Fun Shui host Stephanie McWilliams is full of ideas on how to get your love, health and wealth back on track — all by redesigning your home. She thinks your home — right down to where you've put the furniture and what colors are on your walls — is the problem and a feng shui-inspired redesign is the answer! Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Empty Nest 01x13
The kids are all grown up. . .now it's time for Mom and Dad to get a new grown-up space.
Financial Aid 01x12
He's gone back to school, so she needs an inspiring space to work from home and bring in the bucks!
Relaxing Living Room 01x11
Host Stephanie McWilliams turns a busy mom's living room into a peaceful oasis for the whole family to relax in.
Dramatic Dining Room 01x10
For a couple of actors, bold colors add drama to their dull dining room.
Bachelor Pad to Bold 01x09
Bold colors give a bachelor's bedroom a modern and mature new look to help him find Mrs. Right.
No more Bachelor Pad 01x08
A newlywed couple need a living room fit for two.
Bad Luck Be Gone! 01x07
They've had bad luck since moving in - can host Stephanie McWilliams create positive energy in this unlucky house?
A Relaxing Retreat 01x06
Stephanie transforms a chaotic bedroom into a relaxing retreat with calm colors and textures.
Inviting Living Room 01x05
Stephanie gives a dull living room a dramatic makeover with warm colors and unique accessories.
Asian-Inspired Kitchen 01x04
Stephanie redesigns an old guest room into a warm, peaceful nursery for a couple's first child.

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