For the Goodman family, Friday Night Dinner is just like Sunday lunch: just take two days away, change the meal to dinner, and you've pretty much got it. Adam and his brother, Jonny, view Friday night dinner as a necessary annoyance - necessary because they get fed, and annoying because, well, they have to spend the evening with mum and dad. Add to my shows

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The Plastic Bag 06x02

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The Caravan 06x01
Adam and Jonny arrive at Mum and Dad's house with big news to announce - they both have girlfriends. Dad buys a caravan that has seen better days and is keen the family to have dinner in there. However, Mum refuses to step foot inside, though Jim is less fussy as his house has flooded.
Wilson 05x06
The boys are threatened with no crumble if they don't help to assemble a wooden shelf, while Jim's dog Wilson keeps doing his 'dollops' in Mum and Dad's flowerbed.
The Violin 05x05
Adam isn't happy when he is forced to play his violin for Mum and her best friend Val, while Jonny is relishing every moment. Dad is obsessed with his old microscope.
Lord Luck 05x04
Dad annoys everyone with his old ventriloquist dummy Lord Luck, while Jonny's recently dumped friend Ben comes for dinner in need of cheering up.
The Surprise 05x03
Mum plans her own surprise party which backfires when Dad gets involved. Get ready for the party from hell.
The Tin of Meat 05x02
Mum's friend Val moves in and causes havoc when she finds that Dad is hiding a tin of 20-year-old meat in his shed.
The Other Jackie 05x01
Mum and dad get a hot tub, and Jim brings a date round for a disastrous dinner.
For Sale 04x06
In the final episode of the series, the boys arrive home to find a 'For Sale' sign in front of the house. How will they stop Mum and Dad from selling the family home? And what happens when Jim comes round as a potential buyer?
The Funeral 04x05
The award-winning comedy continues as brothers Adam and Jonny return to Mum and Dad's house for a Friday night dinner of soup, chicken and crimble crumble - plus massive side-orders of wind-ups and bickering. In the fifth episode, it's Uncle Saul's funeral, which means 'Horrible Grandma' is back, and leaving a trail of broken furniture in her wake.
The Pyjamas 04x04
Adam has been staying at Mum and Dad's all week, but with Mum fussing over him so much, he's started behaving like a little boy again. Meanwhile, Jim has passed his driving test - after 15 attempts.

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