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A Difficult Lesson 01x04
Bones poses as a teacher at an inner city school to discover who beat up an instructor there. Racial friction between local and bussed-in students and the battering of a pretty teacher draw the boys' attention tonight. Bones goes undercover to catch the teacher's assailant.
To Kill a Ghost 01x03
Fitz and Bones learn that the cast and crew of a 1950s movie that was shot on location are suddenly and mysteriously being stricken by cancer.
Blue Pigeon Blues 01x02
A pair of off-the-wall TV newsmen investigating the slaying of a teenager by a policeman are called "yellow journalists" by authorities and can't quite believe the outcome of the case.
Terror at Newsline 3 01x01
When terrorists take over the TV station that they work for and demand ransom, release of an imprisoned radical and safe passage out of the country, the reporter-cameraman team of Fitz and Bones think they have the story of the year.

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