General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

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Ep. #14345 2019x136

season 2019

Ep. #14344 2019x135
Ep. #14343 2019x134
Ep. #14342 2019x133
The reading of Oscar's will takes a surprising turn; Willow takes a step toward healing; Sam is relieved.
Ep. #14341 2019x132
Sasha makes a decision; Kim apologizes; Alexis helps Olivia.
Ep. #14340 2019x131
Jax is pleasantly surprised; Drew is forgiving; Ava is distraught.
Ep. #14339 2019x130
Kim looks forward to celebrating; Bobbie creates a stir; Obrecht confides in Franco.
Ep. #14338 2019x129
Harmony gets a visit; Sam proposes a solution; Kristine asks Neil to council her and her mom.
Ep. #14337 2019x128
Franco worries about Cameron; Alexis is caught off-guard; Josslyn gets an invitation.
Ep. #14336 2019x127
Carly suffers a sleepless night; Finn sympathizes with Chase; TJ shares his findings from a DNA search.
Ep. #14335 2019x126
Jason and Sam reconnect; Chase expresses his concerns; Mac works his magic.
Ep. #14334 2019x125
Michael visits Willow; Shiloh's summoned to Kim's apartment; Brad vows to keep his family safe; Valentin is dismayed; Drew plays peacemaker.
Ep. #14333 2019x124
Epiphany is supportive; Michael comes to Jason's rescue; Alexis is furious with Julian; Sam helps Lucas; Kim's fateful decision.
Ep. #14332 2019x123
Lucas confirms his suspicions; Julian vows to protect his family; Curtis and Sam catch up; Alexis gets a call; Drew is surprised.
Ep. #14331 2019x122
Bobbie faints; Chase makes an arrest; Sonny asks for help with Josslyn; Kim gets mixed signals; Cameron feels guilty.
Ep. #14330 2019x121
Lucas confides in Bobbie; Jax offers Josslyn a change of pace; Diane bides her time; Ava feels uneasy; Franco receives bad news.
Ep. #14329 2019x120
Josslyn is suspicious; Shiloh rubs Alexis the wrong way; Valentin convinces Curtis to help him; Jax is put on notice.
Ep. #14328 2019x119
Carly questions Jason's plans; someone from Sonny's past catches up with him; Alexis explains herself to Diane; Kevin offers his advice; Liz offers Kim her condolences.
Ep. #14327 2019x118
Michael drops by Sonny's for a visit; Jason has news; Willow makes a shocking confession; Lulu receives a call from the police department; Kevin gets good news.
Ep. #14326 2019x117
Josslyn is unsettled; Robert is upset; Maxie gets a lead on Dante's whereabouts; Lulu misreads a situation; Kim makes a desperate plea.
Ep. #14325 2019x116
Peter turns to Mac for help; Laura is more than happy to share her point of view; Jax declines an interesting offer; Julian is propositioned; Nina stops by the hospital to see Curtis.
Ep. #14324 2019x115
Shiloh runs into Margaux; Sam tries to look on the bright side; Nelle gets a surprise visit; Josslyn looks to Lucy for help; Curtis remains optimistic.
Ep. #14323 2019x114
Harmony is hopeful Shiloh will come to her rescue; Michael tries to support Willow; Julian reminds Brad to keep calm; Sonny stumbles upon Lulu out with another man; Carly is stunned.
Ep. #14322 2019x113
Jordan confronts Curtis; Ava cuts her losses; Drew tends to Kim; Joss struggles with her loss; Maxie has an idea.
Ep. #14321 2019x112
Sonny decides to take matters into his own hands; Shiloh taunts Sam; Chase is startled to learn that Harmony is Willow's mother; Alexis meets with Neil; Maxie avoids making plans with Peter.
Ep. #14320 2019x111
Shiloh turns on the charm; Chase stays on the right side of the law; Carly meets with Lucas; Nina cajoles Ava; Bobbie gets good news.
Ep. #14319 2019x110
Liz tries to lift everyone's spirits; Nina and Maxie devise a plan; Sasha makes a date with Michael.
Ep. #14318 2019x109
Jordan worries about Ryan; Carly accepts a truce; Margaux will not be persuaded.
Ep. #14317 2019x108
Julian goes to great lengths to help his family; Harmony confronts Willow; Lucas confesses.
Ep. #14316 2019x107
Stella makes her case; Kevin pulls a fast on; Carly visits Morgan's grave.
Ep. #14315 2019x106
Curtis is willing to risk everything; Franco visits Kiki's grave; Alexis issues a stern warning.
Ep. #14314 2019x105
Sam propositions Jason; Scott gives Ava the support she needs; Margaux is torn; Curtis looks to Laura for help; Anna is ben on confronting Alex.
Ep. #14313 2019x104
Willow has Lulu's support; Julian suggests Sam would be a better bet; Franco is confrontational; Nina is met with a rude awakening; Anna is creeped out.
Ep. #14312 2019x103
Shiloh plays both sides; Kristina pleads her case; Nina and Sasha enjoy a mother-daughter lunch; Carly is proud of Michael; Lulu seeks Maxie's advice.
Ep. #14311 2019x102
Ava bides her time; Monica gives Drew her blessing; Curtis stays by Jordan's side; Neil makes a house call; Alexis puts two and two together.
Ep. #14310 2019x101
Brad looks to Julian for advice; Sam is helpless; Margaux confronts Sonny; Ava looks for answers; Laura calls Chase.
Ep. #14309 2019x100
Margaux is not thrilled with Laura's plan; Monica has more bad news; Shiloh is distracted; Sam gets in over her head; Lucas is confrontational.
Ep. #14308 2019x99
Ava ducks out; Willow does her best; Lucas connects the dots; Sam leaves with Shiloh; Josslyn puts her best foot forward.
Ep. #14307 2019x98
Anna is perplexed; Kristina confronts Sam; Josslyn gets a sweet note; Sonny is supportive; Ava struggles.
Ep. #14306 2019x97
Jason receives a frantic phone call; Peter shares Molly's idea with Maxie; Bobbie is supportive; Sonny smooths things over with Mike; Anna is bewildered.
Ep. #14305 2019x96
Laura and Curtis are in a predicament; Ava's date for the Nurses Ball raises a few eyebrows; Lucy and Scott are back to their old ways; Sonny makes an announcement; Nina is thrilled for Sasha.
Ep. #14304 2019x95
Carly receives important test results; Peter expresses his gratitude; Maxie checks on Lulu; Alexis comes to Julian's rescue; Molly gets an idea.
Ep. #14303 2019x94
Sam has a proposal for Shiloh; Jason takes Carly to the hospital; Curtis grows suspicious; Finn checks in with Jordan; Anna misunderstands a conversation she overhears.
Ep. #14302 2019x93
Julian is furious; Robert loses something important; Felicia has a theory; Sasha and Michael grow closer; Valentin is confrontational.
Ep. #14301 2019x92
Oscar has a full day planned; Kim is emotional; Cameron rises to the occasion; Oscar wishes Jason and Drew would get past their differences; Sonny disagrees with Ned.
Ep. #14300 2019x91
Kristina makes her intentions clear; Sonny braces for the worst; Peter is interrupted; Finn has bad news; Ava and Kevin make their presence known.
Ep. #14299 2019x90
Robert loses his cool; Sonny and Mike bond over family; Michael underestimates the situation; Kim is grateful; Sam prepares for the worst.
Ep. #14298 2019x89
Sam expresses her concerns; Valerie offers her advice; Lucas seeks help; Willow makes a confession; Curtis pays Drew a visit.
Ep. #14297 2019x88
Alexis is overjoyed; Michael is grateful; Jason is surprised; Anna struggles to reconcile what she knows; Peter surprises Maxie.
Ep. #14296 2019x87
Sonny is horrified; Laura sees Robert for the first time in years; Lucy has her sights set on Kevin; Curtis shares an update on his search for Ryan; Peter faces his fears.
Ep. #14295 2019x86
Sam tells Jason about Shiloh's visit; Kristina shares a laugh with an old friend; Alexis manages to slip past Valerie; Drew offers his help; Julian runs into Willow.
Ep. #14294 2019x85
Sam is distracted; Shiloh pays Willow a visit; Chase confronts Michael; Carly shares her appreciation with Elizabeth; Franco and Cameron make amends.
Ep. #14293 2019x84
Liz checks in with Terry; Trina offers to help Cameron; Kim is happy to hear from Julian; Olivia reminisces; Ned checks on Monica.
Ep. #14292 2019x83
Alexis meets with Neil; Sam grows more determined to finish the task; Ava receives a suspicious phone call; Finn has a theory; Franco visits Drew.
Ep. #14291 2019x82
Shiloh demands answers; Sonny is alarmed; Margaux makes a confession; Curtis gets a lead; Lucy is appalled.
Ep. #14290 2019x81
Nina is stunned; Lulu surprises Peter; Sonny tries to distract Carly.
Ep. #14289 2019x80
Lulu is eager to help; Mac is livid; Joss tears into Cameron.
Ep. #14288 2019x79
Sam is interrupted; Jason and Sonny debate their next moves; Willow tells a lie.
Ep. #14287 2019x78
Alexis is careless; Chase is onto something; Ava fails again.
Ep. #14286 2019x77
Kevin gets a warm invitation; Ava is rejected; Shiloh confronts Jason; Molly grows concerned that Kristina may be missing; Carly introduces herself to Sasha.
Ep. #14285 2019x76
Jordan meets with Franco; Ava calls Scott for help; Laura focuses on what is important; Curtis gets a lead; Sasha and Michael grow closer.
Ep. #14284 2019x75
Sonny cautions Jason; Alexis learns that Kristina got help from Julian; Carly is moved to tears; Olivia gets the Quartermaine mansion ready for a guest; Anna considers her options.
Ep. #14283 2019x74
Jason learns of Brad's allegiance to Dawn of Day; Sonny disagrees with Margaux; Michael is sympathetic; Finn and Chase come together; Franco bursts in on Nina.
Ep. #14282 2019x73
Sam manipulates Shiloh; Michael puts two and two together; Franco and Cam butt heads; Valentin looks to Nora for help; Spencer's plan backfires.
Ep. #14281 2019x72
Finn offers his expertise; Valentin crosses with Spencer; Laura softens.
Ep. #14280 2019x71
Alexis feigns ignorance; Molly confronts Sam; Michael asks Chase for help.
Ep. #14279 2019x70
Harmony sends a distress call; Alexis is eager to speak to Sonny; Anna is emotional.
Ep. #14278 2019x69
Michael is shaken; Jason has to act quickly; Neil offers words of caution.
Ep. #14277 2019x68
Chase puts Shiloh on notice; Kristina makes plans with Daisy; Alexis confides in Neil.
Ep. #14276 2019x67
Maxie struggles with her feelings; Anna gives Peter advice; Willow is put on notice; Finn is ready to take the next step; Lucy helps out a friend.
Ep. #14275 2019x66
Josslyn calls Carly; Kim receives bad news; Laura is startled; Jordan has news; Curtis has dinner with Stella.
Ep. #14274 2019x65
Sam steals a moment alone with Jason; Kristina crosses the line; Michael needs Sonny; Cameron and Joss have breakfast; Elizabeth asks Bobbie for advice.
Ep. #14273 2019x64
Scott receives a heartfelt message; Franco is curious; Bobbie and Felicia hug; Epiphany interrupts; Monica is called back to work.
Ep. #14272 2019x63
Valentin tells a lie; Franco is confrontational; Lucy offers moral support; Laura confides in Alexis; Carly is shocked.
Ep. #14271 2019x62
Obrecht gets a bad feeling; Laura is dumbfounded; Julian compels Ava to seek help; Julian compels Ava to seek help; Curtis calls in a favor; Cameron is given a stern warning.
Ep. #14270 2019x61
Valentin pays Lulu a visit; Anna admits the worst is possible; Liz is reassured; Nina makes her intentions known; Monica makes room for a house guest.
Ep. #14269 2019x60
Margaux is giddy; Sonny is discouraged; Liz calls Willow; Chase gets bad news; Brad wants to be a better man.
Ep. #14268 2019x59
Sonny and Alexis discuss their predicament; Sam chooses sides; Dante is startled; Lulu makes a terrifying discovery; Anna receives a letter.
Ep. #14267 2019x58
Shiloh pushes his limits; Willow confesses; Alexis places a call to Jordan; Michael shares his concerns about Kristina; Sam rushes to Kelly's.
Ep. #14266 2019x57
Willow is startled; Jordan and Margaux meet; Griffin finds an outlet for his anger; Kevin faces a rude awakening; Lulu is grateful.
Ep. #14265 2019x56
Laura can't shake her anger; Anna seeks out Griffin; Felicia has a hard time forgetting the past; Mac loses his temper; Willow makes a rash decision.
Ep. #14264 2019x55
Carly grows concerned; Chase makes plans for the weekend; Willow panics; Kristina attempts to prove her commitment to Shiloh; Alexis cautions Julian.
Ep. #14263 2019x54
Sonny gives an extraordinary command; Ava goes in search of tough love; Liz is deeply conflicted; Oscar awaits his results; Julian makes a care package for Kim.
Ep. #14262 2019x53
Sonny is willing to die for those he loves; Finn agrees to help; Michael takes Mike out of barbecue; Sasha has a heart-to-heart with Peter; Jordan tries to be optimistic.
Ep. #14261 2019x52
Michael is pulled into an argument; Jason reassures Molly; Alexis needs more time.
Ep. #14260 2019x51
Ava is confrontational; Alexis offers her services; Kim is not interested in Shiloh's help.
Ep. #14259 2019x50
Jason and Drew connect the dots; Ava is a mess; Franco offers his support.
Ep. #14258 2019x49
Joss takes the blame; Sonny's good deeds pays off; Sasha warns Valentin.
Ep. #14257 2019x48
Ava goes head over heels for Ryan; Jason is determined; Liz has enormous issues to overcome.
Ep. #14256 2019x47
Kevin has everything mapped out; Jason is too late; Julian puts Alexis through the wringer.
Ep. #14255 2019x46
Ava is stunned; Jason is desperate to find Carly; Lulu reconciles her memories.
Ep. #14254 2019x45
Jason seeks out Julian; Curtis has heartbreaking news; Kevin asks for help.
Ep. #14253 2019x44
Jason is troubled; Laura is hopeful; Liz waits.
Ep. #14252 2019x43
Ava looks to Julian for advice; Lucy has questions; Kevin looks for a way out; Curtis retrieves an important voicemail; Anna becomes suspicious.
Ep. #14251 2019x42
Liz scrambles; Mac and Felicia have a theory; Anna confronts Peter; Jason shares what he knows; Nina keeps Curtis company.
Ep. #14250 2019x41
Ryan is furious; Liz is concerned for Drew; Maxie helps Lulu; Scott runs into Ava; Cameron is angry and confused.
Ep. #14249 2019x40
Lulu prepares to face Franco; Drew is sent a secret message; Ava wants to share her news; Jason avoids getting busted; Alexis has a therapy session.
Ep. #14248 2019x39
Jordan takes a turn for the worse; Sam worries about Jason; Maxie awaits on the DNA results.
Ep. #14247 2019x38
Carly butts heads with Ava; Ryan threatens Kevin; Terry helps Elizabeth.
Ep. #14246 2019x37
Cameron is outraged; Franco wants to share his side; Ryan surprises Ava.
Ep. #14245 2019x36
Ryan makes a move; Lulu gets a call; Julian questions Ava's allegiances.
Ep. #14244 2019x35
Sam is intrigued; Margaux overshares; Carly gets the proof she needs.
Ep. #14243 2019x34
Franco is reluctant; Charlotte guilts Spencer about the election tampering; Nina makes an announcement.
Ep. #14242 2019x33
Laura's curiosity is piqued; Jordan offers Franco an out; Carly and Sonny re-examine their future; Valentin and Nina celebrate Valentine's Day; Sasha worries about Griffin.
Ep. #14241 2019x32
Sam spends Valentine's Day with another man; Jason and Spinelli get an interesting tip; Ned and Olivia celebrate; Franco apologizes; Finn has other plans.
Ep. #14240 2019x31
Kristina struggles with a bout of jealousy; Finn and Robert work together; Michael hears from Belle; Chase and Willow get closer; Brad is left uncomfortable.
Ep. #14239 2019x30
Laura pays Franco a visit; Cameron gets into trouble; Peter and Maxie bump into Nina; Obrecht preys upon Valentin's discomfort; Sonny tells Spencer to do the right thing.
Ep. #14238 2019x29
Carly berates Sam; Drew meets with Shiloh; Ava arrives in the nick of time; Griffin gets a surprise visit; Alexis feels awkward.
Ep. #14237 2019x28
Spinelli shares his findings with Jason; Alexis is caught off guard; Elizabeth leans on Scott; Ava is sympathetic; Ryan sets his sights on a new victim.
Ep. #14236 2019x27
Franco is put in precarious position; Ava is stunned Sonny shares his concerns with Alexis; Drew gets good news; Kim leans on Julian.
Ep. #14235 2019x26
Ryan makes Franco his pawn; Charlotte has an outing with her sister; Nina has a dramatic change of heart; Maxie questions Peter's hesitation; Finn and Robert work together.
Ep. #14234 2019x25
Franco takes Aiden ice-skating; Lucas is sympathetic; Sasha surprises Nina; Jason brings Carly up to speed; Obrecht is curious about Maxie's influence over Peter.
Ep. #14233 2019x24
Franco looks to Kevin for advice; Sam meets up with Shiloh; Kristina is energized; Sonny makes his intentions clear; Anna gets a surprise visit.
Ep. #14232 2019x23
Sonny gets a surprise visit; Curtis stands guard; Franco is livid.
Ep. #14231 2019x22
Julian wants to clear the air; Drew is flustered; Alexis joins Kristina.
Ep. #14230 2019x21
Kevin is infuriated; Drew and Kim comfort each other; Julian warns Brad to keep away from Willow.
Ep. #14229 2019x20
Julian snaps at Alexis; Laura is desperate; Ava questions her future.
Ep. #14228 2019x19
Sam has unfinished business; Laura asks for privacy; Ryan is determined to finish what he started.
Ep. #14227 2019x18
Sonny pays his respects; Ava stays by Ryan's side; Anna learns the truth; Maxie waits for Peter; Franco and Liz have a heart to heart.
Ep. #14226 2019x17
Sonny waits anxiously; Carly is heartbroken; Franco and Aiden bake cookies; Mike's condition worsens; Marcus shares his side of the story.
Ep. #14225 2019x16
Jason risks his life; Laura comforts Charlotte; Jordan calls Peter to the station; Maxie gets good news; Nina reunites with Valentin.
Ep. #14224 2019x15
Sam and Alexis catch up; Kim places a call to Drew; Shiloh puts on the charm; Brad takes Wiley to visit Julian; Willow sees Michael with Wiley.
Ep. #14223 2019x14
Lucy corners Ava; Ryan takes a moment to gloat; Kim shares her struggles with Liz; Willow lets down her guard; Michael treats Lucas to lunch.
Ep. #14222 2019x13
Ryan sets up a meeting with Carly; Sonny visits Morgan's grave; Lulu is disappointed with Peter's decision; Lucy thwarts Valentin's plan; Maxie is torn.
Ep. #14221 2019x12
Sam is taken aback; Jason warns Drew about Shiloh; Alexis calls a meeting with Laura, Monica and Scott; Anna gets an update on her condition; Willow calls a parent-teacher meeting with Lulu and Nina.
Ep. #14220 2019x11
Carly feels guarded; Mike's condition worsens; Laura makes an announcement; Mac asks Peter to keep an eye on Maxie; Curtis has a heart-to-heart with Stella.
Ep. #14219 2019x10
Josslyn is grateful to Cameron; Alexis runs into Oscar; Monica worries about Drew; Finn is anxious; Julian questions Willow's Motives.
Ep. #14218 2019x09
Sonny feels torn; Jason makes a promise; Ryan adds another name to his list; Sam agrees to support Kristina; Nina receives a veiled threat.
Ep. #14217 2019x08
Franco startles Ava; Peter helps Anna; Griffin runs into Sonny at the chapel; Kim and Drew think about their future; Valentin makes a romantic gesture.
Ep. #14216 2019x07
Lulu tells Peter about her chat with Margaux; Anna gets a second chance; Elizabeth gets good news; Finn reconnects with Alexis; Olivia puts her doubts aside.
Ep. #14215 2019x06
Sonny checks on Lulu; Jordan tells Margaux everything she knows; Ned is compassionate; Drew and Sam find a way to help one another; Alexis states her case.
Ep. #14214 2019x05
Sam feels left out; Franco is anxious; Alexis clears the air; Kim returns to Oscar's hospital room; Cameron hopes for the best.
Ep. #14213 2019x04
Sam worries about Kristina; Josslyn supports Oscar; Kim meets with Terry; Drew calls Julian out on his actions; Ryan checks on Laura.
Ep. #14212 2019x03
Jordan looks to Curtis for help; Lulu hosts an event at Charlie's; Laura is touched by Kevin's support.
Ep. #14211 2019x02
Sam is unnerved; Sonny strives to distract Mike; Drew confides in Curtis.
Ep. #14210 2019x01
Kristina starts to make a change; Ava is affected by Lulu's visit; Drew encourages Kim to hang out with Julian.

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