season 1

Air date Episode Title
false 01x00 The Lost City
09.01.2015 01x01 Amelia Earheart
16.01.2015 01x02 Temple of Doom
23.01.2015 01x03 World's 8th Wonder
30.01.2015 01x04 The Legend of Jesse James
06.02.2015 01x05 City of Gold
13.02.2015 01x06 Viking Sunstone
20.02.2015 01x07 Captain Morgan's Lost Gold
27.02.2015 01x08 Code to Gold
20.03.2015 01x09 Secrets of the Nazca
06.03.2015 01x10 Mayan Apocalypse
27.03.2015 01x11 Samurai Sword of Power
03.04.2015 01x12 Curse of the Golden Bell
03.04.2015 01x13 Curse of the Golden Bell

season 2

Air date Episode Title
08.10.2015 02x01 The Quest for King Arthur
15.10.2015 02x02 Genghis Khan's Tomb
22.10.2015 02x03 Blackbeard's Hidden Gold
29.10.2015 02x04 Hunting Vampires
05.11.2015 02x05 The Real Robin Hood
19.11.2015 02x06 Finding Fenn's Fortune
03.12.2015 02x07 Secrets of Christopher Columbus
10.12.2015 02x08 Columbus Unearthed
17.12.2015 02x09 Japan's Atlantis
24.12.2015 02x10 True Cross of Christ
07.01.2016 02x11 The Sultan's Heart
14.01.2016 02x12 Africa's Gold Hoard
28.01.2016 02x13 Kalahari Desert's Lost City
11.02.2016 02x14 Yamashita's Gold
03.03.2016 02x15 Searching for Shangri-La
10.03.2016 02x16 Shangri-La Found
02.06.2016 02x17 Lost Mexican City
09.06.2016 02x18 Incan King's Mummy
16.06.2016 02x19 Nazi Gold Train
23.06.2016 02x20 Hitler's Atomic Secrets

season 3

Air date Episode Title
03.11.2016 03x01 Plummer's Gold
10.11.2016 03x02 The Lost Tomb of Attila the Hun
17.11.2016 03x03 The Vanished Empire
24.11.2016 03x04 The Lost Colony of Roanoke
29.12.2016 03x05 Cloning the Woolly Mammoth
05.01.2017 03x06 Journey to the Ice Age
12.01.2017 03x07 Cracking the D.B. Cooper Case
19.01.2017 03x08 Lasseter's Gold
26.01.2017 03x09 Tracking Tasmania's Tiger
23.02.2017 03x10 Captain Kidd's Treasure
02.03.2017 03x11 Africa's Cursed Lake of Gold
09.03.2017 03x12 The Ark of the Covenant
16.03.2017 03x13 England's Vanished Crown Jewels
23.03.2017 03x14 Corsica's Nazi Treasure
01.06.2017 03x15 Italy's Barbarian Booty
08.06.2017 03x16 India's Atlantis
15.06.2017 03x17 Lost Spanish Fortune, Found!
05.10.2017 03x18 Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close Encounters
12.10.2017 03x19 Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Ancient Visitors
19.10.2017 03x20 Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over England
26.10.2017 03x21 Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell Revealed

season 4

Air date Episode Title
28.12.2017 04x01 Viking Secrets
04.01.2018 04x02 Vikings in America
11.01.2018 04x03 Origins of Stonehenge
18.01.2018 04x04 The Secret
25.01.2018 04x05 Butch Cassidy's Lost Loot
01.02.2018 04x06 Hunt for the Metal Library
08.02.2018 04x07 Great Women of Ancient Egypt
15.02.2018 04x08 Egypt's Lost Queens
01.03.2018 04x09 Secrets of Brother XII

season 5

Air date Episode Title
30.05.2018 05x01 Legend of The Snake King, Part 1
06.06.2018 05x02 Legend of The Snake King, Part 2
13.06.2018 05x03 Nazis in Argentina
20.06.2018 05x04 Jean Lafitte's Treasure
27.06.2018 05x05 Mahogany Ship
11.07.2018 05x06 Hunt for the Red Slippers
06.09.2018 05x07 Solved: Mystery of the Lost Ruby Slippers

season 6

Air date Episode Title
08.10.2018 06x01 Search for the Afterlife: Heaven and Hell
15.10.2018 06x02 Search for the Afterlife: Death and Beyond
22.10.2018 06x03 Search for the Afterlife: Edge of Existence
29.10.2018 06x04 Search for the Afterlife: Crossing Over

season 7

Air date Episode Title
11.04.2019 07x01 Deciphering the Last Nazi Code
18.04.2019 07x02 Mysteries of Jesus
25.04.2019 07x03 Atlantis of the Andes
02.05.2019 07x04 Lost Gold of Scotland
09.05.2019 07x05 Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes
16.05.2019 07x06 Legend of the Crystal Skull
23.05.2019 07x07 America's Lost WWII Hero
30.05.2019 07x08 The Hunt for the Golden Owl

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