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I Am Not A Monster 2020x25
The story of an American boy taken by his mother to the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa.

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Supreme Revenge: Battle for the Court 2020x24
Inside the no-holds-barred war for control of the Supreme Court. From Brett Kavanaugh to Robert Bork, an investigation of how a 30-year-old grievance transformed the court and turned confirmations into bitter, partisan conflicts.
American Voices: A Nation in Turmoil 2020x23
From the pandemic to the polls, 2020 has been a time of tumult across a deeply divided America. FRONTLINE presents a post-election special on the lives, fears, and hopes of Americans in the chaotic months leading up to the historic presidential contest. This documentary was filmed around the U.S. for much of the year, following Americans as they dealt with COVID-19 in their communities this spring, responded to George Floyd's killing this summer, and then experienced the polarizing election and its aftermath this fall.
Whose Vote Counts 2020x22
As America chooses its next president in the midst of a historic pandemic, FRONTLINE investigates whose vote counts — and whose might not in the 2020 election. With Columbia Journalism Investigations and reporters from the USA TODAY NETWORK, New Yorker writer Jelani Cobb reports on allegations of voter disenfranchisement, how unfounded claims of extensive voter fraud entered the political mainstream, rhetoric, and realities around mail-in ballots, and how the pandemic could impact turnout.
America's Medical Supply Crisis 2020x21
Why was the United States left scrambling for critical medical equipment as the coronavirus swept the country? With the Associated Press and Global Reporting Centre, FRONTLINE investigates the fragmented global medical supply chain and its deadly consequences.
The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden 2020x20
Amid the historic coronavirus pandemic, economic hardship, and a reckoning over racism, this November, Americans will decide who leads the nation for the next four years: President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. Ahead of the 2020 election, FRONTLINE's critically acclaimed series "The Choice" returns with interwoven investigative biographies of both men, focusing on how they have responded in moments of crisis.In this 2-hour special from veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team, hear from friends, family, colleagues, and adversaries about the challenges that shaped Trump and Biden's lives and could inform how they confront the crises facing the nation at this pivotal juncture.
Policing The Police 2020 2020x19
George Floyd's killing triggered mass demonstrations nationwide, calling for racial justice and police accountability in the United States. In the wake of those protests, New Yorker writer and historian Jelani Cobb returns to the troubled police department in Newark, New Jersey, he first visited four years ago in "Policing the Police" to examine whether reform can work and how police departments can be held accountable.
Growing Up Poor In America 2020x18
Their families were already struggling to make ends meet. Then came the coronavirus. Director Jezza Neumann, who made 2012's Poor Kids, once again delves into how poverty impacts children. With the 2020 election approaching, Growing Up Poor in America follows three children and their families in the battleground state of Ohio as the COVID-19 pandemic amplifies their struggle to stay afloat. As the country also reckons with issues of race and racism, the children share their worries and hopes about their futures.
Love, Life & the Virus 2020x17
A mother fights to survive COVID-19 and see her newborn baby; how the novel coronavirus hit one immigrant family, their struggle to be reunited, and the community that rallied around them.
United States Of Conspiracy 2020x16
How trafficking in conspiracy theories went from the fringes of U.S. politics into the White House. FRONTLINE examines the alliance of conspiracy entrepreneur Alex Jones, President Donald Trump and his adviser Roger Stone and their role in the battle over truth and lies. 
COVID's Hidden Toll 2020x15
FRONTLINE examines how the COVID crisis has hit vulnerable immigrants and undocumented workers. The documentary follows the coronavirus pandemic's invisible victims, including crucial farm and meat-packing workers who lack protections and have been getting sick.

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