's relationship. Robin feels humiliated when Patrick makes her say sorry to him in front of Carly. Carly leaves after realizing she'd rather be with Jax. Luke fails to win Skye back.
#11004 43x248
Jason isn't happy that Sonny and Emily are lying to him about being together. Nikolas tells Alexis and Elizabeth that Jax is sleeping with Carly. Jax is warned by Alexis that getting involved with Carly is a bad idea. Jax refuses to cancel the restraining order against Nikolas seeing John. Robin realizes that she was wrong about Patrick and later while she is looking for him she witnesses him dancing with Carly at Jake's.
#11003 43x247
When Sonny is told that Alexis is Sam's birth mother he is shocked. Max is forced to cover for Sonny and Emily yet again. Emily's lies are caught out by Jason. After hearing a confession from Noah, Bobbie tells him to rethink what he is doing. Nikolas believes that Carly and Jax are betraying Courtney's memory.
#11002 43x246
Alexis fears Manny. Jax still won't allow Nikolas to see John. Nikolas shares his feelings with Emily. Jax admits that he is developing feelings for Carly.
#11001 43x245
Sonny and Emily continue to enjoy their time in Spain where he tells her that he trusts her more than Jason. Max is forced to admit to Carly that Sonny and Emily went away together. Diego writes a love letter to Georgie but decides not to give it to her. Diego is jumped by Manny's men. Lucas talks to Guy about what happened.
#11000 43x244
Sam decides not to tell Alexis that she is her mother. Carly tells Jax that if she kisses him again it will lead to more. A drunken Nikolas is stopped from seeing baby John by Patrick. Luke realizes that he has lost Skye. Lorenzo isn't happy when Diego tells he got released from prison by grassing on another inmate. Manny discovers that Diego grassed on a friend of his. Dillon moves into Kelly's with Georgie and Diego ends up renting a room there too.
#10999 43x243
Sam finds it hard to accept that Alexis is her birth mother. Alexis talks to Nikolas about the baby she gave up. Sonny finally opens up to Emily. Skye is given the all clear that her unborn baby is fine. Maxie and Jesse aren't happy when they see Georgie with Diego. Diego learns about Georgie's marriage to Dillon. Tracy convinces Dillon to remain at the mansion with Georgie. Lorenzo breaks the news that Skye is pregnant.
#10998 43x242
Alexis believes that the daughter she gave up was killed in a car crash. Sam is shocked when she discovers who her real mother is. Emily accuses Sonny of trying to keep her at arms length when he tells her that he will never be able to completely open up to her. Lucas finally faces up to Frank. Dillon and Georgie are thrown out of the mansion by Tracy. When Diego is released from prison he tracks down Georgie.
#10997 43x241
Sam gets closer in the search to find her birth mother. Robin clashes with Carly. When Jason orders Max to keep an eye on Carly he has a difficult time. Sonny and Emily enjoy a romantic holiday in Spain. Guy is attacked by Frank and afterwards he decides to tell the police what happened.
#10996 43x240
Sam thinks that she will never be able to track down her real mother. Jason surprises Sam and asks her to marry him again. Alexis and Ric don't get anywhere with the lawyer who handled the adoption. Ric discovers that a former school friend called Claire works there and she gives him the information that he and Alexis are after. After Robin tells Jax not to trust Carly he mistakenly accuses Carly of trying to con him. Later he asks her out to dinner to say sorry. Robin kisses Patrick who agrees to join her for dinner. Robin, Patrick, Jax and Carly end up at the at the same restuarant. Georgie wants Lucas to meet her friend Guy. While Guy is at work at the Metro Court, Frank approaches him.
#10995 43x239
After Jax confronts Nikolas about taking Courtney's ashes, Carly convinces him to let Nikolas throw the ashes in the ocean. Emily sees how angry Sonny can get when Janine tries to blackmail him for money. Sonny wants to take Emily somewhere special. Max doesn't like having to lie to Carly about Sonny and Emily. Alexis and Ric go to the place where Alexis had her baby but the clinic's director refuses to tell anything about the adoption to Alexis. Ric though manages to find out the name of the company that dealt with the adoption. Skye discusses her pregnancy with Lorenzo.
#10994 43x238
Sonny's offer to go to the island with him is accepted by Emily. Ric is warned to keep Alexis away from Sam. Sam decides that she wants to locate her real mother. Elizabeth is worried how Nikolas is coping. Nikolas and Jax clash over what to do with Courtney's ashes. Nikolas lies to Mike so that he can obtain Courtney's ashes.
#10993 43x237
As Sonny and Emily are about to enjoy sometime together in the guesthouse the children show up unexpectedly. Sam accuses Alexis of killing her brother. Nikolas asks Mike if he can scatter Courtney's ashes by the ocean. Robin tells Jax that trusting Carly is a mistake. Noah clashes with his son.
#10992 43x236
Courtney's memorial service is disrupted by a drunk Nikolas. Sonny sees how close Carly is becoming to Jax. Alexis informs Ric about the daughter she gave up for adoption. Skye receives some news and later makes a difficult confession.
#10991 43x235
Luke reads an eulogy at Tony's memorial service as his family and friends say goodbye. Manny blackmails Lorenzo. Emily lets her parents believe that she is no longer seeing Sonny. Dillon and Georgie tell Tracy that they won't be getting a divorce. Robin is still angry with her father for allowing her to believe that he was dead for all those years. Robert says goodbye to his daughter and leaves again.
#10990 43x234
Sam finds it difficult accepting her brother's death and blames Alexis. Alexis is encouraged to look for the daughter she gave up for adoption. Jason's suggestion surprises Sam. Sonny tells Jax that he will never try to come between him and John. After talking to Carly, Jax decides to move into the house next to hers. Sonny and Emily decide not to tell anyone one that they are seeing each other. Nikolas grieves for Courtney. Holly tells Robert she will always love him before she is taken away. Robin blames her father for everything that has happened and later Patrick tries to give Robin some advise.
#10989 43x233
Carly and Jason manage to get the antidote and take it to the hospital. Jason waits for the antidote given to Sam to work which it finally does. Robin, Ric, Maxie, Mike and baby John all survive after also being given the medicine. The tables are turned on Holly. Holly begs Robert to leave town with her but he arrests her instead. Jax can't decide whether to tell Nikolas the truth about the baby.
#10988 43x232
Jason and Luke try to work out the clue that Carly left for them. Holly and Robert come face to face. Ric hears a confession from Alexis. Sam's medical state continues to worsen. Emily isn't happy by the way her father treats Sonny. Lainey receives a bit of advice from Patrick.
#10987 43x231
After finding out some information Carly calls Jason. Luke makes a realization about the who the woman is. Sam, Ric and the baby's condition grows worse. Sonny makes peace with his brother.
#10986 43x230
Sam is upset as Danny dies and blames Alexis for her brother's death. Jax decides not to tell Nikolas the truth about John but does decide that Nikolas should be a part of the baby's life. Jax and Carly discover that John has contracted the virus. Sam passes out in Jason's arms as her condition gets worse. Jason learns that Sam may not survive the night. Jason agrees to help Robert but refuses to trust him. Robert and Luke fail to trap Holly and she leaves without taking the money or leaving more of the antidote. Carly gives blood hoping it will help develop a cure. Lucky is finally reunited with Elizabeth.
#10985 43x229
Elizabeth and Kelly try to save Courtney's life. Sonny decides not to tell Carly that he slept with Emily when they learn about Courtney. Nikolas says goodbye to Courtney. Carly offers to help Jax raise the baby. Ric convinces Alexis to take the one available antidote for the children's sake. Holly calls Robert disguising her voice and tells him that he can have more of the antidote for one million dollars. Luke and Robert try to find out who the mysterious caller is.
#10984 43x228
Sonny and Emily move their relationship onto the next stage. Jason and Carly return to Port Charles. Courtney gives birth to a boy. Courtney hears a confession from Jax and forgives him before she dies. Robin is the latest victim to be struck down with the disease. Luke and Robert receive a mysterious telephone call at the hospital and afterwards the caller is revealed as Holly Sutton Scorpio who is staying in a hotel room in Port Charles.
#10983 43x227
As Nikolas and Courtney tell each other how much they love each other Emily listens in. Emily acts on her feelings for Sonny. A break through is made by Lucky, Carly and Jason. Courtney has the c-section while Nikolas' condition grows worse. Tracy wants Dillon and Georgie's marriage ended before it has even started.
#10982 43x226
Jason and Carly continue to look for Lucky, whose condition is improving. After saying goodbye to Sonny, Emily passes out. Lulu begs her father to try and help Nikolas. Elizabeth's news surprises Robert. Luke asks Robert to help rescue Lucky. The past comes back to haunt Alexis.
#10981 43x225
Maxie suffers a heart attack and her life is saved by Nikolas. Mac learns that Maxie may need a heart operation. Jax learns that both Courtney and the baby will die if they don't perform the c-section soon. A dying Lucky is allowed to make one last phone call to Elizabeth and afterwards she is comforted by Patrick. Tracy tells God that she will become a better person if he allows Dillon to live and she hugs Luke when Dillon wakes up.
#10980 43x224
After Georgie and Dillon get married, Dillon collapses as his fever gets worse. Jason and Carly head of for the island. Sonny's condition gets better and he tells Emily that the kiss with Carly was staged. They both admit that they love one another. Jax tells Courtney of her options and she is determined to try and save her baby despite the risk to her own life. Maxie passes out while stuck in an elevator with Nikolas. When Ric hallucinates that Alexis is his mother Adella she makes an admission.
#10979 43x223
After Sonny refuses the antidote Patrick gives it to him as he feels that Sonny is worse off than Nikolas. Emily later learns that Sonny and Nikolas' conditions were the same. Nikolas learns from Courtney that she would rather be with him than Jax. Carly starts to feel the effects of the disease after being injected by a dying Dr. Cassius. When Carly suffers with hallucinations she tries to seduce Jason. Tracy relents and gives her consent to Dillon marrying Georgie. The wedding begins in the hospital chapel.
#10978 43x222
When Emily tells Sonny that she loves him she is overheard by Nikolas. Emily is faced with a difficult decision to make. Tony is struck down with the desease. Things go horribly wrong when Jason goes along with Carly’s plan. Tony says goodbye to his family and friends and sadly dies. Courtney is closer than Jax realizes.
#10977 43x221
As Lulu condition doesn’t improve Luke finds an unlikely ally. Robin and Patrick continue to work to try to save the lives of their friends. Jason and Carly move closer to locating Crylium Industries. Sinister forces decide Lucky's fate and life is in the balance. Dillon and Georgie's plan to get married is halted by Tracy.
#10976 43x220
Luke's life is saved after he goes into shock. As Sonny tells Nikolas why he won't allow himself to get involved with Emily she listens in. As Lulu's condition worsens Lorenzo feels guilty about changing the charts. Lulu shares some emotional time with her father. Luke interrupts the doctors' council and demands that his daughter be given the antidote. Sam suffers a nightmare in which she relives losing her baby. When a delirious Alexis acts violently towards Sam she is attacked by Danny.
#10975 43x219
Anton is questioned by Carly and Jason. Lucky wakes up at Crylium Industries in the Maarkam Islands where he learns he's going to be used to test a potential cure. Carly and Jason set off to rescue Lucky. Lorenzo changes the charts so that Skye will receive the first dose of the potential antidote. When a delirious Nikolas declares his love for Emily he is overheard by Sonny. Georgie, Michael and Maxie break through the quarantine barrier to be with their loved ones.
#10974 43x218
Jason and Carly get a lead on Anton Rush who has connections to the Maarkam Islands. Posing as a prostitute Carly goes with Anton to his room while Jason hides. Robin and Patrick with Robert's help try to develop a medicine to fight the fever. Emily is desperate to save both Nikolas and Sonny. Several armed men kidnap an unconscious Lucky. Sam is forced to share a hospital room with Alexis.
#10973 43x217
The hospital is quarantined as the epidemic continues to spread. While he is suffering with a fever Emily hears a confession from Sonny. Luke could hold the key to stop the epidemic but the procedure could kill him. Jesse goes to the cabin to try and help Lucky.
#10972 43x216
Skye takes her relationship with Lorenzo to the next level. Sonny resists telling Emily how he really feels about her. Lucky makes plans for a romantic trip to a secluded cabin with Elizabeth. Skye, Alexis, Lulu, Sam and Sonny all become ill. Lucky becomes ill while he is alone at the cabin. Robert has bad news.
#10971 43x215
The escaped chimpanzee shows up at Jason's and is returned to Luke. Dillon suspects that there is more to disappearance of the village than it seems. Luke lies to try and get Skye back but he is exposed by Tracy. Emily visits Michael. Skye shares a kiss with Lorenzo. Patrick's offer to help his father is turned down. Maxie refuses to allow Jesse to control her life.
#10970 43x214
Emily realizes she has no future with Sonny after seeing him with Carly. Jason mamages to convince Sam to go home and stop going after Manny. Emily talks to Sam about how she is feeling. Luke returns home with his chimpanzee. Luke learns from Skye that her future is with Lorenzo. When Luke gets a fever the chimpanzee runs off. Patrick clashes with his father. Carly promises to help Patrick. Emily ends up with Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth at Kelly's.
#10969 43x213
After an ultimatum from Jason, Sonny agrees to end things with Emily. Sonny makes sure that Emily sees him kissing Carly. Sam explains to Jason why she needs to bring Manny down. Luke flies back home. Dillon reads a story about the missing tribe in the Maarkam Islands and suspects that Luke is involved in some way. Patrick learns that his father needs a liver transplant and tells him to fight for his life.
#10968 43x212
Sonny convinces Sonny that they shouldn't be apart. Patrick lashes out at his father. While he is the jungle Luke is in trouble. Lulu and Skye receive a lead on where Luke is.
#10967 43x211
Sonny is sure that there is a connection between Manny and Lorenzo and he is determined to prove it. Sam is confronted by Manny. Jason is surprised when Emily stands up to him. Skye enjoys a romantic evening with Lorenzo. Robin and Patrick start to understand each other a bit more. Noah tries to connect with his son. Lainey's date with Justus is interrupted.
#10966 43x210
Lorenzo's offer is accepted by Manny. Manny is found not guilty and is released. Carly gives Courtney's phone number to Nikolas and with Lucky's help he tracks down her address. Nikolas thinks that Courtney has left with Jax. Emily's decision is supported by Lucky. When Bobbie makes the wrong assumption Lucas doesn't correct her. Lulu makes a deal with Tracy. Tracy isn't happy when she sees Skye heading out with Lorenzo.
#10965 43x209
Emily is advised not to pursue Sonny by Alexis. Sonny thinks that being involved with Emily could threaten his working relationship with Jason. A surprising choice is made by Lorenzo to help him destroy Sonny. Carly tells Lorenzo that she can no longer help him. Skye is assured by Lorenzo that Carly is out of his life. Manny claims that a rival from out of town shot him. Lucas is upset when Bobbie suggests he gets counseling. Lucas' friends offer him their support. Patrick argues with Robin and flirts with Elizabeth.
#10964 43x208
Sam is questioned at the police station about Manny's shooting. Sonny is defended by Emily to Alexis. Jason believes Sam when she says that she didn't shoot Manny. Manny's life is saved during surgery. Skye agrees to have dinner with Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Manny that he was behind the shooting. Bobbie's behavior surprises Lucky. Tracy acts badly towards Lucas and Bobbie.
#10963 43x207
Jason is called to testify by Alexis. Sonny wants Manny taken care of for good. A visitor surprises Manny. When Nikolas tries to warn Emily about Sonny she asks him to leave her alone. Skye forms an alliance with Lulu against Tracy. After Lucas is arrested for assaulting Frank he talks to Bobbie in prison.
#10962 43x206
Ric and Alexis are told by Sam that Manny hasn't changed at all. While she is on the witness stand Sam loses control. Nikolas hears an emotional farewell from Courtney. Carly ia asked by Jax to tell him where Courtney has gone. Courtney's life is threatened. Jesse comes up with a plan to snare Frank, the man who attacked Lucas. Frank is hit by Lucas when he comes into Jake's.
#10961 43x205
Carly is furious with Lorenzo when he gives a bad testimony about Jason. Skye tries to comfort Lorenzo. Robin tells the courtroom that she believes Manny's surgery has changed him for the better. When Jason fails to show up the judge declares that he will be arrested if he doesn't arrive within the next few hours. Manny is confronted by Sam in his cell and she manages to succeed in goading him into violence. Emily's involvement with Sonny concerns her mother. Courtney clears the air with Jax and later he finds a goodbye letter from her. Nikolas tells Courtney how much he loves her. Emily is told by Carly that Sonny will never be hers. Lucas tells Maxie what really happened when he was attacked. the injuries Lucas got from the attack seem to be getting worse.
#10960 43x204
When Nikolas is distracted by Emily, Courtney isn't happy. Nikolas and Courntney's argument is watched by Jax and Carly. Jax is determined to get Courtney back. Carly's offer of helping her disappear until the baby is born is accepted by Courtney. Until Emily is clear about her feelings for Nikolas, Sonny wants to slow things down with her. Dillon is angry with Tracy for faking her own death. Lucas' friends convince him to play a game of pool with Frank. Later, Georgie and Dillon find Lucas badly beaten up. John's bluff is called by Lorenzo.
#10959 43x203
Courtney and Jax divorce. Nikolas and Courtney nearly get married in the Dominican Republic but at the last moment decide to wait. Emily and Sonny decide that they have a future together. Dillon fears that his mother really is dead. Alan sees Tracy is still alive and she takes great pleasure in getting revenge against Luke. After Robin conducts some tests on Sam, she discovers Sam is fine to have a baby. Sam has a weird dream involving her mother. Patrick's help is durned down by Elizabeth.
#10958 43x202
Emily feels that Sonny is toying with her emotions. Emily learns from Sonny how he really feels about her. Sam isn't sure whether she should have children with Jason after all. To try and clear his name Luke leaves town. Courtney is asked an important question by Nikolas.
#10957 43x201
Jason is released from jail. Patrick is warned by Sonny not to hurt Emily. Alexis and Carly clash. Jax is told by Carly that she can get Courtney to reconcile with him. With the help of his friends Luke tries to make Tracy believe that he's trying to kill her.
#10956 43x200
Sam wants to have a baby with Jason sooner rather than later. Jason is arrested for the attempted murder of Manny. Sam blames Alexis for Jason's arrest. Nikolas about Emily learn about Patrick's fight from Coleman. Sonny sends some flowers to Emily. Tracy makes it clear to everyone that she's in charge. Georgie tells Maxie that she has been writing to Diego. Luke's schemes put Tracy in danger.
#10955 43x199
Jason is stopped from killing Manny by Alexis and Ric. Jason tells Sonny that maybe Manny has changed for the better. Carly is asked to forgive Manny. Carly is told by Sam not to trust Manny. Jesse under goes surgery. Maxie is comforted by Mac. Nikolas isn't pleased when Courtney defends Jax. Courtney is given an ultimatum from Nikolas. Emily agrees to go on a date with Patrick and they are seen leaving by Nikolas
#10954 43x198
Patrick and Carly let Robin believe that they have slept together. Later Robin warns Patrick that it would be a mistake to get involved with Carly. Sonny tries to let Emily down gently and apologies for kissing her. Emily is found in tears by Nikolas. Sonny tells Carly that there is nothing between him and Emily. Carly kisses Sonny. Emily thinks the best way to get over Sonny is to find someone new. Ric and Jason argue. While he is taking Manny to prison Jesse is shot. Manny refuses to escape with Enrique. Jason gets the chance to kill Manny. Jax doesn't tell Courtney the truth. Courtney tells Jax that she knows he altered the results of the paternity test.
#10953 43x197
Michael's life is saved by Emily. Emily and Sonny share some time together. Jason argues with Robin when they talk about the past. Robin takes out her fustrations on Patrick. The wrong conclusion is jumped to by Robin when she sees Carly with Patrick. Luke reaches out to his daughter. Jason is threatened by Alexis.
#10952 43x196
Emily is told by Sonny that he doesn't feel the same way about her as she feels about him. After Emily has gone Sonny admits to Jason that he does have feelings for her. After being told of by Carly, Michael runs away and ends up in trouble. Sam and Jason listen to Robin as she tries to explain her actions. Luke is told by Lucky that Lulu is out of control. Ric argues with Alexis over Manny's case.
#10951 43x195
Carly's attempt to stop Sonny and Emily from having dinner together backfires. Sonny hears from a slightly tipsy Emily that she's falling in love with him. When he realizes that he has walked into a trap Jason leaves Manny unharmed. Jason reminds Sam of the fact that she can't get involved in his work. Sam and Jason's evening is ruined when Carly arrives demanding that Jason stop Sonny and Emily's date. Nikolas and Courtney work things out. Bobbie asks Patrick to help with Noah. Noah is given an ultimatum from Patrick. Noah contacts a rehab clinic. A common bond is shared by Lainey and Justas. Jax receives some unsettling news.
#10950 43x194
Alexis clashes with Carly. Sonny realizes that John is using the case against Manny to try and bring him and Jason down. Jason is ordered by Sonny to kill Manny. Carly and Sam are scared that Jason will be caught if he tries to kill Manny. A trap for Jason is set by John. Ric and Alexis are arrested when they figure out John's plan. Jason walks right into John's trap. There's an arguement between Nikolas and Courtney when they discuss Jax and Emily. Nikolas is told by Emily to make up with Courtney. Nikolas sees Courtney with Jax. Elizabeth tells Emily to think about what a life with Sonny would be really like. Bobbie is upset when she sees that Noah has been drinking again.
#10949 43x193
Carly holds a New Year's Eve party which Sam and Jason reluctantly agree to attend. Courtney leaves the party on her own before midnight. The party at the Quartermaine's is not a success. Lorenzo sees that Carly is all alone at the end of the night. Nikolas ends up with Emily as the clock strikes midnight. Luke squares up to Jax. Bobbie is happy when she finds Noah not drunk. Lucas tells Dillon his secret. Elizabeth and Lucky decide to make the most of a bad situation.
#10948 43x192
Sonny tells Carly that he knows she has been spying on him and Emily. Alexis tries to manipulate Sam. Michael enjoys his birthday party. Elizabeth's attitude about Emily and Sonny surprises Emily. Jax believes that Courtney is growing closer to him again. Diego sends a letter to Georgie. Bobbie hopes that Noah gets the help he desperately needs.
#10947 43x191
Michael sees Emily and Sonny in the hallway but thinks nothing of it. Patrick stops Carly and Robin's fight. Carly tells Patrick more about Robin. Robin thinks that Patrick pities her. Robin hears some harsh words from Patrick. Michael innocently tells Carly what he saw in the hallway. Sonny and Emily are secretly spied on by Carly who comes to the conclusion that there is something going on between them. Jax swears to Courtney that he didn't run down Dr. Meadows with his car. Jesse finds a dent on Jax's car. To please Tracy, Lulu volunteers at the hospital. Ric tries to convince Alexis that Kristina will be fine around Carly. Jesse and Maxie share a romantic date.
#10946 43x190
Carly tells Sonny that she feels insecure about Emily's presence in her children's lives. Sonny tells Carly that Emily will never replace her. Patrick hears Carly and Robin argueing and learns about Robin being HIV positive. Sonny tells Emily to stay the night at his house after the heating breaks down in the guest house. Sonny and Emily bump into each other wearing only towels. Alexis isn't pleased when Carly invites Kristina to Michael's birthday party. Kristina asks her mother why she doesn't like Michael. Jax is made to look a hero in front of Courtney. Luke blackmails Jax into giving him a job. Carly sees Dr. Meadows get hit by a car after she had an arguement with Jax. Alexis' decisions about Manny shock Jason and Sam. Jason is given some advice from Monica about Sam. A happy Jason and Sam return home.
Ep. #10940 43x189
Carly gets some good news; the annual hospital Christmas party begins; Patrick realizes that Noah has been drinking; Courtney does not share Jax's feelings; Lucky and Elizabeth assemble Cameron's Christmas present; Justus learns Lainey's secret.
#10944 43x188
Carly receives some good news. The annual hospital Christmas party begins. Patrick sees that Noah has been drinking but later he reconciles with his father. Courtney has a different take on where her relationship with Jax is heading than he does. Lucky and Elizabeth put together Cameron's Christmas present. Lainey's secret is discovered by Justas.
#10943 43x187
Jason and Sam are not convinced when Robin tells them that Manny is a changed man. Jason goes to see Manny who apologizes for shooting him. Sam asks Alexis why she is defending Manny. Jax manages to manipulate Courtney to get what he wants. Carly is asked to be released from Rose Lawn by Emily. Lulu hears Luke talking about Laura. Lainey is keeping a secret from Justus.
#10942 43x186
Carly is disappointed that she won't be able to leave Rose Lawn before Christmas. Carly tells Lainey that she fears Emily will replace her in her children's lives. Emily accepts an invitation to spend Christmas with Sonny and the children. Alexis agrees to be Manny's attorney. Alexis tells John that she believes she will be successful in getting Manny acquitted. Nikolas has to leave town on urgent business. A mysterious plan is set in motion by Jax. Dillon agrees to move back into the mansion to keep an eye on Lulu. Lulu's vulnerable side is seen by Dillon.
#10941 43x185
Jason manages to stop Sam from killing Manny. Patrick operates on Manny and saves his life by removing the brain tumor. Patrick tells everybody that Manny's violent actions were a result of the brain tumor. Carly tries to make Emily feel guilty about having feelings for Sonny. Sonny shares a tender moment with Emily. Alexis doesn't like the influence Michael and Morgan are having on Kristina. Carly is told that she will have to remain at Rose Lawn over Christmas. Nikolas remains at odds with Jax and is worried what Courtney will do to keep the peace with Jax.
#10940 43x184
Emily admits the truth to Jason. Jason advises Emily that becoming involved with Sonny is not a good idea. Carly surmises that Sonny is in love with Emily. Emily tells Carly that she loves Sonny. Sam isn't happy that Patrick is going to try and save Manny's life by performing surgery on him. Robin stops Patrick from accepting an offer from Sonny to kill Manny. Sam is in the operating theatre trying to kill Manny as Jason arrives. When the paternity tests reveal that Jax is the father of the baby Courtney is disappointed. Nikolas tells Courtney that the results change nothing. Nikolas and Jax get into a fight after Jax argues with Courtney. Dillon isn't happy with Georgie as she is always defending Diego. As Diego is taken away to prison Lorenzo watches on devistated.
#10939 43x183
Jason realizes Emily is lying when she says she has no feelings for Sonny. Sonny comes to a decision about Emily. The judge tells the court room his verdict at Diego's trial. Manny tries to escape. Diego manages to prevent a tragedy from occuring. Jax is shocked by Carly's demands. Courtney tells Jax about the paternity test she had done. Skye sets some ground rules for Luke.
#10938 43x182
Jason talks to Emily about Carly's theory about Emily being in love with Sonny. Only Lorenzo and Georgie defend any of Diego's actions on the witness stand. Lainey is made to look stupid by Justas. Robin clashes with Patrick.
#10937 43x181
Lainey decides to allow Carly to attend Diego's trial with her. Carly interrupts a tender moment between Sam and Jason. Patrick is shocked to learn that Jason has worked as a hitman. Jax is confronted by Emily over his interference in her life. Jax sees that Emily has feelings for Sonny. At Mercy Hospital, Courtney and Nikolas secretly have the paternity test done. As Diego's trial starts Lorenzo reaches out to his son. Georgie's friends try to convince not to feel sorry for Diego. Jesse and Brook Lynn testify against Diego. When she takes the stand Georgie admits that Diego threatened her life.
#10936 43x180
Patrick tells Jason that he will need to stay in hospital for several weeks. Emily is told by Carly that Sonny will end up breaking her heart. Carly informs Sonny that Emily loves him. Sam ask Jason's friends to help give him some Christmas cheer. Patrick doesn't want to repair his relationship with his father. Jason reaches a new understanding with his father. Courtney is suspicious of Jax after hearing him talk to Luke. Courtney manages to get some of Jax's DNA so she can test for paternity of the baby. Tracy drops the charges against Lulu when Luke calls her bluff. Skye kisses Luke.
#10935 43x179
Sonny finds out that Manny is in the hospital and he asks Monica to tell Mac Scorpio. Carly finds Manny in the operating theatre and confronts him. Carly is taken hostage by Manny but when Sonny shoots at him Carly manages to escape. Manny is arrested by Mac. Patrick is worried that Jason could be left with permanent damage after the surgery. Carly watches as Sonny is comforted by Emily. Tracy tells Jax that she won't divorce Luke. Tracy has Lulu arrested for stealing from her. Courtney is taken to casualty by Nikolas and Emily. Courtney wonders if Nikolas thinks he ended his marriage to Emily too quick.
#10934 43x178
There's a power cut during Jason's surgery and Robin, Patrick and Noah have to work fast to try and save his life. Carly and Sonny both agree that they are better off when they are not together. When Courtney requires medical attention Emily freezes up. Nikolas comforts Emily. Tracy tells Luke about Lulu stealing from her. Skye comes up with an appropriate punishment for Lulu.
#10933 43x177
Sam and Carly manage to convince Patrick to perform the operation on Jason. There is danger about to happen at the hospital. Jason gives some advice to Sonny and Carly. Sonny tries to reconnect with Carly. Emily has a dream about Sonny. Lucky wants to return to work. Emily argues with Courtney. Lucky and Elizabeth are happy to be finally husband and wife.
#10932 43x176
Robin manages to locate Patrick who turns out to be Noah's son. Carly goes to see Jason in his hospital room. Patrick refuses to operate on Jason after learning that his father is to be involved. Carly tries to get Patrick to change his mind. Luke tries to get some dirt on Jax from Skye. Courtney feels like an outsider at Lucky's coming home party. Nikkolas looks after Courtney. Lulu steals Tracy's PDA and suggests that Lucky use it to steal from the accounts. Tracy manages to retrieve it back from Lulu who has secretly remembered Tracy's Swiss bank account number.
#10931 43x175
Carly offers the Quartermaine's her company stock in return for one of the ELQ subsidiaries. Jax tells Carly that he won't be selling her the Metro Court. Luke agrees to help Carly to get the Metro Court from Jax. Carly turns down Lorenzo's advances. Skye and Lorenzo commiserate over the state of their love lives. Sonny sees that Carly is finally getting over him. Noah doubts whether he will be able to make Jason's surgery a success. Robin is impressed after she sees Noah complete emergency surgery on a contruction worker. Sam does not want Noah to operate on Jason as she thinks he is a drunk. Noah has someone else in mind to perform the surgery on Jason. Alexis tells Jax that she doesn't think Courtney will leave Nikolas.
#10930 43x174
Jason refuses to have the surgery despite Sonny and Sam's pleas. After Sonny has gone home Jason tells Sam he'll have the surgery after all. Robin finds Noah drunk. Robin manages to convince him to return to the hospital to perform Jason's surgery. Carly apologies to Emily. After seeing Carly's new approach Lorenzo decides to try and get her back. Lulu betrays her father to Tracy. Skye tries to convince Lorenzo not to give Carly his ELQ stock but he does not listen to her. Skye turns her back on Luke.
#10929 43x173
Sonny tries to convince Jason that surgery is the best option. Robin manages to locate a surgeon who might be able to help Jason. Nikolas and Emily talk about their past. Elizabeth refuses to apologise to Emily for tricking her into going to Wyndemere. A furious Emily confronts Jax. Luke is shocked when Carly manages to turn the tables on him.
#10928 43x172
Sam and Jason go back to Hawaii. Sam decides she wants Jason's baby. Nikolas tries to convince Courtney that Helena is a threat no more. Jax plots to get Nikolas back together with Emily. Georgie manages to convince Diego into doing the right thing. Lorenzo promises to stand by Diego. Luke is desperate to get hold of Lorenzo's ELQ stock. Alice tells Lulu not to betray Luke to Tracy. Luke questions his son about Lulu.
#10927 43x171
When Sonny finds Carly on the roof she tells him that she overheard him talking to Jason. Carly tells Sonny that she wants to be back to her old self and that she is over him. After having another dream about Sonny Emily is upset. Robin tells Sam that she still has deep feelings for Jason but promises not to interfere in their relationship. Jason tells Sam how much he loves her. After suffering a seizure Jason learns that Robin's treatment didn't work. Jason refuses to consider surgery. Jason tells Sam that he wants to live out the rest of his life with her in Hawaii. Luke suggests that Lorenzo gives Carly his shares in ELQ as part of the alimony settlement. Tracy asks Lulu to find out what Luke is up to. After finding out Luke's plan Lulu offers to sell the information to Tracy. Jesse, Maxie and Dillon corner Diego at the pizza stand. Diego lets Georgie go and runs off. After learning that Diego could be killed Georgie manages to locate him and handcuffs herself to him.
#10926 43x170
Carly asks Lorenzo for a divorce but he refuses. Courtney tries to convince Carly that there is nothing going on between Sonny and Emily. Carly listens in as Sonny tells Jason that he does not love her. Emily is disturbed by a dream in which Sonny kisses her. Sam accepts Jason's proposal of marriage but doesn't want to rush ahead with the marriage. Sam accuses Robin of keeping Jason in the hospital so she can be close to him. Diego takes Georgie as hostage to the Pizza Shack after robbing Kelly's. Jesse follows a hunch that he has about Diego and along with Maxie he leaves for the Pizza Shack. Luke is determined to get hold of Lorenzo's ELQ shares.
#10925 43x169
Emily tells Carly that she does not love Sonny. Carly explains to Lorenzo about her rivalry with Emily. Sam accuses Robin of wanting Jason back. Robin admits to Sonny that she still loves Jason. Jason wakes up with his memory back. Tracy thinks that she could have an ally in Lulu. Lorenzo hands over Diego to Mac. Maxie confronts Diego. Diego escapes from the police station after grabbing Jesse's gun. Diego takes Georgie hostage whilst he is trying to rob Kelly's.
#10924 43x168
Carly returns to to her old behavior. John tells Carly that Sonny and Emily are more than just friends. Sonny and Ric are the only two people at Reese's memorial. Alexis hopes that Sam's prayers are answered. Jason's life is saved by Robin. Jason dreams and in it he kisses Robin. Courtney is rescued by Jax. Nikolas makes his move against Helena. Lorenzo and Brooke Lynn learn from Diego that he is the stalker. Diego tries to explain why he did it. Lorenzo manages to convince Diego to do the right thing.
#10923 43x167
Sam makes Robin stop Jason's drug therapy as it's causing him much pain. Jason decides to allow Robin to try another experimental procedure on him despite Sam's protests. During the treatment Jason's heart stops. Lorenzo confronts Diego about him failing his classes. Brook Lynn is shocked to find naked pictures of herself in Diego's bag. When Diego realizes that Brook Lynn knows that he is the stalker he moves towards her. When Helena terrorizes Courtney, Nikolas rescues her. Jax warns Courtney about how dangerous Helena is. Courtney is attacked by Helena. Alexis and Ric get their marriage back on track. Emily's parents manage to convince her to talk with Lainey so she can overcome her guilt about Reese's misdiagnosis. Emily freaks out when Dillon faints and then overreacts to the situation. Emily thinks she needs to give up medical school.
#10922 43x166
Sonny isn't happy to find Carly with Michael and Morgan. Sonny tells Carly that they will never be a couple again even though he still has feelings for her. Sonny holds a sad Carly in his arms. Jason begs Sam to release him from his restraints after he awakes from his nightmare. When Courtney tells Jax that she and Nikolas are staying together he becomes angry. Courtney tells Jax that it's not fair on either of them to remain in a marriage with no love. Jax is determined to be a part of his child's future. Courtney is warned by Helena to stay away from Nikolas. Lucky tells Nikolas that Lulu needs her father in her life. Lulu unleashes all her fustrations on Luke. Luke tries to reconnect with his daughter.
#10921 43x165
Emily and Sonny are happy to see Jason who tells them about Carly. Carly puts her plans into gear and ends up at Sonny's house. Sam manages to convince Jason to start Robin's treatments. Jason dreams about Robin. Dillon and Skye tell Luke that Lulu needs him. Lulu is upset that she can't live with Elizabeth and Lucky. Courtney decides where her future is heading.
#10920 43x164
Carly's friendship with Jason remains as strong as ever. Tracy is attacked by Sam. As Jason reunites with Sam Robin watches. Nikolas is shocked when Robin tells him that she still has feelings for Jason. Nikolas and Courtney both agree that they want to be together. Lulu's feelings are hurt by Luke. Lulu decides that she wants to live with Elizabeth and Lucky.
#10919 43x163
Sam and Sonny hang on to the hope that Jason survived the explosion. Luke comes up with a plan to try and rescue Jason to which Sonny agrees. Jason is still nowhere to be found after Luke creates a second explosion. Sonny believes Jason has died and he comforts a distraught Sam. When Carly hears about what has happened to Jason she leaves Rose Lawn. Carly is shocked when she learns of Jason's whereabouts. Carly end up trapped in the bottom of an old mineshaft with Jason. Nikolas worries that Courtney will reunite with Jax. Emily feels guilty and Nikolas tries to improve her confidence. Lucky and Elizabeth's financial troubles continue.
#10918 43x162
Sonny, Sam and Jason mistakenly think that Carly could still be hiding in the tunnels. Jason and Sam try to defuse the bombs. Georgie and Dillon find the bomb's detonator but don't realize what it is. As Reese's hand falls on the detonator Sonny watches on helplessly. The tunnel which Jason is in explodes leaving Sam horrified. Manny manages to escape from the hospital. Lorenzo tells Carly that she will never be well again unless she breaks all ties with Sonny. Carly later realizes that Lorenzo might be right. Courtney and Jax look after Molly until she is reunited with Alexis and Ric. Courtney warms towards Jax again.
#10917 43x161
Sonny realizes that Carly hid from him because she no longer has any trust in him. Robin is shot in the arm by Manny. Manny is stabbed in the back by Jason. Sam and Jason search the tunnel for Carly. They realize that Manny has positioned some bombs in the tunnel. Manny struggles to reach for the detonator. Robin keeps quiet to Mac that Carly has been in the tunnel. Carly is taken back to Rose Lawn by Lorenzo and he assures her she is going recover. Carly is happy when Michael and Morgan are brought to see her by Lorenzo. Alexis finally tells Ric how much she still loves him and that she wants to be with him. Nikolas heads back into the tunnel against Mac's orders. Courtney and Jax are told by Dr Meadows that the next 24 hours are critical for their baby.
#10916 43x160
Carly is taken back to Rose Lawn by Lorenzo where he tells her a secret. Sonny realizes Carly was on the train. The situation looks bad for Alexis while Jax, Nikolas and Courtney try to help the baby. Courtney suffers from abdominal pains. Jason's condition gets worse. Manny remains a threat to Sonny and Sam.
#10915 43x159
Carly is very brave in her actions. Robin has awful news for Ric. Courtney and Emily fear the worst for Nikolas. Reese's condition gets worse. Jesse heads a rescue mission. Lucky survives his latest ordeal. When Lulu reaches out to her father she clashes with Tracy.
#10914 43x158
Carly and Manny exchange gun shots. Reese and Sonny manage to survive the cave in and make it outside. Reese manages to cover the seriousness of her injury in front of Sonny. Sonny and Reese are heard talking by Carly. Robin is pulled to safety by Jason. Jason is hit with a headache and falls off the top of a cliff as a shocked Sam looks on. Jax, Jesse and Mac rescue Elizabeth and Nikolas. Jax and Nikolas return back into the tunnel to look for Courtney. Courtney tries to find help for Alexis, who is suffering from labor pains. Robin prepares to perform a cesarean on Alexis. Nikolas and Jax manage to find Courtney but Nikolas is trapped under rubble following another cave-in. Lucky goes into cardiac arrest. Lulu refuses to share what she is feeling with Lainey. Skye sees just how much Lorenzo really loves Carly.
#10913 43x157
Jason and Sam manage to free Robin. Robin slips and is left hanging off the side of a cliff. Jason tries to pull Robin to safety. Carly manages to fend off Manny and later she finds Max's gun. Lucky is got out of the tunnel. Nikolas and Elizabeth remain trapped following another cave-in. Fumes from a gas leak overcome Nikolas and Elizabeth. Emily finds medicine that will slow down Alexis' contractions. Luke is defended by Tracy to Lulu. Lulu accuses Luke of deliberately not trying to save Nikolas. Lorenzo is desperate to find Carly. Skye asks Dillon is he can look after Lulu.
#10912 43x156
Everbody's lives are in danger when the tunnel collapses during the cave-in. Elizabeth and Lucky end up separated from the others by the fallen rubble. Sonny, Reese, Nikolas and Courtney try to dig through to Elizabeth and Lucky. Emily and Ric try to help Alexis. Luke manages to get through to Lucky and Elizabeth. Skye realizes Lorenzo thinks that Carly could have been responsible for the crash. Carly prevents the fuel from causing a fatal explosion. Jason finds Robin who tells him to go look for Sam. Jason manages to find Sam buried in some rubble. After they reach Lucky's car, Sonny and Reese try and make their way through the ventilation shaft but are soon trapped by yet another cave-in. Manny shoots Max as Carly tries to escape. Carly confronts Manny armed with some pipe. Elizabeth tries to save Lucky's life. Ric is told by Emily that Alexis might need a cesarean to save her's and the baby's lives.
#10911 43x155
Robin is trapped beneath the wreckage. Jason and Luke try to get into the tunnel through a ventilation shaft. Sam and Jax try to get it out of the tunnel. Lucky is badly hurt. Alexis goes into labor early. Reese's injury is worse than she imagined. Lorenzo worries that Carly might have caused the crash. The situation gets worse for the trapped passengers.
#10910 43x154
When Lorenzo finds Carly missing from her room at Rose Lawn he looks for Manny. Ric talks to Sonny about his treatment towards Reese. Jax tries to get back together with Courtney. Romance is in the air for Elizabeth and Lucky. Manny is seen on the train by Sam and Robin. They later find the engineer dead. The two trains crash inside the tunnel. Monica won't allow Jason to be operated on by Tony.
#10909 43x153
Carly is terrorized by Manny. Sonny refuses to allow the doctors to sedate Carly. Lorenzo and Sonny clash over Carly's treatment. Jason finds the proof that Manny was at Rose Lawn. Robin tells Sam that Jason might not have long left to live. Robin agrees to return with Sam to Port Charles. Carly manages to escape from Rose Lawn and gets on the same train as Robin and Sam. Lucky and Elizabeth board a different train to leave for their honeymoon. Emily, Nikolas, Courtney, Jax, Ric, Alexis, Reese and Sonny are also on the train. Manny gets on the train which Robin and Sam are travelling on. When he gets a nosebleed Jason collapses.
#10908 43x152
Emily and Nikolas tell Lucky and Elizabeth that they chartered a train carriage to take them to New York for the start of their honeymoon tomorrow. Jax tells Courtney that he wants her back and that he won't give her a divorce. Nikolas thinks that Courtney will go back to Jax for the sake of the baby. Lucky and Elizabeth both try to convince Nikolas and Emily to get back together. Skye is asked by Lorenzo to go away with him. Luke realises he has pushed away everybody in his life. Tracy tries to convince Skye to have a relationship with Lorenzo. Alexis tells Ric that she is leaving Port Charles with Kristina and the baby. Lucas feels he has nobody he can tell his secret too. Sam arranges to meet with Robin to talk about Jason's condition. Jason fails to find Manny at Rose Lawn. Manny hides in Carly's room.
#10907 43x151
Lucky and Elizabeth are married in a ceremony at Wyndemere. Courtney tells a disappointed Nikolas that he isn't the father of her baby. Emily learns that Courtney is pregnant. Courtney tells Jax that they won't be getting back together. Courtney later sees Nikolas and Emily in a sincere moment. Sonny ends all connections with Ric. Whilst he is drunk Ric tells everyone that he slept with Reese. Lucas feels like an outsider. Lulu is distant towards her father. When Elizabeth throws her bouquet it is caught by Helena. Jason turns down Robin's offer of help. Robin tells Sonny that Jason will die without her help. Sonny talks to Jason about letting Robin help him. Robin heads back to Port Charles. Manny turns up at Rose Lawn. Maxie is surprised on her birthday by Jesse.
#10906 43x150
Lucky and Elizabeth are surprised with the wedding they have always dreamed of. Helena makes an appearance at the pre-wedding party. Lucky is happy when his father shows up at the wedding. Courtney's announcement surprises both Nikolas and Jax. Maxie is jealous when Brook Lynn tries to get close to Jesse. Jason refuses to consider Robin's help. Ric refuses to allow Sonny to walk away from him.
#10905 43x149
Jason and Sam manage to get one over on Manny. Manny's threats continue. Jason's condition grows worse. Sonny tells Reese that he knows her secret. Elizabeth and Lucky look forward to the future together. Nikolas tells Helena to leave Courtney and Emily alone. Courtney receives the results of the paternity test. Alexis and Ric get some shocking news about their unborn baby. Alexis has to allow Ric to help her.
#10904 43x148
Sam doesn't manage to convince Jason to get the medical attention he needs before trying to locate Manny. Lorenzo gives Sam and Jason a lead on Manny's current whereabouts. Jason has a seizure as he and Sam arrive at Manny's door. Sam and Jason come face to face with Manny's gun. Emily and Audrey decide to give Elizabeth the wedding dress of her dreams. Lucky has to spend the night before the wedding at Kelly's. Lucky wants to stay with Elizabeth until the clock strikes midnight. Nikolas asks Luke to attend the wedding as it is what Laura would of wanted. Helena confronts Courtney. Alan is told by the rest of the family to stop interfering in Emily's life. Luke is jealous when Lorenzo offers to take Skye to the wedding.
#10903 43x147
Jason remembers how Robin betrayed him. Jason tells Sam that he doesn't want Robin's help. Sam insists if Robin is the only doctor who can help him then he must accept her help. Robin is contacted by Tony who tells her about Jason's condition. Robin calls the penthouse but hangs up. Sonny can't convince Emily to stop looking after the children in order to concentrate on her studies. Sonny admits to Emily that he and the children need her in their lives. Elizabeth manages to escape from Manny. Lucky and Elizabeth look forward to their wedding. Courtney is told that she and the baby aren't at risk. Nikolas tells Courtney not to feel guilty because they are happy. Courtney can't bring herself to tell Jax about the baby. Nikolas clashes with Sonny over Courtney.
#10902 43x146
It unnerves Sonny to think that Manny has been in his son's bedroom. Everyone who Sonny cares about is threatened by Manny. Alan's blackmail threats don't work on Emily. Sonny tells Emily that she should move out of the house for her own safety but she refuses. Jason's condition begins to get worse. Sam tells Jason that Robin's research might be able to help him. The funding Robin needs for her research is sabotaged by a colleague. Manny kidnaps Elizabeth and makes her to tend to his wound. Courtney has the tests to determine the father of her baby. Jax tells Courtney that he is thinking about adopting a child. Courtney suffers with abdominal cramps.
#10901 43x145
Jason promisess to protect Sam from Manny. Jason's future wellbeing could lie in a face from his past. Reese manages to reconnect with Sonny. Alan tries to blackmail Emily to get what he wants. Maxie and Jesse reach a new understanding. Robin remembers past times about Jason and Sonny.
Jul 01 2008 43x144
#10899 43x143
Ric tries to make a deal with Hector. Sonny isn't happy to learn that Ric gave Jason some orders to carry out. Hector is killed by Manny. Manny makes a promise to kill both Jason and Sonny. Ric and Reese both realize that they will always come second to Jason and Carly in Sonny's life. Jason suffers with headaches. Emily tells Sonny that Carly's condition has got worse. Skye is frightened when she sees Manny at Lorenzo's. Skye decides to finish things with Lorenzo. Manny tries to blackmail Lorenzo. Diego manages to frame Kenny for what he has really done. Jesse, Dillon and Lainey refuse to believe that Kenny is really the stalker. Diego reads Sage's diary. Lucas decides to keep his sexual orientation a secret. Luke tells Tracy that he is staying married to her in order to avoid a commitment with Skye.
#10898 43x142
Javier beleives that Jason won't shoot him in cold blood. Resse and Sonny are taken to the hospital. Ric accuses John of having been in cahouts with Javier. Jason is released from custody by John to avoid a investigation. Jason returns to working for Sonny. As she is taken into surgery Reese's life hangs in the balance. After her surgery Resse is visited by Sonny. Sam is reunited with Jason. Sam tells Jason that Manny wants revenge. Lucky learns from Nikolas that he wants a relationship with Courtney. Courtney also admits to Elizabeth she wants to be with Nikolas. Nikolas tells Emily how he feels about Courtney. Monica is worried about Emily. Courtney and Nikolas end up in sharing a kiss. Skye decides to end it with Luke forever.
#10897 43x141
Ric's plee to Hector comes too late as Javier has already made his move. John makes it clear he would like Javier to kill Sonny. Sonny and Reese trade shots with Javier's men. Reese is shot and Sonny manages to get her into a stairwell. Javier finds Sonny and Reese both wounded. Javier is about to shoot Sonny when Jason arrives. Sam learns that Manny has escaped and she arms herself waiting for his arrival. Courtney is touched when Jax asks for forgiveness. Jax realizes it was Carly who ran into the road and caused his accident. Jax tells Emily he wants to get back together with Courtney. Nikolas hurts Emily's feelings by talking about Courtney and the baby. Lucky tells Nikolas he must choose between Emily and Courtney. Lucky and Elizabeth look forward to their wedding.
#10896 43x140
Sam is saved from Manny by Jason. Jason wonders if he should return back home. Javier plans a move against Sonny. Ric tries to make a deal with Hector. Nikolas makes a confession. Courtney wonders why Jax is suddenly being so nice. Emily stands up to her father.
#10895 43x139
Sonny decides to make himself a sitting target for Javier so others won't be hurt. Reese refuses to leave Sonny alone. Jason and Sam are tormented by Manny. Jason tries to break free. Courtney decides to tell Nikolas the truth. Lorenzo is Skye's savior. Luke is left alone when Skye goes with Lorenzo.
#10894 43x138
Sam and Jason enjoy the island paradise. Manny and his men arrive on the island and Jason is captured. Sam returns home to see Jason with Manny and notices a gun on the table. Mac phones Robin in Paris to wish her a happy birthday. Emily and Nikolas grow closer as they work together to throw a surprise wedding for Lucky and Elizabeth. Courtney learns she has to wait three weeks to have a paternity test done. Emily warns Courtney that she might tell Nikolas that Courtney is pregnant. Courtney challenges Emily's motives for doing so and later sees Emily with Nikolas. Jax asks Alexis to slow down his divorce. Mac removes Jesse from the stalker case. Jesse opens up to Maxie. Diego reveals the truth to Brook Lynn and explains he is avenging Sage's death.
#10893 43x137
Sonny and Javier exchange threats with each other. Ric isn't happy when he sees Javier with Alexis. Manny awakens from his coma and wants Jason, Ric and Sonny killed. Courtney tries to get Emily back with Nikolas. Emily hears Sonny and Courtney talking and she learns Courtney is pregnant. Sonny tells Emily he thinks Nikolas has a right to know about Courtney's baby. Emily goes to see Nikolas. Lainey works with Jesse in trying to identify the stalker. Lucas tells Georgie that he's gay. Tracy tells Luke how she had Vinnie kidnap Skye and how she will only release Skye if Lorenzo signs over his ELQ stock to her. Luke goes see to Lorenzo who claims he doesn't care what happens to Skye.
#10892 43x136
Emily tells Sonny that she still has feelings for Nikolas whilst Nikolas tells Courtney that he will always have a connection with Emily. Nikolas tells Courtney though that he wants to be with her. Courtney tells Sonny that she's pregnant. Lucky and Elizabeth set a wedding date. Lucky and Elizabeth are joined at Kelly's by Emily and Nikolas. Skye isn't happy when Luke refuses to pay Tracy's ransom. Lorenzo offers to pay the ransom in exchange for one evening with Skye. Luke is shocked when Skye accepts Lorenzo's terms. Luke changes his mind about not paying the ransom. Tracy gives Vinnie a hard time who finally tells her she can leave. Tracy wants to do business with Vinnie. Sam and Jason learn how Moise trashed their bar. Javier is told by Moise that Sam and Jason are currently in Hawaii.
#10891 43x135
Michael's fears are eased by Sonny. Reese feels like an outsider. Jason is optimistic about the future. Jason reconsiles Danny and Sam. Javier wants to locate Jason to kill him. Justus thinks Lainey has a secret. Nikolas tries to reconnect with Emily. Courtney tells Nikolas that they should end their relationship. Luke refuses to help Tracy.
#10890 43x134
In Hawaii, Sam and Jason try to get used their new life but Jason can't forget his past. Jesse is forced to blow his cover. When Georgie sees Dillon with another girl she is jealous. Seth collapses at the party. Skye gets a lead on where Luke is.
July 7 2008 43x133
Jul 03 2008 43x132
Jul 02 2008 43x131
#10886 43x130
Carly thinks that Emily is Faith. Alexis doesn't like the changes in Ric. Jason looks forward to the future with Sam. Nikolas and Emily agree to try and be friends. Courtney buys a home pregnancy test kit. Jax manages to give Elizabeth the closure she needs where their baby is concerned.
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