Ex on the Beach returns this summer for more ex-plosive drama. This time, we'll be shipping eight new sexy singles off on a heavenly holiday in Mexico… but these aren't any ordinary love seekers. To keep it interesting, we've added a few celebrities to the mix. Not only will the beach babes be forced to contend with scorned exes and unfinished business, a few inevitable celebrity crushes will no doubt complicate matters even more as several famous faces will be invading the villa and making life interesting for our housemates. Add to my shows

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Episode 7 09x07

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Episode 6 09x06
Episode 5 09x05
Episode 4 09x04
Bobby is left heartbroken by Bayley and Daisy is only too happy to pick up the pieces. Aaron continues to pursue Dominika and a VIP arrival brings drama to the villa.?
Episode 3 09x03
Aaron breaks away from Daisy but can he win over Dominika? A new Ex arrives and threatens to destroy Bobby and Bayley's relationship.
Episode 2 09x02
The dating continues as Bobby and Bayley have a heart to heart. Arron's head gets turned but will he stray from Daisy? New arrivals rock the villa to its core and someone has to leave.?
Episode 1 09x01
The search for love begins on the beaches of Mexico. Socialite Daisy latches onto Aaron and Essex boy Bobby makes a move on Rhianne, but will the first Ex throw a spanner in the works??
Episode 10 08x10
Episode 9 08x09
Episode 8 08x08
Charlotte and Zach fall out, but will they leave together? Gino has one last hilarious attempt at wooing Lorna and on the final night will the School party descend into chaos?
Episode 7 08x07
Zach makes a play for Charlotte, can a leopard really changes it's spots? Bibi and Gino get closer until Bibi's left feeling like second best... again.

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