From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, based on the thrill-ride film of the same name, is a supernatural crime saga centered around bank robber, Seth Gecko and his violent, unpredictable brother, Richard "Richie" Gecko, who are wanted by the FBI and Texas Rangers Earl McGraw and Freddie Gonzalez after a bank heist leaves several people dead. While on the run to Mexico, Seth and Richie encounter former pastor Jacob Fuller and his family, whom they take hostage. Using the family RV to cross the border, chaos ensues when the group detours to a strip club that is populated by vampires. They are forced to fight until dawn in order to get out alive. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Dark Side of the Sun 03x10
With Kate Fuller near death, our heroes race against an eclipse to defeat Amaru and close the gates to Xibalba, before hell consumes the world.
Matanzas 03x09
The Gecko brothers follow Amaru to a mysterious Western town, where she plans to reclaim her true form and open the gates of hell.
Rio Sangre 03x08
Santanico returns with a new secret – and a potential new ally – leading the Geckos to Lord Venganza, who is hiding out in a bloody culebra prison.
La Llorona 03x07
The team catches a lucky break against Amaru. But nothing is what it seems, as out heroes fall victim to the seductions – and horrors – of a female Xibalban demon.
Straitjacket 03x06
Richie calls Seth for help after waking up in an abandoned asylum. Elsewhere, Seth assembles the team in case of a trap; and Amaru unleases a demon like no other.
Shady Glen 03x05
Seth and the team head to a suburban neighborhood after its citizens are attacked by cannibals.
Fanglorious 03x04
When Amaru puts Scott Fuller in her sights, the Geckos and their team must defend him against Brasa's most lethal fighters yet – Jaguar Warriors from hell.
Protect and Serve 03x03
Freddie joins forces with an old enemy in order to destroy a demon who's enslaving culebras. Meanwhile, Seth and Richie track down an ancient hunter.
La Reina 03x02
Seth and Richie discover that Santanico Pandemonium has been targeted by an ancient queen who's taking on a familiar form. Meanwhile, Freddie and Ximena end up in a confrontation after a trail of massacres leads them to Brasa.
Head Games 03x01
A new enemy determined to destroy all culebras infiltrates the organization following the Lords' decision to demote Seth and Richie to collector.

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