For thousands of years, man lived wild. He made fire, built shelter, and hunted food with his own two hands...but as he got smarter, his waist got bigger. Now, it’s time to get guys off of the couch and into the weather on TWC's "Fat Guys in the Woods" premiering Aug. 10, 10/9c on The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel's Survival Expert, Creek Stewart, will train these men in how to build shelter, start fire and hunt with nothing but their bare hands, and maybe a condom or a gum wrapper. Three men, one week and one objective: to learn the skills that make a man... a man. This show is not about making fun of fat guys. It's about giving regular Joes the chance to do something they've only seen done by Brad Pitt-types. These guys may not have a clue how to survive on their own, but by the end of their week in the woods they'll have the knowledge, and courage, to survive. Creek takes a very simple approach to survival. He says, "Mother Nature breaks us down to our bare essentials. She reminds us of our most basic human needs and she does not have time for our excuses. We’ve lost this understanding. We’ve made everything so complicated. Survival’s simple. Don’t give up... and don’t die.” With that in mind we’ll take three men who love their creature comforts, but believe they have the survival instinct to do without them, and test them against the elements. Creek will take the trio into the woods for a week-long immersion into potentially deadly conditions, and learn who does and doesn't have what it takes. With weather as their enemy, everyone will fight to discover their survival instinct, and learn who they really are. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

TBA 02x07
TBA 02x06
North Woods Trapper 02x05
Creek Stewart teaches more lazy guys how to survive in the woods.
Sub Zero Teepee Build 02x04
Creek Stewart teaches more lazy guys how to survive in the woods.
Bare Bones Survival 02x03
Creek Stewart teaches more lazy guys how to survive in the woods.
Lumberjack 101 02x02
Creek Stewart teaches more lazy guys how to survive in the woods.
Operation Desert Patrol 02x01
The Pit 01x08
Chris has a panic attack when he eats a grub, Johnny delivers a deadly blow, changing his life forever; Chris battles his debilitating fear of the dark, and John decides to become a full-fledged vegetarian.
Bound by Blood 01x07
A man and his two sons have a complicated history, but they work well together building a shelter; starting a fire with a broken lighter and lint; and hunting for an opossum.
Trial by Fire 01x06
Josh has an emotional breakdown while Dane builds one of the best shelters Creek has seen in his 15 years of survival instruction.

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