Alternative title: 満月(フルムーン)をさがして (Japanese) 12 year old Mistsuki Kouyama loves to sing. Unfortunately, she has a sarcoma (throat tumor) and when uses a loud voice, her throat starts hurting. She has tried to keep her promise to Eichi-kun to become a singer, and him to become and Astronomer. Eichi and Mitsuki were long time friends but one day Eichi had to move to America. He admitted he loved Mitsuki, but she didn't respond. After Mistuki woke up, a Shinigami (Gods of Death) team of 2, Negi Ramen showed up. Their names were Takuto and Meroko. Mitsuki was very surprised at them, and vice-versa because she can see them. They told her she has 1 year left to live and now starts the story. With the help of Takuto and Meroko, she was able to transform into a 16 year old and start her singing career. Beginning song #1: I ♥ U by The*Scanty Episodes 1-27 Beginning song #2: Rock 'n Roll Princess by The*Scanty Episodes 28-52 Ending Song #1: New Future by Changin' my Life Episodes 1-6 Ending Song #2: Myself by Changin' my Life Episodes 7-26 Ending Song #3: ETERNAL SNOW by Changin' my Life Episodes 27-42 Ending song #4: Love Chronicle by Changin' my Life Episodes 43-52 Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Searching for the Full Moon 01x52
Full Moon continues her concert. But some things have been happening to Takuto!! Full Moon is getting worried and she has to do the sugury after the concert... Will eveyone have a happy ending?!
The Day of Fate 01x51
It's Full Moon's last concert... and the day she has to die. The Flower of Forgetfulness worked sucessfully... or did it?
No Matter What, I Won't Say... 01x50
Takuto finally uses the flower of forgetfulness... can he re-make the relationship with Meroko and Mitsuki? Or will it ever happen?
Full Moon's Thoughts, Meroko's Thoughts 01x49
Takuto is still linked to the human world... and is turning into a ghost! Izumi told Meroko and Mitsuki that they need to get the Flower of Forgetfulness so Takuto can forget about EVERYTHING... they don't want him to disappear. But the door to which it lies only opens during an eclipse.. will Meroko make it before Takuto becomes a ghost?
You can't become Full Moon!? 01x48
Takuto is starting to lose his power because of his past memories! Then Mitsuki goes to Izumi and asks for help!
A Wish To Live 01x47
Takuto and Meroko are willing to give up their lives to save Mitsuki before she dies.
To a New Moon 01x46
Mitsuki realizes that there's more to life than just singing for Eichi. All the people supporting her helped her sing again.
Izumi's Temptation 01x45
Since Mitsuki lost the will to live... Izumi is going to attempt to retrieve her soul once more!
A Sympathizing Heart 01x44
Watching Mitsuki in the hospital, Takuto is starting to remember his painful past! It's not allowed for Shinigami to remember how they died!
Again, Not Singing Twice... 01x43
Mitsuki has lost the will to live and is in a trance because of devestating news that Eichi is dead. And now, she says she'll never sing again..

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