The First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love. Add to my shows

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Episode 6 13x06

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First into the restaurant is 18 year old Tom, a Yorkshire lad who looks after his sick mum. He wants to meet someone to share the rest of his life with but hasn't had much luck with the girls in his town. His date is Abbie, a law student who is also searching for something more long term. It's Tom's first ever blind date and despite bonding over their northern roots, his inexperience starts to catch up with him.Next in is 28 year old Jessica who likens herself to Bridget Jones. She's after someone like James Corden who she can 'Netflix and Chill' with on both fronts. In walks 30 year old Liam, a James Corden doppelgänger but with his own unique sense of humour. He has her laughing in minutes and also shows a sensitive side when he hears Jessica's heart-breaking story about the tragic death of her brother. But is Liam someone Jessica is going to stay up Late Late with?This is 71 year old widower Dottie's first date in 51 years and she's looking for a man to light her fire. Her date Jonathan, a retired CEO, is still living life in the fast lane but is ready to find love again after his wife passed away. It's a sweet date, where they connect over life and loss. Could charming Jonathan be the man to tickle Dottie's fancy?Last in is single mum Keely who knows exactly when she fancies someone just like her ex. Her date is market trader Ben, dressed to impress in a suit he wears for weddings. Despite his best efforts, she's not sold on him until she discovers that he works out in the gym. Will it take more than his big guns to win her over?
Episode 10 12x10
Criminology student Chiara, who's fascinated by serial killers, and live wire Bernard - dressed to impress in a suit he designed himself - are among the daters in this episode.
Episode 9 12x09
Episode 8 12x08
Episode 7 12x07
Episode 6 12x06
The dating hopefuls in this episode include a builder who's finally ready for a concrete relationship, a naked bike rider, a pair of gamers, and a man who's been married five times

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