General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 41

#10499 41x257
Carly, Leticia and the children hide when the hit man breaks into the house while Lorenzo decides to tackle him. Carly goes to help Lorenzo armed with a bat. Sonny shows up and kills the hit man. Tracy and Sage start their scheme to break up Dillon and Georgie. Skye is warned that that Edward will double cross her once he is back in charge of the company. Edward tells Justus he wants to write a new will.
#10498 41x256
Emily stands up to Helena. Nikolas wants to help look for the missing accident victim but Mary convinces him not to. Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't want him to see Michael while he is involved with Sam. Luke and Skye admit their feelings and share a kiss.
#10497 41x255
Luke prevents the hit man from finding a hidden Sam. Sonny and Carly clash about Sam. Sonny isn’t happy when he learns that Sam followed the hit man on her own. Emily and Nikolas nearly run into each other. Nikolas asks Mary questions about their past together and later kisses her. Helena blames Emily for Nikolas' death. Skye sets Faith up to be arrested for money laundering but her plan to blackmail her into leaving town for good are ruined by Luke. Skye tells Luke that she tried to frame Faith to keep her away from him.
#10496 41x254
Sonny and Sam enjoy themselves on the island. Carly is shocked to learn that Morgan has scarlet fever. Sonny learns of Morgan's illness and returns home. Morgan's condition improves. Sam sees the hit man and follows him. Mary continues to try and make Nikolas believe that he is her husband Connor. Mary tells Nikolas that he is a deserter from the army and that the military police are looking for him. Emily won’t accept that Nikolas could be dead. Nikolas nearly runs into Emily on the riverbank.
#10495 41x253
When Nikolas wakes up in Mary's house and he can't remember anything and panics. Mary lies to Nikolas that she is wife and that he is her husband, Connor. Emily refuses to believe that Nikolas drowned even when Lucky shows her the jacket that he found. Sonny and Sam head off to the island. Carly takes Morgan to the hospital after he gets a fever. Carly isn’t happy when she hears that Sonny took Sam to the island and decides not to let him know about Morgan. Courtney implies that if their baby had lived she and Jason might still be together.
#10494 41x252
Nikolas survives the car crash and passes out on a woman’s doorstep. He wakes up inside Mary's house but doesn't remember who he is. Emily accuses Ric of being responsible for Zander’s death. Lucky and Emily hear about Nikolas’ car crash and learn that he is missing. Sonny witnesses Carly kissing Lorenzo. Sonny later tells Jason that he still loves Carly.who also admits to Jason that she still loves Sonny. Sonny decides to take Sam away to his island. When Morgan develops a fever, Carly is worried. Edward and Tracy continue to badger Dillon for his vote. Georgie admits to Dillon that she lied to him.
#10493 41x251
Believing that Nikolas' life could be in danger Emily gives in to Zander's demand to make love to her. Ric and Lucky learn from Elizabeth that Zander is with Emily. Lucky and the police surround the cottage. Emily manages to convince Zander to give himself up and promises to stay by his side. As they leave the cottage Zander pushes Emily away and pretends to go for a gun. Zander is shot and dies in Emily's arms. As Nikolas tries to get to the cottage he crashes his car. Both Jason and Courtney try to convince Sonny to stop seeing Sam and try and reunite with Carly. Sam tells Jason that she loves Sonny.
#10492 41x250
Sam is saved from the hit man by Jason but he manages to escape. Faith is prevented from killing Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Carly that he had nothing to do with the bomb being put in Sonny's car. Sonny is accused by Jason of using Sam to fill the emptyness in his life since Carly left. The hitman meets with Lorenzo, who it turns out is responsible for the bomb. When he realizes that Lorenzo can’t see, the hit man demands more money from him and still plans on taking out Jason and Sam. Zander misinterprets Emily’s concern for him as love. Zander threatens to hurt Nikolas if Emily doesn't go with him. Enid identifies Wally's ring among Zander's things. Elizabeth sees Zander with Emily at the cottage.
#10491 41x249
Sam’s feelings for Sonny grow as he looks after her. Michael isn't pleased to discover Sonny with Sam. Sam leaves Sonny’s place when she realizes that her being there is complicating his life. The hit man discovers Sam on her boat and is about to kill her when Jason shows up. Carly tries to convince Lorenzo that she is with him not because she feels sorry for him. Sonny and Carly consider reuniting. After having a nightmare where Zander kills Nikolas, Emily is left unnerved. Nikolas tries to assure Emily that they will be happy together. When she comes face to face with Zander at the cottage, Emily is shocked. Faith holds a razor to Lorenzo's throat and demands that he tell her how he arranged for the bomb to be put in Sonny's car. When Luke gives Skye ammunition to use as against Tracy she is touched.
#10490 41x248
Carly isn’t happy when she hears Courtney talking about her with Lorenzo. Lorenzo asks Carly if she is going to break up with him. Courtney is sad about how things have turned out with Jason. Luke asks Jason not to kill Faith. Skye leaves when witnesses Faith flirting with Luke. Emily thinks that she has seen Zander. Elizabeth tries to convince Emily that Zander is dead. Nikolas is being followed by Zander.
#10489 41x247
Sonny tends to Sam who has been stabbed in the back. Before she passes out Sam manages to tell Sonny that she saw the man who planted the bomb in his car and that she is worried that he is after her. Sonny tells Jason to kill Faith. Lorenzo plays on Carly's sympathies as she insists that he move in with her. Carly shows up at Sonny’s and witnesses him comforting Sam. Courtney doesn't tell Faith that Jason is out to kill her. Lorenzo learns from Courtney that Carly was going to end things with him before she discovered he was blind. Skye argues with Luke about Faith's involvement in The Haunted Star. Luke’s arrival stops Jason from killing Faith.
#10488 41x246
Carly decides not to end things with Lorenzo when she discovers that he is blind. Lorenzo and Faith both blame each other of putting the bomb in Sonny's car. Sam collapses at Sonny's door. Helena is angry when she believes that Nikolas and Emily squandered the fortune from The Courage. Zander dreams about getting married to Emily. Tracy urges Sage to ruin Georgie's reputation.
#10487 41x245
Sonny and Carly are awarded joint custody of the children just before an explosion rocks the courtroom. Sonny learns that a bomb had been placed in his car and decides that Carly should have full custody of the children. Courtney informs Jason that Carly is going to split up with Lorenzo. Carly goes to finish things with Lorenzo where she discovers that the explosion has left him blind. Felicia and the children are pleased when Mac returns to the hospital. Felicia wants to find out why Mac ended up at Mercy Hospital. Zander goes to Cameron's grave and blames himself for his death. He also remembers accidentally killing Wally at the hotel and then setting the fire. Zander vows to himself to win Emily back. Dillon holds the tie-breaking vote deciding whether Edward or Tracy will run the company.
#10486 41x244
While stuck in the car together Carly and Sonny come close to get back together. When they return to the courtroom Carly defends Sonny and tells the judge she thinks joint custody would be in the best for everyone concerned. The judge gets ready to deliver his decision. Zander listens in as Emily and Nikolas tell each other how much they love one another. Ric and Elizabeth look forward to the future. Zander rents a cabin and plans on winning back Emily. Luke manages to get Edward out of Shadybrook and they return to the house. Edward and Tracy fight for control of the company.
#10485 41x243
Alexis is told by Carly to stop questioning Sonny about his emotional problems. When Carly talks on the stand she says that Alexis once slept with Sonny and accuses her of having an axe to grind against him. Both parties deliver their closing statements. Carly tells Alexis that she'll tell Sonny the truth about Kristina if she isn't doesn’t win the battle. Carly agrees to join Sonny for dinner but they become stuck in his car after it skids off the road. Sonny asks Carly why she didn't allow Alexis to destroy him on the witness stand. Zander goes to Wally's empty flat where he has been hiding since the fire but is nearly seen by Wally's sister. Enid asks Lucky how to file a missing person’s report. Felicia is shocked to discover Mac missing from his hospital bed. Mac is at Mercy Hospital, where he is listed as being a ‘John Doe’. Nikolas and Emily learn from Helena that she sold the treasure and had the fortune transferred to Nikolas. Jason is thanked by Elizabeth for agreeing to say that Capelli killed Zander.
#10484 41x242
Carly admits to Jason that she still loves Sonny. Carly reconciles with Lorenzo. Sam’s past is exposed on the witness stand by Alexis. Lorenzo manges to hold his own on the witness stand. Jason is unsure that he can trust Ric but agrees to back up the lie that Capelli killed Zander. Maxie confesses to Mac how she helped Zander. Later it is revealed that Zander has been impersonating Mac, whose face is bandaged. Jason learns that Faith has been threatening Courtney.
#10483 41x241
Carly refuses to destroy Sonny on the witness stand and later she tells him that she didn't reveal the truth for their children's sake, not his. Lorenzo is accused of wanting to ruin Sonny. Dillon listens in as Ned and Tracy plot to have Edward committed and split the Quartermaine assets between them. Edward, Luke and Skye are told by Dillon what he heard. Edward is committed to Shadybrook on Tracy’s orders. After crashing her car Elizabeth is taken to the hospital where she confesses to Lucky that she killed Zander. Ric, Nikolas, Emily and Elizabeth agree to blame the dead Capelli for Zander's murder. Elizabeth and Ric are relieved when they learn that the baby is fine.
#10482 41x240
Sonny and Carly are both unhappy when Jason testifies that he believes they should share custody of the children. Faith threatens Courtney that she had better start co operating with her. Elizabeth tells Emily and Nikolas that she killed Zander but Ric insists that he will say it was him. Elizabeth crashes her car. When Dillon admits that he wants Georgie back Sage is upset. Felicia refuses Tracy’s money to help Mac but she does accept a check from a scheming Ned.
#10481 41x239
Faith is attacked in the courtroom by Sonny who demands to know she did to Courtney. One of Lorenzo's men frees Courtney. Carly realizes that Lorenzo arranged for Faith to show up at the courtroom. Courtney shows at the courtroom but covers for Faith in front of Jason. Carly tries to blackmail Jason into testifying on her behalf. Emily gets a letter from Zander saying that Nikolas murdered him and she shows the letter to Lucky. Ric learns from Elizabeth that she killed Zander.
#10480 41x238
Carly tells Lorenzo not to go to the courthouse as Sonny tells Sam not to attend the hearing either. Lorenzo tells Faith to start causing trouble for Sonny. Both Carly and Alexis are shocked when Ric testifies on Sonny's behalf. Tracy learns from Ned that that he has a report clearing the family of any liability for the fire. Dillon is asked to spy on his mother by Edward, Luke and Skye.
#10479 41x237
Ric is accused of killing Zander by Nikolas and Emily. Elizabeth believes that her husband is innocent. Ric receives a letter Zander sent before he died saying that Elizabeth killed him. Alexis believes that Carly wants Sonny back. Jax thinks that Alexis is being blackmailed by Carly. Jason tells Carly that the judge could take the children away from both her and Sonny. Luke and Skye stop Tracy from finding Edward at the lake house but he is seen by Dillon.
#10478 41x236
Courtney fails to get Faith incriminating herself on tape. Sonny and Carly come close to getting back together but Lorenzo’s arrival spoils it. Lorenzo promises Carly that he will stop Faith from going after Sonny but later he calls Faith and tells her to destroy Sonny. Ned learns from Alexis that Carly knows the truth about Sonny being Kristina's father. Edward is hidden from Tracy and Alan at Skye's house after Skye and Luke get him out of the hospital. Felicia reunites with her children.
#10477 41x235
Michael’s parents learn that he told the judge that he wants to live with Jason and Courtney. Sonny and Carly decide to try and put their differences aside for the sake of the children. Faith is sure that Justus will reunite with her. Courtney discovers that her office has been vandalized. Courtney is advised by Justas to go along with Faith's demands for now. Courtney meets with Faith who guesses that Courtney is wearing a microphone. Tracy tells her father that she is going to have him committed to Shadybrook. Tom is given advice on how to win Georgie but she ends up with Dillon.
#10476 41x234
Michael talks to the judge about who he wants to live with. Faith tries to threaten Courtney into doing business with her. Elizabeth decides not to tell Ric about the letter she got from Zander. Lucky tells Nikolas that he'll find out who killed Zander. Mac fights for his life at the hospital. Georgie blames the Quartermaines for Mac's injuries and she is comforted by Dillon. Tom admits to Sage that he and Georgie were never boyfriend and girlfriend.
#10475 41x233
Justus is told by Sonny to make Carly look like a bad mother. Jason and Courtney both try to get Sonny and Carly back together. When Sonny surprises her, Sam is touched. The judge wants to ask Michael which parent he would rather live with. Elizabeth and Ric see the sonogram of the baby for the first time. Ric agrees to look into the possibility that Scott could of killed Zander to please Elizabeth. Nikolas turns down Ric's offer to plead guilty to manslaughter. Elizabeth receives a letter from Zander that had been delayed in the post claiming that Ric is responsible for his death. Courtney refuses to sell her company to Jax.
#10474 41x232
Carly tells Lorenzo that she is worried what Faith will do next. Courtney is asked to testify on Carly's behalf at the hearing. Tom is told by Georgie that he no longer needs to pretend to be her boyfriend. Carly tries to make Jason testify on her behalf. Faith threatens Sonny. Jax's job offer is turned down by Courtney who tells him about her new wealth.
#10473 41x231
Lorenzo offers Faith his illegal business operations to please Carly. An upset Sonny ends up sleeping with Sam. Alexis informs Carly that she might have to use Sonny's history of breakdowns as a tool against him in court. When Ric comes up with a scenario of how he thinks Nikolas killed Zander, Emily and Elizabeth are shocked. Emily promises Nikolas that she will find Zander’s real killer. Jason argues with Courtney. Unhappy at her father leaving everything to Skye in his will, Tracy confronts her.
#10472 41x230
Alexis is blackmailed into representing Carly in the custody battle with Sonny. Justus tells Sonny that his affair with Sam could harm his chances of being awarded custody of the children. Elizabeth and Ric are shown a videotape that Luke received from Scott in which Scott boasts that he is still alive and will never be found. He also states that Zander is dead. Nikolas learns from Ric that Zander died from a blow to the head before the fire started and he is arrested for his murder.
#10471 41x229
Carly learns from Courtney that Sonny is planning on taking the children out of the country. Carly manages to stop him from leaving. Sonny tells Jason that he was trying to make Carly create a scene to prove that she is an unfit mother. After being intimidated by Sonny, Carly’s lawyer quits. Carly tries to blackmail Alexis into representing her. Emily learns how Nikolas survived the fire. Wanting to start a new life, Courtney buys the loft. Courtney's decision to move on with her life is supported by Jax. Skye isn’t happy when Luke refuses to cut Faith out of the Haunted Star operation.
#10470 41x228
Carly tells Alexis that she won't tell anyone that Sonny is Kristina's father. Sonny and Carly both want the children with them. Jason is held at gunpoint by Capelli. Jason manages to call a number on his mobile phone which allows Ric to hear Capelli confess to killing Brian. When Ric shows up Jason and Capelli struggle for the gun and Capelli ends up shot and killed. When Helena blames Emily for Nikolas' death Alexis defends her. Emily is shocked when Nikolas returns home. Tracy shocks her father and Justus by giving them a document giving Tracy control of the company. Courtney is convinced to accept the ten million dollars for saving Louise and her dog during the fire. She also gives Courtney some of the waterfront.
#10469 41x227
Jason learns about Brian’s death and finds Courtney at his gravesite. Courtney tells Jason that they have no future together. Courtney is shocked when a man presents her a check for ten million dollars. Jason is confronted by Capelli. Tracy attempts to gain control of the family business. Emily blames her grandfather for Nikolas' death. When Ric questions him, Edward pretends to be senile. Skye learns from Edward that he has left all his money to her but he insists that they keep it a secret.
#10468 41x226
Sonny tells Carly that he won’t let her have custody of the children. Carly agrees to move into Lorenzo’s. Jax promises Sam that he won't tell Sonny that they slept together during the fire. Jason is cleared of shooting Brian and Courtney is upset when he dies in her arms. Emily won’t believe that Nikolas died in the fire. Justus informs Tracy that the Quartermaines will be held accountable for the fire.
#10467 41x225
Sonny, Carly and Lorenzo try to escape from the crumbling building and all three make it out. Nikolas helps Jason out of his handcuffs. Jason manages to get out of the building but Nikolas doesn’t and is presumed dead. After suffering a heart attack Edward is taken to the hospital. Skye is taken back to the lake house by Luke where they find Jax. Skye asks Jax to leave. The treasure is found in the dumpster. Luke learns from Bobby that Scott died in the fire. Scott though is really alive and he is angry to find the treasure missing from the dumpster. Georgie prepares to see a badly injured Mac.
#10466 41x224
Luke organises the evacuation. Jax and Sam manage to escape from the hotel. Luke kisses Skye. Sonny and Carly’s lives are in danger. Lorenzo insists on looking for Sonny and Carly. Sonny tells Carly that he loves her and they are found by Lorenzo. Jason is handcuffed to a railing in the stairwell and left to die by Capelli. The final rescue helicopter departs with Emily and Monica on board but Nikolas is left behind as the roof begins to give way.
#10465 41x223
Jason searches for Courtney. An injured Brian is taken to the Versailles Room by Skye and Luke. The firefighter gets outside and is forced to hide the treasure he took in a dumpster. Jason is accused of shooting Brian. Sonny injures himself in the fall. Courtney refuses to leave her brother’s side. Jason manages to locate Courtney and Sonny and they make it to the Versailles Room. The helicopter evacuation starts. Dillon talks to Tom about his feelings for Georgie. Faith admits that she once had feelings for Justus.
#10464 41x222
Jason and Brian manage to locate Courtney. An explosion separates Jason from the others. Luke leaves Skye with the treasure and leaves to try and prevent Cameron from going deeper into the building. A fireman attacks Skye and when Luke returns he discovers that the treasure is gone. Edward admits to Justas and Tracy that he knew the wiring was faulty at the hotel. Jax makes love to Sam. Sonny finds Courtney and Brian and forces Brian to leave alone. When the roof collapses Sonny is injured. Helena isn’t happy when Emily refuses to die. Jason finds Carly who has passed out and they become trapped in one of the hotel rooms. Georgie, Dillon, Sage and Tom are led to the others trapped in the Versailles Room by Lorenzo. Helena attempts to blackmail Edward and Tracy. Brian is shot by the hooded man.
#10463 41x221
Courtney helps Louise make it safely outside and then goes back into the hotel to look for her dog and Jason. Carly and Alexis manage to get out of the lift and reach the twelfth floor but are then separated by another explosion. As Carly remains trapped Alexis makes it outside. Luke and Skye find the treasure after Faith leaves. Emily is badly injured and Helena hopes she dies. Jason and Brian manage to get the children to their parents. Maxie pleads with an injured Mac not to die. Cameron goes back into the fire after Maxie tells him that Zander is dead.
#10462 41x220
An unconscious Luke is pulled to safety as the fire continues to spread. Courtney desperately tries to find Jason. While fighting with Sonny, Lorenzo becomes trapped after another explosion. Sonny manages to free Lorenzo but is knocked out after another explosion. Sonny is pulled to a safer place by Lorenzo. Jason and Brian work together to get two children out. Everyone believes that Zander died in the fire. Georgie tells Dillon that she loves him while they are trapped with Sage and Tom. Strong winds stop the rescue helicopters from landing on the roof.
#10461 41x219
Sonny and Carly continue to argue about the children. Georgie checks in to her room at the hotel with Tom and Dillon and Sage end up in the room next to them. The fire begins to spread. Mac shows up at the hotel to arrest Zander but is hit by a backdraft as he opens the door to the boiler room. Skye manages to locate Luke. Faith is asked by Skye to help her save Luke. Jason is stopped from killing Brian by two children needing help. Sam manages to get out of the lift but passes out from the smoke in the hallway where Jax finds her. Alexis and Carly get trapped in a lift together. Sonny fights with Lorenzo in a stairwell which becomes engulfed by fire.
#10460 41x218
Carly is freed from jail and later she tells Sonny that she has been given temporary custody of the children. Zander is knocked out by Nikolas after fighting with him. Nikolas locks him in the boiler room where a fire starts. Sam and Luke agree to work together to steal the treasure. Lorenzo is revealed as the highest bidder at the auction but everyone is shocked to find the treasure gone. Sam knocks Luke out and takes the treasure from him. Sam is stuck in the lift when it suddenly stops. Jason warns Courtney not to trust Brian after Brian declares his love for her.
#10459 41x217
Sonny gives Carly a restraining order stopping her from seeing the children. Lorenzo employs a top lawyer for Carly. Sonny and Carly prepare for a nasty custody battle. Carly is arrested when she bumps into Sonny and Morgan in the park. Courtney is told by Brian that he knows she shot him. Alexis agrees to help Zander. Edward is warned by a hotel electrician that the overloaded power circuits could cause a fire to start. Sam and Tracy both make plans to steal the treasure. Georgie nearly tells Dillon the truth about Tom but Sage’s arrival changes her mind. Georgie tells Sage and Dillon that she is going to spend the night with Tom and is shocked when they declare that they are going to do the same.
#10458 41x216
Sonny is angry when he finds the children with Carly and tells Jason to take them home. Carly is upset when she learns that Sonny intends on getting a restraining order keeping her away from the children. Helena is tricked by Luke into taking him to the treasure, which is hidden on Spoon Island. After reading some of Blackthorn’s documents Emily and Nikolas reach the treasure first. Luke learns from Nikolas that the treasure will be auctioned off with the profits split between the Cassadines and Quartermaines. Maxie helps Zander makes it to the boiler room at the Port Charles Hotel without being seen. Cameron manages to remove the bullet from Zander’s leg after Maxie tells him where Zander is. Tracy is furious when she learns that her father is considering leaving all his money to Skye.
#10457 41x215
Courtney goes with Lorenzo when he takes Michael and Morgan to Carly. Sonny is livid when he sees Carly and the children with Lorenzo and an argument ensues. Justus turns down Edward's offer to run ELQ. When Jax kisses her, Skye is angry and tells him that she won’t be used by him. A drink is sent to Skye after Tracy arranges it and she gives into temptation and drinks it. Brian is forced to admit to Zander that Ric is framing him. Maxie lies to Lucky that she hasn't seen Zander.
#10456 41x214
Sonny is still determined to keep Carly away from the children. After Carly manages to get Jason out of the penthouse, Lorenzo shows up with the intention of taking the children back to Carly. Courtney decides not to confess that she was one who shot Brian. Zander is injured while he struggles with Jax. Jax goes to make up with Sam and is shocked when he finds her with a semi dressed Sonny. Zander confronts Brian wanting to know why he is naming him as the person who shot him.
#10455 41x213
Carly is upset when Sonny refuses to let her see the children. Lorenzo promises to help Carly get her children back. Jason tries to convince Sam that she has no future with Sonny. After nearly being seen by Mac, Zander thanks Maxie for helping him. After Nikolas sees Emily with Zander at the docks Zander points a gun at him. Tom agrees to pretend to be Georgie’s boyfriend. Helena is held hostage by Luke who demands to know where the treasure is.
#10454 41x212
When she wakes up in Lorenzo's bed Carly suffers with conflicting feelings. After earlier clashing with Carly, Sonny slams the door in her face when she arrives to pick up the children. Courtney feels responsible for the mess Zander is in. Jason tells Courtney that she can't confess to shooting Brian. Zander is hidden by Maxie in her bedroom. At the dance a dateless Georgie informs Dillon that she broke up with Tom. Georgie is shocked when Guy finds the real Tom, who shows up at the dance. Dillon and Tom end up in a fight.
#10453 41x211
After seeing Sonny in bed with Sam an upset Carly turns to Lorenzo and they end up making love. Courtney is upset about shooting Brian and feels that she should confess. Elizabeth thinks that maybe Ric is out to frame Zander for Brian's shooting. After she sees Zander at the hospital, Maxie lies to Lucky and doesn’t turn him in. Guy backs up Georgie's story when Dillon accuses her of making Tom up and he agrees to help her locate the real Tom.
#10452 41x210
Things get steamy between Sonny and Sam. After he sees Sam in Sonny's bed, Jason decides not tell not to tell him about Courtney shooting Brian. Brian tells Ric that he didn’t see who shot him. Courtney does not know that Brian knows it was her who shot him. After Justus forces her to leave Ferncliff, Faith is scared that Jason will come after her. Ric is told by Faith that Zander shot Brian. Nikolas and Emily decide to steal the treasure from Helena but someone is watching them. Helena is overpowered by someone.
#10451 41x209
When Sonny finds Carly in Lorenzo's arms he walks out. Carly believes that she will be able to work things out with Sonny. Sam and Helena make a secret pact. When Jax discovers that Sam is working with Helena he ends things with her. An upset Sam and Sonny run into each other. Faith tells Zander to steal Sonny and Jason’s latest shipment and also to kill them. Plans are made by Brian and Capelli to arrest Sonny and Jason with the shipment. Courtney overhears their plans and is forced to shoot Brian when Jason's life is in danger. Georgie is determined to locate the boy who looks the same as her make believe boyfriend Tom.
#10450 41x208
Jason is shocked when he sees Carly with Lorenzo and tells Courtney that Carly is throwing her life away. Carly tries to say a final goodbye to Lorenzo but Sonny shows up and sees them sharing a goodbye kiss. Sam decides to return to Port Charles after overhearing Helena say she's taking the treasure back there. Sam discovers a ring with Blackthorn's crest and Jax realizes that she is still after the treasure. Sam is confronted by an armed Helena at Wyndemere. Nikolas is cleared of killing Cody. Zander is tricked by Ric into signing the custody papers. As Georgie is about to tell Dillon the truth about Tom she sees his double standing outside of Kelly's.
#10449 41x207
Lorenzo learns from Carly that she does have some feelings for him. Lorenzo catches Carly in his arms when she stumbles as she is about to leave and they are seen by Jason. Jason and Courtney get closer to reunting. Georgie and Maxie decide to hire a model to pose as Tom at the dance. Sage finds the made up picture of Tom and shows it around school. Justus informs Faith that he helped Jason get her committed and that he won’t help her get out. Faith kisses Justas.
#10448 41x206
Sonny forces Sam to go back to the hut with him where Jax shows up at after having been shot. Sonny saves Jax’s life after Sam asks him to. Carly is taken to Lorenzo’s safe house. With help from Justus, Jason has Faith committed to Ferncliff. Georgie uses her make believe boyfriend to try and make Dillon jealous. Sage arranges it so that Georgie and Tom will be named as Queen and King of the Winter Formal.
#10447 41x205
Lorenzo rescues Carly from Faith and she leaves Shadybrook with him. Jason and Courtney find Faith in a straight jacket in Carly's bed. Sam helps Jax get out from the pirate's pit. Sam is kidnapped by an unseen person. Ric has Zander arrested for assaulting Nikolas and also reinstates Nikolas' bail.
#10446 41x204
Sonny believes that Sam has the treasure and is surprised when he finds her at the shack and that he was wrong. Jax is lured into a trap and falls into a pit. The treasure is taken to Helena. After Carly injects Jason with a syringe full of sedatives, Cameron tries to calm her down. Jason makes his way back to his and Courtney’s old loft where she finds him there. Under the effect of the drugs, Jason kisses her. Carly is drugged again by Faith. Faith tries to make Carly believe that she loves Lorenzo and not Sonny. Lorenzo finds out that Carly is at Shadybrook. Zander continues to try and blackmail Ric. Zander hits Nikolas.
#10445 41x203
Dr. Grimes drugs Carly on Faith’s orders. Jason shows up at Carly's room and realizes something is not right. Jason tells Cameron that he is taking Carly home with him. Alexis informs Zander that she knows he is framing Nikolas for Cody's murder. Sonny manages to rescue Sam and Jax. Sam is separated from them though when there is another cave-in. As Sam gathers up the treasure she is knocked out. Jax and Sonny try to get though to Sam but find only the jewelled pirate sword.
#10444 41x202
Carly begs Cameron to have her committed to Shadybrook so that she can get Lorenzo out of her mind. Faith discovers that Carly is at Shadybrook. Jax and Sam tell each other how they really feel. Nikolas is sent back to jail after Zander presses charges against him. Alexis tries unsuccessfully to get Zander to give up his vendetta against Nikolas. Faith is stopped from forcing Skye out of the casino by Justas. Tracy tells Sage to keep her son away from Georgie. Georgie witnesses Dillon and Sage getting closer.
#10443 41x201
Jason is angry that Carly won’t stay away from Lorenzo. After another cave-in Jax and Sam are trapped in the pirate's lair. Sam refuses to leave without the treasure when Jax tries to dig his way out. Mike says what he knows about Ben and Lucky gives the information to Ric. Ric tells Brian not to follow up on any leads about locating Ben. Nikolas fights with Zander who later calls the police to report that Nikolas hit him. Dillon is upset when Georgie makes him believe that she is having sex with her new boyfriend Tom. Later Georgie fells guilty for hurting Dillon.
#10442 41x200
Carly and Lorenzo kiss but he stops things from going further. Carly lies to Jason that she didn’t go to see Lorenzo but he discovers the truth. Sam tries to locate the treasure despite Jax's warning that it is too dangerous. Sam manages to find the treasure but accidentally sets off a booby trap, causing a cave-in. Nikolas and Emily decide to go on the run if he is convicted of murder. Ric tells Brian to find some information from Courtney that he can use against Sonny and Jason. Faith is stopped from killing Justus by Skye. Justus tells Skye about his past with Faith.
#10441 41x199
Carly agrees to therapy sessions with Cameron. When she finds herself unable to fight the temptation to go see Lorenzo, Carly goes to the panic room and kisses him. Jax learns that Sam could be in danger from Ben. Tracy listens in as Emily tells Jax where the treasure and Sam are. Tracy is locked in a wardrobe to stop her from following Jax but she manages to get out. Ben demands the treasure map from Sam. When Jax arrives at the shack he finds Sam in Sonny's arms. When Nikolas is released from jail on bail Zander isn’t happy. Ric hears Nikolas threatening to kill Zander.
#10440 41x198
Carly insists to Lorenzo that she doesn't love him and points a gun at him. Jason shows up and takes the gun from her and tells her to focus on her family and forget about Lorenzo. Nikolas is framed for Cody's murder by Ric. Zander tells Ric he'll sign over his parental rights once Nikolas is convicted of murder. Brian comforts Courtney after Jason tells her that she is free to see other people. Maxie and Georgie create a pretend boyfriend for Georgie to make Dillon jealous.
#10439 41x197
Carly tells Courtney that Jason is holding Lorenzo hostage and that she believes that he will kill him. Courtney confronts Jason while Carly continues to have Lorenzo on her mind. Carly goes to the panic room to see Lorenzo. Sonny looks after a feverish Sam. Nikolas and Emily believe that the treasure is hidden at Blood Point in Azure Key. Nikolas is arrested for Cody's murder by Ric. Sam burns the map after memorizing it. Sam and Sonny are watched by Ben. Dillon offers to help Sage find her uncle.
#10438 41x196
Lorenzo is locked in the panic room by Jason. Ric tells Brian not to let his growing feelings for Courtney get in the way of their plan to bring down Jason and Sonny. Jason sees Courtney with Brian. Zander tells Elizabeth and Ric that he'll sign away his rights to his child but afterwards talks with Alexis about his legal rights. Cody is found dead in the secret passage by Nikolas and Emily. Emily is shocked when Brian thinks that Nikolas could have killed Cody. Lucky is forced to take Nikolas to the police station for questioning. Georgie sends flowers to herself and later gets her sister to impersonate a boy and kiss her in front of Dillon.
#10437 41x195
Jason witnesses Carly and Lorenzo kissing. Carly tells Lorenzo that she doesn’t love him and that she wants to be with Sonny. After Jason confronts her, Carly promises to stay away from Lorenzo and pleads with Jason not to tell Sonny about what he saw. Jason tries to kill Lorenzo. Sam is bitten by a scorpion. Brian kisses Courtney and they grow closer when he tells her about his late wife. Elizabeth tries to make friends with Courtney again. Brian and Ric work together to use Courtney in their plan to destroy Jason and Sonny. Emily and Nikolas find out that Blackthorn is a Cassadine ancestor. Nikolas and Emily read Blackthorn's journal and start to think that the journal contained a treasure map, which is now missing. Emily and Nikolas read of Blackthorn's love for Constance Quartermaine and imagine themselves as them. Cody listens in as Nikolas and Emily talk. Ben talks with Cody and they decide to go to Azure Key to find Sam and the treasure map. A shocking find is made by Emily in the secret passage at Wyndemere.
#10436 41x194
Sonny agrees to take Sam to Azure Key in exchange for a cut of the treasure. Sonny and Sam end up stuck in a shack on Azure Key. Carly bumps into Lorenzo who admits he was the man who kissed her on the Haunted Star. Jason watches Lorenzo and Carly from a distance. Nikolas is warned by Cody that Ben is a dangerous man. Emily is saved from drowning by Nikolas. Emily manages to take the pirate’s journal with her after Nikolas takes her out of the grotto. Ben points a gun at Jax after following him. Jax finds out about Sam leaving town with Sonny.
#10435 41x193
Dillon goes to his room after causing the family to miss out on having a New Year's Eve dinner from the Port Charles Grill. Dillon falls asleep and has a dream where he directs a black and white silent film in which he ends up with Georgie. After waking up Dillon tries unsuccessfully to locate Georgie and ends up bringing in the New Year with Sage.
#10434 41x192
Carly and Sonny make love and afterwards Sonny is forced to go to Miami on business. Cody meets with Ben who will move the stolen treasure for him. Sam finds the treasure hidden in a grotto on Spoon Island. Nikolas realizes that he has been tricked by Cody and believes that Sam was in cahoots with him. After Emily follows Cody to the grotto she is knocked out by Ben. When the tide comes in Emily’s life is in danger. When Jax finds Sam with the treasure he walks away from her. After Ben pulls a gun on her, Sam makes a run for it and ends up on Sonny's plane with the treasure. Georgie takes part in a speed dating session at Kelly's with awful results. Dillon and Georgie’s chance of getting back together is ruined by Sage’s arrival. To try and make Dillon jealous, Georgie decides to pretend that she has a new boyfriend.
#10433 41x191
Sonny is blamed by Scott of being responsible for the casino robbery. Carly tells Sonny about the masked man who kissed her on the Haunted Star and Sonny suspects it was Lorenzo. Scott is revealed as Lorenzo's partner in crime. When Jax realizes that Sam was trying to get the treasure from The Courage he calls things off. Cody lies to Nikolas that someone beat them to the treasure but actually he has taken the treasure for himself. Zander’s coldness upsets Emily. Jason and Courtney share a kiss and even though they admit that they still love one another they remain apart.
#10432 41x190
Courtney agrees to go with Brian to the opening of Luke's casino. Skye isn’t pleased when Luke can't be located but she and Faith go ahead with the opening of the casino. Carly isn’t pleased when she sees Courtney at the casino with Brian. Courtney and Brian leave after they see Jason there. On Lorenzo's orders, a masked Capelli and his men storm the Haunted Star and rob the casino. As Carly slips away a masked man kisses her. Cody puts explosives on Nikolas' boat in order to allow Nikolas to start looking for the treasure beneath it. Cody doesn’t know that Sam is in the water retrieving the treasure when the explosion goes off. Zander learns that Elizabeth is pregnant with his baby.
#10431 41x189
Stavros' ghost tells Luke that he will be visited by the three spirits. Helena, as the ghost of Christmas past, shows Luke all the wrong choices he has made and how they affected the people in his life. Nikolas, as the ghost of Christmas present, shows him how his actions have resulted in Scott becoming corrupt and Skye going back to the bottle. The third spirit shows Luke that his actions will result in Lucky's death as well as his own. Luke' wakes up on Christmas morning a new man and joins his children for Christmas lunch. Luke invites Skye, Nikolas, Emily, Alexis and Cameron to join him and his family for Christmas dinner and realizes that he has been given a second chance at life.
#10430 41x188
Skye calls things off with Luke. Lucky isn’t happy when his father turns down Lulu's invitation to Christmas Eve dinner. The ghost of Stavros appears before Luke. Courtney joins her family for Christmas dinner and is upset when Jason won’t talk to her on the phone. Later Alone at Kelly's, Courtney cries as she thinks of Jason. At the hospital Christmas party Sage goads Georgie into a fight. As Cameron plays Father Christmas at the party, Alan reads the Christmas story. Emily receives a diamond engagement ring from Nikolas. Nikolas is surprised with the deeds to Wyndemere and Emily tells him that she bought it for him.
#10429 41x187
Courtney enjoys playing pool with Brian but stops herself from kissing him. Brian tells Courtney that she should tell Jason how she feels about him. Sam and Nikolas disagree about who the Courage's sunken treasure belongs to. Jax tries to convince Sam to give up on the treasure. Tracy meets with Sam and comes up with the idea that Sam steal the treasure and replace it with fakes. Sam agrees but feels guilty about having to lie to Jax. Elizabeth admits that Zander is the father of her baby. Ric tells her that he'll raise the baby as his own. Luke and Skye remember miserable past Christmases. Skye is told by Luke that he is no good for her.
#10428 41x186
Faith steals Sonny's shipment and holds Jason hostage. Faith isn’t happy when she realizes that she stole a truckload of toys. After being threatened by Sonny, Faith takes the toys to the party at the church. Courtney and Jason share a sad goodbye. When Brian finds Courtney crying he comforts her. Edward tells Nikolas the legend of The Courage. Nikolas and Emily agree to split the fortune between their families if they find it. Nikolas tells Jax and Sam that the sunken treasure belongs to him.
#10427 41x185
When Sage is threatened by Faith, Dillon comes to her rescue. Georgie meets Guy at Kelly’s and they are seen by Dillon. Morgan is christened. When Lorenzo finds out that Faith threatened Sage he isn’t happy. Zander tells Faith he is through doing her dirty work. Emily advises Elizabeth to tell Ric the truth about the baby.
#10426 41x184
Carly tries to make Lorenzo understand that she loves Sonny and not him. Sonny and Carly grow closer. Jason isn’t happy that Courtney confronted Faith. Brian is worried about Courtney. Jason and Courtney realize that they are better off apart even though they still love each other. Cody is hired to work as a butler at Wyndemere. Sam is found suffering from hypothermia by Nikolas and Emily and she mentions the sunken Courage. Emily later informs Nikolas that a Quartermaine sailing ship named Courage sunk hundreds of years ago.
#10425 41x183
Courtney tells Carly that she doesn’t think that she can accept Jason's lifestyle anymore. Sonny warns Jason that he'll lose Courtney if he doesn’t change. Faith goads Lorenzo with the fact that Sonny and Carly are back together. Georgie isn't pleased when Sage joins hers and Dillon's high school. Dillon sees Sage in a new light as they start to become friends. Skye and Luke share a kiss under the mistletoe but after Luke overreacts claiming that they will never kiss again, Skye leaves.
#10424 41x182
Carly is taken to the hospital after passing out and when she recovers she tells Sonny that she loves him. Sam tells Jax that she has found another shipwreck with the name Courage on it whilst looking for Nikolas’ freighter wreck. Georgie is shocked when she finds Dillon in bed with Sage and storms out. Sage is upset when Dillon is cold to her. Georgie refuses to listen to Dillon attempts to apologise to her. Nikolas and Emily aren’t pleased when Edward tries to set Emily up with someone else.
#10423 41x181
Cappelli is told by Lorenzo to kill Sonny if he is found not guilty. Sonny' is found not guilty by the jury. As Carly tells Lorenzo that she is now free of him she passes out. Brian is told not to trust Scott. When her father, Cody, arrives in town, Sam is surprised. Cody learns about his daughter’s salvage venture. Sam discovers a diamond tiara while salvaging Nikolas' freighter. Georgie tells her sister why she split up with Dillon. When Dillon sees Sage's vulnerable side he kisses her. Dillon and Sage make love as Georgie shows up.
#10422 41x180
Lorenzo tells the courtroom that he fears Sonny will kill him if he is acquitted. After Scott questions her, Carly admits that she has feelings for Lorenzo. Sonny explains to the court room why he went after Lorenzo. Sam offers to salvage Nikolas' ship and split the profits with him. Jax finances Sam in the venture. AJ tells Ned and Skye that he's leaving ELQ and the family and they are later shocked when they discover that many of their bank accounts have been emptied. It is later revealed that AJ stole the money from the family and he is seen enjoying himself overseas with Lydia by his side. Wyndemere is put up for sale by Alexis.
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