When young Gene wishes for a friend, his wish is granted and into his family's life falls witch Winnie Goodwin. Taking on the job of housekeeper, Winnie charms the Harper family at her every task. The catch is that while the kids know that she's a witch, divorced dad T.J. doesn't. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Love and Death 01x14
Winnie's sister, Cassandra, arrives and promptly falls in love with Robb, then entices him to go on a dangerous trip.
Blast from the Past 01x13
When betrothed Winnie's fiance, Kevin, comes looking for her, the family does everything in their power to keep her from getting married to the man she doesn't love. Meanwhile, T.J. gets an office job, so Winnie turns his home office into a video arcade.
We Gotta Be Me 01x12
One of Winnie's spells backfires and she splits T.J. in two -- one good and one evil.
Radio Nights 01x11
Nightmares plague Gene and he worries that something bad will happen to his father. Meanwhile, T.J. goes on a talk-radio show where he's ambushed by the host... and a storm leaves him stranded at the radio station.
The New Secretary 01x10
Winnie takes a job as T.J.'s secretary to help out while he's working on a divorce case, but she decides to meddle and get the divorcing couple (The Brady Bunch's Robert Reed and Florence Henderson) back together.
Love That Winnie 01x09
Winnie envisions herself as "Donna Reed," but her fantasy is crushed when Gene, who wants to impress a girl at a party, accidentally smashed his father's prized pocketwatch.
Not With My Sister, You Don't 01x08
Winnie coerces T.J. into letting Jessie go out with 16 year-old Chip, but when Winnie catches Chip trying to force himself on Jessie, the witch retaliates by turning the boy into a chimp.
Two for the Road 01x07
T.J. buys a car for Robb, who just turned 16, to share with Winnie -- but Winnie gets swept up in the excitement of driving and hogs the convertible.
Hallowinnie 01x06
Jessie anxiously awaits word about whether or not she's been included into the Debs, an exclusive clique. But because it's Halloween, Winnie's magic goes awry, resulting in Jessie turning invisible moments before the Debs arrive. Meanwhile, T.J. tries to find the perfect Halloween costume to win first prize at the Attorneys' Ball.
Guess Who's Staying for Dinner? 01x05
The widow of one of T.J.'s clients tries to make trouble for Winnie and win T.J.'s heart.... but Winnie concocts a plan to take care of the troublemaker.

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