General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 42

03.31.05 - Thursday 42x258
AJ continues to meddle with Michael’s mind. Jason receives information about Michael from Stan. Jax learns the truth about Rachel from Courtney. Alan makes a confession to Alexis and Ric.
03.30.05 - Wednesday 42x257
Maria is pressured by Reese to say she saw Jason at the Metro Court. Carly is convinced by Carly not to intervene on Jason's behalf. Maria takes Lorenzo's advice and doesn't identify Jason. When Carly becomes slightly jealous of Maria, Lorenzo is amused. Sam surprises Jason with a romantic dinner. Rachel is on life support. Courtney admits to Jax that she only met Rachel for the first time on the plane. Elizabeth and Lucky decide to give their relationship another go.
03.29.05 - Tuesday 42x256
Diego senses that there is something is bothering his mother. Maria is questioned by Reese. Sonny isn’t happy when he finds Sam with a photo of his ‘dead’ son. Sonny tells Jason that Reese is out to get them. AJ makes Michael believe that Sonny doesn't want him to come home. Alexis argues with Ric over her idea of going after full custody of Kristina. Alexis asks Dara to help her gain full custody of Kristina.
03.28.05 - Monday 42x255
Sonny eliminates the Sandoval family and Rachel is seriously hurt during the shootings. John is sure he will be able to prove that Sonny is behind the shootings. Sam tells Courtney how Jason risked everything to save Courtney's life. When the police question her, Courtney supports Jason's alibi. Reese tries to find a witness who can connect Sonny to the shootings. Carly hears Maria tells Lorenzo that she saw the shootings and that she knows Sonny and Jason are responsible. Carly is rattled by a vision of Michael. Tracy tells Alan to say nothing about the hit and run accident.
03.25.05 - Friday 42x254
Reese gives some advise to Sonny. Courtney is questioned by Jax about Rachel. Alexis isn’t happy when Ric insists that he is taking Kristina to the playground dedication. Carly has a vision of Michael. When Michael is bitten AJ needs to finds help.
03.24.05 - Thursday 42x253
Reese asks Sonny’s friends to help him. Reese is accused of having feelings for Sonny. Jason tells Sam that she's the reason he has to go on with life. Rachel is played by Jax. Courtney is questioned by Steven. Alan makes an admission to Tracy.
03.23.05 - Wednesday 42x252
Emily is stopped from shooting the two men threatening Sam and Mike. Jason realizes that he is responsible for the attack on Sam and that he also has to protect Emily. Emily admits to Lucky that Connor raped her. When Emily realizes that Lucky knew about the rape already she leaves to confront Elizabeth. Emily is furious with Elizabeth. Jason and Sam make love. Sonny and Jason plan to get even with Sandoval.
03.22.05 - Tuesday 42x251
When they get to the hospital Ric and Alexis are relieved to learn the baby has survived the accident. Alexis sneaks out of the hospital to confront Sonny. Reese and Sonny believe that the accident could have been caused by one of his enemies. Reese isn’t happy when John thinks that Sonny arranged the accident. Sonny learns that his enemies are plotting against him. Sam steps in when two men start to hit Mike at Kelly's but soon finds herself in trouble too. Lorenzo promises to protect Carly from harm. Emily arrives and threatens to shoot the men threatening Mike and Sam.
03.21.05 - Monday 42x250
Carly receives support from Lorenzo. Reese's actions are questioned by Sonny. Sonny panics when Ric and Alexis can't be located. Ric wakes up and manages to get himself and Alexis out of the wreckage. Lucky and Elizabeth are worried about Emily. Emily admits to Jason that Connor raped her. AJ continues to play with Michael’s mind.
03.18.05 - Friday 42x249
Sonny looks through Reese’s things. Carly and Lorenzo grow closer. Lucky moves into Wyndemere with Emily and he is seen by Elizabeth comforting her. When Diego ignores her Bridget becomes angry.
03.17.05 - Thursday 42x248
Luke is convinced to leave town by Skye. Rachel continues to harass Courtney. Sonny is worried that Reese will use the information she has on him against him.
03.16.05 - Wednesday 42x247
Luke lies to Skye. Skye asks Carly to try and convince Sonny not to hurt Luke. Sam is worried about Jason. Rachel tries to contact AJ and Jax grows suspicious about her. As Courtney is about to tell Jax the truth about Rachel he collapses.
03.15.05 - Tuesday 42x246
Michael manages to survive the crash. Skye tells Luke that he is no good for her and says goodbye. Reese is pressured by John. Sonny is offered the chance by Reese to turn State's evidence and start a new life. Luke is warned by Lucky that Sonny is out to get him.
03.14.05 - Monday 42x245
Reese’s accepts her new assignment to bring Sonny down. As Carly gets ready for Michael's memorial service she is comforted by Lorenzo. The Quartermaines attend Michael's service to pay their respects. Sam is told by Jason that he can't give up the search for Michael just yet. Dillon and Georgie have no regrets after making love. Lucky reaches a new understanding with his father. Sonny tries to explain to Kristina where Michael is.
03.11.05 - Friday 42x244
John wants Reese to destroy Sonny. Carly realizes just how happy Sam makes Jason. Dillon and Georgie act on the the moment. Diego connects with his father. Alan is comforted by Emily.
03.10.05 - Thursday 42x243
Everyone is shocked by the news about Michael. Courtney manages to convince Jax that she wants him and not Jason. Diego's gesture impresses Lorenzo. Dillon feels bad about his part in Faith’s escape from prison. Alexis is worried about Emily when she acts weird.
03.09.05 - Wednesday 42x242
Sonny isn’t happy when Faith dies before she can tell anything more. Lorenzo is taken to the police station where he insists to Carly that he wasn’t involved in the kidnappings. Sonny isn’t happy when Carly believes Lorenzo. Jason and Reese find the man who shot Faith but Jason is forced to shoot him dead before they can learn anything. When Courtney becomes upset thinking about Michael, Jax isn’t sure that he's the right man to help her. When Steven catches Rachel with AJ's file she manages to convince him she hasn’t done anything wrong. Skye tries to reach out to her sister. Skye hears an argument between Luke and Lucky and learns that Luke once raped Laura.
03.08.05 - Tuesday 42x241
Faith is taken to hospital after being shot. Believing that Lorenzo is involved in Faith's shooting Reese has him arrested. John clashes with Sonny. Faith regains consciousness just long enough to give Sonny a little information about Michael. Ric tells Alexis that he wants a future with her. Courtney isn’t happy to find Rachel with Jax. Elizabeth learns from Lucky why he is moving into Wyndemere with Emily. Elizabeth looks forward to a future with Lucky.
03.07.05 - Monday 42x240
Sonny, Carly and Jason are sure that Michael isn’t dead. Jason finds the proof that someone paid Faith to kidnap the children. Faith is shot before she can name who she is working for. Steven tells Mac he has found something that connects Courtney to AJ’s murder. Rachel plots to be alone with Jax and tries to make doubt Courtney's innocence. Lucky realizes what really happened to Emily and decides to look after her.
03.04.05 - Friday 42x239
Both Luke and Skye confess about their part in helping Faith escape from prison. Luke is threatened by Sonny. Jason works out that Faith hasn’t been working alone. Rachel continues to plot to ruin Courtney's life.
03.03.05 - Thursday 42x238
When Lorenzo tells Carly that Faith told him that Michael is dead, she breaks down. Jason stops Sonny from killing Faith as she is the only link they have to Michael. Sonny is comforted by Carly. Reese refuses to believe that Michael is dead. Faith tells Jason that Michael is dead. As Justus tries to smother Faith she tells him that Michael is alive. Skye wants to talk to Faith.
03.02.05 - Wednesday 42x237
Sonny won’t believe that Michael is dead but Jason begins to wonder if it could be true. After following a lead Sonny, Carly, Ric and Alexis are reunited with Kristina and Morgan. Sonny is told by Kristina that Michael is gone. Faith tells Lorenzo that she killed Michael. Rachel uses Bridget to get Courtney out of the house so she can be alone with Jax. Steven starts to investigate AJ's murder. Skye and Justus feel guilty for helping Faith escape from prison. Luke won’t let Skye tell the police about her part in helping Faith to escape.
03.01.05 - Tuesday 42x236
Faith is shot by Jason and loses consciousness before Sonny can find out where the children are. When a muddy shovel is found Sonny thinks the worse. Faith takes a turn for the worse. Rachel enlists Bridget's help in her scheme. Courtney is taken on a romantic trip by Jax to a log cabin. Elizabeth learns from Ric that Faith was the person who caused her miscarriage.
02.28.05 - Monday 42x235
Carly tries to convince Sonny that Michael is still alive. Jason, Sonny and Resse manage to find Faith's hideout with some help from Lorenzo. Faith is shot by Jason and Reese prevents Sonny from finishing her off. After looking around the church Reese tells Sonny that the kids aren’t there. Luke tells Lucky that he pulled the plug on his life support. Lucky tries to explain to Emily how he feels about his father's decision.
02.25.05 - Friday 42x234
Michael's plan to escape doesn’t go to plan. Rachel tells Courtney about her past with Steven. Emily refuses to tell Nikolas what happened with Connor. While Emily is talking to Lucky something happens to him.
02.24.05 - Thursday 42x233
Justus refuses to run away with Faith. Faith takes Brook Lynn hostage as she tries to escape from the hospital but Diego manages to rescue her. Reese thinks that Sonny may be cracking up. Sonny comes face to face with Faith. Jason and Sam search for Michael in Louisiana. Michael manages to get out of the house. Jason and Sam get a lead on Michael’s whereabouts but find that the house he was being held at empty. Nikolas is told by Emily that she wants a divorce. Faith manages to get away.
02.23.05 - Wednesday 42x232
Alexis and Sonny get a lead on Faith’s whereabouts from Jason and Sam. Jason shares the information with Reese but he and Sam set off alone to follow it up. Reese thinks that John might be involved in Michael and Morgan kidnapping but Carly and Ric think differently. The children are held in a house in Louisiana and Michael tries unsuccessfully to escape. Faith goes to see Justas in his hospital room. Reese finds a clue left by Michael. Emily is told by Elizabeth to talk to someone and to tell Nikolas the truth about being raped.
02.22.05 - Tuesday 42x231
Justus is shot during the ransom drop. Sonny and Jason find out that Michael and Morgan are also missing. Lorenzo tries to console Carly. Jason and Sam uncover a lead on where Faith is. Ric is forced to tell Alexis about Michael and Morgan being kidnapped and shares his fears with her. Lucky breathes on his own after Luke turns off his life support but he still reamins in a coma. Luke begs his son to wake up. Emily asks weirdly when she visits Nikolas. Nikolas talks to Elizabeth about Emily. Elizabeth tells Emily that she has to tell Nikolas what happened.
02.21.05 - Monday 42x230
When Sonny gets proof that Faith kidnapped Kristina he asks Justas for help. John looks after Michael and Morgan when Carly needs to go out. Rachel continues to make life difficult for Courtney. When Carly arrives home she finds John knocked out and the children gone.
02.18.05 - Friday 42x229
Sonny walks into a trap when he follows Faith’s instructions. Jason and Sam find new evidence. Alexis is shocked when she finds out that Faith could have Kristina. Courtney is forced to allow Rachel to move in. John knows about Steven and Rachel’s past.
02.17.05 - Thursday 42x228
Disguising her voice, Faith calls Sonny with her demands. Alexis agrees to rest to avoid further risk to her pregnancy. Courtney tells Rachel that she is going to tell the police the truth. Rachel points out how she can successfully frame Courtney for AJ's murder. Steven is asked by Elizabeth about his past with Rachel. Alan is furious when Jason refuses to find his brother’s killer.
02.16.05 - Wednesday 42x227
The Quartermaine’s attend AJ’s memorial service. Skye reads an eulogy for AJ. Jason finds a note from the kidnapper telling Sonny to be in the park that afternoon. Dr. Meadows tells Alexis that she needs to avoid stress during her pregnancy. The kidnapper runs off when the police show up in the park. When Alexis suffers with pains she fears she might be loosing the baby.
02.15.05 - Tuesday 42x226
Faith sends Sonny instructions to be in the park at midnight on his own. Jason and Sam find the room where Kristina was being held. Jason is taken to the hospital after he collapses. When Sonny explains to Ric why he is going to do exactly what the kidnapper wants Alexis listens in. Reese watches from a distance when Sonny goes to the park. Faith calls Sonny telling him he'll never see Kristina again as he didn't follow her instructions. Ric is happy when Alexis tells him that she’s pregnant. Rachel tells Courtney how she murdered AJ and framed her for it. Rachel tells Courtney that she expects her to kill Steven in return. Luke is furious when he discovers Skye has got a restraining order keeping him away from his son.
02.14.05 - Monday 42x225
Faith drops something that could lead to Kristina's whereabouts be discovered. Sonny receives instructions from Faith. Sam makes sure that Alexis is fine before going back to help Jason. Justus is asked for help by Skye. Courtney discovers who AJ’s killer is. Alexis finds out that she is pregnant.
02.11.05 - Friday 42x224
Sonny reaches a new understanding with Reese. Alexis falls after coming face to face with Sam. Jason’s life is in danger. Courtney protests her innocence but remains a suspect in the murder case. Brook Lynn and Diego decide to continue seeing each other.
02.10.05 - Thursday 42x223
When Alan tells Michael about AJ's murder Sonny isn’t happy and throws him out. Reese follows Sonny who leads her to Jason and Sam. Courtney is questioned by Mac about AJ. Alan tells Courtney that she will pay for killing his son. Reese and Sonny both believe Sam is innocent. Steven realizes that Monica has been helping Jason. Both Diego and Brook Lynn’s parents tell them they can’t see each other any more.
02.09.05 - Wednesday 42x222
John agrees to drop the charges against Sonny when Carly agrees to let him be a father to her. Reese needs to know everything about Sonny in order to find the kidnapper. Faith vows revenge against her enemies. Monica tends to Jason. Jason is determined to find the kidnapper. Skye learns that AJ has been murdered. Skye and Jax are convinced by Courtney that she had no part in AJ’s murder. Alan and Monica learn of AJ’s death.
02.08.05 - Tuesday 42x221
Jason is shot by Reese and he tries to tell Sonny that Sam is innocent. Sam and an injured Jason make it back to Jason's hideout where Sam delares her love for him. Sam goes to the hospital and asks Monica for help. Sonny is arrested Kristina's kidnapping. Kristina's kidnapper is finally revealed as Faith. AJ tells Courtney that if he gives her half her money she can have a divorce. Courtney hitting AJ is witnessed by a hotel employee. Courtney tells a female passenger on the plane on the way home that she wishes AJ were dead. Later the same woman shows up at AJ's hotel room door. Luke asks Justus to get him the legal papers so he can chose whether to take Lucky off life support.
02.07.05 - Monday 42x220
Jason believes that Sam is innocent. Emily finally admits what happened with Connor to Elizabeth. Luke makes a difficult decision. Sonny stops Sam and Jason from escaping. AJ vows to make Courtney’s life hell.
02.04.05 - Friday 42x219
Sam tells Jason that she stole Sonny’s money to pay for an illegal adoption. Skye tells Courtney that AJ has contacted her and tells her that she is still married to him. Emily refuses to face the truth. Luke shows up at the hospital to see his son. Jason believes that Sam is innocent. Sonny stops Jason from escaping with Sam. Emily finally tells Elizabeth that Connor raped her. Luke makes a difficult decision. AJ vows to make Courtney’s life hell.
02.03.05 - Thursday 42x218
Jason is sure that Sam doesn’t have Kristina. After realizing that Alexis is innocent, Ric calls the police to report the kidnapping. Steven uncovers evidence that shows Sam was in Sonny's bedroom. As she is about to leave town Sam is arrested. Lucky has an out of body experience. Emily refuses to admit the truth to Elizabeth. When they can't find contact Luke, Skye and Bobby are worried. When Diego hears Lorenzo defending him to Sonny he sees his father in a new light.
02.02.05 - Wednesday 42x217
The mystery woman watches what is going on at Sonny's house. Sonny learns his house has been bugged and asks the kidnapper to return Kristina. Sonny and Alexis think that Sam might have Kristina. Sam calls Jason. Mike and Jane are against Jax and Courtney's marriage as they think that Courtney still loves Jason. Jane refuses to attend the wedding. Jax and Courtney make love.
02.01.05 - Tuesday 42x216
Sonny and Jason learn that Kristina has been kidnapped. Sam counts the money she stole from Sonny’s safe. Sonny learns that Sam didn't leave town. Alexis is asked by Ric if she took Kristina. Courtney arranges a romantic surprise for Jax.
01.31.05 - Monday 42x215
Sam continues to try and distance herself from Jason. Lorenzo is told by Carly why they can’t be a couple. Sam breaks into Sonny’s house. Diego is urged to give his father a chance. The mystery woman makes her move. Lucky's condition gets worse..
01.28.05 - Friday 42x214
Helena manages to get away when Skye shows up. Lucky is taken to the hospital. Jason discovers that Sam lied to him about leaving Port Charles. Lorenzo is rejected by his son.
01.27.05 - Thursday 42x213
Helena locks Emily in the Cassadine crypt. Lucky takes the blame for burying Connor's body in the woods. Lucky arrives at the crypt just as Helena is about to kill Emily. Lucky gets in the way of Emily and ends up shot. Alexis decides to allow Kristina to stay with Sonny while she goes out of town after all. Kristina is being watched from a distance. Sam rejects Jason when he tries to help her. Ned has words with Diego.
01.26.05 - Wednesday 42x212
Courtney is urged by Carly to try and get back together with Jason. Sonny talks to Jason about his feelings for Sam and Courtney. Jason tells Courtney that he is in love with Sam before she can tell him how she feels. Sonny is asked by Sam to help her get Hope back but she changes her mind after talking with him. Elizabeth tries to get Emily to admit to her what happened with Connor. Emily is kidnapped by Helena.
01.25.05 - Tuesday 42x210
Helena watches as Emily kills Connor believing that Emily has killed Nikolas. Helena is forced to flee when Lucky and Elizabeth show up. Lucky hides Connor’s body in the woods after convincing Emily and Elizabeth not to call the police. Emily suffers with flashbacks of Connor raping her. Emily won’t tell Elizabeth what happened. Sam is furious that Jason didn’t fight to keep Hope and when he tells her that he still wants to marry her she walks out. Courtney is accused of wanting Jason back by Sam. Kristina is saved from being kidnapped by Michael’s arrival. Sonny asks Jason who he would rather be with out of Courtney and Sam.
01.24.05 - Monday 42x209
A decision about Hope's future is agreed upon by Jason, Sam and Courtney. With Connor out of control Emily is forced to take drastic action. Diego reunites with Brook Lynn.
01.21.05 - Friday 42x208
John’s actions make Carly suspicious. Kristina is being watched from a distance. Bridget's grandmother makes a claim on the baby. Connor’s behaviour scares Emily.
01.19.05 - Wednesday 42x207
Lorenzo manages to convince Bridget to go ahead with the adoption until Courtney unwittingly changes Bridget’s mind. Jason tells Sam that Courtney is on their side. Jordan advises Sonny to go for sole custody of Kristina now that Alexis and Ric have separated. The mystery person tampers with the security system at Sonny's new house. Emily locks herself in her bedroom when Connor unnerves her.
01.18.05 - Tuesday 42x206
Emily tells Connor that they will never be together. Skye brings Emily a romantic letter from Nikolas. Courtney is shocked to discover that Jason asked Sam to marry him. Courtney denies to Sam that she's responsible for Bridget wanting her baby back. Carly asks Lorenzo to speak to Bridget on Jason and Sam's behalf to which he agrees. Brook Lynn tells Georgie and Dillon that she isn't interested in a music career as she plans on going to Mexico to be with Diego.
01.17.05 - Monday 42x205
Jason tells Sam how much he loves her and she agrees to marry him. Courtney learns from Bridget that she wants her baby back from Sam and Jason. Jason and Sam learn of Bridget's decision. Sam blames Courtney for Bridget's changing her mind. Jason tells Sam that they will fight to keep Hope. When Lois and Lorenzo decide that they have no future together Lois is comforted by Ned. Lucky leaves his gun with Connor as Connor and Emily hide out at the safe house. Connor isn't happy when Emily rejects him after he tries to kiss her. Kristina is watched when she is out with Jax.
01.14.05 - Friday 42x204
Bridget shocks Courtney. Luke plans to deal with Helena for once and for all. Alexis worries about Sonny's influence on Kristina. Ric and Alexis remain distant. Jason asks Sam to marry him.
01.13.05 - Thursday 42x203
The mystery person makes contact with his employer. There’s a surprise for Helena when she makes a move against Emily. When Jordan arrives on the island Sonny is happy.
01.12.05 - Wednesday 42x202
Courtney is upset when she sees how happy Sam and Jason are together. John tries to manipulate Steven. Carly learns from John that Steven has evidence that Mary was killed by Lorenzo. Lois hears Carly telling Lorenzo about John's claim. Emily agrees to Luke latest scheme to bring Helena out into the open. Skye learns from Luke how much she means to him. Dillon tells Brook Lynn that he thinks Diego will be back.
01.11.05 - Tuesday 42x201
Jason tells Sam that he wants to be with her and not Courtney. Carly tells Courtney that Bridget is bad news. Helena is fooled into believing that Connor is Nikolas. Helena tells Connor that she is going to get rid of Emily. Ric tells Alexis that he really loves her and accuses her of looking for an excuse to end their marriage. Carly and Jordan are being watched in Sonny’s house as they discuss redecorating.
01.10.04 - Monday 42x200
Jax isn’t pleased that Courtney has allowed Bridget to move in with her. Bridget tells Sam that she isn't going to take back her baby. Alexis arranges for Emily to have a conjugal visit with Nikolas. Nikolas learns of the plan to bring Helena out into the open. Helena surprises Connor on the Haunted Star. The alarm system at Sonny's new house is messed with. Ric refuses to be blackmailed by the lab technician. Alexis confronts Ric with the fact he knew Kristina was Sonny's child from the beginning.
01.07.05 - Friday 42x199
Bridget shows up at Sam's door. Lorenzo reaches an understanding with Maria and Diego. Diego decides to leave Port Charles with Maria but promises Brook Lynn that he will return one day. The keys to Sonny's new house are copied. Emily isn’t happy when Connor tries to kiss her.
01.06.05 - Thursday 42x198
Jason shares a kiss with Sam. The house that Ric intended to buy is snapped up by Sonny. Jordan is mugged. Brook Lynn arranges a meeting between Diego and his father. Emily is challenged by Connor to let her see him as Nikolas and act accordingly.
01.05.05 - Wednesday 42x197
Sonny is lied to be Alexis so that she can prevent him from taking Kristina on holiday with him. Alexis is beaten at her own game by Sonny. Sam thinks that Jason doesn’t want to name the baby because he fears they will lose her. Diego wants nothing to do with his father. Lorenzo threatens Eduardo. Brook Lynn urges Diego to talk to his father. Dillon nearly tells Tracy the truth about what is going on. Luke tells everyone that Helena is blackmailing Tracy. Luke wants Connor and Emily to act as a loving couple to bring Helena out into the open.
01.04.05 - Tuesday 42x196
Ric and Alexis plan on taking Kristina skiing and refuse to allow her to go on holiday with Sonny. Sonny's invitation to go to the island with him is turned down by Jordan. Maria is confronted by Diego about being her mother. Diego is arrested after hitting Eduardo who was threatening Maria. Steven isn't happy when John once again brings up the name of Rachel.
01.03.05 - Monday 42x195
Diego hears Lorenzo talking with Maria and learns that Maria is his mother and not his sister. Sonny and Carly resist from sharing a New Year's kiss. Sonny plans on using the fact that Alexis was drunk on New Year's Eve to his own advantage. When she's arrested Bridget asks Jason for help. Courtney tells Jason that Bridget could want her baby back at any time. Luke discovers that the Helena look-alike is working for Helena and learns that the woman was paid to observe Emily and Connor.
12.31.04 - Friday 42x194
The Metro Court Hotel opens with a ball. Carly is tricked into leaving the ball and going to Sonny's penthouse by Michael. Diego plans his revenge on Lorenzo. Lorenzo and Diego learn that they are father and son from Courtney. Helena is hoped to be captured at the ball.
12.30.04 - Thursday 42x193
Courtney discovers the truth about Diego’s parentage. Maria is found beaten up by Diego. Lois shares a kiss with Lorenzo. Jason and Sam discuss getting married. The plan to expose Helena is put into motion.
12.29.04 - Wednesday 42x192
Courtney is asked by Jason to help Sam adopt Bridget's baby. Courtney realizes that Bridget might not be ready to give up her baby just yet. Carly uses her father to blackmail Sonny into letting her move into the flat across the corridor from Steven. When John mentions the name Rachel from Steven's past it unnerves him. Connor is tracked down in Canada and agrees to pretend to be Nikolas to try and lure Helena out into the open. Alexis and Ric grow closer again.
12.28.04 - Tuesdsay 42x191
Sam tells Jason how Bridget let her have her have her new born baby. Jason thinks that Bridget will want the baby back in time. Sam agrees to moving back into Jason's penthouse. Jordan is invited to spend New Year's Eve with Sonny. Sonny and Jordan learn that John’s representing Carly in the divorce. Luke is sure that Helena isn’t dead. Luke, Emily, Skye, Lucky and Elizabeth join forces to try and prove Helena is still alive and plan on using Connor as bait. Courtney hits Lorenzo and manages to get a sample of his blood on her glove. With a strand of Diego's hair, Courtney has a DNA test conducted and learns that Lorenzo is Diego's father.
12.27.04 - Monday 42x190
Sonny and Carly both realize that they can't get back together. Sonny doesn’t like how close Carly is getting to Steven and isn’t pleased when she tells him that she is taking an apartment across the hall from Steven. Jason is urged by Elizabeth to pursue Sam. Sam accepts Jason's invitation to have lunch with him and later arrives at his place with Bridget's baby. Luke explains to Emily and Lucky that Helena might not have died when Nikolas pushed her off the cliff. Diego is rescued from a fight by Courtney. Courtney lerans from Brook Lynn that Diego thinks that maybe Lorenzo could be his father. Lorenzo and Lois plan to spend New Year’s Eve together.
12.24.04 - Friday 42x189
Alexis and Ric are rescued by Jax and Sonny. Nikolas is surprised by Emily who brings him Christmas dinner at the police station. The annual Christmas party is held at the hospital after Kristina's christening. John dresses up as Father Christmas at the party.
12.23.04 - Thursday 42x188
Steven lays his cards on the table with Carly. Nikolas, Emily, Lucky and Elizabeth are taken to the police station after the police show up at the cabin. Lucky is suspended from the police force. Laura is committed to Shadybrook by Luke. Skye is told by Luke that he came back for her and they embrace. Ric and Alexis shelter in a shack.
12.22.04 - Wednesday 42x187
Steven saves Carly’s life by performing emergency surgery. John leaves to get help. Sonny enjoys Christmas Eve with Jordan and his children. Connor and Lucky's scheme is exposed by Mac. Lucky and Elizabeth try to get Emily and Nikolas across the Canadian border. Nikolas tells Emily that he has to return to Port Charles. Sam and Lorenzo help Bridget deliver her baby at Kelly's.
12.21.04 - Tuesday 42x186
Elizabeth helps Lucky and Nikolas. Mac later discovers that it is really Connor in Nikolas' hospital room. Emily worries when she learns that a search is on for Nikolas. Sam helps Lorenzo tend to Bridget as she goes into labour. Steven and Carly grow closer as John shows up. When the roof suddenly caves in from the pressure of the snow Carly’s life is in danger. Bobbie is confronted by Luke and she admits that Laura is alive. Luke accuses Skye of lying to him. Luke sees Laura and wishes her a happy birthday. Jason is forced to spend the night at Courtney's when the snow continues to fall. As they look for a tree Alexis and Ric become lost in the woods.
12.20.04 - Monday 42x185
Luke grows suspicious of Bobbie's behavior and is determined to find Skye. Skye is found by Dillon and Georgie and they take her to the hospital. Jason and Courtney are stranded together and they discuss their past relationship. Steven is stranded with Carly. Jordan is warned off Sonny by Michael. Sam tells Jax how she feels about Jason. Elizabeth is told by Lucky that his mother’s death could be liberating for Luke. Brook Lynn agrees to help Diego find out if Lorenzo could be his father. Lorenzo shows up at Kelly's with a girl who's about to have a baby.
12.17.04 - Friday 42x184
Alexis agrees to let Kristina spend some time with Sonny. Carly takes Michael and Morgan to Sonny's to decorate his Christmas tree with Kristina. Sonny is stranded in the penthouse with Jordan and his children when it snows. Emily realizes that Connor has changed places with Nikolas. Nikolas isn’t happy that Lucky went along with Connor's plan. After following Bobbie, Skye learns that Laura is still alive. On her way back Skye is involved in a car crash. Courtney makes pans for a romantic evening with Jax. Jax ends up stranded at Kelly's with Sam due to the snow. Jason finds himself stranded with Courtney at her place.
12.16.04 - Thursday 42x183
Lucky works with Connor as they have Connor switch places with Nikolas. When Bobbie doesn’t want to tell Luke's family that Laura is dead Skye becomes suspicious. Luke tries to come to terms with Laura’s death. Skye discovers the truth about Laura. Courtney makes up with Jax.
12.15.04 - Wednesday 42x182
Alexis is told by Ric that if she doesn’t accept Sonny's offer of joint custody she could risk losing Kristina. Courtney asks Jason to talk to Lorenzo on Diego's behalf. Jax isn’t happy when he discovers that Courtney turned to Jason for help and she walks out. Maria tells Diego that Lorenxo is no longer a danger to him. Connor who now looks the same as Nikolas tells Emily that he wants to change places with Nikolas so that she and Nikolas will be free to start a new life together. Emily doesn't trust Connor. Lucky decides to team up with Connor to free his brother.
12.14.04 - Tuesday 42x181
Sonny surprises everyone when he declares that he and Alexis should share custody of Kristina. Connor has his facial scar removed and makes himself look exactly like Nikolas. Courtney and Jax decide to spend Christmas together. Lorenzo tells Lois about his past with Maria. Dillon and Georgie tell Courtney and Jax that Diego is going to confront Lorenzo. Courtney and Jax manage to get to Diego first and are shocked to discover that he has a gun. Maria shows up Lorenzo's door.
12.13.04 - Monday 42x180
Ric promises that he will find Alexis and Kristina. Ric is given one hour to find Alexis otherwise Sonny warns him that he will get the police involved. Ric locates Alexis at Jax's and convinces her to return to the hospital with Kristina. Jordan plans on making Alexis look as an unfit mother during the custody battle. Nikolas has emergency surgery. Emily isn’t happy when Connor returns. Nikolas survives the surgery. Connor meets with a plastic surgeon. Jason stops Coleman from taking advantage of Sam. Jason's offer to move back to the penthouse is turned down by Sam who realizes that she has to learn to live her life differently.
12.10.04 - Friday 42x179
Nikolas is taken to the hospital. Alexis is determined to keep Sonny away from Kristina. Sonny and Ric find out that Kristina is missing from her room. Sam moves into a room above Kelly's after Jason tells her that he can’t get romantically involved with her. An upset Sam goes to Jake's and clashes with Carly. Jason finds Sam with Coleman.
12.09.04 - Thursday 42x178
Luke refuses to believe that Laura is dead and unbeknown to him Laura is still alive. Nikolas is sentenced and tries to escape while being transferred to prison. Sam and Jason are both surprised by their kiss. Jax is hurt after he tells Courtney that he loves her and she doesn’t say the same in return.
12.08.04 - Wednesday 42x177
When a new judge takes over the proceedings at Nikolas' sentencing hearing his friends and family are worried. Luke and Skye go undercover in Memphis as they look for Laura. They find a woman named Connolly and follow her to a graveyard. When confronted Connolly points to a grave with the name Laura Spencer on it. Courtney joins Jax and his mother for lunch. Diego is caught by Sam and Jason trying to break into Sonny's. Dillon tries to found out what the connection is between Diego and Lorenzo. Diego is watched by Maria but she doesn't let herself be seen.
12.07.04 - Tuesday 42x176
The charges against Sonny are dropped when John admits to having obtained the file against him illegally. Sonny tells Alexis that he will take Kristina away from her. Edward wants Nikolas to end his marriage with Emily. Emily and Nikolas vow to stay together. Diego thinks that Sonny is responsible for his father's death. Diego is threatened by Lorenzo. Dillon doesn't tell Diego when he realizes there is a connection between him and Lorenzo. Luke and Skye get a possible lead to where Laura is. Jax learns from Courtney why she doesn't want to lose her independence.
12.06.04 - Monday 42x175
Alexis turns down Sonny's offer to share custody of Kristina and gives John’s file to Ric. Sonny is arrested on Ric’s orders in the courtroom on RICO violations. John confesses at the police station to having stolen the file. Diego thinks that Sonny is the dangerous man his sister wants him to avoid. After seeing Lorenzo’s letterhead is identical to the design on Maria's pendant Dillon realizes that Lorenzo is the man Maria wants Diego to avoid. Steven refuses to allow Luke access to Heather. Lucky is asked by his father to help him in his plan to question Heather. Skye is told by Edward that Luke will leave her once he locates Laura.
12.03.04 - Friday 42x174
Sonny is told by Alexis what she expects him to say on the stand before the custody hearing begins. Sam, Courtney, Michael and Carly testify on Sonny’s behalf. On the stand Sonny defies Alexis and says Kristina belongs with him and not her. Jason gets proof that John got the evidence against Sonny illegally. Emily and Nikolas make love on their wedding night but Nikolas is taken back into custody the following morning. Skye is found on on the ledge by Luke and he pulls her into a kiss after explaining his feelings for her. Heather is committed to Ferncliff after being declared insane and still refuses to tell Luke where Laura is.
12.02.04 - Thursday 42x173
Emily learns from Connor that he was given a dishonorable discharge from the military. Nikolas and Emily get married. When Jax reveals he is rebuilding the Port Charles Hotel and naming it after her Courtney is touched. Luke asks Heather who believes that she is Laura to marry him. Luke takes Heather to Nikolas and Emily's wedding reception and makes her believe it’s for them. Heather is tricked into revealing Skye's whereabouts. Skye suffers with a hallucination of a young girl who encourages her to jump to her death. Luke races to the parapet to rescue Skye but fears he may be too late. A slightly drunk Sam kisses Jason.
12.01.04 - Wednesday 42x172
Nikolas wants to make Emily's wedding day everything she ever imagined. Emily shares a special moment with her mother. Carly is furious with her father and tells him that she wants nothing more to do with him. Sonny has no intention of giving into Alexis' blackmail threats. Luke discovers that Heather thinks that she is Laura. Luke asks Heather to renew their wedding vows in an effort to find out where Skye is. A drugged Skye suffers hallucinations while being held at Wyndemere. Dillon, Brook Lynn, Georgie and Diego are punished for going to Mexico.
11.30.04 - Tuesday 42x171
Carly is made to accept the fact that her father stole the file to use against Sonny which upsets her. Alexis tells Ric that she is going to continue with her plan and expose the evidence against Sonny after he agrees to her having sole custody of Kristina. Alan and Monica are against Emily and Nikolas’ marriage. Elizabeth tries to pair Steven off with a nurse at the hospital. Heather believing that she Laura holds Skye at Wyndemere. Heather is discovered by Luke waiting for him at the place where he married Laura.
11.29.04 - Monday 42x170
Carly gets some answers about her father from Steven. Alexis admits to Ric that she is trying to blackmail Sonny. Carly asks her father if he stole the file to use against Sonny. Carly and John are unaware that they are being listened to on Jason's hidden bug. Sam is consoled by Jason. Heather confesses to killing Ross and framing Skye when she is confronted by Luke. She also admits to taking Laura from the sanitarium. Skye is later taken hostage and drugged by Heather. Nikolas is allowed to leave jail for a short while so that he and Emily can marry.
11.24.04 - Wednesday 42x169
Alexis tells Sonny that she will give Ric the file to use against him unless he gives up all rights to Kristina. Sonny plans on a scheme of his own. Jason thinks that John stole the file after Carly tells him what happened. Steven is asked by Carly if her father took the file. Jason places a bug in John's hotel room but becomes trapped when John shows up. Sonny comforts Sam. Nikolas refuses to allow Justus to fight to have the charges dropped against him. Emily and Nikolas decide to get married before he is sent to prison. While Heather is trying to Kill Edward she is interrupted by Tracy’s arrival.
11.23.04 - Tuesday 42x168
Jason and Sonny wonder if the evidence against Sonny was destroyed in the fire at Ric’s and wonder who started the fire. Carly is accused of starting the fire by Ric. Carly is given an alibi by her father. Diego and his friends show up at a house in Mexico looking for Diego's sister Maria. Maria tells Diego that he shouldn’t have come and denies knowing him in front of her fiancé Eduardo. Dillon pinches a necklace from Maria as he is sure that he's seen it before. Luke, Skye, Tracy and Edward plot against Heather. Luke lets Heather believe that he will help her kill Edward. Courtney won’t allow Jax to look for Diego in cause it causes more trouble. Lorenzo and Lois talk about how they feel about each other.
11.22.04 - Monday 42x167
Carly is rescued from the fire by Steven who tells her to leave before anyone can see her. When Steven goes back into Ric's apartment to retrieve the file he is injured. Ric questions Steven and Carly after Steven has been taken to the hospital. Sonny wonders who was responsible for starting the fire. The burnt file is stolen from Ric’s apartment. When Alexis finds Sam unconscious on the hospital roof she gets help. Jason promises Sam that he will always be there for her. Nikolas tells the police that he killed Helena and is arrested. Emily is angry with Connor who manages to knock Lucky out and take his gun. Emily is forced to contact the helicopter pilot. As he prepares to leave for Canada, Connor is arrested and realizes that Emily double crossed him.
11.19.04 - Friday 42x166
Sonny is arrested. John is confronted by Jason for giving Ric the ammunition to use against Sonny. Carly decides to try and destroy the evidence Ric has against Sonny and breaks to into his apartment. Carly starts a fire and becomes trapped as the fire spreads. Dr. Meadows tells Sam that getting pregnant straight away would risk to her life as well as a baby's. Sam leaves her room and collapses on the hospital roof. Nikolas announces that he has confessed to killing Helena. Heather learns from Edward that he's divorcing her and leaving her with no money. Edward and Tracy learn how Heather murdered Ross and hid Laura in the loft.
11.18.04 - Thursday 42x165
John secretly makes sure that Ric gets a copy of the file to use against Sonny. Carly and Michael are asked to testify on Sonny’s behalf at the custody battle. As Ric tells tells John that he has the evidence to send Sonny to jail Carly listens in. When Alexis finds Sam and Jason with Kristina she isn’t happy. Jason learns from Sam that she wants to have another baby. Tracy agrees to help Skye get Edward released from Shadybrook. Heather and Luke kissing is witnessed by Skye. When Connor tries to kiss her, Emily slaps him. Diego asks Brook Lynn to go to Mexico with him to find his sister.
11.17.04 - Wednesday 42x164
The memorial service for Sam and Sonny’s baby is held. Jason looks after Sam who is unable to say goodbye to her baby. Kristina's condition is improves. Skye and Luke start their plan to trap Heather.
11.16.04 - Tuesday 42x163
Sonny makes it clear to Carly that things are over between them. Connor is mistaken for Nikolas when Mac goes to Wyndemere to ask Emily some questions. Connor re-injures himself so that he can remain at Wyndemere. Courtney explains to Jax why she needs her independence. Diego is warned to stay out of Lorenzo’s way.
11.15.04 - Monday 42x162
Jason comforts Sam. Kristina survives her emergency surgery. Alexis tells Ric that she needs and wants him in her life. Carly is warned by Sonny that her father is using her to get to him. Meyer tells Sonny that the file the government could use against him is at the penthouse. John discovers the file which Michael accidentally put away with his toys. Jax asks Courtney to move in with him. When Brook Lynn finds Diego beaten up after he was caught spying on Max and Meyer she takes him to Courtney's. Courtney tells Jax she can't move in with him as Diego needs her help. Lois admits that she wants a relationship with Lorenzo despite the fact she knows of his feelings for Carly. Brook Lynn finds her mother in a compromising position with Lorenzo.
11.12.04 - Friday 42x161
Jordan Baines is hired to help get Sonny custody of Kristina. Kristina’s condition gets worse. Alexis is blamed by Sam for causing her baby's death. Carly decides to move into the cottage with her children that her father bought her. Michael packs a file by mistake that would incriminate Sonny. Connor is told that he is not to blame for Mary's death by Emily.
11.11.04 - Thursday 42x160
Sam finds it difficult accepting that she has lost the baby. Sonny makes it clear that he will do anything in order to see Kristina. Sonny is surprised is learn that John bought Carly the house. Connor blames himself and Nikolas for Mary’s death. Connor is found by Emily at Mary's grave. Mac questions Nikolas and he is warned by Lucky not to help Connor escape.
11.10.04 - Wednesday 42x159
Sonny is given a restraining order from seeing Kristina. Kristina undergoes the transplant. Sam learns that her baby has died. John buys the cottage in the country for Carly. Lois tells Lorenzo about Carly and Sonny’s split and he goes to see Carly. Emily looks after Connor while Nikolas is at the hospital supporting Alexis. Connor shares his feelings with Emily. Nikolas returns to see Emily comforting Connor after he suffers a nightmare.
11.09.04 - Tuesday 42x158
Sonny gives his permission to use the stem cells from Sam's baby to try and save Kristina. Jason cries at Sam's bedside. Sonny is allowed to see Kristina by Alexis. Jax and Courtney are upset that Sam lost her baby.
11.08.04 - Monday 42x157
After collapsing, Sam is forced to have surgery. Alexis asks Sonny to give his permission to use the stem cells from Sam's baby to save Kristina. Sam’s condition gets worse. Luke makes a deal to buy the Haunted Star back from Lorenzo. Luke learns from Dillon that Laura is in the Quartermaine's attic but she is gone by the time they get there. Heather has Laura put on a plane. Emily tells the military police that Connor took her hostage and then let her go. Emily and Nikolas return to Wyndemere where they find Connor waiting. Nikolas learns that Emily helped Connor escape.
11.05.04 - Friday 42x156
Justus and Faith make plans to leave the country together but once they get to the airport Justus suggested she go alone in order to escape more easily. Heather accuses Dillon of helping Luke steal items out of the house. Tracy tells her son to keep an eye on Heather to figure out what she is up to. Dillon learns from Alice that Heather has bolted the door to the attic. Dillon manages to pick the lock and finds Laura in the attic. Sam tells Sonny that she would gladly risk herself for Kristina but that she could not take the chance of harming her baby by inducing early labour. Alexis begs Sam to help her save Kristina. As Sam finally agrees to help she holds her stomach in pain.
11.04.04 - Thursday 42x155
Sonny and Alexis learn that Kristina could be saved by using stem cells from Sam's umbilical cord. Sam refuses to consent to the procedure. When Michael overhears Carly telling her father that she and Sonny might divorce he becomes upset. Diego leaves after seeing Courtney and Jax in bed together as he thinks that Courtney will no longer wants him staying there. Brook Lynn hides Diego from Courtney when she tries to find him. In disguise Luke and Skye break Faith out of prison but are seen by Justas.
11.03.04 - Wednesday 42x154
Carly tries to justify her actions to Jason. Courtney and Jax share their feelings with one another and decide that they want to be together. Sonny insists to Alexis that he wants to be involved in Kristina’s life. Ric and Alexis get married in the hospital chapel. Sonny tells Carly that he can’t see a future together for them. Jason goes with Sam for her ultrasound.
11.02.04 - Tuesday 42x153
Connor recovers. Diego is threatened by Jason. Alexis agrees to marry Ric. Carly finally admits the truth to Sonny who goes to see Kristina. Alexis isn’t happy when she realizes that Sonny knows that he is Kristina’s father.
11.01.04 - Monday 42x152
Carly thinks that her marriage will be over once Sonny learns that he is Kristina's father and that she kept it from him. Ric asks Alexis to marry him. Emily is held at gunpoint by Connor. Connor is shot when he struggles with Nikolas. When Connor is taken to the hospital Lucky learns that Connor saw Nikolas kill Helena. Brook Lynn's life is saved by Diego when the bomb goes off. Lorenzo tells Mac that the explosion was caused by an accident. Courtney hears Jason threaten Lorenzo.
10.29.04 - Friday 42x151
Emily is snatched and taken to Mary's house but her kidnapper decides not to kill her. Alexis tells Ric that Sonny is Kristina's father. Carly meets her father’s ex wife who tells her to be careful of him. John tells Steven how much he cares for Carly. Alexis learns from Carly that she is going to tell Sonny the truth. Courtney is worried about Diego. Diego hears Sonny and Jason talking about their plan to get back at Lorenzo and he tries to warn him but Lorenzo won’t listen. Jason places a bomb in Lorenzo's warehouse. Diego is followed to the warehouse by Brook Lynn and they get locked inside just as Lorenzo arrives and the bomb explodes.
10.28.04 - Thursday 42x150
Carly decides against telling Sonny that he's Kristina's father when she hears that a donor has been found. Carly goes with her father to a hospital in New York City when he needs more surgery. The donor for Kristina is killed in accident leaving Alexis devastated. Lorenzo and Jason face off. Courtney splits up with Jax. Emily continues to be stalked. Faith fails to double cross Luke and Skye. After hearing that Faith has confessed to murdering Ross, Mac lets Skye and Luke go. Edward is committed to a mental institution after Heather and Tracy’s plan works.
10.27.04 - Wednesday 42x149
A donor for Kristina is needed immediately. Alexis decides not to tell Jason that Sonny is Kristina's father when Steven tells her that a donor has been located. Luke and Skye get the money Faith is demanding from Lorenzo in exchange for a controlling share of the Haunted Star. Luke and Skye give themselves up. Jax is surprised by Courtney in Bermuda who discovers him with another woman. Jax follows Courtney back to Port Charles but ends up being hit by Diego. Brook Lynn sees Diego’s good side. Heather comes up with a plan with Tracy to have Edward committed.
10.26.04 - Tuesday 42x148
Emily is being watched from a distance. Ric and John hear Sonny threaten Lorenzo’s life. Carly tells Steven that Sonny is Kristina's father. Heather is shocked when Edward announces that he is giving all his money to Justus and that they are moving into a room above Kelly's.
10.25.04 - Monday 42x147
Alexis learns that Kristina needs a bone marrow transplant. Alexis learns she isn't a donor match for Kristina and is supported by Ric. Lorenzo tells Carly how much he loves her. Nikolas is watched as he takes care of Helena. Nikolas' version of what happened is accepted by Mac who tells him that no charges will be pressed against him. Nikolas finds a note when he gets home saying that someone saw what he did. Jason grows closer to Sam.
10.22.04 - Friday 42x146
Jason is cleared of being involved in the shooting. Carly spends sometime with her father. Lorenzo becomes the number one suspect in John's shooting. Helena waits for Alexis to return home armed with a knife but Ric's arrival prevents her from attacking Alexis. Kristina is taken back to the hospital for further tests. Emily is attacked by Helena and Nikolas comes to her rescue and deals with Helena once and for all.
10.21.04 - Thursday 42x145
Helena tries to kill Alexis but she manages to escape from Helena's grip and is looked after by Ric. Courtney learns that Jason threatened John to protect her. Carly asks Steven to find proof that Jason didn't shoot John. When Steven finds the proof that Jason is innocent John orders him to not tell anyone for now. Lorenzo is suspected of hiring Lana to shoot John and framing Jason. Courtney receives an ultimatum from Jax who later leaves for Bermuda without her. Luke and Skye offer a deal to Faith but she wants one million dollars as well.
10.20.04 - Wednesday 42x144
Alexis tells Emily and Nikolas that Helena isn’t finished with them yet. When Alexis witnesses Helena threaten Emily she is frightened. Laura is nearly discovered in the attic. Heather and Edward get married and Alan, Monica and Tracy vow to break them up. Luke and Skye enter Pentonville disguised as doctors to talk to Faith. Jax isn't happy when he hears Courtney defending Jason. Alexis is kept in the dark to the fact that Kristina could be seriously ill.
10.19.04 - Tuesday 42x143
John manages to survive his surgery and Carly sits with him afterwards. John tells Steven he is going to use Carly to destroy Sonny. Jax and Courtney are stopped from leaving the country after Mac accuses Jax of hiding Skye. Brook Lynn isn’t happy when her mother makes a date with Lorenzo.
10.18.04 - Monday 42x142
Helena's curse is broken when Emily and Nikolas kiss in the Garden of Aphrodite. John is seriously hurt after being shot at the press conference. Lana puts the gun into Jason's jacket pocket and he ends up being arrested. Justas helps get Jason released. Carly promises to be there for John if he survives. Lucky thinks that Lorenzo is responsible for the shooting. When Lois sees Lorenzo paying off Lana she confronts them. An upset Carly accuses Jason of shooting her father.
1009.15.04 - Friday 42x141
John is threatened by Jason. Carly is called on stage at the press conference. Sonny and Michael watch on television as Lana aims at the stage and shoots. Steven shares his fears about Kristina with Ric. Heather manages to stop Luke from discovering Laura in the attic. Emily is taken by Nikolas to the remains of the Garden of Aphrodite and hopes he isn't too late to save her. Courtney is furious with Diego when he says he would like to be like Jason and Sonny.
10.14.04 - Thursday 42x140
When Kristina gets a fever Alexis is worried. John catches Carly looking around his hotel room. John threatens Jason that he will go after Courtney if he tries to ruin his relationship with Carly. Lorenzo tells Lana to kill John at a press conference. Luke and Dillon are nearly seen by Edward and Heather as they raid the house. Luke goes towards the attic. Skye discovers a lead to who killed Ross.
10.13.03 - Wednesday 42x139
Sonny wonders why John has decided to remain in town. Carly tells Sonny that she won't stop caring about her father. Dillon and Georgie are asked to help hide Skye. When Brook Lynn sees her mother with Lorenzo she isn’t pleased. Sonny breaks up a fight between Lucas and Diego. Jax is sure that Courtney is falling in love with him.
10.12.04 - Tuesday 42x138
Luke and Skye wonder who the woman who framed Skye for murder is. Luke and Skye head to the Haunted Star after their hideout is discovered where they interrupt Dillon and Georgie kissing. Nikolas and Emily search for the Garden of Aphrodite. Lois agrees to watch Diego while Jax has dinner with Courtney. Jax tells Courtney how he feels about her. Lois suggests that Diego go out with Brook Lynn and Lucas.
10.11.04 - Monday 42x137
Sonny realizes that Carly won’t be able give up on her father easily. Steven tells John that he cares for Carly. A hit woman is hired by Lorenzo to kill John and he also makes plans on making Sonny taking the blame for the crime. Nikolas tries to force Helena into telling him how to break the curse. Nikolas comes across the words ‘Garden of Aphrodite’ and believes the answers is on the island of Kronos in Greece. Skye learns from Luke how he was drugged.
10.08.04 - Friday 42x136
John makes it look as if Lorenzo is responsible for an explosion at a warehouse owned by Sonny. Carly isn’t happy when Sonny suspects her father of being involved. Sonny tries to stop Carly from seeing her father again. Jason breaks into John's hotel room and is forced to hide when he returns. Carly goes to see her father. Luke helps Skye escape as she is being transported back to jail. Nikolas is warned by Steven that Emily could die unless she believes the curse isn't real. Tracy helps Emily and tells her to fight the curse. At the police station, Nikolas threatens Helena.
10.07.04 - Thursday 42x135
Carly is happy when her fasther passes the test. John tells Lorenzo to make a move against Sonny immediately. Heather continues with her plan for Edward and Luke while she secretly hides Laura in the Quartermaine's attic. Ric is forced to arrange Skye's transfer back to Pentonville. Edward asks Heather to marry him. Courtney sets some ground rules for Diego.
10.06.04 - Wednesday 42x134
Jason is against Sonny and Carly's plan to test John’s loyalty as he is certain John wants to destroy Sonny. Skye is taken into custody and Edward and Jax warn her that Luke won't be coming to her rescue. Jax convinces Courtney to call Social Services to have Diego moved but she changes her mind after Diego says sorry to her which causes an argument between her and Jax.
10.05.04 - Tuesday 42x133
Steven thinks Emily's symptoms are psychosomatic but her condition worsens after she fails to find a book of curses called ‘Maledictions’ at Wyndemere. Courtney is unable to stop Diego's flirting with her and Jax tells her to send him to another foster home. Skye believes she is talking with Luke on the computer but it is really Heather. Heather tricks her and Skye is caught by Ric. The Quartermaines are shocked when Justus is named as Lila's heir. Edward decides to finish his relationship with Heather who later hears that Luke has escaped from the asylum.
10.04.04 - Monday 42x132
Lorenzo warns Carly that John is determined to destroy Sonny. Steven tells Ric that he is worried by Kristina's test results. Nikolas finds Emily passed out in the bath and later Steven discovers that she has been poisoned by a spider bite and gives her the medication to save her life. Helena insists the curse caused her to nearly die and Emily vows to break it. Jax is worried about Diego spending the night under the same roof as Courtney and he decides to stay outside her door for the night.
10.01.04 - Friday 42x131
John is betrayed by Lorenzo who tells Sonny about John’s plan to destroy him. Carly grows closer to her father as he tells her about his mother. Sonny confronts John. John threatens Lorenzo for double crossing him. Helena is set up by Emily and Nikolas. Emily sinks below the water as she is having a bath. Jax makes up with Courtney and they are shocked when her foster child arrives and he turns out to be seventeen years old. Sam grows closer to Jason.
09.30.04 - Thursday 42x130
Lorenzo agrees to help John. When Carly sees some pictures of John’s family she decides to keep her father in her life. Courtney goes to Jax's apartment and almost discovers Skye there. Jason tells Sam that he has no intention of getting back together with Courtney. Alan isn’t happy when he discovers that Heather will be working as Edward's nurse and will be staying in his room. Courtney is asked to look after a foster child for a few days.
09.29.04 - Wednesday 42x129
Carly refuses to believe that her father is a threat to Jason and Sonny. Sonny refuses to allow the children to spend any time with John. Jax goes to Courtney's and finds Jason there. John tries to blackmail Lorenzo demanding that he help in sending Sonny to prison in exchange for not charging Lorenzo with murder. Edward offers his help in stopping Emily and Nikolas getting married to Helena and Tracy. Lois flirts with Lorenzo.
09.28.04 - Tuesday 42x128
When Jason insists that John is only using her to get to Sonny, Carly becomes upset. Courtney is upset when she believes that Jax is with another woman. When Jax finds Skye hiding in his apartment he is surprised. Lois advises Courtney to give Jax another chance. Emily suffers a nightmare involving Tracy and Helena.
09.27.04 - Monday 42x127
Nurse Harris dies before she can clear Emily’s name in Ric’s presence, who later discovers that she was murdered. When Helena shows Tracy the book of Cassadine curses she is rattled. Emily and Nikolas are told by Helena that the curse killed Nurse Harris. When Steven saves Morgan's life Carly is so happy. Courtney wins the bet but realizes just how much she has upset Jax. Courtney goes to see Jax to say sorry and they are on the verge of becoming close again when Courtney hears a woman’s voice from inside his apartment.
09.24.04 - Friday 42x126
Carly is encouraged by her mother to get to know John. Morgan is taken to the hospital when he develops an infection. Sonny doesn't want Steven tending to his son. Carly introduces Michael to John. Nurse Harris is warned by Helena and Tracy to stick to the plan. Lucky arrives at Nikolas and Emily’s engagement party and exposes Tracy and Helena's plan to frame Emily for murder. Helena puts a curse on Nikolas and Emily. Nurse Harris is found unconscious at the hospital. As the deadline for their bet approaches Jax tries to weaken Courtney’s defences. As the clock strikes twelve Courtney kisses Jax.
09.23.04 - Thursday 42x125
John is told to stay away from Carly by Sonny. Carly chooses Sonny over her father who still plans on using her to further his own agenda. John asks Bobbie for help. Ric and Alexis continue to flirt with each other. Ric tells Alexis that he is over Elizabeth, which Elizabeth overhears. Lois isn’t happy when Ned interrupts her date with Lorenzo. Lucas kisses Brook Lynn.
09.22.04 - Wednesday 42x124
John tells Sonny and Carly that he only wants to get to know Carly better. Jason tells Carly that she can't see her father again as Sonny confronts John on the docks. Jax tells Courtney that he's ready that he is ready to find love again and insists wanting to be with her has nothing to do with their bet. Brook Lynn isn't happy when Simon tells her to get a new look. Dillon isn’t happy that Lois agrees with Simon. Alan and Monica aren’t happy when Felicia tells them she had Edward moved to a new location.
09.21.04 - Tuesday 42x123
Carly lies to her mother saying that she never located her father. John watches Bobbie and makes Steven admit that he is Carly's father. Sonny insists that Sam move out of Jason's but she is convinced to stay by Jason. Courtney kisses Jason in front of Jax and Sam. Faith attempt to get Skye put into solitary fails. When Faith realizes that Skye has escaped from prison she vows revenge.
09.20.04 - Monday 42x122
Jason explains to Sam why he thinks she shouldn’t sign the documents giving Sonny complete access to her unborn baby. Sonny feels that Jason has betrayed him. Sonny isn’t happy when he discovers that Carly has been spending time with Steven. Steven is given DNA samples to discover if John is Carly's father. Steven lies when he finds out that John is Carly’s father in order to protect Carly from John. When Faith realizes that Skye is planning to escape she demnds to be involved. Courtney dresses as a nun to try and avoid Jax, who poses as a priest and hears Courtney confess that she wants to be with him. Lucky is determined to find Mary’s killer.
09.17.04 - Friday 42x121
Faith finds out that her new cellmate is Skye. Mac takes Nikolas and Emily to the police station after Felicia finds a nurse who claims to have seen somebody enter Mary's room the night of the murder. The nurse tells Ric that she saw Emily go into Mary's room. Later Helena and Tracy pay the nurse for her statement. Sonny has documents drawn up that with Sam's signature will acknowledge him as the baby's father and give him shared custody.
09.16.04 - Thursday 42x120
Elizabeth accuses Heather of trying to get money from her father by using blackmail. Elizabeth tells Bobbie that her half-brother Steven is in town and that she doesn't like the fact that Heather, his mother is also living in town. Emily has a nightmare. Ned and Lois disagree over whether Brook Lynn should sign the contract. Steven Webber shows up at Jake's bar and sees Carly there. John suggests that Ric offers Steven a job. Sonny goes to see Faith and tells her that she will safe from being killed by him or Jason as long as she accepts the plea bargain and doesn't testify in court to incriminate Jason or him. Alexis warns Sonny about trying to intimidate her client. Faith vows to get revenge against Ric and Sonny.
09.15.04 - Wednesday 42x119
Lois admits to Lorenzo that she likes him. Dillon urges Brook Lynn not to sign Simon’s contract until a lawyer has looked it over. Justus visits Faith at the Port Charles Police Department and tells her that Alexis has convinced Ric to offer her a plea bargain. Ric meets Elizabeth’s brother. Alice threatens to expose everything she knows about Heather.
09.14.04 - Tuesday 42x118
Monica and Tracy aren’t happy when they discover Heather visiting Edward. Sonny isn’t happy that he wasn’t told about Sam being taken to the hospital. Sam is happy that she has someone like Jason in her life. Steven reunites with his family.
09.13.04 - Monday 42x117
Jason takes Sam to the hospital when she suffers with some stomach pains and he learns of Edward’s heart attack. Ned and Lois both agree that they have no future together leaving Brook Lynn upset. Nikolas asks Emily to marry him and she accepts. Helena is furious when she finds out.
09.10.04 - Friday 42x116
John has the bottle that Carly drank from at the restaurant sent for some tests and discovers that she is a blood relative of his. Justus agrees to help Emily. Jason comforting Elizabeth is witnessed by Sam. Lois is upset after Lorenzo is horrible to her.
09.09.04 - Thursday 42x115
Carly and Coleman lie about Carly's father to keep Sonny from learning about John. Carly accepts John's invitation to meet him. Sonny isn’t happy with Coleman when he discovers that he lied to him. Emily tells Nikolas that she's afraid she killed Mary without knowing she did it. Ric is warned not to go after Emily by Jason. Justus agrees to help Emily if Jason and Sonny agree not to do anything to Faith.
09.08.04 - Wednesday 42x114
Emily takes Jason's advice and doesn't tell the police anything when she's asked about Mary's death. Brook Lynn turns Sage's poem into a song. Lorenzo tells Lois that he didn’t kill Mary. Heather continues to keep Edward under her control. Felicia reinstates all of the Quartermaines back in to the race to inherit Lila's estate. Justus asks Alexis to represent Faith when he is removed from the case.
09.07.04 - Tuesday 42x113
Mary dies and Lucky tells Nikolas and Emily that she was murdered and died as a result of someone tampering with her medication. Lucky thinks that Emily could be Mary’s killer. John doesn’t believe Carly when she says she is a writer doing research. Carly asks Coleman to invent a make believe father for her so that Sonny won't discover the truth. When he discovers that Sonny told Ric where Justas and Faith were Jason is shocked. The charges against Justas are dropped.
09.03.04 - Friday 42x112
Carly finds John Durant, the man she thinks could be her father and discovers that he is a Federal prosecutor. Carly questions John without revealing why but he sees through her. Justus is warned to stay away from Faith before it is too late. Sonny is angry when Jason refuses to kill Justus and Faith. Justus and Faith are located by Sonny. Mary continues to act delusional and later threatens Emily's life. Emily sees Mary's medication on a hospital cart and later Lucky sees her leaving Mary's room just as Mary goes into code blue. Jax is bitten by a snake while he is trying to seduce Courtney.
09.02.04 - Thursday 42x111
Ric tries unsuccessfully to make Sonny doubt Jason. Sam tells Jason that she wants him in her baby’s life. Sonny isn’t pleased when Sam thinks that Jason will make a better father than him for her unborn child. Dillon takes responsibility for Sage's death. When Lois sees how upset Lorenzo is over Sage’s death she is touched. Courtney and Jax continue with their game of seduction.
09.01.04 - Wednesday 42x110
Nikolas refuses to allow Lorenzo to blame him or Emily for Sage's death. Emily is attacked by Mary who claims Emily attacked her first. Lorenzo changes his mind about killing Mary when he comes up with a new idea. The charges against Nikolas are reduced and he is realeased on bail. Jax doesn’t listen to Sonny’s warning to stay away from Courtney. When Courtney goes to Sonny’s island she finds out that Jax is the pilot of the plane. Carly learns that her father could be living in New York
08.31.04 - Tuesday 42x109
As Mary lies in hospital Nikolas is arrested for shooting her. Despite Lucky’s pleas not to Emily goes into Mary's hospital room. Emily is scared when Mary awakens and grabs her arm. Carly finds three possible candidates who could be her father in Ruby’s old documents. Lorenzo is told by Lois that Mary killed Sage. Ric is attacked by Lorenzo who vows to get vengeance for Sage's death. Lorenzo learns that Emily and not Sage was Mary's intended victim. Sonny isn’t pleased when Sam tries to explain to him why she doesn’t want him to be a hands on father.
08.30.04 - Monday 42x108
Emily is held at knifepoint by Mary but she runs off when Emily manages to disarm her. Nikolas learns from Emily that Mary is the killer. In front of witnesses Nikolas says that he is going to kill Mary. When Mary is found by Mac, Nikolas and Emily, Nikolas grabs Mac’s gun and shoots her. Georgie is worried what Lorenzo will do when he hears that Sage is dead. Brook Lynn is comforted by Lucas when she feels responsible for Sage and Trent's deaths. Justus makes plans to go on the run with Faith.
08.27.04 - Friday 42x107
Brook Lynn's friends try to find her before the killer attacks her. Lila's spirit speaks through Heather for real and warns that Emily is in danger. Emily is trapped in her room by the killer. Emily manages to pull off the mask of the killer and is shocked to discover it is Mary.
08.26.04 - Thursday 42x106
Mac gets to the estate on a helicopter. Nikolas gives himself up to Mac who learns that Faith is also hiding on the grounds. Another séance is held and a message is received a saying warn Emily. The killer looks through Emily's room. After an encounter with the killer Faith is discovered. When she goes to Emily's room, Brook Lynn is in serious trouble.
08.25.04 - Wednesday 42x105
Faith holds Nikolas and Emily at gunpoint in the mansion but after Nikolas disarms her she manages to escape. Monica learns that Faith is hiding in the mansion. When Sage pulls another prank Georgie locks her in the freezer. Tracy is eliminated from the contest to inherit Lila's estate. Heather pretends to let Lila's spirit speak through her and then disappears.
08.24.04 - Tuesday 42x104
Justus finds Faith. The stalker watches Nikolas and Emily. Faith goes back to the freezer when she hears footsteps. Trent agrees to help Sage scare Georgie. Georgie realizes that Sage is behind the supposed haunting. Sage is later found by everybody in the boathouse. Felicia decides on who to eliminate from the competition to inherit Lila's estate.
08.23.04 - Monday 42x103
Sage and Trent pull a prank on the others. The mansion suffers a power problem leaving it impossible for anyone to leave. Emily is being followed. Justus agrees to leave the country with Faith but later discovers she is gone from the freezer.
08.20.04 - Friday 42x102
Bobbie phones somebody and warns them that Carly is asking questions. Nikolas escapes from Shadybrook with Emily and later tells her that his full memory has returned. Courtney suffers a nightmare in which Jax tells everybody that they slept together. Edward thinks he hears Lila's spirit but it is actually Faith and Justus in the freezer. Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn, Sage, Lucas and Trent plan a séance to try and contact Lila's spirit. The Channeling Board predicts that someone will die that night as the doors fly open and a woman's voice is heard.
08.19.04 - Thursday 42x101
Emily is seen with Nikolas at Shadybrook by Helena and she sets her latest plan into action. Carly gets her hands on a copy of her birth certificate and believes it holds a clue to her father's identity. Faith is hidden in the freezer at the Quartermaine’s by Justas. Jax resists from making love with an emotional Courtney. Jason hears Courtney saying that she will probably sleep with Jax some time in the future.
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