This planned 26-episode series is aimed squarely at tweens and their families and focuses on three latch-key kids in the Keller family. Eli (16), Avalon (15) and Ronnie (11), usually have the run of the Keller house when they get home from school because, like many modern day couples, their corporate parents are too busy at work. All of that changes when their dad is downsized out of his job and decides to set up an office in the attic of their home. To feel useful, Dave Keller launches the Keller Family Corp. and sets about “reinvolving” himself in the lives of his teenage kids, much to his offspring’s total embarrassment. Whenever a problem arises Dad looks to his years of business knowledge to find the solution, whether it is getting to know his kids through in-depth marketing surveys or outsourcing all their phone messages to India. But mostly he just drives the Keller kids mad… and the kids can’t fire their Dad. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Corporate Karma 01x19
Lockdown 01x18
The Consultant 01x17
Focus Pocus 01x16
The Shareholders are Revolting 01x15
Branded 01x14
Breakaway 01x13
Reel World 01x12
Out with the Intern 01x11
Skunked 01x10

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