A spinoff of Perfect Strangers, Family Matters began as the at-home adventures of elevator operator Harriette Winslow and her multigenerational family. But midway through the first season, Jaleel White made a one-shot appearance as neighborhood nerd Urkel. With oversized glasses, undersized body, screechy voice and indomitable self-confidence, Urkel proved irresistibly funny, turning White into an overnight sensation and a new star of the show. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Lost in Space (2) 09x22
Urkel fixes his spacecraft from the outside in order to return to Earth and see Laura again.
Lost in Space (1) 09x21
Urkel and Laura postpone their wedding when he is launched into space in order to test his latest gadget.
Pop Goes the Question 09x20
Laura faces a dilemma when both Urkel and Stefan ask for her hand in marriage.
Don't Make Me Over 09x19
After a cosmetic makeover, Myrtle decides she likes her old self better.
Throw Urkel from the Train 09x18
Carl spends a weekend with Urkel after his nerdy neighbor unwittingly joins him on a business trip.
Polkapalooza 09x17
Urkel takes Laura to Chicago's biggest polka festival in an effort to bond with her.
Whose Man Is It Anyway? 09x16
Myrtle and Greta decide to settle their fight over Eddie in the boxing ring; 3J looks for his biological mother.
Crazier for You (2) 09x15
Myra surprises Steve and Laura on their first date; Harriette gives Carl his rink back.
Crazy for You (1) 09x14
Myra and Stefan work at separating Laura and Steve; Eddie learns an important lesson in firearm safety.
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 09x13
Urkel and Myra break up, and Eddie decides to drop out of college to become a cop.

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