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Season 2, Episode 10 02x10
Office politics threaten to derail the United States Police Department after its two star detectives receive accolades in the press. A disgruntled employee at a company run by babies takes matters into her own hands, and a documentary explores the relationship between two drug addicts. Sketch show, based on comedy website Funny or Die. Last in the series.
Season 2, Episode 9 02x09
One of the officials is left heartbroken in the conclusion of Lady Refs, while Brick Novax recalls his days as a movie star in Japan and a junior college tutor deals with a student's request for a deadline extension. Guest starring Zach Woods (In the Loop) and Fred Willard (Anchorman).
Season 2, Episode 8 02x08
Rob Huebel helps former American football star Warren Sapp find a dead body, rivalry breaks out among female football referees, and Elijah Wood stars in a tale of two men feuding over a teddy bear. Sketch show based on comedy website Funny or Die.
Season 2, Episode 7 02x07
Hijackers try to fly an aeroplane into Mount Rushmore, the Juggalo News team celebrates cinematic achievements, Tijuana Jackson counsels a woman in distress at a liquor store and former Batman star Adam West gives viewers a lesson in geography. Sketch show, guest starring Reno 911!'s Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant.
Season 2, Episode 6 02x06
A female football referee causes a stir, Rob Huebel runs into an ex-girlfriend while out hiking, three women track down an unfaithful husband and Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig appears in the story of a sought-after waitress. Sketch show, with Bill Hader, Chris Parnell and Rachel Dratch.
Season 2, Episode 5 02x05
Season 2, Episode 4 02x04
Sketch comedy show, based on Will Ferrell's website Funny or Die. A hunting trip takes an unexpectedly deadly turn, Insane Clown Posse dispense financial advice, and a radio DJ takes out his insecurities on a colleague. With Jack McBrayer (30 Rock).
Season 2, Episode 3 02x03
Will Ferrell and John C Reilly speculate about what life would be like if they could be any kind of animal, with the help of surreal comedy duo Tim & Eric. Rob Huebel has a disgusting surprise for Ben Stiller, and Adam West offers viewers a lesson in biology.
Season 2, Episode 2 02x02
Life coach and ex-convict Tijuana Jackson gets advice from his mother, the United States Police Department investigates a child pornography ring, and a cockatiel experiences the dark side of Hollywood after becoming an online celebrity. Sketch show, starring Romany Malco, with America Ferrera (Ugly Betty).
Season 2, Episode 1 02x01
Sketch show spin-off of the comedy website Funny or Die, which was co-founded by Will Ferrell.

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