General Hospital, which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters. Add to my shows

season 2016

Ep. #13649 2016x899
Tracy asserts her position; Naomi and Hayden have an intimate discussion; Finn feels defeated by something from his past.
Ep. #13648 2016x898
Interested parties wait to hear an important verdict; Nathan gets shocking news; Carly pleads with Sonny to take a stand.
Ep. #13647 2016x897
Carly delivers unexpected news; Nelle offers a friend support; Maxie tries to learn more about Claudette's past.
Ep. #13646 2016x896
Ep. #13645 2016x895
Julian's trial starts; Jason makes an appeal; Lulu opens up to Kevin.
Ep. #13641 2016x894
Ep. #13643 2016x893
Ep. #13642 2016x892
Ep. #13641 2016x891
Ep. #13640 2016x890
Ep. #13639 2016x889
Ep. #13638 2016x888
Ep. #13637 2016x887
Ep. #13636 2016x886
Ep. #13634 2016x884
Ep. #13633 2016x883
Ep. #13632 2016x882
Ep. #13631 2016x881
Ep. #13630 2016x880
Ep. #13629 2016x879
Ep. #13628 2016x878
Ep. #13627 2016x877
Ep. #13628 2016x876
Ep. #13625 2016x875
Ep. #13624 2016x874
Ep. #13623 2016x873
Ep. #13622 2016x872
Ep. #13621 2016x871
Ep. #13620 2016x870
Ep. #13619 2016x869
Ep. #13618 2016x868
Ep. #13617 2016x867
Ep. #13616 2016x866
Ep. #13615 2016x865
Ep. #13614 2016x864
Ep. #13613 2016x863
Ep. #13612 2016x862
Ep. #13611 2016x861
Ep. #13610 2016x860
Ep. #13609 2016x859
Ep. #13608 2016x858
Ep. #13607 2016x857
Ep. #13606 2016x856
Ep. #13605 2016x855
Ep. #13604 2016x854
Ep. #13603 2016x853
Ep. #13602 2016x852
Ep. #13601 2016x851
Ep. #13600 2016x850
Ep. #13599 2016x849
Ep. #13598 2016x848
Ep. #13597 2016x847
Ep. #13596 2016x846
Ep. #13595 2016x845
Ep. #13594 2016x844
Ep. #13593 2016x843
Liz has an odd encounter with Dr. Mayes; Alexis reaches out to Julian; Franco receives a startling offer.
Ep. #13592 2016x842
Ep. #13591 2016x841
Ep. #13590 2016x840
Ep. #13589 2016x839
Ep. #13588 2016x838
Ep. #13587 2016x837
Ep. #13586 2016x836
Ep. #13585 2016x835
Ep. #13584 2016x834
Ep. #13583 2016x833
Ep. #13582 2016x832
Ep. #13581 2016x831
Ep. #13580 2016x830
Ep. #13579 2016x829
Ep. #13578 2016x828
Ep. #13577 2016x826
Ep. #13576 2016x825
Ep. #13575 2016x824
Ep. #13574 2016x823
Ep. #13573 2016x822
Ep. #13572 2016x821
Ep. #13571 2016x820
Ep. #13570 2016x819
Ep. #13569 2016x818
Ep. #13568 2016x817
Ep. #13567 2016x816
Ep. #13566 2016x815
Ep. #13565 2016x814
Ep. #13564 2016x813
Ep. #13563 2016x812
Ep. #13562 2016x811
Ep. #13561 2016x810
Ep. #13560 2016x809
Ep. #13559 2016x808
Ep. #13558 2016x807
Ep. #13557 2016x806
Ep. #13556 2016x805
Ep. #13654 2016x804
Tracy hears a troubling conversation; Nathan and Maxie bond; Curtis and Andre face off in the gym.
Ep. #13653 2016x803
Ep. #13652 2016x802
Tracy's assumption is wrong; Kiki admits she made mistakes in the past; Nelle sees a tender moment between Sonny and Michael.
Ep. #13651 2016x801
Ep. #13650 2016x800
Sonny worries about Morgan; Michael and Carly butt heads; Claudette takes deceptive action; Morgan and Andre meet up.
Ep. #13529 2016x253
Ep. #13528 2016x252
Ep. #13714 2016x251
Nathan & Maxie have to postpone their wedding; Valentin and Nina take advantage of the decorations and get married; Bobbie puts Nelle on the defensive; Carly goes to Sonny on New Year's Eve.
Ep. #13713 2016x250
Nathan gets distressing news; Hayden's recovery has a cost; Kiki is unable to fight her fate.
Ep. #13712 2016x249
Jason searches for clues at the pawn shop and comes away with the Chinese model boat; Alexis fears that Julian is conducting mob business in her home; Laura promises to support Lulu in her custody battle.
Ep. #13711 2016x248
Franco makes a confession; Sonny pleads with Carly; Jordan and Andre get together.
Ep. #13710 2016x247
Dante makes an unexpected announcement; Sonny's lies snowball; Julian and Alexis decorate their Christmas tree.
Ep. #13709 2016x246
Ava tries to talk Julian out of pursuing Alexis; Franco considers his future; Finn stays at Hayden's bedside.
Ep. #13708 2016x245
Franco has a life-altering dream; new information about Morgan's death sends Sonny into a tailspin; Liz turns to Heather for help.
Ep. #13707 2016x244
A risky decision affects Hayden's life; Lulu wants full custody of Charlotte; Anna tries to make sense of her memories.
Ep. #13706 2016x243
Lulu bonds with Charlotte; Nina warns Valentin about Lulu's motives; Finn risks everything to save Hayden; Franco messes with Tom Baker.
Ep. #13705 2016x242
Jordan questions Julian about the Derek Wells Media van parked outside The Floating Rib on the night his car exploded; Laura advises Lulu not to do anything unwise regarding Valentin; Dante tells Olivia that he has reservations about Charlotte.
Ep. #13704 2016x241
Jason & Curtis continue investigating the car bombing that killed Morgan; Ava figures out the reason that Alexis agreed to take care of Julian; Maxie wants to give Sam a baby shower and steals the envelope from Dr. Lee containing the baby's gender; Lulu learns that she and Valentin are Charlotte's biological parents.
Ep. #13703 2016x240
Carly takes a Christmas tree to Sonny's house and sees Jason there; Finn is inspired by Roxy's shedding skin as he desperately seeks a cure for his & Hayden's disease; Tom Baker finds himself at the mercy of Franco.
Ep. #13702 2016x239
Valentin tells Lulu that she is Charlotte's mother; Franco uses Kiki to get back at Tom Baker; Jason learns of Sonny's indiscretion with Nelle.
Ep. #13701 2016x238
Nelle continues to manipulate and record Sonny; Ava questions Alexis' motives after discovering that she will be caring for her injured brother; when Lulu demands the truth from Valentin, he says she's Charlotte's mother.
Ep. #13700 2016x237
Dante & Nathan try to elicit information from Valentin, but Nina defends him; Maxie & Lulu are held captive by Dr. Bellamy who works for Valentin; Tracy informs Elizabeth and Monica that Hayden & Finn are dying. Elizabeth calls her father. Franco & Kiki want to make Port Charles safe for all women.
Ep. #13699 2016x236
Passions ignite between Nina & Valentin; Jason & Sam brace to learn the sex of their baby; Jordan shares vital information with Curtis.
Ep. #13698 2016x235
Carly goes to Sonny's to pick up gifts for Josslyn she had left there; Lulu can't figure out why she's so interested in Charlotte; Jason & Curtis' investigation into Julian's car bombing reveals that he set it up himself.
Ep. #13697 2016x234
Curtis & Jason compare notes about Julian and go find more evidence about his car bombing; Nelle misplaces her necklace, then realizes she left it in Sonny's bedroom; Julian promises to keep Alexis' secret in return for a favor.
Ep. #13696 2016x233
Sam is concerned that Jason's trust in Curtis is misplaced; Ava uses Morgan's death to her advantage; Carly senses something isn't quite right with Sonny, but he won't share what happened with Nelle.
Ep. #13695 2016x232
Laura & Kevin surprise each other; Maxie & Nathan are worried about the company Nina has been keeping; Anna confronts Valentin about his motto and his childhood; Dante & Lulu enjoy a mini-honeymoon at the Metro Court.
Ep. #13694 2016x231
Carly confesses to Sonny; Dillon tries to cheer Kiki up; Griffin stops a fight.
Ep. #13693 2016x230
Nelle manipulates Sonny; Franco goes after Tom Baker; Finn seeks a cure for Hayden.
Ep. #13692 2016x229
Nelle initiates her plan; Alexis' drinking spins out of control; Jordan and Andre butt heads.
Ep. #13691 2016x228
Sonny and Laura think about their loss; Maxie gets a surprise from Dante and Lulu; the Quartermaines share a disastrous Thanksgiving dinner.
Ep. #13690 2016x227
Alexis hosts a tense Thanksgiving dinner; Julian gets a mysterious call; Scott is there for Ava.
Ep. #13689 2016x226
Nelle listens in on a private exchange; Finn gets Hayden's test results; Curtis and Jason feel confused by what they're seeing.
Ep. #13688 2016x225
Franco tries to protect Liz; Sam and Jason chase down a lead; Griffin loses his temper.
Ep. #13687 2016x224
Jax and Alexis reach an understanding; Alexis starts to see Hope; Liz gets an upsetting surprise.
Ep. #13686 2016x223
Carly deals with conflicting emotions; Hayden needs help from Liz; Lucy shows Scott she won't be fooled.
Ep. #13685 2016x222
Powerful news brings Jason and Sonny together; Jason offers Carly counsel; Liz learns Franco's intentions.
Ep. #13684 2016x221
Sonny makes a confession; Jason advises Sonny; Ava tells Morgan goodbye.
Ep. #13683 2016x220
Kiki and Dillon have an awkward meeting; Jason gets critical information from Max; Finn, Liz and Tracy try to help Hayden.
Ep. #13682 2016x219
Nelle makes a dark prediction about Carly; Sam shows concern for her mother; Obrecht informs Monica about Finn.
Ep. #13681 2016x218
Griffin gives confidential information to Carly; Nelle makes a keen observation; Finn freaks out.
Ep. #13680 2016x217
Alexis' behavior leads to disturbing consequences; Sam and Jason have a new theory; Franco comforts Liz after she receives distressing news.
Ep. #13679 2016x216
Ava is startled to learn who sent her the mysterious text; Andre tells Curtis to back off; Liz and Franco have a heated moment.
Ep. #13678 2016x215
Anna reveals a big surprise; shots fire; Ava receives a frightful message.
Ep. #13677 2016x214
Anna experiences deja vu; Jason presses Curtis into telling what he knows; Nelle misunderstands something she hears.
Ep. #13676 2016x213
Franco struggles with jealousy; Alexis discloses her secret intentions to Sam; Curtis betrays Val.
Ep. #13676 2016x212
Anna accepts a new assignment; Michael has questions for Nelle; Griffin asks Anna for help.
Ep. #13674 2016x211
Port Charles celebrates Halloween; a case of mistaken identity angers Sonny; a surprising visitor causes turmoil.
Ep. #13673 2016x210
Bobbie doesn't trust Nelle; Maxie and Nathan get disturbing video footage; Laura gets ready to say goodbye to a part of her life.
Ep. #13672 2016x209
Michael's emotions are strained; Griffin opens up to Anna; Jason warns Curtis.
Ep. #13671 2016x208
Nathan and Maxie see to their wedding plans; Alexis relates to Carly; Jason and Sonny clash.
Ep. #13670 2016x207
Sonny faces Scott; Danny learns he's going to be a big brother; Franco and Liz give Jordan important information about the hospital.
Ep. #13669 2016x206
Kevin and Laura plan another date; Claudette fools Griffin; Finn and Hayden have an argument.
Ep. #13668 2016x205
Claudette makes a deal; Anna sees a familiar face; Jason and Sam discuss their future.
Ep. #13667 2016x204
Nelle confronts Ava; Claudette makes a shocking discovery; Sonny's dreams get the better of him.
Ep. #13666 2016x203
Maxie delivers some important news; Hayden calls Finn out on his feelings; Ava has a strained encounter with Sonny.
Ep. #13665 2016x202
Hayden receives a proposal; Franco plans to reopen the hospital; Laura confronts Liz about her feelings for Franco.
Ep. #13664 2016x201
Nelle offers support; incorrect assumptions are made; Tracy confronts Lucy.
Ep. #13663 2016x200
Nina receives devastating news; Curtis gets an offer he can't refuse; Carly asserts herself.
Ep. #13662 2016x199
Lulu receives incredible news; Kiki pushes away Dillon; Franco and Nina reflect on the meaning of parenthood.
Ep. #13661 2016x198
Jason makes a pledge to Michael; Tracy teams with Monica to support the hospital during tough times; Kevin is given another chance.
Ep. #13660 2016x197
Ava suffers a blow; Fraco tells Sam he isn't going anywhere; Carly and Nelle become acquainted.
Ep. #13659 2016x196
Dante needs answers during a crisis; Nelle discloses some of her conversation with Morgan to Kiki; Tracy and Dillon share a moment.
Ep. #13658 2016x195
Sonny worries he has done something wrong; Alexis gets worse; Kiki reveals her honest feelings.
EP. #13657 2016x194
Griffin has questions about Sonny's faith; Nelle offers support; Griffin opens up to Anna; Alexis receives an unexpected visitor.
Ep. #13656 2016x193
Dante tries to be the reasonable one; Ava has a near miss; Morgan makes an incorrect assumption.
Ep. #13655 2016x192
Sonny and Carly talk to Morgan; Curtis forces Nina to see the reality of the situation; Claudette tells Griffin about her past; Kiki and Nelle discuss their experiences with Carly.
Ep. #13654 2016x191
Morgan makes a confession to Andre; Kiki opens up to Franco; Hayden and Finn hear troubling news about the hospital.
Ep. #13653 2016x190
Morgan gets in some hot water; Ava and Carly find an agreement; Sam clarifies her intentions.
Ep. #13652 2016x189
Claudette gives Griffin devastating news; Laura has a surprising travel companion on the way to Port Charles; progress is seen at the PCPD.
Ep. #13651 2016x188
Tracy hears a troubling conversation; Nathan and Maxie bond; Curtis and Andre face off in the gym.
Ep. #13650 2016x187
Franco asks Heather for more money but is denied; Hayden asks Elizabeth for money, since she no longer has the diamonds, but retreats empty-handed; Morgan buys a paper online, then learns his professor may soon find out he cheated; Tracy follows Paul to see his daughter, Susan.
Ep. #13649 2016x186
Tracy's assumption is wrong; Kiki admits she made mistakes in the past; Nelle sees a tender moment between Sonny and Michael.
Ep. #13648 2016x185
Felix, Elizabeth, Carly, Lucy, & Michael speak at Sabrina's memorial which Griffin officiates, then Epiphany sings; Curtis makes a keen observation about the hospital killer, leading the PD on a search of hospital personnel in a position of power; Hayden & Finn share a toast on his anniversary with Reiko; Paul tells Tracy he killed Sabrina.
Ep. #13647 2016x184
Sonny worries about Morgan; Michael and Carly butt heads; Claudette takes deceptive action; Morgan and Andre meet up.
Ep. #13646 2016x183
Tracy asserts her position; Naomi and Hayden have an intimate discussion; Finn feels defeated by something from his past.
Ep. #13645 2016x182
Interested parties wait to hear an important verdict; Nathan gets shocking news; Carly pleads with Sonny to take a stand.
Ep. #13644 2016x181
Carly delivers unexpected news; Nelle offers a friend support; Maxie tries to learn more about Claudette's past.
Ep. #13643 2016x180
Alexis cannot keep it together on the witness stand; Monica decides to shut down GH before anyone else gets hurt; Nina takes Nelle to Crimson and gives her a makeover; Michael says good-bye to Sabrina; Felix recalls all the special moments he had with his best friend
Ep. #13642 2016x179
Julian's trial starts; Jason makes an appeal; Lulu opens up to Kevin.
Ep. #13641 2016x178
Franco divulges the truth to Hayden & Elizabeth; Carly & Michael argue over Sabrina; after Sonny threatens him, Julian wants to change his plea to guilty, but Scott has another idea; Finn promises to help Hayden when she gets arrested; Sabrina saves Monica's life but pays with her own.
Ep. #13640 2016x177
Franco seeks advice from Kiki about telling Elizabeth the big secret; the PCPD work with André on the GH patient-murder case; Morgan surprises Kiki by insinuating that her life is going nowhere; Darby suggests he start cheating at school; Tracy asks for Finn's help in persuading the hospital board not to shut GH down; Paul stalks Monica.
Ep. #13639 2016x176
Franco & Jason discuss Elizabeth's choices; Ava has a trick up her sleeve and feels confident that Julian will be free; Finn invites Hayden to stay with him after she leaves jail; Sabrina wants to take the hospital job regardless of Michael's concern for her safety; Sam tells Molly she's pregnant; they both comfort their mother on the eve of Julian's trial.
Ep. #13638 2016x175
New evidence gets Hayden released; now she won't donate blood to Elizabeth until she gets something from Franco; Nelle accepts the job of Carly's personal assistant; Morgan displays erratic behavior when he goes from depressed to ecstatic at the thought of going to college; Griffin meets Robert.
Ep. #13637 2016x174
Valerie disapproves of Curtis working for Hayden; Dante & Lulu receive information from Robert making them think that there's an embryo at Cassadine Island; after Griffin apologizes to Maxie, she asks him to find out what Claudette is up to even if he has to seduce her; Jason informs Jake about Elizabeth's fall.
Ep. #13636 2016x173
Elizabeth needs emergency surgery when her spleen bursts; Ava smugly witnesses Morgan behaving strangely for which she is culpable; Dillon accepts Kiki's devotion to Morgan and decides to move on with his life; to satisfy her craving, Spinelli takes Sam out for ribs.
Ep. #13635 2016x172
Jason & Sam marry in front of family & friends then announce her pregnancy; Sabrina realizes something's wrong with Elizabeth and warns Monica; she also has her suspicions about Paul; Naomi vows to support her daughter and get her out of jail; Finn & Curtis work together to prove Hayden innocent. Franco decides to tell Elizabeth the truth, but she passes out.
Ep. #13634 2016x171
Sabrina impresses Monica when she helps in Elizabeth's care; Nina lashes out at Ava when she ruins her chances of getting a baby from a pregnant woman that Curtis found; Naomi issues a warning to Franco not to tell Elizabeth about her sister, Hayden; Sam & Jason's wedding begins with Spinelli officiating; Finn visits Hayden at the PD with the promise to get her out.
Ep. #13633 2016x170
Jordan puts Hayden under arrest for the attempted murder of Elizabeth; Sabrina has an honest conversation with Michael about their past & future; after taking Bobbie up on her offer to care for Avery, Carly is determined to help out Nelle get another job.
Ep. #13632 2016x169
Monica narrowly escapes Paul's deadly syringe; Ava tries to blackmail Paul into setting Julian free; Tracy counsels Alexis about her hallucinations of her psycho husband; Finn covers for Hayden with the police, because he doesn't believe she pushed Elizabeth down the stairs.
Ep. #13631 2016x168
Nathan & Maxie get advice and finally talk; Monica & Finn struggle to keep order after the hospital loses power; Franco finds Elizabeth severely injured after she's pushed down the hospital stairs during a power outage; Ava is convinced that Paul is the hospital serial killer.
Ep. #13630 2016x167
Hayden confronts Elizabeth about the diamonds; Paul has some serious questions for André; Ava realizes that Paul is the hospital killer; Franco learns from Hayden that Hayden & Elizabeth are sisters; Robert assures Lulu that her father is alive and well.
Ep. #13629 2016x166
Elizabeth struggles with a big decision and decides to seek Kevin's advice; Hayden discovers some bad news; Alexis & Kristina begin to make amends; Sonny works to ensure that Julian will go to prison; Franco learns that Heather is blackmailing Naomi; Tracy unsuccessfully attempts to get Dillon & Paul to communicate; Laura decides to escort Spencer to the French boarding school of his choice.
Ep. #13628 2016x165
Nelle continues with her scheme to insinuate herself into the Corinthos family; Carly offers to have Sam & Jason's wedding at her home on September 2; Laura angrily confronts Kevin about his book deal; Parker informs Kristina that she's returning to her wife; Alexis refuses to answer to Jordan.
Ep. #13627 2016x164
Naomi gets a troubling call from Heather; Molly tries to broker peace between her mom & her sister, but their meeting ends up in a public confrontation witnessed by a reporter; Finn threatens Dr. Obrecht after she snoops into his research; Dante & Lulu get bad news about their last embryo.
Ep. #13626 2016x163
Kevin & Laura go on a date to dinner at the Metro Court then to his room; Morgan & Sonny have a heart-to-heart; Elizabeth turns to Franco for support; Ava replaces Morgan's pills.
Ep. #13625 2016x162
Morgan gets into a fistfight defending Kiki but stops himself from going too far; Ava concocts a sinister plan to make sure Morgan runs out of his Lithium pills; Elizabeth sees a mysterious package sent to Nikolas at Wyndemere; Nelle steps in to help Carly take care of Avery.
Ep. #13624 2016x161
Jordan is happy for the lead when Valerie recognizes the cufflink she saw at the hospital lab; Kevin asks Laura to go on a date; Jake approves of Sam marrying his dad and Franco's relationship with his mom; Valerie & Curtis have sex; Alexis & Diane are happy for Sam & Jason's marriage and baby; Nathan discovers Griffin is Claudette's lover and assaults him; Maxie thinks he still loves his ex-wife.
Ep. #13625 2016x160
Maxie & Lulu discuss wedding plans; Claudette gets hired at GH and goes after Griffin; Nina informs Alexis and Sonny that Julian is delusional and planning to get his family back; Valerie makes an important discovery about the hospital killer; Sonny hires Brick to keep tabs on Julian.
Ep. #13622 2016x159
Alexis dreads her ABA hearing to determine her fate; Olivia testifies in her behalf; Molly & Kristina have it out; Tracy & Laura are both happy that the skeleton Lulu found on Cassadine Island is not Luke. Olivia senses that Dante & Lulu will have a baby girl.
Ep. #13621 2016x158
After Nelle calms Josslyn down, Carly urges her to remain in Port Charles, so they can get to know her, but Jax is not happy; Dillon rebuffs Ava's manipulations; Ava eavesdrops on a private conversation between André & Morgan then steals some of his pills when he leaves his backpack unguarded for a moment.
Ep. #13620 2016x157
Carly makes an introduction; Ava witnesses tension between Morgan & Kiki; Michael learns some surprising information.
Ep. #13619 2016x156
Lulu has unfinished business to discuss with Valentin; Elizabeth corners Franco; Finn makes a curious accusation; Kristina is furious with Alexis for interfering in her life with Parker.
Ep. #13618 2016x155
Alexis asks for Julian's help; Laura's conversation with Kevin is interrupted by Lucy who wants to be friends again; Jordan gives André a key to her place; Elizabeth finds out Sam's pregnant.
Ep. #13620 2016x154
Morgan confronts Ava and assures her he will marry Kiki; Finn confides in Hayden about his treatment; Michael makes a plea to Nelle so she will stay in Port Charles and be tested; Ava finds her penthouse a shambles after Scott & Lucy use it as their love nest in her absence.
Ep. #13616 2016x153
Nelle tells everyone in the Corinthos' household her sad story; Lulu informs Hayden that Nikolas is dead; Elizabeth and Hayden argue about whose fault it is; Sabrina is cautious about Joe's motive for being at GH; Finn informs Sam that she's pregnant, but she doesn't share the news with Jason, who's feeling sickly.
Ep. #13615 2016x152
Carly gives Bobbie a birthday party; after assuring her she's HIV-negative, Kiki tells Ava to stay out of her business; Carly keeps the peace with Jax by agreeing to discontinue the search for Josslyn's kidney donor; Franco receives bad news from Monica; Elizabeth tells Jason to back off about her relationship with Franco.
Ep. #13614 2016x151
Sonny thwarts an attempt by Valentin to abscond with Spencer; Jax threatens to take her to family court if Carly does not stop the kidney donor search. Julian begs Ava to help him escape, but she refuses because of her daughters; Sam confronts Julian and writes him off, then faints again.
Ep. #13613 2016x150
Valentin tries to abduct Spencer from his theater camp. Dillon learns from Darby that he may share her STI with Morgan & Kiki. They all meet up at the hospital. Maxie & Nathan decide to get married right away. Claudette and Griffin have a reunion when he checks out her "hurt" knee.
Ep. #13612 2016x149
Dillon talks to Valerie about his disappointing relationships; Scott & Lucy go out for martinis; Kiki thinks Morgan is having a manic episode when he surprises her with a place of their own; Maxie confronts Claudette and decides not to play her game anymore; Nathan proposes they marry right away.
Ep. #13611 2016x148
Jason reappears on the beach and helps build a fire, then hears a rescue boat approaching; Franco refuses to allow Jordan & Valerie to search his studio, so he's arrested; Kristina confides in Morgan about her feelings for Parker; Jax urges Carly to give up the search for Josslyn's kidney donor.
Ep. #13610 2016x147
Those stranded on Cassadine Island await rescue; Sam faints while worrying about Jason; Jordan asks André for his help on a case; Curtis questions Nina about Franco; Jordan & Valerie track down Franco on his date with Elizabeth to question him about the latest murder at GH.
Ep. #13609 2016x146
Claudette's scheme to get close to Nathan again appears to be working like a charm; Elizabeth has misgivings about going out with Franco; Amy makes a horrific discovery.
Ep. #13608 2016x145
Jason finds a jet on Cassadine Island and takes everyone off but soon runs out of fuel; Nina congratulates Maxie on a job well done; Nathan gives Claudette a ride to the airport; after getting Parker's goodbye letter, Kristina comes clean with Aaron.
Ep. #13607 2016x144
Sonny paints a grim picture of Julian's future; Judge Roth denies Julian bail; a Cassadine Island resident helps the stranded group; Lulu has a realization about her whereabouts; Maxie concocts a plan to humiliate Claudette, but it backfires.
Ep. #13606 2016x143
Parker writes Kristina a letter; Josslyn makes an emotional plea to Carly; Nina thwarts Julian's plan.
Ep. #13605 2016x142
Chaos ensues when shots are fired; Sonny & Kristina have a heart-to-heart about her sexuality; Naomi is shocked to overhear a familiar name, then goes to visit Heather Webber.
Ep. #13604 2016x141
Ava tries to form an alliance with Valentin; Lulu makes a horrifying discovery; Dillon comes to Kiki's rescue at the Metro Court restaurant; Griffin is concerned about Finn's health; Sonny's timing couldn't be worse when he spots Kristina & Parker kissing.
Ep. #13603 2016x140
Finn reluctantly agrees to Sonny's terms in order to get his drug; Elizabeth declines Franco's gift of cash to pay for her sons' summer camp; Carly realizes Wendy is just scamming her, but pays her off anyway. Naomi asks Hayden to try to get along with Elizabeth because they have the same father: Jeff Webber.
Ep. #13602 2016x139
Carlos continues to haunt Julian; Alexis hears an unexpected declaration of love from her husband as she serves him with their divorce papers; Sabrina & Michael grow closer; Darby pleases Dillon in bed; Kristina visits Parker in her hotel room and winds up in her bed. Morgan & Kiki cement their relationship in bed, too.
Ep. #13601 2016x138
Nina asks Curtis to drop his investigation into Claudette to please Nathan. Diane & Alexis meet with Jordan about Julian's arraignment when they hear he's taken a turn for the worse. After Nikolas signs all of his family's assets over, Valentin shoots him in the head and watches him go over the balcony.
Ep. #13600 2016x137
Valentin informs everyone that he is Mikkos' illegitimate son; Lucas comes down hard on Julian in the hospital; Hayden asks Naomi for help in obtaining the drug Finn needs; Finn does the same with Sonny; Alexis takes another pregnancy test.
Ep. #13599 2016x136
Claudette refuses to tell Nathan who her lover was that he shot; Kevin catches Laura off guard when he follows her on her search for Nikolas; they all wind up on Cassadine Island; Curtis gives Maxie advice about how to handle Claudette; Kiki gets upset when she sees Dillon dating Darby.
Ep. #13598 2016x135
Maxie & Curtis are on similar missions to search Claudette's room; Franco confronts Elizabeth who admits she has scary feelings for him; Sonny & Carly present Aaron with a business opportunity to run a coffee shop. Carly gets a lead on Josslyn's kidney donor.
Ep. #13597 2016x134
Concerned about her safety, Sonny offers comfort to a wrecked Alexis. Hayden gets the name of the drug Finn needs and decides to call in a favor to procure it. Epiphany is concerned that the hospital won't survive the latest scandal. Franco is upset when Elizabeth shuns him. Maxie keeps a close eye on her foe, Claudette.
Ep. #13596 2016x133
Seeing Julian captive, Anna feels light as a feather having let go of the vengeance she'd been carrying around. Ava understands Nikolas. "Theo" is up to no good on Cassadine Island. Laura, Lulu, & Dante decide to go after Nikolas. Tracy & Hayden go to Finn's rescue.
Ep. #13595 2016x132
Ava discovers some of the Cassadine family jewels in Nikolas' undies; Sam & Jason discover Theo on Cassadine Island in Greece; Spencer tells Laura that his father is alive; Carly enlists Nina's help to publicize the organ donor black market; Tracy makes it possible for Dr. Finn to return to work at General Hospital; Michael & Sabrina kiss.
Ep. #13594 2016x131
Kristina is on the verge of coming clean with Aaron; Alexis stabs Julian and lets Sonny take the blame; Laura & Kevin realize there's more to Spencer's phone calls than meets the eye when they discover his second phone; Carly can't get the truth out of Ramona, the transplant coordinator.
Ep. #13593 2016x130
Alexis seems successful in evading Julian's suspicions until he finds her wire and decides to kill her with the Cassadine dagger; Curtis gets a new job working for Nina; Maxie & Nathan are concerned about Claudette's true reasons for being in Port Charles; after Aaron & Kristina have sex, he asks about Parker.
Ep. #13592 2016x129
Jason, Sam, Nikolas, & Ava find themselves trapped on Cassadine Island, Greece, by a storm; Alexis wears a wire to record Julian's confession; Nathan wants Claudette to leave Port Charles immediately; Sonny, Carly, & Avery watch the fireworks from their balcony.
Ep. #13591 2016x128
Tracy succeeds in getting Finn out of jail, then goes to GH to get him reinstated; Finn gets bad news about his live-saving meds; Maxie takes a liking to Claudette and hires her for a position at Crimson; Kiki & Morgan attend the 4th of July picnic; Spencer hides the fact that he's in touch with his father.
Ep. #13590 2016x127
Liz has an odd encounter with Dr. Mayes; Alexis reaches out to Julian; Franco receives a startling offer.
Ep. #13589 2016x126
Hayden vows to help Finn get his illegal drugs; after a talk with Carly, Kiki tells Dillon she's committed to Morgan; Franco & Nina have it out over their failed relationship when she realizes he's after Elizabeth; Alexis positive pregnancy test still doesn't convince Julian to confess to Carlos' murder.
Ep. #13588 2016x125
Julian demands that Alexis prove she's pregnant before he confesses to Carlos' murder; Morgan's reliance on Kiki alarms Sonny; Carly's upset when she sees Dillon & Kiki kissing in the park; Maxie worries that bad luck is following her when Nathan accidentally sees her perfect wedding dress.
Ep. #13587 2016x124
Sonny drops a bombshell on Julian about Alexis; Kristina has conflicted feelings for Aaron; Lulu grieves the loss of her brother, Nikolas, while he takes a flight to Cassadine Island with Ava.
Ep. #13586 2016x123
Ava blackmails Nikolas into taking her with him out of England; Julian is tempted to kill Alexis to keep her quiet; Sam is on her way home; Finn successfully diagnoses Baby Teddy with infant botulism but is subsequently arrested by Valerie when Dr. Obrecht calls the police.
Ep. #13585 2016x122
Diane & Alexis plan their strategy to get her cleared of Carlos' murder; Sabrina shares her concerns about her situation with Felix; Finn makes a house call to the Quartermaine mansion and finds Sabrina's baby very sick; Carly fears Sabrina's manipulating Michael.
Ep. #13584 2016x121
Nina counsels Dillon to go after Kiki, while hoping Franco takes her back; Anna reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date but gets stood up; Elizabeth & Franco's kiss leaves them both shaken, so they decide never to speak of it again.
Ep. #13583 2016x120
Nina fantasizes about Franco, eager to get back together with him; the Crimson staff receive a package with a sex toy to promote; Morgan wonders if Kiki will take him back. Nikolas & Ava try to escape Huxley's clutches. Sam & Jason follow Huxley to Lynch Manor.
Ep. #13582 2016x119
Alexis can't get over the depth of Julian's selfishness; Michael delivers some positive news to Sonny & Carly; Elizabeth hears something that could be interpreted as incriminating.
Ep. #13581 2016x118
Finn's condition worsens while Hayden tries to help him; Nina propositions Franco but he refuses; Griffin is troubled about Nathan but refuses to talk to him in front of Maxie.
Ep. #13580 2016x117
Sonny relishes seeing Julian get arrested & warns Alexis to get out while she still can; Nathan goes to Alexis' house to arrest her; Nina blackmails Julian to pose naked for Crimson's "Real Men" issue; Sam & Jason track Nikolas who is being held hostage with Ava at Huxley's Lynch Manor.
Ep. #13579 2016x116
Sam surprises Jason with all the info she gathered at the pawn shop; Finn refuses to explain anything to Monica and gets suspended; Jordan isn't sure how to process what André tells her; TJ overhears Curtis tell Jordan that Shawn is his father, not Tommy Ashford.
Ep. #13578 2016x115
Curtis gives Valerie a surprise party for becoming a police officer; Dr. Obrecht finds damaging evidence in Finn's locker; Elizabeth gives her approval for Carly to continue investigating the identity of Josslyn's organ donor; Sonny makes it possible for Dante & Lulu to get the house of their dreams without their knowledge; André confesses his feelings to Anna then ends their relationship and tells Jordan he loves her.
Ep. #13577 2016x114
Jordan accuses André of harboring feelings for Anna; Jason & Sam receive a care package from Sonny then go to a forger for new documents; Ava helps Nikolas keep his anonymity while flying to London, but Huxley Lynch may be on to them.
Ep. #13576 2016x113
Ava takes a trip and finds Nikolas; Spinelli uncovers some vital information for Sam & Jason; Brad & Lucas get married, but the festivities are interrupted by police officers searching Alexis' house for evidence of Carlos' murder.
Ep. #13575 2016x112
Jason searches Wyndemere for evidence of Nikolas' whereabouts; Emma receives a secret gift from Spencer; Alexis insists Julian cannot have her and get away with Carlos' murder; Julian destroys the only evidence linking him to the crime; since she can't share Nathan's problem with Spinelli, Maxie turns to Griffin for help; Julian & Alexis agree to host Lucas & Brad's wedding in an hour.
Ep. #13574 2016x111
Julian snatches his bloody shirt away from Alexis; Anna wonders about Paul's ulterior motives after he agrees to release Sabrina; Tracy offers to let Sabrina stay at the Quartermaine Mansion; André encourages Morgan to leave the clinic and embrace his future.
Ep. #13573 2016x110
Alexis is shocked to be confronted by Julian holding his bloody shirt; Maxie finds she cannot trust Nathan anymore; things heat up between Kristina & Aaron, but she is disappointed when he puts the brakes on and calls Parker.
Ep. #13572 2016x109
Lucas & Brad make new plans to get married; Maxie is left shaken by what she learns about Nathan; Franco offers to help Elizabeth nab Hayden; Monica asks Finn to take a drug test.
Ep. #13571 2016x108
Laura & Kevin grow closer as he helps her deal with her son's disappearance; Hayden & Elizabeth's wrestling around the floor is interrupted Rachel's mother, Naomi Dreyfus; Carly confronts Finn about his secret, but he won't tell; Lucas wakes up from the coma and remembers someone trying to kill him.
Ep. #13570 2016x107
Holed up in a safe house of Sonny's, Jason & Sam put their heads together to figure out what happened to Nikolas; Hayden finds Finn in bad shape & covers for him; Nathan is poised to confess everything to Maxie before their wedding; Griffin wonders why Nathan has been put in his path.
Ep. #13569 2016x106
Laura watches a close moment between Hayden & Spencer; Jordan shows Jason, Sam, & Diane Wyndemere's security tape proving that their story doesn't fit; Kiki & Dillon make a date to a Glamour Boyz concert; Ava gets to visit with her daughter.
Ep. #13568 2016x105
Sonny makes a surprising gesture when he allows Ava to see their baby; an investigation is launched into Nikolas' disappearance; Brad informs Julian that his son was injected with a lethal dose of a surgical muscle relaxant; Alexis goes to her husband's side.
Ep. #13567 2016x104
Dillon is happy for his mom; Paul & Ava play one another to see who will break first; Anna says a final goodbye to Duke with a nostalgic tango; Sabrina is arrested but released so she can see her son; Jason is unable to save Nikolas who is swept out to sea.
Ep. #13566 2016x103
Lucas fights for his life; Nikolas' body is discovered on Spoon Island's rocks; a heartbroken Morgan watches from a distance as Kiki & Dillon kiss; Jordan arrests Sabrina at the end of the Nurses' Ball; Curtis tries to save Hayden's life.
Ep. #13565 2016x102
Lucas is in the wrong place at the wrong time, leaving Brad at the altar; Curtis swoops in to save Hayden's day; Carly uses a sex video with Paul to get Ava to give up Avery to her father; Franco helps Jake overcome his stage fright; ELQ's assets are frozen.
Ep. #13564 2016x101
The Nurses' Ball kicks off, promising an evening of excitement. Elizabeth arrives on Franco's arm, much to Nina & Jason's dismay. Dr. Obrecht's plot to disrupt the ball again is thwarted.
Ep. #13563 2016x100
Michael & Sonny arrive in time to save Sabrina; Alexis grows certain that Julian is trying to buy her silence and makes a surprising call; Diane lends her professional advice; Dr. Obrecht warns Elizabeth about the mysterious Finn; Brad asks Felix to be his best man.
Ep. #13562 2016x99
Hayden sadly realizes that Nikolas is broke; Brad & Lucas lock in the wedding date of May 24; Lucy pesters Nikolas for a hefty contribution to the Nurses' Ball, so he resorts to selling Hayden's stolen diamond for needed cash; Michael & Sonny ride to Sabrina's rescue in Puerto Rico.
Ep. #13561 2016x98
Ava pleads with Morgan to break up with Kiki before he hurts her again; Dr. Obrecht starts investigates Finn's past; Tracy succeeds in getting Sabrina's baby back.
Ep. #13560 2016x97
Sonny & Jason have a heartfelt talk; Kevin & Laura's investigation leads them into her past at the Campus Disco; Hayden asks Tracy for a job; against Tracy's wishes, Michael takes Sabrina's baby to the hospital.
Ep. #13559 2016x96
Lucy & GH's staff prepare for the Nurses' Ball; Tracy gets a shocking delivery of a baby boy; Kevin offers to help Laura follow up on Helena's clue; Alexis refuses to burn Julian's shirt stained with Carlos' blood.
Ep. #13558 2016x95
Alexis & Julian's relationship starts to unravel as she realizes he's a killer; Elizabeth refuses to let Jake see Franco again, so he runs away; Monica informs Finn that the hospital board has refused to investigate Owen Ellis' death; Sam & Jason are happy for his newfound memory.
Ep. #13557 2016x94
Griffin stuns Sonny & Anna by revealing that he's a Catholic priest; Alexis suspects Julian killed Carlos with the Cassadine dagger; Hayden & Nikolas make plans to drive each other crazy; Elizabeth is glad to be getting out of Wyndemere.
Ep. #13556 2016x93
Franco pleads for a second chance from Nina, but Julian interrupts them; Michael rescues Carlos from the water; Maxie & Liesl Obrecht have a bonding moment while they both worry about Nathan,
Ep. #13555 2016x92
Alexis wrestles with doubts about her husband; Julian puts a Cassadine relic to use in getting rid of Carlos once and for all; Franco gets advice from Heather to use sex to get Nina back.
Ep. #13554 2016x91
Jason saves Dante then hurries to share his experience with Sam; Lulu urges Maxie to let go of Nathan's past; after a vicious fight with Carlos, Anna's life is on the line.
Ep. #13553 2016x90
A horrible accident puts several lives in jeopardy; Jason fights against Helena's conditioning to regain his memory; Sam assures Danny that one day soon Jason will be with them
Ep. #13552 2016x89
Dante & Lulu are excited to move into a big house with a yard; Lulu agrees to be Maxie's maid of honor; Carly makes a heartfelt plea to Sonny; while in a van transferring Carlos, Nathan & Dante crash into Jason on his motorcycle.
Ep. #13551 2016x88
An incredulous Alexis confronts Julian who continues to lie to her; Sonny takes matters into his own hands and threatens Carlos; Griffin reveals more info about himself to Anna then asks to stay overnight.
Ep. #13550 2016x87
Anna questions Alexis until Dante tells her there's no evidence the witness was murdered; Franco confides his emotional trauma to Elizabeth; Jason insists that their son stop seeing Franco.
Ep. #13552 2016x86
After finding out Hale Garrett is dead, Anna tosses accusations at Alexis; Franco shows Nina the unsettling portrait he made of her; Hayden & Nikolas decide to co-exist for the time being.
Ep. #13548 2016x85
Sam appeals to Julian about her mother; things heat up between Jordan & André; Nikolas plays dirty with Hayden; Anna talks with Griffin on the anniversary of Duke's death.
Ep. #13547 2016x84
Jason questions Sonny's motives and refuses to be sucked back in; André defends Anna in court, so she can get out on bail; Lucas comes up with a plan to marry Brad in May.
Ep. #13546 2016x83
Dr. Obrecht is deposed in favor of Monica; Sonny worries about Michael and asks Jason to look out for him; Sam & Jason see evidence that someone was spying on them at the barn; Maxie seeks Sam's help to investigate Nathan & Claudette.
Ep. #13545 2016x82
Julian betrays Alexis' trust and orders a hit on witness Hale; Kristina is ready to take Sam's advice and date Aaron; Hayden's day goes from bad to worse when Tracy fires her; Curtis advises her to get out of town while she still can; Dillon & Kiki confide in each other
Ep. #13544 2016x81
Dillon tries to be a friend to a recovering Kiki; Obrecht encourages Franco & Nina to get back together; Sam enlightens Jason about his history with Franco; Sonny & Julian use their mob connections to take care of Carlos and the new witness.
Ep. #13543 2016x80
A surprise witness steps forward; Franco & Jason have a confrontation; Nina & Julian make a connection; Sabrina's aunt in Puerto Rico lies to Michael & Felix about her whereabouts; Molly's not happy that her mother is defending Carlos.
Ep. #13542 2016x79
Scott has an unconventional idea about how to best represent Anna; Michael finds a clue to Sabrina's whereabouts in Puerto Rico; Franco's attempt to make amends with Nina goes very wrong; Nathan gives Maxie a surprise engagement party.
Ep. #13541 2016x78
Ned wonders if Tracy really is a changed woman; André gives a psych evaluation to Anna; Sonny thinks her defending Carlos is hypocritical and warns Alexis about her association with Julian.
Ep. #13540 2016x77
Sam has a nightmare about Jason being killed; Michael & Felix decide to go to Puerto Rico together to find Sabrina; Laura learns the meaning of Helena's message from beyond the grave; Lulu & Dante get intimate against their therapist's orders.
Ep. #13539 2016x76
Sonny threatens Julian; Anna doesn't believe Paul's claim that he loves her; Paul gets out of jail with Mayor Lomax's help; Nina finds herself in a bad state; Dillon helps put her to bed.
Ep. #13538 2016x75
Julian asks Alexis for help; Anna and Paul's day of reckoning arrives; Kristina tells Sam why she's afraid to talk to Sonny.
Ep. #13537 2016x74
Carlos refuses to accuse anyone before he's made the best deal for himself; Ava worries that Julian will lose everything unless they get rid of Carlos; Nina's words of advice about Maxie evoke an unexpected reaction from Nathan; Franco takes good care of Kiki.
Ep. #13536 2016x73
Jason informs the Quartermaines that he bought ELQ and puts Michael back in charge; Laura convinces Kevin to help her search for answers about her inheritance from Helena; Michael refuses to give up on Sabrina; Lulu worries about Nikolas.
Ep. #13535 2016x72
Paul informs Jordan about Anna attempting to murder Carlos; Morgan can't wait to get out of the clinic and take care of Kiki; Ava is surprised by Kiki's request to go live with her and Avery; André & Jordan's jobs cause tension between them; Dillon realizes Kiki's fragile mental condition.
Ep. #13534 2016x71
Carlos & Sonny come face-to-face and struggle over a gun; Nikolas is forced to sell ELQ to Jason; Valerie rethinks her feelings for Curtis when she sees him hugging Hayden; Dante & Lulu work on their relationship, then kiss.
Ep. #13533 2016x70
After Paul has her arrested, Anna realizes he wants Sonny to confront Carlos alone; Jason & Sam make Nikolas an offer he can't refuse; against Nathan's wishes, Maxie does a little Web surfing about his ex-wife, Claudette; Hayden stabs Tracy in the back by refusing to hand over ELQ.
Ep. #13532 2016x69
Nina gets bad news from Dr. Lee about her fertility and won't let Franco comfort her. Anna knocks Paul out with chloroform, so she can join Sonny to search for Carlos. Tracy shows a softer side after her successful brain surgery. In need of his drug fix, Finn snaps at Griffin when he tries to thank him.
Ep. #13531 2016x68
Anna stops Paul in his tracks so she can go after Carlos; Julian is furious that the Jerome organization is going after Ava and decides to get involved; Carly asks Jason to talk Sonny out of doing something dangerous; Alexis apologizes to Kristina for not listening to her.
Ep. #13530 2016x67
Curtis convinces Nikolas to let him stay at Wyndemere; Ava finds something disturbing left for her in her bed at home; Kristina is shocked by Alexis' actions; when Sam confronts Nikolas, Jason beats him to protect her.
Ep. #13529 2016x66
Nikolas shocks Jason & Sam by returning to Hayden at Wyndemere; Anna pulls a fast one on Paul; Dante urges his father not to kill Carlos; Tracy chooses Griffin to operate on her brain with Dr. Finn's approval.
Ep. #13528 2016x65
Sam & Jason visit Shawn in prison to pursue a theory about Hayden's shooting; Curtis offers his services to Hayden who is in danger from Nikolas; Nina vents her anger at Julian when Curtis tells her he's his own magazine's saboteur.
Ep. #13527 2016x64
Hayden holds the truth over Nikolas' head, so he won't divorce her;  Maxie gets relationship advice from fashion consultant Joe Zee; Nathan confesses his previous marriage to Claudette to Maxie; Curtis uncovers the culprit who has been sabotaging Crimson; Kristina shares her feelings with Lucas who announces that he and Brad are getting married in May.
Ep. #13526 2016x63
After a visit from Kiki, Morgan is determined to get his life back; Sonny gets someone to bug Julian's phone and hears his conversation with Carlos; Carly almost catches Finn injecting himself in his hotel room; Griffin proves to Anna that he's Duke's biological son.
Ep. #13525 2016x62
Julian tries to help Ava; Kristina opens up to Alexis about her sexuality but then wishes she hadn't; Morgan feels he'll never get better; Kiki convinces Ava to go see Morgan who asks her never to come back.
Ep. #13524 2016x61
Anna speaks with Sonny about catching Carlos; Jason feels an emotional pull to the Quartermaines; Scott agrees to protect Ava for a price; André is impressed when Jordan helps foil a robbery at Kelly's; Ned & Dillon promise to help Tracy get ELQ back.
Ep. #13523 2016x60
Nikolas brings Sam up to speed about Hayden's real identity and asks her to keep investigating; Tracy has a plan for ELQ, involving her secret weapon, Rachel; Laura & Ava seek help from Scott. Dr. Finn injects himself with something.
Ep. #13522 2016x59
Nikolas learns from Elizabeth that Hayden is actually Rachel Berlin; a clue leads Laura in Scotty's direction; Anna realizes she's being paranoid when she suspects Griffin of spying on her; Griffin urges Sonny to forgive Duke's killer; Parker wants Kristina to explore her sexuality without her.
Ep. #13521 2016x58
Elizabeth discovers Hayden's secret identity -- Rachel Berlin; Laura & Lulu's investigative work pays off when they unlock a trunk in the Cassadine attic; Kristina acts on impulse and kisses Parker; Anna is suspicious of Griffin asking so many questions.
Ep. #13520 2016x57
Elizabeth does a little snooping on Hayden about Naomi Dreyfus; Laura learns the origin of the key Helena left her. Kristina convinces Sonny to let her handle her own mess at college. Carly welcomes Dr. Finn to town and meets his service lizard, Roxy.
Ep. #13519 2016x56
Dr. Finn wants to prescribe Tracy medication to treat her "infestation," but Dr. Obrecht won't let him work at GH without the proper authorization; Elizabeth convinces Jason to let Franco work with their son; Spinelli uncovers a lead about Hayden's true identity; Sam confronts her.
Ep. #13518 2016x55
Carly's hostile persuasion gets results in the courtroom; Tracy's lab results prove she doesn't have cancer; Griffin suggests she picked up an infection in Mexico; Nina hires Curtis to flush out Crimson's saboteur.
Ep. #13517 2016x54
Lomax hits below the belt while defending the city against Olivia's lawsuit; Julian's scheme backfires in a big way; Kristina opens up to Molly; Valerie & Curtis have fun together; Ava lets Sonny keep Avery.
Ep. #13516 2016x53
Ava receives a message that sends chills up her spine; Franco fails Obrecht's test to watch Leo; Sam wants a divorce from Jason, so they can start over again; Nina comes up with a way to deal with the Crimson crisis.
Ep. #13515 2016x52
Franco defends his friendship with Elizabeth & Jake to a miffed Nina; Maxie & Dillon are horrified by the condition of the new issue of Crimson; Sonny finds out what's going on with Kristina.
Ep. #13514 2016x51
Griffin informs Anna that he is Duke Lavery's son and lets her read his late mother's letter; Julian has nefarious plans for Crimson; Dante voices his concern about her relationship with Curtis, but Valerie quickly shuts him down; Hayden helps Curtis procure an apartment; Morgan is able to help Kiki wake up by talking to her on the phone.
Ep. #13513 2016x50
Helena has lasting words and symbolic gifts for all from her grave; Anna realizes who Griffin really is and why he's spying on her; Nathan tells Dante the truth about Claudette.
Ep. #13512 2016x49
Jason has a memory involving Lila; Laura braces herself for the reading of Helena's will; Sonny informs Michael that Sabrina is with Carlos willingly; Tracy undergoes a brain biopsy; Dillon puts Dr. Mayes in his place.
Ep. #13511 2016x48
Sonny & Anna agree to help each other; Carlos won't return to Port Charles; Tracy contemplates her mortality; Felix shows Michael a picture of Sabrina's baby; Griffin shows up at Anna's door.
Ep. #13510 2016x47
Curtis tells Jordan he'll keep quiet about her business if she does the same regarding his; Nikolas decides to trust Hayden and tells Sam to stop investigating her, but Elizabeth asks her to continue for Spencer's sake.
Ep. #13509 2016x46
Dr. Mayes diagnoses Tracy's brain tumor and wants to perform a biopsy; Tracy leaves the hospital; Monica gives Griffin permission to pursue other options; Lulu & Dante reunite; Sonny & Carly take a long, hard look at the direction of their relationship; Baxter covers when Sam starts asking too many probing questions about Hayden.
Ep. #13508 2016x45
Nathan decides to come clean with Maxie, but she says she trusts him; Morgan is staggered by the decision to place him in a clinic for his protection; Morgan says good-bye to Kiki; Dante & Lulu receive their divorce papers.
Ep. #13507 2016x44
Tensions rise between Sonny & Carly; Maxie offers sage advice to Nina; Diane shares her plan to get Morgan out of trouble; Franco gives Jake a new bike.
Ep. #13506 2016x43
Sonny & Ava have a unusually calm moment of understanding when she lets him care for Avery; Tracy fears the worst but won't share her health problems with Dillon & Paul; Nathan keeps his about Claudette from Maxie.
Ep. #13505 2016x42
Worried about Kiki and her future, Ava breaks down in front of Paul; Franco sits with Kiki, trying to get her to wake up, then calls Elizabeth desperate to know what he should do; needing someone more experienced, Tracy refuses to have Griffin treat her. Dillon hears his mother call Hayden Rachel.
Ep. #13504 2016x41
Elizabeth refuses Nikolas' offer to stay at Wyndemere, but Jake's excitement at staying there changes her mind; Anna realizes she has to go to prison, but André doesn't agree; Nathan insists that Claudette was his childhood French poodle, but Maxie doubts him.
Ep. #13503 2016x40
Carly's patience reaches a breaking point, and she lashes out at Sonny; someone has an eye on Anna; Paul stops Jordan from arresting Ava; Maxie is shocked when a drugged Nathan says he loves Claudette.
Ep. #13502 2016x39
Feeling guilty about Kiki's shooting, Morgan bottoms out; Ava fears Kiki will be paralyzed; Nikolas assures Laura that Hayden doesn't know he tried to murder her; Hayden tells Curtis she thinks Nikolas doesn't know she knows that he tried to have her killed. Monica forgives Elizabeth for lying about Jason's identity.
Ep. #13501 2016x38
Sonny rises from his chair just in the nick of time; Kiki fights for her life at General Hospital; Lucas treats Nathan for a gunshot wound; Carly informs Ava that her daughter has been shot; Carly is furious with Sonny for lying to her about his ability to walk and blames him for Morgan's involvement in mob violence; Dante rescues Lulu from drowning and realizes how much he loves her.
Ep. #13500 2016x37
Morgan confronts the bad guys on the pier; Kiki gets shot trying to protect him. Carly & Michael show up to help; Dixon runs into the church where Alexis & Julian have just gotten married, taking everyone hostage; Nathan gets shot; Raj throws Lulu overboard.
Ep. #13499 2016x36
Morgan is intentionally at the wrong place at the wrong time; Olivia gets spooked by seeing lots of blood on Julian's hand and keeps Leo home during the wedding; Franco is adamant not to marry Nina.
Ep. #13498 2016x35
On the day of Alexis' wedding to Julian, Kristina divulges that Molly is no longer a virgin; Julian is touched when Lucas gives him a letter he wrote to him as a 14-year-old; Lulu walks in on a dangerous situation and is held hostage on The Haunted Star
Ep. #13497 2016x34
Paul makes a shocking confession to Anna; Morgan overhears something important about his father's business; Olivia has a premonition about Julian when she has a vision of blood on his hands the night before his wedding to Alexis.
Ep. #13496 2016x33
Morgan cheats on Kiki with Darby; Kiki confides in Maxie; Paul is wise to Anna's ways; Dante is concerned about Lulu's plan to live on The Haunted Star with their son, but she asks him to trust her.
Ep. #13495 2016x32
Morgan's manic episode triggers the impulsive decision to have sex with Darby; while being photographed by Dillon for Crimson, Anna asks questions about his sister, Susan; Sonny and Griffin come to an understanding.
Ep. #13494 2016x31
Jason receives a disturbing phone call; Nikolas takes steps in uncovering Hayden's secret past; Maxie jumps to the wrong conclusions
Ep. #13493 2016x30
Maxie & Nathan go to great lengths to reunite Lulu & Dante; Jason takes Sam & Danny home and enjoys some family time before kissing her; Kristina turns to Lucas & Brad for advice; Molly decides to lose her virginity to an eager TJ.
Ep. #13492 2016x29
Elizabeth finds a surprising source of comfort; Hayden notices Tracy's behavior; Nathan is uneasy around Dillon.
Ep. #13491 2016x28
After assuring Laura he'll be careful, Nikolas searches for answers as to who Hayden really is; Hayden informs Tracy that she had to sign a prenup before marrying Nikolas, but she has leverage on him; Dillon convinces Maxie to pose for the upcoming Crimson issue.
Ep. #13490 2016x27
Elizabeth worries about Jake's part in her fall, but Sam assures her it was an accident; Ava presents Julian & Alexis with a huge sculpture as a wedding gift; Anna wants to dig into Paul's family life after he shares his non-relationship with his daughter, Susan.
Ep. #13489 2016x26
Jason manages to rescue Sam before Elizabeth's house blows up; Anna surprises Paul with a visit in his office after Jordan's warning about her boss; Carly & Sonny advise Michael not to pursue Sabrina.
Ep. #13488 2016x25
Jake confesses to killing Sam; Jason rushes around town looking for Sam; Sonny bonds with a stranger in the hospital chapel; Morgan is pushed over the edge by his medication's side effects and dumps them all; a new doctor in town takes over Patrick's load of patients, including Sonny.
Ep. #13487 2016x24
Sam experiences a hallucination that brings back memories; Hayden plays dumb during questioning; Dante sees a flirtatious moment between Curtis & Valerie.
Ep. #13486 2016x23
Scott tries to talk Ava into not taking legal action against Sonny; Nikolas & Hayden get married in Las Vegas after she signs a prenup; Scotty surprises Laura with an invitation to Helena's will reading; Franco declines to have a child with Nina.
Ep. #13485 2016x22
Elizabeth worries that history will repeat itself; Sam's life is threatened; Felix informs Michael that Sabrina's settled in Puerto Rico and doesn't want to see him; Ava's incensed when Kiki defies her and lets Sonny have an unsupervised visitation; Mac & Felicia rescue Robert & Anna from the Canadian police.
Ep. #13484 2016x21
Jake's actions have consequences for several people; Lulu & Dante agree to divorce after an unsuccessful reunion; Olivia's battle for public breastfeeding inspires Nina to put her and Leo in Crimson.
Ep. #13483 2016x20
Elizabeth & Jason come to an alarming conclusion about Jake; Sam's attempt to make peace with Elizabeth ends very badly; Franco has a disturbing warning for Elizabeth; Kristina's professor confronts her; Dante has divorce papers drawn up but can't sign them; Lulu enlists Maxie & Olivia's help to save her troubled marriage; Olivia & Alexis won't back down.
Ep. #13482 2016x19
After Jake reacts badly to his news, Jason learns just how disturbed the boy is; Carlos has to come through for Sabrina in her time of need; Anna & Robert discover frightening evidence; Max fills in Sonny on the true nature of Ava's business; Sonny decides to speed up Ava's day of reckoning; Kiki makes a reasonable compromise with the lovesick Morgan.
Ep. #13481 2016x18
Carly & Sonny are very concerned about Morgan, who tells Kiki he wants to be more than just friends; Morgan nixes a guaranteed good time; Julian warns Ava to get out of his way; Paul wonders how much Kiki knows about his relationship with Ava; Sabrina's life takes a turn; Carly has a good reason for rushing into Sonny's arms; Robert & Anna close in on Carlos & Sabrina.
Ep. #13480 2016x17
Julian reaches across the aisle, hoping for peace; unable to forgive and forget, Valerie draws a line in the sand with Dante; Dillon offers Lulu his undying support; Epiphany agrees to keep Sonny's secret but urges him to bring someone else into the loop; Lulu says a heartfelt goodbye to Johnny; Maxie confesses all to Nathan.
Ep. #13479 2016x16
Tracy has an unexpected encounter with an ex-husband while vacationing; Hayden steps out of her comfort zone and takes a leap of faith; Jason remembers some of his past with Sam and finally feels a connection with his former self; Kristina interrupts a hot-and-heavy moment between TJ & Molly; Jordan & Curtis agree to shield TJ from the truth.
Ep. #13478 2016x15
Jason has a significant memory; Laura encourages Lulu to fight for her marriage; Dante wonders if he can forgive Lulu; Jake's drawings reveal a very dark and troubled soul; Sonny makes a breakthrough but keeps it to himself; Nikolas takes a big step.
Ep. #13477 2016x14
Elizabeth balks at the idea of having Sam investigate the ominous occurrences at her house; Sonny offers Morgan a menial job at Corinthos Coffee; Kiki uses her influence with Ava to help Carly & Sonny get more time with Avery; Hayden is torn by her feelings for Nikolas; Curtis defies Jordan's demands to leave.
Ep. #13476 2016x13
Nina is inspired by Olivia's passion; Sam offers to help Jason figure out who broke into Elizabeth's home; Elizabeth takes Jake to a psychologist but is not thrilled with her suggestion for art therapy with Franco; Anna, Robert, & André figure out Carlos & Sabrina's location.
Ep. #13475 2016x12
Valerie puts two and two together; Johnny is apprehended to the PCPD but balks at his public defender; André & Jordan's mutual admiration continues to grow; Dante is disappointed when he finds out Lulu's role in Valerie's abduction. Robert introduces Anna to a familiar face; Olivia & Mayor Lomax face off over breastfeeding in public.
Ep. #13474 2016x11
Lulu saves Valerie from a life-threatening situation; Dante & Jordan try to piece together clues about Valerie's involvement with Johnny; Kristina confesses to Sam that she's been suspended from college but doesn't want her parents to know.
Ep. #13473 2016x10
Dante sees incriminating photos at the PCPD of Johnny with Valerie; Sam uses her sleuthing skills to discover what really happened with Jason & Nikolas; Tracy puts pressure on Hayden to move forward with their plan.
Ep. #13472 2016x09
Valerie unwittingly helps out the wrong person; Lulu's guilt gets the better of her; Anna seeks Robert's help.
Ep. #13471 2016x08
Anna confides her theory about Paul to Jordan; after he decides to get back with Sabrina, Michael receives a good-bye letter from her; Maxie helps Nathan with his investigation.
Ep. #13470 2016x07
Anna uses her PI skills to glean information from Sabrina; Kiki & Morgan get closer; Morgan visits André for a therapy session; Jordan receives a gift.
Ep. #13469 2016x06
Nikolas & Hayden's feelings for each other grow, despite their mounting trust issues; Carly helps Sam investigate Jason's case; Lulu conspires with Johnny; Sonny dismisses his new doctor due to his rudeness.
Ep. #13468 2016x05
Hayden surprises Nikolas by suggesting he marry her; concern over Jake brings Elizabeth & Laura together; Lulu suspects Johnny is up to something; Maxie finds him at The Haunted Star.
Ep. #13467 2016x04
Loved ones celebrate as Robin & Patrick get married; tears flow as they say their good-byes; Laura advises Nikolas to beware of Hayden; Tracy insists that Hayden follow her orders, because she knows who she is.
Ep. #13466 2016x03
Anna restrains her emotions when Robin informs her she's moving to California; Franco finds something disturbing in Jake's drawings; a new issue of Crimson arrives, but it's all green.
Ep. #13465 2016x02
Anna demonstrates to Julian that she hasn't forgotten his role in Duke's death; Sabrina is taken to the hospital but goes home with Felix when it's determined she was just having Braxton-Hicks contractions. Michael worries about her but can't forgive her lies.
Ep. #13714 2016x01
Jake unintentionally brings his parents together; Dante feels suspicious of Lulu; Kiki gets through to Morgan, making him realize he has to take his meds regularly.

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