Familie is a Flemish television soap opera set in Mechelen, Belgium. Created by Herman Verbaet, Familie was first broadcast on 30 December 1991 and has been on the air for over 25 years. Familie tells the story of the large family Van den Bossche and their friends and enemies. The story centers mostly around the family business: VDB Electronics, later VDB Fashion. Add to my shows

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28/076 - 6284 28x76

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28/075 - 6283 28x75
28/074 - 6282 28x74
28/073 - 6281 28x73
28/072 - 6280 28x72
28/071 - 6279 28x71
28/070 - 6278 28x70
Benny has bad news to tell Robyn. Hanne is worried about Evy's disappearance. Amélie and Brigitte don't know what to do to help Lars.
28/069 - 6277 28x69
Jelle needs to make a decision about his future. Benny wants to help Hanne and Quinten. Amélie meets with Véronique, and she wants answers. Evy reaches a dead end in her investigation but a phone call changes things forever...
28/068 - 6276 28x68
Marie wants to have a conversation with Cédric about their future. Evy digs deeper into her investigation on Marie and finds more information. Amélie wants a confrontation with Véronique. Jeremy has a proposition for Jelle.
28/067 - 6275 28x67
Talent scout Jeremy is interested in Jelle. He promises him a bright future. Robyn asks her brother to patch things up with their mother. Devastating news leaves the whole family in shock. Quinten has doubts.
28/066 - 6274 28x66

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