When marriages fail, divorce can turn ugly - even, deadly: what was once a passionate union becomes plagued by spite, greed, betrayal and, literally, backstabbing. Each episode explores tumultuous, shocking, and disturbing divorces, and delves into the criminal psychology behind what actually happens when one spouse determines that the only way out is murder. Guiding viewers through these crimes of passion are Dr. Brian Russell, an attorney as well as a forensic and clinical psychologist, and Stacy Kaiser, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert. In each episode, the two experts examine the couple featured and provide analysis on marriages that break down to the point that divorce and murder collide. Add to my shows

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To Kiss Or To Kill 07x12

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Flirting With Murder 07x11
Deadly Isolation 07x10
My Way Or The Dead Way 07x09
The Unholy Affair 07x08
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Some Like it Dead 07x06
The Robinson Affair 07x05
Ervin Robinson thinks he has found love when he meets Neola Gardner; known as Shorty and Shorter, the couple seem to be perfectly happy, but after a tragic accident, the lies eventually catch up with one of the two lovers. 
Hell On Wheels 07x04
Charlene attracts more than one man with her beauty and one by one they all go crazy vying for her love; love may be heavenly, but for some it can be hell. 
Lethal Romance 07x03
An ambitious Harlem couple dreams of a better life for themselves, but stuck in a bitter cycle of poverty, poor health and mistrust, one of them decides to put their dreams to rest forever. 
Honkytonk Killer aka The Robinson Affair 07x02
Shorty and Cotton seem perfect for each other; they love dancing, motorcycles and each other, but looks can be deceiving and after an accident reveals a life of lies and deceit, one of them will dance with the devil to the death. 

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