Former NYC news anchor and Broadway vet, Camille Ford, travels coast-to-coast to find America's ultimate food showdowns. In each city she seeks out that region's most celebrated dishes -- the ones that define each town and create culinary rivalries -- and pits the nation's most iconic eateries in a one-to-one comparison. In blind taste tests, local food enthusiasts try to squelch the competition in a food face off unlike any other. In Detroit, patrons taste pork sausages smothered with all beef chili, sweet onions and yellow mustard to determine whether American Coney Dog or the Lafayette Coney Dog should be top dog. Other competitions include: Kreuz Market vs. Smitty's Market in Lockhart, Texas; Duffs vs. Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York; Chicken Annies vs. Chicken Mary's in Pittsburg, Kansas; and many more. Add to my shows

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