The comic tale of love between an Essex boy and a Welsh girl, starring Matthew Horne and Joanna Page, supported by a cast including James Corden, Ruth Jones, Rob Brydon and Alison Steadman. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Episode 6 03x06
Nessa and Dave's wedding is fast approaching, and the preparations are in full swing. Stacey breaks some life-changing news to Gavin, while Bryn and Jason finally put their big secret to bed.Smithy takes care of Neil the baby, and wishes Nessa all the best as she makes her way to the church to marry Dave.
Episode 5 03x05
It is Bank Holiday Monday, and the Essex contingent arrives for a sunny day out at the beach; even Doris gets her sun dress on.Gavin's heart-to-heart with his dad gives him something more to think about, and a dark cloud looms on the horizon when Dave arrives to find Nessa and Smithy enjoying all the fun of the fair.
Episode 4 03x04
Gavin is uncomfortable with Gwen and Bryn knowing the ins and outs of his and Stacey's sex life, and Smithy goes beyond the call of friendship by making a staggering suggestion. Pete and Dawn prepare to renewtheir wedding vows and everyone heads to Billericay to help them celebrate. How will Dave react to the bombshell revelation about the curry night in Essex?
Episode 3 03x03
Pam and Mick are having second thoughts about the conservatory, whilst Bryn is in his element as he awaits the arrival of his houseguests - all the Essex boys are down for a big night out in Cardiff, and having a sleepover at his! Smithy gets in a state about seeing Nessa after their most recent embarrassing meeting and Stacey makes a worrying discovery. But is telling Gavin the right thing to do?
Episode 2 03x02
Stacey is trying for a new job whilst ensuring that Gavin sticks to his recent promise. Dave is not a happy bunny when Nessa tells him she's taking Neil the baby to Essex to see his dad. Meanwhile, over at the Shipmans' house, Dawn and Pete have joined Pam and Mick for a beer and curry night of huge proportions - at the Billericay house of fun.
Episode 1 03x01
Gavin starts his new job in Cardiff, and Stacey is thrilled to be at home again. Smithy comes to terms with life in Essex without his best mate, while Nessa is adjusting to life in Dave's caravan down in Sully.The weekend brings with it a big reunion, as everyone meets up for the christening of Neil the baby. How will Smithy react to news from Nessa that it is a double celebration, and what will Gavin's answer be to Stacey's request?
Episode 7 02x07
Stacey returns to Essex to sort out the situation with Gavin, but things are not looking good. Meanwhile in Barry, an unexpected event throws everyone into a panic.
Episode 6 02x06
Gavin is in Essex without his wife, and Stacey is in Barry without her husband. So while Smithy plans a boys' night out, Stacey goes to the bingo. But has living separate lives finally taken its toll on love's young dream?
Episode 5 02x05
Bryn has arranged a special treat for Gwen's birthday, but things take a surprising turn when an uninvited guest turns up, and Stacey tells Gavin of her big decision.
Episode 4 02x04
Mick becomes a minor celebrity for the night, while Stacey and Gavin start house-hunting.Nessa visits Stacey and shows the others a thing or two at the bowling alley, but tensions between the newlyweds come to a head at the end of the night, leaving the embarrassed friends to take solace in some corn on the cobs.

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