General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 40

#10242 40x255
Carly asks Jason and Courtney to help expose who Faith is working with. To that end, Courtney and Jason pretend to break up. Faith follows Jason who agrees to with her to destroy Sonny. Sonny hits Ned after he refuses to tell him who Faith is working with and ends up being arrested. Alexis manages to get information on Kristina's daily schedule from Monica. Alexis manages to get inside the Quartermaine mansion and plans to take Kristina. Edward, AJ and Skye hear Alexis scream from Kristina's nursery. Gia is determined to expose Scott's actions. Georgie stands up to Kyle and impresses Lucas.
#10241 40x254
Carly takes Sonny home where he admits that he is afraid he will never be able to put his life back together. Carly tells him how much she loves him. Alexis goes to Sonny with the intention of telling him he is Kristina's father. After Sonny has a go at her, Alexis decides to never tell him the truth about Kristina. Ric and Elizabeth grow closer. Jason and Courtney realize that Ric has been helping to make the rift betwwen Jason and Sonny grow wider. Monica changes her mind and tells the judge that Kristina should stay with her family. When Lucas returns to the party he discovers that Maxie is upstairs with Kyle. Maxie decides not to sleep with Kyle but is later shocked when Lucas accuses her of being a tramp. Maxie is upset when she realizes that Kyle has told everybody that they slept together.
#10240 40x253
When Carly asks Jason for help with Sonny, he promises her that he will keep working behind the scenes. Courtney is upset by Faith's threats. At The Cellar, Jax provokes Sonny into hitting him and when Jason and Carly show up Jason tries to diffuse the situation by having Sonny focus his anger on him instead. Ric suggests to Courtney that she gives up her job as hostess at The Cellar and then offers her job to Elizabeth. Skye and Monica join forces against the rest of the family. Ned confronts Alan, Edward and AJ. Georgie begs her sister not to go to Kyle's party but she still goes. Georgie shows up at the party and ends up leaving with Lucas. Maxie agrees to go upstairs with Kyle.
#10239 40x252
Sonny has a bad nightmare. Jason manages to push Courtney out of the way of Faith's sniper. Sonny isn’t happy when he sees Jason and Courtney moving in with one another. When Jason tells him about the attempt on Courtney's life, they end up working together again. The truce is only temporary though when Sonny once again insists that Jason and Courtney end their relationship. Skye learns Edward's plan to win custody of Kristina when she hears him on the phone talking to the judge. Gia and Zander suspect that the fire was started deliberately and share the information they have gained with Cameron. Gia agrees to work undercover to try and expose Scott. Monica confronts her family with the truth about their scheme to steal Kristina away from Ned and Alexis.
#10238 40x251
Sonny isn’t happy that Courtney won’t agree to stop seeing Jason. Faith asks Jason to come and work for her and warns him that she has a sniper aimed at Courtney. Jason pulls Courtney to the ground as a shot is fired at the loft. Ric remains determined to destroy Sonny. Zander rescues Ned from the fire. Scott and Edward prevent Alexis from seeing Kristina and she plays into Edward's hands whe she has a go at Ned as the news cameras film it. Edward informs the judge about Alexis' outburst and he is confident he will get custody of Kristina.
#10237 40x250
Ric refuses to kill Faith, just as Sonny believed he wouldn’t. Sonny tells Ric that he doesn’t have what it takes to replace Jason but does decide to keep him on as his lawyer. Carly decides not to tell Sonny about her her night with Ric when she realizes how upset he will be. Ric explains to Carly why he couldn't resign and she tells him him that she will tell Sonny everything if he ever makes a move against him. Sonny begs his sister to to end her relationship with Jason. Edward, Alan, AJ and Faith plot against Ned and Faith convinces him to meet with her on the docks as AJ sets fire to the empty gatehouse. As part of Edward's plan AJ pretends to rescue Kristina and Alan pretends to tend to her. After Faith tries to seduce Ned, they are given citations for public indecency. Ned returns home to find the gatehouse in flames and goes inside thinking that Kristina is still in there. Luke demands that Summer choose between him and Lucky there and then and she chooses Luke.
#10236 40x249
Faith and Ric meet and they both look forward to destroying Sonny. When Faith is humiliated in front of the other families by Sonny she promises to get even. Sonny tells Ric to kill Faith. Carly tells Ric that unless he quits and leaves town she will tell Sonny about their night together. Nikolas tells Summer to stay away from Lucky and concentrate on Luke. Luke is angry when Scott gives him a him a restraining order stopping him from going anywhere near Laura. Mike urges his daughter to end her relationship with Jason. After Lucas invites her to go to Kyle's party with him, Georgie accuses Maxie of using Lucas to get closer to Kyle.
#10235 40x248
Sonny comes face to face with Jason at Benny's grave. Ric informs Elizabeth that he plans on taking Benny's place working for Sonny. Sonny hopes that Jason will soon return to working with him and finish things with Courtney. Cameron tells Alexis that it will be harder to prove she is sane than it was to prove she was insane. Ned refuses to alllow Alexis to spend anytime with Kristina. Ned turns down Faith's advances.
#10234 40x247
Alexis is found not guilty of murder by reason of temporary insanity. Alexis is upset though when the judge awards Ned full custody of Kristina until Alexis can demonstrate an improvement in her mental conditition. Cameron warns Alexis that she will have to keep up her split personality act while he proves that she is capable of being a fit mother. Sonny continues to be at odds with Jason about his relationship with Courtney. Courtney wonders if it would be better is she finishes things with Jason but he refuses to agree to it. Nikolas warns Summer to make sure that Luke falls in love with her just as she was hired to do. Summer asks Luke if they can be friends again. Elizabeth agrees to keep her relationship with Ric a secret but Faith sees them hugging. Edward instructs Faith to get close to Ned once again.
#10233 40x246
When Alexis accidentally stabs him, Cameron isn’t seriously hurt. Alexis' trial continues. Luke is surprised when his son agrees that Nikolas should continue to be responsible for Laura's care and not sign her power of attorney over to him. Luke and Lucky realize Summer has returned to her old tricks. When Summer later meets with Nikolas it is revealed that they have been working together since the beginning. Carly confesses to Courtney that she slept with Ric and Courtney realizes that he could be the father of Carly’s unborn baby. Sonny argues with Jason about Benny's death. Jason defends Courtney when Sonny starts to blame her for the trouble they are all in and ends up hitting Sonny.
#10232 40x245
Benny tells Sonny that the Five Families have called a meeting but they are unaware that Faith called the meeting on Ric's instructions. Ric plans to have Faith expose Sonny's weaknesses at the meeting. Ric offers to go in Benny's place to the meeting but Sonny won’t agree. Carly tells Jason about the meeting and asks for his help but Sonny turns it down. Faith makes Sonny look bad at the meeting. Benny has a heart attack and dies as Jason shows up. Ned meets Vera, Kristina's new nanny who is secretly woking for Edward. Alan accuses his father of getting ready to make a move against Ned and Edward is surprised when Alan supports it. As Alexis' trial starts, Scott forces Cameron to admit that there is a chance Alexis is faking her personality disorder. Dara questions Alexis, pushing her into becoming ‘Kristina’. When Scott questions ‘Kristina’ she grabs a knife and tries to stab him but ends up stabbing Cameron instead.
#10231 40x244
Sonny threatens Faith. After Carly questions him, Ric tells her that he has proven his loyalty to Sonny and that he is looking forward to a good working relationship with him. Ric feels insulted when Sonny offers him money as compensation for being shot at Carly's club. Realizing that Sonny will never fully trust him, Ric goes to Faith and tells her that he wants to work with her to destroy Sonny. Edward tells Alexis it would be best if she never saw her daughter again. Benny asks Jason for help with Sonny and he agrees to help from a distance. Zander refuses to help Scott destroy Alexis in court.
#10230 40x243
Jason realizes that Faith poisoned Sam. Carly refuses to leave Port Charles without Sonny. When Faith returns to her room she finds Sonny waiting for her and he tells her that he knows she did and offers her a glass of sherry. After Cameron sneaks Alexis out of the hospital he takes her to the gatehouse to see Kristina. Ned isn’t happy when he discovers them with Kristina. Alexis admits to Cameron that she has a bad feeling about things to come. Carly warns Ric that she knows what he is up to.
#10229 40x242
Sam fires shots at The Cellar and Ric ends up being hit. After Ned confronts Faith, Edward realizes that she used the money he gave her to pay for the hit. Ned tells Faith that he wants nothing more to do with her. Jason’s evening with Courtney is cut short when he hears about the shooting. Ric survives surgery and is visited by Elizabeth. Ned tells Jax to postpone their move against Sonny. Jason looks around The Cellar for clues and gets a lead on Sam. Sam and Courtney both end up at the Grill. Sonny tells Carly about firing Jason. Faith poisons Sam at the Grill to stop her from talking and she dies at Courtney's feet before she can name Faith as her killer. Luke tries to force Nikolas into signing over Laura's power of attorney to him but he won’t do it.
#10228 40x241
Jason is made to choose between Courtney or working for Sonny. Sonny sacks him when it becomes clear that Jason wants to be with Courtney. Courtney is happy when Jason shows up to reconcile with her. Carly is shocked when she learns that Ric didn't use protection on the night they slept together. Ned and Jax look forward to ruining Sonny. Summer is angry when Nikolas offers her money to stay away from Lucky. Ric is pleased when he discovers that Sonny dismissed Jason and offers his help. Summer accepts a job from her former madam and meets with Jax, who has hired her services. Sam is welcolmed at Catherine's memorial service by Carly who is unaware she is the killer Faith hired to shoot Sonny. Sam points a gun at Sonny as he dances with Carly.
#10227 40x240
Courtney is certain that Jason still loves her but he walks out on her believing that it is best for all concerned. Jason tells Sonny they have to allow Courtney to make her own decisions about her life. Sonny replies that if Courtney has a choice to make, then he does too. Ric discovers that Carly is pregnant. Ned refuses to give Faith money without knowing what she is up to. Edward agrees to give Faith the money she wants with the condition that she make her involvement with Ned public. Faith pays Sam to kill Sonny at Catherine's memorial service at The Cellar later that night. Summer asks Lucky to give their relationship another go but he accuses her of only coming to him because his father paid her to.
#10226 40x239
Faith meets with Sam who demands more money if she is to kill Sonny. Faith is shocked to discover that Catherine left her money to charity and not her. Courtney tries to convince Jason that they should be together. Michael sees a fraught moment between Courtney and Jason and later asks Jason if he loves Courtney. Coleman calls Skye to tell her to come to the bar at the hotel to show her that Jax is out on a date with a call girl.
#10225 40x238
Carly admits to Courtney that she could be pregnant. Faith isn’t happy when Ned tells her he wants her to move out before he brings the baby home. Faith is invited to to a memorial Carly is planning to member Catherine's life. Taggert admits to Gia that Scott thinks Alexis is faking her personality disorder. Cameron promises to be there for Alexis. When Skye goes to see Jax she discovers him with another woman. Faith meets with a hitwoman called Sam.
#10224 40x237
Alexis admits the truth to Cameron and tells him what happened the night Luis was murdered. Feeling he has been played as a fool, Cameron goes off to tell Scott the truth. Scott watches the tape of Alexis becoming Kristina and begins to suspect she is faking her personality disorder. Cameron decides not to tell Scott after all and keeps up Alexis' charade in front of him who tells him that Alexis will stand trial. Carly learns that Catherine has died at the club. Ned accuses Faith of killing Catherine but later apologizes to her after learning she died of natural causes. Sonny decides to have Faith followed by one of his men. Luke informs Summer that he knows she has been seeing his son. Summer tells him that she didn't know Lucky was his son and swears to him that she is falling in love with him. Luke pushes her away. Luke later tells his son that he knows about him and Summer and tells him to give her another chance.
#10223 40x236
After Courtney is encouraged to stand up to Sonny, she tells him that she is going to be with Jason in the end. Faith meets her grandmother at The Cellar, where Catherine reiterates that Faith will be cut out of her will, if she has Sonny killed. Faith poisons Catherine's sherry. Without realizing that he is talking about Summer, Luke urges his son to fight for the woman he loves. Luke is shocked when Scott tells him that Summer was seeing Lucky as well as him.
#10222 40x235
Courtney picks out Fowler as the man who kidnapped her and she is forced to stop Jason from killing him. Alexis becomes angry when Ned wants to take Kristina home with him. Ric blackmails Carly into making him look good in Sonny’s eyes. Sonny and Carly look forward to starting a family. Scott works out that Summer has been seeing both Luke and Lucky.
#10221 40x234
On a night when time stands still in Port Charles, Sonny is shot and goes to Heaven where he sees Luke as St. Peter. St. Peter tells him that because so many people love him, he is being sent back to earth to be given another chance to earn the right to be admitted to Heaven. Sonny fails his first test set by St. Peter after Alexis tells him that he is Kristina's father and he defies her by demanding to part of the baby’s life. Sonny also fails the other tasks he is set. Sonny is given a taste of Heaven when Carly shows him their new born son. Believing that he doesn’t deserve to be happy, Sonny leaves Heaven. He is given the choice to either stay in Heaven or return to life. Not yet ready to die, he decides to return home.
#10220 40x233
Alexis isn’t happy when Scott has her put in restraints when she is admitted to the psychiatric ward at the hospital. Ned promises her that he take care of Kristina. Nikolas doesn't believe that Summer didn’t know Lucky was Luke’s son. When Lucky later sees Summer he doesn't believe her becoming involved with both him and his father was a coincidence. Courtney becomes upset when Jason tells her that he wants her to go away to college and that he can no longer be there for her. Jason later tells Sonny that he believes he has convinced Courtney that they are through. Carly tells Courtney not to give up on Jason
#10219 40x232
Jason admits to Courtney that he mean’t it when he told her that he loved her. Carly fails to stop Sonny from going to the cabin. Jason tries to convince Courtney that she is better off without him. Sonny shows up athe cabin as Jason and Courtney kiss. Sonny tells Jason that Courtney could be in real danger if he continues to see her. When they get back home, Jason tells Courtney there is something she must agree to. Cameron shows up as Alexis, as Kristina, threatens Scott. Cameron is able to make Alexis return to her own personality. Alexis is taken to the psychiatric ward at the hospital instead of being taken to prison. Alexis smiles as Cameron insists that she will avoid going to prison by pleading insanity. Lucky leaves after seeing Summer dancing with his father. Summer is later shocked to learn from Nikolas that Luke and Lucky are related.
#10218 40x231
Sonny wants to look further into Ric’s past. Courtney is kidnapped as she's leaving Kelly's and taken to a cabin in the woods. Jason learns where she has been taken and rescues her. Jason and Courtney are stuck in the cabin together. Lucky manages to convince Summer to trust him and she promises him that she isn't romantically involved with the other man she has been seeing. Summer tries to end her and Luke's relationship but wants to stay friends with him. Scott wants to arrest Alexis and tries to trick her into admitting she killed Luis. Alexis turns into Kristina as Scott shows up.
#10217 40x230
Taggert manages to secretly place a listening device on Skye. Afterwards she goes to see Jax and informs him that Alexis killed Luis. When Jax goes to see Alexis he witnesses her turning into Kristina. Cameron tells Jax that is’s true that Alexis did kill Luis. Jax asks Skye not to tell the police the truth but they discover it anyway on the listening devise. Jax vows to get revenge on Sonny for hurting Brenda. Courtney tells Jason how much she loves him. Sonny turns down Ric's offer to be his lawyer. Ric blackmails Carly into putting a good word in for him and she later states Ric's case to Sonny. Faith and Coleman plot to use Courtney to get to Sonny. Summer admits to Luke that she is using him and that she has feelings for someone else.
#10216 40x229
Carly is surprised when Sonny tells her that he wants to be with her and decides not to tell him that she slept with Ric. Ric manages to avoid giving Elizabeth a straight answer about his decision to stay in Port Charles. Jax's offer of money to leave town upsets Brenda and they both realize that they aren’t the same people than they were four years ago. Brenda leaves town after Jason takes her to the airport. Jason is impressed when Courtney stands up to Faith and she insists that she wants him in her life no matter what danger it might bring. Faith asks Coleman to team up with her against Sonny.
#10215 40x228
Ned and Faith are confronted by Sonny who wants to know what they have did to Carly. Faith says she has done nothing but later admits to Ned that one of her men drugged Carly's drink at Jake's. Carly is shocked when she wakes up naked next to Ric in the motel room. Ric tries to convince Carly not to Sonny what happened. Jax wants to work with Ned to destroy Sonny. After Brenda tells Ned that she is returning to Europe on her own, he urges Jax to stop her from leaving. Jax goes to see Brenda, who is shocked when he offers her money to leave town for good.
#10214 40x227
Faith orders Fowler to drug Carly's drink. Ric comes to Carly's aid when Fowler tries to get with her. Ric promises to call Jason but then then takes her cell phone. Ric takes a drugged Carly to a motel room where she ends up passing out and Ric undresses her. Jax stops the wedding and accuses Brenda of wanting to be with Sonny much to Skye’s delight. Courtney tells her brother that Carly saw him and Brenda kiss. Sonny insists that he loves Carly and wants to get back with her. When Brenda shows up to see him, Sonny tells her that he wants to be with Carly. Alexis as Kristina admits to Cameron that she killed Luis in order to protect her baby. When Alexis returns to her old self, Cameron tells her that she killed Luis and promises to help her.
#10213 40x226
Jax looks forward to being married to Brenda. Skye shows up at the wedding with a gun. Cameron pulls Alexis away from Ned. Alexis as Kristina tells Cameron that Alexis may never come back and later admits to being Luis’s killer. Jax and Brenda’s wedding gets underway. Brenda goes to Lily’s grave and admits that he still loves Carly. Carly tells Courtney that she believes that she has lost Sonny to Brenda.
#10212 40x225
Brenda asks Sonny if he loves her and wants her back. Sonny kisses her which Carly witnesses. After Carly dashes off Sonny explains to Brenda that his future is with Carly. Cameron refuses to allow Alexis to take the baby home. Felicia tries to convince Skye not to tell Scott that she saw Alexis in Luis’ hotel room on the night he was killed. Ned tries to stop Faith's plan to kill Sonny and Jason at the opening of Carly's club and tells her he will strike when the time is right.
#10211 40x224
When Cameron makes Alexis remember seeing her mother murdered, Kristina comes out and has a conversation with him. Jason threatens Faith. Courtney is upset when Jason tells her to keep her distance. Jax tells Carly about his and Brenda's wedding and suggests it would be best if Sonny was nowhere near them on the day. Ric tells Carly that Sonny and Brenda are at the penthouse together.
#10210 40x223
Jason tells Courtney that they can’t see each other anymore. Courtney realizes that he is acting on her brother’s orders. Later she tells Carly that she won’t give up on Jason and Sonny hears her say how much she loves Jason. Jason signs the annulment papers and Brenda tells him that he did the best thing he could have for Courtney by ending things with her. Jax wants Brenda to become his wife on Valentine's Day. Skye tells Felicia that she thinks it was Alexis she saw leaving Luis' room on the night he was killed. After Felicia tells Cameron, he asks her to slow down the investigation to give him time to help Alexis. Sonny takes his fustrations out on Ric.
#10209 40x222
Sonny tries to convince Jason that ending things with Courtney would be best for her. Brenda is accused by Jax of delaying her annulment because she doesn't want to lose all contact with Sonny. Alexis agrees to allow Cameron to help her. Lucky sleeps with Summer. Skye meets Alexis and remembers seeing her leave Luis’ room on the night of the murder.
#10208 40x221
Carly tries to convince Sonny that Jason and Courtney could have a future together. Courtney pleads with Jason not to die. After they are rescued Jason is taken to the hospital. Brenda shows up and surprises Sonny and Carly with the news that she and Jason are still husband and wife. Jax informs Brenda that he is going to get Jason's power of attorney and then have her marriage annulled. When Jason recovers Sonny orders him to end his relationship with Courtney. Lucky and Summer kiss. After arguing with Nikolas, Gia ends things with him.
#10207 40x220
Jason is seriously hurt in the car crash and tells Courtney that he loves her before passing out. Summer pushes Lucky away when she realizes just how much she has become to care for him. Zander manages to avoid answering Gia’s questions on whether he planted the drugs in Carly's club. Zander refuses to take Nikolas’ money and start a new life somewhere else.
#10206 40x219
Jason and Courtney drive in to a snowstorm on their way to the cabin to tell Sonny the truth about their relationship. Following Ned’s instructions, Zander leaves drugs at Carly's club. After receiving a tip off, Mac shows up and finds the drugs. Ric is able to get rid off Mac's case against Sonny and Carly. Ric manages to manipulate Elizabeth into telling Sonny that Jason has been seeing Courtney. Jason and Courtney are involved in a car crash. Gia watches from a distance as Zander throws his drugs into the water. Skye informs Jax that she has remembered seeing a woman at Luis’ place the night he was killed but can’t remember her face. When Alexis agrees to be Skye's attorney, Cameron wonders why.
#10205 40x218
Jax is suspicious as to Brenda’s claims why she is still married to Jason. Skye remembers seeing a woman at Luis’ room on the night he was murdered and realizes that she is innocent. When Scott shows up to arrest her, Skye threatens to jump off the balcony and she is relieved when Jax shows up. Jason tells Courtney that Brenda refused to go through with the annulment and that it is the right time to tell Sonny about their relationship. Sonny makes plans to take Carly to the cabin in the woods. While looking for Sonny, Jason clashes with Ric. Carly wants to have another baby. Ned looks for the woman that he saw that looked like Kristina. Alexis clams up when Cameron questions her about her grief over Kristina.
#10204 40x217
Brenda refuses to sign the annulment papers and explains to Jason that although she wants to marry Jax, she needs some time for herself first. Ned is warned by Sonny that he is getting into deep with Faith. Ned tells Faith not to make another move against Sonny without him knowing. Sonny wants to send Courtney away to college to keep her out of danger. When Skye hears hears Jax defend her to Scott, she is pleased and later tells Coleman that she plans on winning Jax back. As Alexis starts to open up to Cameron about Kristina they are interrupted by Zander. Alexis is surprised to discover that Cameron is Zander’s father. Ned nearly discovers Alexis dressed as Kristina.
#10203 40x216
Sonny saves Carly from being shot. The gunman is caught but after he discovers that he was only firing blanks, Sonny instructs Ric to let him go. Ric is then told to follow the man to discover who he is working for. After discovering that he was working for Faith, Sonny shows up at her room and finds Ned there. Faith tells Edward that their plan has worked. Carly tells Ric that he will never be able to replace Jason in Sonny's life. Elizabeth confronts Courtney and later informs Ric that Jason and Courtney are seeing each other with out Sonny’s knowledge. Jason and Brenda arrive in the Dominican Republic to get divorced and Brenda shocks him when she refuses to sign the divorce papers. Skye turns down Jax's offer to help her run away to Portugal.
#10202 40x215
Brenda agrees to marry Jax. Jax has doubts about Skye’s innocence but offers to help her. Skye is questioned by Scott about the murder. Sonny thanks Ric for helping clear Brenda and Jason and gives his permission for Ric to work with Carly. Ric tells Sonny about his past connection to Luis. Courtney worries how AJ and Sonny will react if she and Jason tell them about their relationship. Cameron talks to Ned about Alexis. Faith wants Ned to make a move against Sonny but he wants to take things slowly. An unseen gunman fires at Sonny and Carly.
#10201 40x214
Jax returns to Brenda. After listening to Brenda's claim that Luis was killed by a woman, Jax accuses Skye of being the killer. Alexis becomes Jason and Brenda’s lawyer again. After Brenda and Jason are sentanced to life in prison, Alexis requests that the murder convictions be squashed in light of new evidence. After looking over the new evidence, the judge dismisses the charges against them. After Zander misses his counseling session, Cameron looks for him. Luke is shocked to learn that Zander is Cameron's son. Luke tells Summer the truth about Laura. Cameron listens in as Zander tells Gia about the death of his brother.
#10200 40x213
Sonny promises to get Brenda and Jason out of prison and tells Jason that that he is going to arrange for them to escape while they are being driven to prison. Jax hangs up on Brenda’s phone call. Taggert realizes that the woman on the phone is telling the truth about killing Luis. AJ is held at gunpoint by Courtney and she makes him admit the truth. Courtney gives the taped confession to Scott and Taggert. Coleman tells AJ he thinks Skye killed Luis. Skye tells AJ that if she goes down he will take him with her. Sonny doesn’t believe Ric's claim about the real killer. Courtney tells Jason that she loves him.
#10199 40x212
Ric receives proof from the mystery woman which proves she killed Luis. After Ric and Felicia give their new evidence to the police, the mystery woman calls and tells Scott something that only the killer could know. Courtney pleads with AJ to do the right thing and tell the truth. After he refuses Courtney points a gun at him. Lucky grows closer to Summer and she agrees to go on another date with him.
#10198 40x211
Brenda falls apart on the witness stand under while being questioned by Scott. The jury deliberate over their verdict. Everyone is shocked when Jason and Brenda are found guilty of murder. Ned sleeps with Faith. Later, Faith meets with Edward and they are revealed to be working together. Gia shares her fears with Elizabeth. Ric meets with the mystery woman who tells him that she knows Jason and Brenda are innocent.
#10197 40x210
Felicia tries to find proof that Ida was lying when she claimed to have seen Brenda kill Luis and gets a lead connecting Coleman to Ida. Jason tells Courtney that he returned because of her. Sonny has mixed emotions about Jason and Brenda's decision to stay in town. When Ric returns to his room he finds a message written in lipstick on his mirror stating that Jason and Brenda are innocent. Scott presents evidence against Jason as the trial gets back underway. Ric gets a call from a mysterious woman asking him to meet her as she knows who really killed Luis. Cameron tells Zander that he is wasting his life and washes his hands with him.
#10196 40x209
Brenda and Jason manage to avoid the police at the airport. Brenda pretends to get on the plane but later returns to Jason's place. Jason finds Courtney's bags packed at the loft. When he returns home home Jason and Brenda learn that Taggert is keeping Brenda under surveillance. Gia argues with Nikolas. Zander is upset when Cameron admits he can't forgive him for Pete's death. Summer thanks Scott for helping get Jordan out of her life. Elizabeth is surprised to learn that Ric is no longer working for Carly and they share a dance and a kiss.
#10195 40x208
Jason and Brenda make plans to leave the country and inform Carly and Sonny. Courtney is upset when Jason won’t allow her to go on the run with him but promises to send for her when he can. Sonny and Brenda say goodbye but neither of them say what they truly feel. When they get to the airport, Jason tells Brenda that he has decided to stay behind. Cameron refuses to take the blame for Zander's drug overdose. Scott blackmails Jordan into leaving Summer alone. Sonny and Carly are angry with Alexis for dropping out of the trial at the last moment.
#10194 40x207
After the jury watch a tape of Brenda threatening to kill Luis, her chances of being cleared of his murder look slim. Jax tells Brenda that they have no choice but to run away abroad. After Jax leaves the country to make arrangements, Brenda discovers that the trial will be over sooner than she realises. Brenda calls Jason and tells him that they need to leave the country that night. Skye and AJ learn that Sonny knows they bribed Ida to frame Brenda. Lucky learns that Jordan was the person who beat up Summer. A drugged up Zander arrives at the Quartermaine’s wanting to see Emily. After he passes out, Zander is taken to the hospital.
#10193 40x206
The police arrive and take away the videotape from Jax and Sonny. Scott manages to convince the judge to continue with the trial and has a direct link to Brenda's hospital room set up. Alexis makes AJ and Skye look bad on the witness stand. Scott shows Luis’ videotape as evidence in the trial and the jury see Brenda itrying to stab Luis with a pair of scissors. Cameron comfronts Zander about the death of Zander's brother. After Zander is released by Mac, he buys more pills. Summer agrees to go another date with Lucky. Summer finds Jordan waiting for her in her apartment and when Lucky shows up he finds her badly beaten.
#10192 40x205
Brenda is plucked out of the water by Nikolas and Gia. At the hospital, Brenda manages to give a safety deposit box key to Jax. Sonny discovers Jax taking a tape from the box. Zander calls Emily to wish her a happy birthday but the call ends badly when he loses his temper. Zander smashes the pay phone and hits the barman at Jake’s and is arrested. Gia shows up to help Zander and manages to convince him to meet with a psychiatrist. Later, Zander and Cameron are shocked when they come face to face. Summer sees one of her former clients at Jake’s when Lucky takes her there and he chases him away.
#10191 40x204
Elizabeth informs Courtney that Ric won't testify against Jason and Brenda. Ric doesn’t give in from preasure from Scott and continues to insist that he didn't see Brenda at Luis's hotel room. Sonny is shocked when Jax tells him that Brenda is gone and is later hurt when he believes Brenda ran away to allow Jason to face the music alone. Alexis agrees to represent Jason. Sonny thanks Ric for not to telling Scott that he saw Brenda on the night of the murder. Cameron backs Ric’s story and gives him an alibi for the time of the murder. As the trial begins Brenda is still nowhere to be found. Gia and Nikolas see a body floating in the water. Elizabeth and Ric grow closer.
#10190 40x203
Jax convinces Mac and Taggert to arrest Ric. Brenda tells Jax that she won't admit to seeing Ric outside Luis’ room as it could make things worse for her and Jason. Ric tells Scott that he didn't see either Brenda or Jason on the night of the murder. Elizabeth clashes with Courtney about Jason. Courtney wants Jason to go on the run with her. Faith sends Zander to wreck Carly's club. Zander remembers Cameron blaming him for his brother’s death. When Carly catches him and tries to reach out to him, he tells her that no one can escape their past. Zander later watches Cameron from a distance.
#10189 40x202
Brenda tells Jax and Jason that she remembers seeing Ric outside of Luis' room on the night he died. Ric denies to Sonny that he killed Luis but does admit to being in building. After Sonny tells Ric to stay away from his family, Ric tells Carly that he won’t be able to work for her anymore. Jax shows up and takes Ric to Scott. After Alexis refuses to allow Ned to see Kristina, he blackmails her into letting him see by threatening to tell Sonny the truth.
#10188 40x201
Brenda tells Taggert that she remembers seeing a man outside Luis’ room on the night he was murdered. Later, Brenda remembers seeing Luis threatening Ric in South America. Sonny learns that Luis was responsible for sending Ric to prison. Sonny returns home and accuses Ric of being Luis’ killer. Jason asks Elizabeth not to tell anyone about his relationship with Courtney. Alexis discovers that Ned and Faith are working together against Sonny. Alexis tries to cut Ned out of Kristina's life but Ned will have no part of it. Zander is shocked when he sees Cameron in town.
#10187 40x200
Brenda remembers seeing a man outside Luis’ room but can’t remember his face. Sonny looks through Luis’ house in South America. After convincing the local warden that he would be better off working with him, Sonny gets proof that Ric is connected to Luis. Carly refuses to join join forces with AJ. Elizabeth confronts Courtney about her relationship with Jason. Alexis finds Ned semi dressed in Faith's room.
#10186 40x199
Brenda decides to undergo hypnosis to jog her memory. Ric shows up just as Brenda might remember seeing the face of Luis’ murderer. Elizabeth warns Courtney that AJ is having her followed by a private detective. Elizabeth follows her to the loft and is shocked to see her with Jason. AJ tells Carly that he will drop his statement against Jason in exchange for getting Courtney back. Lucky and Summer are released after Scott receives a fax. Later, Jordan approaches Summer and tells her he was responsible for her arrest and release and demands something in return.
#10185 40x198
Brenda promises Cary that will protect both Sonny and Jason. Carly is surprised to learn that Faith is Catherine's granddaughter. Alexis admits to Cameron that Ned isn't Kristina's father. After Cameron shares some of his past with Alexis, it is revealed that Zander is his son. Jordan, the wealthy man from her past that she is trying to avoid approaches Summer. He becomes angry when she tells him that he doesn’t want anythingh to do with him. Lucky later cheers her up. Summer and Lucky are arrested and Luke thinks Summer stood him up.
#10184 40x197
Sonny tells Brenda that he is going to South America to look for clues in Luis’s murder. Jax tries to bribe Scott to frame Jason and save Brenda. Jax learns that the only way Brenda will go free is if she is declared insane. Jax introduces Brenda to Cameron and tells her that he wants Cameron to have her declared mentally unstable. Gia gives Taggert gets the tape of Ida's interview. Cameron reminds Luke that Summer isn't really Laura. Luke and Summer enjoy a game of poker and come close to kissing. After Ned tells Zander that he is going to destroy Sonny, he agrees to help. Alexis is shocked when she sees Ned hugging Faith.
#10183 40x196
Jax and Brenda tell each other that they love one another. Jax leaves when Brenda tells him they must keep their visits a secret. Alexis is shown the interview Gia taped with Ida and Alexis suggests that she get rid of it. When Ric goes to see Ida, he discovers her dead. Carly hears Jax asking Alexis to make Jason look guilty in order to save Brenda. Luke continues to try and relive his past with Laura as Summer pretends to be Laura.
#10182 40x195
Sonny tells Jax to stay away from Brenda until the trial is over. Jason and Brenda declare that they not guilty at their arraignment. Ric is hired by Sonny to represent Jason. Courtney tells AJ's that he can stick his offer to recant his statement. Nikolas informs Luke and Lucky that Laura's condition has got worse. Luke takes Summer to Beecher's Corners to try and recreate the time he spent there with Laura. Zander realizes that Ned is working with Faith against Sonny. Gia looks through Taggert's files to find out where Ida is being held and later shows up at her room to interview her.
#10181 40x194
Carly and Ric break through the wall leading to a hidden room in Kelly's basement and discover the remains of a speakeasy. Carly and Ric meet Catherine who tells them of the buildings past.
#10180 40x193
Brenda tells Scott that she has returned to clear her name and Jax shows up promising to help her. Jax clashes with Sonny at the police station. Brenda is picked out of a line-up by Ida who claims she saw her kill Luis. Scott informs Jason that he will be charged as an accomplice in the murder, which Courtney overhears. Ida tells Skye and Coleman that she saw Skye on Luis’ balcony on the night he was murdered, but admits she didn't actually see who killed him. Ida is given Skye's jewelry to insure she sticks to her story. Ned tells Alexis that he will raise her baby as his own. Carly calls Ric to help her with plans for her new club. When they start to demolish the wall leading to a hidden room in Kelly's basement they are shocked by what they see. Skye is upset when she receives her divorce papers.
#10179 40x192
Brenda tells Jax that she has to stay married to Jason because they can't be forced to testify against each other that way. Jax is unnerved when he returns and finds Brenda gone who is heading back to Port Charles. Felicia tells Sonny that she has succeeded in scaring Ida into going on the run in the hope she'll go to the person who bribed her. Courtney goes to see AJ. Luke hires Summer to continue to pretend to be Laura. Skye worries Ida might name her as Luis’ killer. Faith agrees to work with Ned to destroy Sonny.
#10178 40x191
Jax convinces Brenda not to call Sonny after she dreams about him. Brenda stops herself from signing the annulment papers. After Sonny meets with Felicia, they realize that AJ could be the person who paid Ida to frame Brenda. Courtney learns that AJ could be to blame for Jason's arrest and vows to discover the truth. Skye is released from the hospital and Coleman informs her that she confessed to killing Luis but promises to keep it a secret. Luke's job offer at his club is turned down by Summer. Lucky thinks about going to college and runs into Summer at the university.
#10177 40x190
Edward agrees to be Father Christmas at the hospital Christmas party while Alan reads the Christmas story. Sonny is released on bail and he is reunited with his family. Elizabeth end up spending Christmas Eve with Ric at Kelly's. Alexis holds Kristina for the first time. Jax and Brenda arrive at their hotel room. When Jax admits that he thinks Brenda killed Luis, she isn’t happy. Coleman finds Skye passed out in the snow and takes her to the hospital where he hears her make a confession.
#10176 40x189
Jax takes Brenda away as the police arrive to arrest her. Jason knocks Jax out as he plans to take Brenda out of the country himself. At the cottage, Jax manages to get the better of Jason and ties him up and then takes Brenda to his plane. Brenda tells Jax how much she loves him. It is revealed that AJ, Skye and Coleman are responsible for Ida coming forward. Sonny is arrested and Jason is also brought in after being arrested. After Cameron sees Summer on the roof he realizes that she is real. After being released from the institution, Luke takes Summer home where he tries to convince her that she can turn her life around.
#10175 40x188
Luke hits an orderly after he says he never saw Summer. Luke ends up on the ledge of the roof and Summer shows up. Carly tries to get Jason and Courtney together. Jax decides to take Brenda out of the country after learning that someone has come forward saying that they saw Brenda kill Luis. Scott is told by Ida that Jason paid her to disappear after the murder.
#10174 40x187
Ida tells Felicia and Alexis that she saw Brenda kill Luis and later also tells Scott the same thing. Scott refuses to help Cameron look for Summer. Summer shows up at the institution and claims to Luke that she only exists in his mind. Faith wants to learn more about Ned's plan to destroy Sonny. Elizabeth and Ric start to grow closer. After Skye is unsuccesful at winning Jax back, AJ promises her that his plan to frame Brenda will work.
#10173 40x186
Luke is committed to a mental institution. Cameron promises Luke that he he will find Summer if she is really put there. Elizabeth is unsuccessful at winning Jason back. Carly decides to open her new club in the basement of Kelly’s. Jason surprises Courtney with a Christmas tree. Ned meets with Faith and suggests they work together to destroy Sonny. Gia promises to be there more for Nikolas. Felicia finds Ida who tells her that she saw Luis’ killer.
#10172 40x185
Alexis lies to Cameron about why she was in Luis’ room. Ned starts a fight with Sonny and later vows to destroy him. Jason tells Brenda that they might have to leave the country and Jax insists that he will be the one to take her away. After Courtney quits her job Carly offers her a new one. Skye wants to get even with Brenda. Felicia learns about a possible witness to Luis’ murder. Summer admits to Luke that she is hiding from someone. Summer refuses to allow Luke help her. After Luke hits a man he believes is bothering Summer he is arrested. Sonny worries there could be trouble with his business rivals.
#10171 40x184
Jax is let go and Skye and Alexis unsuccessfully try to convince him not to get back together with Brenda. Summer agrees to make Luke happy by meeting Cameron. Jason tells Courtney that he has to get Brenda out of the country. AJ agrees to work with Coleman against Jason. Cameron finds Alexis in the room Luis was murdered.
#10170 40x183
Jax has a lie detector test which indicates that he didn’t kill Luis. Coleman overhears Skye agreeing to work with AJ to bring down Brenda and Jason. Scott arranges for Brenda and Jax to recreate Luis’ murder in his hotel room which proves Jax wasn’t involved. When Cameron has Luke taken to a cabin, he soon gets his nerves. When Cameron goes out, Luke is surprised when Summer shows up. Summer unties Luke and they leave. Carly helps Jason spend some time with Courtney alone. Carly tells Sonny about her idea of opening a club which he approves of.
#10169 40x182
Luke's family are shocked by his behaviour. Worried about his sanity, Cameron has Luke taken away. Sonny gives the videotape of Jax to Taggert. Jax is denied bail when Taggert gives the tape to the judge. When Brenda finds out she accuses Sonny of wanting to send Jax to prison. AJ stops Felicia's from questioning Skye and later tells her that he has a plan to exonerate Jax and put the blame back on Brenda, Jason and Sonny. Ric suggests to Carly that she opens another club to regain her independence.
#10168 40x181
Carly stops Scott from getting his hands on the videotape of Jax and later gives the tape to Sonny. Carly stops Brenda from confessing to the murder. Jason tells Courtney why he can’t divorce Brenda and they agree to meet in secret. Cameron is surprised to learn that Alexis is Jax's new lawyer.
#10167 40x180
Alexis learns of Jax's confession while Brenda begs him to think again. Carly leaves after arguing with Sonny about Brenda. Jax agrees to allow Alexis to represent him. Brenda realizes that she can either save Jax by confessing or save Sonny by saying nothing. Brenda asks Sonny to deny that he wants to be with her. Taggert demands that Scott give him the videotape implicating Jax in Luis’ murder. Scott later finds out the tape is gone. Ric charms Carly after running into her. Scott shows up and believes Ric has taken the tape. Coleman suspects that Skye could have killed Luis. Jason tells Courtney that he can't see her for a while.
#10166 40x179
Scott turns down Ric’s offer to help ruin Sonny. Carly realizes that Sonny lied to her about going to see Brenda. Sonny manages to convince Brenda not to confess to killing Luis just to clear Jax's name. Cameron refuses to believe that Summer really exsists and gives Luke an ultimatum. Courtney and Jason both agree it would be best to keep their relationship a secret for now. Coleman witnesses a drunken Skye hit Nikolas with her car and later lies to the police that he was driving the car. Coleman later tells Skye that she owes him one.
#10165 40x178
Skye shows up drunk to give Mac her statement about Luis’ murder. Skye hits someone with her car on her way home after learning that Jax confessed to the murder. Scott refuses to believe that Jax is the killer but is forced to arrest him. Scott though still wants Brenda, Sonny and Jason convicted of the murder. Sonny hires Ric to find some information on Scott he can use against him. Jason makes love to Courtney and she is upset when he leaves afterwards. AJ arrives to offer Courtney a divorce settlement and realizes that she slept with Jason. Luke admits to Summer that he wants her to be Laura.
#10164 40x177
Jax discovers that Scott is using Brenda to get to Jason and Sonny. Taggert presents Scott with a tape which implicates Jax in Luis’ murder. To pretect Brnda, Jax tells Scott that he killed Luis. Courtney tells AJ that nothing will stop her from getting a divorce. Lucky tells Elizabeth that it is hard for him to think of Luke with someone other than his mother. Luke uses Summer to try to recreate the night he and Laura were locked inside Wyndam's.
#10163 40x176
Skye is shocked by Jason’s threats and later admits to Scott that she slept with Luis on the night he was killed. Scott advises her to stick to her original story so that Brenda, Jason and Sonny will be convicted of the murder. Gia announces that she wants to go to law school. Alexis thanks Ned. When Jason accepts her dinner invitation, Courtney is happy.
#10162 40x175
Skye refuses to change her story about seeing Brenda murder Luis and later tells Jax that she slept with Luis. Jason begins to suspect that Skye could be the murderer. Scott and AJ are both determined to make sure that Brenda, Jason and Sonny are convicted for the murder. Brenda is tricked into implicating Jason, Sonny and herself in the murder. Kristina survives the surgery and Alexis realizes that Ned made the right decision. Luke enjoys his time with Summer.
#10161 40x174
Jason tells Courtney why he is so loyal to Sonny. Jason goes to the police station after learning about Brenda's arrest. As Brenda insists to Jason that Jax didn't kill Luis, Jax confronts Skye for accusing Brenda of being the killer. Ned gives the go ahead for Kristina to have emergency surgery when she stops stops breathing. Luke pays for an evening with Summer and empties the club for their date.
#10160 40x173
Courtney dreams were she keeps reliving the same day over and over again with different endings in each. In her final dream she gets to kiss Jason.
#10159 40x172
Sonny tells Brenda that he believes that Jax could be Luis‘ killer. After Taggert finds Brenda's fingerprints on the knife, Jason is released. After Brenda is arrested, Sonny asks Alexis to be her lawyer. Kristina's heart stops beating. Elizabeth runs into Bobbie's new boarder Ric, who later meets with Carly. Luke follows Summer as she meets a man and later learns that she is a call girl and hires her.
#10158 40x171
Jason is arrested for Luis’ murder. Brenda realizes that Jax believes she killed Luis but still agrees to leave the country with him. Courtney is furious with AJ for turning Jason in. Skye claims to Scott that she saw Brenda kill Luis.
#10157 40x170
Jason takes Brenda away from Luis’ room. Jax leaves through the terrace and picks up Brenda's dropped bracelet on his way out. Enrique just leaves after finding Luis’ body. Brenda swears to Sonny that she didn't kill Luis but does admit to stabbing him. Skye shows up at the cottage and tells Jax that Brenda is the killer. AJ gives the police information blaming Jason for the murder. Luke discovers that Summer's real name is Laura. Ned is shocked when Alexis says that she is going to bring Kristina up on her own.
#10156 40x169
Luke finally catches up with woman who looks like Laura and she thanks him for saving her life. Luke finds out that her name is Summer. Edward is furious that Skye ruined Brenda's party. Jax and Brenda make love. Skye goes to Luis' hotel room with him where they end up sleeping together. Brenda slips out of the cottage while Jax is asleep. Jason sees Brenda heading for Luis' room and tries unsuccessfully to stop her. Luis argues with Brenda as Skye wakes up. As Brenda rushes out of the room, Luis goes onto the terrace. Luis turns round as he senses that someone is on the terrace. Luis is pushed off the terrace and hits the floor fourteen floors below.
#10155 40x168
Skye warns Jax and Brenda that she is going to make them pay. Luis shows up at Brenda’s party uninvited and quickly becomes the center of everyone's hatred. Lucky worries about his father’s sanity. Ric arrives in Port Charles and watches Sonny. Edward is shocked to learn that Ned has hired AJ.
#10154 40x167
Alan finds Skye, who has fallen and hit her head. Jax learns that Skye that helped Luis kidnap Brenda. Alexis hits Luis when she finds him standing by Kristina's empty incubator. Alexis soon learns that her baby is fine and informs Ned that Luis left her to die in the park. Ric is freed from the South American jail. AJ runs into Courtney and Michael in the park. Courtney realizes AJ only married her as a way to get back at Sonny and get closer to Michael.
#10153 40x166
Skye refuses to divorce Jax. Brenda confronts Skye and Skye vows to get even. Alexis gives birth to a premature baby girl, who she names Kristina. Cameron refuses to believe Luke's story about seeing a woman who looks like Laura. Courtney admits to Jason that she turned to him to try and get even with AJ.
#10152 40x165
Carly wants to know why Sonny chose her over Brenda. Luis leaves Alexis as she goes into premature labor in the park but she is found by Cameron. Ned shows up as Alexis is about to give birth and they face a life and death crisis. Jax and Brenda look forward to their future together. Sonny later tells Brenda that she'll never be happy with Jax. Courtney stops Jason from beating AJ up. Luke isn’t happy when he is released into Cameron's care. Luke is hit by a car while pushing a woman out of the way and he believes that he saw Laura.
#10151 40x164
Skye tries to push Sonny and Brenda together as he tries to resist the urge to go see her. At Lily's grave, Sonny remembers that being with Brenda wrecked his life and Carly is happy when he returns home. Skye shows up at the cottage as Jax is about to make love to Brenda. AJ tries to stop Courtney from filing for divorce and he later finds Courtney with his brother. Luke attends his anger management group but a fight breaks out. Luis tells Alexis that she is to blame for Kristina's death.
#10150 40x163
Carly tells Sonny about her and Jason‘s adventure. After suffering a headache, Brenda worries her disease is growing. Sonny tells Carly that nothing happened between him and Brenda on the island. Brenda tells Sonny that she is leaving for good. When Brenda visits Lily's grave Jax shows up and tells her that she isn't dying. Luis tells Skye that Brenda wants Sonny and not Jax. Skye tells Carly and Sonny that Brenda is going to be fine. AJ looks forward to helping Ned destroy Jason and Sonny.
#10149 40x162
Jason shows up as Luis is about to kill Sonny. Carly discovers Brenda sinking in quicksand and ends up falling in with her. Jason and Sonny manage to rescue them and tell them that Luis is under control. On the journey home, Luis tries to make Carly doubt what really happened between Brenda and Sonny. AJ realizes that he has been set up by Coleman and confesses everything to Courtney. Courtney throws AJ out. Scott wants Alexis to help him have Luke declared mentally unstable so that he won’t go to prison. Luke is made to meet with Cameron, who gets him to reveal his true feelings. Georgie agrees to help Lucas overcome his dyslexia and is later upset when she sees him having a good time with her sister.
#10148 40x161
Sonny tells Brenda to make the most out of whatever time she has left. After managing to escape Luis fires a gun at Sonny but hits the plane wreckage, which explodes. Sonny and Luis fight as Sonny orders Brenda to run away. Brenda falls into some quicksand as Luis manages to get the upper hand over Sonny. Jason sees the burning wreckage and he and Carly set off in that direction. Skye tells Jax why she kept the truth about Brenda to herself and becomes upset when Jax walks out on her. Coleman demands more money from AJ. Courtney shows up and is shocked when she hears AJ admitting to his part in her stalking.
#10147 40x160
Luis manages to inform someone of his location before Sonny ties him. Sonny kisses Brenda. Ric, who is the next cell, hears Carly mention Sonny's name. Things don’t look good for Carly and Jason but they manage to escape. Jax finds out that Skye knew that Brenda isn't dying and kept the information to herself. Elizabeth is shocked when Courtney tells her Jason married Brenda.
#10146 40x159
Jason and Carly are arrested in South America for being enemies of Luis and learn that they are to be executed. Brenda, Luis and Sonny manage to survive the plane crash and end up stranded on an island. Luis secretly watches the other two as he makes plans to kill Sonny. Jax is released from the hospital. Jax learns from Brenda's doctor that she isn’t dying. Skye confesses to AJ that she knew all along that Brenda was going to be fine. Luke accuses his family of not being there for Laura when she needed them most. Luke is arrested after attacking Taggert. Courtney is unsure about the move to New York.
#10145 40x158
Lucky tells Scott that his father could be responsible for starting the fire at the police station. Lucky manages to get into the burning building and rescues his father. Scott informs Luke that he won‘t be pressing charges against him. Lucky worries about his father’s sanity. Jason learns from Carly that Luis kidnapped Brenda and that Sonny is trying to rescue her. When Jason refuses to allow Carly to go with him to Venezuela, she stows away on the plane but is soon discovered. Carly worries that she will lose Sonny to Brenda. Believing Brenda left with Luis of her own free will Jax decides not to go after her. Jax finds out that Skye went to the clinic in Switzerland where Brenda had been treated. Georgie suspects Luke might have dyslexia. Luis' jet crashes onto an island.
#10144 40x157
Sonny and Carly learn that Luis has kidnapped Brenda. Sonny reaches Luis’ jet as it is about to take off. Brenda manages to help Sonny get on board before it leaves the ground. During the flight the plane begins to lose control. Skye lies to Jax that Brenda chose to leave with Luis. Upset about Laura, Luke starts a fire at the police station. After becoming overcome by the smoke he passes out. Jason discovers the truth about AJ from Coleman. AJ asks Courtney to move to New York with him.
#10143 40x156
Skye discovers Jax and Brenda together. Skye tricks Brenda into a meeting with Luis and she is shocked when Luis’ men take her away. Courtney admits to AJ that she doubts about his innocence but later apologises. After Alexis decides to pull out from the election, Lucky realizes that she did it in order to free Luke. The murder charges against Luke are dropped and he is released.
#10142 40x155
Brenda and Skye fight to win Jax. Brenda goes to Jax's bedside and tells him while he is sleeping just how much she loves him. Coleman tells Taggert that AJ paid him to stalk Courtney so that AJ would look a hero when he rescued her. While Courtney believes AJ is innocent, Jason is sure he is guilty. Scott tells Alexis that he will drop the charges against Luke if she quits the election.
#10141 40x154
Sonny realizes that he has been fooled by Luis so that he can get to Brenda. Luis tries to convince Brenda to leave the country with him as Sonny shows up. Brenda stops him from killing Luis. AJ learns that Courtney shot Coleman. Luke, Lucky and Elizabeth are taken back to Port Charles. Nikolas and Gia try to find out what Scott is up to. After they steal Laura's confession they give it to Alexis. Luke tries to stop Alexis from using the tape to get him freed. Alexis talks to Scott and threatens to make the tape public if he doesn't free Luke.
#10140 40x153
Felicia warns Luis to stay away from her family. Skye teams up with Luis to keep Brenda away from Jax. Brenda comes face to face with Luis. Courtney leaves the Halloween party after receiving a threat from an unseen man and when she gets home she is attacked by the masked man. Courtney manages to shoot the masked stalker. Courtney discovers it is Coleman and calls Jason for help but later worries that she shot the wrong man when the stalker calls again. When his true identity is discovered by the authorities, Luke learns that he is being sent back to Port Charles.
#10139 40x152
Ned and Alexis look forward to Luis being convinced of Kristina's murder. Luis isn’t happy when he finds out that Brenda married Jason. Jax shocks the courtroom when he walks with out help. After he gets a mysterious document Scott is forced to drop the charges against Luis. Luis later receives a death threat. Lucky and Elizabeth track Luke to a prison work camp. Luke refuses to let them help him but Lucky refuses to give up on his father.
#10138 40x151
Courtney is upset when she finds out Jason and Brenda are married. Sonny and Jax clash over Brenda. Jax is pleased to be reunited with Skye. Alexis admits to Gia that she loves Ned who later tells him.
#10137 40x150
Carly is pleased to hear that Jason and Brenda are married. Jax is upset by the news and Brenda tries to convince him that they have no future together. Courtney tells Bobbie that she kissed a man she finds herself attracted to and Bobbie realizes that it was Jason. Elizabeth and Lucky manage to get a lead on where Luke is. Ned turns down Alexis' proposal when she can't admit that she loves him.
#10136 40x149
Courtney shows up at Sonny's looking for Jason. Sonny doesn’t want his sister getting involved with Jason. Ned hears Nikolas tell Alexis that she has no chance of winning the election unless she is married. Alexis later asks Ned to marry her. AJ and Courtney make plans to go to the Halloween party. Skye tries to discover answers about Brenda at the Swiss clinic and finds out that she isn’t dying.
#10135 40x148
Carly and Alexis' argument is stopped by Sonny and Ned. Carly worries that she will lose Sonny to Brenda. As Sonny and Carly realize they belong together, Jason tells Brenda it would be best for everyone if she left town. The stalker flees after fighting with AJ. Jason accuses Coleman of being the stalker. After kissing Jason, Courtney runs off. Skye leaves to go to Switzerland.
#10134 40x147
Sonny and Edward's secret DNA tests shock Ned and Alexis. Everyone is surprised when the results name Ned as the father of the baby. Later Ned admits to Alexis that he arranged to have the test results changed. Alexis is relieved that Sonny will not be a part of her child's life. After Skye steals some of Brenda's medication she discovers that they are just tranquilizers. Skye decides to visit the clinic in Switzerland where Brenda was treated. The stalker has a warning for AJ. Jason is knocked out when he goes to Courtney‘s. Courtney hides in a wardrobe as AJ shows up and attacks the stalker.
#10133 40x146
Sonny informs Jax that he saved his life for Brenda. Skye tries to find out more about Brenda's condition from Luis. Sonny and Edward wait for the results of the DNA tests they had done to find out who the father of Alexis’ baby is. Elizabeth offers to go with Lucky to look for his father.
#10132 40x145
Skye wants Brenda to stay in town to help with Jax's recovery and then convince him that she doesn't love him. Carly worries that Sonny might be willing to trade Michael for Alexis' baby when she sees him talking with Edward. Sonny promises her that he is only using Edward. AJ threatens the stalker when he calls Courtney again. Lucky is worried about his father.
#10131 40x144
Sonny is furious with Carly for not telling him that he is the father of Alexis' baby. Alexis suffers stomach pains. As Jax argues with Brenda over his treament of Skye he manages to move his foot. Skye follows Brenda, who admits she still loves Jax. Courtney tries to convince Elizabeth that she isn't after Jason. Jason believes that Elizabeth is better off without him. AJ returns home to find his brother with Courtney. Lucky receives a copy of his father’s will in the post.
#10130 40x143
Carly manages to make Scott look like a liar and Sonny accepts her explanation of how Scott made her sign the affidavit. Carly informs him that he is the father of Alexis' baby. Bobbie finishes things with Scott. Jax asks Brenda to help him drive Skye away so that she can have a better life. Brenda agrees to help him and tells Skye that she and Jax are back together. Jax tries to convince Skye that his love for Brenda is real and Skye vows to fight for him. Lucky realizes his father’s visit to Laura only made her worse. Elizabeth and Lucky run into Jason with Courtney. Luis is arrested by Taggert.
#10129 40x142
Scott accuses Alexis of having slept with Sonny and produces Carly's affidavit to prove it. Jax continues to push Skye away and tells Brenda that he needs her.
#10128 40x141
Brenda tells Sonny she has no plans to leave Port Charles. Jax insists to Skye that they have no future together. Sonny and Carly tell each other how much they love one another. Courtney is called by the stalker again. When AJ calls Courtney she doesn't mention that Jason is staying with her. Jason and Courtney resist the way they are feeling towards one another.
#10127 40x140
Sonny assures Carly that his future is with her and not Brenda. Jax shocks Skye when he tells her he wants to end their marriage. Carly forces Scott to return the affidavit she signed. Courtney phones Jason after finding the hidden cameras in her flat. Courtney accepts Jason's offer to stay with her until the stalker is found.
#10126 40x139
Jax falls over when he tries to walk. Scott continues to plot to destroy Alexis. Scott discovers Lucky and Nikolas trying to get into his office. Courtney defends Jason to her father and brother. Courtney receives an e-mail telling her that she is being watched on a hidden camera. Carly allows Brenda time alone with Sonny. Brenda promises Sonny she would never betray him and later Carly warns her not to try and take Sonny away from her. Carly witnesses Brenda pass out in Sonny's arms.
#10125 40x138
Jax insists to Alexis that marrying Skye wasn’t a mistake. Brenda informs Skye that Jax has no feelings in his legs. Brenda agrees to stay at the Quartermaine’s. Carly is happy when she finds out that Sonny wants Brenda to return to Europe. Brenda shows up to see Sonny. Jason agrees to keep Zander’s secret. Felicia tells Roy that she can‘t marry him. Roy leaves Port Charles for good.
#10124 40x137
Jax is told that he could die unless he agrees to surgery. Edward hopes Brenda will ruin Jax and Skye's relationship. After the operation, Brenda realizes that Jax has no feelings in his legs. Courtney is watched on a camera hidden in her flat. Coleman admits to calling Courtney but claims that no harm was meant by his call. Jason doubts Zander. After cutting all ties with Luis, Roy turns down a job offer from Jason and asks Felicia to become his wife.
#10123 40x136
Skye believes that Brenda is to blame for Jax being shot but when he wakes up he says that Brenda saved his life. Jax tells Skye that he loves her but she still believes Brenda is a threat to her marriage. Sonny manages to convince Carly that she is the woman he wants to be with. Zander gets his memory back but decides to keep quiet about it for now. Elizabeth walks out on Jason. Alexis realizes that Luis is to blame for Kristina's death and Ned stops her from killing him.
#10122 40x135
Carly runs into Brenda at the police station and blames her for bringing Luis back to Port Charles. Carly tells Sonny that she wants him to move out. Brenda visits Jax and he wakes up when he hears her voice. Skye finds Brenda with Jax. Courtney finally forgives Sonny and Jason for lying to her. Courtney accuses Coleman of stalking her as an unseen person bugs her apartment.
#10121 40x134
Brenda blames Sonny for Jax being shot but later refuses to blame him for any wrong doing and says that he saved her and Jax's lives. Scott blackmails Carly into signing a statement saying that she saw Sonny and Alexis in bed together. Courtney is being followed.
#10120 40x133
Jax manages to avoid answering Skye‘s questions. When Jax shows up at the cottage to take Brenda away they are interrupted by Luis who shoots Jax. Sonny shows up and shoots Luis and he comes face to face with Brenda. Scott threatens Carly unless she agrees to his plans.
#10119 40x132
Skye discovers that Jax has been lying to her. Sonny wires Carly up to help her in the meeting with his rivals. Things go wrong and Scott and the police end up raiding the meeting saving Carly’s life in the process. Scott manages to get one over on Alexis during a press conference. Monica convinces Luis to allow her go to the hospital, where she kisses one of Luis’ men in front of Alan. As Alan causes a scene, she manages to escape.
#10118 40x131
Jax manages to convince Brenda to stay in town so that he can protect her and they reconnect. Skye is surprised to find out that Jax is not there when she wakes up. When he returns, Jax tells Skye they will have to delay their honeymoon. Monica realizes that Luis wants to kill Jason. As she begins to operate on him, Monica ponders whether to kill Luis. Elizabeth questions Jason after finding out that he spent the night at Courtney's. Bobbie is warned not to trust Scott by Lucky.
#10117 40x130
Jax and Brenda are reunited and he makes her promise to meet him at her cottage the next day. Jax sleeps with Skye but his thoughts are of Brenda. Monica is kidnapped and ordered to save Luis’ life. Sonny isn’t happy that Carly has accepted Tagliati's invitation to attend another meeting. Courtney calls Jason after receiving another phone call and he decides to stay over. Alexis decides to run against Scott to become District Attorney.
#10116 40x129
Jax and Skye are married as Brenda tells Luis to kill her. Jason attacks Luis and Brenda manages to escape. Luis ends up being shot. Roy agrees to leave town with Felicia. Carly manages to stop Scott and Taggert from finding Sonny at the safe house. Jax is shocked when he sees Brenda infront of him on his wedding night.
#10115 40x128
Jason and Roy get ready to challenge Luis. Brenda doesn't show herself to Jax. Sonny lets Jason know that Brenda has escaped. Sonny admits to Carly that he had been hiding Luis' girlfriend at the safe house but doesn't let on that it is Brenda. The wedding gets underway. Brenda remembers her own her wedding to Jax as he and Skye exchange vows. Brenda stops Luis from shooting Jax and he turns the gun on her.
#10114 40x127
Carly manages to trick Benny into telling her where Sonny is. Sonny realizes that Brenda escaped. As Jax puts his memories of Brenda to the back of his mind, she shows up at the church and finds Jax's old wedding ring. Courtney is unnerved when someone leaves her a picture of herself as Daisy and later receives another phone call. Luis gets ready to kill Jax.
#10113 40x126
Jax listens in as Carly tries to find out more about the mysterious woman. Luis tells Roy to kill Jax immediately. Roy promises Felicia that Luis will soon be out of their lives for good. AJ is forced to say nothing when his boss recognizes Courtney as Daisy. Courtney later receives a disturbing phone call. Scott plans to use Sonny's death to his own political advantage. Gia wants to give up modelling.
#10112 40x125
Brenda realizes that there is someone on the other side of the grate and pours her heart out not knowing that it is Sonny. Carly makes it clear to Sonny’s rivals that she won't give up any of Sonny's territories. Courtney is rescued from an attacker by Jason and AJ finds him comforting her. Lucky thanks his brother for helping Luke escape. The Quartermaine’s learn about Skye and Jax‘s wedding. When Elizabeth questions him about Courtney, Jason refuses to answer.
#10111 40x124
Sonny tells Carly that he can‘t come into the open. Jason manages to stop Brenda from making contact with Jax. Carly stands up to a business rival of Sonny's. After talking with Courtney, AJ decides not to try and win custody of Michael. Courtney's secret life as a stripper is revealed by Edward.
#10110 40x123
Sonny regrets having to hurt Brenda. Carly gets ready for Sonny's funeral. Carly tells Alexis that she isn’t welcome at Sonny's funeral service. Alone with Carly, Sonny shocks her when he opens his eyes. While being taken to prison, Luke fights with Scott. Nikolas helps Luke to escape. AJ and Edward make a deal to try and gain custody of Michael.
#10109 40x122
Sonny sees how upset Brenda is believing he is dead. Sonny meets with Roy and it becomes obvious that they are working together. Sonny and Brenda both remember the happy times they spent together. Carly isn’t happy when Alexis wants to tell everybody that Sonny is the father of her unborn baby. Elizabeth witnesses Jason looking after Courtney. Taggert warns Jax that he could be Luis' next target.
#10108 40x121
Roy shoots Sonny. Jason has to drag Brenda away from Sonny's side and takes her to a safe house where he asks her questions about Luis. Carly goes to the church and says her final goodbye to Sonny. Later though it is revealed that Sonny is really still alive. Luis lets Felicia go as he vows to get Brenda back. Skye accepts Jax's marriage proposal as Luis tells Roy to kill him.
#10107 40x120
Brenda gets ready to meet Sonny at St. Timothy's. Roy promises to kill Sonny. Carly tries to give Elizabeth some advice. At St. Timothy's, Sonny and Brenda come face to face as Roy points a gun at Sonny.
#10106 40x119
Brenda manages to make it to shore and not be seen by Luis. Brenda convinces someone to call Sonny on her behalf to arrange a meeting at St. Timothy's. Luis has Felicia locked up in the hotel room after she fails to escape from him on the docks. Lucky visits his father, who refuses to allow him to help him escape. Nikolas asks Luke what he can do to repay him for the sacrifice he's making for Laura. Skye tries to explain to Jax why she had a drink and they later make love.
#10105 40x118
Brenda uses the flare gun to cause an explosion on the boat and ends up trapped as it starts to sink. Jax believes that he is finally ready to put Brenda behind him and he makes up with Skye. Luke is sentenced to life in prison.
#10104 40x117
Jax manages to find Skye and is relieved to discover that she didn't try to kill Edward. Brenda manages to steal a flare gun. Felicia manages to convince Luis to hold her hostage and release her daughters. AJ and Courtney make love.
#10103 40x116
Brenda tries unsuccessfully to get a warning to Sonny. Brenda doesn’t know that Luis has been lying to her about her illness. Maxie and Georgie are kidnapped by Luis’ men. Roy agrees to kill Sonny. Alexis stops Luke from killing Scott. Luke informs his son that he has no intention of going to prison.
#10102 40x115
Laura attacks Luke as he tries to get through to her. Laura’s family learn that she is to be sent to a facility abroad for treatment and Luke is ordered to stay away from her. After signing the confession document, Luke grabs a gun and points it at Scott. Brenda feels responsible for putting Sonny and Jax in danger. Brenda seduces Luis to try and get back his trust. Jason shares a kiss with Elizabeth.
#10101 40x114
Jason jumps overboard when Luis’ men discover him. Brenda decides to stay with Luis hoping that Jax and Sonny will be safe that way. Brenda hears Luis instructing Roy to kill Sonny. Bobbie pleads with her brother to tell the police the truth. Luke forces Scott to let him see Laura. AJ isn’t happy when Sonny comes to Courtney's rescue. Elizabeth admits to Zander that they once spend the night together.
#10100 40x113
Sonny tells Jason to get onto Luis’ boat to have a look around. While he is on there Jason finds out that Luis is holding a woman who is very important to him. Brenda is revealed to be the woman on the boat. Elizabeth shares her feelings about Jason with Zander. Ned manages to get control of ELQ.
#10099 40x112
Luke confesses to Scott. When Alexis doesn't believe him, Luke fires her after learning she spoke to Laura. Laura's state shocks her sons. Jax and Ned successfully force Edward into admitting he faked his coma and framed Skye. Roy is threatened by Luis. Jason takes Elizabeth and Zander to his place to make sure that they stay safe. Zander begins to remember Elizabeth.
#10098 40x111
Luke is arrested for murder while Laura is admitted to the psychiatric ward at the hospital where Scott secretly records her confessing to killing Rick. Alexis agrees to be Luke’s lawyer. When Scott shows him Laura's confession, Luke tells Alexis he killed Rick. Luis instructs The Courier to kill Zander. The Courier is shot while struggling with Zander. Elizabeth returns with Jason to find The Courier injured and Zander gone. Sonny vows to protect his loved ones from Luis.
#10097 40x110
Laura returns to the attic and has visions of Rick with Theresa. Luke promises to protect her but they are found by the police. Sonny is furious after learning that Jason saved AJ's hide and ultimately sent him back to Courtney.
#10096 40x109
Laura remembers killing Rick and she begins to lose even more touch with reality. Luke contacts Nikolas with a message for his son. Nikolas tells Scott about Luke's plan to go on the run with Laura. AJ learns Courtney is responsible for Jason saving him from the fire. Jason pays Coleman off. Jax refuses to deal with Luis.
#10095 40x108
AJ is shocked to see Courtney stripping at the club. Sonny feels bad for the pain he has caused his sister. After Sonny and Carly show AJ that he's blame for Courtney becoming a stripper he sets fie to the club. Nikolas worries that Luke is holding his mother against her will. Taggert issues an APB for Luke’s arrest. When Luke tells her about Rick's death, Laura's grip on reality slips further away.
#10094 40x107
Carly takes her son away from AJ. AJ is shocked to see Courtney working as a stripper. Luke tries unsuccessfully to shock Laura back into reality. When Laura manages to call Nikolas and tells him that Luke is holding her captive, Scott hears the call.
#10093 40x106
Luis discovers that Zander survived and orders a hit on him. Sonny tells Jason to find out who Luis is holding on his boat. Sonny discovers that Michael has ran away. AJ tells Michael the truth about Sonny. Sonny and Carly are reunited with Michael after Jason finds him with AJ. Skye worries that she may have tried to kill Edward. Scott bugs Lucky's phone and plans on using him to trap Luke.
#10092 40x105
Jax walks away from Skye unable to forgive her. Later a drunken Skye vows to get even with Edward. An unseen person unplugs Edward's life support. Michael runs away and is found by AJ. Nikolas gives the skull to Alexis, who later accuses Scott of being Theresa‘s killer. Zander is rescued by a fisherman after Luis has him thrown into the ocean. The mystery woman calls Sonny's but Carly answers the phone.
#10091 40x104
Ned confronts Skye and refuses to accept her apology. Jax is shocked when he learns the truth. The mystery woman is upset when she hears that Sonny and Jax are both happy with their lives. Sonny instructs Jason to find out what Luis is up to. Zander has an encounter with Luis. Michael is upset by Sonny‘s actions.
#10090 40x103
Scott is confronted by Alexis with Lucky’s photograph. Scott laughs at her claims that he killed Rick. After Nikolas steals a key to a locker from Rick's stuff he finds a human skull in it. Scott is shocked to discover the skull missing when he goes to the locker. Jason is intrigued by Courtney. Edward’s condition remains bad. Skye steals her and Edward's contract.
#10089 40x102
Jason is told by Sonny to watch over Courtney at the club. Courtney is happy that Sonny didn‘t tell AJ her secret. Jason learns that Roy met with Luis. Lucky tells Alexis that he believes Scott killed Rick. Alexis finds Scott in the Scorpio’s loft. Lucky insists to his brother that they have to keep on protecting Luke and Laura. Zander is questioned on the boat by the mystery woman‘s nurse.
#10088 40x101
After Edward suffers a stroke, Skye manages to get her hands on the contract. Edward tells her that he has many copies of it before he goes into a coma. After Sonny discovers that Courtney is a stripper, she begs him not to tell AJ. Lucky is arrested and charged with murder after Scott finds evidence against him. Sonny tells Carly and Jason about Courtney‘s job. Elizabeth discovers something about Luis.
#10087 40x100
Roy agrees to a meet Sonny and tells Jason it will happen at the Oasis. After the meeting, Sonny sees Courtney working at the club. Edward tells Skye that he is giving their contract to Jax. Before he can do it, Skye tries to get the contract and Edward suffers a heart attack as Jax enters the room. The mystery woman's nurse gives her information about Jax and Sonny in exchange for his freedom. Scott tricks Lucky, Gia and Nikolas to get their fingerprints. Scott then asks Lucky why he killed Rick. Carly gives some advise to Elizabeth.
#10086 40x99
Lucky survives a dangerous situation. Scott learns of Rick's accident and questions Lucky and Nikolas. Skye begs Edward to release her from their contract. The mystery woman gets rid of her medicine. Zander follows Luis to his boat and is knocked out.
#10085 40x98
Gia agrees to help Lucky and Nikolas make Rick's death look like an accident. Lucky drives Rick’s car over a cliff but as he tries to jump out he becomes trapped. Jax believes either Edward or Roy stole his map. Ned secretly puts his name on Sonny's medical records. Jason tells Elizabeth that they can‘t see one another anymore. Courtney refuses her brother’s help.
#10084 40x97
Skye panics when she finds out that the oil map is missing from Jax's safe but he doesn't blame her when he discovers the map is gone. Roy gives Luis half of the oil map. After Roy gives Zander money to leave Port Charles, he is upset when Elizabeth refuses to leave with him. Lucky asks Nikolas to hide Rick's body at Wydemere and to help him think of away of explaining his disappearance. The mystery woman on Luis's boat reacts to seeing Jax’s name.
#10083 40x96
Luke and Laura don‘t show up at their wedding. Nikolas and Lucky find Rick's dead body in the Scorpio attic and hide it before Scott shows up. Lucky worries that his father killed Rick. Skye begs Jax not to work up with Roy against Sonny. Roy steals the oil map from Jax's safe. Unaware that Courtney has been arrested, AJ asks Sonny to help him find her. Sonny finds out that AJ told Michael that he is his real father. Courtney returns home and she celebrates her birthday with AJ. Jason shows Sonny the pictures of Roy with Luis.
#10082 40x95
Laura sees a vision of somebody from her past who forces her to relive what really happened. Carly convinces Sonny to allow her and Michael to move back into the penthouse. Roy questions Luis as a mysterious women waits on his boat.
#10081 40x94
Kristina's memorial service gets under way. Alexis accuses Sonny, Jason and Roy of being to blame for her death. Luke and Laura look forward to their marriage. As Luke and Lucky develop another picture, Laura experiences a flashback of a young girl in a bloodstained dress. Carly refuses to let Sonny distance himself from her. Luis tells Roy that he wants him to go after Jax.
#10080 40x93
Laura tells Scott about her memory of a camera in the attic as Luke finds it. Luke and Lucky discover a photo of a bloody Scott on the film. Edward tries to force Skye to get the map. Lucky tries to reach out to his brother. Alexis tells Ned that she will do anything to keep her unborn baby away from Sonny. AJ makes plans for Courtney’s birthday.
#10079 40x92
Luis tells Roy that Felicia will be safe if he does what he is told. Ned learns that Kristina knows that Alexis is carrying Sonny's baby. Elizabeth is questioned by Capelli. Roy tells Felicia about Luis' threat. Alexis tries to make amends with her sister who agrees to keep Alexis‘ secret. Alexis is devastated when Kristina dies.
#10078 40x91
Kristina is found by Roy and Felicia but she is in a bad way. Sonny is taken to the police station by Mac for questioning. Jason blames Roy for the explosion and Zander holds Jason at gunpoint. As Jason and Zander struggle, Elizabeth is shot. At the hospital, Kristina wakes up for a moment and tells Alexis that Carly is responsible for her being at the warehouse. Elizabeth is ok but Capelli demands she tell him who shot her. Roy is taken to Luis and he realizes that Luis is behind the explosion.
#10077 40x90
Luis sets his plan in motion. Kristina looks for Sonny to tell him the truth as Alexis tries to stop her. Luke manages to satisfy Laura's curiosity when he asks Theresa to recall what happened on the fateful night in the attic. Luke is still unsure of the truth though but Rick manages to temporarily satisfy him. Rick later calls Theresa to thank her for a good performance.
#10076 40x89
Kristina scares Carly by threatening to tell Sonny the truth about Alexis’ baby. Elizabeth has conflicting feelings. Luis proves Roy wrong.
#10075 40x88
Sonny tells Elizabeth about Zander's betrayal and tells Jason to retaliate. When Roy refuses to accept his orders, Luis plots to set up Roy. The Quartermaines react to the news of Jax and Skye’s engagement. Skye worries about her future when Edward reminds her about their agreement.
#10074 40x87
Alexis gets Sonny out of jail. Carly surprises both Alexis and Sonny with her reaction to finding them sharing a moment together. Carly tells Alexis that she needs to tell Sonny the truth about her unborn baby. Sonny believes that Zander has been working for Roy and that he set Jason up. Elizabeth tries to protect Zander. Courtney manages to stop AJ from discovering the truth.
#10073 40x86
Carly admits to knowing about Alexis' pregnancy long before Sonny told her. Taggert arrests Sonny. Skye turns down Jax's proposal but later makes Edward happy when she changes her mind. Laura starts to remember more and Bobbie helps Luke by giving him some information. Scott and Rick dig up a skull. Courtney manages to convince AJ that she is a cleaner at the bank with Wynona‘s help. Courtney's worries when Wynona later sees AJ standing across from the strip club. Roy believes that there is more to Luis’ vendetta against Sonny than he is letting on. Felicia upsets Roy when he learns that she took photos of him talking with Luis.
#10072 40x85
Sonny insists to Carly that he would not leave her for Alexis even if her baby is his. Jax catches Skye trying to break into his safe and shocks her with a marriage proposal. Scott manages to avoid answering Luke's questions about the attic. Despite his attempts to stop Laura from pursuing the issue, Rick triggers more memories for her. Elizabeth asks Jason to spare Zander's life. Roy denies knowing what has happened to Sonny’s missing money.
#10071 40x84
Carly manages to stop Sonny’s advances but she agrees to give him twenty-four hours to change her mind. Zander breaks his promise to Elizabeth when he follws Roy’s orders and he also steals cash hidden by Benny in the process. Alexis learns from Bobbie that Scott wants to arrest Sonny for kidnapping Carly. Luke meets with Scott to try and discover the truth, while Laura confronts Rick about being in the attic. Skye feels guilty when she meets Jax’s parents.
#10070 40x83
Sonny breaks the restraining order against him. Laura remembers Scott having been in the attic and tells Luke that Scott lied to her when she questioned him. Scott and Rick are concerned about Laura's returning memory.
#10069 40x82
Courtney nearly comes face to face with her brother at the strip club. Luis agrees to meet with Roy.
#10068 40x81
Carly isn’t happy when she realizes that Sonny heard her confession meant for Jason. Carly calls Scott to obtain a restraining order against Sonny. Elizabeth and Zander make love. Felicia admits to Roy that she is starting to care more about him but their conversation is stopped by the with news of a fire on Pier 52. Felicia follows Roy to the pier. AJ comes close to discovering Courtney’s secret.
#10067 40x80
Jason tries to give some advise to Sonny. Carly is unable to go through with her vendetta and is unaware that Sonny heard her confession. Zander rescues Elizabeth when she gets locked in her stairwell and they are interrupted by Jason when things turn passionate. Laura starts to remember more after running into Rick. Rick listens in as Luke gets Laura to remember what happened in the attic. Courtney defends AJ to his parents. AJ returns the favour when a customer from Coleman's approaches her.
#10066 40x79
Sonny remains determined to get Carly back in his life as she tries to move forward without him. Carly comes up with a plan of revenge against Sonny. Alexis goes with Ned to the Quartermaine mansion after she learns that Kristina told them about her pregnancy. Skye discovers that Edward betrayed her trust. Jax overhears when Skye makes a slip while refusing Jason's offer to buy her club. Jason gives Sonny an update on Roy.
#10065 40x78
Carly refuses to get back together with Sonny. Kristina remains distant from Ned. Felicia defends Roy to Jason. Roy later lies to her.
#10064 40x77
Jason tries to protect Elizabeth from further harm. Jason talks to Zander who is unable to give him any new information. Zander asks Roy for a job. Kristina is devastated when Ned tells her that with he got Alexis pregnant and she refuses to give him a second chance. Lesley tells Luke about Rick’s past infidelities while Laura unnerves Rick. Nikolas surprises Gia by having her appear on the cover of Tempo magazine.
#10063 40x76
When Sonny accuses Alexis of lying, Ned comes to her rescue by declaring that the baby is his. Alexis decides to play along with Ned. Sonny returns home to find that Carly has gone. Scott is confronted by Luke about the past events in the attic. Luke later asks Laura about her high school days. Skye lies to Jax about her telephone call with Edward. Jason refuses to believe Felicia and Roy's explanation for their sudden wealth.
#10062 40x75
Sonny tells Carly that he knows about Alexis' pregnancy and that he could be the baby’s father. Carly is woried when Sonny wants to find out the truth. Taggert tries to find out more information about Pier 52 from Alexis. Edward makes Skye doubt Jax even more by giving her pictures of Jax with another woman and he gives her another job. Skye agrees to the task and uses seduction to uncover information about a company takeover. Jax overhears as she phones Edward to give him the confidential information. Courtney lies to AJ and later shows up for work at Coleman's club. Roy refuses to sell Sonny the Pier and Felicia covers for Roy when Jason tries to find out about Roy’s sudden windfall.
#10061 40x74
Carly manages to stop Sonny from seeing Alexis with Doctor Bonds. Jason wrecks Alexis' attempt to hide her pregnancy when he discovers documents saying that she is pregnant and he informs Sonny. Courtney auditions for Coleman at the club to save AJ. AJ discovers her new work uniform after she gets home. Ned and Kristina make love. Felicia enjoys a romantic evening with Roy.
#10060 40x73
Carly gives Alexis ideas on how to lie to Sonny in order to stop him from discovering the truth. Carly is horrified when Sonny arrives at the hospital where Doctor Bonds is examining Alexis in the next cubicle to her. Sarah isn’t happy about Lucky’s growing concern about her sister. Sarah's relationship with Lucky ends after he finds her throwing away the flowers he brought for Elizabeth. Lucky takes pictures of Gia after her photographer quits. Elizabeth is attracted to Jason. Felicia is worried about Roy buying the pier but he buys it anyway.
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