This series captures all the intrigue, jeopardy and rewards of the world's gem trade, every step of the way. In each episode, viewers will follow veteran gem dealer Ron LeBlanc, geologist Bernie Gaboury and jewelry maven Diane Robinson as they travel to remote regions of the world in search of gemstones they can turn into a small fortune. A stone purchased for $4,000 at the source can instantly jump to $50,000 when it has been flawlessly cut, and by the time it hits the market, can be skyrocket to a quarter of a million dollars. Or, if botched during the cutting, can become practically worthless. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Amethyst and Emerald - Zambia 01x13
Ron LeBlanc and his team of Gem Hunters explore Zambia in search of the country's high quality emeralds and amethyst. Zambia is famous for its emeralds, and their color and clarity are perfect for the North American market.
Double Blue Aquamarine - Mozambique 01x12
Ron LeBlanc and his team of Gem Hunters take on gem-rich, yet notorious Mozambique in search of the world's best aquamarine. The hunt will be dangerous, but the rewards will be beyond compare.
Ruby, Sapphire and Jade - Myanmar 01x11
For decades foreign gem dealers have been forbidden from dealing in Myanmar, and Burmese stones have been made toxic by U.N. sanctions. As a first step on the way to recovery, the President of Myanmar invites the gem hunters to be the first to visit the Mogok Valley – the single most gem-rich real estate on Earth.
Blood Red Rubies & Dark Green Jade - Thailand 01x10
Ron LeBlanc and his team of Gem Hunters travel to Thailand in search of a perfect pair of blood-red rubies. They start their hunt in the Western border town of Mae Sot, where Myanmar’s best rubies first hit the international gem scene.
Bi-Color Sapphire - Madagascar 01x09
Ron, Bernie and Diane return to their old hunting ground, sapphire rich Madagascar, in search of stunning gemstones reputed to be coming out of a hot new mine in the country's northern region.
Tourmaline and Aquamarine - Nepal 01x08
Ron LeBlanc and his team of Gem Hunters head to Nepal in search of rare tourmaline and aquamarine stones that are known to be hidden in the Himalayan Mountains.
Blue Sapphire and Zircon - Cambodia 01x07
For centuries, Cambodia's Pailin region has been producing some of the best sapphires on the planet, and Ron's mission is to track down 2 of the best blue sapphires Pailin has to offer. He's got $30,000 and just 1 week to find a flawlessly matched set of mega-carat sapphires.
Sapphire and Moonstone - Sri Lanka 01x06
Ron LeBlanc and his team of gem hunters travel to Sri Lanka, home to some of the oldest gem markets on the planet. But buyer beware: the markets are crawling with synthetics, fakes and imported stones. Ron is hunting the fabled padparadscha -- a truly unique pinky-orange sapphire.
Emeralds - Colombia 01x05
Ron Leblanc and his team of gem hunters travel to Colombia in search of Muzo emeralds, the world's most valued gemstone. But before they can get their hands on these prized stones, they have to negotiate their way through Colombia, dealing with the infamous cartels which control the emerald trade.
Opals - Ethiopia 01x04
Ethiopia is home to the strictest gem buying rules and regulations Ron has ever experienced, so he'll have to navigate government minders and bureaucracy first if he's going to get his Welo opals. After vehicle breakdowns, police brutality and death-defying cliff descents, Ron has the chance to try to secure a huge package of rough Welo opal and a potential six-figure pay day.

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