In the hit series Expedition Unknown, Travel Channel's witty explorer Josh Gates seeks answers to some of the world's most captivating unsolved stories and legends. Gates is on a mission to find the truth behind each iconic legend, digging through years of historical evidence, facts and myths. Leaving no stone unturned, his adventures take him around the globe as he immerses himself in the core locales linked to each tale. From excavating ruins in search of the real Robin Hood to sailing the high seas investigating Christopher Columbus and exploring Nepal's "sky caves" for Shangri La, Gates' archaeological background and ubiquitous sense of humor generate a new take on age-old stories. Add to my shows

season 3

Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell Revealed 03x21
Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over England 03x20
Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Ancient Visitors 03x19
Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close Encounters 03x18
Lost Spanish Fortune, Found! 03x17
Josh Gates travels down to the coast of Florida and to the recently opened Cuba in search of a sunken treasure from a fleet of Spanish ships that were sunk in 1715; the hunt takes in deep into the Atlantic and the National Archives of Cuba.
India's Atlantis 03x16
Josh Gates travels to India in search of Dwarka, a mythical kingdom swallowed by the ocean. To find find evidence that the golden city is real, Josh dives into the Arabian Sea and visits a dig site that could rewrite history.
Italy's Barbarian Booty 03x15
To find the plundered riches of the Roman Empire, Josh Gates must locate the tomb of the Visigoth king Alaric in Italy; the hunt extends from the capital of Rome to the southern city of Cosenza.
Corsica's Nazi Treasure 03x14
Josh Gates hunts for the hidden treasure of Erwin Rommel, a Nazi general who plundered the wealth of North Africa as his tank corps fled the continent; never-explored underground lakes and undersea relics of World War II.
England's Vanished Crown Jewels 03x13
Josh Gates goes on a quest to find the legendary lost treasure of King John; exploring the deadly marshlands of England to find the despised king's crown jewels, which were swept away in a freak tidal surge in the 13th century.
The Ark of the Covenant 03x12
Josh Gates follows in the footsteps of Indiana Jones as he searches in Israel and Ethiopia for the lost Ark of the Covenant, the sacred relic said to contain the Ten Commandments and possess extraordinary powers.
Africa's Cursed Lake of Gold 03x11
Josh Gates journeys to the wilds of Namibia to embark on a treacherously deep dive in Lake Otjikoto for a long lost World War I treasure.
Captain Kidd's Treasure 03x10
Josh retraces the footsteps of the legendary Captain Kidd in the hopes of finding his buried treasure; from the East Coast to the Caribbean, the search takes him to a real pirate shipwreck and to the island hideout of the notorious buccaneer.
Tracking Tasmania's Tiger 03x09
Josh Gates ventures to Australia's island state of Tasmania to investigate sightings of the supposedly extinct Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger.
Lasseter's Gold 03x08
Josh Gates sets off deep into the Australian Outback, following the footsteps of legendary explorer Harold Lasseter, who claims to have found a vast field of gold.
Cracking the D.B. Cooper Case 03x07
Josh Gates sets off on an expedition to crack the mystery behind the perpetrator of the only unsolved plane hijacking in U.S. history.
Journey to the Ice Age 03x06
Josh retrieves bone samples from the massive Batagay crater and gets DNA results to find out if the woolly mammoth will walk the earth again.
Cloning the Woolly Mammoth 03x05
One of the most iconic creatures of the Ice Age, the Woolly Mammoth, has gone extinct and Joash and the team search for enough DNA to clone a woolly mammoth.
The Lost Colony of Roanoke 03x04
America's first missing-persons case, the Lost Colony of Roanoke, is investigated with newly discovered clues.
The Vanished Empire 03x03
Josh travels to Greece to explore Europe's first superpower and how it disappeared on the Mediterranean island of Crete.
The Lost Tomb of Attila the Hun 03x02
Josh travels to Hungary to join three separate archeological teams looking for the lost tomb of Attila the Hun; legends and ancient texts lead the search from the bottom of the Danube to the mountain forests just outside of Budapest.
Plummer's Gold 03x01
Josh Gates heads to Montana, the Gold Rush territory to search for the missing fortune of notorious Old West sheriff, Henry Plummer.

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