General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 2021

Ep. #14675 2021x32
Ep. #14674 2021x31
Maxie passionately defends Peter to Britt. Alexis looks to make amends with Olivia. Carly wonders what Nina will do next. Obrecht barely avoids a confrontation. Robert laments to Jason there isn't any way to stop Maxie from marrying Peter.
Ep. #14673 2021x30
Jax is conflicted. Michael and Willow process everything that has happened over the past few days. Maxie offers Nina her support. Britt makes a plea to Obrecht. Anna reaches out to Peter.
Ep. #14672 2021x29
Nikolas promises to keep Ava safe. Franco tries to make light of a bad situation. Jordan is grateful for her time with TJ. Cameron looks to Trina for support. Michael's date is interrupted.
Ep. #14671 2021x28
Brando feigns ignorance. Ava and Nikolas celebrate Valentine's Day. Portia accompanies Curtis on a stake-out. Britt enlists Jason's help. Lucas misinterprets a situation
Ep. #14670 2021x27
Nina turns to Jordan for help. Portia is surprised. Britt confides in Jason. Valentin sees an opportunity for a second chance. Cyrus threatens Brando.
Ep. #14669 2021x26
Carly meets with Diane. Sam and Dante make a connection. Nina is furious. Portia worries about Cyrus' influence over Britt. Lesley takes a stand.
Ep. #14668 2021x25
Olivia expresses her anger. Sam and Jason have a bittersweet cross. Joss is happy to see Trina. Nina makes a promise. Alexis comes clean
Ep. #14667 2021x24
Jax urges Joss to live life to the fullest. Nina has second thoughts. Olivia feels out of place. Sam, Molly and Kristina discuss Alexis. Lenny proves an unlikely ally
Ep. #14666 2021x23
Nina pleads her case. Ava offers a bit of insight. Valentin questions Peter. Britt has a change of heart. Carly and Joss visit Morgan's grave.
Ep. #14665 2021x22
Chase tells Willow he misses her. Sonny questions who he is. Jax defends Carly. Anna continues to piece together information on Peter. Britt lays into Peter.
Ep. #14664 2021x21
Maxie visits Nathan's grave. Anna updates Valentin on her investigation. Finn, Chase and Gregory try to connect. Jax tries to assure Carly that Nina is her ally. Jackie and Scott reunite and catch up.
Ep. #14663 2021x20
Maxie pays Dante a visit. Laura confronts Carly. Cyrus turns the heat up on Brando. Curtis gains strength from his peers. Portia encourages Trina.
Ep. #14662 2021x19
Franco looks to Kevin for help.
Ep. #14661 2021x18
Nina reflects on a missed opportunity.
Ep. #14660 2021x17
Nina's curiosity is piqued. Olivia's confusion mounts, and Liz takes Jason to task. Meanwhile, Alexis begins to comprehend the error of her ways and Monica grows tired of a house guest.
Ep. #14656 2021x16
Lucy is dismissive of Carly, Val helps Nina try to get to the truth, and Curtis gets a fresh new perspective about relationships. Meanwhile, Alexis goes to the hospital with Sam, and Jason and Britt develop a strategy.
Ep. #14655 2021x15
Willow offers Sasha her support. Peter publishes a disconcerting article. Liz has a heart to heart with an old friend. Jax and Nina resist Valentin's bait. Nikolas is contemplative.
Ep. #14654 2021x14
Bobbie attempts to distract Ava. Michael considers next steps. Finn looks to Jackie for answers. Anna and Jordan take a moment to bond. Portia helps Curtis.
Ep. #14653 2021x13
Nina is wise to Valentin's machinations. Carly enlists help. Ava is determined to make peace. Willow makes an important decision. Maxie attempts to diffuse a potentially bad situation.
Ep. #14652 2021x12
Joss comforts Carly. Jax is apprehensive. Alexis tries to make amends. Liz is furious with Jason. Franco looks to Scott for help.
Ep. #14651 2021x11
Jason tells Britt about Peter.  Elizabeth confronts Franco.  Olivia finds out the truth.
Ep. #14650 2021x10
Sam overhears an important phone call. Olivia looks to Tracy for answers. Jason warns Britt about Cyrus. Jax apologizes to Nina. Cam is accepted to a prestigious college.
Ep. #14649 2021x09
Carly has to make a heart-wrenching decision. Jax and Nina take a big step in their relationship. Ava inadvertently comes closer to exposing a secret. Cameron and Trina wonder what to tell Josslyn. Olivia seeks Robert's help.
Ep. #14648 2021x08
Sam and Olivia work together. Tracy catches up with Finn. Chase runs into Michael. Willow remains conflicted. Jason is convinced Cyrus is responsible.
Ep. #14647 2021x07
Brick meets with Jason. Sasha calls out Cyrus. Curtis runs into Laura. Olivia looks to help Sam. Alexis receives a painful reminder.
Ep. #14646 2021x06
Jordan tries to make amends with Molly. Curtis intervenes with TJ. Ava blindsides Carly. Jax and Joss come to an agreement. Maxie asks Nina to do a cover story on Sasha.
Ep. #14645 2021x05
Jason meets with Brando. Sam and Dante bond. Chase seeks out Finn for advice. Tracy nearly blows Ned's secret. Alexis speaks to Jordan about her legal troubles.
Ep. #14644 2021x04
Jordan asks Jason to come to the PCPD. Sasha comforts Michael. Portia encourages Taggert to fight. Cyrus hones in on the root of his problems. Peter snaps at Sam.
Ep. #14643 2021x03
Anna questions Dante about his time with the WSB. Jordan refuses to help Cyrus. Valentin makes Martin a promise. Laura gets news about Ryan that throws her for a loop. Ava receives word regarding Julian.
Ep. #14642 2021x02
Laura is incredulous. Jax presses Carly for information. Jason pays Sam a visit. Anna is shocked to hear about Franco's treatments. Valentin makes a plea to Nina.
Ep. #14641 2021x01
Cyrus confronts Jason. Laura digs deeper into Martin's relationship with his brother. Jax is surprised by Nina's advice. Portia takes Jordan to task. Alexis crosses with Ava.

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